Saturday, August 26, 2017

(groupM/groupmM) NutTV - NEW

Something new for you. Not terribly long, but hopefully long enough to wank off to.
Neil got out of his car, baking under the glare of a California sun, and sauntered through the parking lot. He picked up a cart along the way and finally made it to the shade of the store, FatCo. FatCo was a wholesaler store made available to ordinary mortals for a small fee. Neil whipped out his identification card and walked past the sentry who screened people as they came in. A little ways in Neil's progress was held up by a Satellite Premium salesperson who inquired whether Neil would like to get the service and over 1000 channels of content.
"I already have Satellite Premium, thank you," said Neil.
"Very good, but for just this month, we're having a special sale of fetish channels for subscribers. Would you be interested in trying it out?" The solicitous sales person smiled blandly at Neil.
"Yes, you know, people into feet or hair or shoes. Stuff like that. Is there any particular fetish you'd be interested in, sir?"
"As a matter of fact I do. I like seeing guys getting pegged in the balls. Nutshots. Nutcrushing force. Stuff like that."
"But that's wonderful, sir. I have just what you need. We have a Ballbusting package of 14 channels at a low, low additional price of $19.95 a month. We can have it installed for you in less than 24 hours, seeing as you already have the satellite."
"Yeah, OK. I guess I'm down for that. What do I have to do?"
"Just let me get your information and take this ticket with you when you check out."
Neil gave his information, continued to shop and went home. He turned his cell phone on, and got a call in less than an hour that the chip would be inserted into his satellite tomorrow at 8:00 am and to be home during that time. It was a Saturday so no work, and the next morning Neil was there to receive the technician. He was a good looking dude who told Neil that he would simply install a second microchip and that the new channels would be 1001 to1014.
When the man left, Neil took a shower. Neil was about 5'6", had a smooth toned muscular body, and nice set of wedding tackle. Wearing nothing but a white towel, he parked himself in the Lazy-Boy in front of the TV and settled down to see what this "fetish" stuff was all about.
Neil turned the TV on. 'click' . He opened up the main menu and looked for the new channels. They were at the end of the list. Neil mentally ticked off what was playing on each - The Houseboy's of Orange County, Nutball, Castration Rodeo, Cooking with Cocks, Nutshots 2017, BDSM Central - flogging and ball crushing, The Nut Connection, and several others.
'Hmmm,' thought Neil, 'which to do first?' Neil decided on  something sporty and chose "Fighting Monks", not entirely sure what fighting monks had to do with ballbusting. He chose the menu item and began to watch. What he saw was a line of monks, their faces down, their legs spread and their hands behind their backs. The announcer was saying that ball-tempering was an important element in the training of monks. A martial arts master walked behind them and randomly kicked their balls from the back. If the man fell, he was dismissed from training for the day. If he stayed still, he was allowed to remain. Neil watched for a while as the master walked up and down the line until nearly all the men had been kicked. Each set of balls made a "THUNK" ing sound and Neil's cock began to rise to attention. He could just see the outline of his own cockhead against the white of the towel. However, he was convinced the could do better and went to another channel.
This time it was the Nut Connection. This turned out to be a romance game show where four men participated in a series of questions and answers. One man asked questions of three men he couldn't see, and if the answers received were not what he had already written down then the responding man got a knee to the balls. The three answerers were lined up, naked from the waist down, and their big fat nuts hung there, ready to be kneed. The question guy would ask things like, "What would me biggest turn on be for a date?" and the replies might be , "A nice smile" or "A big package" or "I pay for everything", then the questioner would reveal his answer, "Witty conversation". All the answerers would moan, and prepared to have their nuts kneed, HARD. The person doing the kneeing was a burly bouncer type with fat muscular thighs the left little room for his targets to escape from. WHAM and the first man coughed, WHAM and the second man moaned, WHAM and the third man's knees quivered. Neil watched in appreciation as the men's dangling huevos were bouncing and swinging with each knee thrust. The game was already half over and the men were sweating bullets as their eggs were cracked.
Then the whole thing went to commercial, so Neil changed channels again. This time he went to something that sounded interesting - Nutball. Neil had played nutball as a kid with his friends, and this was a good show. The first thing he saw was three guys in speedos sitting on the floor with their legs overlapping each other and one had a ball. He slammed it into the package of the guy to his right, nailing him dead on, who then caught the ball on the rebound, and slammed it into the package of the guy on his right. OOF. That guy caught the ball, and slammed into the package of the first guy. Neil loved watching their packages jiggle and how each guy's six pack rippled when the ball made contact with their nuts.
The scene changed and it was a group of boys surrounding two boys sitting a ways and opposite each other on the floor. Each had a tennis ball, and was trying to lob it across the room to hit the other guy's bollocks. When they missed it was boring, but when they hit the guy hit would laugh and hold his nuts for a while, trying to get his breath back and make the pain between his legs lessen. This went on for a while, until the scene shifted again, to a locker room shower situation when there was one guy, the victim, who was naked in the showers, his chest up against the wall, while three guys behind him tried to peg him in the nuts from behind with a racket-ball ball. It was pale blue and hard. SMACK when the ball into the victims left buttcheek. It left a red mark. SMACK, this time it hit his lower back. SMACK this time it bounced off the man's right thigh, and finally SMACK hit his nut-sack dead on, smooshing it into the unforgiving tiled wall. The poor dude groaned and slid down the wall to his knees to cradle his injured jewels. Neil thought to himself, 'Now this is hot'. Neil fully opened the white toweled wrapped around his legs and began to stroke his own wood. He was already dripping a little precum, and he hefted and squeezed his nuts a little to echo the nut torture he was seeing on screen. This poor guy in the shower room got it in the nuts about six more times, and the camera man zoomed in on his scrotum to show two swollen eggs in an angry red scrotum. But then that scene shifted.
