Wednesday, May 20, 2015

(F/mMMMMM) Jill's Eighteenth Birthday Celebration - NEW

So, here's a little something from my own literary mind. The fourth, and I think last, episode in the Jill series. I've been sitting on it for several years now, and last night I had the inspiration to finish it. So here it is, for your reading pleasure. You can find Jill and Jill's Summer Continues and Jill Interlude in my blog.




Jill’s Eighteenth Birthday Celebration


Jill’s eighteenth birthday was six days away. She was on the verge of becoming a woman, and her whole extended family was getting ready for the big bash. All the men and boy’s whose testicles she’d popped or busted or owned over the years were going to be there. The gathering would probably have about sixty people, all men, who adored and worshiped her with all their hearts. It was going to be an event to remember.

Since the day she’d taken her father’s last testicle, Jill had been surrounded by men willing to give up their manhood to her. Gary and Val had come over regularly to get nutted, and they found other men and teens to come to the Friday night activities. Those males, in turn, brought more people so that, eventually, every three months there was a night of ball busting that always ended in a bursting or sometimes even a full castration. Every three months, all the current men in her life, plus usually about four new males, would come over to the house, and get ballbusted all evening. They also drank, talked about sex, and basically had a bacchanalian affair. Every male who still had at least one nut left had to put his name into a hat, and at the end of the evening Jill picked a name and got to pop that guy’s ball. That meant she got to pop at least four testicles a year, and it was usually more than that since some guys willing give up their manhood to her just for fun.

After Tony had become a eunuch, he found he could spend more time at work. He eventually started his own construction company which was quite successful, and within two years he’d actually become quite wealthy. He moved himself and Jill and their dog, Sasha, in to a mansion, and was able to provide Jill with every luxury imaginable. Then, Tony’s new son arrived, and Keith, Jill’s baby-sitter, took care of the little tyke when Tony was out of state on projects.

Kyle, Jill’s new little brother, was adorable beyond words. He was a quiet, good natured baby, with brown hair and beautiful green eyes. Jill came to adore him, and she learned from Keith how to be a good parent. Kyle grew up in an environment where his sister ruled the roost, but from her he never received anything but love and affection. In return, he adored and worshiped his big sister and hated being apart from her. He was her pet, her confident and her constant companion. He grew up in a house where there was lots of sexy testicle torture, and naturally he accepted it as normal. Men all seemed to adore her, and willing gave their manhood’s to her, but she never touched her brother. She loved him too much.

When he was little, she carried him around like a doll, putting him in dresses and funny shoes. As he got older, he followed her around the house, holding her hand, and exploring the world around him. When he could go to kindergarten, he missed Jill so much he cried every single day for a week.

They both grew up, going through school and soon Kyle began to hang out with Jill on her bed, he’d be massaging her feet for her, while she gabbed with friends or read magazines or watched television.

But now Kyle was thirteen and deep into puberty. He’d started his growth spurt at eleven instead of thirteen and already his cock and balls were almost adult size and his hormones were raging, but they raged only for his big sister, and he desperately wanted to show his devotion to her. For the past few months now, he’d developed a fantasy of Jill crushing his nuts, and he masturbated every night to the thought of her beautiful feel mashing his testicles to a pulp. He also wanted her to have his cock cut off and gold plated, so that she could treasure his manhood forever. Even though five other males would be surrendering their manhoods to her on the big day, he wanted his own sacrifice to be special.

Jill’s party was only six days away and Kyle and Tony and Jill were sitting at the table eating dinner. It was then that Kyle brought up his idea for contributing to the part.

“Jill,” he said, “I want to give you a very special present for your birthday.”

“That’s sweet of you, Kyle, but you don’t have to get me anything. I’ll be quite happy just having you watch the festivities.”

“I don’t want to buy you anything, I want to give you something of mine. I want you to crush my balls just like you’ll be doing to the other five guys. I love you beyond words, and they’re the best things that I have to offer. I’ve been wanting to do this for months now, but with the party so close I figured we could do it there. Please take my nuts from me, Jill.” There was a poignant look in the boy’s green eyes, and Jill had never been able to say no to him.

“But Kyle, you haven’t seen anything of life yet, don’t you want to have children and a normal life?”

“Not really. All I can think about at night is putting my balls on a table and you standing over me, ready to pop them. I masturbate constantly to the idea of you popping my nuts. It’s driving me insane. Please, please, please let me offer them up to you.” Kyle looked at his dad, who had been silent since the conversation began. “It’s OK dad, isn’t it?”

“They’re your balls son, you’re allowed to do anything you want with them. I was happy to give up my babymakers to Jill, and I’m not at all surprised you want to do the same.”

Kyle got up from the table and walked around to Jill. He undid his pant’s button, slid down his pants and pulled down his underwear. He gently grasped Jill’s hand and made it cup his two teenage walnuts. Jill expertly rolled the two orbs around, as she had for nearly her entire life. She was so used to having men offer up their balls to her, and she was now confronted with the greatest sacrifice of all.

“Please Jill, take my balls from me. I want you to have them. And I want you to have my dick too. See?” His penis was hardening at the mere thought of Jill smashing his nuts. “When you use the DiIdotron on the other guys I want you to use it on me too. I want you to carry my cock around on a necklace for the rest of your life. PLEASE?”

Jill smiled reluctantly. “Well, OK. If that’s what you really want. I’ll crush you balls for you. Can I do anything in return?”

