Tuesday, February 6, 2018

(MM/m) Cop Bust - NEW!

So here's my homage to Tom of Finland. I was visualizing two of his burly, studly cops destroying some poor kid's balls. Hope it's not too short.
Cop Bust
Brian tweaked his nipple through his tan button-up shirt and contemplated what was in front of him - a semi-nude teenage hooligan who was to be interrogated about the latest round of gang shootings. The boy was not going to give up inside information willingly, so both Brian and his partner Charlie would have to beat it out of him. But leaving obvious signs of brutality would be frowned on, so they had to attack the one place people would never think to look - his balls.
Brian took a moment to fondle the boys cahones through his tight underwear. They were supple, loose and big, and this made Brian happy, so he smiled. The boy stared back with pure loathing.
Charlie was watching from the sidelines. "Tell us what we want to know boy-o, and you can leave here unscathed," said Charlie. But the boy just lifted his chin in defiance and settled down to a sort of grim stoicism.
Brian growled. "So be it, then. Your pain will be your fault," and with that Brian jammed his knee between the boy's parted legs, smashing the boy's berries dead on. The red underwear clad package bounced and expanded as the testicles inside it jammed against the boy's pelvic bone. The boy coughed. "Do you like that?" asked Brian in a low voice. "How about we see if we can make mush of your ghoolies, eh boy?" WHAM a solid knee to the boy's bollocks. WHAM WHAM WHAM. Three knees in just a few seconds. The boys face turned bright red as he struggled not to cry out. He was a butch gang member. Man enough not scream. But he was being tested. WHAM WHAM WHAM Three more solid knees to his nuts. More coughing and a thin line a drool escaped from his handsome mouth. WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM. Five solid knee-lifts to the boy's tender glands. "URGGGGHHHHH" moaned the boy. The pain in his testicles radiated throughout his abdomen, and made him feel sick to his stomach.
"So, you're not going to give in willingly, eh?" asked Charlie. "Perhaps we need to up the ante." Charlie stripped off his pants and shirt, leaving him naked except for his socks and boots. He had a huge woody, and began stroking it. "Move aside Brian, it's my turn." He lined up in front of the boy, and while he stroked his thick cock he began to kick the red basket in front of him. Brian's mustache twitched in amusement. He'd seen Charlie's kicks emasculate dozens of suspects, and none of them ever escaped without complete testicular destruction.
THOCK THOCK THOCK Charlie's kicks were dead on toe-kicks and they were starting to scramble this young gang member's tender eggs. THOCK THOCK THOCK THOCK.
"Wait a second Charlie, I think we need to see our targets better." Brian pulled out a huge bowey knife and cut off the boy's underwear. Now he was only in his white socks, but otherwise nude. His scrotum was a bright red and his nuts were swelling nicely. Brian reached down, grasped the two walnuts and splitting them with his thumb, he started grating the two glands together. "AAAAAHHHHHH" cried the boy. Brian's mustache twitched again in amusement. With his free hand he began to rub his own crotch. Crushing man berries always made him horny, just like it did to his partner. He rubbed his own growing erection through his uniform kacky pants.
"AAAAAHHHHHHH, OH MY GOD, MY NUTS. PLEASE STOP." cried the boy out loud.
"The pain will stop if you just give us what we want."
"I can't" blubbered the boy, "They'll kill me if I say anything."
"And you'll lose your balls if you don't tell us. Think boy, which is the lesser of the two tragedies. Once you're in custody you fall under the protection of the government. We can hide you more completely than even you can imagine." Brian really put the squeeze on the boy's nuts. But the boy refused to speak. So Brian let the two organs drop, and let Charlie go back to kicking them. WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM. Charlie stroked his fat member while inflicting untold agony on a teenage boy. Charlie's boots dug remorselessly into male nut flesh, and the naked testicles bounced, flattened, and bounced again, to then hang low in their sack, awaiting the next kick. The pain was off the scale, and the boy, who was handcuffed to some overhanging bars, twitched and writhed and moaned as his manhood was being manhandled by these two brutal police officers.
While Charlie kept up the kicks and made the nuts swell with edema, Brian got up real close to the boy's left ear and whispered things to him. "You're never going to have children after this, you know. No woman will ever want a nutless husband. You'll be ostracized from your family, your friends, and you'll never be able to be naked in public. No more trips to the gym for you. Just think, you'll be the ball-less wonder, and everyone will point and laugh. You'll be less than a man, and not even as good or useful as a woman. You'll be damage goods for the rest of you life, boy. So tell us what we want to know now, before me and my partner go too far and make you a eunuch."
