Wednesday, November 29, 2017

(f/groupmM) Jill and the Football Team Part 2 - NEW

Jill and the Football Team Part 2


Next it was off to the sauna. Jill had never been in a sauna before. It turned out to be a steam room made of cut pine wood with some hot rocks to create the steam. She opened the door and walked in. It was hot and moist, and there were three guys inside, each draped with a while towel over their junk. It was Jarret, the assistant coach, Ian and Paul, and Jill hopped up onto the bench to sit next to Paul.


"How are you feeling?" asked Jill


Paul, a handsome boy with brown hair and hazel eyes replied, "Horny, and my nuts itch."


"I can help with that," said Jill. She reached under his towel and grasped his walnuts with both hands. She then began to squeeze them, digging her thumbs into the two soft orbs. Paul melted into an ecstasy of voluptuous itching, and slumped against the pine wall. A low, slow moan escaped his lips, and his eyelids fluttered. Jill was really giving his nuts a work-over. Deeper into each ball, Jill pushed her thumbs. She could feel the things bulge around them. More groaning from Paul. "Fuck yeah," he whispered, "fuck yeah". About this time, Paul's cock broke free from the confines of his towel, and the towel parted to reveal the crotch where Jill's two hands were buried. Paul had an average sized wiener and some slightly larger than average nuts. Both cock and balls were red and engorged, with a little trickle of clear pre-jack glistening pearl-like on his cock's tip. Jill took one finger, and scooped up the drop of pre-jack from his member.


"Open your mouth, Paul." said Jill. The moaning boy did so, and then Jill dropped the cum-pearl on his tongue. "Eat it," ordered Jill. Paul complied. "What did it taste like?" she asked. "Sweet," he replied. Jill smiled and went back to her squeezing. "Stroke yourself," she commanded. "OK," mumbled Paul, He began to rub his cock with one hand, and Jill began to pull on his goobers as well as squeeze the life out of them. But her little fingers were not strong enough to pop them, much to Jill's dismay.


The other two guys in the room were watching and rubbing their cocks through their towels.


"I think I'll have to lean on one of your balls to pop it, and I really want to pop your left nut, Paul. How do you feel about that?"


"I gave you permission to destroy my junk. So have at it."


"You're really sure I should pop your testicle?"


"Yeah, it just seems right for you to do it. Go ahead. It will be fun."


"OK." Jill turned to Jarret, the assistant coach. "I think Paul should be made to enjoy his de-nutting. I want you to suck his cock while I destroy it. Then he can cum in your nice soft, wet mouth. OK Jarret?"


Jarrent nodded, whipped off his own towel, and started sucking off Paul, while stroking his own cock. Jill placed Paul's left nut on the raw pine wood, and then planted her knee on it. It was a bit wobbly at first but she began to put more and more weight on the doomed bubble. It bulged from the center out, and began to turn bright pink. Nutmeat began too ooze out on either side of her knee, and she began to grind her knee into the doomed gland. Rupture couldn't be far away. Inside Jarret's mouth Paul's cock swelled larger and larger, as it often does just before ejaculation, and then with a crisp, audible POP, the testicle burst underneath Jill's knee. Paul grunted as he simultaneously came into Jarret's hot mouth. Jarret swallowed and swallowed this young teen's fresh, hot spunk. Paul's body was glistening from sweat, and Jill continued to mash the testicle into a spermy goo so that no lumps remained. The heady orgasm plus gutwrenching pain, made Paul pass out with a small little sigh. The other two men came as well, their sticky lines of cum coating the fresh pine slats, and the whole steam-room smelled like steamy semen. It was a heady scent. Once Paul's boner deflated. Jarret stopped sucking on it, and instead squished around Paul's ruptured nut. It was the first popped nut he'd ever felt, and found it fascinating, and knowing full well that Jill would pop one of his own before the weekend was through. He even harbored a deep secret longing that maybe she should completely neuter him instead. Completely castrate him so that he could live for the rest of his life without the pressure of sex. Jarret imagined his own emasculation - it would be two unique orgasms one after another and a once-in-a-lifetime experience to lose his balls.


