Saturday, November 2, 2019

Update - what am I doing with my time

So other than endless work, my minimal free time is now spent "world building". This is the process by which fantasy and sci-fi worlds are created. I'm creating a whole world so that I can then write a novel. Yes, I'm going to try and write a fantasy novel, something that I've wanted to do since I was a kid. A couple months back I thought to myself "why can't my imagination work FOR me"? I'm always making characters of my own within other people's fantasy worlds, so now I'm  gonna try to create my own. I'm a fairly decent writer, and who knows, maybe I'm be able to come up with some good,  cool plots. I've already created a whole magic system, some deities, five "classes" and lots of creatures, so we'll see. Anyways that's what I'm doing with my free time. That and playing games. Yes, I'm your typical "gay nerd", and I spend way too much time playing games, even to the point of skipping whole nights of sleep, just to accomplish what I want. Anywho that's what's up with me. Let me  know in the comments down below what YOURE doing!



Wednesday, August 14, 2019

(m/m) If Cowboy's Ruled the World - Part 1 - NEW

So this is part of that story I was trying to write. Forever. It's the only part that's finished. And remember it's based on a sexy dream I had, so it's not as rough-and-tumble as some of my work is. Still, it's sexy. So I hope you enjoy.

If Cowboy’s Ruled the World - Part 1

Aiden heaved the bale of hay onto the truck and went off to get another one. His shirt was off and his muscular torso was gleaming in the mid-morning sun. Justin noticed this but kept on working. After a while Aiden stopped what he was doing and stretched.
“Man, I’m horny today. Let’s have some fun.”
Ever since the third world war’s radiation had caused women to be very rare, it was up to the surplus of men to take care of each other’s sexual needs. It had become normal for men to have sex with other men, and these two cowboy lads were no exception. Justin grinned and followed Aiden into the barn. Both boys shucked off their boots, undid their belts, and slid down their pants. Aiden sat down on a bale and just slid to kneel between Aiden’s knees. Aiden’s prong was at attention, pink, perfect, rigid and dripping. With a natural hunger, Justin swallowed the 17 year old’s cock with enthusiasm. There really wasn’t anything more wonderful on a hot Sunday in July than another boy’s rigid dick filling your mouth. Justin curved his lips to form a tight seal around the organ, and then he began to suck. He sucked and pistoned his mouth up and down the long smooth shaft of his fellow cowboy, slowly but steadily. With his fingers he began to first cup the slightly older boy’s nuts and then, as was the custom, began to squeeze them. At first lightly and then with more and more force. It was tradition that blowjobs be accompanied by nut pain. It was felt that pleasure plus pain was more manly and macho, and most men liked to cum to the feeling of gut-wrenching ball pain radiating into their stomachs.
“Oh fuck yeah,” said Aiden. “Oh fuck, squeeze my nuts. Shit yeah. Damn boy you got a mouth like a hoover.” Aiden grasped Justin’s bobbing head and pulled the boy up for a kiss. Normally if two strangers were having sex they avoided kissing until they felt they knew each other. However, Aiden and Justin had been friends for years. Kissing during sex was normal for them. The two teens passionately explored each other’s mouths while Justin stroked Aiden’s moist woody and Aiden held Justin’s head in his two hands. This was what nature intended sex between men to be. Natural, spontaneous, painful, pleasurable and relentless. With a smooth disengage, Justin went back to polishing Aiden’s wood (and squeezing the teen’s huge walnuts). This went on for some time. Normally whoever came first would then allow themselves to be fucked, and that was the normal course of sex for these two friends. Faster and faster Justin swallowed Aiden’s dong, and the sixteen year old could feel his friend’s sack tighten as he began to orgasm. Justin really dug his thumbs into Aiden’s nuts just as they released a volley of hot frothy semen. The sticky white stuff gushed into Justin’s mouth and was swallowed expertly, and like most cummers, Aiden let out a yell. The pleasure and pain of the situation was mind boggling, and his whole body was wracked with endorphins and chills, despite the heat. Aiden fell backwards, his muscular chest heaving with deep breaths. Justin continued to suck the wilting pecker until ever last ounce of sex had been consumed.
“Damn you taste good, Aiden. Better than my brother.” Justin smiled, his lips slick with sperm.
“Aww, Justin, you always say that. Kiss me, and let me see for myself.”
Justin got up and lay across his naked friend and held him close and then kissed the older boy so that he could taste his own issue. It was sweet and frothy and like musky candy. The two boys macked for a while, their sexy white muscular bodies slipping and sliding all over. Eventually Justin whispered into Aiden’s ear, “My turn.” With strong hands Justin flipped his friend over on this stomach and made the boy spread his legs. Justin lined up his own sword and in one stroke impaled it in Aiden’s ass. WHAM. Then he rode Aiden like a stallion, plowing his hole like it was some Olympic event. THUMP THUMP THUMP. Justin’s haunches thumped against Aiden’s ass, and both young men were moaning in ecstasy. Little dribbles of sweat trickled down off of Justin’s body and onto Aiden’s back, and the whole barn was filled with the heady scent of sex, sweat and hay.
Finally Justin yelled out, “It’s coming, it’s coming, IT’S . . . . . FUCK YEAH. NNNGGGGGG.” Hot semen gushed into Aiden’s large intestine, filling the boy up and making the day a sexual success. In fact the two boys sometimes had several sex sessions throughout the day, and as long as they got their work done, nothing could make their fathers’ happier. Afterall, sex between both men and boys was normal, pleasurable and a powerful social lubricant. It also made males more productive since they could get sex off their minds and back on work.
Justin playfully slapped Aiden’s ass. “How was that, my fine young stallion?”
“Great as always, although next time, I want to ride YOU.”
“Heh. You have to catch me first!” Justin shot up, yanked up his pants, and ran off towards the bailer. Aiden laughed, wrestled to get his own pants up and shot off after him. There was work to do, after all.

