Friday, February 24, 2017

Head's Up

Just to let you know I won't be posting for several months. I'm dealing with a lot of personal problems, so . . . .
But I wish you much happiness and luck!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas is a time for sharing . . . . your deepest darkest CBT secrets.

That's right, for all you worldwide perves out there, share some of you darkest BB fantasies so we can all enjoy them and secretly think to ourselves, "well at least I'm not as fucked up as that mofo."

Maybe you want to eat your dog's bollocks while he watches. Maybe you want to see your kid brother hung by his balls until they're ripped off. Maybe you want to drop your nuts into your girlfriend's mouth so she can chew them into a spermy paste. Maybe you want to put on a pair of rollerskates, staple your testicle to a car and then be pulled around town by your nuts.

I think I shared mine with the mini-story BLAM, so let's hear some of YOURS

Answer in the comment section below .  . .

and don't forget, the NSA is transcribing your every word, so make them enjoy their work and write something AMAZING!


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

(MFgroup/m) (harvesting story) Festival of Male Delights (mini story) - NEW!

Just a little thanksgiving cheer for you all. Bon Appetite!

Festival of Male Delights (mini story)


Jacob shaved off the last bit of hair from his groin. His hand was trembling slightly in light of what he was about to endure but it was a sort of giddy fear, because he among all this male relatives, had been chosen to offer up his cock and balls for the feast tonight. Oh, there'd be other centerpieces, too, a Turkey, standing rib roast, freshly shot fowl, a whole salmon and such like, but as tradition demanded, a human male set of tackle was to be consumed as well. Since time immemorial male genitalia was served at the religious festival for fertility to show the gods just how much fecundity meant to human kind. And although animal genitalia was often used, the highest devotion to god was to sacrifice a human boy's testicles and penis for the whole family to share. These days people just bought some at the store along with their other groceries. Thanks to puppy-mill style all-male orphanages there were plenty of sets of wedding tackle on the market, especially around the holiday season. However, it was much more meaningful if a male family member, preferably a teenager, offered up his own junk for the feast. And today, that person was Jacob.


He looked one last time at his naked 17 year old body. It was white, smooth, hairless (now) and muscular. He was the male physique in its prime. His aunt knocked on the door.


"Are you ready sweety? Everyone's eager to swell those testicles for you."


Jacob raked his fingers through his short cropped brown hair, took a deep breath and steeled himself.


"I'm just coming, Aunty Val." He opened the door. His Aunt gave his body a quick glance and stopped at his equipment. "This will be a lovely feast. You're testicles are already bigger than the set we bought last year, and we haven't even kicked yours yet." She grabbed him by the arm and walked him down stairs, through the living room and out into the back porch where a wooden rack had be set up. A cross of planks with a metal circle all the way around, allowing the victim to be tied up and his legs spread. Putting his manhood on display. About fifteen people of all ages stood around and cheer at young Jacob. This whole process was something people looked forward to all year. Val and her sister Julie (Jacob's mother), tied the naked boy up. Then Julie crouched before her son's groin. With a bowl between this legs and an electric super-hot knife, Julie very carefully cut away Val's scrotum leaving his white testicle naked and vulnerable. The scrotum she carefully removed and set it to soak for a while. later ti would be breaded and fried as part of the dish's presentation. Next Val took a large plastic bag and rubber banded it to his package. This would allow everyone to kick, hit, and squeeze his nuts without getting them dirty or bloody.


Jacob watched all this with a sort of detached fascination and then yelled, "OK, Common'ya'll. Give me what yur got." and smiled his brilliant white smile.


The Gildy twins were the first to run up and punt their cousin in the nuts. Jacob "ooofed" but didn't move. Then up came old uncle Josiah, "We're proud of you boy, your gonna go far in life . . . WHAM" The old man brought up his knee straight into Jacob's spuds. OOOF. Then it was Jacob's aunt and uncle, Janet and Mike, Janet squeezed his balls and told Jacob how much she was going to enjoy tasting them, while Mike pretended to be a boxer and made a flurry of punches into the plastic ball-bag. Jacob's head thrashed about.


