Tuesday, January 30, 2024

(m/M) Mark and Me - NEW STORY

All I'll say is . . . my stepfather was named Mark. Make of that what you will.

 Mark and Me

On the day, or rather night, that I had my first ejaculation, I ran to my parents' bedroom to find my stepfather, Mark, seated on the bed in only his boxers on. I pointed to my own underwear and the big tan splotch on it where my first batch of semen ever was drying.

"What's going on, Mark?" I asked. "I just had an amazing thing happen. i was dreaming of naked men and then I felt this explosion in my crotch and now I have this sticky stuff in my underwear. What's going on with me?"

"I've been waiting a long time for this, Nicholas. You're becoming a man, and I want you to learn to take pleasure from hurting my manhood to fuel your own pleasure." He scootched aside one leg of his boxers and his left testicle popped into view. 

"Here, squeeze my ball. Feel your power as a man that you have my nut under your control. You can make me do anything. Go on, squeeze it!"

I reached out and grasped his pink oval nugget. It was warm and smooth. I squeezed it. At first lightly, then with greater force. Mark moaned. "Hell yeah. Squeeze my ball. Make me hurt."

Then opened his eyes and look right into mine. "Do you like hurting me?"

I smiled. "Yeah."

"Good. Let's play an ongoing game. Whenever your mom's away, you come to me, and you do whatever violent thing to my balls that you like. I'll get undressed and you can kick them, squeeze them, and crush them until, eventually, you pop them."

"You want me to pop your balls?"

"Yup. I want you to kick them so hard, squeeze them so tight, stand on them so long that they just, 'bloop', squish into mush."

"Wow. But, what, what about this stuff?" i pointed to my own crotch and rubbed it. I could feel the wet splotch.

"Well, now that you're man, your body produces semen. When you get sexually excited you will 'cum' and release the semen from your body. I'll show you." Mark pulled off his boxers, exposing himself to me. He had two fat nuts and long prick. He started to stroke his member until it grew long, proud, and rigid. 

"Squeeze both my nuts while I jack off," he said to me. I reached down and took one ball into each of my hands and dug my thumbs into them. He stroked himself, faster and faster and his dick got bigger and bigger, with the head turning purple, and then with a gasp, he ejaculated all over himself and my hands. Sticky white cum drenched his crotch, my fingers and the bed. I lifted it to my nose. It smelled strange. Like the toilet cleaner, Ajax. I tasted it. It was frothy and salty and a little sweet. I decided I liked it.

"That stuff is called 'cum' and it's for making babies. But it can also be eaten when you give a man head. Lick it off of my prick." I bent over his crotch, and licked his still-hard popsicle, and lapped up all his jizz. "Good, now suck on my nuts, hard!"

I stuffed his two huge nuts into my mouth and sucked on them, as hard as I could. All Mark could do was moan. Testicles were most sensitive after cumming, and his were swollen and ripe. 

Both of us heard a car drive up. It was mom. We hastily separated and I went back to my room.

The next day I got home from school. Mark was on the couch, watching TV.

"Where's mom?" i asked. 

"She's going to be late from work, she called about a half-hour ago. Put down your backpack and sit by me."

I put my books down and sat next to my stepfather. He leaned over and unzipped my pants. He used his mouth to engulf my pubescent cock and started to suck it. I'd never felt anything like it before. It was pleasure unbound. My little dick got hard instantly, and it was in heaven. In less than three minutes of him sucking me off, I splooged in his mouth. He kept sucking, which made me writhe in excruciating pleasure. Finally, I fell back, gasping for air. 

Mark grinned and wiped a drop of cum from his mouth. Then he got up, pulled down his pants, pulled down his boxers, and stood there in all his glory. Then he turned around, squatted a bit and told me to kick his knackers from behind. Since they were all ready down, I pulled off my pants and shoes and underwear and then stood up. I loved to see his huge danglers waiting to feel my foot flattening them.

WHAM, WHAM, WHAM. I kicked my stepfather's nuts, as hard as I could. "Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, oh, FUCK." I loved the feel of his low-hangers between my toes. Here was a grown man, who could snap my neck like a toothpick if he so chose, making his most vulnerable body parts my playthings. I had never felt so powerful. Men were usually rivals, and having a rival's nuts at your mercy was a dream come true.

I kept kicking my stepfather between the legs until he collapsed on the floor and cradled his nuts between his hands. He was coughing and trying not to throw up. 

"Did I do good?" I asked him.

"Oh fuck yeah. My nuts are mush. I can't think of a better person to destroy me. Here kick them again. I wanna see how much damage they can take before I puke." Mark put his hands behind his head and spread his legs so that me, his stepson, could damage his own huevos.

SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT. Mark's body jerked with each blow but he didn't make me stop, and his dick was hard and pulsing. "OOF, OOF, CHRIST that hurts!" After five minutes of pummeling, Mark wretched and dry heaved. I looked down on his sweat covered body and sized up hungerly his massive tool. I kneeled between his legs and began to suck his cock and pried his hands from his acorns so I could squeeze them. I noticed they were larger in my hands than the night before and it occurred to me that testicles would swell when they were damaged.

His big purple helmet filled my mouth and I did my best to suck on it. I wasn't the best at giving head, but I certainly tried. After several minutes of squeezing and sucking his load exploded in my mouth, and it make me gag because I wasn't ready for it. Jizz was all over my mouth, my chin, and my naked body. 

Mark looked down at me at smiled. I had taken his load like a champ and busted his nuts like a boss. We were both repleat and exhausted. So, we took a shower together and I got to squeeze his testicle some more. By the time mom came home, he and I were clothed, happy and relaxed and ready for dinner.

Over the next couple of months our sexplay and nutbusting became almost a daily occurrence. I was getting more sex than anyone my age could possibly have, and both of us were looking forward to the ultimate destruction of his "junk". At one point I asked him if this was causing a problem with my mom. He told me he didn't marry her for her, he married her because of me. I was shocked and blown away. The idea of being the object of lust and affection of a grown adult man was beyond amazing. At one point he came to me on my birthday, and handed me a legal document where he gave me full control of his cock and balls, with the hope that I would find unique and agonizing ways of busting his balls.

As it happened, my mom had to go on a long business trip to Asia during Christmas. She'd be gone for two weeks, and I'd be left alone with my stepfather. As soon as she left, we were both in a daily orgy of sex and ballbusting. We were both constantly naked, his nuts were always swollen and huge, and both of us were living on a steady diet of semen.

In one session I had found some of my mom's hatpins and after tying Mark to a chair I plunged the needles into his testicles. I twirled them inside his baby makers and made them soft and mushy. He actually splooged without any manual manipulation of his dick from this. His balls were kicked, hit, stretched, and stabbed until they were HUGE and swollen and tender.

On Christmas morning I found my stepfather, naked in front of a roaring fire, and he told me I was going to crush his balls, as my Christmas present. I was ecstatic. First, he gave me two blow jobs, which as usual made me shudder. Then had had me get up on a table. He put his huge naked nuts on the table and told me to crush them while he jacked off. I could tell he was excited to lose his balls by how rigid his dick was.

My feet were naked, his balls were naked, and they fit perfectly inside the arches of my feet. I stood on them and slowly increased the pressure. His nuts turned white and began to flatten. Mark groaned. And jacked faster. Flatter and flatter his nuts become. I started to play with myself as well. With my short fuse, I'd cum at the same time as his nuts ruptured.

"Fuck yeah. Crush my nuts! Make me a woman! I love you, Nicholas! AAAHHHH!"

 Whiter and whiter and flatter and flatter the two huge testicles went. And then, to our great enjoyment, they both went SPLAT at the same time. His nutmeat squeezed out from my feet and we both came at the same time. I jizzed all over his head and face, and he came all over my feet. His whole body shuddered as I ground my feet into his ruined balls. Finally, he began to black out, but not before I said, "Will you still suck me off?" 

Quietly he whispered, "Of course."

That was one of the best Christmas's I would ever have.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

 A little creepy something from my mind to yours.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Dolls and Balls


Little Timmy was playing with his favorite doll, Megan, on a cold Halloween night. It was a clear night, and the stars and the moon lit up the little room where Timmy dressed up Megan in cute outfits and lots of pairs of fuzzy socks. This night was no different than lots of others where Timothy had imagined various scenarios of his little doll walking all over him and stomping on his tender balls with her fuzzy feet. But tonight was different, for by the power of the spirit of Halloween, Megan the inanimate doll had achieved a semblance of sentience. While Timmy’s back was turned to dress up another doll, Megan’s little hand reached for a nearby hammer and got up. With an unsteady wobbling gait she awkwardly walked to stand behind him and taking aim at his blond head, brought the hammer crashing down on the boy’s noggin. A splash of blood, and the boy toppled.

An hour later, Timmy woke up. He’d been stripped of all his clothes, and he’d been tied up to the four corners of the bed with various lengths of rope. He looked around and saw his favorite doll looking up at him. Her lidless eyes staired, unblinkingly at his crotch. Timmy heard a high, girlish voice issue from the stuffed toy.

“Hi Timmy. You’ve been a naughty boy. It’s time for you to pay.”

“What?” asked the astonished 13 year old.

The little doll tottered froward and climbed the bed covers to stand at his side, then she climbed over his left leg to stand right in front of his cock and balls. She reached out and grasped just one testicle, and squeezed it. For a thing of cloth and porcelain, she was surprisingly strong. Timmy let out a gasp.

“Wha, wha, wwwhat are you gonna do to me?” he asked in a shrill voice.