Monday, August 12, 2019

(Group/m) Whu Kneads Skool? (Some Footfetish and a Period Piece) Part 3

Whū Kneads Skool? (Some Footfetish and a Period Piece)  Part 3 - NEW!

So, at this point you may be wondering . . . was Christian starting to get A’s on his homework assignments and tests so that he can have his balls racked by his vixen of a teacher? Well, he was certainly trying to get better grades. He really pushed his writing ability until he could make his sentences and paragraphs sound as good when read out loud as they did when read silently to himself. He had remembered an old trick from a previous teacher who had stated that good writing should flow like a poem or a recitation, leaving only clear images and no “fog of confusion”. So, he tried and tried to get his first A on an assignment. However, once he started getting B’s (rather than his normal C+’s) Mrs. Vain started to give him some fun. She began to have students act out plays from various time periods of history. Roman and Greek plays. Medieval plays. Renaissance plays. And whenever there was a part that had violence, she would always have poor Christian take the abuse, and it somehow always seemed to be testicular abuse. In one scene where two young men were fighting for the hand of some lovely woman, Amanda whispered into the ear of Christian’s opponent to go for the red head’s nads. And boy did he. Ron, which was his name, smashed Christian’s fake wooden sword out of his hand until it clattered to the floor and skittered away by a good six feet, leaving Christian defenseless.

“Now class, Christian is completely helpless. Historically this would have given his opponent an opportunity to either outright kill, or if so inclined, to torture his victim. Many victorious soldiers castrated and collected the manhoods of their enemies. To show that their own manhood was the more powerful.” Mrs. Vain walked over to Christian and tied his hands behind his back with some velvet rope. She then pulled down his pants and let his huge bulge of a package become a focal point.

“You know what to do, don’t you, Christian?” whispered the sexy blond. The equally sexy redhead whispered back. “Yes, m’amm”. He sank slowly to his knees, spread them wide and then looked at Ron and smiled “Beat my nuts to mush, bro.” Ron let out a “YELP” of pleasure that was surely heard in Siberia and began to whack Christian in the nuts as hard as he could. All the girls were laughing and all the boys were rubbing their own goods. There was something so weirdly erotic about seeing another guy get his junk destroyed. And not only that, but . . . willingly destroyed. It was like God had given all men an invisible tally sheet where each set of destroyed balls could be noted as another rival being taken out of the mating game. One less set of baby makers to dilute the gene pool. And for women it was one more piece of proof that men were weak, useless, and ultimately disposable creatures. Soak up their sperm, pop their balls and move on to the next schmuck.

Ron really beat up Christian’s balls. He hacked, slashed, jabbed and ultimately mangled the red-head’s manhood, and instead of Christian’s dick being small and shriveled from the pain and the psychological torture, instead the engourged head of it was peeping over the top of his boxerbriefs, displaying one, single pearly drop of pre-jack.

After a few minutes, Ron was huffing and puffing and looked like he wanted to take a break. “Anyone else want to smash them?” he inquired. Cindy, the big athletic girl at the back of the room raised her hand and shouted “YES” with enthusiasm. As she walked to the front of the room, Ron handed her the wooden sword, but she just tossed it away. She shrugged off her huge tennis shoes.

“Real girls would have crushed a guy’s goobers with her bare feet,” said the sturdy young lass out loud. “Isn’t that right Mrs. Vain?” Cindy looked over at her teacher. “Very possibly, Mrs. Coxx,” was the reply. “Why don’t you ask young Christian whether he’d like to be introduced to your feet.”

Ron looked down at the girl’s huge athletic feet, thinking they were the best things he’d ever seen.

“OH HEALL YEAH,” he replied. “I’d love to feel those things crushing my eggs.”

He nodded at her, Cindy look over at Amanda and Amanda nodded to Cindy.

FUCKING WHACK went her naked foot straight into his nylon clad bulge. The whole thing ballooned, and Christian’s eyes bulged and started to tear up. That hurt like a motherfuck. WHACK WHACK WHACK What Christian felt was now beyond coughing, but more like nausea. It was if his body was rejecting the two big beautiful feet that were pulverizing his manhood. His body started to shake and then convulse. He’d never felt such pain before in his life. But Cindy didn’t stop. She was having too much fun. WHACK WHACK WHACK.

After about six minutes of this (with the audience clapping and hooting in appreciated) Christian let out a warbling yell and fell over sideways. Cindy stopped and looked over at Mr. Vain. The sexy teacher walked over to the wounded boy, and snaked her hand inside his underwear to feel around for his balls. They had swollen to twice their normal size, and she expertly pressed and squeezed them to insure there was no hemorrhaging or ruptures. They felt fine, if rather swollen.

“OK. Well that’s enough fun for one day, folks. You can leave early for study hall. I’ll patch up our little crash test dummy here, and remember we start discussing Romeo and Juliet next week so I want the first two chapters read by Friday. That’s all.”

Amanda gave her moaning student an ice pack to put on his balls and left him there for an hour while she graded papers.

“Feeling better, Mr. Dowry?” Said the pert blond without even looking down at him.

