Wednesday, August 14, 2019

(m/m) If Cowboy's Ruled the World - Part 1 - NEW

So this is part of that story I was trying to write. Forever. It's the only part that's finished. And remember it's based on a sexy dream I had, so it's not as rough-and-tumble as some of my work is. Still, it's sexy. So I hope you enjoy.

If Cowboy’s Ruled the World - Part 1

Aiden heaved the bale of hay onto the truck and went off to get another one. His shirt was off and his muscular torso was gleaming in the mid-morning sun. Justin noticed this but kept on working. After a while Aiden stopped what he was doing and stretched.
“Man, I’m horny today. Let’s have some fun.”
Ever since the third world war’s radiation had caused women to be very rare, it was up to the surplus of men to take care of each other’s sexual needs. It had become normal for men to have sex with other men, and these two cowboy lads were no exception. Justin grinned and followed Aiden into the barn. Both boys shucked off their boots, undid their belts, and slid down their pants. Aiden sat down on a bale and just slid to kneel between Aiden’s knees. Aiden’s prong was at attention, pink, perfect, rigid and dripping. With a natural hunger, Justin swallowed the 17 year old’s cock with enthusiasm. There really wasn’t anything more wonderful on a hot Sunday in July than another boy’s rigid dick filling your mouth. Justin curved his lips to form a tight seal around the organ, and then he began to suck. He sucked and pistoned his mouth up and down the long smooth shaft of his fellow cowboy, slowly but steadily. With his fingers he began to first cup the slightly older boy’s nuts and then, as was the custom, began to squeeze them. At first lightly and then with more and more force. It was tradition that blowjobs be accompanied by nut pain. It was felt that pleasure plus pain was more manly and macho, and most men liked to cum to the feeling of gut-wrenching ball pain radiating into their stomachs.
“Oh fuck yeah,” said Aiden. “Oh fuck, squeeze my nuts. Shit yeah. Damn boy you got a mouth like a hoover.” Aiden grasped Justin’s bobbing head and pulled the boy up for a kiss. Normally if two strangers were having sex they avoided kissing until they felt they knew each other. However, Aiden and Justin had been friends for years. Kissing during sex was normal for them. The two teens passionately explored each other’s mouths while Justin stroked Aiden’s moist woody and Aiden held Justin’s head in his two hands. This was what nature intended sex between men to be. Natural, spontaneous, painful, pleasurable and relentless. With a smooth disengage, Justin went back to polishing Aiden’s wood (and squeezing the teen’s huge walnuts). This went on for some time. Normally whoever came first would then allow themselves to be fucked, and that was the normal course of sex for these two friends. Faster and faster Justin swallowed Aiden’s dong, and the sixteen year old could feel his friend’s sack tighten as he began to orgasm. Justin really dug his thumbs into Aiden’s nuts just as they released a volley of hot frothy semen. The sticky white stuff gushed into Justin’s mouth and was swallowed expertly, and like most cummers, Aiden let out a yell. The pleasure and pain of the situation was mind boggling, and his whole body was wracked with endorphins and chills, despite the heat. Aiden fell backwards, his muscular chest heaving with deep breaths. Justin continued to suck the wilting pecker until ever last ounce of sex had been consumed.
“Damn you taste good, Aiden. Better than my brother.” Justin smiled, his lips slick with sperm.
“Aww, Justin, you always say that. Kiss me, and let me see for myself.”
Justin got up and lay across his naked friend and held him close and then kissed the older boy so that he could taste his own issue. It was sweet and frothy and like musky candy. The two boys macked for a while, their sexy white muscular bodies slipping and sliding all over. Eventually Justin whispered into Aiden’s ear, “My turn.” With strong hands Justin flipped his friend over on this stomach and made the boy spread his legs. Justin lined up his own sword and in one stroke impaled it in Aiden’s ass. WHAM. Then he rode Aiden like a stallion, plowing his hole like it was some Olympic event. THUMP THUMP THUMP. Justin’s haunches thumped against Aiden’s ass, and both young men were moaning in ecstasy. Little dribbles of sweat trickled down off of Justin’s body and onto Aiden’s back, and the whole barn was filled with the heady scent of sex, sweat and hay.
Finally Justin yelled out, “It’s coming, it’s coming, IT’S . . . . . FUCK YEAH. NNNGGGGGG.” Hot semen gushed into Aiden’s large intestine, filling the boy up and making the day a sexual success. In fact the two boys sometimes had several sex sessions throughout the day, and as long as they got their work done, nothing could make their fathers’ happier. Afterall, sex between both men and boys was normal, pleasurable and a powerful social lubricant. It also made males more productive since they could get sex off their minds and back on work.
Justin playfully slapped Aiden’s ass. “How was that, my fine young stallion?”
“Great as always, although next time, I want to ride YOU.”
“Heh. You have to catch me first!” Justin shot up, yanked up his pants, and ran off towards the bailer. Aiden laughed, wrestled to get his own pants up and shot off after him. There was work to do, after all.


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