But the boy's limp head just nodded NO, and his labored breathing made it sound like he was trying to take all this in stride. Lots of his friends had been interrogate like this, and they'd come back all right and intact. They were just probably trying to frighten him into confession. He was determined not to budge. Let them do their worst. And so they did.
Brian unzipped his fly and took out his own huge weapon, busting criminal nuts always made him horny and he felt no embarrassment in stroking himself while Charlie made paste of this thug's balls. Charlie took off his shoes  He wanted to feel ball-flesh warp around his toes. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. Hard kicks to tender jewels, jewels that were growing bigger by the moment. They swelled and swelled and swelled until the boy's scrotum was very tight, and a shiny, angry red color. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. The boy cried out "AHHHHHHHH. GOD HELP ME." SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. Charlie really dug his toes into the boy's nuts. They were starting to get soft.
"Still not ready to tell us what your gang is up to?" asked Brian in a husky voice. He was getting ready to cum. "Oh please, do let us complete the utter destruction of your nuts. You'll never be a man again you know, and we always enjoy a good emasculation."
"FUCK YOU!" screamed the boy between ragged breaths.
"So be it," said Brian. Charlie stopped kicking and Brian balled up his fist and began to punch the boy's bag. WHAP WHAP WHAP. By now the poor bloated glands were not keeping their shape very well, and looked like two kidney beans that someone had stepped on, and they continued to swell. Charlie looked on and stroked himself faster. This was the exciting part - waiting for the gonads to explode in their sack, to the utter ruination of the guy's manhood. WHAP WHAP WHAP. Brian pounded the boy's puds for all he was worth. They were definitely much softer than when they had started. The bloated scrotum dented and warped around his powerful fists. Brian switched to thigh-to-crotch uplifts, nailing them dead-on with he hard kneecap. The boy let out a thin wail and tears of pain and humiliation were streaming down his face. "NEVER. NEVER. FUCK YOU," he cried out. CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH. Brain's knee was like a piston, cracking boy-balls.
After a while of that, Brian stepped back. His fist slid up and down his magnificent tool, and he assessed the boy before him. "Charlie, it's your turn this time for a full rupture. You squeeze, I'll suck." Charlie nodded and grabbed both the boy's cahones and dug his fingers in while Brian kneeled before him and sucked in Charlie's huge length. SLURP SLURP SLURP. Brian sucked Charlie's cock like a champion, while Charlie's fingers squeeze the boy's testicles. Harder and harder he pressed, thumb to man-meat, and then it happened: the first testicle ruptured with a loud "POP". "Oh FUCK YEAH," bellowed Charlie as he forcefully fucked Brian's face. The first volley of cum gushed down Brian's throat, and then a few second's later, the second ball popped and another stream of jizz erupted. It was warm and foamy and delicious.
"AAAAAAHHHHHH" screamed the boy, who was now a balless, useless creature. The boy sagged in his restraints, and went into shock. Charile continued to squeeze and mangle the boy's ruptured nuts. SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH. While Brian's mouth was filled with Charlie's cock and spunk, his own meat let loose with spurt after spurt of cum, which landed on Charlie's legs. The close air of the room smelled like pain sweat and man-juice. Brain's skill at fellatio was such that he was able to coax out a third eruption of cum from Charlie, who grunted as he did so. Cops were known to be virile and studly, and Charlie was no exception.
In the silence that followed, all that could be discerned was the low unconscious moan from the boy, and the heavy breathing of Charlie. His erection began to diminish, and Brian detached, a thin while streak of semen coating his big mustache.
"Well," said Charlie, "I think this one has taken all he can. I'm kinda impressed. We couldn't break him."
"Oh yeah?" said Brain, pulling out his bowey knife. "Let's see what happened when he wakes up and we threaten to cut his balls off."
"Fuck yeah," said Charlie, and pulled Brain in for a kiss, tasted his own cum. And so they did.


  1. Grrrr....Great Nicholas,
    I like Tom of Finland image too, Fuck, two cops love ball destruction is great hot odea and I'm happy too that gang has big meaty balls. I bet nothing better than popping big balls with bear hands woof.
    I will have sore hand for few days lol
    Thanks man,

  2. Seriously? Over month no one comment great stories!!!
    BTW, How are you Nicholas?

    1. I'm OK. I injured my back last month, and I've been recovering, slowly from that. Hard to work all day and come home feeling peppy. How are you, monsieur?

  3. Oh damn, sorry to hear that Man.
    I'm good, my cooking class people like ;-) so I enjoying teach them. Happy St. Patrick'sday!
    Easter and St. Patrick'sday I bust Irish big eggs I didn't crack but bust for Good!!

  4. Any new stories soon?

    1. Possibly. I have a story I'm working on, just need the gumption to finish it. Thanx for asking!


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