Now Kyle smiled. “Yeah, for the next six days I want you to bring me to my knees every chance you get. If I’m going to lose my nuts, I want to remember the pain of them forever. It’s the school recess and I’ll be home all day. Kick me, hit me, make me feel my manhood, alive as I’ve never felt it before.” Jill was still fondling his nuts and his dick as well. They were so impressive a size for his age. She singled out his fatter left ball and began to squeeze it hard. His youthful penis immediately began to leak precum.

“I want to sleep at the end of your bed on Sasha’s old dog bed, and I want you to wake me up every morning to a kick to my nuts. I want you to treat me as the lowliest scum alive, because no one else deserves to be in your presence. “

“OK. We’ll do it,” said Jill. Kyle sighed in relief, pulled up his pants, and sat down again, but his hardon never diminished. That night Kyle found Jill on her bed, reading a teen magazine. He came in wearing only white, ankle length socks. He sat down on the bed, his naked cock and balls resting on the duvet. He was determined to stay naked for her for the next six days.

“Can I massage your feet, Jill?”

“Sure!” She put her left foot between his legs and pressed it up against his naked manhood, and while her heel dug into his nutsack, he expertly massage the top of her foot. His dick was also hard, and Jill played with it with her toes. This went on for some time, before he stopped. He was getting super aroused and didn’t want to blow his wad. He wanted to save it for the big day. His plan was to remain hard all week and then cum when she finally crushed his balls.

It was getting late, and Kyle stood up.

“Jill, I’m a lowly worm who doesn’t deserve you, but would you knee me in the balls before we go to bed?” he asked.

“Sure. Stand up against the wall so you don’t fall.” Despite his growth spurt, Jill was taller than him by some, and she looked down into his eyes. She saw his great need to worship her. It was a look she was used to and as always felt the power she had over men and their precious little nuts.

“Do you want me to make it hurt?” She asked softly.

“Oh god yes.”

“OK.” She put her hands on his shoulders and bore down on him, at the same time jamming her thigh between his legs. His testicles were flattened against his pubic bone WHAM WHAM WHAM. Jill had learned that it was the first few minutes of busting a guy for the first time that you could gage his tolerance for pain, and it would seem from Kyle’s heavy breathing, his rigid cock and its leaking tip, that he had inherited his father’s remarkable resistance to testicle pain.  He totally let her mangle his balls with her knee, never once struggling or trying to make her stop. His eyes were closed and he was moaning, but that was all.

Jill rammed his nuts for a full five minutes before she had to take a breather, and Kyle fell to his knees, naturally holding his crotch as he did so. “Thank you sis,” he coughed. Jill turned out the light and crawled into bed. After about ten minutes of nursing his nuts, Kyle crawled over to the dog bed, pulled the dog blanket over him, and eventually fell asleep, dreaming about his great triumph to come five days from then.

As promised, come morning, Jill got out of bed, walked to the end of it, and saw Kyle asleep in the fetal position. She pulled off the blanket and looked over his form. Yes, he was young, but almost a man, you could tell by the size of his wedding tackle, and she felt no compunction about neutering him. He was just another man in her harem, a special man, but not substantially different that the thirty odd men she’d had ruined up ‘til now. She grabbed his top socked foot and lifted it, exposing his balls, and then with careful aim she rammed her foot into them. Not once, but six times. Kyle naturally woke up and when she let his leg drop, he was already moaning slightly, but he mumbled a sleepy, “Thank you, sis.”

“You’re welcome little brother.” Then, Jill went off to make some breakfast. While she was sitting down eating, her naked little brother came in and stood beside her.

“Would you squeeze my nuts? I want to watch you eat,” he said simply.

“Of course. Come over the other side.” With her right hand she spooned her Trix cereal and with her left she grabbed his whole scrotum, split his nuts with her thumb, and then expertly began to grate his rocks. She’d developed her technique over the years to a fine art. She could feel his body shudder, but his scrotum never seized up, and it was clear he wasn’t afraid of losing them; indeed Kyle really did want her to mash his balls. His cock swayed back and forth as her fist mutilated his testicles, and it was an ample sized cock.

“Are you going to cum for me?” she asked.

“Not unless you want me to. I was going to save that for the big day.” Jill was impressed with his answer because she knew how much self control it took for a lad of his age to suppress his urge to jack off.

“Another sacrifice for me,” she noted. “You’re the bravest man I’ve ever met, Kyle.” The fact that she had just called him a man almost made him splooge right there. Of course she did have his manhood in her left hand now as proof, but it was a terrific compliment none-the-less. The ache in his balls from her grinding was as sweet as a broken tooth.

After breakfast Kyle went to take a shower (he wanted to be spotless for his Queen) and Jill went to go watch TV in the living room. Eventually Kyle came in, with a fresh pair of socks, got on his hands and knees in front of Jill on the couch, and then backed up to her.

“Would you do the honor of kicking my dangling balls?” he asked. “Kick them so hard I can’t wank. I don’t want to blow my load and all I can think about is you popping my nuts. It’s driving ME nuts.” He looked back at her with a puppy dog look on his face. “Plaster my balls, sis.”

“Of course. Here, spread your knees more. OK.” Before kicking his ample equipment she reached over and fondled them. They were starting to swell from the moderate abuse they’d thus far received, and from experience she knew she could easily double or triple their size by the time Friday came. Then she’d have two really fat huge nuts to pulverize, and that thought made her especially happy. It would only increase her pleasure of castrating him, ‘and his too’, she thought.

