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(MM/M) The Smoothing

 So, this is NOT my story. It's one that I found many years ago on the EuA and I really liked it. It's not completed and since I don't know who wrote it, I have no way of seeing if there is, somewhere, a completed version and if there's any sequels. Anywho I really liked the idea and thought I'd share it here. If somone knows the author, let me know. 



The Smoothing

I had often travelled through Southeast Asia in search of rare furniture
and collectables; I brought these back for resale in the States, often
making a handsome profit, as well as paying my travel expenses.

The market for Southeast Asian collectables was getting more and more
competitive; my clients began to demand items that were increasingly
difficult to procure; many of the items they asked for were illegal --
rare ancient coins and artifacts, items that are strictly prohibited for
export from Asian countries.

In desperation, I turned to a friend in the trade who I knew had
connections with the "Asian mafia". He directed me to Mr. Ling, whose vast
and powerful connections allowed him to procure just about any item, no
matter how rare or illegal. My friend helped me make arrangements to meet
Ling in Hong Kong to see if we could do business together.

I had high hopes for my meeting with Ling; my financial situation made
this a do-or-die trip. As we had arranged, I waited outside the Hotel
Intercontinental with a red umbrella at my side. After about thirty
minutes a black vintage Rolls Royce pulled up to me, and a voice behind
the small crack in the smoke-black window asked, "You Charlie?"

"Ya, that's me," I said as the back door opened to let me in. The chauffer
wasted no time getting the car up to speed, and I found myself sitting in
the back seet next to Chang, who spoke little English. Chang had porcelein
skin, a slender body and could have been anywhere between 15 and 40; I
could not tell in the dim light of the car; besides, he seemed strangely
androgynous. He often looked at me with curious glances, and as we started
to wind our way up a curvy hill towards Ling's estate, he asked, "you
smoothed yet?"

I had no idea what Chang meant, but before long I would know all to well
what he was referring to. We arrived at Ling's estate, and Ling led me
into a dark interior room, which was barren except for a few floor mats
and low, black table in the center. We sat down across from each other at
the table, and Ling began to talk, with a well-educated sounding British

Ling looked well-fed, about fourty years old, with his long black hair
pulled into a pony-tail at the back. "You see Charlie, we do business here
our own way, very different than in U.S. Here, you must prove your worth
to me by an act of submission. This involves an irreversible sacrifice, an
act of devotion that will earn my loyalty. In return, I can make you rich
beyond your imagination," said Ling.

"I'm here to do business," I said firmly. Then, trying to sound
matter-of-fact, I asked "Just what sort of sacrifice are you talking

"Well, the first step is called smoothing. This is a ceremonial operation
you will submit to; we will push your testicles into your abdomen,
completely remove your scrotum, and then sew you up. You will still retain
your manhood, but symbolically you will have submitted it to me. Only then
will I know you can be trusted," said Ling.

I knew I would have to pay a price for dealing with the "Asian mafia", but
I had no idea it would involve my balls. I thought about getting up and
leaving, but upon reflection, I realized that I would still have my nuts,
only they would be sewn up into my abdomen. I would appear castrated, but
not actually be; it this was all Ling demanded for untold riches in
return, I could be persuaded. After a moment, I asked Ling, "You mentioned
this was the first step... what is the next one?"

Ling answered slowly: "well, if our relationship turns out to be
rewarding, you may ask for the crushing."

"You mean, I will ASK you for this? What does this involve?" I said.

"Yes," said Ling, "most of my associates eventually ask for this, it is
required to continue doing business beyond the first year. You will allow
me to crush your testicles while they are inside your abdomen. Since they
are no longer hanging outside your body, and you will not have a scrotum,
I will crush your testicles with my fingers, pressing them deep inside of
you; I will press your nuts up against your pubic bone until they finally
burst. This is not as painful as it sounds; you will be given plenty of
alcohol to numb the pain."

He continued. "For some this only takes a few hours. If your nuts are
large, it may take longer to completely crush them. Just when the pain is
at it's worse, and I am pressing your nuts as hard as I can, you will feel
a 'pop' as your nut ruptures... then the pain will turn into a dull, warm,
throb as I crush the life out of your will get flatter and
flatter, and I will squeeze and press it until it is completely liquid;
then start crushing your remaining nut, which has just lost it's brother.
When I finish with your nuts, your abdomen will be filled with 'testicle
soup'; at this point, Chang will open the smooth spot that used to be your
scrotum, and the soupy remains of your nuts will drain into a bowl."

At this point, the smoothing proceedure sounded pretty darned tame to me,
and I figured I'd submit to this for the first year of business with Ling,
and then end the relationship before the "crushing". Ling said, "Well, how
about it?"

"Let's do it," I said, as Ling led me into an adjoining room, which was
all white, brightly lit, with a white bench in the middle. There were
various instruments on a tray next to the table; surgical gloves, cutting
tools, bandages, stitches, etc. "Are you ready for your smoothing?" asked
Ling. "Sure," I replied.

With that I was instructed to take off my pants and prepare for the
"ceremony". My nuts were hanging low in my large scrotum; i was instructed
to lay down on my stomach for an enema that would "make me sleepy." Chang
came in and started to pump the enema into me; my lower intestines felt
all warm as I started to get drowsy. I felt Chang turn me over onto my
back and strap my arms and legs to the table. Just as I drifted off to
sleep I felt Chang pushing my testicles up, trying to get them into my
abdomen. "These ones big, may take longer for operation," I heard him say
as the room faded to black.

