Tuesday, June 20, 2017

(f/M) Teacher, Teacher - NEW

A little something from my weird brain for you to read. Enjoy!
Teacher, Teacher
The class was filing out of the room and Lacy waited until everyone but Mr. Robinson, their history teacher, had left. Then she went and locked the door the classroom from the inside. No one would be able to get in while she had her way with her teacher.
Will Robinson was a 20 something teacher with close cropped brown hair, round wire rimmed glasses, and a hard athletic body which he kept fit through daily cardio and some light weight lifting. But he was also rather submissive and docile. Perfect for what Lacy had in mind. After locking the door the little blond doll went up to Mr. Robinson's desk where he sat correcting papers. She stood next to his chair and cleared her throat.
Will looked up. "Yes, Lacy, is there something I can do for you?"
The little blond girl nodded, and sly smile played across her lips. "My father is a lot like you, Mr. Robinson. He's good looking and gentle. He lets me tell him what to do and if he isn't obedient I kick him between the legs. Before she died mom taught me that men were born to submit to women, and that the best way to control them was through pain to their balls." Lacy caught the look of surprise in Mr. Robinson's eyes. "Oh yes, I know about the eggs that men have between their legs, and how easy it is to cause them pain." Lacy reached down between Will's legs and grabbed his package.
"I've decided that from now on you'll do as I say and that I will daily torture your big nuts plus give you homework, and if you don't do what I want I will tell the principle that you've been touching me in naughty ways." Again a look of surprise came over Will's face. "Oh yes, I know how to make it sound as if you've been doing naughty things to me. Touching me in places you shouldn't, and they'll believe me because my dad will back me up."
"Now," said Lacy imperiously, " Stand up."
Slowly Will got up. He was wearing khaki pants and a blue button down shirt with a brown belt and brown loafers.
"Kick off your shoes," Lacy demanded.
Mr. Robinson did so. Now standing in his white socks.
"Now, kneel before me and bunch up the crotch of your pants with your hands so I can see your cock and balls."
Very slowly, but never taking his eyes off Lacy, the history teacher sank to his knees and did as he was instructed. He had a sizeable pouch even unaroused. Lacy looked deeply into his eyes with her own cold, cruel, shrewd stare, and when she was ready she aimed her foot and kicked the fat package with all her might. William's body shuddered with the impact but it turned out he was fairly resistant to nut-pain. Something he himself didn't even know. She kicked him again, and he flinched but didn't try and stop her. She now had the momentum to kick him about sixteen times in the testicles until he dropped to the floor and just lay there, moaning and holding himself. Lacy looked pleased.
"You did very well, Mr. Robinson. It took my daddy years of nut torture before he could withstand that many kicks. I think we're done for now. But I have homework for you. I want you to go online and buy ball weights. You'll be using them every day to make your nuts hang lower. Order them tonight and bring them to class when they arrive. Good night, Mr. Robinson. I'll see you tomorrow."
The next day, after school was over Lacy made her way to the history classroom. There was Mr. Robinson as expected. Lacy locked the door again. "Hello Mr. Robinson, did you order the weights like I told you to?"
"Uh, yes. They were a little hard to find, but I managed to get them eventually."

