Thursday, February 17, 2022

(F/m) Robbie's End Part 1


Robbie’s End Part 1

Robbie looked down at his huge, naked testicles. He squeezed them, rolled them around and then said, “I think you should pop my right ball first. Then after some more busting you can pop the left one.” He looked up and smiled at his mom.

“How wonderful, son. With one ball turned into mush I’ll get to see what it’s like for you to be tortured as I further mash it AND the whole one.”

Robbie smiled again. “Exactly. Gosh I love it when you hurt me. I can’t WAIT to be gelded. The idea of being castrated is AWESOME,” he gushed.

Robbie bent over and grabbed his ankles and white socks. Margaret, his mother moved behind him and began to knee his nuts from behind. This sort of thing was a daily activity for both of them, and they were both in heaven. She loved busting balls, and Robbie would do anything to make his mother happy. It was his 18th birthday, and today, he’d be losing his balls forever, so they both wanted to make the most out of it.

THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP went Margaret’s knee between her son’s legs. Robbie, after five years of daily torture could absorb a butt-load of testicle pain, and today was no exception. His balls, after all those years of abuse were huge, like large lemons, his dick was in a constant state of arousal, dribbling precum, and his scrotum, thanks to the weights he constantly wore, was long, voluminous, and silky smooth.

Robbie moaned in pleasure, “Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Bust my nuts, mom. Knee them. HARD.”

Margaret in reply licked her lips and then REALLY began to knee his knackers. They felt like big, soft water balloons, bouncing around and occasionally flattening under the staccato barrage of his mother’s hard kneecap.

Robbie felt the familiar rise of pain in his lower abdomen, and he welcomed it. He just loved the idea that woman who gave birth to him would take away his ability to procreate. It just seemed so natural. Then he would be completely owned by her and live the life of of his dreams of him as her personal slave.


“I love you too sweety and your two boy-glands are gonna be mush soon. I promise. Time to change position.” Her tone became bossy, like a drill-sergeant. “Get on your back and give me clear access to them!”

It was their favorite position. Robbie collapsed on the floor, then rolled on his back, pulled his knees up to his chest, grasped them behind the knees and locked them tight. Now his luscious ball-bag hung over his crack, and with his socked feet and legs out of the way, she had full access to his huge family jewels. Robbie’s pulsing cock lay on his washboard abs, drooling jizz. Robbie looked up at his mom through his legs. “After you crush my nuts, why don’t you cut off my cock? You can get it gold plated and then I could see my cock between your breasts each time we shower together.”

Steadying herself by holding onto his white socks, Margaret smiled. “What a lovely thought, Robbie. You’ve made me so happy. Here, let me get undressed so you can enjoy one last look at me before I make you an eunuch.” Margaret undid the back of her dress and stepped out of it, revealing a huge bra and tight white stockings, white panties and white high heel shoes. She undid her bra, letting her mammary glands swing free but left the rest on. Robbie looked up in awe at his stunningly beautiful mother and let out a sexy moan that seemed to issue from deep within his own balls. This was going to be FANTASTIC. His dick became even harder and its fat head turned a deep purple.

Using his feet for balance, Margaret aimed carefully and then began to punt his fat apples with points of her shoes. Robbie “oofed” and groaned but he held his legs open. It was his deepest, darkest desire to be neutered, and there was no one in the world he wanted to do that with than his mom. It had started when he hit puberty. He showed his mom what was happening to his body and she calmly explained how things worked. They would often bath or shower together and over time they became quite intimate. One day it struck Robbie that what he really wanted was to be hit below the belt. He asked his mom if that was OK, and she said yes, but only if she did it because then it could be done safely. Over time Robbie found all he could think about during the day, at school, at play, was his mom pasting his ghoolies. His initial fantasy gad developed into a full blown fetish and naturally he began to wonder what it would feel like to have his balls ruptured completely. He discussed it with Margaret and she said that would be a lovely 18th birthday present, to which Robbie eagerly agreed. In the intervening years their ballbusting relationship developed until Robbie’s nights (when he wasn’t doing homework) or his mornings and days (when he wasn’t at school) were completely filled with nut-busting. His balls were hit, kicked, squeezed, punctured, electrocuted, stomped on, stretched, and tortured in numerous ways. Every day with his mom was a kaleidoscope of painful pleasure.