Asian Castration, Part 2

Whatever Chang had pumped into me didn't keep me unconscious for long; I
felt extremely groggy and relaxed; I was aware of my surroundings, and
could hear every word that Chang and Ling exchanged as they proceeded with
my "smoothing" operation. I was completely paralyzed, except for my eyes,
which I kept near-closed, so that Chang and Ling would think I was asleep.

For a brief moment I began to panic; "What have I got myself into?" I
thought, realizing that I was half-way around the earth strapped to a
table, with two men I barely knew an hour ago performing a bizarre ritual
operation on my genitals. Maybe they were going to kill me--there was
nothing I could do to stop them, and nobody else in the world knew I was
here, let alone in Asia.

The "operating table" was hinged at the middle, and they had tilted half
of it , so my head and upper body were propped up at a 30 degree angle; my
arms were strapped by my side, and my legs were spread apart and strapped
to the end of the table. Through my squinted eyes I could see everything
Chang and Ling were doing as they prepared my for my "smoothing". Chang
was doing most of the work, as Ling directed and made occasional comments.

Ling began to pour a warm syrupy substance on me; it smelled vauguely of
eucalyptus, honey and cloves. Chang rubbed this substance all over my
cock; though the medicine Chang gave me had numbed and paralyzed me, I
still began to get aroused; I could see a smile develop on Chang's face as
he rubbed the potion all over my half-hard cock and large balls; he spend
a long time smoothing the gooey liquid around my scrotum, squeezing my nuts
as he did this. I could tell he was squeezing my nuts hard, but all I felt
was a faint pressure in my abdomen. At one point he clasped my large left
nut between his hands, with his fingers interlocked; he seemed to be
squeezing as hard as he could, -- I could see his face turning red, and I
could feel a stronger pressure in my abdomen, but no real pain. It was
almost like I was watching this happen to someone else-- only I knew the
cock and balls I were looking at were my own. Ling mentioned something
about the "first part" being done; I could see Chang preparing another
enema bottle of whatever substance given me earlier; they both left the

About twenty minutes passed; whatever they had rubbed into the skin of my
scrotum and penis and thighs was beginning to burn and tingle and the skin
was turning bright red -- the "aneasthesia" was obviously wearing off, as
it was almost becoming unbearable. Later I learned this was a substance
that made the skin very soft and pliable, in preparation for cutting.

Ling and Chang entered the room again, and despite the now almost
unbearable pain, I pretended I was asleep. My balls felt like they were
on fire; I could see my scrotum was swollen up to almost twice its normal

Ling instructed Chang to administer the second enema; this time I looked
forward to it, as I knew this would bring welcome relief from my burning,
itching nuts and cock. Chang applied the enema, and the warm liquid filled
my lower intestine; I felt began to relax again. At this point I was
almost looking forward to the operation, or at least to having it over

Ling handed Chang what appeared to be a very sharp piece of bamboo. Change
began to make an up-and-down motion with it into my scrotum in front of my
left nut; I could see he was slowly going deeper, pausing every once in a
while to wipe away blood with a white cotton cloth. Before long he had
formed a cut into my scrotum, about one inch long. When he was satisfied
with the cut, he applied a substance which completely stopped the
bleeding; I could see the surface of my left nut just below the freshly
sliced skin. Chang began to squeeze my scrotum around the left nut,
forcing it to begin emerging out of the hole he had just cut. "I see he's
ready to lay his first egg," said Ling with a smile.

Since my left nut was bigger than the hole, it only partly popped out;
Chang squeezed my scrotum harder and harder, trying to get it to pop out of
the scrotum completely. It was about one-fourth of the way out now,
emerging a little more each time Chang squeezed. I think Chang purposely
cut the hole too small, so he could enjoy the challenge of making me "lay
my first egg". With a loud grunt, Chang pushed as hard as he could, and I
could feel the "pop" as my nut emerged completely from my scrotum. It was
light-gray, smooth and shiny. Chang smiled as he began to make the
vertical cut in front of my right testicle; after a while, there was a
hole in front of this nut as well, only this one was smaller than the left
cut. Again, Chang began to squeeze as hard as he could to get me to "lay
my second egg". Before long, me right nut too began to emerge; with a
final hard squeeze, it too popped out, and lay completely outside my
ball sack. My scrotum appeared completely deflated, void of the precious
cargo it had held for so many years. My nuts dangled out in front of it,
for the first time ever out in the air, outside my body. Rather than
being horrified, I felt strangely liberated; it was exciting to see my
nuts, so long hidden from me in their dark secret cave, out in the open.
They lay on the table in front of me, exposed and vulnerable, and I didn't

Chang had one exposed nut in each hand; they were free from my ballsack,
so he could stretch them almost two inches away from my body. He was
pressing hard with his thumbs into each; if I were fully conscious, the
pain from this would surely be unbearable. "I think Charlie ready for
smoothing now," said Chang as Ling began to sketch an outline with his
finger around my deflated scrotum.

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The Birthday Party (fffff/m)

 This is a little something I whipped up just for Knave. It's short, but has a nice feel to it. 



The Birthday Party


Juan came up behind his wife as she washed dishes and smacked her firm ass playfully. Maria smiled shyly as he rubbed her backside.