“mmhmmm. Mphf. (*groan). I , , I  think I’m good to go now, miss.”

“Alright well, pull your pants up and give me back the ice pack tomorrow. Use it on the buss on the way home. Cheerio!”

The next week they did start discussing Romeo and Juliet and finished it up on Friday, with a paper due the following Monday about the idea of “If Romeo and Juliette hadn’t killed themselves, what would have happened then?”

Christian’s sick perverted mind wrote a three pager detailing how Lord Capulet would have kidnapped Romeo, undressed him, strung him up, and then beat the shit out of his balls, ultimately rupturing both of them and then chopping off his cock too, and putting the whole lot in a jar of honey to be displayed in Juliette’s bedroom for life. A sort of grizzly trophy that she could weep over for the rest of her chaste life.

Christian was so turned on by his own idea that he came on the pages three times before handing it in. (The boy behind him wondered if Christian normally dragged his assignments through puddles of yoghurt or something.)

The assignment came back to Christian with a long list of instructions for him to carry out for the next few days, and then to be early on Wednesday morning. The cold day found Christian in a rented Romeo costume, and his cock and balls bound up and behind him with ductape, similar to the ways drag queens hide their own candy. The sensation was uncomfortable and decidedly odd.

Mrs. Vain showed up early too, in a get-up that would have made the Queen at the Ren Fair look cheap, and Mrs. Vain was apparently supposed to be Juliette’s mother. She was also carrying a bag and a huge meat cleaver.

When the class had settled down and settled in, Mrs. Vain announced that she had really enjoyed reading their “what if’s” regarding the tragedy of Romeo and Jueliette and now she was going to display her own. Unbeknownst to the class, she had brought a lifelike set of plastic testicles in a pink plastic scrotum (very life-like) a had Christian attach then to the inside of his inner shorts, with a nice codpiece to cover it.

“Mr Dowry, come sit up here, on my desk.” He costumed teen did so. Mrs. Vain stuffed a white linen in his mouth and taped it over so he couldn’t say anything.

Amanda then stood beside him and began to recite her own self-composed prose which basically told him that he was going to pay for the wicked ways of his family, and to open his cod piece. Christian did so.

“Now, forsooth, take out the jewels of thy family and let them see the light of day.” Christian reached in and pullout out the very big and very realistic plastic, water filled balls. The pink plastic scrotum, hung heavily over the side of the desk. The fat testicles lolled there, looking so delicate and vulnerable.

“Do you, young scoundrel admit to sullying my daughter’s good name?” Christian nodded. “And do you, you roguish Knave admit to impugning my family’s good name?” Again came the nod. “Then for thee I have only the butcher’s reply. I will cleave from you your sin, that you may then high thee to a monastery and live a life of repentance. Prepare thyself, eunuch-in-waiting.”

Christian’s eyes went wide and he early stopped breathing. Those nuts looked so real. He wished they were his real ones. He spread his legs as wide as he could, leaned way back and waited for his paramour to use her cleaver. Mrs. Vain, looking like a Elizabethan psycho, raised the cleaver with drama, so everyone in the classroom had a good look at its heaviness, its deadliness, its sharp and unfeeling edge, and then WHACK, the cleaver came down on Christian’s nutsack and the whole scrotum slipped off the side of the desk and went “SPLAT” onto the floor. And all the while she had looked into Christian’s eyes and continued to do so as she then started to stomp on the fake glands, shouting expletives at him “You bounder, you cad, you rogue, you bastard. May your manly orbs expel their seed for me ONE LAST TIME.” She really stomped hard and everyone could hear the fake nads POP. Christian’s bound up cock jizzed immediately because he so truly was imagining that those were his balls, and about half the class did likewise. Girls were moist between the legs and the guys were creaming their pants. By the end of her stomping session, Mrs. Vain was breathing heavily and seemed ready to faint (darn corsets!). She dismissed the class. Everyone left except Christian who had to clean up the mess of his fake balls. He pulled the cloth out his mouth and threw it away. He turned to leave and as he did so, he heard Mrs. Vain speak up from the papers she was grading. “That was my tampon from this morning, Mr. Dowry. I hope you enjoyed the taste of a real period piece.”

Thursday, August 1, 2019

(F/m) Whu Kneads Skool? (The Smell of Cum) Part 2 - NEW

Here is part 2. I just finished it, and I think it's sexy. And original. I'm sure the straights will enjoy it. This story got me thinking how we spend the first third of our lives at school, and it should be normal for kids to fall in love (or in lust) with their teachers. It's just natural. Don't know how real teachers fend off teens who lust after them. Must take a LOT of self control. lol

