Saturday, September 20, 2014

So what is up with this story?

So according to my site statistics The Classroom - The Busting Lesson is my most read/popular story. And I can understand that. It's got busting, it's got little girls emasculating their fathers, it's got brutality, etc. And I can totally get behind that being a popular story.
But the second most popular is Big Blond and Dumb, and all I can do is scratch my head. That story was a one-off, almost comical story I wrote just to inaugurate my sensualwriter site which I made when this site was shut down. It's not serious, it's not super sexy, it's not particularly long  . . . so why is it so popular? I'm intrigued and I'd like you, my dear readers who like that story, to tell me why it's so popular. Is it the taser to the nuts? Don's muscles? Don's vapidity? The cinnamon rolls? What?????
After all, how can I reproduce its success without knowing what makes it so popular?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Let the Punishment Fit the Crime (a mini story) - (F/ M plus some male anal rape) - NEW

I was just noodling around today and was struck with an inspiration to write this. Just a quick, short ditty about the subject of rape, and how I'd like to see rapists dealt with - the sexy way of course.

Let the Punishment Fit the Crime (a mini story)

The Judge banged his gavel. “Jared Runcey McCadams This court finds you guilty on all charges. For the deliberate raping of a seventeen year old girl, I sentence you to first be anally raped by the entire inmate population of your current cell block. Then your erect penis will be removed, gold plated, hung on a chain and given to the victim as proof of your punishment. Finally your victim will then kick your testicles until they are no longer able to produce sperm after which they will be removed from your body, placed in preservative, and put up for auction to raise money for rape prevention week. This court is adjourned.”

Everyone filed out of the court room. Except Jared, he was too shocked to even move.

“Let’s go ball-boy,” said the officer he was cuffed to. “All those men in cell block D are looking forward to plowing your virgin hole. Get a move on.”

Numbly Jared got up. The drive to the penitentiary was silent, but every now and again an officer would snicker, thinking about what would happen to this unfortunate man. Once inside, he was taken to the showers. He was told to strip naked. Having been a former athletics trainer, Jared had a ripped body, and a big basket. Under streaming water a prison guard methodically used a razor to get every inch of his body hair free. His armpits, his face, his chest, his genitals, especially the scrotum, his legs, arms, and feet. Everything was soft, nude and supple by the time it was finished. Then he was told to bend over a tub. A hose was pushed up his anus and a soapy mixture was pumped in. All his body solids were flushed out of him, several times, until he was as squeaky clean inside as he was outside. Then he was washed down several times with harsh industrial grade soap. Jared was now ready to begin his punishment.

The prisoner was led to a room, blindfolded, pushed over a table, handcuffed to the table, and then told to wait. Outside a queue was forming as all the cell block D guys were getting ready to fuck his lilly white ass raw. No lube was to be used, and no condoms either. There was every possibility that Jared might get AIDS from this, but that too was part of the punishment. Ever since the third world war and the precipitous drop in the female population any mistreatment of a woman brought severe punishment to the attacker. Jared knew the risks when he broke into the high security compound housing his city’s women, but man, was it worth it to tie her down and fuck her till she passed out. Just to get off inside a real woman had been totally worth it. And, heck, she’d have his dick now for life, so that was a win, of sorts.

The first man enetered the room behind him. Jared could tell that it was Chep by the uneven sound of his breathing.

“I’ve been wating to plow your ass since the day you walked in here, shorty. And now I’m going to take my time. For the next ten minutes your ass is all mine.” Two big strong hands parted Jared’s cheeks and suddenly there was a huge dick diving into Jared’s colon. It burned and hurt all at the same time. The water from the enema provided some small lubrication, but it still hurt. Chep began to pound home, like Jared was his pussy-bitch, and Chep began to moan loudly in pleasure while Jared just held his breath, trying not to scream.

“You’re gonna be filled with my sperm, you little cunt. I’m gonna bury it so deep inside you it will never come out, and when your old and gray and you look down at your smooth groin you’re gonna think, ‘I’ve still got Chep’s cum inside of me.’ Do you like that idea pussy-boy? A part of me is gonna live inside you forever.”

After ten minutes of WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP Chep’s huge balls tightened and he finally released his load inside Jared, slapped his ass cheeks hard enough to leave a welt, and then left to make room for the next guy. On and on this went, throughout the morning. Convict after convict made liberal use of Jared’s poop shoot to ream it good and lay down their own loads into his empty gut. Jared went through so many different states of consciousness during the process. At first he tried to just hold everything in. Then he started moaning. By the fifteenth man his colon has started to tear and every thrust was agony, so he started screaming and someone took off their sock and stuffed it in his mouth to keep the volume under control. By the end Jared was only half conscious, drooling out one side of his mouth, and his anus looked like the wreck of the Hesperus.