“Hold still, this will hurt.” She slammed the top of her foot directly into his hanging huevos literally as hard as she could. Her naked foot flattened his naked nuts with a loud SMACK and she repeated the move until Kyle fell forward and started to twitch on the ground. Then to add to her anti-orgasm medicine, she reached between his legs, pulled his sack out so that it lay on the carpet, past his butt and then stepped on them, pressing his bubbles deep into the carpet. He moaned and twitched on his stomach. She rolled his trapped gonads around like they were some playtoy from her childhood, and had always loved the feeling of a man’s orbs sandwiched between her feet and some hard surface.

But she knew exactly how much weight she could place on them without bursting them, and loved seeing her little brother grovel in pain. She loved him, but she loved seeing men in agony even more. Eventually he let out a gasp and a huge shudder and went still. Jill stepped off his balls, and went back to watching TV. By supper time (Tony was still at work) he’d recovered and the two of them sat opposite each other at the kitchen table. Jill had her foot solidly planted in his groin and was grinding it against his balls, and neither of them were surprised when she’d put it there. Kyle was so willing that he’d instantly spread his knees on the chair and pulled her foot into his balls and pressed it against them, hard. But they ate in silence, one in pleasure, the other in pain, but a good pain. Kyle loved the dull ache it made deep in the pit of his stomach as she compressed his nuts with her heel.

After dinner they went into the living room to watch TV and Kyle sat very close to Jill so that she could squeeze his nuts while they watched. The night ended with another kicking session and the odd knee between the legs, then they settled down to sleep. Despite the pain he was in Kyle almost gave in to the temptation to jack off, but he had the courage to punch his own nuts until he wanted to puke. He certainly couldn’t masterbate now.

The next morning was much like the previous one, but Jill began to mentally chart the swelling of Kyle’s nuts, and she added a twist. For three hours she immobilized him in a doorway which had ankle and wrist clamps installed and attached huge weights to his balls. She wanted to see not only how big they could get but also how low they could hang. She told him they’d be doing this every day, twice a day, for three hours. It was her little experiment, and it also allowed her to get Kyle out from under foot so she could go out and do things. Kyle agreed eagerly but only on the condition that she’d actually damage his balls so much that they couldn’t retract any more. thus ensuring that his goal for her to remove his manhood completely would begin. That was no problem to Jill, and while he stood there, balls being pulled out by their roots, Jill went off and did shopping and other errands. When she came back she decided to give him some pleasant torture and kneeled in front of him and started to flick his balls. Two things happened, his dick got hard, and he began to writhe. Somehow flicking nuts was in some ways more agonizing them kicking or hitting them. Then she got a wooden ruler, and began whacking his balls with it. Held there by the iron weights, his nuts couldn’t go anywhere, and she kept up this torture for a good twenty minutes. Kyle was half crazed from the agony the ruler caused and was mumbling gibberish to his sister, a glazed look in his eyes.

Finally she stopped, took the weights off his balls and let him down from the clamps in the doorway. He collapsed into a heap and just lay there, in a daze of pain. He was drooling slightly from one side of his mouth, his eyes rolled back into his head.

The next two days were a blurr of pain (and painful pleasure) for Jack. True to her word, Jill put so many weights on, and for so long, they his nuts lost the ability to retract into his abdomen. Kyle was pleased as the first step to being ruined had occurred. They spent many hours with her squeezing, kicking or kneeing his ball sack, and they kept the house at an even 80 degrees and his socks on so that his nuts would always be loose. On Wednesday night Kyle woke up with a start to realize that he was having a wet dream where his sister was slowly crushing his nuts with a metal nutcracker, and he instantly got up, turned on the light, and woke Jill up. He told her she needed to plaster his nuts right then and there otherwise he might cum. She could see that his cock was swollen enormously and looked ready to burst, and although she was groggy, she complied. He sunk to his knees, put his arms behind his back, and looked up at his Queen. She smiled sleepily and then punted his cahones for all she was worth. After about six brutal kicks Kyle leaned forward and coughed, but he said, “Keep going” so she walked around behind him, and kicked his balls from the back, his knees spread, while his forehead was pressed against the carpet. His enormous, fat balls absorbed kick after kick and his massive erection finally started to diminish. When it had faded away to nothing, Kyle moaned, “OK,” and crawled over the dog bed, nursing his nads and tried to go back to sleep. Jill happily turned off the light and went to sleep immediately.

Finally, it was the day before her party and Jill woke Kyle up with his usual punts to his sleepy testicles. But Kyle had something special in store for her that day. He took a shower while she had breakfast and came to her as she was on the couch watching TV. Kyle was already hard, thinking about what was to come.

“Sis, tomorrow’s the big day, but I want you to do something special to me now, if you would.” He hesitated slight before continuing. “You see I want to know for sure that you’re taking away all of my manhood tomorrow, not just my nuts, and in health class we learned about all the tubes and chords where the sperm mature behind the ball. I was hoping you’d do me the honor of crushing MY tubes today. Tie me up to the door frame, take my nuts and crush the life out of the tubes where all that horrible sperm stuff comes from. I know it will hurt a lot, but I know you’ll enjoy it so much, and so will I.”

“Wow. You know that will probably cause you to pass out, right? I’ve done that before to several guys and none of them could stand the pain.”