Whū Kneads Skool? (The Smell of Cum) Part 2

Now . . . Christian wasn’t much of a student. He was on the lazy side, not possessing of a keen intellect and somewhat shy and retiring. Still, the whole idea of doing well so that he could get his ghoolies squashed was an intriguing one. So, naturally, he began to apply himself with some vigor. He would listen carefully to Mrs. Vain’s lectures and then go home and spend hours reading not only the assigned homework but extra credit material as well. Mrs. Vain taught English literature, and so there was a plethora of items he could immerse himself in to make a difference to his grades. However . . . the object of his affection quickly found ways to make him leak precum through the entire class. For instance, on one occasion she read a passage from an old Greek text about capitol punishments which involved testicle torture and she had Christian come up to the front of the class so one of his classmates could “kick him where he lived” as she put it. Christian unhesitatingly complied and marveled at the beautiful young brunette who came up and slammed her leg between his, crushing his junk and making him moan. Dropping to his knees and coughing up the balls that had lodged in his throat was so painfully sweet.
A couple weeks later Amanda started giving Christian special homework. One day she gave Christian a packet of papers. It was a strange calendar which listed not only days but also homework assignments, and once Christian read a few of the assignments, he practically fainted. It was so awesome. Each day listed he had to do self-busting and self-torture and keep a journal detailing both the pleasure and of course, the pain, of doing such. The first date and assignment was to get undressed, get some twine, tie his testicles off with it, and then attached a bucket full of sand and hang it from his ball-bag. He was required to do this for ten minutes, then rest, then ten minutes more, followed by another rest, and then a final twenty minutes for a total of forty minutes of hanging. He was supposed to make his scrotum stretch to a certain length, and when he actually attempted it, he discovered that his nut-sack was rather tight and he had to keep adding sand to make his scrotum stretch. This made a deep ache in his stomach, and as he kept the required journal he noted not only the pain, but the pleasure of imagining Mrs. Vain adding the sand herself, and watching him in agony as she did so. He imagined that she added so much sand it ripped his balls off. SPLAT. On the floor, and no more babies for Christian. This made him hard throughout the process, and as the days rolled on, his entries became almost a eulogistic worship of Amanda and her busting by proxy.
After that was several weeks worth of assignments where he had to punch himself in the balls and film it on his i-phone so that Mrs. Vain could watch. He got naked, sat in a chair, squeezed his man-pouch out and then began punching his own eggs. At first slowly (it’s hard to overcome nature), but as the endorphins ramped up he was able to hit them harder and harder and longer and longer until they began to swell and turn red. The ache it made lasted for three days and he was in pleasurable agony throughout the process. Then another day where he had to tie up his balls and just flick one ball for 20 minutes, and then 20 the other. Somehow flicking was almost more agonizing than just punching – the superficial pain never really went away nor his body acclimate to it.
After a few weeks of these, Mrs. Vain gave Christian a USB drive and told him to watch it. It was a series of videos where Amanda had filmed herself on her smart phone watching his videos and masturbating to them. Dressed in a tight white skirt-suit she would start by just slipping her fingers into herself, slowly, in tune with his busting, and then as he sped up, her fingers would start to plunge rapidly into her almost virginally tight pussy. Her moans were in the same pitch as his pain filled vocalizations and it was like they were singing together, but separated in both space and time. At the end of each video of her, she stuck her cunt-wet fingers into her own mouth and look straight at the camera as she did so. The first time Christian watched one of these he creamed his pants. Twice. Just splooged without even touching himself. The idea that a hot, adult, woman would get off just seeing him racking himself was like a drug. Now, every time he had a class with her, he could swear she was rubbing her clit while she sat behind her desk and stared at him, in the middle of a test or a reading session.
As if this were not enough to keep horny Christian busy, Amanda moved the relationship to a whole knew level. She printed a short document which instructed Christian to take any paper he wrote for her class and cum on each individual page, then let it dry, then hand it in. She wanted him to bust himself while doing it and to film the whole thing and hand the USB in with each paper. She told him to visualize her foot standing on his balls and crushing them like insignificant bugs. She told him to think of her in candy-red high heel shoes and spearing his vulnerable balsies like a shish kebab.
Not two days after this instruction, Mrs. Vain had the class write a paper on Kipling’s “The female of the species is more dangerous than the male” and to analyze its merit. After painstakingly researching the subject and writing up a reasonable response on his PC, he printed it out. He put it on the coffee table, slid down his pants and underwear and kneeled before it, legs spread. Then he started stroking himself and imagining Amanda kicking his livelihood, smashing his balls over and over with her sexy foot until couldn’t take it any more. His penis swelled bigger than he’d ever seen it, and in about six minutes he shot his load all over the page, big sticky globs of white stuff. Huffing and panting in pleasure he clipped the moistened page to a cloth’s line, and then went to bed. In the morning he woke up and saw that his semen had dried and the paper had a blotchy tan hue to it. He turned in the page during class (being careful no one else saw his cum-stained report) and waited.
For three days he waited. Finally, his report was returned to him (along with the USB drive). He rushed home after school and plugged the drive into his computer. He stripped down to his socks and watched as his paramour, in front of the camera, stripped down to her own underwear and take his report in one hand and her golden dildo in the other and pleasure herself to one of Christian’s ballbusting videos, smelling the page once in a while. Just as she was about to cum, she stuffed his report into her pussy and saturated the document with her cunt-juices. She then set the thing to dry just like he had and ended the vid. Christian scrambled to get out the paper which he’d stuffed into his folio and looked at it. Sure, enough it had a big stain in the center, a stain that shone over the stains he made. He brought the paper close to his nose and inhaled deeply. It was a tangy, heady, fishy smell that made his heart race and his loins swell. He whipped out his phone, propped it up in front of himself, and filmed himself smelling the page in one hand, and jacking off with the other. At one point he even licked the page and could have sworn he could taste his teacher. Her very essence. He could swear he tasted his own essence as well. It was an interesting exercise in sexual archeology. That night he made two more self-busting vids, cumming each time, and each time smelling and flicking his tongue on the jizz soaked page. He then went to bed, dreaming of how this seductive relationship would develop from there on in. He fell asleep with his pulsing-hard penis apparently ready to find out.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

(F/m) Whu Kneads Skool? Part 1 - NEW!

So, after all this time, I've given up trying to find time to do the other story, and instead will concentrate on doing this one, one little chapter at a time. Maybe that will work. This work was inspired by MeetThePressure's "Classroom Rules" over on Worldwide's site. Anywho, hope its the start of something wonderful. Cheers! - n.

