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Open Question about Jill from the Jill series:

Do you lot think that Jill will ever have a boyfriend, and if so, will she bust or ruin him like all the other men in her life? Presumably she'd have a boyfriend for the purposes of sex, but if she emasculates him, then that nullifies his purpose. And even busting him could take him out of commission for a good while. Is it not more likely that her boyfriend will be immune to her BB charm and just be a good friend and sex partner?

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below.


Thursday, December 28, 2017

(f/groupmM) JIll and the Football Team - Part 3 - NEW!

Here's the conclusion to Jill's cabin trip to Tahoe. Hope it pleases.

Cheers and Happy New Years,


Jill and the Football Team - Part 3
Jill woke up with the cold clear light of morning. Pushing aside her down comforter she ran to the window and looked out. All around the cabin was a thick layer of powdery snow. It was the perfect winter morning, picturesque like some postcard. She ran around the room waking the boys and the coaches up and urging them to get dressed so they could go outside and play in the snow. Naturally they were only to dress from the waist up and from the knees down. Jill wanted to see hard dicks waiving about in the crisp air.
The boys got dressed, lined up for their pills, and then went outside. It was cold, but the sun was warm, and Jill, in her little coat, pants and muffler starting making and throwing snowballs at her boys' naked crotches. In fact she had the partially naked boys line up side by side, and then chucked snowballs right at their exposed cocks and balls. Not satisfied with that, she had the boys and the two coaches and two towel boys, sink to their knees, and she had a ball busting fiesta running up and between their spread legs and pegging them in the nuts as hard as she could with her hard rubber galoshes. She kicked Tim, the head coach repeatedly, knowing he'd want to feel his balls as much as he could before he lost them today, and Jarret too, the assistant coach. David was there, and she picked up a wad of snow and grasping he ball sack with one hand, coated his balls in the stinging snow. It caused an unending ache in his eggs and made his scrotum seize up. David moaned when she did this. To Patrick, her black stud, she made him bend over with his nuts trapped between his legs, so that they bulged out from behind, and then made him bend over, got a snow covered branch, and began to paste his nuts with it. Two huge black berries, being hit from behind like they were trapped in a humbler. Then, when she got tired of that, she hog tied Peter up with some rope from the shed, and invited everyone to kick Peter's balls as he lay there in the snow, unable to move or protect himself. The boys all had fun with this as Peter had some especially big and juicy testicles, and it was fun for the boys to get in on the action. With Anthony and Aiden, Jill lay in the snow with them and made snow angles, and in the end the whole group got together and made a snow man, complete with cock and balls, which Jill then kicked until she'd destroyed the snow man's ability to reproduce.
With mid-morning aproaching the whole group went inside, and took showers. while the two coached made breakfast for everyone - bacon, eggs, pancakes and hashbrowns with orange juice to drink. Sitting at the breakfast table, Jill ate everything, and then went to the second floor living room area to sit by the fire, and wait for the boys. They trickled in, now naked except for white socks, and someone turned on the porn. They all had erections, and their balls naturally itched, and Jill went from one to the next, squeezing, twisting, and slapping their hanging goobers to help them ease the itch. Beer was handed out, and the boys guzzled it down eagerly. Soon, Jill had then all get on their knees, spread their legs, and she ran from boy to boy, kicking their hanging knackers while they slowly stroked themselves. It was painful, but also relieving as it seemed to lessen the itching in their huevos. Anthony, being not very bright, but very willing to serve his little mistress, suggested she explode one of his nuts right then, by kicking it to mush. He suggested his left testicle. JIll clapped with enthusiasm, and went and found some string so that she could tie up his balls and make the left one stand out, on its own. There he was his fat dick pulsing skyward, and his two nuts distinct in their sack. And she began to pummel just his left one with her snow boots slamming into the nut with all the strength she could muster. This would be a first for her, destroying a nut by repeated bludgeoning. The testicle began to swell, and swell and swell. The pink egg got bigger and bigger in its sack as it filled with fluids. All the other boys were watching with interest and stroking themselves. Jill had tied Anthony's hands behind his back so he couldn't protect himself, but he seemed quite willing to offer up his manhood too her, and remained calm and still throughout the process. No doubt the itch in his nuts made him more amenable to being punished like that. The ball got bigger and bigger and softer and softer and as Anthony moaned out loud, everyone in the room could hear a big wet SPLAT as the testicle ruptured inside its sack. It was now the size of a turkey egg and its innards began to leak in to the sack, but Jill naturally kept kicking it so that more and more of the ball's outer membrane could rupture and the began to spread and liquefy and lose its orchidal shape. After five minutes of this the testicle was nothing more than a sack of mush and Sean had to come up and attend to Anthony, who like all the boys int he room at cum at the moment of his own emasculation. Sticky white ejaculate was all over the floor, and the two towel boys had a job to clean it all up. Anthony was untied, patched up, and carried upstairs to sleep off his pain, while the other boys began to masturbate again, and drink down copious amounts of alcohol.
After a while of this, and after the coaches had served lunch, grilled panini filled with grilled vegetables, lamb, and feta cheese, Jarret, the assistant coach, asked Jill to crush his own two testicles into spermy goo. It would take place down stairs at the breakfast table, and Jarret asked all the boys to come and watch as she squashed the life out of his two bubbles. Jill went downstairs and found Jarret with his crotch pressed up against the table and his two agates lying there on the table. Where Jason had kneeled to place them on a chair, Jarret stood at the table, so Jill had to take off her shoes, climb up on the table, and put her two fuzzy pink socks on Jarret's hard little gonads. His balls were very average size but his scrotum was voluminous, and the testicles lolled there on the table, ready to be popped. Jarret was prepared to jack off and possible cum twice although he didn't know for sure whether they'd pop simultaneously or go individually. JIll placed her hands on his shoulders to steady herself, and put one foot each on his two testicles. It was wobbly, and difficult to keep her balance, but she soon weighed down on them and both Jill and Jarret could feel them flatten. All the remaining boys and also Tim stood round the table, jacking off to yet another grisly scene of emasculation and the only sound to be heard was stroking and Jarret moaning. He was mumbling something like "my balls, my balls" over and over. Pain was building in both his nuts and the pit of his stomach, and sexual excitement was building in his loins. The shaft was lengthening, and the head was ballooning out, becoming a huge purple helmet. Pre-jack was dribbling down its length and all over Jarret's hand and Jill's fuzzy pink socks. In order to make the most of things, Jill began to bounce up and down on his doomed glands, and made the table creak. Up and down she bounced, noting as each time, the testicles refused to rebound a bit more with each hop. Up and down, up and down. Jarret began to cry out, "JILL, JILL, FUCK MY NUTS. SHIT MY BALLS. I CAN FEEL IT COMMING, SHIT SHIT SHIT AAAAAAHHHHHHHH. And with a loud cruching sound his two testicles cracked under Jill's weight. "FUCK" yelled Jarret as his penis spewed forth, a geyser of semen, and all the other men came on the table, each one laying down a ribbon of jizz. Jill was delighted at the supreme act of cruelty she had visited upon this helpless but willing male, and she continued to hop up and down on the remains of his gonads. pounding them into the hard, uncaring surface of the wood while all the men continued to stroke their wood. Jarret's body twisted and writhed and sweated at the ongoing torture of his nads but his dick, amazingly enough, let out a second, smaller but still copious amount of cum, like an echo of the main event and it coated his washboard abs. At this point, all that was keeping Jarret upright was Jill's feet on his balls, and when she finally stopped Sean was there to catch Jarret as he fell over backwards in a dead faint. The towel boys were there to clean up the mess, and it was time for Jill to take a nap. She went to the third floor, and slept until dinner time when she woke up, as hungry as anything and exciting about more ball busting.