Jill was satisfied with her newest bursting, and left the sauna, her body coated with a thin oily sheen of kid-sweat. She went up stairs, took a bath and came back downstairs in a cute little pink dress, pink fuzzy socks, and a nice blue bow in her hair. She entered the second level to find a number of guys stroking off to hot sex on the flatscreen and chugging down beer after beer. The room smelled like sex and fermented hops. Jill went to the center of the room and decided she wanted nuts. Lots of nuts.


"OK, my lovely boys. I want a ball party."


"A what?" asked David.


"A ball party. I'll lay on the floor, and then one guy will drop his balls into my mouth, two on either side so I can play with your balls with my hands, and two guys at my feet so I can play with your balls through my fuzzy socks. Then I want you all to jack off, and when you come, I want you to lick your own cum off of me."


"Oh. We can do that." Jill lay down on the floor and opened her mouth. David came over and kneeled on either side of her head. Then he spread his knees until his dangling ball-pouch dropped into her pert, pink little mouth. Jill slurped them in. Anthony kneeled to her left side and guided her hands to his nuts, while Jason did the same on her right and Patrick pressed her left foot into his ghoolies, whilst Peter did the same for her right foot. Soon Jill was sucking, squeezing and kneading nuts all at the same time. All five boys were moaning as they stroked themselves. Nut pain can be such an aphrodisiac. The thrill of knowing that someone was in possession of your most intimate and powerful body parts and would most likely destroy them too, sent a chill up all the boy's spines.


Jill sucked and squeezed and kneaded. Five sets of testicle at her command and all of the boys horny as hell. She took a moment to really chow down on David's two testicles, then she switched to squeezing just Anthony's nuts, then Jason's, and then going down the line to really press her toes into Peter and Patrick's packages. Patrick's big fat African balls really bobbed around, and Jill loved their feeling so much she began to dig her heel into them, wondering if she could pop one or both like this. The idea of castrating the big half-black boy seemed especially sexy. No one said she couldn't, after all. Maybe if she could rupture him completely she could then collect his cock as well as his balls, and have a complete set of mantackle for her collection. Her first negroid set of babymakers and joystick. And the same for Ian Ito, her first Asian knick-knackers.


In her mouth, David's balls swirled around. She lodged one nut between each set of molars and began to bite, her hard teeth making sharp dents in his soft scrotal skin. David began to whine as Jill's teeth compressed his balls in unnatural ways. With her hands she was twisting and squeezing the four balls at her mercy, plunging thumbs into nut-hearts, and pulling on scrotums and then twisting the scrotum for added pain. But it was her feet that were the worst. For she started ramming her sock covered heel into the two sets of balls that were there, making Peter and Patrick jump with each smash, and their six-pack abs ripple.


"Fuck YEAH," yelled Peter. "Smash my nuts, OH GOD, they itch so bad."


"NO," cried David, "mine itch more, chew harder, pop the fuckers."


"Squeeze mine harder, maybe even punch them," said Jason in a pleading voice. "My nuts itch so bad. Anything to make it stop!"


Jill redoubled her maceration of the testicles at her disposal. At each distal end, she endeavored to completely macerate these boy's ghoolies. Their stroking became furious, and their breathing became heavy and rhythmic. *CHEW* *SQUEEZE* *PUNT*. Jill was working up a sweat as she tried to rupture as many nuts as she could.


Then all the boys began to grunt as they came. No balls were popped, but the heady feelings of pain and pleasure had reached a culminating point and they just couldn't reign in their orgasms any longer. David's ribbons of cum coated Jill dress. The two boys on the side coated her arms, and the two boys at her feet dribbled into her warm, fuzzy socks. They all immediately began to lick it off their little princess, tasting their own sweet salty sticky issue as they did so.


All five boys returned to the couch, replete and satisfied. Jill got up, look down at her sticky dress, and declared she was going to take another bath and then change. It was about dinner time: an organic salad, prime rib, loaded mash potatoes, and grilled vegetables. All the naked, horny men went downstairs and ate with gusto, each squeezing their own balls, or helping someone else to relieve the itching pressure in their balls.


Jill was now in a pert blue little dress, and wearing sky blue fuzzy socks. She ate her food, and then with the rest of the boys, went to the bunks and lay down for a mid day nap. Soon there was lots of snoring. The naps lasted about two hours, and then everyone woke up. Most of the guys wanted to use the gym so they were all stuffed and stacked up in the workout room. Jill watched them for a while, and then started making her own contribution. One guy was on a bench lifting weights, naked of course, so Jill walked in and planted her knee in his groin.


