Monday, September 13, 2021

The Birthday Party (fffff/m)

 This is a little something I whipped up just for Knave. It's short, but has a nice feel to it. 



The Birthday Party


Juan came up behind his wife as she washed dishes and smacked her firm ass playfully. Maria smiled shyly as he rubbed her backside.


"Tomorrow will be a good day, Maria. Jose will get his balls popped and Conchita will be 10."


"Juan, mebbe we could let Jose keep his balls . . . . "

"NO! You know family tradition. Only our eldest son, Phillipe, will keep his cahones to pass on our name, the other two boys must be gelded!"


Maria sighed. "Jose has been a good son. It will be a sad thing for him to lose his manhood."


"Ah, but think of it this way, Maria, we will have purity in our family. Only the best, the oldest son will spread his seed, and our other sons will stay, to take care of us in our old age. It is a good thing, Maria."


The woman turned to hug and kiss her husband. "I suppose so." Then she smiled.


The next day was a day of celebration. The pinata was hung on the tree outside, a huge bouncy castle was blown up in the back yard, a trestle table full of food and beverages and treats was set up and five little girls wearing beautiful dresses were playing games. There were also tons of gifts and presents for little Conchita. The whole family was there, including Jose, a muscular, fit boy who was dressed only tight underwear. It was his honor and privilege to give his sister his balls on her birthday and he was more than a little excited. His huge balls and woody would hardly stay tucked inside properly! 


First was the piñata. It was a bull with huge testicles, and Conchita was blindfolded and handed a bat by Jose. Jose got to watch her immasculate the bull and knew with surety he would follow. WHACK WHACK WHACK went the bat as Conchita tried with all her might to rupture the huge cahones that she couldn't see, but could hear and feel. WHACK WHACK WHACK she went. Everyone cheered when she scored a hit and sighed when she missed them. After a few direct scores to the bull's nads they began to tear, and little bits of candy started poking out. Then after more hits one huge testicle ruptured completely and the candy just gushed out. Finally little Conchita, who had a contrary streak, ripped off her blindfold and just went for it. She totally demolished the bull's scrotum until the candy rained down like confetti. And there was much rejoicing.


The next stage was opening the bags of party gifts to all the little girls, and they all included new fuzzy socks. All five girls sat on the table's bench and let Jose, who was the guest of honor, to remove their shoes, pull off their old socks, and then gently put on the new ones. All the girls wiggled their toes in the socks, which were pure angora and therefore very soft. While they sat there, Juan gave a speech about his beloved daughter Conchita turning 10 and he also explained how his beloved son, Jose, would be getting neutered today also. Jose had a big smile as he had been looking forward to this day for years. His 16-year-old hormones were raging, and he'd been taught from a young age that losing his nuts to his sister would be a blast! Juan told all the little girls that once they were inside the bouncy castle that none of them could leave until they had nutted young Jose and that they must kick him and kick him until his huevos rupture just like they had on the bull piñata. All the little girls clapped and there was much rejoicing.


One by one, handsome Jose personally carried the little girls into the bouncy castle until they were all inside, that way their fuzzy socks would remain clean. Then he let his father bind his hands, cover his eyes, and pull off his underwear. Now there was nothing standing between his nuts and the hard feet of five little girls. The music blared and the party continued, whilst inside the castle, five little girls had their way with a naked sixteen-year-old boy.


Inside it was dark and fairly quiet. Jose was on his knees while the little girls bounced around. Every once in a while one of them would launch a kick at Jose's goods and he'd make an "oof" sound, but it was clear they weren't going to get very far in making him a eunuch. So, Jose had to take charge to make them more effective. He laid on his back and had them each land on his groin. This was better, but as often as not they'd just squash his raging boner instead of his two plump spuds, so he had his sister try and stand over him and just ram his nuts with her foot. Naturally all the girls wanted in on this, so they all took turns just kicking his cajones and then going back to bouncing. Slowly but surely his nuts began to soften and swell, and it wasn't long before they were the size of lemons rather than regular balls. 


Next Jose had each girl land on his groin with their knees, telling them they had to really force their kneecap into his eggs. They all tried this, though some did it more effectively than others. Jose's knob began to ooze some prejack, and little pearls of cum began to coat the thighs of the young chiquitas. Over and other they laughed, bounced and pummeled Jose's sore manhood. Squeals of delight mixed with cries of agony could be heard by the outside party, and Maria and Juan knew that their son was giving up his goods properly, as every man should.


After about fifty kicks and knees to his testicles, one of them began to herniate, and Jose began to sob from the pain. Conchita loved this and just began to bounce solely on the flouncing gonads. Spurts of jism became timed with percussion to his privates, and after several minutes of this, his smaller right testicle ruptured and went flat. All the little girls cheered at Conchita, and she laughed with glee. Jose's muscular young body shuddered. And as Conchita let his remaining nut have all the attention, it began to swell even more and just as it seemed to overwhelm the boy's scrotum, it popped with a huge "POP" noise and Jose's youthful cock spurt cum all over his body, even as his hips bucked in painful pleasure. After seven full volleys of cum erupted, the boy went still, but the little girls didn't. They kept bouncing on his groin until his scrotum was just a huge bag of mush.


Eventually the girls got tired and exited the structure.


"Papa," said Conchita, "I think Jose's all tuckered out. He's in the castle and he's not moving."


"Ah," said Juan, nodding sagely, "And did you crush his nuts like I asked you too?"


"Yes, papa," said the young girl, smiling.


"Good, now, let's go cut the cake."


The music continued, the naked boy rested peacefully in the castle, and there was much rejoicing . . . by all.



  1. Anyone catch the repeated quote? Just curious. Curious to know how film literate ya'll are.

  2. Wow Nicholas, you did it again, happy family ball popping.
    Father insist his girl to popped her brother's balls and brother willing to give his precious balls to his young sister....Every one enjoyed great birthday ball popping Woof. Sweet sexy and hot story.
    Thanks again,

    1. My pleasure, Mr. Crusher. So glad Knave asked me to write it.

  3. Although I usually prefer m/m stories, this one made me hot. Little girls hurting and destroying teenager's balls is a great concept.
    Just taking my chance, are you taking commissions now?

    1. Not really. Knave is a special case. First I know him, and I know his interests. But more importantly I trust him and I know he appreciates what I write. So this is . . .a special case.

    2. Oh( Well I hope some day you'll change your mind. I'm dying to see a b/B story from you. Like 'Little'bro' or 'Temple of the Five Agonies'

    3. Oh, well I keep meaning to write the third part of the Little'bro series. It's called Little'luv, and it involves wrestling and a romantic interest. I keep meaning to work on it but haven't so . . . never give up hope! :D


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