Tim, however, had a surprise for Jill. He had ordered four pizzas to be delivered, but not with just any pizzeria, and not with just any pizza boy. This boy had been hand selected by Sean to be willing, well endowed, and easily cowed. For nearly a month, Sean had been calling for pizzas and hand screen the delivery drivers by inviting them in for a beer or two. He had found a handsome teenager, of roughly 18 years of age, who was packing some magnificent tackle, and who seemed to like rough sex play. This person went by the name of Todd, and he arrived at 5'oclock with the four hot pizzas. Tim answered the door (wearing shorts so as not to arouse any suspicion), and invited the boy in. He then slipped the boy a glass of beer which had been spiked with GHB, liquid Viagra and a healthy dose of cantharis. He'd be horny, itchy, compliant and high, with no lasting memory of what would happen. The boy set down the pizzas and took his money before chugging down the beer glass offered to him. After drinking it. Todd blinked and swayed a little in place, and then he began to rub his crotch, oblivious to the people around him. He was wearing tight jeans and a white shirt. Todd said it was getting hot, and Tim suggested he take of his cloths to cool down, and to stand over near the fire. Jill, who'd come downstairs looked at all this with interest, and watched covetously as the boy, Todd, undressed. He had a simply huge basket, and even as he took off his pants, Jill could see his ten inch monster dick poking out over his boxer briefs. He also had huge nuts which were egg shaped and enormously fat. In his underwear and socks, the boy stood over by the fire as he rubbed himself, and moaned, eyes closed. Jill walked over and asked him if he was all right.
"Oh, man, my balls itch, and I can't make it stop," he replied.
"I can help with that. Here, lets take off your underwear and let things all hang out." Jill tugged on his boxer briefs and he let them be pulled off by her. Then she grasped his sack, and began to squeeze his aching huevos. "Oh yeah, Oh yeah. Oh, that feels good. Press harder," said Todd. Jill did just that, she pressed her fingers and thumbs into the gigantic eggs as hard as she could. She knew of course, she couldn't pop them that way, but it was fun to do, nonetheless. The boy's dick was glistening in the light with pre-jack, and it was pulsing with life. It was a huge cock, and well proportioned, with a meaty glans and a long smooth shaft. It had a slight curvature upwards, and it was as stiff as a board. Clearly the Viagra was doing its job well.
All the boys who were well enough came downstairs to eat pizza, stroke themselves, and watch as their little mistress destroyed yet another set of wedding tackle. By now they'd come to get extremely excited at anticipating an emasculation scene, and some even called out to Jill to "get on with things because they wanted to cum".
"Is that helping?" asked Jill.
Todd nodded. "But it's not enough," said Todd.
"OK. Get down on your hands and knees and I'll kick them from behind."
Todd got down on all fours, and moaned, his head down. Jill positioned herself behind him.
She could see his fat dangling balls, but needed more room. "Spread your knees more, please" she asked pleasantly.
Todd spread his knees until they were quite wide. "Hurry," he whispered.
Jill brought her foot up to just tap his swinging sack, and test the distance. Then she began to ram her socked foot into his swaying bollocks. "OH yeah, OH yeah." he said loudly. The kicking to his nuts made the sweetest ache, and dulled the itching feeling. He had very little presence of mind. All that he could perceive was the warmth of the fire against his naked skin, an extreme sense of horniness, and the pain and pressure between his legs. As she kicked his nuts they jammed up against his pelvis, and then dropped down again to be ready for the next kick. Testicles were such wonderful, inviting organs, always ready to be kicked or hit or slapped, and then always came back for more.
The only sounds in the room were munching, stroking, the fire crackling, and finally the solid THOCK THOCK THOCK of Jill's foot bouncing off of Todd's balls. It was a steady and heady staccato tattoo as Jill kicked Todd where he lived. After tonight, it was unlikely that Todd's baby makers would be able to make babies, but Jill didn't care one whit that this boy hadn't signed up to be neutered. She after all was innocent and was just trying to help him. On and on she kicked him. At one point he almost collapsed and instead curled into a fetal ball. Naturally Jill had to stop kicking him, but Tim had another suprise for her. While Todd lay there clutching himself, Tim motioned over to Jill to step near the big present wrapped in paper and with a big bow.
"Come here Jill and open your early Christmas present."
"OK," said Jill excitedly. She ran over to the apparent box, which was nearly as tall as she was, and began to tear at it with wonton abandon. The wrapping paper fell off in huge strips, and reveled a shiny black box. On the front was the name, "Dildotron 4000" in gold letters.
"What is it?" asked Jill in wonder.
"It's a special machine which will turn any male cock into a gold plated necklace. The older models would only do the penis, but this model will also make gold earrings out of a man's nuts. See, you just stick your whole package in this hole, and it lops off a man's member and family jewels. And then you can watch as it turns them into jewelry."
"Wow," said Jill she was amazed. This meant that she could have more that just a collection of squashed male balls. She could have a collection of men's cocks too! Oh, the possibilities were endless. She visualized a whole row of gold plated cocks, resting on purple velvet cushions, laying right under her rear window. She could polish them every day, and show them to other men on her Friday night get-togethers. Any time she wanted she'd have the power to hold a man's manhood in her little hands and admire it.
Without missing a beat Jill said, "Who shall we try it out on first?"
"Well, I thought I might go first, and then the whole team, and then our pizza boy friend, once you've popped his two balls."
"YES!" said Jill. "Stick your stuff in and let see what it does."
"OK." Tim slid off his shorts, and started to stroke himself until he was hard. It was easy to do, knowing that his little princess had been waiting to nut him for years. It was time to serve her, and serve her well. Once he was fully erect and his balls were nice and loose, he walked up to the Dildotron, stuck his cock and balls through the hole, and pressed the button. Jill was watching closely and saw the machine light up from inside. She could see his pulsing member and two ovals lit from inside the machine, Then she saw the heat-ring get hot and constrict. It seared and sliced off his cock and balls in just a few seconds. Tim collapsed, but his bits and pieces began a long journey through the machine. Jill watched each stage and process until about 15 minutes later, the machine spit out a beautiful gold plated cock, and two lovely testicle earrings. At the moment she had diamond studs in her ears, but she took those out and slipped in the two globular earrings. And then she picked up the cock and attached a chain, and slipped that over her neck. She was ecstatic.
"OK. All you boys, line up and get your cock's chopped off." The boys squared their shoulders and lined up as instructed. Jason gave her a thumbs up, which was his way of telling Jill that he'd found his courage, and was happy to give up his manhood to her. A few boys were still completely intact, and they were a bit crestfallen that they couldn't experience an orgasm from being nutted. But, they resigned themselves anyways, and lined up. Sean steadied each one, and helped each one up to the box, and then helped them sit down to recover. Cock after cock was seared off and cock after cock dropped into the bin, shiny and perfectly preserved. Then Jill took the growing collection and laid them out on the table. Now it was time to nut the pizza boy, and make him cockless too.
With Sean's help Jill rolled Todd onto his stomach and reached under his butt to pull his nuts out behind him. She them stood on the two huge ovals, and pressed her fuzzy socked toes into his testicles. She kneaded them with her toes and  pressed them into the sprung wood floor. She decided to burst one at time. With her right foot she singled out his vulnerable right nut, and twisted her foot like she was putting out a cigarette. TWIST TIWIST TWIST. The ball slipped and slid, but in the end couldn't get out from under her foot, and happily rupterued with a quiet "POP". Then she shifted to the other leg, and his last ball. TWIST TWIST TWIST. She pressed down with all her might, and this time there was a louder "POP" followed by a grunt from Todd as his seed issued onto the floor. It left him lying there, feeling spent and limp. But the drugs kept him hard and Sean got him up and pressed his pelvis to the Dildotron, after raising the shutter so that it would only lop of his cock. The final dick was in the machine, and it emerged a while later, ready to add to her collection. She lined them all up and admired them in the glowing light of the popping and hissing fire. Oh, what a sight to behold. This had been the best Christmas a girl could want. She couldn't wait to show her father the Dildotron and the entire teams' cocks. She yawed and went upstairs to get a good nights rest. While Sean patched everyone up and prepared for the drive homeward, Jill went to sleep and had sweet dreams for hours and hours and hours.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

