Monday, February 23, 2015

Changes in Blogger Policy

So I'm going to have to take down all my photos of guys. Blogger won't allow them anymore. *sniffle. I'll miss them, that's for sure. Presumably you will too. Unless there's some better place to have a blog, though, I'm stuck with their rules.

Sorry guys!



Monday, February 16, 2015

(groupm/m) Towel Boy II (Lucky Charms) - NEW

So here it is, the sequel to Towel Boy. Alex and I worked on it for about two months. Just follow the link to his site. If you want to comment, feel free to comment on either site as I will be checking both. Cheers!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

(M/M) The shortest (and most gruesome) m/m testicle torture story in the known universe.

I found this story on eons ago. I only have a physical printout and it doesn't say who the author is, so I have no idea. And it's very, very short, but very, very intense. This one is for the true pervs out there.

Alex and I have been working in the sequel to Towel Boy, and it should be up on his blog at the beginning of next week, so . . . hang in there!



Balls Wanted for Torture and Removal
My add read: Balls wanted for torture and removal. At first no replies and then they started to roll in. My first respondent was waiting for me in his motel room, blindfolded as ordered. I entered his room and took him by the hand led him into his bathtub. I handcuffed him to the shower curtain and asked if could give me a good reason why he should keep his nuts. No answer but his cock stood at attention so I bend over and sucked it while I squeezed and pulled his nuts. In what seemed like seconds he shot his final load. I pulled down on his sack and with my scalpel I made a circle around his sack. With a little trimming it came off in my hand and I set it aside to start my collection. The balls were hanging by the cords so I had to pull them down as far as I could to see his reaction. A few muffled cries but surprising self-control so far. I told him it was going to get rough from here and asked if he wanted a gag. He shook his head. I doused his exposed nuts in isopropyl alcohol and lit them on fire. He screamed and I had to put out the flames and wait to see if anyone heard. I told him I had to gag him but if he wanted to change his mind, now was the absolute last chance!! He sobbed and said my balls are yours, sir, do with them what you will. I gagged him and placed the vice around his lower hanging and bigger left nut, slowly I tightened the vice until it had the nut squashed almost completely flat, sweat was running down his body so I quickly tightened the vice until there was a popping noise and he slumped against the handcuffs. I removed the vice and took the flattened nut into my mouth. I took a deep breath and bit off his nut, chewing and swallowing it; almost like a raw oyster but a lot tougher. My cock shot out the most intense orgasm I have ever had. He passed out, and I took this time to clean and close the wound from where I had bitten off his nut. By this time he was starting to come to, so I squeezed the remaining nut until he let out a muffled groan. I dropped to my knees and took his last nut in my teeth, he groaned and I bit it in half. He slumped against the handcuffs and I stood up and rubbed the half of his ball all over his face. Then while looking him right in the eyes I slowly chewed and swallowed it. He looked so sexy with only half a ball left that I had to slowly push a large needle through his cock head. Just as the needle pushed through I bit off what was left of his ball and slowly chewed and swallowed it. Again he passed out so I stitched up the wounds and waited for him to come to. When he did, I slowly removed the needle from his cock and undid the handcuffs. I gently laid him on the bed and told him to call my pager if he wanted me to cut off his cock.
NOTE: I have now castrated and eaten the balls from three men. However I have been in too big a hurry to cook them and now am looking forward to cooking a huge pair of balls while still attached and eating them while you watch your manhood disappear.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Question of the Day: Are you a Buster, a Bustee or Versatile?

So in the Ballbusting world there are those who bust other people's balls, those who offer their own balls up for busting, those that would love to do either, and finally those who would simply like to watch and not participate.
Which are you?
Tell me in the comments below which role you'd ideally take, both in real life ballbusting as well as in the virtual world of Ballbusting Stories. I'd really like to know!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Knave wrote a story!

Yes, it's all true. Our dear, wonderful and in all ways lovely original artist Knave has written a tease and denial story while he was waiting for death to come and claim him. Somehow he wriggled out of death's clutches to produce a masterpiece, so go and read it!

I give it my own personal stamp of approval. *takes out big shiny brass stamp, dips it in wax and stamps the poor guy's balls with it, WHAP. There, it's now approved.

