Sunday, November 22, 2020

(M/M) The Serum (mini story)

 So here's a mini story. In this age of viruses and vaccines it seem appropriate to do a medical BB/TT story. Not sure if it's sexy or just violent. Anywho, cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!


The Serum


Dr. Hawkstadd looked down at his trussed-up victim and looked into the man’s eyes. Those blue eyes were wide with fright and panic. The man was naked, his huge dong laying on his stomach and his fat, ripe balls resting between the man’s legs on the table. The Doctor smiled and started to talk.

“Mr. Pilkes, I’m going to inject the contents of this syringe into your testicles. We will then see what they do to you. I don’t envy you the torture you are about to endure, but I think it will be pleasantly entertaining. At least for me. Are you ready?” The terrified man shook his head, but that was all he could do. His mouth was taped over with duct tape and he was otherwise unable to move

Dr. Hawkstadd hefted the man’s balls with his left hand and brought the syringe with the serum in it to hover over the man’s fat right ball. At the last moment he said, “Oh, and Mr. Pilkes, remember, this is for posterity and scientific exploration, so, don’t resist it. Ok?” The doctor then plunged the hypodermic needle into heart of the black-haired man’s nut and pushed the plunger, injecting half of the serum into it. The man groaned into the back of his throat. Then the physician pulled out the needle and did the same for the left testicle. The man groaned again. The initial injection had a stinging, burning sensation, like being bitten by a black widow spider or stung by a scorpion.

The evil doctor set the empty syringe aside and then began to squeeze and manipulate the man’s cajones. From his years of torturing helpless males, he had learned that squeezing and massaging the balls after an injection not only made the experience more painful, but it helped the ball-meat to absorb and react the serum that much quicker.

“So, Mr. Pilkes I’m sure you’re wondering what this is all about. Well I’m a sadist at heart, and so in my spare time I used the hospital’s lab and technical resources to concoct a serum that causes excruciating pain to the gonads, causes them to swell and eventually rupture and will also make you horny as hell. It’s the personal culmination of my life’s work, and I plan to record all your suffering. Then I plan to torture you in some other ways, mostly for my own amusement, until you have such an overwhelming experience that your heart stops. Don’t worry, I’ll bury you under some bulbs I planted. You’ll bring life to that whole section of my garden.”

Dr. John Hawkstadd turned on all the lights, the four cameras and his laptop and then sat down at his desk. He’d removed the tape from the man’s mouth. Now the victim was moaning.

“Please, please, let me go. I promise not to press charges, JUST LET ME GO!!!!” the man cried.

“Not a chance. Now, what do you feel in your balls, Mr. Pilkes?”

“Oh GOD. It’s like the inside of my balls are roasting over an open fire. Oh my GOD!!! It hurts so bad!”

Dr. Hawkstadd watched the man’s penis via the cameras. It began to pulse and move and lengthen. After a few minutes the man’s full length of it, a good nine inches, thick and fat (John had specifically chosen this man because of his huge wedding tackle) was pulsing with life and male virility.

“Good, good. The serum has fully kicked in and we are seeing its work on the parasympathetic nervous system. Are you feeling randy now, Mr. Pilkes? Do you feel the urge to masturbate?”

The helpless man mumbled something. “I’m sorry, Mr. Pilkes. Could you speak up? Future generations of scientists will want to examine every part of your experience.”

“FUCK YOU. Oh god. My dick, my balls. It hurts so MUCH. NNnnnggghhhh”

“Yes, well. Could you say a bit more?”

“I FUCKING HATE YOU,” he yelled. The man’s testicles were now visibly swelling and the tip of his dick was excreting a pulsing load of clear pre-jack. The man’s jewels were not only swelling but twisting and writhing in their sack. The man had a particularly loose and voluminous scrotum, which left plenty of room for the gonads to expand and squirm.

“Of course you do. I’d hate myself too if I were in your position. But that’s not what we’re here for. OK. Let me lubricate your cock and we’ll see what happens.” John got up and walked over to his victim. He picked up some surgical-grade lubricant and squirted a heavy dollop onto his other hand. Then he massaged it into his blue-glove and the grasped the man’s penis. With a slow and methodical rhythm, he began to jack the man off. With his free hand he reached down and squeezed the man’s writhing bollocks. The more that he squeezed the growing glands, the more Andre Pilkes cried and moaned.