Kyle held out his hand. It was holding a ball-gag, retrieved from the pile of S&M toys they had lying about the house. “This will muffle the sound if I scream. Please sis, I want to feel you popping my tubes and making me sterile. If we don’t do it now I could theoretically still cum tomorrow with sperm in it, and I wouldn’t want to sully your presence with my seed.”

Jill shrugged her shoulders. “OK.” She took charge. She strung him up to the door frame, clamped his arms and legs in place and then looked at him. “Shall we swell your balls some more before we make you sterile? I’m in the mood for some busting.”

“Absolutely,” he replied with a grin. Jill fitted the ball-gag into his mouth and then proceeded to knee his testicles so that they would enlarge further. They were already misshaped and as large as small oranges, but she knew she could enlarge them further. WHAM WHAM WHAM. Kyle’s eyes had rolled into the back of his head, but he was a tough SOB, and surrendered to everything she could give him. The big day was so close he could almost taste it, and he wanted so badly to cum the moment she popped his balls, first one, then the other. It would be a double spurt of jizz, and with blue balls like his, it would be a fountain each time.

Jill tested the testicles a few times, and when she’d felt them expand even more with fluid, she let them hang. Then she kneeled in front of him, and took just his right ball. They now hung down especially low thanks to the weights, and she felt for the chords and tubes behind his ball. She found them, right there, so vulnerable, so delicate and then looked up at Kyle.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” she asked. “You’ll for sure be sterile after this.”

Kyle nodded his head with vigor and made a muffled “mmmhmmm”. The very idea that any of his sperm might touch pure Jill was abhorrent to him, and he knew that this needed to be done. It was the second step to being completely ruined as a man, and he was looking forward to it. Ever since he had come up with the idea to have his sister nut him, he had wondered what it would feel like to have his tubes crushed. Now he was about to find out. Jill held his right ball steady with both hands and began to make mush out of the tangle of tubing behind it. Kyle did, in fact scream. The pain was off the scale, but like his father, who had been in the marines, and could take boatloads of pain, Kyle managed to not faint. He felt every squeeze of her fingers, and he felt (and heard) every tubule as it popped and burst between her iron fingers. He wanted to vomit. It was the most sickening feeling he’d ever experienced, but Jill was relentless. She squeezed and squeezed, pressed and pressed until she’d popped all of the tubes behind his right ball. Then she began to crush the cords attaching the nut to his body, up, up, up all the way to the root of his penis. When she was satisfied she’d ruined that one, she looked up at her little brother. His head was lolling in pain, and he hung limp. But there was still one organ to go. She began to work on the other one. Grasping the testicle firmly she began to crush its tubes. Kyle gave another muffled cry and began to sob. Oh, he wanted to die, but, at the same time, he’d never felt more alive than now. If this was what it was like to lose your balls, it was a life changing event. Literally. SMOOSH SMOOSH SMOOSH. Eventually the other ball was completely ruined, right up to the termination of the cords, and both of the knew that even if he backed out of the nut-popping tomorrow, he was a ruined male. He’d never be able to have children or cum normally. His stupid cock, though, had never lost its hardness and was dribbling now clean, clear prejack down the length of it. And why? Because Kyle knew he wanted to give every part of his virility to his sister. He wanted to feel her destroy his manhood, each bit, completely and utterly.

Jill stood up. “Do you think you can stand some more kicks? I want you to see how you deal with pain added onto pain.” Kyle barely managed to nod his head. Jill backed up and took a running kick to her strung up brother’s crotch. WHAM. His fat, bloated, tortured testicles flopped about. WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM. His testicles were swelling so beautifully and his dangling red scrotum was so inviting, so vulnerable, that she just couldn’t stop herself. Over and over she plastered his nuts until finally the boy did pass out. And she let him hang after putting on the weights again. Why not make them hang even lower? They were just worthless babymakers now anyways.

That night she subjected Kyle to numerous ball kicking experiments, and made sure he went to sleep in a haze of pain. This time she woke him up in the middle of the night and made him get on all fours so that she could ram her foot into his huge nuts, and of course he complied. He even encouraged her, saying, “Harder, Harder, HARDER” as she blasted his nuts. In her heart she wanted to Kyle to extract every last ounce of pleasurable pain from his balls that she could, for tomorrow he would lose them, and no longer be a man. Like his father, he would be an “it” and unlike his father he was also giving up his cock, so he’d have no trace of manhood left, just a smooth unbroken crotch.

The next morning she woke up and as usual slipped the dog blanket off him, and, as usual, he was sleep in the fetal position, both hands cupping his bloated balls. But this time she did something different.

“Wake up Kyle. Wake up.” She nudged him with her toe.

The boy opened his eyes with a groan.

“I’m awake,” he said.

“Lie on your back and spread your legs for me.”

“OK” he mumbled. He rolled onto his back, made his huge bollocks flop down between his legs, and spread his legs for his sister.

“Put your hands behind your head.” He did so.

For the first time in her busting career, Jill did a maneuver that was usually only used by men against other men in fights - she began to do death drops right into his bloated balls. She landed with her knee directly into one or the other of his testicles, smashing them into the dog bed. Since it was so soft, no damage was done, but it caused his nuts to swell practically to the bursting point and with each drop, Kyle let out an “OOF”. After about ten of them, Jill grasped his big eggs and squeezed them super hard, pressing her thumbs into them. She’d always found that softening up nuts before popping them made it an easier job.

She left him in a tangled heap, telling him to be sure to shave his pubic hair during his shower, and went to have breakfast with her father. He’d taken the day off for the big event, and assured Jill that everything was in readiness.