The party continued with hors d'oeuvres and champagne being served, people paddling around and cooling off in the pool, and from time to time kicking their young sacrifice between he legs. The idea was to swell them until they could decently feel the whole family for at least a taste. WHACK, SPLAT, WHAM, The other male teens took turns between rotations playing basketball to pummel Jacob's balls into mush and then go make out with their invited girlfriends. Jacob's own girlfriend, Lil, spent more time kneeing his nuts than anyone else. She wanted to make her boyfriend's package more impressive than anything the family had ever seen or eaten. There was laughter, cavorting and highjinks combined with people just sitting around talking and eating. An hour before dinner Val and Julie came out from the kitchen. Val turned to Lil. "Since he's your boyfriend, would you like to do the honors and get him hard for us?"


"Oh, wow. Yes of course. My first taste of his dick." Lil grasped his soft wiener and began to suck on it. A few people watched from where they sat. Others just kept on with what they were doing. Soon Jacob was moaning and his swollen pecker was filling Lil's pert little mouth.


"I think that's good. Stand back, dear," Said Val. She whipped out a glowing red-hot butcher's knife while Julie held a wooden chopping block beneath it. Without ceremony Val brought the cauterizing blade down and WHACKed his cock right off, still stiff and rigid with blood. Jacob half fainted, but those who were watching clapped. The organ was brought back into the kitchen and placed in a countertop rotisserie to cook and baste in its own juices for an hour. They left Jacob to come back to life which he did once his little brother Brad came and began to squeeze and twist and pop his brother's balls around in the plastic bag. The little kid was brutal. Then the little kid squeezed and punched the two orbs, making them swell and swell. Without the constriction of their scrotum, Jacob's two glands were swelling to ginourmous proportions and could easily feed the whole family, if only for a taste.


Ten minutes before dinner time everyone went inside and took their places. The multi-leafed table was groaning with the weight of the food upon it. Hams, pies, roasts, root vegetables, wines, beers. But one thing was missing, Jacob and his junk. He was out back getting ready to fry up his fries. Val was helping him. First the plastic bag was removed and a new bag, loaded with flour, eggwhites and panko bread crumbs was brought up to contain his dangling huevos. Val tossed Jacob's nuts in the batter until they'd been fully coated. Sitting on a stool just a few feet away was a home deep-fat fryer full of boiling oil. It was just the right height for Jacob to drop his manly danglers in so that they could cook. Jim and Ben, Jacob's father and Jacob's uncle helped to stand over the deep-fat fryer. he looked into their eyes look for courage. This was going to hurt. His hands were bound behind him, and he stood over the fryer looking down at his own doom.


"You can do it son, just think that a billion boys have stood right where you're standing and didn't flinch from doing their duty. Now steady yourself, and drop those bloated knackers into the oil."


Jacob swallowed. "Yes sir." Jacob counted to three, took a deep breath and then swiftly lowered his hugely swollen and damage balls into the boiling oil. A scream ripped through the air as Jacob's testicles dropped to the bottom of the bowl and began to crisp. Ben stuffed a sock into Jacob's mouth to keep down the noise while Julie tended to her frying. She knew that once they'd risen to the top of the oil and began to float they'd be ready. For five uncountable minutes the hunky teenage let his testicles fry in 500 degree oil while they were still attached to his body. It was the kind of pain that professional torturers liked to achieve on their more delicate subjects. But Jacob was a tough boy. He was going to stay awake throughout the process and show that he was a man. A real man.


Finally the two crispy glands floated to the top and with a pair of scissors cut them free from Jacob. Ben, a former army surgeon took care of the gibbering boy, while Val brought Julie her son's orange size testicles to her to put in the dish of honor. First the scrotum was fried into a shallow dish, the some pieces of lettuce were laid down on top of it, then the two breaded testicles were laid on top of that, and then the cooked penis was laid between the two huge orbs. The whole thing was dusted with parmesan cheese and a light sprinkling of lemon juice with some Italian parsley for garnish.


Ten minutes later, when he'd been cleaned up and revived, and the whole family was at the table, basking in the subtle flickering glow of dozens of candles, a hush fell as the now fully clothed and fully castrated Jacob carried in his dish of honor. His boner and hushpuppies transformed into a beautiful centerpiece for the meal. And everyone clapped. Jacob sat next to his girlfriend and everyone began to eat. Naturally, Jacob made sure his girlfriend to got to eat his dickhead. He'd always wanted her to get the best piece of him, so she'd remember the taste of his dick forever.