And today was the day of truth, and both had showered and shaved to be prepared for a few hours of fun, culminating in his emasculation.

The point of Margaret’s shoe made dents and dimples in Robbie’s nuts and every so often he looked down at them. “Are they getting softer OOF mom? Will you be able to rupture them?”

Sweating a little, the drop dead gorgeous brunette replied, “I think so, hon. Let me have a feel.” She leaned down and groped the two huge eggs. Yup, they were getting softer. While she was there, she grasped both testicles and began to squeeze them. She dug her thumbs into them, and tried to soften up his eggs for their coming destruction. Robbie moaned and was breathing heavily.

“Mom . . “ he said, puffing loudly “I know you absolutely love to kick my balls, but I was wondering if the first ball you could rupture by chewing on it?” He looked up at her, his chest heaving. Margaret’s fingers still had a death-grip on his nuts. “it would be more painful and last longer, and that’s what I fantasize about – endless gut-wrenching pain.

“What an interesting idea, my luv. Let me think about it.”

MOAN, “OK” said Robbie. The pain was coursing through his abdomen now. It made him a little queasy, but his dick was as hard as a rock, and it told Margaret that her young son was quite willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for her exclusive enjoyment: his castration at her hands (and feet, and possibly mouth too). She let go of his junk and watch with satisfaction as the dimples she made in them stayed, instead of the nut-flesh springing back into shape, like it would with a healthy, untouched pair of testicles.

Robbie’s mom went back to punting his cahones. WHAM WHAM WHAM. Her boots were the pointy-toed, white leather, laced type with a 4 inch, vicious looking heel. They were her favorite pair of shoes to bust Robbie’s balls with, and she always imagined they’d be perfect for first spearing his nuts and then making them explode. She’d love to have his nut-meat smeared all over them and have him lick it off afterwards.

For a full ten minutes she continued to blast his bollocks until they glowed bright red, and had increased in size by at least 30%. Margaret was pleased with her handywork.


  1. Ahhhhh yes! New story!!

  2. Hi Nicholas, I try to 4 times.....hope this comment reach you....
    Mom & Son's ball popping is very hot, I like both mom & Robbie exciting to real balls destruction ;-) Mom popped Robbie's father's balls already? I bet she popped and destroyed few sets of big balls in her life.
    Do you telling her back ground of ball busting? Damn why popping balls are so hot?.....I can't wait to read next part Woof
    Thank you for great work and share,

    1. Oh, thank you Crusher. You know, I really didn't create a backstory of the mom, I wanted to focus mostly on the mother/son relationship. My feeling is that this story is more from Robbie's perspective/idea/fetish rather than his mom's. He REALLY wants to be castrated, and to have as much pain along the way as he can. However, I will keep that issue in mind for the rest of the story! Thanks.

    2. Oh great, Thank you response Nicholas.
      Yeah young big balled boys eager to get popped and castrated desire is amazing. Robbie's strong desire of loose manhood, gave to his mother is fascinating....


  3. Dear Nicholas — I’m a huge fan of your stories and I’m so glad to see you back. I love Robbie’s relationship with his mom. I think that’s natural for a young man and his mother, these days, to team up to take some toxic masculinity out of the world and have some fun along the way. I love how excited he is. I hope the next instalment comes soon. I would love it if after she pops one, she makes him wait and teases him for a long time before she does the other. In my experience with this stuff, the buster often realizes after the job is half done that they won’t have anything left to play with, so they want to stretch it out. Plus, she wants to torture him as long as possible, and that’s a great way to do it, since he wants to lose his nuts so bad. Love what you do! Thanks mate

    1. What a great comment. Thank you! Yeah, I've been trying to milk inspiration from Knave on this one. I posted it cuz I wasn't sure how I wanted to proceed but as part was already finished. Anyways, I'll work on the next part when I can. Cheers!

  4. Hello! I have a question how to write like this?


(F/m) Robbie's End Part 1

  Robbie’s End Part 1 Robbie looked down at his huge, naked testicles. He squeezed them, rolled them around and then said, “I think you sh...