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(F/m) Whu Kneads Skool? Part 1 - NEW!

So, after all this time, I've given up trying to find time to do the other story, and instead will concentrate on doing this one, one little chapter at a time. Maybe that will work. This work was inspired by MeetThePressure's "Classroom Rules" over on Worldwide's site. Anywho, hope its the start of something wonderful. Cheers! - n.

Whū Kneads Skool? Part 1

Christian looked up from his report. Mrs. Vain was staring right at him. He looked down again. It said it, in bright red ink “See me after class.” Christian gulped. His report had really been the third paper in a series where he had slowly discussed the destruction of his own balls as part of the paper’s theme. The destruction of his own manhood. He had written three papers for his teacher, each one completely off topic and each one had broached the idea of her taking away his ability to reproduce. The first two she had apparently shrugged off as adolescent foolishness, but now, with this third paper, she had apparently decided he was serious. Christian looked up again. Yep, she was still staring at him. This should be interesting.
Forty-five minutes later the bell rang, and all his classmates had rushed to gather up their things and escape school. But not Christian. He was so nervous he was shivering. Like pulling a lead weight, he slowly put his books and papers into this backpack and made ready to leave. Then he saw Mrs. Vain get up, lock the door and walk back to her desk. Instead of getting behind it she instead sat down on the edge facing the front and crossed her legs. Her sexy legs, with their sheer silk stockings crossing one over another, and her tight dress show off her ample assets.
“Well, Mr. Dowry? Come sit up at the front. This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”
Christian gulped again and slowly got up and went to the first row of desks. His pants were tight because he had a full erection, and his close-cropped red hair was glistening from his perspiration of anticipation. ‘Oh boy’ thought Christian, ‘This is it!’
Mrs. Vain watched him approach and made eye contact with the teen. Not only was her figure to die for, but her stare was hypnotic. Christian made it around to the desk right in front of her, and slowly sat down.
“So, young man. You seem to have developed a bit of a ballbusting fetish from spending time in my classroom, and you apparently have put me in the roll of a dominatrix. Have you any idea of the trouble I could get in for fulfilling your selfish and self-centered wish?” Her beautiful red lips were pursed. Her long golden locks fell down on both sides of her head, and framed her flawless face. Christian licked his lips and tasted salty moistness.
“Well?” said the teacher impatiently.
Christian stuttered. “I . . .I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause trouble. I only wanted you to know how deeply I felt about you, your presence and your charisma, Mrs. Vain. You have some kind of power over me, and I want to show my loyalty to you by offering up my balls to your pleasure. To destroy them utterly if that is you desire. It most certainly is mine.”
One golden eyebrow arched itself. “I see. And what am I supposed to get out of this?”
The lad of 16 stuttered again. “I . . . . I don’t know. But I remember hearing your husband say that he loved it when you busted his balls. I heard it when I was hiding behind the bleachers at last year's Earth Day celebration. So, I, uh, figured you might be OK with busting, I mean crushing, mine. Please?” That last word was said with the kind of whiny wheedling timbre that only a self-centered teen could produce.
Mrs. Vain cocked her head. From the center of her cleavage she pulled out a cigarette and a lighter and lit up a fag. She drew in a long breath and exhaled a large plume of sultry smoke. Christian blinked. He never knew she smoked. Interesting.
“OK. Well you seem to know something about me, but let’s see if you’re brave enough to show me everything about you. Undress and let me see your goods.” Christian noticed she wasn’t blinking, but sort of watching him with her eyes half closed. Smoke continued to leak out of her mouth in slow sexy whisps.