“Why everything you’re ever wanted Timmy.” The doll giggled. “Say goodbye to your balls little boy.” She picked up the hammer again which had been put on the bed, and began to beat the boy’s balls with it. The hammer slammed into first his left nut and then his right. It hurt so bad. Timmy started to cry out, but he was alone in the house. His family had gone trick or treating, leaving Timmy to play with his dolls in peace. WHAM WHAM WHAM The fat hammer head pummeled the budding teenager’s plump spuds with remarkable force. WHAM WHAM WHAM A heavy hammer fell on organs which would never see their purpose to create life fulfilled. This boy’s reproductive ability would fail tonight, at the hands of his own imagination come-to-life.

WHAM WHAM WHAM Timmy’s two nuts were beginning to both swell and hemorrhage. After a few minutes the normally tiny testes were the size of plums, and after a few minutes more, the size of lemons, all black and blue from the pummeling of the hammer, an incessant jackhammer of pain and humiliation. All the while Megan was giggling in an insanely high-pitched voice, and her red hair was highlighted by the moonlight behind her. But Timothy was in no position to appreciate her beauty or allure, for tonight he was going to meet his maker. WHAM WHAM WHAM An unrelenting staccato of brute force was being visited upon his boyhood, hardly manhood since he’d only just started puberty, and already his youthful sexuality was coming to the fore, but not after tonight.  Little Timmy cried out, “HELP! HELP! HELP ME!”

“Quiet now Timmy, you wouldn’t want to alarm the neighbors. Isn’t this what you’ve dreamed of? I know what you’ve dreamed of, and now I’m going to give you your wish. Such a lucky boy!” Megan giggled again. WHAM WHAM WHAM His balls were about to split open, and then they did. With two loud pops, the organs exploded in his pubescent sack and leaked their contents. SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH went the hammer as it never paused in its brutal assault. Timmy’s scrotum was now a big puffy peach of testicle fragments and edema, and the cruel doll kept smashing it with her hammer. Over and over the boy screamed as his broken balls were brutalized.

Suddenly, she stopped and the sobbing of little Timmy could be heard above her laughter. Megan picked up another item. It was a pair of scissors. Timmy looked down and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. She was going to slice off his manhood.

Megan put one little cloth finger to her porcelain mouth and said, “shhhh!” and proceeded to cut through his ballsack. It was tough going as the scrotum bunched and his cords resisted the effort. Blood splattered everywhere, and little Timmy began to bleed profusely. With a finaly “snip” Megan made it through his scrotum, and then with a smile, giggle and wave, she said, “But we’re not done yet!”

Reaching down to pull on his pecker, she began to cut through it too! With a sawing “zip” she managed to detach his boyhood, and she placed the little mushroom next to his severed scrotum. Then she walked all over the mass of meat with her fuzzy socks which became drenched in blood, and untied the bleeding boy who by this point had passed out.

When the family came home, then found little Timmy, bled to death on the bed, an apparent victim of some homicidal maniac who had tortured and killed their little boy. The hammer and scissors were covered in dried blood, and it was determined that he had been brutally assaulted. The only odd thing, to the police at least, was how one of Timmy’s dolls, who was lying on the other side of the room, was also covered in blood. Well, just her fuzzy socks.



Tuesday, September 26, 2023

(M/m) The Sex Life of a Lich (Part 1) - NEW

 This is my first foray into the fantasy genre. I'm a huge lover of fantasy fiction, fantasy games like D&D, and magic, and the idea just popped into my head for mixing BB with fantasy. How many chapters of it I do will depend on what kind of response I get to it, so if you like it, let me know in the comments.



The Sex Life of a Lich (Part 1)


Keth surveyed the room, noting the pentagram on the floor, and the various candles at each point, which needed to be lit. He flexed a modicum of his power to light them, little lights flaring before him. This was Keth’s summoning room, one of many rooms in the huge castle which he had built himself. With decades of magic spells and aid from summoned beings. It was a monument to his power and ingenuity.

Keth steeled himself, raised his arms and then began to chant. From his lips issued the spidery language of magic. The incantation started off soft and then rose and fell at various points but always remained moving, moving, moving. A red spark in the center of the summoning circle appeared, and then as the spell continued it grew into a lenticular and large sized red portal. A handsome foot and ankle, and then a leg and finally a body appeared. It was the body of a stunningly handsome male devil, an incubus, who came through. He knew he would be trapped in the circle, but he was compelled to fully enter into the material realm. His muscles bulged, his red wings spread out and filled the circle. His only article of clothing was a leather jock strap, and from the looks of it he was very well endowed. His curly black hair smoked slightly, and he smelled of brimstone. His voice was deep and sultry.

“Mortal wizard. Why have you summoned me?”

Keth paused a bit before answering. “I am not a mortal, fiend, and I am much more than a wizard.”

The incubus frowned. “Very well, Lich. What do you want from me?”

“I require your services for a month. I am willing to offer you four souls as payment for your services.”

“Powerful souls?” The devil traced this mouth with one finger.


The incubus licked his lips and cocked his head to one side. “I am listening . . . “

“My new apprentice. He is mostly under my controlling spells, but his sex drive makes complete dominance impossible. I need you to eliminate the problem. I have seen deeply into his mind, his being, and I know he fantasizes about having his testicles crushed and his dick detached, leaving him a eunuch. Over the next month I want you to bring him to a foaming madness of sexual frission and ultimately remove the source of his distraction. Your presence here will be explained that you are the castle’s new caretaker, and I want you to seduce him. Bring him to the height of pleasure and pain and then cut off his ruined sack and prick and bring them to me. Then you shall have your souls. These souls.” Keth reached into his midnight blue robe and pulled out a red crystal that sparkled and glowed. The devil considered this and was silent for a few moments. Then he nodded.

“Very well. You have a contract?”

Keth held up a long piece of paper so the devil could sign it. Red letters flared on the bottom line, and the pact was complete.

Keth waived his empty hand and conjured a illusory image. It showed the body of a naked man. A very well-hung naked man.

“Take this form, it is the one most likely to fulfill his fantasy, and I will provide you with clothes, and show you around. Aiden is in his room, at the top of the west tower. I assume you know how to duplicate the duties of a caretaker. Can you clean, can you cook?”

“Puny lich. I have served from the highest to the lowest, from mightiest to the desperate. I can do anything. This is why you summoned me, is it not?”

“Good.” With another wave of his hand, Keth banished the circle, and the form of the devil shimmered. He stepped out of the pentagram and was the spitting image of the illusion that waivered before him. Keth handed him the cloths he had prepared, and suddenly the man who would smooth out the wrinkle of an uncooperative apprentice stood before him.

“You name will be Julius, Aiden’s favorite male name. He had a crush in his youth on a boy named Julius. Let me show you my home.”

An hour later Keth pulled up a chair to his magic mirror and spoke the command word to activate its powers. Sitting down, he looked at the reflective surface and slowly the sight and sound of his apprentice’s small room swam into view. The 17-year-old was in his brown robe and he was lying on his bed, reading a book: Fistandantilus’s Commentaries On Summoning. There was a knock at the door.

“Come,” said the young man without looking up. He was expecting to see his master at the portal, but instead was a man with dark hair, smooth shaven, and ripped. His body was sexy as hell and he exuded a sultry calmness. A smooth operator walked in holding a tray of food.

“Who!? Who are you?” exclaimed Aiden. The book dropped into the bed and Aiden scootched up against the wall.

“Young master. I’m the new caretaker. Your master hired me from the town outside his kingdom’s capital. I’m new here. Who are you?”

Aiden gulped. He’d never seen any man as handsome and sexy as this fellow was. Somehow, he looked like the men Aiden dreamed about in his fantasies when he masturbated. A fantasy brought to life; how uncanny.

“My name is Julius. What are you called?” The handsome servant put the tray of food down on the bed and sized up the young lad. He was on the thin side, like most wizards, but he had a sizeable lump in his crotch.

“I’m Aiden, master Keth’s apprentice. I had thought to come down to the pantry and eat the leftovers from last night’s dinner.” Aiden’s nostrils fibrillated with the smell of the food. Onion soup with beef broth, soft cheese and bread, plus what appeared to be a tankard of mead. It smelled divine, and Aiden was ravenous.

Julius handed the young man a spoon and then just watched the lad eat. Julius had a hungry look in his eyes, as if he would devour the fledgling mage.

“This is terrific!” exclaimed the boy. “Did you make this?”

Julius smiled. “Of course. I can make anything. Anything at all.”

“Wow.” Aiden was obviously impressed. He was used to eating a sort of thin gruel which appeared each day in a magic pot. It was not exciting, but it kept a body sound. This flavorful food was a real treat.

“Your master doesn’t eat?” asked the burly servant.

“No, he says he lives on magic itself. I hope he’ll teach me, one day, how to do it. But on the other hand, I do love a good meal. Life would lose its joy if I couldn’t eat.” Aiden’s eating slowed and he looked at the dark-haired man, looking intently back at him. Their eye’s locked and the lad could see genuine interest from this man, this servant. For a while they just gazed into each other’s eyes. Then Julius spoke. His voice was deep, like an ocean of sensuality.

“You remind me a lot of my last lover. He was young, like you, and loved to have his balls busted before AND after sex.”

Aiden choked on a mouthful of soup. He stuttered. “You . . . you’ve had sex with other men?”

“Of course. I love a hard cock and some pendulous orbs. I love fucking guys up the chute. I love taking a guy’s cherry.” He flexed his hands slightly, as if he wanted to use them.

“But you are hungry.” Julius stood up suddenly. “We can talk about such things later. I must prepare your bath.”

“My bath?” Aiden just sort of staired at the man with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Of course. We can’t have smelly apprentices running around. Come down to the washing room when you’re finished.”

Aiden gulped and lowered his head to shovel soup into it.