Whū Kneads Skool? Part 1

Christian looked up from his report. Mrs. Vain was staring right at him. He looked down again. It said it, in bright red ink “See me after class.” Christian gulped. His report had really been the third paper in a series where he had slowly discussed the destruction of his own balls as part of the paper’s theme. The destruction of his own manhood. He had written three papers for his teacher, each one completely off topic and each one had broached the idea of her taking away his ability to reproduce. The first two she had apparently shrugged off as adolescent foolishness, but now, with this third paper, she had apparently decided he was serious. Christian looked up again. Yep, she was still staring at him. This should be interesting.
Forty-five minutes later the bell rang, and all his classmates had rushed to gather up their things and escape school. But not Christian. He was so nervous he was shivering. Like pulling a lead weight, he slowly put his books and papers into this backpack and made ready to leave. Then he saw Mrs. Vain get up, lock the door and walk back to her desk. Instead of getting behind it she instead sat down on the edge facing the front and crossed her legs. Her sexy legs, with their sheer silk stockings crossing one over another, and her tight dress show off her ample assets.
“Well, Mr. Dowry? Come sit up at the front. This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”
Christian gulped again and slowly got up and went to the first row of desks. His pants were tight because he had a full erection, and his close-cropped red hair was glistening from his perspiration of anticipation. ‘Oh boy’ thought Christian, ‘This is it!’
Mrs. Vain watched him approach and made eye contact with the teen. Not only was her figure to die for, but her stare was hypnotic. Christian made it around to the desk right in front of her, and slowly sat down.
“So, young man. You seem to have developed a bit of a ballbusting fetish from spending time in my classroom, and you apparently have put me in the roll of a dominatrix. Have you any idea of the trouble I could get in for fulfilling your selfish and self-centered wish?” Her beautiful red lips were pursed. Her long golden locks fell down on both sides of her head, and framed her flawless face. Christian licked his lips and tasted salty moistness.
“Well?” said the teacher impatiently.
Christian stuttered. “I . . .I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause trouble. I only wanted you to know how deeply I felt about you, your presence and your charisma, Mrs. Vain. You have some kind of power over me, and I want to show my loyalty to you by offering up my balls to your pleasure. To destroy them utterly if that is you desire. It most certainly is mine.”
One golden eyebrow arched itself. “I see. And what am I supposed to get out of this?”
The lad of 16 stuttered again. “I . . . . I don’t know. But I remember hearing your husband say that he loved it when you busted his balls. I heard it when I was hiding behind the bleachers at last year's Earth Day celebration. So, I, uh, figured you might be OK with busting, I mean crushing, mine. Please?” That last word was said with the kind of whiny wheedling timbre that only a self-centered teen could produce.
Mrs. Vain cocked her head. From the center of her cleavage she pulled out a cigarette and a lighter and lit up a fag. She drew in a long breath and exhaled a large plume of sultry smoke. Christian blinked. He never knew she smoked. Interesting.
“OK. Well you seem to know something about me, but let’s see if you’re brave enough to show me everything about you. Undress and let me see your goods.” Christian noticed she wasn’t blinking, but sort of watching him with her eyes half closed. Smoke continued to leak out of her mouth in slow sexy whisps.
Christian stood up. This was it. The moment of his big reveal. He had spent the last nine months in his big brother’s work-out room, toning, building muscle and becoming a Greek god. He unbuttoned his red and blue plaid wool shirt. Then pulled his undershirt over his head. Christian’s creamy white “red-head” skin gleamed in the florescent lighting. His pale pink nipples were hard and erect, and he had virtually no body hair on his muscled chest. Next he shrugged off his shoes and then he unbuttoned his trousers. Outside it was cold and blustery, but inside the school there was that oppressive, heavy warmth that could only come from an industrial strength boiler. The kind that made the desks smell like raw wood and the ceiling tiles smell chalky. Down went the pants, leaving him in white socks and his boxer briefs. His woody was huge, especially for a guy not even 17 yet, and it showed. Like a huge flashlight in his briefs. His balls were huge too, together forming a softball sized lump. Very impressive. Mrs. Vain’s lips made a minute smile.
“I see. The socks are fine, but I still think you should be able to dispense with the underwear. How about we see your cock and balls in all their natural glory. Hmmm?” The blond vixen took another drag on the cigarette.
“OK . . . OK, sure. Of course,” was all he could stammer. Looking down at himself, he slowly put his thumbs under the elastic of his boxer briefs and then with a held breath (to muster courage), Christian pulled down his underwear. His fully hard pecker popped free and waggled in joy at its freedom while his balls dropped low. He had a tiny patch of red hair above his cock which was easily an 8 incher, and his pendulous balls the size of hen’s eggs. Then he stood there, waiting for her next command.
“Mmmm. Very nice. I love to see a healthy set of a man’s what-nots. So, you want me to, what, play with your dick and find a way to destroy your two best friends? That’s what your paper seemed to say.”
“Yes m’amm. I’d love nothing more than for you to nullify me. I so badly want to lose my balls to you.” Christian cupped his nuts and made a small move as if he were presenting them to her. She exhaled and then smiled.
“Well, if that’s the situation then I’ll make you a deal. My job is to educate you and to prepare you for the real world which lies ahead. So, if you can excel at your studies, then for every A you get on a test or paper I will bust your balls for one hour each week you get them. And if you ever get an A+ I will crush one of your testicles. And if you get three A+’s in a month I will also chop off your cock and have it turned into a necklace to hang around my neck for the rest of my life. Like this one.” She reached behind her and opened the top desk drawer. She pulled out a golden-glazed penis on a necklace. “This is from my first husband. I left his testicle earrings at home.” She pulled it over her head and positioned the nine-inch golden penis to nestle between her globular tits (which jiggled tantalizingly).
Christina nodded. It sounded like a fair deal. “OK. I’ll work hard to make you happy and maybe make me a real man. A man who can take brutal treatment from (*gulp) a real woman like you. Thank you misses Vain.” Christian bent over to retrieve his clothing so he could leave.
“Oh, and Mr. Dowry, one last thing.”
Christian looked up. “Yes?” he said.
Mrs. Vain’s pointy high heel shoe rocketed towards his crotch and smashed his two fat balls, crushing them against his own pelvic bone.
Christian’s eyes grew wide, and he dropped to the floor like a pile of bricks, holding his crotch for dear life. The young man’s body twitched and writhed on the tiled floor as his brain tried to process the pain shooting through his stomach.
Amanda Vain smiled again. She stood up, put out her ciggy in a tray on her desk, and walked to the door. “See you tomorrow Mr. Dowry.” Her blood red lips smirked, and she left the building, cock necklace bouncing merrily.