The Chamber, by Knave



Tuesday, December 16, 2014


This blog is about both female/male and male/male ballbusting and testicle torture. I have 66 original stories plus a handful written by other people. Most of the stories you will find if you go to the Blog Archive listing on the right and go to the 2013 menu, and then go to June and July. That's where I did all the reposting when my other site closed. Go through the full list to see other months/year's stories.

Looking at the body of my work, most stories are f/m of one variety or another, and that's because although I identify as gay, I actually prefer to write and read f/m stories. Currently I try to alternate between f/m and m/m stories (more or less).

Most stories don't have pictures associated with them, and that's because I rarely have a real life person in mind when I create characters, plus I like people to plug in their own mental image of what a guy or girl character looks like.

I also encourage everyone to comment on stories and start conversations. I almost always respond to comments.

Hope that's helpful.



Saturday, December 13, 2014

Denial (F/M) - NEW

So I always like to try something new, and I decided to do a tease/denial story for the first time. I haven't read many of them myself, so I had to sort of guess at what makes a good denial story. I hope I succeeded. I also had to stretch my imagination to get into a proper hetero space and do justice to the female character, but I'm pleased with the result. At any rate, Enjoy! And, yes, the anagram is intentional.
and ps MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR (soon)!!!!
Daniel stopped the car across the street from the house. He looked down at his own crotch. He could see the outline of his cock, already swollen with excitement for what was about to happen. He rubbed it with one hand and looked over at the house. A non-descript suburban house, well-kept but unremarkable and plain. Daniel licked his lips. He looked down at his own crotch again. He could see the outline of his two fat balls. He flicked them with his fingers a couple of time. Oooo. The slight pain was so good.
He got out of the car and walked to the house. As usual the keys were under the mat. He opened the door and walked in. It was dark, and cold, but fortunately he knew this house like the back of his hand. Unerringly he headed to the cellar. Down the stairs and onto a thick olive green shag carpet. He flicked on the lights. It was a sound proof, insulated room that was also a dungeon. There were chains and harnesses and a pile of toys and instruments of torture. First he turned on the space heater so his balls would stay loose and pliable, then he undressed. Daniel worked out constantly, and shaved his whole body. Most of his clients demanded it, but Dan actually preferred having a smooth body. His muscles rippled and heaved as he got stark naked except for his white socks, which he kept on to keep him warm. He stroked his cock and squeezed his balls a few times before dropping them before putting on first the leather harness, so he could be strung up and then the cock-and-ball harness which made his erection even bigger. The harness bound his balls separate from each other and made them nice and tight. Then he inserted his ball gag so he would be unable to make any articulated noise and put on the black hood and strapped himself in to the chains and set himself to wait for the client to arrive home. It wasn’t long.
He never did learn the name of this particular client. She was known to him only as “Princess” and paid him in cash after every session. He could hear her enter the house. The floorboards creaked as she walked to her bedroom, presumably to change. After a short while he heard her come down the basement stairs. Click, click, click. She came into view. Through the eye slits of the black hood Daniel saw her. She was in a pretty pink doll outfit, a diamond tiara and pink socks with pink high heeled shoes. Click, click, click. Down she came. Daniel shivered a bit at the knowledge of how much cruelty came in such a beautiful package. She had huge boobs, a tiny tiny waist, silky blond hair cut short and beautiful blue eyes. She stopped in front of him.
“Well, your fairy Princess is once again here to give you pain and pleasure, my dear little peon. Let’s see if we can’t beat last month’s record by 20 minutes. As always the rules are if you’re aroused you get punished. If you precum you get it worse, and if you EVER ejaculate in my house I will crush one of your nuts with my bare hands. Or . . . maybe my teeth, I still haven’t decided yet. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” Princess stepped back. She held a star-tipped pink wand in one hand. She used it to trace a line from his left nipple (which was hard) down his smooth abs, across his flat stomach and down to his enormous erect penis. She gently rubbed the underside of his dick with her wand. The whole process gave Daniel goosebumps and he shivered.
“Oooh. Looks like someone is already excited to play. Let’s see what we can do about that.” Princess gripped her wand tight, raised it, and brought it crashing down on his rigid pole. ‘OUCH’ thought Daniel. That hurt. But his penis bobbed happily. WHAM. Princess hit his prick again. Then again. And again. Small welts arose on the 9 inch monster cock. WHAM. But then Princess stopped her hitting and just gently caressed his member. She also gently fondled his balls.