A half-hour later, the boy appeared in the washroom with a towel and looked rather trepidatious. Julius quickly pulled off the boy’s brown robe, and then gazed up and down at his naked body, which Aiden tried to hide behind the towel.

“Into the hot water, master,” said Julius briskly, licking his lips. He guided the naked boy to the hot water, held the towel as Aiden stepped in the wooden tub. Aiden gasped at the temperature. He slowly sank until he was submerged. Julius grinned to himself, and took some shampoo, lathered it up, and started to clean Aiden’s hair with it. Despite being a sadistic devil, Julius could be quite gentle when it was called for. He massaged Aiden’s scalp and then rinsed it with a bowel of hot water. Then he moved over to get a bar of soap made from sheep tallow, and began to wash Aiden’s body. Naturally he lingered on cleaning his cock and balls. Playing with them he began to stroke the boy’s growing woody and pressed his fingers into the two floating testicles below. A bit of pleasure and a bit of pain.

Aiden closed his eyes and groaned, sotto voce. From the feel of it, the boy had a respectable sized tool, at least 8 inches, and was nice and thick. His balls were of average size, but no doubt could be increased in size from some enthusiastic ballbusting. Julius licked his lips again as he imagined torturing Aiden while simultaneously seducing him. “Do you like that, master? I’m very skilled at pleasing men. I’m prepared to live out any fantasy a man has. I tell you this because I find you extremely attractive, and I would love to serve you in any way possible.”

Aiden gulped and opened his eyes in surprise. “You find me attractive?” No one in his entire life had ever deigned to call him attractive. Aiden was a humble person and had a low sense of self-esteem. His father had always called him a blithering, incompetent idiot, and was all too pleased when Keth turned up at his door to whisk his son off to become a wizard.

“Very much so, master.” Julius began to stroke Aiden’s cock faster and faster, making the boy gasp. “Does that feel good?”

“Yes. Mmmmm. Yes.”

Julius smiled as he stroked the boy towards completion. “I love everything about men, young master. Men’s bodies, men’s fantasies, men’s sexuality, men’s hard dicks and tender balls. Let me pleasure you master; I would love to give you everything you’ve ever wanted from a lover.” The water lapped the sides of the tub as Julius’s hand made waves. The boy had a short fuse and gasped as his penis expelled ribbon after ribbon of semen into the water. It rose to the surface and floated there, a testament to youthful sexuality. Aiden stopped arching his back and sunk in the water, breathing heavily. It was his first sexual experience, and he was hooked.

“Thhhaank you,” he stuttered.

“My pleasure, master,” said the devil in disguise. “Here, let’s get you out and dry. I have cleaning to attend to.”

No longer embarrassed about being naked, Aiden stood and stepped out of the round tub. Julius gently dried off the apprentice wizard and helped him dress.

Keth was still sitting in front of his magic mirror and was keenly following the progress his apprentice was making towards his ultimate emasculation. With a wave of his hand, Keth dismissed the image and spent a while in deep contemplation. He would tell his apprentice to continue to read suggested tomes, and that he wouldn’t have any other duties except that. This would leave Aiden to get up when he wanted and go to sleep when he wanted, and would pave the way for the incubus to turn his apprentice into a quivering heap of sexual jelly. Everything was going according to Keth’s design. Excellent.



Monday, September 18, 2023

(F/m) Robbie's End Part 2 - NEW

So, here's the much-anticipated end to Robbie's story. I seem to be averaging two stories a year. I certainly won't win a Pulitzer Prize for Perviness with that kind of output.

The Robbie character is based on someone I worked with and was really attracted to, but of course he was too young and straight. So, this is my way of having an illicit affair with him. He was SO handsome. /sigh

Anywho, the fuzzy socks reference is for Knave, and the rest is a tribute to mamma's boys everywhere.



Robbie’s End: Part 2


It was at this point that Margaret noticed tears were streaming down Robbie’s handsome, delicate face.

“What’s wrong, my love? Is it the pain?”

“No mom. It’s just . . . it’s just I wish I could do this all over again. And again. And again. I wish I could have my balls crushed every day. I’m sad that it’ll all be over and then nothing will ever be fun gain.” Robbie lifted one hand to wipe away his tears.

He sighed. “It’s OK, mom. We’ll find fun things to do,” he sniffled.

“Well, I know I can find fun things. Your cousin Brian might be staying here, and I think we can convince him to offer his balls up. You could blow him while I squeeze his nuts into mush. Just think of him cumming in your mouth while his two acorns go ‘POP!’”.          

Robbie giggled slightly in between sniffles. The thought of doing something so degrading as swallowing his cousin’s jizz would be counterpointed by the thought of his mother castrating another male while he got to participate in it. Robbie briefly envisioned a whole troupe of boys cycling through their house as his mom crushed all their walnuts, one by one.

Heaving with exhaustion, Margaret stopped her rhythmic kicking and let Robbie rest for a while. It was time to do something different.

“Come into the kitchen. Let’s see what we can find to torture you some more.”

Robbie, who was in a mixed state of agony and ecstasy slowly rolled to his knees and then up onto his feet.

His mother motioned to sit on one of the wooden chairs at the table. He sat in it. With some twine she tied his hands behind him, behind the chair’s back. Then she tied his legs open to give her access to his groin.

Watching his mother closely, he saw her go over to one of the kitchen cabinets and retrieve something. Then he realized what it was, it was a meat skewer. A twelve-inch meat skewer. Was she going to pierce his ball-flesh with it?

She kneeled in front of him and stroked his obscenely engorged cock. Then, with care she put the tip of the skewer to his piss-slit and plunged the thing down, down, down the inside of his pecker. Robbie moaned. He was the sexual equivalent of a sword-swallower. His dick was an impressive nine inches long, and fat, with a big pinkish-purple head, but the skewer was longer by three inches. Down, down, down it went into his body. He could feel it push and stretch his urethra. But this was just the first step.

Margaret went over and retrieved some metal kebab skewers. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what she’d do with them. Many times Robbie had been stabbed in the balls with needles, but since he was about to lose them, why not really damage them with thick metal skewers? Once again, Robbie’s mom kneeled in front of her son and started with his left nut. She placed the pointy end on the top of the testicle, and then began to push it, length wise, into his lemon sized nut. It made a crisp “SNAP” sound as it pierced his nut. She took her time, pushing it into his ball, millimeter by millimeter. First one nut, then the other, metal skewer after metal skewer. One lengthwise for each gonad, then the rest side to side. Once his balls were properly skewered in a matrix of metal, she retrieved a cart from the garage. On it was a car battery. The contacts were hooked up to a live split wire. She wheeled it between Robbie’s legs and took the wire into her hands, and gently touched it to the metal skewers in his balls. Liquid pain coursed through his nut sack. Robbie yelled. His scrotum crawled like a living thing, trying to escape the agony. ZAP, ZAP, ZAP. She electrocuted his testicles. Each time making Robbie cry out. Wave after wave of pain traveled from his hush puppies to his lower stomach. His tight abs rippled and hollowed from the torture being visited upon his manhood. At one point she touched the wire to his skewered penis. Pain jolted down his prick and into his prostate. An entirely new sensation for him. The tip of his penis smoked with steam. She was cooking his sperm while it was still inside of him.

This electra-fun continued for a half-hour. His whole ball bag looked like it had been cooked to a turn and the room smelled like roasted penis. Finally, Margaret rolled the battery to the side and began to spin the metal skewer in his dick so that his urethra was stretched and scraped. And then, with one swift movement, she yanked the skewer's handle and like taking Excalibur from the stone, the metal sword was removed from his body. It stung to high heavens, and Robbie moaned again.

Next, she removed the kebab sticks from his balls. Each was coated with his nut meat. She made him lick them clean. He really did try his best to comply, but his mind was glazed from the electrocution pain.

Next, she went to the garage and found two vices. One for each nut. She kneeled, yet again, between his legs and place his testicles in the vices. Then, she began to turn the handle to tighten them. Turn after turn. His formerly pink nuts were now white with pressure. Margaret wasn’t strong enough to make it tight enough so that his ghoolies would be destroyed, but she did love seeing his ball-flesh spread out underneath the acrylic walls of the vices. Where the holes were, his nut-paste was squeezed out against the plastic. And with each turn, Robbie twitched. And groaned. Loudly. But Margaret wasn’t finished with the mechanical torture of her son’s balls.

She got her needle kit from her bathroom, and extracted her thickest needle, and with some needle-nose pliers bent the last quarter inch so that it looked like an allen wrench. For the last time she knelt before her helpless but willing son’s wide knees. She grasped one viced nut and began to stick the needle into the tubes on top of, and behind the ball. She was going to make his tubes mush. STAB, then TWIRL. STAB, TWIRL, TWIRL. Robbie was writhing in utmost pain as his mom turned his epididymis into reproductive mush. First his right ball, then his left ball. His balls were being destroyed, bit by agonizing bit. Robbie’s head was thrashing around and at one point he dry-heaved. Who would have thought that a mother would neuter her own son, and try to make it as agonizing as possible? And of course, Robbie was rooting her on, all the way.

Once his tubes were shredded, Margaret let her son just stew in his own juices for a while. She went to her bedroom and put on some knee high fuzzy white socks, and tightened her white corset. She also touched up her makeup which had become sloppy from perspiration. Also, she got out her husband’s golden cock from the bottom of her delicate’s drawer. It was as disappointingly small as her husband was disappointingly lame (and dead). His son, though, would provide a MUCH bigger dildo for her to play with. She slowly pulled down the zipper of her crotch, and slid her dead husband's cock into her snatch. It was slippery, moist and warm. Slowly, to warm it up, she slid it in and out, then faster and faster. Diddling herself, knowing that soon she’d have a 9 incher to fill her void was highly erotic.