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This blog is about both female/male and male/male ballbusting and testicle torture (BB/TT). I have 87 original stories plus a handful written by other people. Most of the stories you will find if you go to the Blog Archive listing on the right and go to the 2013 menu, and then go to June and July. That's where I did all the reposting when my other site closed. Go through the full list to see other month's/year's stories.

Looking at the body of my work, most stories are f/m of one variety or another, and that's because although I identify as gay, I actually prefer to write and read f/m stories. Currently I try to alternate between f/m and m/m stories (more or less).

Most stories don't have pictures associated with them, and that's because I rarely have a real life person in mind when I create characters, plus I like people to plug in their own mental image of what a guy or girl's character looks like.

I have a wide variety of stories that include many different fetishes, scenarios and participants. You just have to search for them.

I also encourage everyone to comment on stories and start conversations. I almost always respond to comments.

Hope that's helpful.



Thursday, April 5, 2018

(FFFFFF/mm) The Heel Club - NEW!

My first trample and milking story. Hope it pleases. cheers!

The Heel Club
Sasha looked down at her two teenage boys, sleeping peacefully. Today would be a life changing day for them, for it was the agreed upon meeting of her Heel Club, wherein she and her fellow members would be taking all four of her sons' balls. Her boys would become eunuchs, and no longer be able to provide her with grandchildren. Which was no problem since her daughter Samantha would be able to fill that role. After all, what were men but disposable toys to be discarded after their usefulness was over? Todd was now 19 and Rod was 17, and they would be able to get jobs and live their own lives soon, so Sasha planned to kick them out of the house the day after their emasculation.
Both of her boys were home schooled, and they long ago had learned not to cross their mother. She had trained them early on to fear women, and to submit their testicles to her whenever they needed to be punished. Which was often. It all started when Todd, the older boy, had his first wet dream, leaving a sticky white residue on his underwear. When she found it she immediately called Todd to her bedroom where she punished him with knees to his nuts until he turned green in the face and puked. Thereafter he was to report to her nightly so that she could punish his balls and so be unable to have sexual dreams at night. Two years later, Rod the younger boy had the same issue and was dealt with in the same way. Once they were old enough to cum, they were old enough to receive a man's punishment for any little infraction, and their schooling became a nightmare. If they got a problem wrong on a test there were punished. If they got a question wrong when asked, they were punished. If they didn't have their homework assignment done, they were punished. Sasha's favorite punishment was to have the boys take out their nuts, rest them on the desk, and then smash their whole sacks with the flat side of a ruler. WHAP WHAP WHAP. Very little permanent damage, but lots of instructive nut pain. Pain was, after all, the very best teacher.
Additionally, the  boys were allowed only to wear underwear and socks in the house, so that their groins would be easy targets, and they could only wear the same to bed. They were not allowed outside the house and had no friends other than each other. A few years ago Sasha heard about the local chapter of the Heel Club, a group of women who loved to dominate men and trample them in high heels. Sasha joined and learned about the whole world of doms and subs and wearing high heeled black boots. Through the club she'd be able to experience walking all over willing men's bodies. Hot men, muscular men, men with big bollocks and huge cocks. The Club found lots of eager volunteers as trampling and ball busting were popular fetishes. Especially here in the US where perversion was a way of life for so many people. At the last Heel meeting, Sasha had announced that she was going to offer up her son's balls for complete destruction as a gift to her fellow members. They readily agreed and so here it was, the day of "the event" and Sasha was eager to start early.
In two swift motions she swept off the boy's duvets and grasped their sleepy sacks in one hand each. Then she juiced their grapes for all she was worth. The boys both started moaning as their huevos were being milked. Oh, it hurt so bad, and both whispered "thank you mommy" as they had been instructed to.
"You're welcome my little darlings. Now, rise and shine. It's your big day. I want you two to shower together, and give each other a complete body shave. I don't want to see a single hair left south of your neckline. Your butts, your balls, your pubes, your legs, your arms, all of it, completely smooth and soft. Now get undressed and get into that shower!" After letting go of their goods, the two teens got up, stripped off their socks and underwear and shuffled off to the bathroom. They lived in a mansion, and the shower was big enough for about four people, with four shower heads, and a big drain in a tiled room. There were even ledges to sit on. The boys were in there for well over an hour, and came out squeaky clean, smooth, and warmed up. They presented themselves to their mother who gave them each their morning energy/protean drink. Then, she sent them off to the gym room. For two hours each morning the boys did a grueling workout routine which left them physically exhausted. This morning was no exception. For teenagers they had exceptionally fit and toned bodies, and that was just how their mother liked them, physically beautiful and sculpted. Then they took a second shower. Now the fun was to begin.