“Mmmm. Your balls are always so droopy and loose when you’re here enjoying my hostpitality. They just beckon me to do things to them. But first we need to give you some pleasure.” She kneeled in front of him and began to lick his rod with her pretty pink little tongue, making it moist. Then she twirled her tongue around his pink helmet, then her tongue darted in and around the piss-slit, testing it for precum. She found nothing so she swallowed what she could of his meat and began to slowly suck on it. In and out, in and out. Princess could hear Daniel breathing heavily through his nostrils. She knew she was getting him nice and aroused, like any man would be. She stopped sucking and began to jack him off using her saliva as lubrication. With her other hand she fondled and squeezed his balls. It was then that the first pearly white drop of precum appeared on the tip of his dick. Princess was pleased but naturally showed displeasure. After all, the pain was so much more fun than the pleasure.
“Oops. Looks like someone is enjoying this a little too much.” She stood up, looked him straight in the eyes, smiled sweetly at him, and then SPLAT, her knee came up between his legs and nailed his dangling testicles. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. Daneil’s stomach muscles tensed and he jerked around. She continued to jerk her knee up into his fat heuvos until his sexual excitement ebbed and his penis lowered a bit.
“Well, that seemed to do the trick,” she said, stopping her vicious brutalization of his balls. “Let’s see what we can do to pass the time.” She went over to her pile of toys and picked out some ball weights. She attached these to his cock-and-ball harness and suddenly his nuts were being pulled towards the floor. It felt like his balls were being pulled out by the roots. Then she took a spiked collar and wrapped it around his dick, just below his head, with the spikes on the inside. They dug into his cock flesh, and squeezed his urethra shut. Perfect.
Then, standing in front him, Princess slowly lifted up her dress, revealing she had no underwear, and she took her wand and slowly inserted it into her snatch. In, and out, in and out. The moist pink lips of her labia quivered as she diddled herself and made him watch. Daniel groaned into his ball-gag. His nuts were on fire and his dick ached like hell, but as always he couldn’t take his eyes off the monumental mound that she always teased him with. Oh, if only he could enter it. Just once. Just once.
Princess licked her lips and made a slight moaning sound of her own. The wand really didn’t do much, but she liked to tease and torture her horny peasant. Her willing slave. She stopped with the wand and instead inserted three fingers into her moistening vagina and then pulled them out and licked her own fingers. She knew he wanted to be the one to do that. Then it was back to the wand. Princess noticed his dick head was going from flesh pink to bright purple. She stopped her teasing and attached more weights on his nuts and tightened the cock-collar even more. His dick head swelled as even more blood became trapped in it.
From out of her pile of toys she produced an enormous pink dildo shaped like Jeff Stryker’s cock and bent over in front of Daniel. And, as if she was taking it from behind, she reached behind herself and inserted the dildo into her cunt, doggy style. She slid it in and out, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always with that sexy “slurp, slurp, slurp” sound that men equated sex with. At one point she looked up at him through her own legs and gave him a little giggle. All Daniel could do was breath heavily while his balls sagged and his dick pulsed.
Finally she stopped pleasuring herself and stood up. While he watched she licked the dildo and tasted herself. It was smooth and tangy. Then she threw the fake cock onto the floor and took off the weights on Daniel’s nuts. She quickly undid the cock collar. A spurt of precum erupted from it and splattered all over Princess’s nice clean dress. She frowned.
“You’ll pay for that one, mister.” Princess backed up, aimed her pointy toed shoe at his groin and let loose a kick that would have hobbled a quarterback. WHAM. Straight up into his testicles. WHAM. Another solid kick to his junk. His poor left nut was getting the brunt of the force because it was larger and the pain made Daniel want to vomit, but of course he couldn’t because of the ball-gag, so he suppressed his natural urges and just sort of flopped around in his restraints like a dying fish. WHAM. WHAM. Would she ever stop kicking him? Didn’t she know that nut-pain made him wish he was dead? Well, actually she probably did, which is why she kept kicking him in the balls. WHAM, WHAM, WHAM. Then she stopped. She caressed his chest and gently sucked on his nipples. They were hard and pert. Just like hers. Princess decided to do something about it. She retrieved some nipple clamps from her pile and attached them. She viciously squeezed the clamps once they were in place and made them scratch nipple flesh. She looked down and saw his cock jump. He liked it. Well, not for long. Being so close she simply kneed his testicles several times until his cock deflated a bit. She rubbed her own erect nipples against his naked, sweaty flesh while she did so. Her hard kneecap bounced off his eggs like they were rubber balls. Then it was time for some real fun.