"Tomorrow will be a good day, Maria. Jose will get his balls popped and Conchita will be 10."


"Juan, mebbe we could let Jose keep his balls . . . . "

"NO! You know family tradition. Only our eldest son, Phillipe, will keep his cahones to pass on our name, the other two boys must be gelded!"


Maria sighed. "Jose has been a good son. It will be a sad thing for him to lose his manhood."


"Ah, but think of it this way, Maria, we will have purity in our family. Only the best, the oldest son will spread his seed, and our other sons will stay, to take care of us in our old age. It is a good thing, Maria."


The woman turned to hug and kiss her husband. "I suppose so." Then she smiled.


The next day was a day of celebration. The pinata was hung on the tree outside, a huge bouncy castle was blown up in the back yard, a trestle table full of food and beverages and treats was set up and five little girls wearing beautiful dresses were playing games. There were also tons of gifts and presents for little Conchita. The whole family was there, including Jose, a muscular, fit boy who was dressed only tight underwear. It was his honor and privilege to give his sister his balls on her birthday and he was more than a little excited. His huge balls and woody would hardly stay tucked inside properly! 


First was the piñata. It was a bull with huge testicles, and Conchita was blindfolded and handed a bat by Jose. Jose got to watch her immasculate the bull and knew with surety he would follow. WHACK WHACK WHACK went the bat as Conchita tried with all her might to rupture the huge cahones that she couldn't see, but could hear and feel. WHACK WHACK WHACK she went. Everyone cheered when she scored a hit and sighed when she missed them. After a few direct scores to the bull's nads they began to tear, and little bits of candy started poking out. Then after more hits one huge testicle ruptured completely and the candy just gushed out. Finally little Conchita, who had a contrary streak, ripped off her blindfold and just went for it. She totally demolished the bull's scrotum until the candy rained down like confetti. And there was much rejoicing.


The next stage was opening the bags of party gifts to all the little girls, and they all included new fuzzy socks. All five girls sat on the table's bench and let Jose, who was the guest of honor, to remove their shoes, pull off their old socks, and then gently put on the new ones. All the girls wiggled their toes in the socks, which were pure angora and therefore very soft. While they sat there, Juan gave a speech about his beloved daughter Conchita turning 10 and he also explained how his beloved son, Jose, would be getting neutered today also. Jose had a big smile as he had been looking forward to this day for years. His 16-year-old hormones were raging, and he'd been taught from a young age that losing his nuts to his sister would be a blast! Juan told all the little girls that once they were inside the bouncy castle that none of them could leave until they had nutted young Jose and that they must kick him and kick him until his huevos rupture just like they had on the bull piñata. All the little girls clapped and there was much rejoicing.


One by one, handsome Jose personally carried the little girls into the bouncy castle until they were all inside, that way their fuzzy socks would remain clean. Then he let his father bind his hands, cover his eyes, and pull off his underwear. Now there was nothing standing between his nuts and the hard feet of five little girls. The music blared and the party continued, whilst inside the castle, five little girls had their way with a naked sixteen-year-old boy.


Inside it was dark and fairly quiet. Jose was on his knees while the little girls bounced around. Every once in a while one of them would launch a kick at Jose's goods and he'd make an "oof" sound, but it was clear they weren't going to get very far in making him a eunuch. So, Jose had to take charge to make them more effective. He laid on his back and had them each land on his groin. This was better, but as often as not they'd just squash his raging boner instead of his two plump spuds, so he had his sister try and stand over him and just ram his nuts with her foot. Naturally all the girls wanted in on this, so they all took turns just kicking his cajones and then going back to bouncing. Slowly but surely his nuts began to soften and swell, and it wasn't long before they were the size of lemons rather than regular balls. 


Next Jose had each girl land on his groin with their knees, telling them they had to really force their kneecap into his eggs. They all tried this, though some did it more effectively than others. Jose's knob began to ooze some prejack, and little pearls of cum began to coat the thighs of the young chiquitas. Over and other they laughed, bounced and pummeled Jose's sore manhood. Squeals of delight mixed with cries of agony could be heard by the outside party, and Maria and Juan knew that their son was giving up his goods properly, as every man should.


After about fifty kicks and knees to his testicles, one of them began to herniate, and Jose began to sob from the pain. Conchita loved this and just began to bounce solely on the flouncing gonads. Spurts of jism became timed with percussion to his privates, and after several minutes of this, his smaller right testicle ruptured and went flat. All the little girls cheered at Conchita, and she laughed with glee. Jose's muscular young body shuddered. And as Conchita let his remaining nut have all the attention, it began to swell even more and just as it seemed to overwhelm the boy's scrotum, it popped with a huge "POP" noise and Jose's youthful cock spurt cum all over his body, even as his hips bucked in painful pleasure. After seven full volleys of cum erupted, the boy went still, but the little girls didn't. They kept bouncing on his groin until his scrotum was just a huge bag of mush.


Eventually the girls got tired and exited the structure.


"Papa," said Conchita, "I think Jose's all tuckered out. He's in the castle and he's not moving."


"Ah," said Juan, nodding sagely, "And did you crush his nuts like I asked you too?"


"Yes, papa," said the young girl, smiling.


"Good, now, let's go cut the cake."


The music continued, the naked boy rested peacefully in the castle, and there was much rejoicing . . . by all.


Thursday, April 15, 2021

(F/groupM) The Naughty Night Nurse - NEW

 Another medical BB/TT story. Just seems so appropriate these days.