Christian stood up. This was it. The moment of his big reveal. He had spent the last nine months in his big brother’s work-out room, toning, building muscle and becoming a Greek god. He unbuttoned his red and blue plaid wool shirt. Then pulled his undershirt over his head. Christian’s creamy white “red-head” skin gleamed in the florescent lighting. His pale pink nipples were hard and erect, and he had virtually no body hair on his muscled chest. Next he shrugged off his shoes and then he unbuttoned his trousers. Outside it was cold and blustery, but inside the school there was that oppressive, heavy warmth that could only come from an industrial strength boiler. The kind that made the desks smell like raw wood and the ceiling tiles smell chalky. Down went the pants, leaving him in white socks and his boxer briefs. His woody was huge, especially for a guy not even 17 yet, and it showed. Like a huge flashlight in his briefs. His balls were huge too, together forming a softball sized lump. Very impressive. Mrs. Vain’s lips made a minute smile.
“I see. The socks are fine, but I still think you should be able to dispense with the underwear. How about we see your cock and balls in all their natural glory. Hmmm?” The blond vixen took another drag on the cigarette.
“OK . . . OK, sure. Of course,” was all he could stammer. Looking down at himself, he slowly put his thumbs under the elastic of his boxer briefs and then with a held breath (to muster courage), Christian pulled down his underwear. His fully hard pecker popped free and waggled in joy at its freedom while his balls dropped low. He had a tiny patch of red hair above his cock which was easily an 8 incher, and his pendulous balls the size of hen’s eggs. Then he stood there, waiting for her next command.
“Mmmm. Very nice. I love to see a healthy set of a man’s what-nots. So, you want me to, what, play with your dick and find a way to destroy your two best friends? That’s what your paper seemed to say.”
“Yes m’amm. I’d love nothing more than for you to nullify me. I so badly want to lose my balls to you.” Christian cupped his nuts and made a small move as if he were presenting them to her. She exhaled and then smiled.
“Well, if that’s the situation then I’ll make you a deal. My job is to educate you and to prepare you for the real world which lies ahead. So, if you can excel at your studies, then for every A you get on a test or paper I will bust your balls for one hour each week you get them. And if you ever get an A+ I will crush one of your testicles. And if you get three A+’s in a month I will also chop off your cock and have it turned into a necklace to hang around my neck for the rest of my life. Like this one.” She reached behind her and opened the top desk drawer. She pulled out a golden-glazed penis on a necklace. “This is from my first husband. I left his testicle earrings at home.” She pulled it over her head and positioned the nine-inch golden penis to nestle between her globular tits (which jiggled tantalizingly).
Christina nodded. It sounded like a fair deal. “OK. I’ll work hard to make you happy and maybe make me a real man. A man who can take brutal treatment from (*gulp) a real woman like you. Thank you misses Vain.” Christian bent over to retrieve his clothing so he could leave.
“Oh, and Mr. Dowry, one last thing.”
Christian looked up. “Yes?” he said.
Mrs. Vain’s pointy high heel shoe rocketed towards his crotch and smashed his two fat balls, crushing them against his own pelvic bone.
Christian’s eyes grew wide, and he dropped to the floor like a pile of bricks, holding his crotch for dear life. The young man’s body twitched and writhed on the tiled floor as his brain tried to process the pain shooting through his stomach.
Amanda Vain smiled again. She stood up, put out her ciggy in a tray on her desk, and walked to the door. “See you tomorrow Mr. Dowry.” Her blood red lips smirked, and she left the building, cock necklace bouncing merrily.



    1. I'm just happy I was able to get something out. I wrote all that last night and felt so relieved that I was able to actually produce something.

  2. Great to see my story served as an inspiration for you. I've had writer's block on the next edition, but maybe I'll finish it up

    1. It's such a great story, monsieur. In fact I was VERY disappointed that the teacher chose not to cook his balls from the outside in. I was really looking forward to that. :D

    2. Haha you noticed that, huh? When I write, I sketch out an outline of what's going to happen to the guy. By the end of writing, I fucked up his balls so much that I couldn't seem to fit in that torture. Maybe I'll add that theme in the follow-up

  3. Huzzah!!! Congratulations on breaking through the writer's block! This is an extremely promising start :D

    1. BTW, the next part has an idea that I got from hearing about your real-world S&M experiences :D


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