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(Ff/Mm) Mom and Daughter, Father and Son by Stubby

So to start off with here is an oldie but goodie which was the inspiration for my daughter/father stories. This story is unlike them in most ways, being so gentle and calm, but it got me thinking about the thrill a little girl would have in emasculating the man who sired her. And I've always liked family oriented castration themes. So here you go!



Mom and Daughter, Father and Son by Stubby

John was a long haul truck driver and was on the road most of the time. John and his wife, Sara, had recently purchased a small ranch with the idea that when the ranch became profitable John could retire from the road and spend more time with his family. Sara had been raised on a farm and knew what had to be done and knew how to do it. Peter, age 17, and his sister, Cindy, age 18, loved living on the ranch. Having been born and raised in the city, they both loved the peace and quiet of country life.

One hot summer day, while John was on the road, Sara, Peter and Cindy were working a new group of calves John had bought at auction last week. The calves had to be given the required inoculations, be dehorned and the males castrated.

Sara had become very skilled at using the Burdizzo clamp. After Sara had done the last calf, Cindy asked her, "Mom, the calves didn't put up much of a fuss when you clamp their nuts. I always assumed it would hurt like hell, but now I'm not sure. What do you think?"

Sara replied, "Not having balls I'm not sure if it hurts or not. Why don't you ask Peter. He might have some idea."

Turning around to face the two women Peter saw that both were smiling. Feeling a little cocky Peter answered, "I don't know if it hurts or not, but I'm willing to find out! I mean why not, right?"

"You're not serious?" asked Cindy.

Peter looked at his mother and replied with a shrug, "If Mom says it's ok, it's ok with me".

Peter expected Mom to say something, such as quit talking like that, but his Mom and sister just kind of smiled at each other. Sara stood up and said, "Peter, if you are serious go into the house and wait for us in the kitchen. Take off your shoes, pants and underwear and show us what you've got between your legs."

"OK!" he replied with surprising cheerfulness. Too proud to back out now, Peter got up and began walking toward the house. Once in the kitchen Peter began undressing and soon was in nothing but his white shocks and tee shirt. Normally he would have been very uncomfortable being seen naked by his mom and sister, but now his only thoughts were that he hoped his mom would really go through with this. He simply couldn't wait to be nutted. The very thought of loosing his balls made him randy as hell.

Sara and Cindy came in the kitchen a few minutes later and stopped when they saw Peter standing there, mostly naked and as excited as he could be. His little dick was at full attention and his delicate little balls were hanging there in their sack.

Cindy giggled and said to her mom, "His dick is kind of small, isn't it?"

Sara answered, "Yes it is. Just like your Father's."

Peter had a full erection by then, but his penis was less than three inches long and no thicker than his thumb.

"You mean Daddy's got a teeny weeny too?" asked Cindy. "How do you guys, you know, . . . ?"

"I learned a long time ago that the only way your Father could satisfy me was for him to wear a strap on rubber dick. His little cock just isn't big enough to do much. Looking at your brother, it looks like castration might be the best thing for him. As long as he has his little balls, he's in for a life of frustration and rejection," stated Sara, matter-of-factly.

Sara handed the burdizzo to Cindy and asked her to wash it off in the sink. Sara told Peter to turn around, bend over the table, and spread his legs. Peter's hard dick was pressed against the hard table.  After drying off the clamp Cindy brought it over and gave it to her Mother.

"It's kind of weird knowing that Peter won't be a real man after you clamp him," Sara said to her Mom. "Can I help?"

"These are your brother's nuts. Ask him if he minds if you help castrate him," Sara answered as she inspected the burdizzo.

"Peter, can I take one of your nuts too? Please?"

Peter looked back lovingly and longingly at his Mother and his Sister and smiled a sweet, sad smile. He said, "Sure, I want both of you to enjoy this. There's one each for both of you."

Sara began feeling for the cords in Peter's scrotum. She squeezed and stretched them, assessing their thickness. Thicker cords required greater strength to sever.