"Good. Now stand up and bend over." Today William was wearing tight blue jeans which made his bulge look even larger and it made his ass look very small and tight. "Grab your ankles," she said, "and don't move."
Lacy began to punch and slap her teacher's crotch with wild abandon hitting his nuts and cock from behind. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Slowly he fell to his knees, breathing hard from all the pain, and so Lacy switched to swift kicks to the nuts from behind. William groaned like a wounded animal. Soon he was curled up in the fetal position, just lying there like a dead thing.
"You're doing very well, Mr. Robinson. You'll be the perfect slave for me in no time at all." Lacy giggled at this. She unlocked the door and left him there.
This procedure continued for several days until by Friday the weights he had ordered had arrived. This time he locked the door behind Lacy's entrance. Lacy ordered Mr. Robinson to stand and drop his pants. He refused and so Lacy slapped him in the face, hard. Her teacher let out a gasp of pain and fright. No person had ever dominated him like this before. It was frightening and a little exciting too. William began to get a hard-on thinking about undressing for this little girl. Slowly he unbuttoned his trousers and unzipped his fly. Then he jeans came down revealing black boxer briefs and a growing bulge.
"Oh, don't worry about that, Mr. Robinson. My daddy gets hard all the time when I hurt him. I like to see men's big tools. Keeps them out of the way for busting. And it's fun to see them waggle back and forth when I bust a guy." Lacy was anxious to see his naked goods and didn't like his slow pace so she yanked down on his boxer briefs so that his woody and pendulous balls could breath free air. His balls were the size of plums and his dick was growing to a full eight inches with plenty of girth to it. Lacy had him kick off his shoes and step out of his cloths so that he was now naked from the waist down except for his white athletic socks. He handed her the ball-weights which she expertly examined than then clamped around his scrotum. She was rough with his balls and caused him much pain in the process. When she had fitted at least three of the circular weights to his scrotum she stopped.
"Three should do it for now," she said as she locked them into position. "I want you to wear them day and night and I'll keep the key. They will weight your balls down from above and make your scrotum bigger, which is what I want. I like to see balls dangling just like yours are doing now. Now KNEEL!" she bellowed. William knew this was going to hurt but he knew he'd get it worse if he disobeyed. So down he sank to his knees. His naked kneecaps hurt on the hard classroom floor, but what hurt more was Lacy's shoe smashing into his balls. Over and over and over. Lacy told him to put his hands on his head and away from his balls, and she slapped him in the face again when he didn't instantly comply. Soon his testicles were swelling from all the abuse but also being stretched by the weights, but his dick? Well it was issuing copious amounts of pearly precum. This was both embarrassing and exiting to William. He'd never had any female, of any age make him feel this way. It was like he was in the thrall of some greater force, some greater will than his own. This little girl kicking him the ghoolies was going to be a monster when she grew up. She was a monster now, and it thrilled him. He'd taught children for years and only now did he realized he'd always harbored a secret desire to be dominated by one of them. Thankfully it was a girl and a pretty one at that, with blue eyes, a pert pink mouth, and curly blond hair. She'd be a stunner as a teenager as well as a monster.
Finally Mr. Robinson keeled over and wretched on the floor, and Lacy thought he'd had enough excitement for one day. She groped his bulging testicles to see how big they had gotten. It was her goal not only to stretch his balls but also to make them as big as possible. It was just like with her dad. She liked low, big hangers. Before leaving, and while he was clutching himself, she slapped his raging boner around a little. She even fingered his oozing slit and tasted his precum. It was sweet and musky, kind of nice to be honest. Then she left him there, a moaning heap, and left for the day.
Over the next few weeks Lacy trapped her teacher at the end of the day and monitored the swelling of his agates and the stretching of the bag they rolled around in. As time went on Mr. Robinson became increasing compliant, and let her do things to him that even her father had been reticent about. She had William sit naked on the corner of his desk and smashed his nuts into the hard wooden surface with a wooden ruler. That hurt so bad.
And one day Lacy brought in some needles and a cigarette lighter. With some twine she tied him down to the chair, naked with his legs open and his weighted nuts vulnerable, and then heated the needles and slid them into his nuts. She could actually hear the red-hot needle bubbling and cooking the inside of his nads. It was super cool (or rather super hot), and Mr. Robinson bit is tongue to keep from yelling out, just in case another teacher or student should be in the room next door.
Over time she was able to add a fourth weight, and then a fifth to his sack. She told him that her first goal was to make it so that his nuts could no longer retract on their own, and she said this would take a few months of dedicated hanging. She knew because she'd done it already to her father. And indeed after four months of stretching and abuse his nuts no longer retracted under any circumstance. And they were getting huge. Even during class, with his pants on, she could see how bulging his nutsack was now. Everyone could see it. And again, it was both embarrassing but also a little exciting that these kids could take stock of the increased size and shape of his nuts. With the scrotal muscles now damaged, Lacy had her teacher stop wearing them and instead told him to order an acrylic nut-press. This was hard to do since his balls had swollen so large, but he finally found one on a fetish site that was big enough, and Lacy instructed him to wear it every night when he came home, and to stay naked until bedtime.
On one day, she told him to bring in the vice and show her how he was using it. It was after school was over, as always, and the door was locked, as always, and there was Mr. Robinson, as always, naked from the waist down, and Lacy fitting the press over his balls and was screwing it down. However, it was evident that he wasn't trying very hard to screw his own nuts down, and so she decided to punish him for not trying hard enough. She kept screwing the press down until Will broke out in a cold sweat, he was afraid for his balls, it was that tight. It felt like either of them would rupture any second, but Lacy just wasn't strong enough to tighten them that much. She sure made them hurt though, and William wretched again, on the floor. Lacy told him that if he didn't tighten them as much as that each night she would destroy one of his testicles as punishment, and William could tell by the tone of her voice that she meant it. Part of his brain was horrified at the thought of loosing part of his manhood, but a more basic, primitive part of his brain was curious as to what it would feel like and what taking his nut would mean to Lacy. Would she enjoy it? Would he?
Placating her, he promised he would do as she instructed, every night, and that she would see results from it after class each day when she showed up to give him his normal work-over. At this point she was first kicking, then hitting, and then squeezing his big rubbery glands. They were swelling with fluid and hanging down at least halfway to his knees. It was wonderful, for Lacy at least. But there was a complication - it was summer break, and she no longer saw him every day at class. So instead she made her father drive her across town to his place, and he then had to endure hours of testicle torture and ball busting at her hands (and feet).
At one point she told him to buy some home-torture devices that used electricity, and when it was hooked up, she plunged needles right into the heart of each testicle and turned on the juice. William Robinson's screams filled the air as the current arced between his nuts and fried them.
But the culminating event that summer was Lacy's birthday. With full complicity (and with some slaps-to-the-balls as encouragement), William was strung up with ropes and winches until he was hanging from the ceiling, completely naked with his grotesquely swollen ball bag hanging there like a piñata and Lacy with her wooden baseball bat having a go at them. She smashed his ballbag with all her might, over and over again, until at last his left testicle, which was larger and juicier just exploded in its sack. It just detonated. SPLAT. Just a loud wet explosion, and not satisfied with that, Lacy kept hitting the thing until it had been reduced to jelly. His scrotum was now so puffy that should could barely see his still-intact right testicle, and her father, who had helped with stringing him up, let him down, and drove him to the hospital where the remains of his once-proud testicle was removed and he was stitched up and sent home.
When school started back up in the fall, William had assumed that his torture was over, but at the end of the first day of school, there was Lacy, locking the door, ready to make mince-meat out of his remaining nut. As always, it was embarrassing to know that the whole class could see he only had one ball left. But . . . it was also a little exciting.