The next nutball thing Neil saw was an all-adult faire where there was a shooting gallery where you could shoot ping pong balls at a whole row of naked scrotums on the other side. All you could see of the men were their balls, and it was thrilling for people to come up, pay three dollars and watch them fire ping pong balls at helpless man-purses. You got a prize if you could hit both nuts, but not if you hit only one, three times in a row. The prizes were all stuffed animals with huge, human-like genitalia. Naturally the camera man went behind the scenes and showed six guys, chests flush with the wall, and their balls stuffed through waste-high holes. The camera zoomed in on their faces as they got hit, and it was usually a grimace. Ping pong balls may not seem painful, but when they were fired rapidly they could cause a lot of discomfort without causing any real damage.
It was now time to see something with more cruelty, so naturally he switched to the Houseboys of Orange-County. The first thing he saw upon the screen was a rich looking gay guy sitting in a Lazy-Boy snap his fingers and a mostly naked Hispanic boy rush over and refill his drink. The man spluttered into his now-iceless drink.
"Edwardo, there's no ice in this. I told you before about not having ice ready. Stand in front of me and spread your legs."  WHAM The man kicked the poor boy in his ghoolies about as hard as he could and the boy fell to his knees, holding himself. It was workplace abuse and it was, to Neil, delicious. The cruel master took the boys leg, and lifted it so that the boy was forced onto his back. The man took the other ankle and made a V with it, and told the boy to move his hands, or he'd get it worse. Then the man began to stomp on his servant's speedo clad crotch. STOMP STOMP STOMP. The boy let out a high pitched wail and his hands clutched the thick luxurias carpet. Finally the man got a little winded and stopped stomping, and the boy rolled over onto his side and wretched.
Neil was becoming seriously aroused and switched to something even more intense. The BDSM channel. A hot young sub was strung up so that he was suspended at waist height from the ceiling and that his balls hung down towards the floor. The dom had a quirt and was smacking the poor boy's ball-sack with it. WHACK WHACK WHACK. With each contact the boy's body jolted and his balls bounced, but he was obviously enjoying the pain because he a had a full on erection which was dribbling semen onto the floor over which he was suspended. WHACK WHACK WHACK. A sort of methodical punishment, but one which made Neil randy! The dom stopped and reached out and squeezed and grated the boy's rocks together. There was a muffled cry from the boy. Then the dom just took one ball, the boy's right one, and squeezed it as hard as the could. You could tell because the man's knuckles went white. The was a loud wail and some sobbing, but amazingly the boys jewel remained intact. At this point a second dom entered the scene, and the two burly doms sat in chairs on either side of the boy, placed their black-booted feet up to the boy's scrotum, and began to grind their shoes together and try and pop one or both of the boy's balls between them. The camera zoomed in to highlight the boy's scrotum, and you could see nut-meat oozing out from between the two boots. Meanwhile great ropes of semen were jumping out of the boy's cock, and it dripped down to coat the shoes. One of the doms took his boot and held it up to the boys hood covered face, and make him lick his own cum off the shoe through the mouth-slit, then it was right back to the grinding of the two boots, trying to make mince meat out of the boy's gonads.
But once again, they failed to pop anything, so this time the first dom lay underneath the suspended teenager and began to kick the boy's dangling balls. KICK KICK KICK-HOLD. After every three kicks the boot would stay there and grind itself into the testicles, clearly trying to burst one. 'Poor kid' thought Neil, but like all good subs, the boy was obviously looking forward to some kind of explosive conclusion. Neil was also looking forward to some kind explosive conclusion.
The first dom paused in his kicking, and the second dom appeared (in a black hood of his own) and placed a c-clamp around the boy's right ball. Then the dom began to tighten the vice. The ball began to warp and bulge as the clamp became ever tighter. Tighter and tighter it became until there was an audible "SQUISH" sound which came from the boy's crotch and there was an accompanying grunt from the teen. His testicle had just been ruptured, on camera and for reals. Neil's whole body went cold and then flushed hot as this was the first nut bursting he'd ever witnessed. His breath was now ragged, and as he watched and stroked himself, the clamp was removed, and the cruel dom from below began to kick the boy's ballbag just to further the pain of his one destroyed and one good testicle. WHAM WHAM WHAM. The boy's penis shot volley after volley of cum, and soon Neil could feel the tightening of his own scrotum and his own cum boiled out of his prostate and spurted onto his flat, smooth stomach. Neil moaned as he squeezed his own nuts. That glow of sex flushed his whole body, from his beautiful feet all the way to his handsome face.
The scene resolved itself with a close up of the sub's puffy scrotum, and Neil finally finished stroking himself. Neil rubbed his stomach with one hand, smearing his own cum around and making the pearly white stuff spread.
'Well,' thought Neil as he turned off the TV, 'I guess it's time for another shower'.


  1. Awesome! I want those channels on my TV! :-))

    Seriously, a great idea, and very well executed as always. Thank you for this hot story! :-))

  2. Oh Damn Nicholas you nailed again woof.
    That intro first time store guy asked about Nail's fetish and smile, I got goose pumps and I new I really enjoyed the story (grin) All TV show BB idea is great and finally real ball popping scene detail. I really feel the same with Nail's feel and shot my big load woof.
    Thanks again and glad to read your new stories.

    1. My pleasure. Glad it pleased. Sounds like it wasn't too short after all!

  3. Awesome story, I wish the channels were real! (On that note, are there any real vids floating around? Or is that not done since I'm not sure on how legal it is? )

    1. As I'm sure you know there are lots of nutball and ballbusting vids on youtube, but nothing as grim as full on burstings. That would be unthinkable in RL. Hence I get to write about it.


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