(M/M) In the Marines and Abroad - Part 3 - NEW

A short but critical point in Brad's life. Enjoy.
In the Marines and Abroad - Part 3
There was a dim light and a sense of heat as Brad slowly came too. He found himself hanging against a wall, in chains, in some sort of shabby dungeon. It smelled musty and slightly foul, as if it wasn't cleaned very often.
As he hung there Brad gradually remembered what had happened. He'd been out on a scouting mission, there had been an explosion, and then he'd felt himself being moved, dragged actually, probably by the native militants. And this, apparently, was where he'd been brought to. Now, presumably, he'd have to wait to find out what they were going to do with him. Or to him. And so he waited, at first calmly, but then as he realized that the native militants had no love for Americans, he began to worry, and not only worry for himself, but also for knowing that he might never see Russ again. That singular thought put more dread in him than not knowing, for instance, about what had happened to the rest of his scouting party. Maybe they were elsewhere, but alive, or maybe all dead, but regardless, they weren't his Russ.
Still fully dressed Brad tested the chains that held him, but they were new and strong, and there was no breaking free through shear strength. And so he waiting. About an hour, he estimated, before someone finally came into his cell. It was a man dressed all in black, with a black turban, and long flowing black robes. All Brad could see was the man's face, deeply weathered, and with fierce, cruel ice-blue eyes. Unusual eyes for someone of local descent.
In thickly accented English, the man said, "So you are awake now. Good. I will wait no longer for you to revive. You will now feel the punishment of being an infidel and even worse, an American." And with one quick fluid motion he jerked his knee straight into Brad's nuts. WHAM. Then again. WHAM. Then a third time WHAM. But unlike most men, Brad's unwilling response was to get an erection. It was the first time Brad had ever been embarrassed about being aroused, and by testicle pain at that, but there it was. Brad was getting a boner over being tortured. The lump in his camos was apparent. This seemed to amuse his torturer.
"Interesting, American dog, I see you actually like my methods of male destruction. Very well, let's see how much you enjoy it." The man stepped back and began methodically kicking Brad in the balls with what were rather strong legs, for all that they couldn't be seen by Brad. The pain was significant, but somehow the threat of potential destruction blossomed in Brad's crotch and brain. It was horrible but thrilling. More than likely this man who was kicking him had never seen anyone enjoy testicular pain before, and it wasn't clear if he would take care not to permanently damage his captive.
The more the man kicked him, the more Brad's dick strained its confines. It was mortifying and thrilling at the same time. It was as if Brad's dick really had it's own brain, it's own impulses, it's own destiny, to have it's twin companions beaten to a mush by anyone of the male sex. Apparently the fact this man was the "enemy" was irrelevant. What mattered was their imminent rupture. But, in fact, Brad's captor was more nuanced than Brad had first given him credit for. After about three minutes of solid nut-kicks and a growing pre-cum stain on Brad's crotch the man stopped and assessed Brad, whose body was limp from equal parts pain and pleasure. The man gently, and briefly, grasped Brad's face, turning it side to side,  and after noting Brad's semi-conscious state then pulled out a huge knife from his belt and first cut away Brad's shirt, revealing a ripped white torso, and then used it cut Brad's belt and pants until Brad was in nothing but his boots and his green military issue briefs. Even if his captor wasn't gay, most anyone could appreciate this American Adonis for his shear virility and beauty. The man then grasped Brad's walnuts through the brief's thin material and began to squeeze them. At first gently, as if he were testing ripe fruit (squeeze, release, squeeze, release), but then with more and more concentrated vigor. The man was of indeterminate age but he was still young enough to still have plenty of strength in his fingers and he was normally adept at using them to break the wills of enemy soldiers but in Brad's case, simply made this enemy's penis leak yet more sticky fluid. This intrigued the torturer to no end. 'What is this man's issue?' thought the Arab to himself. He began to twist and pull on the captive's testes while he squeezed them. Just to see what the effect would be. Brad's head thrashed around and he emitted a low moan, but there was a hint of sexual gratification in that moan. Like a stallion mounting his last female before being castrated. Like a virile bull bellowing at having his bollocks crushed at the hands of his most trusted handlers. There was something so basic and primitive about this man's moaning that it made the Arab slightly aroused himself. Much to his own surprise, in fact. He let go of this white-man's nuts and ran his calloused hands over Brad's chest. He tweaked Brad's nipples and squeezed this man's pecs as he might a woman's breasts.
Then slowly, ever so slowly, he cut off the captive's underwear and grabbed Brad's hips, and using them as leverage he began to knee Brad's crotch. At first just once or twice, to gauge their effect to Brad's pulsing member and when he noticed it's impressive length and girth, he made it his personal goal to see if he could deflate the thing from the very source of its pleasure. Pain.
With all the force he could muster, the Arab began to pound Brad's naked puds. Over and over the man's thigh bounced off the two battered bubbles that made Brad a bonnefide man. The two ovals of male flesh were swelling nicely. Nicely enough to fill Brad's scrotum like two turkey eggs and became ever more springy and plump. And had this continued on, it would have meant the inevitable destruction of Brad's balls. But before that could happen there was a disturbance outside Brad's cell. There was a lot of shouting in Arabic, some sporadic gun fire, and then the door to Brad's cell banged open. There stood Russ, his face red with exertion and anger. He took one look at the situation and raised his pistol. With a single shot between the eyes, he killed the Arab insurgent who was brutalizing his lover, and  kicked the body to the wall. He rushed over to hold Brad, gently, and to be there for him, in anyway he could conceive. Brad's mental state, however, was as resilient as his manhood, and he just chuckled.
"Well, now I have two reasons to be happy to see you, Russ," said Brad with relief plain in his voice. "I have a feeling that Arab would have very happily nutted me." Russ's reply to this statement was a vicious kiss to his lover. And he held Brad tightly before replying.
"I dunno, maybe he would have," said Russ, "but I'd much rather do that myself,". With a wink and a smile he said, "These belong to me now, remember?", followed by another, this time more gentle, kiss. Then Russ whispered into Brad's ear "But let's get you dressed before anyone else shows up. I'm not sure how I'd explain this thing," stroking Brad's rigid member with admiration
Brad sighed with disappointment. "OK, then" he said, "What's left of my shirt?"