The Naughty Night Nurse


Eva, a fully accredited LVN was the night nurse at an exclusive hospital. She took care of 10 male Covid patients on a special ward, all of whom were athletes of some sort. She took care of them from 4am to 7am and had all 10 males completely at her mercy during that time. All were on ventilators and were in induced comas.

Eva was a tall, blond, buxom woman with blue eyes, huge tits, an hourglass shape, and just LOVED to do naughty things to men. In particular she like to destroy men’s junk. Their reproductive parts. Their bit’s and bob’s. And since all 10 patients were in coma’s, she could really do whatever she wanted, and get away with it. They’d have no memory of her activities.

Her first victim was a handsome, brown-haired Olympic rower. While turning him to prevent bed sores, she noticed that his left bollock was much larger than his right. She thought about this for a while, then left the ward and went down to a storage room. She selected a fat needle and brought it back. Eva swept aside his blanket and brushed away his gown, the only modesty he had, and grasped his fat left nut. After putting on sterile gloves, she first wiped it with alcohol and then withdrew the sterile needle from its case. With the testicle in her left hand and the needle in her right she aimed the thing and then plunged it into the gonad, skewering it from top to bottom. It made a crisp “crunch” sound as it entered the gland which pleased Eva. She flicked it a bit. Then thought of what else she could do. “Ah,” she thought, “I can turn the ball’s innards to mush!”.

Pulling the needle out a ways she then began to rotate the needle and spin it, up to and including a broad waggling motion. At first there was great resistance inside the ball, but Eva was buffed and quite strong. With some manual dexterity and some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease the solid testicle began to turn into a smooth orange cream. She twirled and swished and occasionally repositioned the needle to another part of the nut, and in time, all the holes started leaking orange goo and after an hour, if she squeezed the ball, and the stuff oozed out. She knew she’d liquified the thing, and let it drop.

The next night that nut had healed its outer wounds and she knew all traces of her act were gone. It was time to choose someone else. Now it so happens that the youngest inmate of the ward was a 16 year old blond track and field star and when she lifted up his gown discovered he had very small, delicate testes which would probably show signs if they were mistreated. So, she decided to do what she’d done to several “one night stands” whom she’d given a drug to wipe their memory. She’d gotten them drunk then burdizzo’ed their nuts and dumped them on the street. Naturally, she’d brought her burdizzo and took it out of her locker. She cleaned it and then stood over the young man. She played with his balls for a while, hefting them, squeezing them, and pulling them. When she tired of this, she singled out his left chord, felt it up, and then put the jaws of the device over it. SQUEEZE. She squeezed the handles together and counted to 30. Given her tremendous strength she knew she’d done a great job, but she checked to make sure anyway. Sure enough, the boy’s right testicle was now free in its bag and she rotated it around for a while just for fun.

Eva briefly considered letting him keep his other nut so that he could continue with sports and have children and all that nonsense, but emasculation was just too much fun. She felt up his right cord, place the devise’s jaws over it and SQUEEZED with all her might. 30 seconds later the boy was now a eunuch, and would never know the love of a woman, the feel of a pussy or the joy of being a father. Eva smirked to herself. Men were so easy to destroy. She lightly punched the floating eggs and loved the “SMACK” sound they made. She whipped them from side to side and squeezed them in her whole fist. This teenager would remain a teenager forever.

The next night she decided to be really cruel. There was only one African American in the ward and he was a basketball player. Putting aside his gown, she could see that he had ample equipment. But she didn’t want to ruin him completely. She just wanted to cripple and embarrass him. So, she went downstairs again and got a bottle of mild acid and a syringe. Then she went back to her ward. His left ball was much bigger than his left one, and she thought “I’m gonna make this star regret having to get undressed in the locker room for the rest of his life!”

She filled the syringe with the acid and then injected it directly into the heart of his ball. She withdrew the needle and looked at the genital. At first nothing happened. Then the testicle began to squirm slightly. This movement continued for quite some time, and after a while, Eva got bored and actually did some work. An hour later, she came back to the thing and it looked puffy. The bollock was now twice as big, but it looked . . . soft. To test it, she squeezed the giant gland, and sure enough, it was squishy and soft. Its outer hull, though, remained intact. It looked like a mutant kidney bean. She squished it around for a while, enjoying its deformities and then let the thing drop. She picked up a bottle of mild liquid base and injected it into the ball to stop the acid from eating through the outer sheath. Forever more, this athlete would have one normal nut and one big squishy one that would do nothing but get in his way and cause his teammates to laugh and point at him. Eva passed the rest of the night quietly

The next day had been a shitty one for Eva, and sadistic nurse planned to take it out on her helpless patients. She started the night properly: turning, cleaning, refilling bags, emptying waste and so forth. She stopped for lunch and had discovered that her boyfriend, or “slave” as she called him, had forgotten to put avocado spread on her sandwich. It was the last straw. What could she do? She found a surgical tray and unwrapped a scalpel, scissors and some suture. She found the hottest of the hot athletes, a trim redhead who was an Olympic gymnast with a big bush and even bigger genitals. She swabbed the whole scrotum and then cut it down the center. His two huge white ghoolies slid out. She then pulled them as far as they would go and used the sutures to tie off his spermatic cords, then she snipped the testicles clean off. One by one, she held his nuts over her bread and with the scalpel slit open its curve and squeezing hard, and made the man’s baby batter coat the dry bread. One ball for each piece. Then she used the scalpel like a butterknife and distributed the “man spread” evenly. She put her sandwich back together and ate it with relish. The testicle butter gave a nice “bacon” taste to the whole thing. Quite delicious.