“Let’s see what I have to play with, shall we, my helpless serf? Ah. How about this?” She found a candle and some matches. She lit the wick and let it burn a bit, then she began to dribble hot wax on his naked torso.
“From the burn marks it looks like I’m not your only client who likes to play with fire.” Princess smirked. She loved to watch his beautiful naked flesh flush as the dripping wax burned it. She dribbled some into his belly button, and then down onto his prick. Its long shaft flexed in pain. She laid down a line from the top of the root all the way up to the head. And then, to make sure she wasn’t splattered with any more pre-jack, she forced open the hole of his urethra and dribbled some wax into it. That should bung up his hole for a while. She could hear him scream into his gag. Hot wax in his piss slit must really hurt. How marvelous.
Now that she had reliably stopped the flow of prejizz, she began to stroke his wax covered cock and she decided to suck on his big fat balls while she did so. She was never sure if that was pleasure or pain for a man, to suck on his balls. Perhaps a little of both. Balls were such remarkable things, she just couldn’t help swirl them around in her mouth or compress them with her tongue. Their size, their shape, their heft and density. She almost wanted to swallow them whole. To completely ingest a man’s pure vitality and life essence and leave him a shattered eunuch. Oh, if only she could, someday. Perhaps if she paid this one enough he might let her do it.
By now, Daniel was squirming like a stuck pig, and the combination of overwhelming pain and pleasure was starting to overload his senses. But Princess wasn’t done with him yet.
“Now that we’ve got you properly ‘plugged’ I think it’s time for some real pleasure. I know you’ve wanted to be inside me since our first session, and now you’re going to experience a little bit of heaven. And some hell.” She unzipped the back of her dress and stepped out of it, letting it drop to the floor. Then she took off her shoes. Now she was naked except for her socks. Her huge breasts hung there, like luscious melons, their pink areolas glistening with moisture. She positioned herself in front of Daniel and with one hand guided his cock into her pussy. With her other hand she began to twist and squeeze his balls. Her snatch was warm, moist and tight, even if she wasn’t obviously a virgin, and Daniel decided she must do the Kegel exercises to counteract the stretching effect of sex. Daniel assumed someone as gorgeous as her must have a LOT of sex.
She rode him, slowly, languorously all the while squeezed, pulling and twisting his nutsack. It was hideously pleasurable. Her one hand guided his prick in and out of her, but she never let up on the pain. All of a sudden she felt the nuts in her hand tighten, and she knew he might shoot his load, even perhaps bursting past his wax blockage. She immediately detached and stepped away from him. She started kicking him in the testicles with her sock shod foot. She kicked his ghoolies as hard as she possibly could to stop his ejaculation. His balls were now swollen to twice their normal size and were an angry, shiny red. They strained against their harness, looking for somewhere to retreat to. But Princess never let up on the kicking, and Daniel couldn’t stop writhing in his restraints and grunting into his ball gag. He could feel the pressure in his prostate as it ached to release his load, and his balls striving to issue their seed, but the pain from the kicking was also about to make him pass out.
Princess continued to kick the shit out of his nuts until his abused cock finally started to soften and as it did, Daniel slumped in his restraints. This was almost too much for even him. He felt his restraints loosen and Princess lowered her slave to the floor. She rolled him over and began to gently stroke his cock to get it hard again. The wax plug was still in place. Once it got his dick hard she mounted him, cowgirl style, and began to ride her young buck while she squeezed his balls behind her. She dug her fingers into them and rode her young buck until she herself came. Several times. And as she came, she could feel he wanted to do the same, but by squeezing his nuts as hard as she could she made that impossible. Talk about blue balls. In the end, and after her fifth orgasm she turned to reverse cowgirl and began to punch his nuts. It was simply too much and Daniel passed out. His body went limp, and Princess stopped the punching. Eventually.
Princess stood up, shaking from her ecstasy and looked down at him, his dick still half hard, and his balls the size of turkey eggs. Princess caressed her male’s exquisitely sculpted body and completely freed him. Then she took out a wad of hundreds she had hidden in her dress and dropped it on him. ‘I’ll let him figure out how to get the wax out of his dick once he wakes up’ she thought. Princess walked upstairs to take a shower and start dinner. He’d find his way out on his own. Until next time!