But there was no rest for the weary. A guard came and stuffed a butt plug up his hole to keep in all the man juices (with the hopes that sexually transmitted diseases would have a fighting chance to infect Jared good and proper). And Jared was led away, actually able to feel all the cum inside him sloshing around.

Next he was brought to a dark room where a tall black box was standing. In gold letters, the box read, “Dildotron 3000”. A woman in a medical frock came over and while the guards held him still, she injected him with something just at the base of his limp penis. It was like magic. Jared’s cock immediately began to get erect, and in less than two minutes reached its full length of 8 inches long and two and a half inches wide. It pulsed in place, thumping to his heart beat. The woman flipped a switch on the box, and the guards forced Jared to stick his dick in the hole on the side. Soon his dick was clamped in place, and then searing heat and pressure began to squeeze the base of his cock. Harder and harder and hotter and hotter, Jack screamed in agony, and then all of a sudden the pain and heat stopped, and he realized he no longer had a dick. The woman spoke at this point.

“Most men pass out, but you’re still conscious. Would you like to follow your member as it makes its way through the various processes?” The women seemed eager to show off her equipment as it delt with his equipment.

“First it goes through a sterilizing bath and the solution is forced through the urethra. Now look, see all those needles. They will perform a transfusion, taking out the blood and injected an antimicrobial saturated silicone solution. This takes the most time.” Throughout the game play Jared was doing his best not to puke all over the black box. But he did watch and he did listen. There was something surreal about watching the transformation of something which had moments before been one of his most intimate body parts.

“And finally a sheet of adhesive polymer is laid down and now at the end, the penis is dipped in a molten bath of a gold alloy designed to never chip, peel or degrade.”


The penis dropped into the hopper all shiny and new and ready for its new home – hanging between the ample breasts of Jared’s rape victim. It was perfect in every way, including having a chain attached to a ring at the end. It was Jared’s pecker perfectly preserved in gold. Jared stood still, looking at it in awe. But the trial was not over.

With his cauterized stump left on his body, it was time to have his nuts turned into goo. Jared was taken to a room filled with chains and clamps hanging from the ceiling and floor. Jared was fitted with a ball gag and a white hood was put over his head, then he was hoisted up, arms and legs spread wide, and his whole body was secured and opened for punishment. Ball punishment.

The guards left and in walked . . . someone. He could hear high heels clack on the floor. He knew this must be the sexy big breasted blond chick he raped all those months ago. Although he did tie her down, and although he did fuck her raw, he had sensed several times during the rape that she found some pleasure in it too. Jared prided himself on being able to give pleasure as well as pain.

Suddenly he heard a voice in his ear. “So, after all these months, we meet again, stranger. But now it’s me who’s gonna fuck YOU over. You took my virginity, you took my self esteem, you took my selfworth, and you took my sense of safety. Now I’m gonna take your balls, you son-of-a-bitch. I’ve already got your dick, and I’m gonna show it to everyone as proof that women are more important than you men. Are you ready? I certianly am.”

The nameless woman backed up and gave a decisive punt to his naked testicles. Jared flopped about. Then another kick. Then another. Pain was starting to blossom in his balls and working its way up into his lower stomach. Now she began to yell.

“Take THAT you motherfucking pig. (WHAM). Let’s see if you even look at another woman after this. (WHAM) Like any women or even man would want a dickless balless eunuch bastard like YOU (WHAM).” By now Jared was crying into his gag. He’d never been in such pain before. He was almost starting to regret raping her.

The woman switch to her knees. She got up right close. “How do you like being helpless and abused? (SPLAT) I hope you go straight to hell when you die (SPLAT) you motherfucker, and I hope they give you back your balls so that they can be destroyed again, over and over and OVER (SPLAT). I think they should shuttle you around from elementary school to elementary school to show little kids what happens when they commit rape. Just think (SPLAT) a bunch of little kids hooting and hollering at your impotent shame. Your nub of a cock and your empty scrotum (SPLAT), and you having to tell them what evil person you were to do what you did to me.”