Monday, December 4, 2017

(f/m) Jill and the Football Team - Interlude - NEW

A little fun freebee.
Jill and the Football Team - Interlude
It was just about three in the morning when a quiet sobbing awoke Jill. Jill was snuggled up in her down comforter and nubbly flannel sheets. She was wearing her pink pajamas and her white fuzzy socks. The crying was coming from three beds to her left, where Jason was supposed to be sleeping. Jason was a quiet boy with black hair and deep blue eyes. He was handsome and muscular, but for some reason he was crying.
Jill slipped out of her bed and tiptoed in the dark to where he was laying. Then she got under covers with him, and whispered, "What's wrong Jason?"
Jason was naked except some socks and his red eye's glittered in the reflection of the fire which had burned down to embers.
"Jill," he whispered back, "I'm afraid of losing my cock and balls. I'm afraid everyone will hate me because I'm missing some or all of my manhood. I'm afraid I won't be a man after this."
Jill gently touched his face with one hand. "Jason, what you have hanging between your legs doesn't make you a man. What makes you a man is protecting those who can't protect themselves. What makes you a man is honoring your parents and your girlfriends, and your friends. What makes you a man is being strong, reliable and acting honorably. It's your attitude that makes you a real man, not these." Jill reached under the covers and gently grasped his dick and two fat nuts. She gave his berries a squeeze and stroked his cock, which naturally came to life. Soon it was pulsing with blood and male vitality.
"But what will people think if they see me looking like, like a freak?" Jason's voice trembled with fear.
"Losing your nuts or your dick are actually marks of courage. It say's you're willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the pleasure of others. It says you're selfless and virtuous. And if anyone thinks otherwise, then they can jolly well go hang. You're you no matter what, no matter what hangs between your legs. Jason I have faith in you, that you're strong enough and brave enough to give me your manhood. I think you'll find you enjoy offering them up to me."
Jason began to relax and he stopped trembling.
"You really think it's OK, then?"
"It's more than OK. If other men knew how pleasurable it is to orgasm after your ball is popped they'd be lining up to let me emasculate them."
"I just feel funny about all the other guys watching it happen." Jason was becoming emotionally aroused at his little princess fondling and squeezed his junk with her warm little hands.
"Well, there's no one downstairs right now. Everyone else is asleep. Let's go down and I'll show you what I mean."
Jason threw back the covers on his bed, and let Jill grasp his throbbing member and she used it to guide him across the room, down two flights of stairs and into the breakfast nook.
"Let me stoke the fire," said Jason. Jill let go of his erection and let him gather some firewood.  He added some paper and logs and within a few moments the fire was popping and crackling away merrily. The whole kitchen began to heat up and Jason's ballsack loosened and dropped low. Jill climbed up on one of the chairs.
"Come," she said gently. "Put your balls on the chair. We'll pop one right now, and you can stroke yourself to completion. You'll see for yourself how life changing rupturing a nut can be."
Jason slowly kneeled before his princess and with one hand placed his nutsack on the chair, then he gently grasped his rigid prick and began to gently stroke it. He looked up at Jill. She was smiling down at him. With one hand she cupped his right cheek and placed one fuzzy foot over his left testicle. For some reason she always like popping the left over the right, as the left was usually larger and more meaty. It often made a louder popping noise when ruptured. She put her heel on his testicle and began let her weight fall on it, slowly, inch by inch, pound by pound. Her gaze never left Jason's eyes, and Jill's eyes were full of love and compassion.
"It's bravery like this that makes you a man Jason. I get to push your manhood to its limits and you get to feel something very few men ever get to - the ultimate sacrifice."
Jason nodded, and a small tear formed in the corner of his eye. This was a tear of joy, that he would be proving his manhood to this little blond doll. A blond doll who at this moment had complete control of him, and there was something so thrilling about that control. The pain was rising in his nut, and it began to steal his breath away. It was so painful. A pain that just went on and on.
Jill began to grind the little balsey under her heel and she could feel the thing flatten. Jason's dick was swelling with anticipation, and it was clear the climax was near. In the flicking firelight, Jill could see Jason's eyes getting wider and wider as his primitive primate brain wrestled with the unbelievable fact that he was about to loose half his manhood. To a 10 year old girl, no less.
She cupped his full face. "Can you feel it flatten, Jason, it's about to give way. Stroke faster, we need to both go at the same time, otherwise you might pass out before you come." Harder and faster he jacked himself, and deeper and deeper into his testicle she pressed her foot. This was a moment of a silent fever; fever as Jason's body flushed with excitement and pain, and fever for Jill's body as it flushed with anticipation over another busted nut. Faster and faster was the furious fisting, and deeper and deeper stepped the foot.
 And then in a single joyous instant, the testicle under Jill's foot popped with a loud "POPPING" sound, and Jason's left testicle exploded under Jill's foot. BLOOP. A wet muffled explosion. At the same time a geyser of semen spurted from the tip of Jason's dick and Jason's body shuddered at the forced release of his issue. Jason's breathing was loud and erratic. Jill and Jason were still looking into each other's eyes, and what Jill saw was ecstasy mixed with abject pain mixed with realization and what Jason saw in Jill's beautiful blue eyes was utter happiness and contentment. Spurt after spurt coated Jason's equipment and the chair itself. And Jill continued to squish Jason's testicular remains, pressing deeply into the ruptured ball until it was just smooth butter. Nut butter.
"You see, Jason. It's the most wonderful thing to crush a testicle. You're a brave and valiant man." Jason gave a little sigh, of almost relief, and mumbled, "I believe you now, Jill," and then his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed backwards. Jill let him. She gazed down at him for a while, noticing his beautiful body glisten in the firelight, and then she went upstairs, and woke Sean so he could patch Jason up. Jill crawled back into her cozy bed, and waited a while until Sean had carried the patched up, but still unconscious, boy and put him to bed. Then Jill fell back asleep and had sweet peaceful dreams.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