Sasha gave the boys each a shot of liquid Viagra and then strapped them into to unusual looking chairs. The chairs had holes in the seat and lots of straps. The boys didn't know what to expect but Sasha and her daughter did. Once the Viagra had taken its effect and the boys were as hard as rocks, Sasha wheeled in two consoles with probes attached and suction hoses. The hoses were hooked up to their rigid cocks and the probes were lubed up and then inserted through the holes into their anuses. And then while Sasha and Samantha watched the electrified probes stimulated and shocked the boy's prostates while the tubes sucked at their dicks. In no time semen began to gush, in spurts, to be sucked up by the tubes and deposited into half/ounce vials. The boys moaned as the machines milked them. For well over an hour their vital fluids were jolted and sucked from their bodies as if they were cows being milked before their final slaughter. Even virile young men couldn't cope with an hour long ejaculation and by the end of it, they were completely drained. But that was just beginning. Sasha unhooked the machines and withdrew the probes, and sent the tired boys up for another shower. Their still-rigid cocks were red and angry looking, and their balls had shriveled up. But another shower should fix that.
When they came back down, still naked, and still hard, they were strung up from the ceiling with winching equipment, and their legs spread wide. It was time to swell their nuts so that their ultimate destruction this evening would be all more impressive. Samantha and Sasha put on some running shoes with sturdy but comfortable construction so as to protect their toes from impact, and began to launch kicks to the boy's hanging knackers. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. Sometimes from behind, sometimes from in front. The two males writhed in their restraints as their nuts were plastered all over their pelvises. Oh, it hurt so bad. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. As desired, the four testicles began to swell, and fill with edema. In a half hour of kicks they had doubled their size, in an hour they had tripled their size. Sasha called a halt to the kicking and fondled her sons' assets. They were hot to the touch, monstrous in size, and quite ready to be burst.
It was an hour until her club members were due to arrive, and there was just two things left to be done. On the stove was boiling some liquid acrylic. Sasha poured equal proportions of the hot plastic into big mugs, and brought it out to the strung-up boys. She and Samantha each took a mug and then without preamble began to dunk the boy's ball sacks into the boiling plastic. Both boys screamed bloody murder. But of course the mansion was on seven acres of land, so no one else could hear it. And the two gals didn't just dunk their sacks once, but multiple times, over and over, until a thick layer of semi-translucent plastic coated their man purses. In the end the boys were just blubbering but their scrotums were now unpuncturable, as well as being soft and supple and even water proof.
Next came the sounds. Metal sounds of various sizes were stuffed down the piss slit of the boys' rigid cocks. At first thin ones. But then they got larger and larger. For the last half hour until the door rang the boys' urethras were stretched until a stiletto sized heel could easily fit down one. This would allow the members of the Heel club to fuck their dicks with their heels.
Finally it was time to start arriving. They two boys were strapped down and left on the floor. Their faces covered with black silk masks and their naked bodies ready to receive trampling. The doorbell rang. It was the Jolene. She was in a black cat suite and wearing high heeled black boots with vicious looking heels. Samantha brought her into the living room and served her a drink while she waited for everyone else to show up. Next was Alice, then Judy, Grace and finally Maria. Meahwhile Sasha was boiling down the semen she had collected and adding ingredients to make a cum-facial scrub which she would put into cute little bottles and hand them out at the end of evening. It would a special thing for the women to use theses boy's final issue as part of their beauty routine, after they themselves had take away the boys ability to produce issue at all.
Sasha finished up and met her follow members in the living room. She too was dressed in a black suite with black high heel boots.
"Well, shall we begin?" she asked. Sasha turned on the hi-fi which played various heavy metal bands from the 80's such as Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Motley Crew. All the women in the chapter had grown up in the 80's and were fangirls of the mega rock bands from that era.
One by one the women started to step up onto they boys bodies and slowly walk around them, taking opportunities to grind their heels into the boy's white flesh, leaving marks all over. The loud music covered up the boy's moans. The women trampled their torsos, their arms, legs, and even their faces. Grace placed her heels right over Rod's eyes and pressed down, pushing them into the back of his head, though she did no damage.
While Sasha watched she commented, "Girls my son's dicks are hard, and they've stretched with sounds. Heel fuck them." And so they did. One by one the women stuck their heels into the boy's waggling dicks and shredded the insides of their urethras. Over and over this happened. Amazingly the boys began to spurt cum onto the heels as their prostates were stimulated, and the women were horrified, so they made the boys open their mouths and suck off the cum from their heels. It was the ultimate humiliation.
Then it was back to normal trampling. TWIST TWIST TWIST. After about an hour of that the boys hadd hardly any skin on the front of their bodies that wasn't an angry red, and their moans were nonstop. The pressure from the women's bodies made it hard to breath and not fear they would break bones and cause major damage. Fortunately all fhe women were thin and petite, so they weighed very little.
The next activity of the evening was ballbusting the two helpless teens. The women lined up between the boy's legs, and punted their cahones with their pointed toes. WHAM WHAM WHAM. Over and over they blasted their boots into the boy's big bollocks, and further increased their size. Rod's scrotum looked like a huge angry red turkey egg. Todd's balls looked angry too but they were writhing inside their sacks, moving of their own accord, trying to avoid the damage that was being inflicted on them, but without much success.