Everyone ate and cheered at Jacob's sacrifice, which was not only impressive but tasted delicious. It was a good night for one and all - even for Jacob. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Of Cannibals and Kings

So I wanted to broach a potentially sensitive subject with you, my audience. In real life I don't condone any of the things I write about, most especially violence of any type. In real life I'm a gentle person and a pacifist. I don't believe in hurting other people in any way shape or form. It's only in my prose that I become a dominatrix who enjoys seeing men fall to their knees in nut pain. So especially I'm sensitive to the idea of cannibalism being OK. It has appeared in several stories I've written or posted, and of course in real life I don't approve of it, but as a story element I find it very sexy. In fact I would say that my BB/TT fetish is as oral as it is manual. Which is to say that when I see a guy who's hot, I sometimes wish I could just swallow his balls whole and suck them down to partake of his manhood and life force directly. For me ballbusting is very oral.
So I wonder, does anyone else feel this way? Am I alone in my slightly cannibalistic tendencies? Enquiring minds want to know,

Sunday, October 2, 2016

(Ff/m) Paul's Birthday - reedit

Here's one of my favorite stories from Number2's site. I expanded the ending of the story and brought it to its logical conclusion, but otherwise left the story intact as per the original. Enjoy!


Paul’s Birthday
By popped_nuts

Paul awoke with a start. He franticly fumbled for his clock. Ten o'clock! He had overslept! He was supposed to be up making breakfast over two hours ago. He jumped out of bed in a panic. His mother would be furious. The last time he had overslept she had dragged him out of bed by his hair, yanked his shorts down and put him over her knee and proceeded to spank him like a small child. His sister Cindy had had some friends over for a slumber party and they stood in the doorway watching and giggling as his mother blistered his bare ass. Paul had made sure he never overslept again after that.


Until today. Paul stood in the middle of his room, his mind racing, trying to figure out what to do. He wasn't sure why his mother hadn't come to wake him up. He didn't dare imagine what she might do to punish him. His mother, Lisa, was an extreme feminist. She believed all men were inferior scum, even her own son. When she was young she had been artificially inseminated, hoping to have a daughter whom she could raise as a true feminist. Instead she had had Paul. Even when he was young she did not hide her disappointment and disgust with him. She tried again a year later and his sister Cindy was born. Paul was treated as a servant by his mother and sister. He had to pamper them and do all the work around the house. He wasn't allowed to have friends or to have any sort of social life. He had to stay home and serve his mother and sister. He knew his mother would be enraged that he had overslept so long. He just stood there frozen, not knowing what to do.

Paul was startled out of his thoughts as his door flew open with a bang and his mother and sister walked into his room. He just stood there staring at them, frozen in shock, not knowing what they were going to do and not believing the way they were dressed. They both wore skintight black dresses. The dresses were so short almost all of their tightly toned legs were left uncovered. Both women wore identical stiletto heels. Even through the haze of shock and fear he noticed the outline of their nipples where the dresses cupped their firm breasts. They looked like twin blonde goddesses, right out of the pages of the porno mag he kept hidden in his desk drawer. He felt his cock start to stir between his legs. He didn't know what to do and so he just stood there dumbly, waiting. They both stood there smiling at him.

"So you’re finally up," his mother said, still smiling at him. "Normally, I'd be angry with you because you slept in, but not today. Today is a special day for you Paul, a very special day." Cindy started to giggle. Paul noticed she held a neatly wrapped present in her hands. "Today is your eighteenth birthday. Today you become a man and your sister and I have something very special planned for you."

She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hug. "Happy birthday Paul," she whispered in his ear. She pulled back slightly to look him straight in the eyes and then she rammed he knee up into his crotch, lifting him up onto his toes with the force of it. He grunted in pain and stared at his mother in shock. She started to giggle at the look on his face. He could feel the pain in his nuts growing and his stomach started to tighten and clench up. He tried to double over and cradle his aching balls but Lisa held onto him tightly.

"Happy birthday son," she giggled and then pistoned her knee back into his balls two more times before she let him slump to the ground. Paul curled up into a ball, moaning in agony as he cupped his aching testicles. Both women stood over him, smiling down in amusement at his pain.

"Yes Paul, today you become a man, and I just won't stand to have a filthy man in my house. Your sister and I have been waiting for this day for a long time. Today, Cindy, Paul will learn the only pleasure a man can ever give a woman!" Lisa stopped and nudged her son with her toe. Paul just lay there moaning.

"He's still out of it, let's get him ready." Lisa took the present from Cindy and carefully unwrapped it. She opened the box and took out a pair of handcuffs. She pulled Paul's hands away from his groin and cuffed them behind his back.