(f/groupmM) Jill and the Football Team Part 2 - NEW

Jill and the Football Team Part 2


Next it was off to the sauna. Jill had never been in a sauna before. It turned out to be a steam room made of cut pine wood with some hot rocks to create the steam. She opened the door and walked in. It was hot and moist, and there were three guys inside, each draped with a while towel over their junk. It was Jarret, the assistant coach, Ian and Paul, and Jill hopped up onto the bench to sit next to Paul.


"How are you feeling?" asked Jill


Paul, a handsome boy with brown hair and hazel eyes replied, "Horny, and my nuts itch."


"I can help with that," said Jill. She reached under his towel and grasped his walnuts with both hands. She then began to squeeze them, digging her thumbs into the two soft orbs. Paul melted into an ecstasy of voluptuous itching, and slumped against the pine wall. A low, slow moan escaped his lips, and his eyelids fluttered. Jill was really giving his nuts a work-over. Deeper into each ball, Jill pushed her thumbs. She could feel the things bulge around them. More groaning from Paul. "Fuck yeah," he whispered, "fuck yeah". About this time, Paul's cock broke free from the confines of his towel, and the towel parted to reveal the crotch where Jill's two hands were buried. Paul had an average sized wiener and some slightly larger than average nuts. Both cock and balls were red and engorged, with a little trickle of clear pre-jack glistening pearl-like on his cock's tip. Jill took one finger, and scooped up the drop of pre-jack from his member.


"Open your mouth, Paul." said Jill. The moaning boy did so, and then Jill dropped the cum-pearl on his tongue. "Eat it," ordered Jill. Paul complied. "What did it taste like?" she asked. "Sweet," he replied. Jill smiled and went back to her squeezing. "Stroke yourself," she commanded. "OK," mumbled Paul, He began to rub his cock with one hand, and Jill began to pull on his goobers as well as squeeze the life out of them. But her little fingers were not strong enough to pop them, much to Jill's dismay.


The other two guys in the room were watching and rubbing their cocks through their towels.


"I think I'll have to lean on one of your balls to pop it, and I really want to pop your left nut, Paul. How do you feel about that?"


"I gave you permission to destroy my junk. So have at it."


"You're really sure I should pop your testicle?"


"Yeah, it just seems right for you to do it. Go ahead. It will be fun."


"OK." Jill turned to Jarret, the assistant coach. "I think Paul should be made to enjoy his de-nutting. I want you to suck his cock while I destroy it. Then he can cum in your nice soft, wet mouth. OK Jarret?"


Jarrent nodded, whipped off his own towel, and started sucking off Paul, while stroking his own cock. Jill placed Paul's left nut on the raw pine wood, and then planted her knee on it. It was a bit wobbly at first but she began to put more and more weight on the doomed bubble. It bulged from the center out, and began to turn bright pink. Nutmeat began too ooze out on either side of her knee, and she began to grind her knee into the doomed gland. Rupture couldn't be far away. Inside Jarret's mouth Paul's cock swelled larger and larger, as it often does just before ejaculation, and then with a crisp, audible POP, the testicle burst underneath Jill's knee. Paul grunted as he simultaneously came into Jarret's hot mouth. Jarret swallowed and swallowed this young teen's fresh, hot spunk. Paul's body was glistening from sweat, and Jill continued to mash the testicle into a spermy goo so that no lumps remained. The heady orgasm plus gutwrenching pain, made Paul pass out with a small little sigh. The other two men came as well, their sticky lines of cum coating the fresh pine slats, and the whole steam-room smelled like steamy semen. It was a heady scent. Once Paul's boner deflated. Jarret stopped sucking on it, and instead squished around Paul's ruptured nut. It was the first popped nut he'd ever felt, and found it fascinating, and knowing full well that Jill would pop one of his own before the weekend was through. He even harbored a deep secret longing that maybe she should completely neuter him instead. Completely castrate him so that he could live for the rest of his life without the pressure of sex. Jarret imagined his own emasculation - it would be two unique orgasms one after another and a once-in-a-lifetime experience to lose his balls.