Several days passed normally until Eva was hit with a thought – in all her time ballbusting, she’d never heard a testicle actually “pop” from pressure. There were, of course, a great many ways this could be achieved but she thought a body-to-body method might be the most satisfactory. So, she chose a tall, buffed swimmer who, even now, smelled faintly of chlorine. She assessed his assets and found them to be quite ample. First, she simply put her knee between his legs, lined up her knee and then leaned on his two nuts. But, of course, there was no damage seeing as how he was laying on a soft gurney. What to do? Eve remember that there were some hard binders in the adjacent office and fetched one. But when she put her weight on his balls on top of the binder, the binder just dented, warped and collapsed. Still no good.

And then, a lightbulb went off! Eva had seen some construction going on near Xray, and she snuck down to see if any 2x4’s were to be found. Sure enough there were thick slabs of fresh pine, and she picked up a couple and sashayed back to the ward, her tight white butt wiggling back and forth. As always she locked the door from the inside so no one could intrude upon her nefarious activities, and slid the board underneath his crotch and ass. Now his nuggets had no where to hide. She singled out his smaller right nut, placed her knee on it, and placed all her weight on the doomed thing. The little organ held out for about 10 seconds but then it “POPPED” and deflated. Half his man meat was now meat paste. Eva quickly lined up the other ball and put her weight on it. But this one didn’t pop the first time. So, she tried again, and not only weighed down on it, but actively tried to push her whole body down on to the seed. This time the “POP” was even louder and then the organ oozed out from under her knee. It was smooshy and kinda sticky. She poked and prodded the mess for a while until she got bored, covered him up again, and rotated him so that he wouldn’t get bed sores. Eva prided herself on the good job she did.

Two nights later Eva realized she’d missed her cardio and toning regime this morning, because fucking “Carlos” her “boyfriend” had spent the night elsewhere and wasn’t available for her morning testicle punching routine. So, she decided to do it on her patients. Eva looked around the room, full of heavy mechanical breathing, and wondered who’d be the most fun. Then she saw him, her tall guy. He was blond, the chart said his name was Dennis. He had a nice face, green eyes, and apparently played football on a high school team.

Eva lightly cupped his angelic face, and admired his features, but the features she cared most about were between his legs. And boy, were they ample. Two lemon sized balls in a gossamer thing sack and a huge dong, just laying there. Very little hair, and no one around to be a witness.

Eva got some twine and tied his cock and balls up, and then made them stand up so that punching them from above would be easier. She rolled up her sleeves, balled her left fist and then WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM. For a half hour Eva pummeled his plump plums. Then she switched fists and pummled them with her right fist. WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM. His balls, which were shaped like Brazil nuts seemed to get longer and fatter from swelling, but it occurred to Eva that perhaps she could actually punch them flat. Till they ruptured. It might take all night, but it would be a GREAT workout. She looked at the clock. 4:15am. “Well,” she thought, “it’s worth a try”. And so she began a methodical, left, right, left punch attack to his swelling agates. Left, right, left, right. His fat nuts had no where to hide, being tied up, and as they swelled they became redder and redder. SMASH SMASH SMASH SMASH. Over and over she hit them, but although they got softer, they didn’t pop. She decided to take one in both hands and squeeze as hard as she could. SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE. And lo and behold, the gonad POPPED for her. This hunky football player was down by a nut. She grasped the second one. Could she make the touchdown? She grasped the ball by its base, wrapped both hands around it, dug in her nails, and then squeezed for all she was worth. The ball didn’t just pop, it exploded! And in several directions at once. This boy’s reproductive future was now plastered all over his bed, the wall, and Eva! Eva licked her fingers. “Delicious”. And then set about cleaning up the mess.

Several days went by without any more experiments, when right before coming on duty, she overheard an ER doctor talk about a man who had just been admitted whose wife had drugged him, then put his ballbag in the microwave and made his balls explode. Brilliant! Eva couldn’t wait to try that one out.

Now alone, she surveyed what men she had left who were still intact. She chose the only body builder among them. She’d always hated body builders. More muscle than brains, more muscles than charm. They were stupid, myopic and lame. She wheeled his gurney into position then went to get the break room’s microwave. She also got an extension cord, and a rolling cart to put it on. She plugged everything in, rolled the cart up to his crotch, hefted his junk into it, closed the door as tightly as she could and set the dial to 1hour. At first it refused to turn on because the latch detector hadn’t been tripped, but with some delicate tools Eva managed to fool it, and the thing turned on with that loud fan-sound microwaves have. Around and around his balls went on the little plate. The skin started to blister and get red. Then it started to smell like burnt skin and hair. Eva hoped she could air out the place before the morning crew got in. It was around the 16 minute mark that the ruddy mess of flesh began to pop. POP POP POP POP then BOOM, SPLAT. POP POP POP. The testicles had ruptured, burst and then exploded as the steam inside of them expanded violently, but that wasn’t  the end of it. Individual tubules from inside the nut kept exploding, and so Eva was treated to 20 minutes of popcorn-like explosions from inside his ball. But, just like popcorn, the fun came to and end, and Eva had several hours’ worth of cleaning ahead of her.