“Oh, do you feel that? Your right ball is getting soft. Let’s see if I can’t pop it with my bare hands.” She separated out his swollen right ball, and with both hands began to squeeze it. The ball distorted in her hand and began to warp. Harder and harder she squeezed. "Do you feel it," she whispered into his ear, "Your nut is about to go. I'm gonna pop it like a grape, and there's nothing you can do about it. Ohp, see it's almost there, almost there." Jared whimpered for mercy into his gag while the blond put every last ounce of strength into it and with a grunt the whole thing popped in her hand, like ripe fruit. And like ripe fruit, its innards oozed out into his scrotum. Jared’s whole body shuddered when it happened, and he was now just half a dickless man. He would have passed out, but the woman instantly started to punch his ball bag, now working on his still whole ball, whilst also further ruining the one she just burst. WHAM WHAM WHAM. She nailed his scrotum dead on, over and over and over. Then back to kneeing him between the legs. Then finally switching to her foot. She’d taken off her stiletto’s and was going toe to scrotum. WHAM WHAM. Jared’s body was twitching violently as the pain was becoming over whelming. His left ball was swelling to the bursting point, and his right ball was now almost mush.

WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM and . . . . . . . SPLAT. The left testicle exploded so loudly that the unnamed woman actually fell to her knees and orgasmed from it. All Jared could do was twist and writhe in his restraints. What was left of his mind desperately hoped they’d cut off his balls soon so that the pain would stop. Then the woman reached between his legs and groped his scrotum. She screamed again as another orgasm ripped through her. Then another, and then another. She pulled heavily on his bag of mush, she squeezed it, she dug her nails into it. In total, about six juicy waves of pleasure climaxed within her voluptuous body. Then silence. Both bodies where drained, one from pain, the other pleasure. It was a still, calm moment. Jared had finally passed out and just hung there, limply, in his chains, and the woman was crying both from unbelievable pleasure and from the relief of knowing this disgusting male would never again harm a woman. She had WON! Now she stood up, slowly, strong and masterful now that her confidence had been restored, and walked out of the room a new woman. She decided she would take a self defense class and never again be a man’s victim. She knew a woman named Pat who gave excellent classes. Perfect!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Witch's Recipe - Re-edit (F/M)