She managed several juicy orgasms doing this, and then remembered she was expected downstairs to complete Robbie’s emasculation. She got up and went downstairs. Robbie was still tied to his chair, and his distended, bloated balls were hanging over the chair with the vices dangling from his sack. She took off the acrylic vices and untied him. He smiled weakly and said, “Thanks mom,” in a slurred voice.

“Come into the living room. I have an idea of what to do next.” While he waddled into the living room, his damaged balls banging against his thighs, Margaret opened a drawer and pulled out a meat mallet.

“OK, dear, kneel before the coffee table and take this.”

Robbie took the mallet and looked down at his damaged junk, and then up at her.

“What now?”

“Ok, luv, take the mallet and smash your balls as I direct you too. Do you think you can do that?”

“I’ll try, mom. Is this going to soften up my balls so you can pop them?”

“I hope so. Now, I’m going to pleasure myself, and you just whack away. I’ll tell you which one or both.”


Margaret situated herself on the sofa, facing her son and dipped the human dildo into her gash as she directed his ball-busting.

“Start just smashing your right ball. Just your right ball.”

“OK.” He raised the mallet and brought it down on his bruised right testicle. WHACK. And then again. WHACK. WHACK. Pulsing pain snaked its way from his right nut into his abdomen. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Robbie watched his mother diddle herself with his father’s pecker (which he’d seen before), and the illicit pervert in him wished that he could do that himself. Well, after today his own dick would be there, just not with him attached to it. He was mesmerized by what he saw. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, “Now just your left.”

“NNgggnnnggg,” gurgled the handsome boy.

With force of will, he shifted to whacking his fatter left nut. The ball was going flatter and flatter with each mallet-drop, but it just barely managed to spring back into shape in between.

This was the first time he’d ever been asked to bust his own balls, and it was difficult. Someone else doing it, easy, but harming your own set? It went against his instincts of self-preservation. But . . . anything for his beloved mother . . .

“Now BOTH!” Margaret’s hand was going faster and faster and she would open her eyes for a while to watch her son abuse his agates for a while, then close them to be lost in the pleasure of knowing a male was debasing and harming his most treasured possessions at her command. At her whim. Under her total control.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Over and over, he smashed his spuds.

“Now the right!” and later, “Back to the left!” “Both again!” Her hand was a blur.

Suddenly his moaning mother let out the progenitor of all sounds, a sort of high “AAAHHHHH” while her whole body shuddered and writhed. Margaret was lost in ecstasy, whilst Robbie dropped the mallet and vomited on the carpet (although it was just a small amount of liquid. He knew not to eat on a day like this.) Then he collapsed in a heap, and just twitched for a while. It should be noted, however, that he was still as hard as a rock, and he knew they were approaching their ultimate destruction.

When Margaret was back to breathing normally, and Robbie had started to breathe again, it was time to end it. Robbie was SO ready to be nothing but a eunuch slave.

Margaret laid down on the couch, her head on the armrest, and she motioned for him to come over and drop his right nut into her mouth. She was licking her lips and looking forward to tasting his manhood.

Robbie’s body was covered with sweat, and it glistened on his smooth tan skin. His muscles rippled but his battered balls hung loose, apparently ready to make both of them happy. Robbie straddled his mother’s head, and slowly dropped the doomed testicle into her open mouth. Margaret slurped in his nut and went right to work chewing it into goo. It wasn’t easy. His ball was huge, and she could barely get it under her teeth. The damn thing kept popping out. Suddenly, she realized she was tasting her son’s cum. His rigid pole was partially ejaculating and partially dribbling. Robbie could no longer control his arousal response and he was now a faucet of cum, eager to release it after all the delicious pain he’d experienced so far. He almost passed out from the mixture of both pleasure and pain.

His breath was shallow, and his mind was warped by the dichotomy of bliss and denial. Denial that it was actually happening. Slowly, the testicle warped and then popped and exploded in her mouth. It gushed out and filled her gullet with first a partial organ, then after chewing just bits and pieces of testicle, and then finally just jelly. But, of course, he could still feel the pain of it. The sperm dribbling continued, and it spurted out with each chew of his nut-mush. CHEW, CHEW, CHEW, SPURT, SPURT, SPURT. All Robbie could do was whine and cry like a whipped puppy.

Margaret spit out his scrotum and Robbie slid sideways and landed on the floor in a heap. The continuous orgasm he was having was dribbling sperm on his hands and thighs.

“That was amazing, Robbie! You did so well. I had an orgasm just feeling your ball explode in my mouth. Fantastic! Let’s see if I can get another one kicking your other one to mush.”

Eager to get on with her next orgasm, she hauled Robbie to his feet and took him into the garage where they had a rope and pully system to string Robbie up so he could be abused and not try to protect himself. He was cuffed and forced to dangle above the ground with his legs painfully pulled apart. His scrotum was red and puffy, and HUGE. Once secured, Margaret immediately began to kick his naked, still-whole ball. WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM. Through her fuzzy socks, Margaret could feel his softened nut and the destroyed one at the same time.




A torrent of white sperm dribbled from his purple member, and dripped down his sack and onto his mother’s sock and the garage floor. And Robbie was crying. Blubbering even.

“Ruin me, mom! Make me a eunuch. I don’t want to be a man anymore; I want to be your slave!”




The bludgeoning kicks continued, even though Margaret was getting tired. She wasn’t as young as she used to be, and her toes were starting to bruise. “Well,” she thought, “I bet he’s in a lot more pain than I am.”

“I love you mom. More than the life you gave me. More than my balls. Make me chaste!”




“Take them from me! TAKE them from me!, TAKE THEM FROM ME! AAAHHHHHH”


The testicle explosion was loud. Like REALLY loud. Like you could hear it in the driveway loud. The gushing penis exploded too, making a huge SPLAT of cum on the concrete floor. Robbie passed out, his young body twitching in space, and his mother was on her knees experience the most amazing orgasm she’d ever had. It went on and on and on and on. Wave after wave.

After many minutes passed, Robbie’s mom got up and groped his mushy sack. His dick was still hard, which was perfect so she could cut it off and take it to a place where it could be gold plated. Gently caressing her beautiful boy’s face, she considered how he and she were about to begin the next phase of their relationship and into uncharted territory: a castrati and his mother. Margaret mused to herself, wondering if she could teach him cunnilingus. It couldn’t hurt. She left her son strung up and went to make herself a gin and tonic and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

(M/groupM; snuff, cannibalism) The Fugitive: MIB - NEW

 So, this is my most violent and excessive story to date. I think that fetishes are like drug addictions where you have to keep making the content more and more extreme to get the same "high". However, I hope that those who read it get something useful out of it. 



The Fugative: MIB


Zeke Abrahms twiddled his thumbs. Then his fingers, and finally his feet. He was sitting in a black room with black furniture and black wallpaper, windowless and airtight. He was in a nondescript government building just outside Washington DC. And all he could do was . . . wait.

After an eon, an older man in a black suit opened a door and motioned that Zeke should go in. Inside Zeke found a desk with seven men arranged behind it, and one sitting man who had the look of a person known for having absolute authority.

“Have a seat, Mr. Abrahms,” gestured the older man, he did not smile. Zeke obediently sat.

“Now, you are here, as I’m sure you know, because you have the most classified and top-secret information of your government’s nuclear program. Your government knows you have it, and have defected here to give it to us, but your life is now in OUR hands until next week when the information will be in the hands of the UN Solicitor General. After that point your protection will no longer be necessary.”

“We’re very good at hiding people, Mr. Abrahms, but more than that, we’re very good at keeping people happy while they are in hiding. Standing arrayed in front of you and behind me is part of your security detail. All are gay or bisexual males that are near your height and weight. They are all well endowed and perpetually horny. They also are marines, and have all killed in this nation’s defense. They will be with you 24/7 and any and all of your needs will be catered to by them. They will bathe you, have sex with you, get you whatever food or drink you like, and even sing you a lullaby at night should you so desire it.”

Zeke’s head nearly popped out of his eyes. “Do they know . . . “and he trailed off.

“What, about your sexual preferences? Of course. Do you not think there’s anything about you we don’t know? We know you have emasculated 4 men willingly, and two teenagers unwillingly. We know you like to crush men’s’ balls, kick, hit, even bite them off with your teeth. We know you have a small collection of gold plated penises taken from your victims. Yes, we’re well aware of your ‘needs’, and these men are quite willing to let you do anything you like to them. Further, should you ‘use up’ these seven, there are 28 more to take their places. Your second and third units of protection follow at a discrete distance to be ready at any moment to take their places.

Zeke sized up the men arrayed in front of him. They were all Caucasian and all of them were fucking HOT.

“Now,” said the chief agent in a monotone, “The plan is, you will be flown to a secure location in Las Vegas, Nevada, disguised as one of your own detail. There you will remain until being called for by the UN. You will be locked down and separated from the larger society. We hope the personal detail will be able to keep you . . . amused.”

Zeke grinned broadly. A whole week with 35 hot guys whom he could do anything he wanted to. House arrest was a pale incarceration to this deal. He nodded to the man sitting in front of him.

The agent on the far left motioned to Zeke. “Follow us, sir.”

Zeke got up and followed. He already had the first hint of a woody.

Within minutes he was in a black SUV, followed by three other identical SUVs, with a motorcade of police shooting across DC’s wealthy suburbs. Like black bird bullets they homed in on the Ronald Reagan National Airport. As they were traveling Zeke looked to his right and left. One hot blond and one hot brunette. He rubbed his own crotch for a few minutes, and then reached over and just groped the blond’s crotch. The hunky agent simply turned his head and smiled. Behind his black sunglasses, the blond was clearly interested.