It was on the last night of her watch (she was due a vacation and would be replace by another nurse, and probably never see these particular men again) that she did her best work. You see she had once worked for a local construction company as a hired temp, and the boss there fired Eva unjustly for not doing her job, which she in fact did. She hated the man for it. Well, it just so happened that that mans’ son had come down with Covid and was this ward and at her tender mercies right now. And long had she thought of a sufficient retributive torture. Something subtle, something torturous, and something untraceable.

For a long time now, Eva had been wooing the head of the Xray technology department, and she’d been gleaning all kinds of technical information from him. The floor she was on had a portable Xray machine, and once the technician told her how to use it, she was going to change this boy forever

Making sure everyone had gone home, and making sure she was alone with her 10 men, and making sure she was ready, Eva got the portable Xray and pulled the boy’s gurney out from the wall. She made him naked from the waist down, and put a book under his scrotum so that his balls stood out proudly, and distinctly, and then let them lay there, awaiting their doom.

For several minutes Eva twiddled with nobs and looked through scopes, until the Xray machine’s emitters were aimed DIRECTLY at his two helpless cahones. She new what to do. 5 minutes would sterilize him. And 10 minutes more would give him cancer. She flipped the thing on, and walked away from the machine for 30  minutes while she had a smoke, out  in the lobby. When she came back, she switched off the machine, put it back in it accustomed place, finished her work and left the building.

Eva got into her black Maserati, whose license plate said “Everard”. She fingered her small adam’s apple, and squeezed her thighs together feeling no man parts between her legs. Yup, if she couldn’t be a man anymore, then neither could they. She smiled, fluffed her cleavage, lit a ciggy, and sped away into the morning mist.


Sunday, November 22, 2020

(M/M) The Serum (mini story)

 So here's a mini story. In this age of viruses and vaccines it seem appropriate to do a medical BB/TT story. Not sure if it's sexy or just violent. Anywho, cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!


The Serum


Dr. Hawkstadd looked down at his trussed-up victim and looked into the man’s eyes. Those blue eyes were wide with fright and panic. The man was naked, his huge dong laying on his stomach and his fat, ripe balls resting between the man’s legs on the table. The Doctor smiled and started to talk.

“Mr. Pilkes, I’m going to inject the contents of this syringe into your testicles. We will then see what they do to you. I don’t envy you the torture you are about to endure, but I think it will be pleasantly entertaining. At least for me. Are you ready?” The terrified man shook his head, but that was all he could do. His mouth was taped over with duct tape and he was otherwise unable to move

Dr. Hawkstadd hefted the man’s balls with his left hand and brought the syringe with the serum in it to hover over the man’s fat right ball. At the last moment he said, “Oh, and Mr. Pilkes, remember, this is for posterity and scientific exploration, so, don’t resist it. Ok?” The doctor then plunged the hypodermic needle into heart of the black-haired man’s nut and pushed the plunger, injecting half of the serum into it. The man groaned into the back of his throat. Then the physician pulled out the needle and did the same for the left testicle. The man groaned again. The initial injection had a stinging, burning sensation, like being bitten by a black widow spider or stung by a scorpion.

The evil doctor set the empty syringe aside and then began to squeeze and manipulate the man’s cajones. From his years of torturing helpless males, he had learned that squeezing and massaging the balls after an injection not only made the experience more painful, but it helped the ball-meat to absorb and react the serum that much quicker.

“So, Mr. Pilkes I’m sure you’re wondering what this is all about. Well I’m a sadist at heart, and so in my spare time I used the hospital’s lab and technical resources to concoct a serum that causes excruciating pain to the gonads, causes them to swell and eventually rupture and will also make you horny as hell. It’s the personal culmination of my life’s work, and I plan to record all your suffering. Then I plan to torture you in some other ways, mostly for my own amusement, until you have such an overwhelming experience that your heart stops. Don’t worry, I’ll bury you under some bulbs I planted. You’ll bring life to that whole section of my garden.”

Dr. John Hawkstadd turned on all the lights, the four cameras and his laptop and then sat down at his desk. He’d removed the tape from the man’s mouth. Now the victim was moaning.

“Please, please, let me go. I promise not to press charges, JUST LET ME GO!!!!” the man cried.

“Not a chance. Now, what do you feel in your balls, Mr. Pilkes?”

“Oh GOD. It’s like the inside of my balls are roasting over an open fire. Oh my GOD!!! It hurts so bad!”

Dr. Hawkstadd watched the man’s penis via the cameras. It began to pulse and move and lengthen. After a few minutes the man’s full length of it, a good nine inches, thick and fat (John had specifically chosen this man because of his huge wedding tackle) was pulsing with life and male virility.

“Good, good. The serum has fully kicked in and we are seeing its work on the parasympathetic nervous system. Are you feeling randy now, Mr. Pilkes? Do you feel the urge to masturbate?”

The helpless man mumbled something. “I’m sorry, Mr. Pilkes. Could you speak up? Future generations of scientists will want to examine every part of your experience.”

“FUCK YOU. Oh god. My dick, my balls. It hurts so MUCH. NNnnnggghhhh”

“Yes, well. Could you say a bit more?”

“I FUCKING HATE YOU,” he yelled. The man’s testicles were now visibly swelling and the tip of his dick was excreting a pulsing load of clear pre-jack. The man’s jewels were not only swelling but twisting and writhing in their sack. The man had a particularly loose and voluminous scrotum, which left plenty of room for the gonads to expand and squirm.