So here is one of my favorite stories, written anonymously, which I have re-edited and made more to my liking.
The Witches Recipe
Morrgana-Hel is a proessional dominatrix who lives in the suburbs of North London. As well as torturing men for money, she and all her female friends amuse themselves by dabbling in the black-arts.
“Mmmmm, running low on youth potion,” she commented to herself one morning as she was looking through her supply of potions.
“It’s my best-seller amongst the lady witches of North London, and I simply can’t have run out!”
She opened up her spell-book, which was given to her by her ex-boyfriend who once was a witch like herself but now resides in her dark cellar (for her torturing pleasure).
“Ha, ha. It’s been ages since I brewed this one up. I’d forgotten how much fun it was getting the main ingredient. Mmmm, swamp weed, eye of a cat,” as she read off items on the recipe list getting to the interesting one. “Ahhh yes here it is. Ha, ha, ha. The testicles of a mature male,” as she began making crushing motions with her left hand.
“Let me see… The procedure involved mixing everything in certain proportions. However the male bollocks had to be ground thoroughly in a pestle and mortar. I didn’t have one in the kitchen last time I cooked this up so I had to improvise,” she smiled wickedly to herself.
She closed her eyes and imagined the last time she crushed a pair of testicles. “Mmmmm,” she moaned as she squeezed her thighs together and ground her stilettos into the floor.
“Much more fun grinding them when they are still attached,” she whispered to herself. “Time this recipe was re-written for all my witch friends… Poor fellow. I did keep him as a eunuch for a while. Made him empty his bank account first!” she reminisced, staring at her expensive rings.
Later that evening, Morrgana entered her flat with a man in tow. She’d obviously been out ‘man-hunting’ and caught herself one with a large enough pair of bollocks suitable for her recipe!
In walked the businessman looking extremely distressed. She on the other hand was exhilarated…
“Thank you for the ride home. You have a very, very, very fast car. How much is it worth?” she asked, handing him back the keys.
“It’s very expensive, worth well over 30k,” came the reply. “Look you shouldn’t really have driven that fast!”
“Rubbish darling, those cars are supposed to be driven like that,” she said.
“But you went over pavements and curbs and took most of the corners sideways!” he said looking sadly at his keys.
“Stop being such a wuss! We didn’t get caught, did we? Live a little!” Morrgana stepped up to him and ran her fingers down the front of his chest. “So what’s a girl got to do to borrow that beast for a couple of days?”
The businessman began stuttering. “Errrr, ummm, I would have problems with the insurance and I need it for work and… and…”
Morrgana halted in mid-sentence and opened her jacket to reveal her ample bust “Is all the persuasion you need?”
“Errrr, Ummmm, very nice!” he said, transfixed by the pair of bosoms confronting him. ‘This was an easy lay,’ he thought to himself as he reached out to grab one of her breasts.
“Not so fast tiger, not unless you want my knee in your bollocks. Do you want my knee in your bollocks?” He was taken aback by her response and shook his head vigorously while pulling his groin area back away out of the range of any potential knee.
Morrgana smiled condescendingly at him. “You like it rough, don’t you?”
The businessman was confused by this statement and shook his head at her remark.
Her tone changed. “Liar,” she replied harshly. “I asked some of the guys at the bar and they were making fun of you because you go and see those women who spank men’s bottoms. What are they called? Dommes? You’re a bit of a weirdo as far as they are concerned, aren’t you? What do you do during your kinky sessions? A bit of spanking perhaps, a bit of whipping or perhaps worse?”
The businessman was stunned at the fact that his little secret was out and began to get all flustered. “Look you’ve got it all wrong…”
“No. I haven’t. You like being dominated by strong bitchy women, don’t you?”
Her commanding voice was too much for him as he lowered his head in shame and squeaked out the word, “Yes.”
“YES, WHAT?” she ordered.
“Yes mistress,” he whispered quietly.
Morrgana smiled to herself. “That’s better. Now stand up like a good boy and take what’s coming to you.” She began to straighten him up. “We can have some sex later. You do want sex with me, don’t you?”
He nodded, but he no longer made eye contact with her.
“Come on, let’s have some fun. One knee in your bollocks,” she ordered as she began to place her hands on his shoulders.
“Please NOT THAT! I like to be spanked, that’s all,” he replied.
The businessman nodded quickly in fear of this feisty woman.
“Anyhow, it’s a well known fact that a swift knee in the nuts won’t damage you too much and it will make you last longer in bed. And you do want to last longer in bed with me, don’t you?”
Again he nodded hesitantly.
“Okay, stand back against the wall and close your eyes. It’s very important that you don’t see it coming.”
Morrgana pushed him forcefully up against the wall. She raised her knee several times to his crotch to measure the distance while he kept his eyes tightly shut. He stood there for an age waiting in fear as he felt her hand savagely grasp his bollocks.
“YOU ARE TENSING!” she said viciously as she felt the bottom of his ball-bag to find the location of his testicles.
Morrgana’s fist flew into the base of his throat releasing a gush of air from his lungs. “Ooooooooh.”
In his stunned state Morrgana stopped him doubling over and forced him up against the wall again as he struggled for breath. This time he hadn’t had the chance to tense and retract his balls.
“They should be hanging nice and low for me now,” she whispered into his ear as she delivered a sharp knee to his nads followed quickly by a second and then a third.
Sharp spikes of pain shot up through the victim’s stomach as he slowly collapses to the ground coughing and spluttering.
“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” she said, purring.
“Cough, cough… No… not … at…. all… Cough, cough…”
“There, there,” she says with her tongue buried deep in her cheek…
Morrgana’s night of cruelty had just begun. She walked over to the drink’s cabinet to start fixing herself a drink, and slipped in something extra for her guest to make him succumb to the evenings activities.
“There you go. This will help.” Morrgana handed him the lethal cocktail.
The businessman straightened himself up to accept the glass but kept his legs tightly shut. He took some long hard sips of the strong liquor to try and take his mind off the pain in his aching balls.
“Ohhh come on. I didn’t his you that hard, did I? Are your balls sore?”
“No,” he answers, as he vainly tried to impress her.
“Excellent! We’ll do it again then?”
“NO!” He looks shocked at her remark.
“This is just a little bit of foreplay before the real thing,” said Morrgana.
“I… I…. can’t…” he said nervously.
“Of course you can. You are such a big strong man. I bet those balls of yours have taken quite a few kicks in their time. I’ve heard that men with really strong balls can go all night long. I really need a man that can go all night long. Tell me you have really strong balls,” she pleaded as she held onto his arm.
“Well, ummm… yes, very strong balls,” he replied (without even engaging a single brain cell).
“Excellent, let’s test them again then,” said Morrgana. Without letting him realise what he had just let himself in for she took his glasses off him and put them to one side. Like an expert, she manipulated her male victim up against her dancing pole so that she had him in the perfect position to deliver her intended kick.
