Wednesday, August 25, 2010

(MF/M) Pussy-boy Mike

I've always liked the cuckold scenario, and decided to give it a go. Some of the best stories of the genre were written by WimpHub, but unfortunately I can't find his stories on the web anymore. If anyone knows of some, send me the link(s).

Anywho, here's my little contribution. It probably needs some more editing, but I'll do that later. I just wanted to get it up, first.

Bon appetite!


Pussy-boy Mike

Mike shut the door behind him. He was home. Another day at work, gone and done. As foreman of a large construction crew, Mike was big, muscled, assertive, decisive and definitely the in-charge, top dog. But, the moment he walked in the front door of his home, all that changed. He became the meek, subservient underdog. And it was just the way he liked it.

Mike kicked off his shoes, undid his belt, slid his work jeans off, and then pulled his underwear off. His thick cock was already at attention, head shiny with precum, and his fat pendulous balls were swinging heavy in their sack. He dropped to his knees, spread them so that his fat testicles just hung there, and said out loud, “Honey, I’m home!”

At work, Mike was the king of the castle, but in his own castle he was a slave. His petite wife, Millie, ruled the roost, and she required obedience from the moment he got home, till the moment he left for work. She controlled him through abuse, and what better way to abuse a man, especially one as physically strong and tough as Mike, but through his balls? Mike could lift 200lbs without holding his breath, he could work for 8 hours straight putting in rebars and hammering concrete without slowing down a bit, but no matter how resilient and macho the rest of him became, those two little dangling orbs that hung between his legs remained vulnerable, and Mike gladly surrendered them to her, whenever, wherever.

At work, he was as tough as nails. Just today, he’d gotten in a fight with a newbie, and beat the crap out of him, using his own legs to pulverize the guy’s manhood. Everyone cheered him on, yelling for him to nut the young guy. When it was all over, as foreman, Mike fired the younger worker for being belligerent, and the kid was taken away in an ambulance. No one cared. But here, it was Mike who received no mercy.

Mike just kneeled there, in the foyer, legs spread, waiting for his wife to come and kick his testicles to mush She did this every day, and he was used to it. And why did he let her? Because he’d do anything for her . .. and he kinda got off on the abuse, too. Getting racked got him horny, and it was sexy to fuck his wife with swollen jewels.

After a short while, he heard the clacking of her heels, and there she was, his little honey of a wife. Mike always loved what he saw.

A mere 5’5”, but with a DD sized rack, a size 4 waist, and strong, shapely legs that could crack a brazil nut between them. She stopped in front of him, hands on her hips. Her see-threw lace nightgown floated over her fluffy pink lingerie, and She wanted him to wait for his welcome-home punishment. To savor it, as she did. She tapped the corner of her mouth with one long pink fingernail. She shifted her weight slightly, and the thick, curly black hair that framed her heart-shaped face rippled slightly.

Millie also always liked what she saw. Mike’s blue overshirt and white undershirt stretched tight over his bulging muscles. His tan legs folded under him, spread wide leaving him completely vulnerable, and his arms behind him and head back, with eyes downcast, to show proper subservience. As always, his cock at attention. The thickest cock she’d ever had access too, and of course, his big, heavy, fat balls. Moving each slightly in their silky-smooth pouch, waiting for their mistress to pulverize them, to smash their bloated ball-meat all over his crotch.

She tapped her foot for a few moments. She liked to make him wait for it. Then with a flurry of movement, she buried her foot in his balls. The pointy part of her shoe penetrated deep into his fat left ball. He groaned like an injured bull. Mike had a deep rich voice, and his vocalizations during ball busting were primal affairs. Throaty, and animalistic.

One kick, of course, wasn’t enough. She jammed her foot into his groin for five minutes straight, and he began to fall backwards over his own legs, unable to hold himself up. But he never closed his legs. Mike knew better than to close them, or he’d get it even worse later on. Besides, ball busting gave him a raging hardon.

When she let up, she ordered him to follow. “Get off the floor, scum. Come and service me while I powder my nose.” Mike wrenched himself off the floor. He took off his shirt and limped after his wife. She was in the bedroom, sitting at her vanity table, and putting on some makeup. Mike dutifully crawled under the table, did his best to wedge himself between her legs in the cramped space, and then delicately, gently shoved his face and tongue into her snatch.

“Mmmm. That’s very good, slave.” Millie ground her crotch into her husband’s face. With one foot, however, she quested for his hanging balls, and found them – so long they almost rested on the carpet. She grasped his scrotum with her toes and began to yank it. Mike grunted, but kept up his tongue-work. ‘How fun would it be destroy his nuts?’ she thought. ‘Then I could divorce him, get half of his property, and find another guy’. That thought tickled her, and made her cunt release a whole flood of juices.