Cindy grabbed her brother's boxer shorts and yanked them off. She broke out laughing at the sight of her brother's genitalia. "Oh my god, he's so puny!" She laughed as she flicked Paul's now shrunken dick. She grabbed his balls in her hand and squeezed them gently.

"Mmmm, you've got some nice, ripe berries here though Paul." She looked up at her brother and licked he lips. "Do you know what we're gonna do to your berries Paul? Mom and I are gonna crush your sweet little boy-berries!" She clamped her grip down on his nuts and yanked hard. Paul shrieked in pain and his body stiffened as his sister viciously squeezed his swollen, aching manhood. She relaxed her grip on his nuts leaving Paul sobbing in pain. "One berry for each of us, it's perfect!"

"Please stop. Don't. I'm sorry I overslept! It hurts so bad! I'll do anything! Please!" Paul begged.

Lisa reached out and slapped Paul across the face. "Be quiet!" she snapped. "All my life I've enjoyed busting men's balls. Ever since I was a young girl I've kicked and kneed and squeezed every filthy pair of testicles that I could. The thought that the very thing that makes them a man, their very sex, the disgusting things that they're so proud of and use to violate so many women could be used to cause them great pain. It just makes me so wet just thinking about it."

She started to rub her hand between her legs. "I've always fantasized about ruining a man, about crushing his manhood, destroying the very thing that makes him a man, but I never thought I would have the chance. That is, until your sister came up with this wonderful idea!" Cindy reached down and started to gently stoke Paul's penis. It started to stiffen despite the throbbing pain in his nuts.

"That's right big brother, it was my idea to pop your plums! For some reason it had never occurred to mom that she had a perfectly bustable set of balls right here in her own house. It makes me so hot that the first ball I get to crush is my very own brother's! Oh, and I just want you to know that this" she stopped stroking his dick and pulled a thick rubber band out of the box. She wrapped it tightly around the base of his erection. "This was my idea too. I don't know exactly what I'm gonna do with your little pecker, but I just couldn't see any reason to let you keep it. You know, it looks an awful lot like a tasty little sausage!" She snapped her teeth at him. Paul started to sob hysterically.

"I think it's about time we got down to the fun stuff," said Lisa as she stood up. Both women quickly stripped off their dresses. They stood over Paul completely naked, except for their high-heeled shoes.

Lisa poked her toe into her son's ball bag. "How about it Paul, are you ready to lose your manhood?" she asked and then quickly drew back her leg and slammed the pointy toe of her shoe into her son's nutsack.

Paul shrieked in pain and tried to draw his legs up to protect his battered orbs but his mother kicked his legs apart. "Now, now Paul, you've got to let your sister get a turn. Cindy, would you care to try for a field goal?"

"Well mom, it sure looks like a lot of fun! I'll give it a try." She stepped between her brother's legs. She brought her foot forward till her toe touched her brother's sack, taking careful aim. She drew her leg back. She snapped her foot forward but stopped just short of his balls. She lightly tapped his ballsack with her foot. "Gotcha didn't I?" she laughed. She grabbed her whimpering brother and hauled him to his feet. She pushed him onto his desk.

"You know brother; we're really doing you a favor. Think of all those lonely, frustrating nights you've spent up here, jerking off to some porno magazine. Well, when we're done with your nuts, you won't have to worry about that kind of hormonal frustration anymore. You should really be thanking us for getting rid of those pesky little testes of yours!" she giggled. She opened the drawer between his legs, letting his balls flop down inside. She pulled his porno mag out of the drawer.

"You really deserve to have your balls crushed just for having this disgusting, perverted trash." She tossed the magazine in the trash can. She grabbed the drawer handle and slammed it shut on his balls, smashing and trapping them inside. Paul let out a high pitched wail and reflexively tried to stand up, yanking painfully on his trapped testicles. He fell back to the desk, his whole body trembling from the pain. He could feel his balls swelling and throbbing inside the drawer.

"Don't pass out or I'll lock the drawer and let you hang by your balls!"

He was dimly aware of his mother moaning in ecstasy as she masturbated. "Open the drawer!" she panted. "I want to see if you've crushed anything!"

Cindy opened the drawer and let Paul slide to the ground. She grabbed his swelling, throbbing sack and rolled his nuts around between her fingers. "Nope, nothing popped yet!" she said as she flicked her brother’s sack with her finger, laughing as Paul's whole body twitched on impact.