"Lets see how many reps you can do with my knee in your babymakers!" said Jill brightly.


OOF, "one" OOF, "two" OOF, "three" this went on until the guy had to stop at 30 reps while his balls were being smashed into the bench. After the set, he curled to his right and wretched on the floor.


Another guy was doing pull-ups on a high bar. Jill stood underneath him and between his legs, and ever time he came down, she kicked his ghoolies as hard as she could. His hard cock waggled back and forth and his swollen agates jiggled in their sack. PUFF PUFF pull up, hissing release back down until WHAM a hard kick to his livelyhood, then back up PUFF PUFF, hiss release and WHAM straight kicks to his two most prized possessions.


Another guy was at the rowing machine. Jill made him row, while she held on to his whole scrotum. The ballsack distended and thinned as he went back and then twisted and squeezed his sack as he came forward.


Then she moved to the guy using a bar on the wall doing chest-ups. He hung upside down and then did a full crunch until his head touched his knees. Like Batman doing pull ups. Only Jill made him punch his own nuts as hard as he could with each repetition. You could tell he liked going for the floor, but hesitating when his head got near his knees. SPLAT, OOF, down, relax, up, SPLAT OOF. Jill for all her collected knowledge of men's reproductive organs really didn't' understand how hard it is for guys to hurt their own onions. It's a deep instinctive thing to protect them. Much better to let someone else destroy your nads; ideally by being secured and roped up so you can't flinch.


But eventually Jill got tired of this temple to musculature and went back to the second floor. She decided to play a game. She chose two boys Ian and David and tied some ropes to their scrotums. The she held on to the end of the ropes. She told them that whoever couldn't make her fall over would lose a ball. She told them that Sean would remove a whole testicle and cook it up for her, as her after dinner snack. Both boys got pale, but allowed the game to go forward. Jill held onto the ropes, and by pulling and twisting their scrotums they each tried to pull Jill towards them. "FUCK MY NUTS", screamed David. Ian's face just turned purple. As well did his nuts. Jill, to add to their torments, pulled hard, randomly, to really make their scrotums distend and make a deep throbbing pain in their balls. The few other guys in the room were once again jacking off to the scene while they groped their own itching nuts.


And finally David, being bigger and stronger than little Ian Ito pull so hard with his balls, that Jill fell over and let go of Ian's rope. Ian fell backwards onto a chair, and David hit a wall. Jill picked herself up off the floor, no worse for the wear and went down stairs to get Sean. everyone watched as Sean smeared bromine over Ian's scrotum, and gave him an injecting to dull the pain. Then he slit open the scrotum, fished out Ian's left testicle, and snipped it. Then he expertly stitched up the wound and sent the boy to bed. Then he went and cleaned the nut, removing it's fibrous outer coating, put it on a skewer and grilled it for Jill. When it was done it was passed around to all the boys to have a looksee and then Jill ate it with gusto. She'd eaten Bull balls before, and Horse bollocks and dog's nads, but these were the first man-eggs she had tasted. It was creamy and tasty, with hints of bacon. De-Licous.


After that, the evening wound down, and after a desert of chocolate pudding pie, all the still whole men went to sleep. Jill was tucked in by Tim and he promised her one last day of ball popping before they had to go back home. Jill smiled up and him, and grasped his nutsack. "Yup, even mine too," said Tim. The lights went out and Jill slept. Peacefully.


  1. Oh Good, Nicholas that is great ball destruction all over, love the guy thrilled to feel rupture and mashed testicle that Jill popped. Also cooked testicle Jill ate in front of boys erotic too Grrrr....nice work as usual....
    Thank you again to share great stories.

    1. Crusher. I'm just gonna come right out and say it . . . You're my favorite fan. You're my number 1 fan, and I'm glad I wrote two stories JUST FOR YOU!

    2. Oh thank you Nicholas, very sweet of you. I'm really honor of that 2 stories you wrote for me, fucking hot and great stories. I'm proud always I'm a big fan of you.

  2. You've really expanded the character of our beloved Jill in this series. She's truly coming into her own :) Also, of course, LOVE LOVE the fuzziness :D Can't wait for part three!


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