Very quickly the blond’s erection began to lump and tent his fly. Zeke’s questing hand unzipped the fly and let loose the pulsing penis. It popped out and very quickly Zeke bent his torso to his right and engulfed the member with his mouth. It was blood-warm and hard as a plank. It slipped it in and out of his mouth, his throat. It was beautiful. He sucked, he gagged, and he worshiped the organ. The blond agent began to moan and rolled his head backwards. This guy had a short fuse though, because it was only about five minutes of sucking before he shot his load, right down Zeke’s throat. Within seconds of that they arrived at the private plane that had been reserved and they all left the SUV. The blond had stuffed his dick back in his pants and only a slight sheen of sex sweat on his forehead showed he’d just cum in a guy’s mouth.

Zeke followed the thirty-five agents onto the plane. It was a crème-colored passenger jet. It was sumptuously appointed. Then a tall red-headed agent gave Zeke a quick tour. He was shown the cockpit with two sexy male pilots, dozens of comfy seats, the galley and a back room that was just big enough for one queen bed. The agent indicated that the bed was for Zeke and only Zeke. The agents, in their identical black suits and identical hair cuts and identical black sunglasses would sleep in their seats. As they were leaving the rear of the jet, Zeke noticed the flight attendant. She was a twenty-something Arabic woman wearing a hijab and she smiled demurely at him as he passed. He smiled back.

Zeke went to his seat as the jet taxied on the runway. Soon they were off and gliding through the air at supersonic speeds. It occurred to him that he would probably soon be joining the mile-high club, something of note even in his otherwise backward country.

He looked around himself, at the sea of males to take and do with as he pleased. It was hard to decide where to begin. He decided he would break the ice by proposing a game. Nutball to be precise. Zeke leaned over to the agent sitting next to him and whispered into his ear.

“Listen up, gentleman. The package here wants us to play a game of nutball. The winner gets to suck him off, the looser gets his nuts crushed.” To a man, all of the agents smiled. “Who’s up for it?”

Two hands immediately shot up. A burly brown haired guy and smooth Latino volunteered and they stripped off their pants and shoes, revealing identical white boxer-briefs which outlined their cock and balls. They sat in the isle, about six feet from each other, and another agent tossed them an orange from the galley. Now as former marines, they all knew how to play nutball. Toss orange into the other guy’s package and whoever scores a direct hit (if it results in admission of pain) gets a point. Play continues until one concedes.

The orange started to be tossed. Muscularity and masculinity were no guarantees of good aim, and it took a few tosses before either scored a point. The first few orange tosses were well clear of the target. Finally, the Latino got it directly in the nuts and he huffed a bit, clutched himself, and laughed it off. All the agents cheered and clapped. A few tosses later the burly guy got it hard in the nuts. He grabbed his crotch and groaned a bit, but quickly recovered. Back and forth they went until the Latino scored such a direct hit that the burly brunette could only hold himself and thrash around on the floor of the plane. The Latino smiled, his bronze skin sweaty with nut-pain. He got up and stripped off the rest of his cloths. The other agents forcibly stripped the looser and made him stand, they blind folded him and cuffed his hands behind him. While the Latino settled himself between Zeke’s legs and gently extracted his penis from his pants to suck on it, the burly agent was positioned so Zeke could watch his castration and get head at the same time.

A short agent who looked like he’d been a gymnast in a prior life began to smash his foot into the burly agent’s dangling nuts and a countdown started on the lifespan of his ghoolies. A gentle, warm and wet mouth sucked on Zeke’s turgid member while a firm hand cupped and pulled on his sack, ever-so-slightly. The burly agent was getting his nuts busted by the shorter agent and all the other guys on the plane were cheering it on, each eager to see another guy get nutted. Some were rubbing their own crotches, some other guy’s crotches. Meanwhile Zeke was in heaven. Busting over there, sucking here. The Latino must be a gay, thought Zeke. He knew how to give head. Gentle but persistent, great suction, amazing friction. Zeke moaned. The guy getting nutted moaned and drooled. The Latino moaned in his throat as he took down Zeke’s woody waiting eagerly for it to burst with jizz in his gullet.

Through half-lidded eyes, Zeke watched the ballbusting and hoped it would last. Just as the burly’s balls were reaching critical mass, Zeke could feel the precursor to orgasm in his body. That tingling body tightness like a volcano is about to erupt.

“OH FUCK, MY BALLS, MY BALLS, FUCK FUCK FUCK!” yelled the burly guy, and there was sound of two loud “POPS”, and his testicles were no more. All the guys cheered and laughed. One Texan agent cried out a “YAAAHHH WHOOO” like he’d just wrangled a cow.

Zeke meanwhile orgasmed, his juicy jizz flowing into the Latino’s eager mouth. The guy sucking him off clearly liked to be subservient as he kept looking up for approval from Zeke. This was a massive turn on, and Zeke, like most males, hated the fact that there was subsiding of lust in sex before it could be repeated. As the plane floated on rising cold air, Zeke floated on the updrafts of post-coital bliss. His body was loose, pliable, sexy, and relaxed. The Latino slowed his sucking and let the diminished boner slide out of his mouth and instead went to suck gently on Zeke’s tight sack. Zeke’s two eggs were gently swished around in the Latino’s mouth, and the slight pain of it make Zeke feel alive and virile.

The burly agent had passed out cold, and was taken to a chamber near the cockpit. He’d been seen to by a doctor after landing.          The revelry was short lived as the stewardess began to serve drinks and food. She seemed unphased by the nut busting action and blatant sex. Perhaps she saw stuff like this all the time. Or perhaps she was too well-bred to show it.

Eating and drinking occupied everyone’s attention for about an hour. Zeke had zipped up his fly, the Latino had redressed and there was some quiet chatter amongst the agents. When the plates had been cleared, Zeke realized all the sex had made him sleepy, and he made his way into the rear of the plane to lay down for a while. The bed was very soft, with fluffy pillows and smooth cotton sheets. As he lay there his mind drifted. He turned onto his right side, and he heard a faint click and some soft footsteps, no doubt an agent had come to check on him. At that moment, Zeke had a sneezing fit and he doubled in half. He heard a THUMP and looked to his left. Where his head had been seconds before was a twelve-inch knife. He looked up. The stewardess was pulling a second knife from her sash. Without even thinking Zeke rolled to his left, and with his right food kicked the second knife out of her hand. Having been in his country’s secret service, Zeke was skilled at defending himself. And killing. Her empty hand went diving for his throat and she screamed a curse at him as she tried to strangle him. At that moment there was commotion, and two agent’s appeared at the doorway, and saw what was happening. Within a heart beat their hand-guns were out and they expertly shot the crazed assassin through the head, her hijab swirling around. Her body convulsed a bit and then collapsed on top of Zeke. He pushed the corpse off himself and stood up. The adrenaline was coursing through his body and he found his chest was heaving.

“You OK sir?” asked the tall red head as he reholstered his weapon.

“Fine, fine.” He was still breathing hard.

“I’ll clear away the body, and you can get back to your rest.”

“No,” said Zeke. “I’d like some company, I think.”

“Of course. Who would you like?”

“You two will do,” said Zeke with a smile. To be truthful, his near brush with death made him want to surround himself with man-flesh. Strong, safe and comforting.

Apparently, the jet had a body hatch, and the eastern woman’s body was dragged and rolled to the compartment and sealed up. It too would be looked at after they landed. Knowing he was now completely safe, Zeke stripped, as did the two agents he’d indicated. The tall redhead and the short Asian were both very handsome for their races, and soon the three were having sex amidst the cotton sheets. Fucking and sucking. All three were ripped, horny, and in love with the male form. Zeke had an opportunity to squeeze and suck on their testicles. The Asian had small hard marbles, and the super-white redhead had large meaty ovals. After an hour of sex, and several orgasms each, they collapsed in the bed, and spooned for warmth and comfort. Soon, they were all asleep, and stayed that way until shortly before landing.

The disembarking was swift and orderly. Everyone was dressed and inscrutable again, black suits and black glasses. Zeke was same, but he kept the hijab of the assassin which reminded him of how closely death was linked with life. He tied it around his wrist, so that the bloodstain on it was visible if he twisted his wrist.

Three black SUVs awaited them. He entered the middle one and they were quickly on their way. The vehicles smoothly zoomed into the heart of the City of Sin and Zeke felt safe, squashed between a black agent and a black-haired agent. Through the tinted window’s, Zeke gawked and goggled at the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas. It was amazing. His country had nothing like it. They drove towards a huge pyramid of glass and around behind it. A portal opened, and the three SUVs descended to a secret underground compound which lay in the heart of the city. Down, down, down they drove until they reached a complex of rooms which was guarded by several soldier units, dressed in fatigues. One of these guards caught Zeke’s attention, a breath-taking blond guy with boyish features and a chiseled body. The SUVs disembarked, and after ID’s were inspected and protocols followed, they were led to a suite of apartments, which had living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and luxurious bathing pools.

After all that sex and death, Zeke was in the mood to get clean. As the agents distributed themselves evenly among the abode, Zeke stripped and entered one of the pools. It was warm and bubbly. One of the agents came over.

“Do you need anything sir?” the agent inquired.

“I need some nuts to crack.”

“Shall I find you someone?”


“Wait here.” The agent moved off.