For the first time in a week, Kyle put on clothes, his two huge nuts sticking out of his tight jeans like Ostrich eggs, and all three drove to the event pavilion that had been set up. The whole thing was catered and a huge assembly was there, waiting for her. There was an enormous cake in the shape of a penis and testicles, and a platform where the emasculations would take place. The five males who were going to sacrifice their balls to Jill were naked and standing in the front of the tent, and Kyle eagerly stripped to join them. The Dildotron 3000 had been set up to take their cocks after the nut bursting, and Tony gave a speech, welcoming them all to her birthday party and thanking them for their years of unfailing devotion to his daughter. The crowd cheered and clapped. Now for the festivities to begin.

Lined up were five males and her brother, all naked, all with their legs spread and their hands cuffed behind them. Two were teenagers from the highschool, two were students at the nearby University, and the last was a thirty something man who’d known Jill since she was about ten, but had somehow managed to keep his balls intact. All of them were ripped and muscular. All were handsome and clean cut. And all were ready to give their last to this girl who had taken the manhoods of over thirty males. The crowd hushed and held their breath. First would come the kicking.

Jill stood in front of the older man. He nodded, and Jill kicked him between the legs, hard. Then again. Then again. The crowd watched. The other naked men watched, in anticipation. Indeed, each of them had magnificent hardons, and had been chosen for their impressive genital size. And all of them had become addicted to nut pain, and couldn’t wait for their turn.

Jill kicked the one man until he sank to his knees with a groan. So, she moved on to the first college student. He was a large, hairless burly sort of guy, with fat nuts and a fatter cock. She kicked him for a good five minutes until he finally gave in to the pain and also sank to his knees. The next guy was a handsome blond but he only made it to the twelfth kick before slumping, and Jill was disappointed in him. She expected better. Kyle saw the look in his eyes and was determined to outdo the man.

The two highschool students were next, one an athlete from the track team and the other a swimmer. Both were on the tall side, and very muscular. She used toe kicks on each of them so that she could feel their nuts getting squished and both lasted about eight minutes before they couldn’t stand anymore, and the crowd clapped for them. And finally, it was her brother’s turn. He was the smallest by far, and the audience didn’t know what to expect from him, but Kyle just smiled at Jill and spread his legs nice and wide for her, something the other men hadn’t done. The crowd approved of the move. Jill smiled back and then slammed the top of her foot into his beleaguered balls. And she kicked them, and kicked them. She kicked them for a good thirteen minutes, and each time as Kyle seemed like he was about to fall, with a shudder, he stabilized himself and let her continue to ruin his testicles. The audience marked each save with a “whoop” and when Kyle did finally fall to his knees, coughing uncontrollably, the audience cheered.

Next it was on to the knees to the nuts. Tony and an assistant brought the first man to his feet and held him secure while Jill got up close and stated jamming her leg between his. WHACK WHACK  WHACK. She went on like this as the whole audience listened and watched in appreciation. She made her way through all five men by which point they were moaning and groaning in pain and so she reached Kyle. But the boy shrugged off his father and the assistant and struggled to his own feet, his hands still bound. He was determined to do it himself. So he stood there, legs spread, waiting for his big sister to smash his nuts with her knee. He whispered to her, “Give me your best, sis”

She smiled and whispered back, “OK.”, and as she had before she pushed down on his shoulders while she pistoned her knee into his ghoolies, and amazingly he met each knee thrust with a grind of his own pelvis. He was literally making mush of his own balls. Willingly. In full complicity. He was helping her, and the pain he endured was ecstatic. After an amazing thirty knees to the nuts Kyle fell backwards and lay on the grass, rolling around in abject pain. The whole tent cheered for him. Now the other men were put on their back, their hands uncuffed and retied so that they were hog tied, their knees to their hands, and their luscious ball sacks hung vulnerable over their ass cracks.

Once again Jill started at the far end with the older guy and she punted his testicles until she wanted to stop. Which was a while. The crowd cheered. Then the next two males, one right after the other. All the men’s balls were swelling at this stage, and that was the whole point, because Jill was too important a person to pop small balls. She needed them big and fat so they’d burst with a juicy “POP”. By this time the guy she was on, the swimmer, was blubbering and wailing, sweet music to everyone’s ears, and Jill really laid in to him, she wanted to see all these tough males suffer in agony. But when she finally made it to Kyle, she took a slow, methodical approach. Instead of hammering her naked foot into his ball flesh, she did slow, heavy, solid “THOCKS” to his huge eggs. She wanted both of them to saver each kick, to anticipate the next one, and linger on the last one. She looked at him, he looked at her. They both knew his nuts were now just mushy bags of sperm, ruined baby makers, but that was just perfect to Kyle, and he welcomed her torturous ruination of him. It was breathtaking. Finally Kyle was just gurgling in the back of his throat and so she let him go, for now was the final moment. The men were all untied and brought forward to the trestle table set up. Their hands were recuffed behind them, and their balls clamped to the table at their roots. There would be no escape for their balls or the men those balls were attached to. It was past the point of no return, and Kyle actually shivered in anticipation knowing that his own bursting was now inevitable. His lanky balls could no longer retract, his tubes and cords had been turned to mush, and now the last stage of their destruction was nigh. He watched her and as he did so his dick vibrated it was so hard. He was SO ready to cum. He was SO ready to feel the explosion of his nuts, and he was SO ready to look into his sister’s eyes as she did so.