Jill was satisfied with her newest bursting, and left the sauna, her body coated with a thin oily sheen of kid-sweat. She went up stairs, took a bath and came back downstairs in a cute little pink dress, pink fuzzy socks, and a nice blue bow in her hair. She entered the second level to find a number of guys stroking off to hot sex on the flatscreen and chugging down beer after beer. The room smelled like sex and fermented hops. Jill went to the center of the room and decided she wanted nuts. Lots of nuts.


"OK, my lovely boys. I want a ball party."


"A what?" asked David.


"A ball party. I'll lay on the floor, and then one guy will drop his balls into my mouth, two on either side so I can play with your balls with my hands, and two guys at my feet so I can play with your balls through my fuzzy socks. Then I want you all to jack off, and when you come, I want you to lick your own cum off of me."


"Oh. We can do that." Jill lay down on the floor and opened her mouth. David came over and kneeled on either side of her head. Then he spread his knees until his dangling ball-pouch dropped into her pert, pink little mouth. Jill slurped them in. Anthony kneeled to her left side and guided her hands to his nuts, while Jason did the same on her right and Patrick pressed her left foot into his ghoolies, whilst Peter did the same for her right foot. Soon Jill was sucking, squeezing and kneading nuts all at the same time. All five boys were moaning as they stroked themselves. Nut pain can be such an aphrodisiac. The thrill of knowing that someone was in possession of your most intimate and powerful body parts and would most likely destroy them too, sent a chill up all the boy's spines.


Jill sucked and squeezed and kneaded. Five sets of testicle at her command and all of the boys horny as hell. She took a moment to really chow down on David's two testicles, then she switched to squeezing just Anthony's nuts, then Jason's, and then going down the line to really press her toes into Peter and Patrick's packages. Patrick's big fat African balls really bobbed around, and Jill loved their feeling so much she began to dig her heel into them, wondering if she could pop one or both like this. The idea of castrating the big half-black boy seemed especially sexy. No one said she couldn't, after all. Maybe if she could rupture him completely she could then collect his cock as well as his balls, and have a complete set of mantackle for her collection. Her first negroid set of babymakers and joystick. And the same for Ian Ito, her first Asian knick-knackers.


In her mouth, David's balls swirled around. She lodged one nut between each set of molars and began to bite, her hard teeth making sharp dents in his soft scrotal skin. David began to whine as Jill's teeth compressed his balls in unnatural ways. With her hands she was twisting and squeezing the four balls at her mercy, plunging thumbs into nut-hearts, and pulling on scrotums and then twisting the scrotum for added pain. But it was her feet that were the worst. For she started ramming her sock covered heel into the two sets of balls that were there, making Peter and Patrick jump with each smash, and their six-pack abs ripple.


"Fuck YEAH," yelled Peter. "Smash my nuts, OH GOD, they itch so bad."


"NO," cried David, "mine itch more, chew harder, pop the fuckers."


"Squeeze mine harder, maybe even punch them," said Jason in a pleading voice. "My nuts itch so bad. Anything to make it stop!"


Jill redoubled her maceration of the testicles at her disposal. At each distal end, she endeavored to completely macerate these boy's ghoolies. Their stroking became furious, and their breathing became heavy and rhythmic. *CHEW* *SQUEEZE* *PUNT*. Jill was working up a sweat as she tried to rupture as many nuts as she could.


Then all the boys began to grunt as they came. No balls were popped, but the heady feelings of pain and pleasure had reached a culminating point and they just couldn't reign in their orgasms any longer. David's ribbons of cum coated Jill dress. The two boys on the side coated her arms, and the two boys at her feet dribbled into her warm, fuzzy socks. They all immediately began to lick it off their little princess, tasting their own sweet salty sticky issue as they did so.


All five boys returned to the couch, replete and satisfied. Jill got up, look down at her sticky dress, and declared she was going to take another bath and then change. It was about dinner time: an organic salad, prime rib, loaded mash potatoes, and grilled vegetables. All the naked, horny men went downstairs and ate with gusto, each squeezing their own balls, or helping someone else to relieve the itching pressure in their balls.


Jill was now in a pert blue little dress, and wearing sky blue fuzzy socks. She ate her food, and then with the rest of the boys, went to the bunks and lay down for a mid day nap. Soon there was lots of snoring. The naps lasted about two hours, and then everyone woke up. Most of the guys wanted to use the gym so they were all stuffed and stacked up in the workout room. Jill watched them for a while, and then started making her own contribution. One guy was on a bench lifting weights, naked of course, so Jill walked in and planted her knee in his groin.


"Lets see how many reps you can do with my knee in your babymakers!" said Jill brightly.


OOF, "one" OOF, "two" OOF, "three" this went on until the guy had to stop at 30 reps while his balls were being smashed into the bench. After the set, he curled to his right and wretched on the floor.


Another guy was doing pull-ups on a high bar. Jill stood underneath him and between his legs, and ever time he came down, she kicked his ghoolies as hard as she could. His hard cock waggled back and forth and his swollen agates jiggled in their sack. PUFF PUFF pull up, hissing release back down until WHAM a hard kick to his livelyhood, then back up PUFF PUFF, hiss release and WHAM straight kicks to his two most prized possessions.


Another guy was at the rowing machine. Jill made him row, while she held on to his whole scrotum. The ballsack distended and thinned as he went back and then twisted and squeezed his sack as he came forward.


Then she moved to the guy using a bar on the wall doing chest-ups. He hung upside down and then did a full crunch until his head touched his knees. Like Batman doing pull ups. Only Jill made him punch his own nuts as hard as he could with each repetition. You could tell he liked going for the floor, but hesitating when his head got near his knees. SPLAT, OOF, down, relax, up, SPLAT OOF. Jill for all her collected knowledge of men's reproductive organs really didn't' understand how hard it is for guys to hurt their own onions. It's a deep instinctive thing to protect them. Much better to let someone else destroy your nads; ideally by being secured and roped up so you can't flinch.


But eventually Jill got tired of this temple to musculature and went back to the second floor. She decided to play a game. She chose two boys Ian and David and tied some ropes to their scrotums. The she held on to the end of the ropes. She told them that whoever couldn't make her fall over would lose a ball. She told them that Sean would remove a whole testicle and cook it up for her, as her after dinner snack. Both boys got pale, but allowed the game to go forward. Jill held onto the ropes, and by pulling and twisting their scrotums they each tried to pull Jill towards them. "FUCK MY NUTS", screamed David. Ian's face just turned purple. As well did his nuts. Jill, to add to their torments, pulled hard, randomly, to really make their scrotums distend and make a deep throbbing pain in their balls. The few other guys in the room were once again jacking off to the scene while they groped their own itching nuts.