“AAAAHHHHHHHHH. YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!! LEAVE MY FUCKING BALLS ALONE.” A horrible pain engulfed his glands and traveled into the pit of stomach. His nuts felt like a bicycle pump was blowing them up from the inside out.

John continued to stroke the man’s huge cock. More precum was dribbling out its tip. Each time the man arched his back a fresh squirt of man-juice would jump out, coating the man’s ripped stomach with sticky fluid. Tears were now streaming down Andre’s cheeks. He was truly suffering an experience that no sane male should have to have. His nuts were swelling up and filling up his nut sack whilst his cock was extracting sperm from them and causing untold anguish.

“So, Mr. Pilkes, what are you feeling now? Anything exciting or illuminating? Do tell.” Dr. Hawkstadd smiled at the man on the table below him. It was always thrilling to have his victims fall apart mentally as well as physically.

“FUCKING FUCK. You’re going to BURN IN HELL for this. Oh, my BALLS, my FUCKING BALLS.”

“Now, now Mr. Pikles, there’s no need for bad language. Hmmm. I think it’s time to make some more room for your balls. Let me go get my scalpel.” John let the dick in his hand drop onto the man’s stomach and got up. He went to his black bag of medical equipment and retrieved his scalpel.

He went back to his victim. By now the man’s balls had blown up to the size of large oranges and his scrotum needed to be removed to allow them to further expand.

“Have you ever seen a naked pair of testicles, Mr. Pilkes?” Dr. Hawkstadd casually lifted up the man’s whole ballbag and slit it down the middle. The two grossly huge babymakers dropped out. In between thrashes, Andre looked down at his now exposed balls and made a small whimper.

“Mr. Pilkes do think there’s anything that can make your pain worse? Let’s see.” The doctor got a squeeze bottle of alcohol and used it to clean off the testicles. Andre naturally screamed at this. Now his balls were burning on the outside as well as the inside. The growing testes were starting to leak steam and Andre’s cock looked fit to burst.

John put the alcohol aside, relubed his glove and went back to masterbating the sweating, writhing man on the table. With his right hand he jacked and with his left he began to punch the white testicles on the table. First, he’d punch one, then the other. WHAM, WHAM, WHAM. The nuts would compress then swell a little bit more, each time. To the touch, John’s eggs were getting tight and puffy, like brioche buns. Shiny with sweat. Andre jumped with each punch but his cock was getting set to blow it’s wad. Dr. Hawkstadd knew this man’s body was reaching a critical mass and it was time for his nuts to burst and his cum to burst too.

Faster and faster John stroked the huge penis in his hand and made sure that the cameras could clearly see the balls’ final destruction.

“Now, Mr. Pilkes you’re approaching destruction, would like to comment?” All Andre could do was scream, louder, louder, louder until it actually hurt John’s ears.

In one shrill cry that threatened to explode a near glass jar nearby, Andre screamed like a girl in a horror movie and both testicles exploded with a huge BANG and from his boner a HUGE stream of cum erupted. In one second Dr. Hawkstadd sat covered in orange baby maker goo and pearly cum. The sensations of pain and pleasure knocked Andre Pilkes passed out cold, his body glistening with sweat.

“Well, Mr. Pilkes, you’ve made quite a mess.” He patted the man’s shoulder softly. And looked down at his own white smock, now plastered with body fluids. What was left the man’s balls were steaming and the cock was now shriveling up. Time to inject the Beuthanasia and put this poor fellow out of his misery. It was a lovely day to do a bit of gardening!



  1. Hi Nicholas,
    Glad I can see your new story ;-) I love mad scientist or Doctor like him, I means fantasy world of course. Fucking hot and fulfilling our sadist or dark side fantasy.
    Thank you for share great story ;-)


    1. Long Live the King!! Oh, wait. You're supposed to say that. If this carries on my hat won't fit my head :D

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  6. Great to see you back!!
    Oooh the mad scientist/doctor dynamic is great for some intense ball torment and destruction!
    Hope things are good and more updates are incoming! :)

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  8. Poor guy.. So erotic to see a guy who want to be a father so bad but he cant cause his balls are destroyed


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