“Glad to make your acquaintance.” Morrgana raised her stiletto foot to her guests balls as she measured the distance carefully.
“Yaaahh! Whooshh!” she shrieked
“Shmmpphh,” was the sound heard as the tip of her shoe buried itself deep into his most prized possessions.
The businessman bent right over at 90 degrees with shock and horror in his eyes. He starred at her in disbelief. She returned his stare with a look as if to say, “What on earth could be so bad about a kick from little old me?”
He began coughing uncontrollably.
“There, there. Cough them out if you have to!” she said, almost laughing. She sat down to examine her work and sipped on her drink. ‘Isn’t it wonderful that men have such a vulnerable spot,’ she thought to herself.
After a few minutes of watching the tormented male rolling around in agony, she looked down at her watch. “Mmmm, it’s about time that potion kicked in!” She snapped her fingers twice and said in a commanding voice, “Male-pig you are under my command now. Take off your pants and shoes!”
The man’s eyes had a glazed look as he fumbled for his belt, undoing it, letting his pants drop and his feet slip out of his shoes.
“Good, now pull down your underware and let give me full access to your balls.”
The man did so, and his naked nuts and penis hung free between his legs, ready for Morrgana to have her fun.
“Stand against the pole behind you with your legs spread nice and wide.”
The businessman rose to his feet and limped ‘zombie-like’ over to the wall where he was commanded.
“Right, male pig. I’ve brought you here to castrate you. Do you understand? You are making the ultimate sacrifice by offering me your balls for my youth-potion. It will help keep me young and beautiful. And with what’s leftover I should have enough to sell three or four vials to my friends. £100 a vial, that’s not bad, is it male-pig?”
“Not bad,” came the zombie-response.
“Good. I’m glad you think so. I mean your balls are probably worth everything to you, but to me, they’re only worth a couple of hundred quid per testicle. A girl’s got to make a living, you understand don’t you?” she said in a loving tone.
“I am yours to command,” came the response.
“Good. Now your balls need to be pulped before I castrate you so I shall be kicking them as hard as I can until they pop. Is that okay with you pig?”
“Yes mistress,” came the response. It was obvious that the Businessman was not in control. His eyes squinted with pain as the words of the witch were spoken.
But the potion was too strong and, instead of fighting the evil, he nodded obediently and stood with his legs as wide as he could, offering this bitch his precious jewels.
“This is to stop any involuntary responses.” She rendered his arms useless with a stab of a needle in each wrist. His arms immediately flopped to his side as he starred hopelessly out into space. Inside his mind he wanted to protect himself but couldn’t muster any energy to do so. It felt like he was asleep and yet he was awake. It felt like he was outside his body just watching everything without being able to do anything about it.
“Right let’s begin. You’ve met Jossie haven’t you?” Morrgana pointed to her right foot.
“I want to introduce you to Lucy.” Morrgana pointed to her left foot.
“These girls have had the pleasure of meeting quite a few men. Haven’t you, girls?” She starred down at her stiletto shoes.
“Well they haven’t actually met them in the same sense as you and I understand, more a question of becoming acquainted with a certain part of them,” Morrgana laughed girlishly. “Let’s just say they love playing football! You understand don’t you? You girls are just rearing to go, aren’t you? What’s that Lucy?” The deranged Morrgana conducted a conversation with her left foot.
 “Yes off course you can darling. I know Jossie gets all the fun. It’s because she can kick harder than you… Yes, yes I know she had the last and final kick on that muscle man last week, so you go ahead and kick away today! Try and pop it in fewer kicks than Lucy if you can. Oh, and I need them pulped, so make sure you stamp on them good and hard after popping okay?”
The businessman just closed his eyes as the insane conversation continued.
Then the torment started. Like guns blazing at the start of a battle, her feet went to work.
“Oooofff… Oooooff…. Oooooff…” was the sound heard as air rushed from his lungs, as kick after kick rained into his crotch as Lucy went to work on his balls.
“Fucking bastard, take that!” Morrgana swore breathlessly as she slapped and punched, while the two fictitious girls attached to her feet, kicked away relentlessly at his hanging ballbag.
“Arrrgghhhh!” was the muffled cry of the male victim as the once healthy balls that hung between his legs were mercilessly kicked into the base of his pelvis. As he slid down the pole, Morrgana got even angrier.
“Squat. Knees open bastard!” The male victim desperately fought to try and stop his knees from being parted, but he couldn’t help himself. He lowered himself to his knees and spread them wide for her. The testicles which she was kicking now swelled to double their size and seemed ready to burst.
He knew this was very near the end. In this position his balls were very exposed and they were at the bottom of the range of her swing kick motion, the part where the toe of her foot was travelling fastest.
“Shit… shit… shit…” he muttered as toe-kick after toe kick finally popped his testicles wide open. They each exploded in their sack, one after another.
Now that they’d burst, she ordered him to sit on his ass and let his ruined nuts to lay flush with the floor. He unhesitatingly complied, though it was the last thing he really wanted to do. They quickly lay against the hard surface.
“Beg me to pulp your balls you fuck.” Morrgana stepped between his legs and began stomping the squishy organs into the wood.
The man gurgled, “Pulp them please, mistress.” He couldn’t help himself. Her heavy shoe was stomping his balls so hard that they soon were virtually liquidized. His scrotum was all swollen and puffy, and the remains of his nuts floated freely in it now.
He finally bent over and wretched over the floor as she stood back in breathless amazement.
“FUCK YES!” she said as she revelled in her evilness. Minutes later the she returned and laid several knives on the table along with a bowl
“I must be quick. The potion is on the boil in the kitchen and I need the freshly pulped testicles right now! Open your legs, you fuck and get your balls out for me to slice open!”
The destroyed man had no choice but to comply. He reached between his legs and squeezed out his pulped ballbag so this nutcase wackjob witch could slice his scrotum open.
She grasped the orange sized ball bag and squished around his remaining sperm.
“Mmmm, nice job girls.” She poked and squished her fingers forcefully into the mess that were once his proud testicles. “Right, time to say goodbye to your two little ex-friends.” She smiled and she grabbed the handful of man-meat and squeezed it taught. She put the bowl between his legs, which he dutifully kept wide open.
“Beg me, you asshole.”
“Please remove my broken balls,” tears streaming down his face.
The businessman just lay there sobbing as she began slicing his bloated ballsack open. The squished testicles oozed out into the bowl beneath, and the man job sobbed quietly as his manhood fell out, a mass of nut-meat, sperm and edema. Morganna smiled. Then she cut off his dick, just to be mean and ran in to dump the lot into her boiling potion.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lisbug does some slow-mo ball kicking and tit hitting