Tony spoke up. “It’s now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. These fine gentlemen are going to have their nuts burst by my pretty daughter’s food. Gather round and watch.”

Jill got up on the table and stood in front of the first guy. The crowd watched in anticipation. She stood over his groin. She placed the ball of her foot on his left testicle and rolled it around. The man groaned. Tony held a microphone to the ball so they could all hear it burst. Jill continued to roll it around just to torture him with anticipation and then slowly she rose on her foot. POP. The testicle burst and everyone cheered. The man shuddered and arc of jism spurted from the tip of his cock. Then Jill shifted to his still whole ball. This one went quicker. POP. The crowd cheered again. At the end of the table Kyle could hardly breathe, he was so ready for the end, and really wasn’t paying much attention to the other men getting their balls burst. Down the line she went, crushing testicles, bursting balls and nutting these fine specimens of manhood. All of them came at least once from the experience, and all of them shivered and groaned from the out-of-this-world pain.

After what seemed like an eternity, she FINALLY she made it to Kyle, and he couldn’t move, both because his groin clamped in place and because he was hypnotized by the sight of her feed coming towards him. He looked up at his sister, and for one terrible moment he feared that neither one could go through with this, that his sister would willingly castrate him, and that he would willingly encourage her to do so, but then he saw her smile, that radiant smile that only Jill could give, and he smiled back. It was time to lose his nuts. He relaxed.

JIll placed her foot, surprisingly, on his bloated right testicle first, and just bounced up and down on it, to test its resilience. It felt like it would give any minute. Excellent. Kyle looked into her beautiful eyes. Those cornflower blue eyes, and as he did she set her weight to the nut. It went flatter and flatter and Kyles eyes got wider and wider with surprise and elation it was happening. His ball was being burst!  And it finally did. With a sickening SPLAT the testicle ruptured completely. Jill saw the disbelief in his eyes that any male would have at willingly giving up his nuts. And Kyle’s dick? It fountained with a geyser of cum, and in a flash she stomped down on his huge left egg which also burst with a wet SPLAT, and Kyle’s dick just kept spurting. And spurting. And spurting. In total it must have been about twenty volley’s of jism that fountained from his engorged member, and the crowd went WILD. They cheered, they clapped, they stomped their feet. Here was a real man. Despite being the smallest and the youngest, this handsome lad came more times than all the other guys combined. And it was a strange cum, a clear cum. His ruined balls had nothing else to give, and so they gave their all in this last, amazing ejaculation.

And like a real man, Kyle stayed awake for the entire destruction of his balls. For unlike with the other men, Jill stayed on her brother’s nuts, pounding them over and over while he came and came. The look in his eyes was worship mixed with astonishment, but there was also a pleading look. Kyle wanted her to take them away completely. To completely ruin him.

Nothing could have prepared him for the absolute agony of have his nuts burst. Jill kept grinding them, turning them to absolute goo and making sure nothing remained of them that was solid. And their eyes never left each other. And finally, when she saw a look of pained gratitude and love in his eyes, she hopped down from the table. She was spent, and so was he.

Like the other men, Tony caught Kyle before he fainted and the men were all laid out, unconscious on the grass. Tony’s army friend, the surgeon, who had in the interviewing years become part of her entourage, slowly slit open each scrotum and let the mashed testicles drain into a bowl. Then he sutured each one up. There was a boiling pot of soup at the other end of the tent which had been prepared by a master chef and the raw testicles were dumped into it so that the whole assembly could partake of the men’s manhoods. Cake was cut, Champaign was served and the party continued on into the night. When the neutered males came round, they were line up, jacked off until hard and then had their dicks inserted into the Dildotron. Each had their member detached and all of them, except Kyle, fainted again at the pain. But Kyle stood firm, and while everyone else partied he watched as his dick was turned into a $10,000 dildo. And as it popped out, Kyle picked up his own thick golden dick, and finding Jill in in a quiet corner of the tent he gave it to her, sliding the chain over her head.

“I love you sis. Happy Birthday,” he said and kissed her on the cheek.

“I love you too Kyle. You’re the best present a girl could ever have.”

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

(Fff/M) Auntie June by Jimsapples

A fun little story I've enjoyed for a long time. It took a while to type up, but it's definitely worth it.

Bon Appetit!


Auntie June by Jimsapples


Today I’m going to visit my Auntie with my friend Cindy. It’s Saturday so we’ll be able to spend most of the day there. I always have fun whenever I’m at her house and it’s only 3 houses down the street from our house. My Auntie has a man that lives with her that she calls “house boy”, I think he’s kinda like a servant. I like “house boy” because he’s always nice to me and gets me what ever I want like ice-cream and soda or cookies. When ever I ask my parents if we could get a house boy like Auntie June they look at each other and laugh and tell me “no”! I think when I grow up I’d like to get my own house boy.

Auntie called me this morning and told me to be sure to bring “Benjie” that’s my little pet dog. Auntie said she had a new toy for Benjie. My doggy loves to play with little chewy toy’s!

Aunt June was inspecting her new “coffee table” that she had just purchased at a flee market. It was a large wooden chest that had been restored. She made sure that it was big enough for the job at hand. She also had the man make a 2 inch hole in the lid exactly 39 inch’s from one end.

“House boy, come here, I’ve filled the chest with pillow’s and I need you to lay down on them.”