"Get him up; I want to try out some kicks!" Lisa ordered as she extended her well-toned leg out, putting the pointy toe of her stilettos right in his face. Paul's eyes locked on sharp, pointed tip of her shoe. Cindy grabbed him and dragged him to his feet. Paul didn't even try to struggle; he just kept staring at his mother's muscular, toned legs, down to the point of her shoe. Lisa laughed as she slowly brought her leg up and tapped the bottom of her son’s sack with the tip of her shoe.

"What do you think Paul? Think I can spear one of your little ballsies with these? How much do you think it Paul hurt when your mommy bursts one of your berries with her sexy feet? Hmmm?" She slid her hand between her legs and started to finger her dripping wet cunt. "This is getting me so wet! Mmmmm, I think popping your nuts is gonna make me cum like never before Pauly!"

"I'll make you a deal Paul," his mother said "If you can take ten kicks from me without one of your nuts popping then I won't let your sister cut off your little "Pauly"! If you can't take ten kicks without one of your little balls exploding, Cindy gets to eat your scrambled eggs and boy sausage for breakfast."

Cindy reached around and started fondling her brother's dick. "Don't get your hopes up Paul, you're not keeping this. Mom's spent plenty of time in the gym perfecting her kicks; it won't even take her five kicks to pop one of your plums. Then I'm gonna juice one of your berries and after that, I'm gonna fry it all up in a pan. I'm not even gonna cut it off first, I'm gonna cook it and eat it while it's still hanging between your legs!"

"Are you ready Paul?" his mom asked as snapped off a few practice kicks. Watching the speed and power of his mother's kicks, Paul knew his nuts didn't stand a chance. He started to whimper and cry at the thought of having his manhood destroyed and eaten by his own family!

"Here comes the first one!" Lisa shouted as she snapped her first kick up between her son’s legs. The point of her shoe hit him right in the middle of his sack, pushing his orbs off the side before squishing them between the top of her foot and his pelvic bone. Paul squealed in pain and tried to double over in pain but his sister Cindy held him up.

"Damn it, I missed!"

"Take your time and aim properly." Cindy said as she jerked her brother upright. She kicked his legs farther apart to give her mom easy access.

Lisa took several slow, careful practice kicks, aiming the tip of her shoe right at her son's left nut. "OK, I've got the range now. Paul, kiss your ball goodbye!" and she snapped another powerful kick out into her son's groin. Paul watched this one as if it were in slow motion. Even through the pain he could tell her aim was dead on, even before she made contact. The point of Lisa's shoe hit his left nut dead center, smushing it back against his body, trapping it in place. The point dug in and the amazing force and pressure causing his nut to literally explode inside his sack. Lisa dropped to the ground, screaming in pleasure as wave after wave of intense orgasmic pleasure washed over her. Paul also dropped to the ground, a thin high pitched wail coming from his mouth.

Cindy started jumping up and down excitedly, clapping her hands as she laughed. "That was great! Two kicks! Mom, you popped his nut in two kicks! Paul, your little boy berries couldn't even take two kicks from mom's sexy legs! Now it's my turn!" Cindy sat on the ground next to her mother, who was still panting heavily. Paul was sitting right in front of them; legs spread wide open, his hands weakly covering his groin. He was letting out a slight squealing noise as he stared at the women in front of him in daze. Cindy reached over and moved his hands away from his balls. Paul didn't even try to resist. She took his one good nut in her hand and started to roll it around between her fingers.

"I'm gonna squish your ball like a grape! I'm gonna crush it with one hand while I get off with the other! Who'd of thought you'd ever actually give a woman this much pleasure little brother!" Cindy started to finger her soaking wet slit while she rolled her brother's nutmeat between her fingers. She slowly tightened her grip, continuing to roll and knead his plum in her hand as she got closer and closer to orgasm. She could feel his ball swell and squish in her hand as it got closer and closer to bursting. And then it happened, his nut popped in her hand with a soft SQUICK, just like a ripe grape between her fingers. Cindy screamed in pleasure as she felt the most intense orgasm she'd ever had. Paul stopped screaming and merely passed out. Both women lay there for a while, too exhausted to move. Then, after a while, Cindy got to her feet and pulled out a vial of smelling salts. The two women wanted Paul to stay awake for the full compliment of activities. Cindy held it under Paul's nose and the broken boy rocketed back to consciousness.

"Mom, I want my eggs to be scrambled when I cook them."