Lisbug is a vlogger and she does a parody/spoof of Miley's Wrecking Ball with some ball busting and tit punching.

Just something funny. Enjoy!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Bubbles (ff/M) - Repost

Knave brought to my attention that one of his favorite stories was missing from my repost spree last year and darned if he wasn't right. So here is Bubbles, a short-ish story I did quite a while ago. And it's a Christmas story, so naturally it's perfect for reposting in the middle of summer! Enjoy!




            The snow was falling softly outside, white wisps of powdery frost, leaving little trails of perfect white, and landing in pillowy mounds just outside the window sill. Inside, all was warmth and light and happiness, even though it was 6am, and the sun was barely peeping through the clouds. Soft Christmas music was playing on the retro-antique radio, multicolored lights were twinkling on the Christmas tree, and everywhere were presents waiting to be opened.

John, his wife Peggy, and their two young twin daughters, Alice and Alison were sitting around the tree and near the roaring fire, and having fun digging into their Christmas presents. Naturally the two daughters were enthusiastic, ripping paper, breaking bows and tearing tape. Soon, there was a pile of loot behind each girl.

Unlike most children, the girls just loved getting cloths, and they had each received some expensive cashmere socks – Alice’s peach colored, and Alison’s lavender. They begged their father to help them put on their new socks, plus their new dresses and some matching bows for their hair.

            John was sitting on his knees next to the girls, his legs spread oddly open the whole morning, while Peggy watched from the couch. They adored their two daughters, and would willing sacrifice anything for them. In their hearts, they knew the girls’ happiness was paramount to them having a happy childhood.

            As it so happens, the girls not only had a love of fashion, they also had a penchant for anything bubble-like that could be popped. When they were just toddlers, they’d come across some of that bubble wrapping left over from the new LCD HDTV television, and they literally spent hours jumping, hitting, and squishing the big bubbles, laughing innocently as they burst. The popping noise, the sudden deflation, and the springy resilience of the plastic puffs creating a sensory pleasure that simply couldn’t be duplicated by any other means.

            Since then, the girls had burst eggs, cherries, blow-up paper bags, balloons at birthday parties and lots of other items, and as a result, they’d also come to expect lots of poppable things at Christmas and during birthdays. And today was no exception. Roll after roll of bubble wrap, little burstable plastic bubbles filled with glitter, balloons filled with candy and helium, and so forth. All of them were attacked by the girls with glee.