After a minute Zeke heard him asking for a volunteer to have his nuts ruptured by the package. Three agents volunteered. Within five minutes three naked adult men entered the pool to join Zeke. It was a smorgasbord of testicles. But first, they reverently washed and scrubbed Zeke’s tight and muscular middle-eastern body. He was handsome by any measure and worthy of worship. When he was clean Zeke had them sit on the edge of the pool so that their nuts lay on the hard marble. They spread their legs wide and allowed him to start punching their nuts and smashing them into the stone. All three were black haired white guys with sexy bodies. They all cried out and moaned as he brutalized their balls. He squeezed, he punched, he smashed, and he pummeled their man-eggs. He moved between the three, letting them rest between pain, but he wanted to neuter these men. Crush their nuts into goo. So, he stopped to focus on the one furthest to the left. With his left hand he stroked the guy’s cock, while with the right he squeezed the guy’s droopier left testicle. Determined to pop it, he squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. The nut went flatter and flatter until it popped and gushed between his fingers. The agent’s body shuddered as he came and Zeke’s left hand was slick with sperm while his right one continued to squeeze the man’s ruined, mushy remains. The strong agent passed out and slumped back. The other two agents had watched, not the least bit afraid to lose their own onions and were jacking themselves off all the while.

He moved to the middle agent. He briefly kissed the man and then said matter-of-factly “I’m going to suck in both your balls and crush them between my teeth. I’m also going to burdizzo them and cut your cords. You may die from the pain.”

“Hot!” said the muscular, smooth skinned man.

“Feed them to me yourself.” For Zeke this was that hottest part, having guys willing offer up their nuts to him. He was the man, they were disposable toys.

“No problem,” said the agent. Zeke’s mouth was open and waiting, his pearly whites looking deadly to the man’s agates. Ready to pulverize them.

The agent stuffed his nuts into Zeke’s mouth and then continued to stroke his pole and moan. Loudly.

At first Zeke just sucked on the huge balls in his mouth to cause discomfort. Then when that got boring, he positioned one testicle between each set of molars and began to chow down on the agent’s jiffies. He chomped on them and ground his molars together. The two glands began to swell in his mouth and filled his cheeks. GRIND GRIND GRIND. The agent moaned louder and louder. “Ohhhh. Fuckkkk. My nutssss. OH MY GOD. Shit, My FUCKING NUTS.” GRIND GRIND GRIND. And then a huge SPLAT as both testicles exploded in their sack and in his mouth. His cheeks puffed out as his mouth filled with a mushy spermy scrotum. The man also jacked himself to completion and cum spilled all over Zeke’s newly clean face. Some of which dribbled down into his mouth. As he chewed the remains of this guys gonads he could taste the cum and savored it. The man’s moans turned to crying and he then fell backwards and was out cold. As promised Zeke bit through the man’s cords, though he knew the agent couldn’t feel it being unconscious.

The last guy had been watching with interest and now that it was his turn, was curious how he’d be neutered. The soggy sack in Zeke’s mouth slid out, and he moved to his right. The pool had a seat-ledge around its inside perimeter like a spa so people could sit in the water.

As he moved to be in front of the last agent, Zeke motioned the agent to him. The man slid down into the water, his huge woody waggling in front of him.

“So, I want you to sit on the seat and suck me off. While you do, I’ll crush your nuts with my knees. You will most likely drown when they pop. Are you willing to die for me?”

The guy gave a huge smile. “FUCK Yeah! I’d love to die sucking your huge cock. Crush my nuts man. Tell the guys how awesome you are to take my nuts and my life. Make me mush and fucking kill me. My balls are yours man.”

“OK. Have a seat and open wide.”  

The agent sat, his junk disappearing underwater, and Zeke stuffed his cock into the guy’s gaping mouth-hole. The agent put his hands on Zeke’s butt to stabilize himself, essentially forcing Zeke’s cock into his mouth. Zeke started to fuck his face and placed one knee on each of the guy’s testicles. They popped around against the stone rim-seat and the man’s face was just above water and totally let Zeke ram his pole like he was fucking an ass; hard and fast. The agent’s eggs bent and warped from the pressure. They were sure to crack. Zeke’s hard knees flattened the baby makers and the man’s expert frottage was getting Zeke close to cumming. Zeke wanted to bust his own nuts down the man’s gullet while he died in abject pain. Faster and faster the man sucked and his swollen nuts were getting crushed. Like cracking two walnuts the man’s balls crushed into gel in one moment. A sexy underwater “CRUNCH” Zeke’s cum burst out like a cannon, and the writhing man had no choice but two swallow it. And swallow it and swallow it. Zeke was a prolific cummer. The man began to suffocate as his mouth and nose filled with cum. Zeke cruelly continued to crush the guy’s babymakers until the agent slipped down underwater and shuddered. The man’s own penis had released semen, and it come to float on the surface of the water. Zeke hopped off the man’s ghoolies and reached down to crush the mush with his hands. The man continued to shudder until he went still. He was dead, and he’d sacrificed his manhood to Zeke. Willing and with reverence. As it should be. Men’s genitals were cheap and so were their lives.

Zeke called over an agent.

“Take the two living ones and cut off their cock’s and the remains of their balls and cook them. I’m hungry. This one,” pointing to the dead agent, “had an accident. He didn’t seem to make it. I expect the rest of you to do better.”

“SIR, YES SIR!” said the agent. Bodies were hauled away and an agent came to dry Zeke off and dress him.

“Do you need anything else?” asked the solicitous agent.

“Yes. Have a naked agent serve me my dinner and I want him to blow me while I eat.”

“Yes sir!”

Zeke went into the bedroom and sat down, waiting for service.

After a while, a tall blond naked agent came in with a plate and fork, the air sizzling with the smell of grilled ball bags and penises. The tall man knelt and sucked in Zeke’s pole. He began to smoke that pole. Slowly. The agent knew Zeke had already cum many times in the last 24 hours and might need a more slow-paced sucking.

Zeke chowed down on the man meat which was covered in olive oil and salt and pepper. The sucking guy seemed totally unconcerned that the guy he was blowing was eating the cock and balls his brother agents. Was he next? Probably.

Zeke finished off the reproductive treat but wasn’t full. He pulled off the man’s head off his pole.

“I want desert. Are you willing to chop off your own cock and feed it to me?”

“Absolutely. Shall I finish you sucking you off as you eat?”

“Exactly. Go heat up a cleaver on the stove. Bring the chopping board in here. I want to look you in the eyes as you cut off your cock for me.”

“I’ll be right back, sir!”

Zeke set the plate down and burped. His burped tasted like cooked sperm. It was delicious. He set to stroking himself slowly, he wanted to cum in the tall blond guy’s mouth as he ate his cock.

After ten minutes the agent returned with a glowing red cleaver and a cutting block. He set the block right down in front of Zeke. His naked cock was purple from excitement and seemed ready to burst without even being touched.

“I’m ready to go, sir! Tell me what you want.”

“Chop off your cock and then take it and feed it to me, headfirst. Then suck me off until I come. Then I’m going to bite off your nuts and eat them raw as a digestif. You will probably bleed to death. Are you willing to die for my pleasure?”

“Yes sir! Absolutely!”

“Good. First put your cock on the board.”

The guy had a huge, circumcised dick. It had a beautiful bulbous head and Zeke stroked the top of it. The agent picked up the cleaver and looked Zeke in the eyes. He raised it up and WHACK it came down, severing the wang from the man and cauterizing the base. More sizzling meat smell. The man’s eyes never left Zeke’s but he could see the pain in them, the submission, the inevitability of all the agents as they followed Zeke’s commands like obedient sheep. Obedient, supple, sexy, muscular sheep.

Zeke leaned back and opened his mouth. The man, still looking into Zeke’s eyes took up his severed member and walked over. He fed it, head first, into Zeke’s mouth, and Zeke began to chew and eat the head. The man pushed the shaft in. Inch by inch Zeke at the organ. When it was gone and digested, the sweating agent fell to his knees and began to blow Zeke. Zeke fucked his face like the earlier guy, and it was about ten minutes before he came. Again, his copious cum filled the man’s mouth and nose and he choked and gagged. Finally, Zeke was done. But he wasn’t done. He wanted the man’s raw oysters in his mouth. Raw as in naked.

“Now, get up. Take the knife. Slit open your sack and let your raw nuts hang out. I’m going to lay on the edge of the bed and you will drop them into my mouth so I can eat them. This will hurt. A lot. Don’t faint on me. While I eat them, I want to you to encourage me. Tell me how much you want me to make them part of me. To swallow your baby making ability. To ingest and digest your most treasured possessions.”

“YES SIR, you can count on me.” The man sounded exhausted. From pain and exertion. And his lips were sticky with Zeke’s cum.

Zeke lay down on the bed and scootched to the edge. He watched as the agent cut open his scrotum, and he squeezed his sack until his two naked testicles popped out. They were white and huge and sexy and vulnerable. The agent staggered as he walked, his dangling balls swinging around and he walked over to the bed. Carefully he lifted his helpless balls over Zeke’s mouth and dropped them in, knowing how much it was going to hurt to be eaten while they still hung from him.

Zeke began to chew. The man began to moan and twitch.

“Eat my balls, sir. Chew them. Nnnnnngg. Fuck. Eat them sir. Crush them! Make me part of you! I don’t want my balls anymore! Take them! I’ll live on as part of you! AaaaHHHH. OH GOD. My balls. Chew them harder, Harder, HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!

His encouragement devolved into a high pitched squeal as Zeke chewed his testicles into fragments and swallowed them. They were delicious. Full of that wonderful tan sperm-paste. Zeke’s dick, which was hard again, even after all the sex today, and he stroked himself. His final spurt of cum of the day boiled out of his balls when the agent collapsed and indeed seemed to have died of shock. Zeke gazed at his body sympathetically. Well, life was fleeting.

Another agent came along.

“Take him away. He didn’t last any time at all. Send someone my height and weight to cuddle with me as I sleep. Don’t fix me breakfast until I’m up. I’m a late sleeper.”

“Of course, sir.”