The young Caucasian man approached the large woman and looked down at the open chest.

“Take your clothes off and climb in.”

The man did as he was told, stripping all his clothes off and folding them in a neat pile next to the chest. He then down positioned himself on his back on top of the pillows.

“Lay there and don’t move while I close the lid”

As the lid was closed the woman inspected his body to make sure to make sure there were enough pillows to push his body against it. Once closed she looked into the hole to see the position of his penis.

“Perfect, everything lines up just perfect!”

With that she opened the cover and told house boy to get out.

“My niece and Cindy her friend are coming here in about an hour so I want you to look your best. Go and shave all the hair from around your dick and balls, I want them nice and clean and smooth then get back in here.”

Cindy arrived at my house and we put a leash on Benjie then off to Auntie June’s house. As we walked Benjie was being really frisky, jumping and playing.

We reached the house and rang the door bell. Auntie June opened the door with a big smile on her face. It seemed odd because House boy always opened the door!

“Hurry up and get in here my niece will be here soon. Let me see those balls and cock and I better not see any hair!”

“Very good, nice and smooth. Now go get me the K-Y warming gel and the vacuum cleaner and be quick about it.”

The house boy did as he was instructed.

“Rub the oil all over those pathetic dick and balls of yours, use a lot!”

“Bring the vacuum over here and bring that plastic tube on the table with it.”

The man brought the two items to Auntie looking puzzled at the tube.

“You’ve never seen the tube before, I attach it to the hose on the vacuum and suck your cock and balls into it. It’s bigger than the vacuum hose so your worthless organs will fit but it’s just the right size to fit through the hole in the cover of the chest.”

“Stand there with your legs apart while I look at your balls, I want to make sure the warming oil has made them hang loose!”

“Good they’ll get sucked in nice and easy.”

With that Auntie placed the tube over his shrunken cock up to his balls. As she turned the machine on his balls were immediately sucked into the tube.

Once they were trapped inside she removed the hose from the tube.

“Now for the ball gag, you don’t like the gag do you! It doesn’t matter your getting it anyway.”

“OK now get into the chest like you did before.”

After house boy was lying in the chest the woman brought the lid down, as she did she guided the tube with his trapped jewels inside up though the hole. With the lid closed and the tube sticking out like a periscope Auntie slide the tube off his cock and balls.

“Oh that’s wonderful, just look at them! What a beautiful center piece they make to my new coffee table.”

“But these are going to be more that just that, these will be the children’s new toys. Now so you don’t spoil their fun I’m going close the latch on the lid so you won’t try and get out!”

“I’m going to hide my surprise with some of the older toys.”

Auntie was just finishing covering the new play toy when the door bell rang.

“Come in girls, it’s good to see you.”

“Come into the living room and sit down on the couch by my new coffee table and I’ll get you some soft drinks.”

“Were is house boy Auntie, how come he isn’t getting the drinks?”

“House boy is out shopping for me but he left a surprise here for you to play with!”

“Oh goody what is it?”

“Not so fast let me get you the drinks first then I’ll show you where it’s hidden.”

After Auntie left the room the girls were all excited and started to look around the room.

Cindy noticed the small pile of stuffed toy’s on the coffee table and asked about them.

“What about these do you think it’s here?”

“Those are old toys that Benjie plays with now Cindy but look there if you want.”

With that Cindy began to remove the old play things throwing them on the floor for Benjie to play with.”

“Hey this one in the middle is stuck to the table.”

“THAT’S IT Cindy” “That’s the new toy”

“What am I going to do with you two young ladies, you’ve found it already!”

“Here take your drinks while I show you what we can do with it.”

“First if you squeeze and pinch the wrinkly part it grows bigger like this!” “See it’s starting to get bigger”

“Wow that’s funny Auntie June can we do that?”

“Yes, but first we have to make it go down.”

“How do you do that?”

“That’s easy, see these two round egg’s well all you have to do is hit them real hard with your fist like this!”


“See, it’s starting to go down already”

“Oh can we do it, can we do it?”

“Sure have fun girls”

The two girls got down on the floor next to the chest and started by first touching and squeezing the odd new toy.

“It feels funny Auntie June, soft and rubbery.” “These two things feel like big grapes.”

“Oh look it’s starting to get big again!”

“How big can it get Auntie?”

“Not very big I’m afraid but the next one I get will be much longer, you girls can bet on that!”

“I think it’s stopped growing Cindy, who wants to make it go down first!”

“Why don’t we both do it! You hit that egg and I’ll hit this one.”

With that the two girls began to beat the house boys balls with their little fists. At first nothing happened because they didn’t know how hard to hit them, but Auntie intervened and showed the two little minks with one solid smash to house boy’s poor doomed gonads. His penis began to shrink almost immediately.

The girls played with their new toy for about an hour while they talked and laughed with Auntie.

“Auntie June I think the toy is changing color, look at how red the two eggs are getting!”

“You’re absolutely right and before long I’ll bet we can get them nice and purple just like ripe plums. But your hands must be getting sore, let’s see if we can’t find something to hit those egg’s with. I know just the thing, wait here and I’ll get them.”

Auntie came back from the kitchen with two large wooden spoons.

“There try these girls.”


“These are even more fun, it’s like beating a drum Auntie!”

Before long poor house boy’s balls were deep purple and swollen to twice their normal size. The girls also found it amusing to hit his penis when it was big because it didn’t go down from the beating like it did when they hit the swollen eggs.