And finally David, being bigger and stronger than little Ian Ito pull so hard with his balls, that Jill fell over and let go of Ian's rope. Ian fell backwards onto a chair, and David hit a wall. Jill picked herself up off the floor, no worse for the wear and went down stairs to get Sean. everyone watched as Sean smeared bromine over Ian's scrotum, and gave him an injecting to dull the pain. Then he slit open the scrotum, fished out Ian's left testicle, and snipped it. Then he expertly stitched up the wound and sent the boy to bed. Then he went and cleaned the nut, removing it's fibrous outer coating, put it on a skewer and grilled it for Jill. When it was done it was passed around to all the boys to have a looksee and then Jill ate it with gusto. She'd eaten Bull balls before, and Horse bollocks and dog's nads, but these were the first man-eggs she had tasted. It was creamy and tasty, with hints of bacon. De-Licous.


After that, the evening wound down, and after a desert of chocolate pudding pie, all the still whole men went to sleep. Jill was tucked in by Tim and he promised her one last day of ball popping before they had to go back home. Jill smiled up and him, and grasped his nutsack. "Yup, even mine too," said Tim. The lights went out and Jill slept. Peacefully.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

So . . .

I've fixed the last of my personal problems, which means I'm free to start writing again.

Also, my informal poll leads me to believe that most of you don't care if I put up hot pictures of guys. So, as well as working on a story, I'll start putting up pics.

Hugs to you all, and I'll post when I can,



Monday, October 23, 2017

And it goes on

More sick news from Chechnya Russia.

Isn't that wonderful? Mebbe we can kill ALL of the gay people in the world (along with the Jews), and the world will suddenly become a place filled with rainbows, and sparkly shit, and more money for the rest, and peace and tranquility with reign for all time.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017


So I've been thinking of putting up pics again, of naked and semi naked men, but I don't want to do it if it will offend or drive off my straight fans, so let me know, in the comment section below, how you feel about that.



