Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Getting Political

Now I'm not one to make a fuss over small things, and I don't consider this blog to be anything more than harmless stroke material. But I have to speak out against the concentration camps being creating in Chechnya Russia where gay or bisexual men are rounded up, tortured and executed simply because they're "different". It's unthinkable to me that such behavior can exist in this modern day and age, and yet it's all there.
Here are some articles on the subject. Read them if you will.






ps. I'm working on a follow up story in the "Jill" universe. I hope to finish before the end of the new month.


  1. Hi Nicholas,
    Thank you for the link and share your thoughts, YES that is unbelievable and we should try to help them and stop that stupid murder...

    I'm really glad and delighted that Jill will come back soon woof.

  2. Oh gosh yes! The Jill story line! The story that got me started on your blog.

  3. That's horrible! Why have I not heard anything about this before?! Why am I learning about this HERE!? You're not a News blog for Pete's sake! Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. More people need to hear about this immediately!

    1. Yes, it's not only horrible, it's practically unthinkable. There are other countries where gays are executed, particularly in Muslim run areas, but this is the first place I've heard of that rounds people up and puts them in camps.


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