“Of course you do. I’d hate myself too if I were in your position. But that’s not what we’re here for. OK. Let me lubricate your cock and we’ll see what happens.” John got up and walked over to his victim. He picked up some surgical-grade lubricant and squirted a heavy dollop onto his other hand. Then he massaged it into his blue-glove and the grasped the man’s penis. With a slow and methodical rhythm, he began to jack the man off. With his free hand he reached down and squeezed the man’s writhing bollocks. The more that he squeezed the growing glands, the more Andre Pilkes cried and moaned.



“AAAAHHHHHHHHH. YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!! LEAVE MY FUCKING BALLS ALONE.” A horrible pain engulfed his glands and traveled into the pit of stomach. His nuts felt like a bicycle pump was blowing them up from the inside out.

John continued to stroke the man’s huge cock. More precum was dribbling out its tip. Each time the man arched his back a fresh squirt of man-juice would jump out, coating the man’s ripped stomach with sticky fluid. Tears were now streaming down Andre’s cheeks. He was truly suffering an experience that no sane male should have to have. His nuts were swelling up and filling up his nut sack whilst his cock was extracting sperm from them and causing untold anguish.

“So, Mr. Pilkes, what are you feeling now? Anything exciting or illuminating? Do tell.” Dr. Hawkstadd smiled at the man on the table below him. It was always thrilling to have his victims fall apart mentally as well as physically.

“FUCKING FUCK. You’re going to BURN IN HELL for this. Oh, my BALLS, my FUCKING BALLS.”

“Now, now Mr. Pikles, there’s no need for bad language. Hmmm. I think it’s time to make some more room for your balls. Let me go get my scalpel.” John let the dick in his hand drop onto the man’s stomach and got up. He went to his black bag of medical equipment and retrieved his scalpel.

He went back to his victim. By now the man’s balls had blown up to the size of large oranges and his scrotum needed to be removed to allow them to further expand.

“Have you ever seen a naked pair of testicles, Mr. Pilkes?” Dr. Hawkstadd casually lifted up the man’s whole ballbag and slit it down the middle. The two grossly huge babymakers dropped out. In between thrashes, Andre looked down at his now exposed balls and made a small whimper.

“Mr. Pilkes do think there’s anything that can make your pain worse? Let’s see.” The doctor got a squeeze bottle of alcohol and used it to clean off the testicles. Andre naturally screamed at this. Now his balls were burning on the outside as well as the inside. The growing testes were starting to leak steam and Andre’s cock looked fit to burst.

John put the alcohol aside, relubed his glove and went back to masterbating the sweating, writhing man on the table. With his right hand he jacked and with his left he began to punch the white testicles on the table. First, he’d punch one, then the other. WHAM, WHAM, WHAM. The nuts would compress then swell a little bit more, each time. To the touch, John’s eggs were getting tight and puffy, like brioche buns. Shiny with sweat. Andre jumped with each punch but his cock was getting set to blow it’s wad. Dr. Hawkstadd knew this man’s body was reaching a critical mass and it was time for his nuts to burst and his cum to burst too.

Faster and faster John stroked the huge penis in his hand and made sure that the cameras could clearly see the balls’ final destruction.

“Now, Mr. Pilkes you’re approaching destruction, would like to comment?” All Andre could do was scream, louder, louder, louder until it actually hurt John’s ears.

In one shrill cry that threatened to explode a near glass jar nearby, Andre screamed like a girl in a horror movie and both testicles exploded with a huge BANG and from his boner a HUGE stream of cum erupted. In one second Dr. Hawkstadd sat covered in orange baby maker goo and pearly cum. The sensations of pain and pleasure knocked Andre Pilkes passed out cold, his body glistening with sweat.

“Well, Mr. Pilkes, you’ve made quite a mess.” He patted the man’s shoulder softly. And looked down at his own white smock, now plastered with body fluids. What was left the man’s balls were steaming and the cock was now shriveling up. Time to inject the Beuthanasia and put this poor fellow out of his misery. It was a lovely day to do a bit of gardening!


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A little revising

 So the other day I was feeling horny but also wanted to write a bit, so I added some things to the end of "Mother, Daughter, Father and Son" story. I had intended to write a Halloween story but decided my idea was too violent. The story was going to be about a man who turns into a werewolf and then goes about eating the cocks'n'balls of men in the villages near him. And adding some bestial rape into the mix too. But, meh, I thought it would be just violent without being sexy. I don't have an instinct for writing scary stories, I can do violent and gory but not necessarily scary.

Anywho, hope everyone is alive and well in this strange age we live in. 



Saturday, November 2, 2019

Update - what am I doing with my time

So other than endless work, my minimal free time is now spent "world building". This is the process by which fantasy and sci-fi worlds are created. I'm creating a whole world so that I can then write a novel. Yes, I'm going to try and write a fantasy novel, something that I've wanted to do since I was a kid. A couple months back I thought to myself "why can't my imagination work FOR me"? I'm always making characters of my own within other people's fantasy worlds, so now I'm  gonna try to create my own. I'm a fairly decent writer, and who knows, maybe I'm be able to come up with some good,  cool plots. I've already created a whole magic system, some deities, five "classes" and lots of creatures, so we'll see. Anyways that's what I'm doing with my free time. That and playing games. Yes, I'm your typical "gay nerd", and I spend way too much time playing games, even to the point of skipping whole nights of sleep, just to accomplish what I want. Anywho that's what's up with me. Let me  know in the comments down below what YOURE doing!