"Which one should we do first?" Sara asked her daughter.

Cindy replied, "Peter is always saying he'd give his left nut for this or that so I say do the larger left one first."

Sara placed the jaws of the burdizzo over the cords of his left nut and asked, "Peter, I do believe that this is the best thing for you, but I won't do it unless you're sure this is what you want. Once it is done, there is no going back. Your sex life ends here, today, at the hands of your Mother and your Sister. What do you say?"

Peter was silent for a moment, then looked over his shoulder at them. "Mom, I'm a virgin. I've never even touched a girl because I know that she wouldn't want me and my small pecker. All I do is jack off all the time. Every time I see you two nut a bull I've wondered if that could be me. I've wanted to so long for you to use the burdizzo on me. Yes, this is what I want. Please crush first my left ball, and then my right one. Crush them hard, geld me and make me a eunuch."

"Ok. Brace yourself," Sara said and closed the handles of the clamp very fast.

Peter yelped in pain and began moaning loudly as his Mother counted to thirty. After she removed the clamp, she handed it to Cindy and asked, "Are you sure you can do this?"

Cindy kind of laughed and said, "Shouldn't be any harder than a calf."

Cindy had castrated quite a few calves and knew how to work the tool. Cindy felt her Brother's balls and noticed that the left one was rolling around free in his scrotum. She found the cord to the right nut and placed the jaws of the tool on it. Looking at her brother she said, "Peter I love you, but I've wanted to do this to you for so long. Thank you for letting me help castrate you!"

Peter looked back with a sloppy smile, "You're welcome sis and I'm super excited to be castrated. To become a gelding. No more babies for ME!"

With that Cindy tried to close the handles of the clamp too fast and one of the handles slipped in her hand. Peter cried out in pain. Sara told her it was ok and to move the clamp up a little and start over.

Peter moaned and began to cry because the pain was much worse this time. After she was done, they both helped Peter to bed and held him as he cried. Both women took turns squeezing his scrotum and his detached balls and got an illicit thrill rolling round his now free balls in their sack, and this seemed to lull Peter to sleep finally.

John got home the next day and asked why Peter was both walking funny and why he was only wearing underwear. All four of them sat down and Sara and Cindy explained what they had done.

At first John was very angry.

"You crushed the cords to my son's balls? You castrated him? How could you do that?"

But he began to calm down as Peter told his story. "I asked them to, Dad. Now I'm free of sex, and can live a normal life." After Peter finished telling all the details of his castration, everyone could see a small bulge in John's pants.

Placing her left hand on her Father's shoulder Cindy said, "Daddy, it was such a thrill nutting my brother yesterday. I'll remember that moment for the rest of my life, the day I turned my brother into a eunuch. Daddy, I can see that this is making you excited. Daddy, would you like us to castrate you too?"

John didn't know what to say. He looked at Sara and saw that she was nodding her head.

"Peter had the same problem as you, John. Yes, I told them everything," Sara said as John looked at his children.

John turned red in embarrassment as he realized his lifelong secret was now known by all of his family. After a moment Sara said to her husband, "John, this would help you too. You want sex all the time, but you aren't able to please me with such a small penis. Castration would help you control your urges and we'd get along much better."

The room was quiet for a minute as John thought about what had been said. He rubbed his own crotch and pressed his fingers into his own small eggs, rolling them around. Perhaps it was time to lose them. Finally he turned to Sara, "Do the two of you want to castrate me then? Like a race-horse? Just crush my cords and make me sterile?

Both women nodded in unison. "It would be a thrill and a joy."

"Would you like to kick and squeeze my balls after you do so? I know a lot of women get a kick out of 'owning' a guy's junk."

Both women squealed at the prospect.

"OK, Then. I love you, Sara, and would do anything to make you happy. Yes, you can castrate me and then rupture my detached nuts. They're all yours, I guess."

Sara and Cindy both smiled at each other.