Lisa nodded. The two women stood over Paul's crotch and began slamming the points of their shoes into his bloated and distended ball sack. Over and over they kicked his mushy nuts, each time making a squelching noise, SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH. Slowly his testicles were turned into a spermy goo and all Paul could do was writhe in abject pain as they did so. Eventually Lisa reached down to grope his sack, squishing around his liquidized balls, and found no chunks left. Then she walked into her bedroom for a moment and brought back with her a syringe. It was full of liquid Viagra. She injected it into the base of Paul's penis and watched as his erection sprang to life.

"Hey mom, lets jerk off the little squirt and make some sauce for our breakfast." Cindy licked her lips.

"OK. I bet it will hurt a lot when he cums."

"Let's find out!" Paul's penis was now extra big and stiff from the cocktail of drugs that had been injected, and was pulsing with life. Cindy began to stroke his member. At first slowly and then faster and faster, and just to cause further pain, she groped the mushy remains of his balls. Soon her fist was just a blur and in a short while Paul's dickhead swelled to a deep purple color and emitted a fountain of pearly white semen which she caught in a cup. All Paul could do is wail mournfully and cry. The pain in his groin was off the scale as his body tried to expel the last seed it would ever produce. His erection, however, did not subside.

"Time to get the testoid down into the kitchen," said Cindy. They hoisted the boy to his feet and dragged him down stairs to the kitchen where a pan with butter in it was waiting. They were going to fry up his fries and his boy sausage just as Cindy promised. While Lisa held him, Cindy turned on the stove to "high" and watched as the butter melted. Then when it was bubbling hot, Cindy got out a knife, and grasped Paul's bloated scrotum at its base and sliced it open, holding Paul's sack over the pan. Sperm and edema oozed out and began to cook in the butter, smelling like bacon. Then she pressed Paul's erection into the pan and flattened the rigid member with a spatula. His dick began to roast. Paul screamed. The pain was ridiculous. But Lisa prevented the boy from struggling, and with his hands still cuffed behind his back, there was little he could do to stop it.

Paul's penis began to fry and as it did so the blood in it coagulated, making his dick solid, cooked meat. The cock became a angry red and soon it was thoroughly cooked through. Cindy cut it off at the base and let it fall into the pan with his fried eggs. They lowered the comatose boy to the linoleum floor, added the semen sauce, and served up the delicious breakfast they had prepared. The two women sat down at the table and with one hand diddling themselves and the other eating Paul's manhood, they both managed to climax three more times, each.

"Well, now what are we going to do?" ask Cindy as she popped Paul's whole dickhead into her mouth and chewed. "We've used up our only male."

"Never fear. Remember how I invited your cousin Thomas over for the weekend? I happen to know he's very well endowed. He should provide us with a lovely Sunday brunch."

Both women laughed at this, and cruelly finished their breakfast.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

(M/M) In the Marines and Abroad, Part 2 - NEW!