            With their cushy-soft socks protecting their little feet, they jumped on all their bubbles, hit them, squeezed them between their fingers and spent almost two hours bursting things, just for fun. Eventually, though they ran through their entire stock of burstable items, and the girls began glum. Alison made a pouty face and turned to her father.        

            “I want more things to pop, Daddy. This isn’t enough. Get us something else. It’s Christmas, and Santa wants us to be happy.” Alice just made a pouty face too, and nodded in agreement.

            “Well,” started John, “I don’t think there is anything else. All the poppable items in the entire county are laying on the floor, here in this house. I can’t think of anything else to give you.”

            Peggy, however, had a wry, thoughtful look on her face, and leaned over to whisper something in John’s ear. As she did so, the girls could see John’s face light up, as he grasped the implications of her plan.

            Peggy got up and walked upstairs, then came back, holding some kind of odd tool. She sat down, and began to talk.

            “Girls, a while back your father and I decided not to have any more children, because you two are our sweet little angels, and we wanted to devote all our resources to that end. I thought about having my tubes tied, but your father had a better idea. Last night, as has present to me, he gave me this burdizzo to use on him, and let me crush his tubes. See, it’s a farm implement designed to castrate male mammals,”

            As the girls examined the odd device, Alice interject. “What does castrate mean, Mommy?” she asked.

            “I means taking away a man’s ability to have children. Permanently. Anyway, last night I placed this tool over first your father’s left testicle, and then his right testicle and sqeeeeeezed real hard and pinched his tubing, and now, we won’t ever have to worry about me getting pregnant.”

            The girls followed this story with interested, and kept looking back and forth between their parent’s faces. Peggy looked pleased, and John looked excited.

            “However, this now means that your father’s two testicles can’t feel a thing, and can be damaged in anyway we can think of because they’ve already been cut off from their life support. So, now you have two more bubbles you can pop! See, isn’t that wonderful, girls!?”

            “But,” said Alison, “what’s a testicle?”

            “Oh,” said John, “Here, let me show you what I have.” He stood up from his odd position and pulled down his pajama pants, and then his plaid boxers. Out popped his soft penis and two hugely swollen orbs in a silky pink pouch.

            “These are my testicle,” he said, laying them in his hand. “They hang down in this sack called a scrotum. This is my penis, which is used for making children also. Anyway, normally it would hurt me a lot if someone kicked or hit or stepped on them, but right now, I just have an overall, dull ache. I was planning on going to the doctor later on today, anyways, so your mother and I agree, you should have some fun making mush out of them and popping them before they’re removed. Why let them go to waste? And it shouldn’t be difficult to burst them. You two have had LOTS of practice.” John was all smiles.

            The girls got up and took his eggs from his outstretched hands, rolling them over and over to see their shape. The organs were unlike anything they’d ever seen or felt before. They really were like huge, balloony eggs.

            “Remember girls, this is a very special honor. Most men would never let you do this to their private parts, so say make the most out of it,” commented their mother.

            “Daddy, do you mean that these things helped make US?” they said together.

            “Yup, and I give you full permission to burst them under your feet, kick them, hit them, do anything you want to them. Here, Peggy, you show them.” John got up and spread his legs, his white socks sliding along the carpet sideways, then his hands when up, above his head which stretched his white undershirt at the seams. Peggy went up behind him, took carful aim, and nailed his balls from below. They made a pleasant squishing, slapping sound, and the girls were delighted.

            “Ok, girls, now your turn.”

            The girls gladly got up and stood before their half-naked father. The noticed that his dick was getting hard, and it made them happy, for some reason. Then, they looked at each other, each thinking the same thing. “Left,” said Alice, “Right,” said Alison together, and they aimed their lavender and peach feet at their chosen testicle. BAM, they booted the balls as hard as they could.

            “Good shot, girls,” cheered their father, having fun watching his own balls bounce.

            BAM, BAM, BAM. The twins punted their father’s nuts as hard as they could, and were rewarded by the two helpless orbs bouncing around and spinning in their protective sack.

            “Girls, do your best to soften them up, so that they’ll be easier to pop!” exclaimed their mother.

            “OK,” they said in unison. Then they stopped kick, and instead each grabbed a nut in one hand and began hitting the bright red orbs with the other. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Johns’ scrotum was fiery red but still loose enough to allow for any range of movement. “Girls,” he said as he watched them bludgeon his manhood, “Squish my balls which you hit them.”

            The twins obliged, and began to knead the semi-circular eggs along with the lumpy tubes as hard as they could, while continuing to hit them.