"I'll be right back," Cindy said as she ran out of the back door to the barn to get the burdizzo.

Sara helped John undress, unlacing first his boots, pulling them off, then unzipped his jeans, and pulling down his tighty-whities, letting his small cock and balls have full freedom. And in full view of both of his children. This time Sara had him sit on the edge of the table so that his junk could be fully seen. The whole family was going to watch John get gelded. In a minute Cindy returned with the clamp and handed it to her Mother.

Sara told her, "You do the first one and then I'll finish him off."

Cindy walked up between her Father's legs and began feeling for his cords. Finding the cord to his left nut she placed the jaws of the tool carefully and said, "Daddy, this is so exciting. Castrating the man who sired me! Are you sure that you want us to do this, Daddy? Tell me how much you want to be unable to sire more children."

John looked at his wife and saw that she had a very happy look on her face. He looked back towards his daughter and said, "This is such a special moment for both of us. Yes, Cindy. Take my manhood. And make it hurt. Hurt me, hurt me and my ball."

Cindy closed the handles of the burdizzo quickly and started to count to thirty. John was moaning loudly and let out a sigh of relief when she removed the tool.

"Thank you, Daddy," Cindy said softly and handed the clamp to her Mother.

Sara found the cord to his right nut and placed the tool. "I love you very much, John. I wish we'd done this years ago." Sara squeezed the handles together and started her count. John was crying slightly and moaning. When Sara let go both she and her daughter played around with his now detached testicles. In his own excitement at seeing his father nutted, Peter pulled off his underwear and both men let their castrated nuts hang in naked space totally free and uninhibited, knowing their their greatest shame was now exposed and about to bring such pleasure to the women they loved.
Peter said "OK dad, let's let the girl's pop our balls!"
John struggled through the pain of having his nuts detached and stood with his legs wide open, his now rootless ghoolies swing free.
Sara began to punt her husband's nuts while Cindy kicked her brother's balls. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Both males had little to no sensation left in their testicles, but the women just loved squishing the little things between their toes. After a while the gonads became softer and softer and after two particularly strong kicks from the women the glands completely ruptured in their sacks. The sound of kicking went from "SMACK" to "SQUISH" and for about ten minutes the two females made jelly out of their men's dearest possessions, kicking them over and over and over.

Eventually they stopped. "Wow!" said John looking down at his own mangled manhood, squeezing their mushy remains with his hand. "I had fantasized about both of you doing this to me, but I had no idea it would be so exciting. But, we've still got one more issue to deal with. Sara, you've never liked either of us being uncircumcised …"


  1. i would like to see a sports oriented busting story, where a really horrible alpha gets put in his place by the team, he would get raped by the team realize he is gay and then be nutted in a way that the team carries out based on the gay team mates decision, who was tormented by the alpha and sterilized in a very painful way that let him keep hi balls but shoot blanks

    1. A couple of things: 1. I don't like sports stories, which is why I don't write many. Alex is more likely to write them than I. 2. You have made a very specific request, and In the past when I have done stories based on specific requests they have not been at all popular. and 3. Although I appreciate all comments made by my readers, I don't see what your comment has to do with the story that I posted.

  2. That was all very...clinical really. Not my cup of tea, but I could definitely see how it was inspirational to your own writing. I mean, don't get me wrong, the writing is good. I enjoyed the family dynamic and the consent of the father and son characters, those are all themes I enjoy. I guess I just like a more "hands on" or "feet on" approach ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Well, it's certainly a lot less violent than what I would write. Burdizzo stories usually aren't violent. But as I said, what inspired me was the family dynamic. I just love mothers and daughters castrating their male family members. It just seems so natural.

  3. Awesome story! I love the family stuff. Coming from experience, I know how mean a mom and sister can be to a son/brothers big balls! ;)

    1. I love the family stuff too. Makes me want to write another mother/son story. Thanx Bigballs!

    2. You're so welcome! And I think you should write another one :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. They can castrate me


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