  1. Hey Nicholas, it was cute story. Great.
    Testicles fear and curiosity and little excitement never stop and satisfaction must be completely finished of testicles. Both Dom & Sub satisfied ball destruction ;-)

    1. Thanks a lot Crusher! And cheers to you, in return.

  2. Nice short story. Young Lacy sure knows how to bust some balls. Surely her mother would be proud. Lol. Keep up the good work.

    1. I'm sure her mother WOULD be proud. Very much so. And thank you for commenting!


  3. Heck yes! Love this story! So hot. I love long stories that develop and become more intense but these short stories are wonderful too.

    1. I don't know why everyone keeps saying this is a short story. It's 6 pages long and took about 5 hours to write, so . . . it's not a small project.

  4. Nice story, but I would like it better if there were many young girls, or also boys playing with athletic man's balls

    1. Mmmm. Well, I already covered that arena in the Classroom duo. This was meant to be something different, and for me, new. It's very boring to write the same story over and over.

  5. Love your m/f stories, theres something so hot about women breaking balls

    1. I can't but agree. thank you so much for commenting! cheers.

  6. more M/F with little girls, please!

    1. Well, here's the thing - I don't want to get pegged as "that BB writer who's a pedophile" because I'm not, and don't want to be. So while I may write some child based themes sometimes, such as the Jill series or the Three Men and a Little Lady, FOR THE MOST PART I want to have a diversity of stories and plots, not just one type. Make sense?

  7. This is the best story! More stories with girls dominating men's balls against their will plz!


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