So here's the second part of the Marines series. I have ideas for a part 3 and 4 and perhaps at some point I'll get them on paper. In the mean time here's what I thought up today. Remember, the idea for this story is more about romance than ballbusting, so unlike most of my stories it doesn't end with a bursting. Otherwise, enjoy!
In the Marines and Abroad - Part 2
Now that we had an official relationship, all Brad and I had to do was find the time and the privacy to pursue it, and that . . . . was not easy. Our base was crawling with troopers, at all hours of the day and in all areas. Privacy was practically nill. So for the first few weeks after our "truck liaison" we had to settle for lots of sack tapping.
At breakfast, lunch and dinner I would get random guys to give a light flick to Brad's crotch as they were passing by him. There he would be, getting some food when all of a sudden a quick, light slap would fly to his groin and make him clutch himself. No one else knew the significance of this, but it sort of became a "thing" in the company. When bored, give ol' Brad a quick sack tap to liven things up. And what's interesting is, he never tried to make eye contact with the person who tapped him. His eyes always came looking for me. And there I'd be, sitting down watching and waiting for my emissary to sack tap the man that I loved and lusted after. And I wouldn't just be watching him, I'd be watching his crotch. And, yup, every time he was tapped his cock swelled in his cammo pants. No one else noticed it, of course, but I did. I loved watching his fat monster swell and become rigid with fluid. It always made him sit down to eat awkwardly, as if having his pole strain against the fabric of his underwear and cammos made bending at the waste difficult and uncomfortable.
Since we couldn't make love with our bodies, we had to settle for making love with our eyes. At meals we would always sit apart but facing each other so that we could stare into each other's eyes while we ate. Every spoon of mashed potatoes was a kiss to his lips. Every swallowed greenbean was my mouth on his cock, sucking in his length. Every tongue across a spoon after a bite of peach cobbler was my tongue plunging into his hole, giving him the rimjob of a lifetime. And so we'd sit in silence, staring at each other from across the room while everyone else talked and joked and banged on about this and that. We were two heavenly bodies caught in each other's gravity amidst a sea of oblivious stars, circling around us.
Our big break came about three weeks after our initial sex. We were both assigned to the monitoring center located on the top floor of the only real building on base. It was a circular room filled with monitors and communication's equipment and it was the only place on base that did not, itself, have cameras. Not only that, but we were to be the only two people in there AND the doors could be locked from the inside. And we were set to monitor between 12 am and 5 am, when most of the rest of the troops would be asleep, quietly nestled in their bunks. It was all too perfect.
On the day of our monitoring duty we both had hardons all day long, and I personally sack tapped Brad three times, just so I could cop a feel, no matter how brief, of his mighty weapon. With our hormones all pent up and the expectation of hot sex that night you can be sure I was dripping baby batter all day long, through exercise drills, through showers, through guard duty, I was leaking like a mofo. They say that anticipation is half the pleasure, but for me it had the sweet pain of a broken tooth because my whole body and libido was straining against the constraints of societal bonds, bonds which prevented red blooded American's like me from having raunchy gay sex in the middle of the barracks in broad daylight amidst a sea of heterosexual guys who would probably throw up at even the idea of gay sex.