            Alice stopped hitting and found she could rotate the ball completely, so that John’s epididymis was facing front. Then she found she could squish her thumbs into it, and it left a nice dent. “Hey, try this,” said Alice to her sister. Alison replicated the movement, and found it just as fun.

            “Those are the tubes where my sperm grow up,” said John. “It’s where the sperm that made you developed before coming out of me.”

            “And,” said Peggy matter-of-factly, ”that’s where I separated your father’s balls from his body last night.”

            “Daddy, I can feel the tubes squishing under my thumb. Is that OK?” asked Alison with concern.

            “Squish away. It can’t do any more damage than bursting the ball completely. Push as hard as you can.”

            Both girls readily pressed their thumbs into the mound of tubes, and heard pleasant little squishing sounds as they were popped and destroyed. “This is fantastic,” said Alison in utter pleasure. “Do all men’s balls make these sounds?” she asked innocently.

            “Well, you’d have to find a pretty special guy who’d let you do this to his reproductive organs, but yes, I think it would be exactly the same,” remarked John.

            When all the tubes had been squished, they rotated their respective nut and asked their daddy to get on the floor, so they didn’t have so far to reach. He got on his hands and knees and happily spread his legs so his children could attack his dangling baby-makers. Despite their enlarged size, they hung low between his knees, and girls were only too happy to take running kicks at them, savoring the way they bouncing around, and how his rigid dick felt when they kicked it too.

            Then, John raised his legs so that his feet were flat on the ground again but his arms still on the floor, a told the girls to hit him with other things. SLAM went the new croquet mallet that the twins had gotten that morning. SMACK when the new high heel shoes, with Alice hitting with heel so that it dented one of his balls. CRACK when a new bedtime story book straight into his balls. Everything that was able to punish their father’s goolies wound up between his legs with breathtaking velocity.

            As the morning wore on, John finally suggested they explode the testicles that they’d been manhandling, and he lay down on his back with his legs spread wide open. Peggy went and got the family bible, an heirloom that traced the genealogy of the Connor family for 15 generations, and seemed symbolically appropriate to Peggy for use in this situation. Alice and Alison would be breaking their father’s balls, the essence of his very being over the essence of their entire family.

            Peggy placed with between his legs, and then placed the Family Jewels on top.

            “OK, girls, I think you know what to do.”

            The twins clapped in unison, and ran up to stand between their father’s legs.

            “Can we really do this, Daddy?”

            “Burst the seeds that made us?” they chimed.

            “Yes, sweeties, I want you to make all their insides squish out from your feet, like that water balloon you popped yesterday in the kitchen. Jump up and down on them, if you have to.”

            “Ooookkkaaaay,” they said simultaneously. They each stepped forward and placed their socked feet on their chosen testicle – Alice in peach on his lefty, and Alison in lavender on his right ball. They then lifted their other foot off the ground, and immediately wobbled around. “Help, Daddy,” they shouted.

            John reached out to claps their hands with his so they could steady themselves, and with his support, they place their small body weight fully on each testicle. As if trying to escape their fate, the precious bubbles slipped around under their fuzzy heels, but with some determination, each girl was able to make their heels stay fixed over their chosen nugget.

            Then, they jumped. Up and down, up and down, letting the dense but springy ball flesh cushion the jolt to their legs. Each time, their testicle seemed to feel softer, and softer, bouncing back less and less, until finally, the girls said in unison, “It’s going to go, Daddy!”, and go they did. With a resounding wet pop, the twin orbs gave way under the twin girls’ feet, and everyone could hear their explosive collapse. It was a breathtaking, spine chilling organic pop, which left everyone in dead silence for a full thirty seconds

            Then, Peggy clapped her hands and cheered, while John just squeezed his daughters’ hands and said, “Good work, girls.”

            After jumping around a bit on what remained of his balls, the girls stepped off the bible and smiled widely. In response to the amazing scene they’d just been partner too, the girls only had one thing to say to their parents, “That the was best gift we’ve ever had!” The girls beamed.

            “You're welcome, girls,” said John.

“I love you mommy,” said Alison.

            “I love you Daddy, “ said Alice.

            Peggy, just beamed at her girls and said, “Merry Christmas!!! Now, who’s up for some eggnog?”

            From his position on the floor, one hand squishing around the remains of his own balls to see what it felt like, John raised his hand and said “I am!” and then pointed to his rock hard cock, “And I think this fellow is too!”

            And so it was a very, merry Christmas, indeed.