After a short while the small Asian agent came in. He undressed and slipped into bed with Zeke. They snuggled and Zeke fingered and squeezed his hard little nuts. They’d go next, he thought. Zeke liked the challenge of popping tough balls.

Zeke fell asleep.

Zeke woke up randy and thirsty. He was spooning the small Asian agent. He snaked his hand between the man’s legs and began to squeeze his testicles to wake him up with pain. The man moaned. His balls were so fucking hard and small. There was no way to pop them with the hands. They’ll have to be softened up. By now the agent was wide awake, but he let Zeke manhandle his manhood.

“I’m thirsty, cum in my mouth.”

The Asian got on his knees. Already hard from “morning wood” and jerked off until he could cum into Zeke’s mouth. It was strangely salty, probably from the Asian eating a lot of soy sauce.

Thirst satiated, Zeke firmly told the Asian to “get on his back and prepare to be fucked.” Dutifully the agent spread his hole for Zeke, and with some saliva as lube Zeke began to pound the man. Zeke always loved anal in the morning. Well, noon anyway. As he slid his pole into and out of the man’s hole, he noticed two agents situated just outside the door, waiting for him to finish. Perfect!

As he rammed the Asian’s intestines, Zeke thought to himself that the guy was a great bottom. Wouldn’t it be fun to see him get plowed by all the guys in the detail, and THEN get busted? In mid thrust Zeke shouted to his attendants, “Gather all the guys here and tell them to get hard, we’re gonna rape Asian’s hole till he bleeds!”

“Yes sir” came the chorus from the two agents standing at attention. They walked off leaving Zeke to pound Asian’s tight hole until the tensing, the shuddering, and the heady cumming of one man into another. Mmmm. Delicious.

He pulled out and let himself go flaccid.

“Ready to be fucked 28 times? Imagine how much jizz is going to wind up in your guts. Stay there.” Zeke walked out and motioned to the 28 remaining agents to step closer.

“Form a line. Get your dicks out. Each of you is going to fuck Asian here raw until you each cum in him. Even if it takes all morning. Well, afternoon.” The agents were in their suits with just their hardening cocks sticking out. “And squeeze his little balls while you’re at it. See if we can’t soften them up a bit.”

“Uh, boss, his name is Hayate.”

“SHUT UP!” Zeke walked over the tough brunette and snapped his knee into his balls.

The agent “OOPHED” and bent over a bit.

“Sorry, sir,” he coughed.

“Just for that I’m going to squeeze your nuts when it’s your turn.”

“Yes sir. Thank you, sir.”

For an hour it was like a merry-go-round. Hayate was screwed in every position imaginable. His hole was bright red and raw looking by the end. His micro testicles had tripled in size to be a nearly normal size. He couldn’t stop moaning and drooling. The cum-dump just twitched and lay there, taking it all. Every agent had enjoyed his ride, and then went back to their tasks.

Zeke decided a bath and breakfast were in order. He appropriated an agent to wash him, and the two naked men cleaned each other but also made out and had some oral sex. Naturally Zeke was the one being serviced. As he was being dried off, Zeke mused that this was perhaps what it was like to be a pharaoh. A god-king with a harem of hot men who catered to his every need and whim. Lives and balls at his beck and call. The sense of power it instilled in him was heady.

Breakfast was a healthy affair. Oatmeal, yogurt, fruit and some hot chocolate. Quite civilized, thought Zeke. He’d heard that Americans ate pork and fatty eggs which gave him shudders. Dressed in a track suit, he plopped himself down on a couch in the “living room” part of the suite and turned on the television. He watched various shows until early evening. He was hungry, but cum hungry. He wanted jizz. Bad. He looked around and spotted an agent in the kitchen.

“Get your American ass over here,” he shouted.

“Coming sir,” was the reply.

Soon the sharply dressed agent was standing in front of him. “Get undressed. I want some cum in my belly.” In a few minutes a rapidly growing erection was right in front of his face and Zeke sucked in the rigid organ and began to lube it up and suck the agent off. His cock was fairly thick and short, and it wasn’t difficult to suck. The guy had a nice body, narrow hips, broad shoulders and smooth, smooth skin. For his own enjoyment Zeke started to punch his ballbag while he sucked the agent off. It was a staccato rhythm. SMACK suck SMACK suck SMACK. Gurgling and slurping noises were made and in a while the agent’s scrotum seized up and the guy started saying “oh, Oh, OH!” as he came, blood hot cum spurting and coating Zeke’s throat. The man pumped his load into Zeke’s face. He came and came and came. Finally, it slowed to a dribble and Zeke let the floppy organ drop. He licked his lips. A bit bitter, but it would do.

“Clean yourself up. Send five agents in here, all naked and hard.”

“Yes sir.” The man without any shame exited the room completely naked to round up the required agents. Zeke waited about six minutes before in trooped the men. As requested they were naked and all were sporting erections. They lined up in front of the couch, and looked ready to do whatever Zeke wanted.

“Ok guys. I want one of you for each of my feet to plant in your crotch. I want one of you each for my hands so I can grate your balls together. And I want one of you blowing me. Choose your positions, gentlemen.” Zeke spread his legs to give them full access. Two guys got down on their butts and pressed Zeke’s toes into their balls. Two more came and kneeled on either side of him on the couch so he could man-handle their eggs. And one guy, a tall black-haired guy kneeled between his legs and sucked in Zeke’s growing erection.

As he crushed nuts between his fingers, and pressed them under his feet Zeke mused that no one in the world had as much pleasure at his command than he had at this moment. It was a bit of a challenge to enjoy it all at once, though. Doing multiple things at once was hard, but well worth the effort. With his feet he pressed balls with his heels, hoping to cause pain and damage. With his fingers he pressed deeply into nut-flesh hoping to do the same. And the guy sucking him off was excellent at it.

What really made Zeke horny was the notion that he could do anything with all these guys. Anything. He was in the position of a god, giving and taking life, joy, balls and cocks at whim. As he was enjoying the five men’s genitals a sixth agent walked in, naked.

Zeke didn’t say anything. The guy went to the back of the sofa and gently pulled back Zeke’s head. Then he climbed onto the sofa, over the back and straddled Zeke’s head. Zeke knew what he was going to do and opened his mouth. The agent dropped his ball-sack into Zeke’s mouth so that the fugitive was completely saturated with testicles.

For about ten minutes Zeke sucked, kneaded, grated, squashed and chewed on these men’s most precious body parts. He came twice, each time bucking his sperm down the guy’s throat. All six of them had sex-sheen on their bodies, and even after cumming twice, Zeke was keen to have more fun. He pulled a ball-bag out of his mouth and spoke.

“I want to stand on someone’s balls and crush the paste out of them. Any volunteers?”

“I’m game,” said the guy blowing him.

“Sure,” said the guy under his right foot.

“Count me in,” said the guy whose balls were being squished by Zeke’s left hand.

“Is there a coffee table in this fucking place?” answered Zeke.

“There’s one in the other living room.”

“Great. Troop over there troopers,” Zeke disengaged from his victims and stood up. Following the three agents, his own dick waggling ahead of him. They walked through several connecting rooms till they got to second living room. Several agents were sitting, watching TV.

“Hit the road fellas, I want to castrate these guys in private.”

“Yes sir!” they all said, and cleared out.

“OK. You three, kneel in front of the table, place your marbles on it and tell me how much you want to lose your manhood.” Zeke climbed on top and started to stroke himself.

“Boss, your foot on my nuts is the most awesome thing that will ever happen to me,” commented the average height blond, a grin on his face.

“You better do mine first or I’ll be disappointed,” commented the olive skinned Italian guy muttered.

The black guy bellowed, “Crush my hush puppies Mr. Package. I’ve already got kids, so why not?”

“OK. You’re first nigger.” The problem with his big balls is that he had no scrotum. His nuts were huge, but pulled up to the base of his massive prong. Zeke had to push his naked heel right up to the black guy’s bollocks and step down on them.

“OH GOD, OH GOD, OH FUCK!” The big fat testicles were flattening under Zeke’s merciless sex-guided foot. Zeke was pumping his tool in time with the man’s moans. It was incredibly erotic. This huge black man, who could probably snap Zeke in two with brute strength was willingly letting his most precious possessions be turned into mush by this oversexed middle-easterner. It was only a few minutes of pressure before the two huge gonad’s POPPED and smooshed out to either side of the huge erection which itself erupted bloody cum all over Zeke’s naked feet. The other two agents looked turned on by the whole scene and were awaiting their turn. Zeke’s own member gave a few squirts but never deflated. On to the next guy. This was an Italian guy with a hairy body and big assets.

Zeke first played with the guy’s bollocks with his toes. He loved to roll them around and watch them pop and squish between his smooth toes. This guy’s nads were long and oval instead of round and fat. They slid around on the table for a while until Zeke was ready to nut the guy. With both feet, one for the left nut and one for the right, Zeke lifted himself onto the balls of his feet, onto the guy’s balls.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” scream the hunky Sicilian as his testicles burst with a loud SPLAT. “OH GOD, OH GOD! MY BALLS.” The guy leaned over to puke his guts out while Zeke squeezed out some more cum ribbons. The last guy had a sloppy grin on his face, and asked Zeke to kiss him before doing the deed. “Why not?” answered Zeke. He sat down on the table, legs on either side of the blond kneeling in front of him and made out with the guy for a while – sucking his tongue, licking the guy’s lips and probing the mans pie-hole. After they’d macked for a while, Zeke whispered into the guy’s right ear, “You ready to give up your manhood? Right here, right now?”

“Fuck yeah,” said the blond with heavy, excited breath.

Zeke fondled the guy’s bloated blond balls. “These are going to be mush in just a few minutes. How much do you think it will hurt when they pop?”

