Monday, December 4, 2017

(f/m) Jill and the Football Team - Interlude - NEW

A little fun freebee.
Jill and the Football Team - Interlude
It was just about three in the morning when a quiet sobbing awoke Jill. Jill was snuggled up in her down comforter and nubbly flannel sheets. She was wearing her pink pajamas and her white fuzzy socks. The crying was coming from three beds to her left, where Jason was supposed to be sleeping. Jason was a quiet boy with black hair and deep blue eyes. He was handsome and muscular, but for some reason he was crying.
Jill slipped out of her bed and tiptoed in the dark to where he was laying. Then she got under covers with him, and whispered, "What's wrong Jason?"
Jason was naked except some socks and his red eye's glittered in the reflection of the fire which had burned down to embers.
"Jill," he whispered back, "I'm afraid of losing my cock and balls. I'm afraid everyone will hate me because I'm missing some or all of my manhood. I'm afraid I won't be a man after this."
Jill gently touched his face with one hand. "Jason, what you have hanging between your legs doesn't make you a man. What makes you a man is protecting those who can't protect themselves. What makes you a man is honoring your parents and your girlfriends, and your friends. What makes you a man is being strong, reliable and acting honorably. It's your attitude that makes you a real man, not these." Jill reached under the covers and gently grasped his dick and two fat nuts. She gave his berries a squeeze and stroked his cock, which naturally came to life. Soon it was pulsing with blood and male vitality.
"But what will people think if they see me looking like, like a freak?" Jason's voice trembled with fear.
"Losing your nuts or your dick are actually marks of courage. It say's you're willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the pleasure of others. It says you're selfless and virtuous. And if anyone thinks otherwise, then they can jolly well go hang. You're you no matter what, no matter what hangs between your legs. Jason I have faith in you, that you're strong enough and brave enough to give me your manhood. I think you'll find you enjoy offering them up to me."
Jason began to relax and he stopped trembling.
"You really think it's OK, then?"
"It's more than OK. If other men knew how pleasurable it is to orgasm after your ball is popped they'd be lining up to let me emasculate them."
"I just feel funny about all the other guys watching it happen." Jason was becoming emotionally aroused at his little princess fondling and squeezed his junk with her warm little hands.
"Well, there's no one downstairs right now. Everyone else is asleep. Let's go down and I'll show you what I mean."
Jason threw back the covers on his bed, and let Jill grasp his throbbing member and she used it to guide him across the room, down two flights of stairs and into the breakfast nook.
"Let me stoke the fire," said Jason. Jill let go of his erection and let him gather some firewood.  He added some paper and logs and within a few moments the fire was popping and crackling away merrily. The whole kitchen began to heat up and Jason's ballsack loosened and dropped low. Jill climbed up on one of the chairs.
"Come," she said gently. "Put your balls on the chair. We'll pop one right now, and you can stroke yourself to completion. You'll see for yourself how life changing rupturing a nut can be."
Jason slowly kneeled before his princess and with one hand placed his nutsack on the chair, then he gently grasped his rigid prick and began to gently stroke it. He looked up at Jill. She was smiling down at him. With one hand she cupped his right cheek and placed one fuzzy foot over his left testicle. For some reason she always like popping the left over the right, as the left was usually larger and more meaty. It often made a louder popping noise when ruptured. She put her heel on his testicle and began let her weight fall on it, slowly, inch by inch, pound by pound. Her gaze never left Jason's eyes, and Jill's eyes were full of love and compassion.
"It's bravery like this that makes you a man Jason. I get to push your manhood to its limits and you get to feel something very few men ever get to - the ultimate sacrifice."
Jason nodded, and a small tear formed in the corner of his eye. This was a tear of joy, that he would be proving his manhood to this little blond doll. A blond doll who at this moment had complete control of him, and there was something so thrilling about that control. The pain was rising in his nut, and it began to steal his breath away. It was so painful. A pain that just went on and on.
Jill began to grind the little balsey under her heel and she could feel the thing flatten. Jason's dick was swelling with anticipation, and it was clear the climax was near. In the flicking firelight, Jill could see Jason's eyes getting wider and wider as his primitive primate brain wrestled with the unbelievable fact that he was about to loose half his manhood. To a 10 year old girl, no less.
She cupped his full face. "Can you feel it flatten, Jason, it's about to give way. Stroke faster, we need to both go at the same time, otherwise you might pass out before you come." Harder and faster he jacked himself, and deeper and deeper into his testicle she pressed her foot. This was a moment of a silent fever; fever as Jason's body flushed with excitement and pain, and fever for Jill's body as it flushed with anticipation over another busted nut. Faster and faster was the furious fisting, and deeper and deeper stepped the foot.
 And then in a single joyous instant, the testicle under Jill's foot popped with a loud "POPPING" sound, and Jason's left testicle exploded under Jill's foot. BLOOP. A wet muffled explosion. At the same time a geyser of semen spurted from the tip of Jason's dick and Jason's body shuddered at the forced release of his issue. Jason's breathing was loud and erratic. Jill and Jason were still looking into each other's eyes, and what Jill saw was ecstasy mixed with abject pain mixed with realization and what Jason saw in Jill's beautiful blue eyes was utter happiness and contentment. Spurt after spurt coated Jason's equipment and the chair itself. And Jill continued to squish Jason's testicular remains, pressing deeply into the ruptured ball until it was just smooth butter. Nut butter.
"You see, Jason. It's the most wonderful thing to crush a testicle. You're a brave and valiant man." Jason gave a little sigh, of almost relief, and mumbled, "I believe you now, Jill," and then his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed backwards. Jill let him. She gazed down at him for a while, noticing his beautiful body glisten in the firelight, and then she went upstairs, and woke Sean so he could patch Jason up. Jill crawled back into her cozy bed, and waited a while until Sean had carried the patched up, but still unconscious, boy and put him to bed. Then Jill fell back asleep and had sweet peaceful dreams.


  1. Yaaaaay!!!! Fuzzy sock ball trample pop!!! Woohooo!!! What a neat moment they shared. Very touching :)

    1. How in the world did you find the story so quickly? I just put it up a few hours. ago. lol

    2. I guess my spidey sense tingled ;)

  2. Hey, I've always kept quiet and not commented but I love your stories!! Especially this series which I have very much enjoyed :)
    I have a slight request though, could you do a few busts with boots and/or heels?
    I know you're a fan of socks but I just love ballbusting/popping with boots and heels haha

    1. Well, I have no objections to using boots or shoes, it's just that Knave really likes fuzzy socks, and in so using I can be assured at lest one positive comment. You must understand I write these stories for the sole purpose of getting positive feedback, so when I know what sweetspots to hit I'm assured at least some positive comments. Are you willing to give constant comments if I used shoes?

    2. I completely understand that you cater to your followers :) I will indeed comment if you publish more stories with shoes/boots being used!

    3. Well. Your response - commenting on every past story that has boots or shoes involved was a wee bit trite. My recommendation to you is - stop being anonymous, intereact with me more, and become one of the regular commenters. It's sort of an "inner circle" thing. Once we're friends and I feel comfortable with you and your particulars, then we can have stories that include your particular sub-fetishes. Make sense?

  3. YES! Nothing like visiting the website to find a new Jill story. THANKS!

  4. Oh wow Nicholas, it was beautiful and hot episode, ultimate sacrifice and extreme orgasm at the same time only a man who gave his balls to loved one can experience. Damn erotic!!


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