Saturday, August 26, 2017

(groupM/groupmM) NutTV - NEW

Something new for you. Not terribly long, but hopefully long enough to wank off to.
Neil got out of his car, baking under the glare of a California sun, and sauntered through the parking lot. He picked up a cart along the way and finally made it to the shade of the store, FatCo. FatCo was a wholesaler store made available to ordinary mortals for a small fee. Neil whipped out his identification card and walked past the sentry who screened people as they came in. A little ways in Neil's progress was held up by a Satellite Premium salesperson who inquired whether Neil would like to get the service and over 1000 channels of content.
"I already have Satellite Premium, thank you," said Neil.
"Very good, but for just this month, we're having a special sale of fetish channels for subscribers. Would you be interested in trying it out?" The solicitous sales person smiled blandly at Neil.
"Yes, you know, people into feet or hair or shoes. Stuff like that. Is there any particular fetish you'd be interested in, sir?"
"As a matter of fact I do. I like seeing guys getting pegged in the balls. Nutshots. Nutcrushing force. Stuff like that."
"But that's wonderful, sir. I have just what you need. We have a Ballbusting package of 14 channels at a low, low additional price of $19.95 a month. We can have it installed for you in less than 24 hours, seeing as you already have the satellite."
"Yeah, OK. I guess I'm down for that. What do I have to do?"
"Just let me get your information and take this ticket with you when you check out."
Neil gave his information, continued to shop and went home. He turned his cell phone on, and got a call in less than an hour that the chip would be inserted into his satellite tomorrow at 8:00 am and to be home during that time. It was a Saturday so no work, and the next morning Neil was there to receive the technician. He was a good looking dude who told Neil that he would simply install a second microchip and that the new channels would be 1001 to1014.
When the man left, Neil took a shower. Neil was about 5'6", had a smooth toned muscular body, and nice set of wedding tackle. Wearing nothing but a white towel, he parked himself in the Lazy-Boy in front of the TV and settled down to see what this "fetish" stuff was all about.
Neil turned the TV on. 'click' . He opened up the main menu and looked for the new channels. They were at the end of the list. Neil mentally ticked off what was playing on each - The Houseboy's of Orange County, Nutball, Castration Rodeo, Cooking with Cocks, Nutshots 2017, BDSM Central - flogging and ball crushing, The Nut Connection, and several others.
'Hmmm,' thought Neil, 'which to do first?' Neil decided on  something sporty and chose "Fighting Monks", not entirely sure what fighting monks had to do with ballbusting. He chose the menu item and began to watch. What he saw was a line of monks, their faces down, their legs spread and their hands behind their backs. The announcer was saying that ball-tempering was an important element in the training of monks. A martial arts master walked behind them and randomly kicked their balls from the back. If the man fell, he was dismissed from training for the day. If he stayed still, he was allowed to remain. Neil watched for a while as the master walked up and down the line until nearly all the men had been kicked. Each set of balls made a "THUNK" ing sound and Neil's cock began to rise to attention. He could just see the outline of his own cockhead against the white of the towel. However, he was convinced the could do better and went to another channel.
This time it was the Nut Connection. This turned out to be a romance game show where four men participated in a series of questions and answers. One man asked questions of three men he couldn't see, and if the answers received were not what he had already written down then the responding man got a knee to the balls. The three answerers were lined up, naked from the waist down, and their big fat nuts hung there, ready to be kneed. The question guy would ask things like, "What would me biggest turn on be for a date?" and the replies might be , "A nice smile" or "A big package" or "I pay for everything", then the questioner would reveal his answer, "Witty conversation". All the answerers would moan, and prepared to have their nuts kneed, HARD. The person doing the kneeing was a burly bouncer type with fat muscular thighs the left little room for his targets to escape from. WHAM and the first man coughed, WHAM and the second man moaned, WHAM and the third man's knees quivered. Neil watched in appreciation as the men's dangling huevos were bouncing and swinging with each knee thrust. The game was already half over and the men were sweating bullets as their eggs were cracked.
Then the whole thing went to commercial, so Neil changed channels again. This time he went to something that sounded interesting - Nutball. Neil had played nutball as a kid with his friends, and this was a good show. The first thing he saw was three guys in speedos sitting on the floor with their legs overlapping each other and one had a ball. He slammed it into the package of the guy to his right, nailing him dead on, who then caught the ball on the rebound, and slammed it into the package of the guy on his right. OOF. That guy caught the ball, and slammed into the package of the first guy. Neil loved watching their packages jiggle and how each guy's six pack rippled when the ball made contact with their nuts.
The scene changed and it was a group of boys surrounding two boys sitting a ways and opposite each other on the floor. Each had a tennis ball, and was trying to lob it across the room to hit the other guy's bollocks. When they missed it was boring, but when they hit the guy hit would laugh and hold his nuts for a while, trying to get his breath back and make the pain between his legs lessen. This went on for a while, until the scene shifted again, to a locker room shower situation when there was one guy, the victim, who was naked in the showers, his chest up against the wall, while three guys behind him tried to peg him in the nuts from behind with a racket-ball ball. It was pale blue and hard. SMACK when the ball into the victims left buttcheek. It left a red mark. SMACK, this time it hit his lower back. SMACK this time it bounced off the man's right thigh, and finally SMACK hit his nut-sack dead on, smooshing it into the unforgiving tiled wall. The poor dude groaned and slid down the wall to his knees to cradle his injured jewels. Neil thought to himself, 'Now this is hot'. Neil fully opened the white toweled wrapped around his legs and began to stroke his own wood. He was already dripping a little precum, and he hefted and squeezed his nuts a little to echo the nut torture he was seeing on screen. This poor guy in the shower room got it in the nuts about six more times, and the camera man zoomed in on his scrotum to show two swollen eggs in an angry red scrotum. But then that scene shifted.
The next nutball thing Neil saw was an all-adult faire where there was a shooting gallery where you could shoot ping pong balls at a whole row of naked scrotums on the other side. All you could see of the men were their balls, and it was thrilling for people to come up, pay three dollars and watch them fire ping pong balls at helpless man-purses. You got a prize if you could hit both nuts, but not if you hit only one, three times in a row. The prizes were all stuffed animals with huge, human-like genitalia. Naturally the camera man went behind the scenes and showed six guys, chests flush with the wall, and their balls stuffed through waste-high holes. The camera zoomed in on their faces as they got hit, and it was usually a grimace. Ping pong balls may not seem painful, but when they were fired rapidly they could cause a lot of discomfort without causing any real damage.
It was now time to see something with more cruelty, so naturally he switched to the Houseboys of Orange-County. The first thing he saw upon the screen was a rich looking gay guy sitting in a Lazy-Boy snap his fingers and a mostly naked Hispanic boy rush over and refill his drink. The man spluttered into his now-iceless drink.
"Edwardo, there's no ice in this. I told you before about not having ice ready. Stand in front of me and spread your legs."  WHAM The man kicked the poor boy in his ghoolies about as hard as he could and the boy fell to his knees, holding himself. It was workplace abuse and it was, to Neil, delicious. The cruel master took the boys leg, and lifted it so that the boy was forced onto his back. The man took the other ankle and made a V with it, and told the boy to move his hands, or he'd get it worse. Then the man began to stomp on his servant's speedo clad crotch. STOMP STOMP STOMP. The boy let out a high pitched wail and his hands clutched the thick luxurias carpet. Finally the man got a little winded and stopped stomping, and the boy rolled over onto his side and wretched.
Neil was becoming seriously aroused and switched to something even more intense. The BDSM channel. A hot young sub was strung up so that he was suspended at waist height from the ceiling and that his balls hung down towards the floor. The dom had a quirt and was smacking the poor boy's ball-sack with it. WHACK WHACK WHACK. With each contact the boy's body jolted and his balls bounced, but he was obviously enjoying the pain because he a had a full on erection which was dribbling semen onto the floor over which he was suspended. WHACK WHACK WHACK. A sort of methodical punishment, but one which made Neil randy! The dom stopped and reached out and squeezed and grated the boy's rocks together. There was a muffled cry from the boy. Then the dom just took one ball, the boy's right one, and squeezed it as hard as the could. You could tell because the man's knuckles went white. The was a loud wail and some sobbing, but amazingly the boys jewel remained intact. At this point a second dom entered the scene, and the two burly doms sat in chairs on either side of the boy, placed their black-booted feet up to the boy's scrotum, and began to grind their shoes together and try and pop one or both of the boy's balls between them. The camera zoomed in to highlight the boy's scrotum, and you could see nut-meat oozing out from between the two boots. Meanwhile great ropes of semen were jumping out of the boy's cock, and it dripped down to coat the shoes. One of the doms took his boot and held it up to the boys hood covered face, and make him lick his own cum off the shoe through the mouth-slit, then it was right back to the grinding of the two boots, trying to make mince meat out of the boy's gonads.
But once again, they failed to pop anything, so this time the first dom lay underneath the suspended teenager and began to kick the boy's dangling balls. KICK KICK KICK-HOLD. After every three kicks the boot would stay there and grind itself into the testicles, clearly trying to burst one. 'Poor kid' thought Neil, but like all good subs, the boy was obviously looking forward to some kind of explosive conclusion. Neil was also looking forward to some kind explosive conclusion.
The first dom paused in his kicking, and the second dom appeared (in a black hood of his own) and placed a c-clamp around the boy's right ball. Then the dom began to tighten the vice. The ball began to warp and bulge as the clamp became ever tighter. Tighter and tighter it became until there was an audible "SQUISH" sound which came from the boy's crotch and there was an accompanying grunt from the teen. His testicle had just been ruptured, on camera and for reals. Neil's whole body went cold and then flushed hot as this was the first nut bursting he'd ever witnessed. His breath was now ragged, and as he watched and stroked himself, the clamp was removed, and the cruel dom from below began to kick the boy's ballbag just to further the pain of his one destroyed and one good testicle. WHAM WHAM WHAM. The boy's penis shot volley after volley of cum, and soon Neil could feel the tightening of his own scrotum and his own cum boiled out of his prostate and spurted onto his flat, smooth stomach. Neil moaned as he squeezed his own nuts. That glow of sex flushed his whole body, from his beautiful feet all the way to his handsome face.
The scene resolved itself with a close up of the sub's puffy scrotum, and Neil finally finished stroking himself. Neil rubbed his stomach with one hand, smearing his own cum around and making the pearly white stuff spread.
'Well,' thought Neil as he turned off the TV, 'I guess it's time for another shower'.

Update - what am I doing with my time

So other than endless work, my minimal free time is now spent "world building". This is the process by which fantasy and sci-fi w...