“Alot, I hope. I only want to make you happy,” replied the horny agent. “Would it make you happy to see me in agony?”

“Fuck yeah, man. I want to hear your screams a mile away. And after I crush them, I’m gonna liquidize them between my fingers. You’re going to have sperm mush in your balls sack. No discernable balls at all.”

The man groaned and his turgid cock throbbed all the harder at the thought of the demise of his ghoolies.

“Tell me how much you want me to crush your nuts.” More kissing and tongue sucking.

“Pop my balls. Make them yours. URGH.” Said the man, so excited about losing his manhood that he was spurting little jets of jizz.

“I’m gonna eat your cock and balls after I geld you. How do you feel about that?”

Heavy breathing. “Make me a part of you. It’s so fucking sexy to think you’ll be eating my manhood.”

“Good. I’m going to stand up and castrate you now. Hold still.” Zeke stood up and placed his feet on the man’s testicles. With one hand he stroked his own cock and with the other he squeezed his own nuts. He raised himself on his heels, then lowered himself, then raised then lowered. Each time he went lower and lower. His 160lbs weight made the man’s nuts start to go flat while the man himself, whose eye’s were closed and who was pumping his own woody, started to whine like a dog being kicked in the nuts. It began to turn into a full-on wail as his testicles was squeezed flat between Zeke’s feet and the wooden coffee table. Louder and louder the handsome blond wailed until his voice sounded like a little girl being murdered and there was a huge POP sound and both his nuts were busted in their sack. Zeke’s heels met the hard wood surface and the spongy ball meat had turned to goo. SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH Jism made his feet sticky and his own cum was all over the table and the floor. He repeatedly mashed the man’s mushy testicular remains and after pumping himself to completion he reached down and ground the ball-pulp with his hands and fingers, just as he promised to do. The groggy man just kept twitching with every squeeze but made no move to stop Zeke from his sexy, but cruel, work.

Finally, that round of busting and bursting was over. Zeke called an agent to come hall these three guys away and turn their cock and balls into dinner. Which turned out to be chicken soup with dumplings, squashed testicles and chopped penises. In his first bowl of it were two dick-heads which he popped into his mouth and chewed with satisfaction. The nut-pulp gave the soup a bacon-like flavor which was not at all unpleasant.

Then it was off to a bath with two naked agents to clean him, and then to bed with Asian whom Zeke had a final fuck before closing his eyes and falling into a lovely sleep.

The next morning Zeke decided it was time to end his cozy relationship with Asian. This time it was the remaining 24 agents who plowed the diminutive man and squeeze his acorns.

The chosen method of execution was kicking the fucking shit out of the agent’s nuts. Just slam after juicy slam of toe-pummeling action. And all the guys had a go of them, so it was a group effort. There was a moment when you could tell that at least one testicle had ruptured because Asian let out a wail of anguish, despite his otherwise stoic demeanor. And then after lots more kicks he just twitched continuously and collapsed, a moaning heap on the floor. They had broken him, which made Zeke very happy indeed. But this meant he needed a new “bride”. Calling over an agent, he asked if there was anyone in this sorry lot who could pull some strings? The guy Zeke really wanted was the hot soldier he’d seen when they arrived, but of course the Secret Service was not the same as the US Army.

“I’ll see what I can do, sir,” was the reply and it was over an hour later that an agent informed Zeke that “something would be done about it.” After a further two hours of Zeke watching TV in the living room in walked the Army hottie flanked by two agents.

“I’ll take it from here, boys,” said Zeke eagerly, smiling slightly. Seducing straight guys was a specialty of his.

“So nice to meet you. What’s your name?” said Zeke, extending his hand.

“Uh. Chet.” The beautiful man-boy was apparently a bit shy.

“Do you like beer?”


“OK.” Zeke cracked open two cans of Coors Light and slipped a transparent tube of clear liquid out of his pocket and poured its content into the soldier’s can. Nothing like drugs to make a man hard, horny and compliant. He had a week’s supply of the stuff so as long as he could keep spiking his drinks, the man would be his willing slave for the rest of his stay.

“Can you chug an entire can in one go?” asked Zeke

“Dunno, never tried,” the soldier shy admitted.

“Here, we’ll both drink. Ready, set GO!”

Glug, glug, glug. The chemicals in the soldier’s drink would activate pretty quickly, but there was no sense in wasting valuable time. Zeke was horny himself, and wanted full access to this Adonis. The guy had reddish-blond hair, gorgeous emerald green eyes, a diamond shaped face and the body of a god.

“Here, have a seat,” Zeke gestured to the couch between them.

“Thanks,” was the reply.

“Tell me about yourself.”

“Oh, well, uhm, been in the army for about two years. Figured I’d be assigned to the middle-east, but instead got sent to this place. I’ve seen a lot of important people come and go. Senators, eye witnesses to crimes, even the president once. It’s not exciting, but it pays good.”

“Cool. How do you get along with the other guys?”

“Oh fine. We hang out, talk about girls, watch porn, that sort of thing.”

“Do you and the other guys shower together?”

“Of course. Most of us walk around naked all the time. It’s cool.”

“Do you jack off a lot?”

“Well, I usually rub one out in bed each night, but sometimes we’ll all gather around the once computer we have and jerk it together. I’m usually the first to cum. But it lets me get a few nuts out in one session, so it’s all right.”

“How are you feeling right now?”

“Kinda warm and flush. And my dick is hard. And my nuts itch.”

“I can help. Here, let’s get you undressed.” Zeke was only wearing socks and sweat-pants, but the soldier was in full kit. Zeke bent down to unlace the soldier’s boots, then take them off. Then he unbuttoned the camouflage shirt and helped the guy out of it. The man’s smooth, tan chest was revealed.

“You must work out a lot. You have a killer physique.”

“Yeah, not much to do on our days off except pump iron.”

“Have you ever gone down on a guy? Or had a guy go down on you?”

Chet looked a little dazed and his eyes were dilated. There was a fat lump in his pants and his words were a little slurred.

“When I was a teenager this other kid gave me some head once. I think he later came out as gay.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Sure, sex is always great. I don’t really care how I get it, just that I get it.”

“How about I do something about that woody you have. I’d love to see it. May I?”

“Sure,” said the guy compliantly. He unbuckled his pants, undid the button and slid them down. Naturally he was going commando, and his fat boner popped free. It was about eight inches long, fat as the beer can he just downed, and he had a tight scrotum with two fat nuts inside. Zeke liked long, loose scrotums, but, meh, you can’t get everything you want. Zeke sucked in Chet’s dick and began to blow the soldier. Zeke wanted to see how quickly (and how often) the soldier could cum. So, he sucked hard and fast. Zeke’s jaw was a little tight with such a fat dick going in and out of it over and over, but it was manageable. Zeke used one hand to lightly massage the soldier’s big, tight gonads and used the other as an extension of his mouth. Soon Chet’s body tensed up and he bucked his hips a bit and then a full-on explosion of sperm flooded Zeke’s mouth, throat, and stomach. Zeke felt that American cum tasted different than the sperm of the men in his own country. Maybe it was spices in the food. American cum was rich and creamy, his native cum was spicey and thin. Almost watery. American men’s semen had more body. Delicious.

Chet’s erection never diminished and Zeke just kept on sucking. Six minutes later another sperm explosion, and then three more, yes three more ejaculations over the course of the next fifteen minutes, and his erection still didn’t stop. This boy definitely had the stamina to keep up with his new “husband” Zeke.

Finally coming up for air Zeke snuggled up to Chet.

“Have you ever been fucked?”

“No, sir.”

“Are you ready to try it for the first time?”

“Sure, man you give great head.” Chet was still aroused but breathing heavily.

Zeke called for an attending agent to show Chet how to clean out his guts so that Zeke could spurt into a clean hole. The whole process took about ten minutes. Chet came back clean inside and out. Zeke was naked and had a lubed up cock. He had Chet on his knees on the couch, facing the back of the couch, and Zeke started to fuck him from behind. Chet’s virgin hole was tight as fuck, and Zeke loved the idea of taking Chet’s cherry. Like everything he did, Zeke always pushed his masculinity ahead of every other man’s. He was the ultimate top, but just happened to be gay. Zeke dumped three massive loads up Chet’s shoot before feeling like he could have dinner. After a bath of course. Food came and went, Chet and Zeke went to bed, and Zeke fucked Chet for an additional half-hour before going to sleep.

Chet and Zeke woke up and Zeke fixed Chet some coffee which was once again spiked. The next two days were fuck fests, ball crushing bashes, and cock eating. Zeke had whittled the head count down to 15 agents plus Chet. He kept Chet drunk, drugged and sexually exhausted. When it finally came to the end of Zeke’s stay, the Tuesday of that week Zeke wanted to castrate Chet so that no other man could ever have him. He gave Chet a double dose of drugs, and then fucked the soldier who was on his back, and Chet used his incredibly strong fingers to squeeze Chet’ balls into mush. Then Zeke took a knife and sliced off Chet’s junk and had it fried in butter. Chet’s body was hauled away and Zeke savored his boy’s balls in memory of the boy’s hot sex and randyness.

On Wednesday, a week after he arrived, the remaining agents gave Zeke a huge sex and ballbusting party. He crushed pair after pair of low swingers until only seven agents remained intact. All the castrated agents had their cocks dipped in gold, which added to Zeke’s collection. Zeke was flown back to Washington DC and then was taken on to New York to the UN Building and that’s how Zeke went from fugitive and turn-coat to a citizen of the United States where he stayed in New York and opened up a sex-toy shop, the heart of which was his golden cock collection. And he always remembered his amazing time as a guest of the Men In Black, the Secret Service Agents.



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