Next it was time for some toys. The boys were raised and tied to the wall, face first, so that their untouched backs were exposed, their legs spread. Each woman had a black leather bullwhip and they now took turns lashing the boys mercilessly. The goal was to aim well enough to be able to hit their balls sacks from behind. Since their scrotums were coated in plastic it wouldn't break the skin, and still cause an unbearable ache, deep in their stomachs.
Soon their backs, buttocks and legs were beet red, covered with lash marks. As a special toy, Sasha had a cat-o-nine-tails which she used on both her boys. Their screams punctuated the heavy metal music nicely. SLASH SLASH SLASH. The boys were tortured mercilessly, and then the women took a break to rest and regroup. Cocktails were sipped, causal conversation was made, and the boys were given a rest before the final home stretch.  
After a half hour break, the boys were untied from the wall. They got on all fours, and backed up to the wooden coffee table. Sasha reached behind each boy, and pull their plastic coated ballsacks so they they rested on the table. Then the testicles were clamped in place so that they were flush with the wood and in a position to be destroyed. They all drew lots, seeing as how there were only four balls and six women. Two women would have to just watch. Maria drew Todd's left testicle, Alice his right, Sasha Rod's left and Judy his right. Maria was a buxom, vicious Latina who looked like Cat-Woman, and she climbed ontop of the table, and walked over to Todd's package. She turned around, and let her heel rest, lightly, on his overripe left peach. Knowing that she woulnd't break the skin, she knew that she could impale the thing and was excited wondering what kind of noise the ball would make when she did. She let her heel sink deeper and deeper into the ball. She could feel its tough outter wrapping strive valiantly to prevent damage, but in the end she weight too much. With a crisp SNAP the heel pierced his nut and made a hole in it. But that was just the beginning, Maria was determined to make mince meat out of his gonad, and lined up her boot over and over again. Each time it penetrated the ball it gave another crisp SNAP and in less than ten minutes of this the ball was hamburger. The other women applauded. Several women also had loud orgasms.
Next it was Alice's turn. She wanted to peirce the ball from bottom to top instead of side to side, and so she had one of the other women hold it upright for her. Todd's head had fallen to the floor, and he was whining and crying, already having lost one ball, and now his other. Alice placed her heel at the top of the ball and began to weigh down on it. At first the thing seemed determined to resist all her attempts to puncture it and it kept sliding around, but then another women came to the rescue and with two women holding the testicle steady she was able to violate it. With a SNAP her heel broke through the outter casing of his ball like it was a sausage and it began to skewer his whole gonad. The heel made a hole all through the length of the testicle and finally emerged from the other side. It was a miracle to behold. Todd's last ball impaled on the sexy black boot. Everyone clapped loudly at this and the women took turns feeling the thing while it was still attached to Alice's heel.
Finally Alice withdrew her heel and used the ball of her booted foot to squeezed out all the ball innards into his sack. Todd jumped and jolted at this and kept whispering, "My ball, my ball". But no amount of wishing on his part would make him a whole man again. Finally he collapsed and just lay there, a broken man totally covered in welts and whose balls were just mush.
Rod had heard the whole thing happen and was now trembling at his own emasculation. But Sasha just kneeled in front of him and cupped his face. "You're a wonderful boy, Rod. We're going to remember this for the rest of our lives. You're giving us a wonderful gift. So be brave." Rod nodded and let his head fall a bit. Sasha got up in the table and sidled up to his huge left nut. She began to juice it with the toe of her boot. SQUEEZE SQUEEZE SQUEEZE. The nut flattened each time and then sprang back into form. Rod moaned loudly. Having your nut compressed was painful. Then she began to stomp on the thing. STOMP STOMP STOMP. His nut flattened out and began to lose it's structure. On the fifteenth stomp the ball popped with a huge POP sound and then it oozed out its contents into the scrotum. Sasha kept squishing the thing until there was nothing left of it, and then she orgasmed and shed a radiant glow as her skin flushed with excitement. Several of the other women had already cum at this point, and there was some sotto voce moaning from among their ranks.
And finally it was Rod's last ball that took their attention. Judy climbed up on the table. She stood over Rod's last nut and just looked at it. Then she rolled it around and made some tentative jabs at it with her heels. Finally she settled on impaling it like Maria had. So she turned around and let her heel rest on the thing. But she was extra cruel and began to twist her heel as well as put weight on it. Her heel bored into the testicle and it all made Rod scream. "Oh my god, Oh my god" Rod kept saying over and over. Down down, twist twist went her heel until a loud CRUNCH the ball was impaled and without missing a beat Judy pivoted and slammed her toe into the trapped nut. The ball made a SPLAT noise as it exploded from the furious toe-work being visited up on it. She kept at it for several minutes until there was nothing solid left of his testicle and Rod had fainted dead away. The women clapped, diddled themselves, and laughed. It had been a wonderful night. Leaving the boys clamped to the coffee table, they chatted and sipped drinks until well past midnight, and then Sasha handed out the cum face cream and ushered everyone to the door. The night was cool and calm, and she watched as they women drove away, leaving her and Samantha to clean up. Sasha was only sad about the fact that she only had two boy's balls to offer up. Maybe one of the other gals would let them destroy their husband's balls. Well, one can dream.

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