After a day of agonizing repression, 11:45 pm rolled around and both Brad and I showed up for the shift change in the monitoring room. Our marine base was crawling with cameras, eyes peering down to monitor all activity both within and without. Activity that was recorded and archived so that no enemy could infiltrate our base without someone knowing. We had guards on duty 24/7 at all entrances of the base and roving squads of men with German Shepard's patrolling the perimeter. And inside the monitoring center there were dozens of LED screens watching all of it happen. Our job, that night, was to keep an eye on everything and make sure the base was secure and safe. However, in both our minds was the notion that the likelihood of enemies choosing just this night and just our shift to launch an attack was slim to none, and therefore would could instead enjoy our privacy and pay little attention to the many monitors in the room.
When we got there, Leone and Travis were just writing down notes in the log about what had occurred on their shift, something Brad and I would have to do as well. They barely looked up from their writing until the clock hit midnight after which they were free to leave. They both nodded at us and Leone said in a loud voice, "The base is secure. Have a good shift, boys." gave Brad a friendly punch to the shoulder and left. A good shift? I think that was definitely something that could be arranged.
When the other two men had left we waited for about five minutes to make sure no one else came along to check on us, then Brad locked the door and stripped of his shirt. I stripped off mine, and I pushed him up against a wall and began to kiss him passionately, our dog tags clinking against one another. Then, knowing how much he loved nut-pain, I began to jerk my knee between his legs, slamming his swollen package against my knee-cap. He responded by grinding his nuts into my knee and practically swallowing my tongue, so eager was he to consume me. Then he threw his head back, "Oh, yeah, Oh yeah, fuck my nuts up, Russ. Give it to me good." I was pounding his potatoes for all I was worth, and he loved every minute of it. I could see his eye's roll back and his breathing become deep as he surrendered to each knee jab, each thigh slam, and it made him moan, lightly.
However I longed to feel his dick in my mouth, so eventually I stopped kneeing him and kneeled in front of him as he stood there, pressed against the wall. I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his fly, and pulled his pants and underwear down. His gorgeous cock popped into view, and his two swollen nuts hung below. I grasped his balls and began to squeeze them while I sucked his dick into my mouth and began to piston up and down on it. This time he was leaking precum, no doubt due to the pounding I'd just given his nuts, and it was heaven. That sweet musky taste/smell that, for me, added such a dimension to sex with a guy. That sticky sweet taste coated my lips and tongue and I savored it. Meanwhile I dug my thumbs into his testicles, making him moan and sweat. I also loved the way his pubes tickled my nose as I deep throated his cock. He had a lovely little treasure trail and small patch of hair above his cock. The rest of his muscular body was as smooth as a baby's bottom, and that was just perfect.
I could feel his body tense and pulse with my oral activities and I relished it. I loved kneeling before my putative boy friend so that I could suck on his thick meat. And I could tell he was loving my thumbs pressing into his giant orbs. But eventually he pushed me away, no doubt not wanting to bring a premature closure to the evening with a premature ejaculation. He was breathing heavily as he walked towards the center of the room and began to untie his shoelaces and take his combat boots off. I also undressed until I was only in my socks and walked over to where he'd sat in the main chair in the center of the room. I straddled his now mostly naked body and sat on his lap, his cock rubbing up against mine, and I kissed him. With longing, with pent up passion, with a feverish sort of frenzy as I was about to give myself to this man who I'd drooled over for more than a year.
Between kisses I whispered into his sex-flushed ear. "I knew this was going to happen so I cleaned myself out today and haven't eaten anything for two days. And . . ." I said holding up a small tube, "I brought lube." He grinned, and I grinned back and we kept kissing. I pressed my woody against his and let our cock juices mingle, for he was oozing prejack as much or more than mine was. Things were getting slippery and hot. I stopped kissing him and lubed up his dick and stood up, legs on either side of the chair. With my left hand I grasped his rigid rod and with great care guided it into my hole. My hungry, eager hole. Very carefully I sat down on his dick, and all he could do was sigh with pleasure. Just as slowly and carefully I lifted myself back up, but not so far that his dick popped out, and ever so gently I began to ride his dick. Up and down, up and down. I could feel his cock-head massage my prostate. I could feel his penis fill up my gut, and I loved it. Sure having a dick up your ass feels like you're taking a dump, but that tingle from the prostate makes it all worthwhile, and the romance of riding a man you love and feel passionately about also makes it all worthwhile. I rode his cock for a good twenty minutes, with the two of us staring into each other's eyes. And yes, there was some pain, but it was a good pain, and yes I made sure to go slowly enough that he didn't cum, because I wanted that night to last as long as possible. And so I rode him. My man, my hot sexy man.
But Brad, in the end (insert joke), simply couldn't get off without nut pain, and that's a hard thing to accomplish when you're riding a man, so I let his dick pop out of me and kneeled in front of him. And I wanted to find some ways of causing him pain that didn't involve percussion. While he sat there, naked and cock glistening with my ass juices I pulled out his nuts and then sucked them into my mouth. I began to suck on them really hard and at the same time pressed them with my tongue. Brad sucked in his breath and then let it out with a hiss. This was clearly pained he was not expecting nor was used to. Then I switched to popping his balls between my molars - squeezing down and then letting them up. I could actually feel his tortured nuts swell. They were filling up my mouth, and I was brutalizing them. I could feel Brad's naked body twitch with each chomp and each squeeze. But his dick? Never once deflated. I could feel it pressed against my forehead as I buried my face in his crotch. With great vigor I sucked, squeezed and even twisted and pulled on his whole nut-sack until I'd turned my man in a sweaty, moaning bag of meat. When I finally tired of abusing his eggs I stood up and then pressed my knee into his sack, grinding them into the hard plastic seat of the chair. This caused literal geysers of precum to erupt from his piss-slit. Huge geysers. Which coated his dick and my thighs. Brad was moaning, "Fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah, oh shit, SHIT."
But again, I didn't want it to go too far, and so I stopped, sat down in the chair opposite of him, and let him suck me off for a while. He seemed equally as happy to do so, and I enjoyed it. With my balls he was gentle. He gentle held them and tugged on them a little, and I meanwhile instructed him on how to suck a dick properly. I showed him how to make his hand an extension of his mouth, how avoid scraping the cock with the teeth and how to get a really good suction because suction is where it's at when it comes to dick sucking.
Our sexual escapades went on for about two hours as we took turns pleasuring each other, me abusing him, and him being gentle with me, until at last we each came, him inside me and me on his chest. We did our best to time things, and we came almost at the same time.
As we sat together, kissing gently, I murmured in his ear that I loved the thought of a bit of him would be inside me for the rest of the week and he chuckled. Our sweaty bodies, laying gentle together, surrounded by blinking lights and crackling radios and moving images.
"Well," he said finally, "I think we've had a good shift. Perhaps we'd better get some work done, otherwise someone might get wise."
"OK." I said, looking around, "Now where'd I drop my shirt?"

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Interesting Queerty Article on Castration

This is an interesting article about a guy who voluntarily got castrated. He says it's exciting and whereas before the surgery he only had sex with women, now he wants to bottom for guys.

Who knew!