Wednesday, August 14, 2019

(m/m) If Cowboy's Ruled the World - Part 1 - NEW

So this is part of that story I was trying to write. Forever. It's the only part that's finished. And remember it's based on a sexy dream I had, so it's not as rough-and-tumble as some of my work is. Still, it's sexy. So I hope you enjoy.

If Cowboy’s Ruled the World - Part 1

Aiden heaved the bale of hay onto the truck and went off to get another one. His shirt was off and his muscular torso was gleaming in the mid-morning sun. Justin noticed this but kept on working. After a while Aiden stopped what he was doing and stretched.
“Man, I’m horny today. Let’s have some fun.”
Ever since the third world war’s radiation had caused women to be very rare, it was up to the surplus of men to take care of each other’s sexual needs. It had become normal for men to have sex with other men, and these two cowboy lads were no exception. Justin grinned and followed Aiden into the barn. Both boys shucked off their boots, undid their belts, and slid down their pants. Aiden sat down on a bale and just slid to kneel between Aiden’s knees. Aiden’s prong was at attention, pink, perfect, rigid and dripping. With a natural hunger, Justin swallowed the 17 year old’s cock with enthusiasm. There really wasn’t anything more wonderful on a hot Sunday in July than another boy’s rigid dick filling your mouth. Justin curved his lips to form a tight seal around the organ, and then he began to suck. He sucked and pistoned his mouth up and down the long smooth shaft of his fellow cowboy, slowly but steadily. With his fingers he began to first cup the slightly older boy’s nuts and then, as was the custom, began to squeeze them. At first lightly and then with more and more force. It was tradition that blowjobs be accompanied by nut pain. It was felt that pleasure plus pain was more manly and macho, and most men liked to cum to the feeling of gut-wrenching ball pain radiating into their stomachs.
“Oh fuck yeah,” said Aiden. “Oh fuck, squeeze my nuts. Shit yeah. Damn boy you got a mouth like a hoover.” Aiden grasped Justin’s bobbing head and pulled the boy up for a kiss. Normally if two strangers were having sex they avoided kissing until they felt they knew each other. However, Aiden and Justin had been friends for years. Kissing during sex was normal for them. The two teens passionately explored each other’s mouths while Justin stroked Aiden’s moist woody and Aiden held Justin’s head in his two hands. This was what nature intended sex between men to be. Natural, spontaneous, painful, pleasurable and relentless. With a smooth disengage, Justin went back to polishing Aiden’s wood (and squeezing the teen’s huge walnuts). This went on for some time. Normally whoever came first would then allow themselves to be fucked, and that was the normal course of sex for these two friends. Faster and faster Justin swallowed Aiden’s dong, and the sixteen year old could feel his friend’s sack tighten as he began to orgasm. Justin really dug his thumbs into Aiden’s nuts just as they released a volley of hot frothy semen. The sticky white stuff gushed into Justin’s mouth and was swallowed expertly, and like most cummers, Aiden let out a yell. The pleasure and pain of the situation was mind boggling, and his whole body was wracked with endorphins and chills, despite the heat. Aiden fell backwards, his muscular chest heaving with deep breaths. Justin continued to suck the wilting pecker until ever last ounce of sex had been consumed.
“Damn you taste good, Aiden. Better than my brother.” Justin smiled, his lips slick with sperm.
“Aww, Justin, you always say that. Kiss me, and let me see for myself.”
Justin got up and lay across his naked friend and held him close and then kissed the older boy so that he could taste his own issue. It was sweet and frothy and like musky candy. The two boys macked for a while, their sexy white muscular bodies slipping and sliding all over. Eventually Justin whispered into Aiden’s ear, “My turn.” With strong hands Justin flipped his friend over on this stomach and made the boy spread his legs. Justin lined up his own sword and in one stroke impaled it in Aiden’s ass. WHAM. Then he rode Aiden like a stallion, plowing his hole like it was some Olympic event. THUMP THUMP THUMP. Justin’s haunches thumped against Aiden’s ass, and both young men were moaning in ecstasy. Little dribbles of sweat trickled down off of Justin’s body and onto Aiden’s back, and the whole barn was filled with the heady scent of sex, sweat and hay.
Finally Justin yelled out, “It’s coming, it’s coming, IT’S . . . . . FUCK YEAH. NNNGGGGGG.” Hot semen gushed into Aiden’s large intestine, filling the boy up and making the day a sexual success. In fact the two boys sometimes had several sex sessions throughout the day, and as long as they got their work done, nothing could make their fathers’ happier. Afterall, sex between both men and boys was normal, pleasurable and a powerful social lubricant. It also made males more productive since they could get sex off their minds and back on work.
Justin playfully slapped Aiden’s ass. “How was that, my fine young stallion?”
“Great as always, although next time, I want to ride YOU.”
“Heh. You have to catch me first!” Justin shot up, yanked up his pants, and ran off towards the bailer. Aiden laughed, wrestled to get his own pants up and shot off after him. There was work to do, after all.

(MM/M) The Smoothing

 So, this is NOT my story. It's one that I found many years ago on the EuA and I really liked it. It's not completed and since I don...