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(F/m) Whu Kneads Skool? (The Smell of Cum) Part 2 - NEW

Here is part 2. I just finished it, and I think it's sexy. And original. I'm sure the straights will enjoy it. This story got me thinking how we spend the first third of our lives at school, and it should be normal for kids to fall in love (or in lust) with their teachers. It's just natural. Don't know how real teachers fend off teens who lust after them. Must take a LOT of self control. lol

Whū Kneads Skool? (The Smell of Cum) Part 2

Now . . . Christian wasn’t much of a student. He was on the lazy side, not possessing of a keen intellect and somewhat shy and retiring. Still, the whole idea of doing well so that he could get his ghoolies squashed was an intriguing one. So, naturally, he began to apply himself with some vigor. He would listen carefully to Mrs. Vain’s lectures and then go home and spend hours reading not only the assigned homework but extra credit material as well. Mrs. Vain taught English literature, and so there was a plethora of items he could immerse himself in to make a difference to his grades. However . . . the object of his affection quickly found ways to make him leak precum through the entire class. For instance, on one occasion she read a passage from an old Greek text about capitol punishments which involved testicle torture and she had Christian come up to the front of the class so one of his classmates could “kick him where he lived” as she put it. Christian unhesitatingly complied and marveled at the beautiful young brunette who came up and slammed her leg between his, crushing his junk and making him moan. Dropping to his knees and coughing up the balls that had lodged in his throat was so painfully sweet.
A couple weeks later Amanda started giving Christian special homework. One day she gave Christian a packet of papers. It was a strange calendar which listed not only days but also homework assignments, and once Christian read a few of the assignments, he practically fainted. It was so awesome. Each day listed he had to do self-busting and self-torture and keep a journal detailing both the pleasure and of course, the pain, of doing such. The first date and assignment was to get undressed, get some twine, tie his testicles off with it, and then attached a bucket full of sand and hang it from his ball-bag. He was required to do this for ten minutes, then rest, then ten minutes more, followed by another rest, and then a final twenty minutes for a total of forty minutes of hanging. He was supposed to make his scrotum stretch to a certain length, and when he actually attempted it, he discovered that his nut-sack was rather tight and he had to keep adding sand to make his scrotum stretch. This made a deep ache in his stomach, and as he kept the required journal he noted not only the pain, but the pleasure of imagining Mrs. Vain adding the sand herself, and watching him in agony as she did so. He imagined that she added so much sand it ripped his balls off. SPLAT. On the floor, and no more babies for Christian. This made him hard throughout the process, and as the days rolled on, his entries became almost a eulogistic worship of Amanda and her busting by proxy.
After that was several weeks worth of assignments where he had to punch himself in the balls and film it on his i-phone so that Mrs. Vain could watch. He got naked, sat in a chair, squeezed his man-pouch out and then began punching his own eggs. At first slowly (it’s hard to overcome nature), but as the endorphins ramped up he was able to hit them harder and harder and longer and longer until they began to swell and turn red. The ache it made lasted for three days and he was in pleasurable agony throughout the process. Then another day where he had to tie up his balls and just flick one ball for 20 minutes, and then 20 the other. Somehow flicking was almost more agonizing than just punching – the superficial pain never really went away nor his body acclimate to it.
After a few weeks of these, Mrs. Vain gave Christian a USB drive and told him to watch it. It was a series of videos where Amanda had filmed herself on her smart phone watching his videos and masturbating to them. Dressed in a tight white skirt-suit she would start by just slipping her fingers into herself, slowly, in tune with his busting, and then as he sped up, her fingers would start to plunge rapidly into her almost virginally tight pussy. Her moans were in the same pitch as his pain filled vocalizations and it was like they were singing together, but separated in both space and time. At the end of each video of her, she stuck her cunt-wet fingers into her own mouth and look straight at the camera as she did so. The first time Christian watched one of these he creamed his pants. Twice. Just splooged without even touching himself. The idea that a hot, adult, woman would get off just seeing him racking himself was like a drug. Now, every time he had a class with her, he could swear she was rubbing her clit while she sat behind her desk and stared at him, in the middle of a test or a reading session.
As if this were not enough to keep horny Christian busy, Amanda moved the relationship to a whole knew level. She printed a short document which instructed Christian to take any paper he wrote for her class and cum on each individual page, then let it dry, then hand it in. She wanted him to bust himself while doing it and to film the whole thing and hand the USB in with each paper. She told him to visualize her foot standing on his balls and crushing them like insignificant bugs. She told him to think of her in candy-red high heel shoes and spearing his vulnerable balsies like a shish kebab.
Not two days after this instruction, Mrs. Vain had the class write a paper on Kipling’s “The female of the species is more dangerous than the male” and to analyze its merit. After painstakingly researching the subject and writing up a reasonable response on his PC, he printed it out. He put it on the coffee table, slid down his pants and underwear and kneeled before it, legs spread. Then he started stroking himself and imagining Amanda kicking his livelihood, smashing his balls over and over with her sexy foot until couldn’t take it any more. His penis swelled bigger than he’d ever seen it, and in about six minutes he shot his load all over the page, big sticky globs of white stuff. Huffing and panting in pleasure he clipped the moistened page to a cloth’s line, and then went to bed. In the morning he woke up and saw that his semen had dried and the paper had a blotchy tan hue to it. He turned in the page during class (being careful no one else saw his cum-stained report) and waited.
For three days he waited. Finally, his report was returned to him (along with the USB drive). He rushed home after school and plugged the drive into his computer. He stripped down to his socks and watched as his paramour, in front of the camera, stripped down to her own underwear and take his report in one hand and her golden dildo in the other and pleasure herself to one of Christian’s ballbusting videos, smelling the page once in a while. Just as she was about to cum, she stuffed his report into her pussy and saturated the document with her cunt-juices. She then set the thing to dry just like he had and ended the vid. Christian scrambled to get out the paper which he’d stuffed into his folio and looked at it. Sure, enough it had a big stain in the center, a stain that shone over the stains he made. He brought the paper close to his nose and inhaled deeply. It was a tangy, heady, fishy smell that made his heart race and his loins swell. He whipped out his phone, propped it up in front of himself, and filmed himself smelling the page in one hand, and jacking off with the other. At one point he even licked the page and could have sworn he could taste his teacher. Her very essence. He could swear he tasted his own essence as well. It was an interesting exercise in sexual archeology. That night he made two more self-busting vids, cumming each time, and each time smelling and flicking his tongue on the jizz soaked page. He then went to bed, dreaming of how this seductive relationship would develop from there on in. He fell asleep with his pulsing-hard penis apparently ready to find out.


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  2. New template? Let's hope this works! I am LOVING where this story is going! As a sub who has received homework from my Domme, this is extremely hot and close to my heart :) Well done! Also it looks like this style of shorter updates is working better for you! I hope you're enjoying the process :D


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