“Girls want to have some fun with Benjie and the toy?”

“Oh ya, let Benjie play too!”

“OK, wait here and let me get some thinks from the kitchen”

Auntie returned with a can of whipped cream.

“Alright ladies let’s see if we can make this toy do a trick for us.”

“First we put some cream on these eggs like this, then we put Benjie up on the chest.”

“Look at that, he went right to it.”

“Good dog, lap it up.”

Soon as it was gone Auntie would squirt more on his nuts.

House boy could feel Benjie’s rough tongue licking his throbbing nuts. As sore as they were it felt good.

“Let’s put some cream on the funny pole and see Benjie lick it there.”

“Oh look! Benjie likes to lick it there because it sway’s back and forth while he lick’s.”

The girls couldn’t see the precum on house boy’s cock because it was covered by cream and Benjie would wipe it away with every lick.

House boy knew that Auntie was doing this deliberately to him to make his tortured balls release there load, he also knew it was going to be extremely painful when he did ejaculate.

He could hear her laughing outside the chest. He knew she wasn’t laughing at the dog, she was laughing at him!

He could feel the dull pain begin to rise as the little dog licked his cock, oh God he’s licking the underside of the head! He will make me cum soon, my nuts feel like there going to explode. The pain is unbearable, my lungs want to scream but I can’t. The fucking dog won’t stop! If he would only stop or go faster and get it over with, anything but this!

At last the burning cum is pouring from my throbbing testicles, shooting into space.

Through the searing pain I can hear laughter.

The girls were taking turns squirting the cream onto the toy for Benjie and the dog was happy chasing the swaying pole.

“Auntie look!! What’s it doing? It’s a fountain! It’s shooting milk!!”

Both the girls had their hands over the spewing pole to catch the milk.

“Auntie, it feels hot!” “What kind of milk is it”

“It’s from a soft cream filling inside the eggs, if you hit them long enough it makes them squirt!”

“Can we make them squirt again Auntie, Oh please?”

“No, it will take too long and I want to make some lunch for you girls before it gets to late. You girls play with the toy some more while I make some sandwiches.”

“Alright Auntie June”

The two little nymphs went back to inspecting the spent “toy” and the “cream” that it squirted.

“Oh look Cindy, Benjie is licking the cream that shot on the floor, boy does he like it!!”

“Good boy Benjie lap it all up.”

“Put him up on the coffee table and let him clean up the mess.”

“You love the cream don’t you boy!”

“Let him clean our hands too because it’s starting to get kind of sticky”

“Your such a good boy Benjie, let’s see if we can squeeze some more out of the toy egg’s.”

“You take that egg Cindy and I’ll take this one and see if we can make any more cream come out!”

I can hear everything my two young friends are saying! Please don’t do anymore punishment to my poor throbbing balls I pry. But the two girls can’t hear my plea’s.

I can feel the little hands squeezing and pulling at my swollen orbs, gentle but firm at first, then when that didn’t produce the nectar they wanted they started to assault them with more force, twisting and pounding them.

The pain seemed much greater than before I ejaculated.

“Let’s push them together, you get on one side and I’ll get on the other and we’ll squeeze them against each other as hard as we can, OK Cindy!”

“OK now push, push, harder, OH Cindy look some cream is dribbling out the top of the toy!! Quick Benjie get it boy, get it.”

“What are you girls up to, your spoiling Benjie’s lunch.”

“I have some nice red hamburger for him, now stop and have these sandwich’s I made for you two.”

“I’ll give Benjie his lunch up here on the table top so we may watch him, I’ll put some of the hamburger here on the toy so he can eat and play with the toy at the same time.”

“There I’ve put his lunch right on top of the toy egg’s, Oh look, he loves the raw meat”

“This time let’s just rub some of the hamburger on the egg’s and see what he does!”

“OK Benjie, go get it boy”

First the playful little dog sniffed and licked the swollen egg’s then he started to nibble at the purple orb’s.

Oh No, my mistress can’t be doing this to. She can’t let that dog destroy my manhood! I can’t lose them this way.

I always fantasized that she would cut them off and make me her slave for life but this way mean’s she just wants to destroy them and then throw me out, not fit for anything or anyone!!

Oh! I can feel that little beast biting my nuts. His chewing is starting to pierce through my skin. OH GOD no please make him stop, he’s tearing them with his sharp little teeth.

“Look Auntie June, Benjie found more hamburger inside the egg’s!”

“Do you think he can eat it all? They’re awful big”

“Don’t worry girls, I didn’t feed Benjie this morning so he must be starving by now.”

“Look at him go, he loves them”

“Good boy, eat it all up”

“Auntie look how big the squirting part of the toy has got, it’s sticking straight up”

“It is big isn’t it, but somehow I don’t think it will get big much longer”

“Alright Benjie that’s enough, I don’t want you biting into the hard part of the toy because it will make a real mess, just eat the rest of the eggs like a good boy”

“Ok girls, finish your lunch so I can clean off the table”

“Auntie June, I think you better get another house boy, the one you have now isn’t very nice leaving you with all this cleaning up to do”

“I believe your right! I’m going to look for another one first thing tomorrow , now you girls run along home”

“And be sure and tell your mother all about our fun today, I know she’ll find it amusing.”

“Bye Auntie June, you’re the best aunt ever!”

“Alright you worthless piece of shit, get out of that box.”

“Get your belongings and get out of here, and hold this towel over your crotch so you don’t bleed on the rug!”