‘Should I tell him I already have a replacement?’ she mused ‘I think I’ll tell him now, just to torture him.’

“Get up!” she commanded. Mike wriggled his way out from beneath her, and stood up, waiting for orders..

“Stand against the wall and spread those legs! Give me access to your balls NOW!” Mike did as she demanded. Soon she was kneeing his nuts from behind, but stroking his cock at the same time. Millie liked to give some pleasure with the pain, it made Mike more malleable.

“I’ve decided that I want to have another man in the house. One set of balls and one fat dick aren’t enough for me. And I want you to be grateful for it.” She switched to squeezing one ball in each of her hands.

“Well?” she asked, pressing her thumbs into his nuts.

“Of course,” he grunted. “Whatever you want, honey.” His balls felt like ground beef as she squeezed them together.

“Good. And wait until you hear who I’ve asked to join us.” She smiled cruelly and switched to slapping his heavy hangers. “Who in the world would you least like to see again, little husband? Who would you least like to be humiliated in front of?”

Mike grunted and seemed oblivious to her questions, but in reality, one person instantly sprang to mind. It had better not be Ace!

Ace, Mike’s rival throughout high school. His rival at sports, at sex, and at popularity. They’d been bitter enemies since Mike had started dating Jackie, way back in Junior High, who had formally been Ace’s piece of ass. They used to fight in the locker room showers, each going for each others balls in the hopes of destroying the other. In the dating pool, they’d always gone for the same girl, and felt triumph when they nailed her and other didn’t. The last thing they had competed for was Millie’s hand in marriage, and when Mike got it, Ace vowed revenge. They were the bitterest of rivals, and Millie knew it.

“I ran into Ace the other day, and we hit it off. I went down on him in his truck, and his package is so much bigger than yours. So I told him he should come and live with us. You’ll service both of us, like the worm you are. You going to grovel before him and beg him to take pleasure from hurting you.”

“Starting today,” she continued, “You’re no longer allowed wear cloths inside the house, and when he gets here, you’re to do anything he asks. And I mean anything. Didn’t he vow he could destroy you, one day? Mmmm. I can’t wait to see what he does to your manhood.”

“And besides, “she said as she pulled his balls back behind him and began to dig her nails into them, “you’ll get off on him abusing you as much as when I do it.”

Mike just stood there, braced against the wall, letting his petite wife manhandle his privates. The last thing he ever wanted was to expose himself to Ace, but she was right, it was exciting. Millie pulled his thick cock behind him and dug her nails into it to, leaving huge welts.

“See,” she said, nothing the precum oozing out his slit, “you’re excited already.”

“So,” she continued “he’ll be over tonight. I want you to greet him at the door, and beg him to kick your pathetic balls. You’ll soon be wishing you’d been born a girl, nut slave.” Millie stopped the testicle torture and sat down again. Mike dropped to cradle his manhood.

“Go fix me something to eat, and be quick about it,” she said as she sprayed on some perfume. She wanted to smell her best for Ace.

Later that evening, Ace came to call at their house. He was bigger and beefier than Mike (if that was possible) and apparently richer. He too was in the construction business, but instead of being a foreman, he was an investor and real-estate speculator. In his spare time he sparred, wrestled and worked out. He was tough, merciless, and as full of hatred for Mike as he was hot for Mike’s wife.

The doorbell rang. Mike opened the door, slowly dropped to his knees and spread them for his hated rival. Even though he didn’t want to, being vulnerable to another man was exciting. Ace stood in the doorway, framed with the light of dusk, and just looked down, with smug satisfaction. There was Mike, a pathetic cuckold, who couldn’t say no to his wife, now presenting his family jewels to the one man in the world who’d like to damage them beyond all repair.

“Nice to see you, Mike,” said Ace. “What a civilized way to greet your wife’s new lover.” Ace was wearing boots. Steel toed boots. He stepped forward a bit so Mike to realize this fact.

Keeping his eyes lowered submissively, Mike gruffly acknowledged his hated rival. “I am at your service, Ace. Please do the honor of busting my balls.” Mike was humiliated, angry and excited. He knew how much damaged steel toed boots could do.

“Why that’s great!” Ace didn’t even close the door, he wanted to the whole neighborhood to hear Mike’s cries of pain. He aimed his foot and smashed it right into Mike’s testicles. WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM About twenty kicks in all, while Mike just had to keep his legs spread and take it.

“Ah, so good to see you again. It’s just like old times. Well, almost. I think this time I’m going to end up with winner.” Ace kicked Mike once in the stomach and then in the head. Brutal kicks that left Mike moaning on the foyer tile..

Millie appeared and greeted Ace with a huge kiss, while she slid her hands down this pants to stroke his erection. He groped her Crenshaws. They did this for several minutes. When Millie came up for some air, she looked down scornfully at her husband who was curled up on the floor.

“Guess what, Mike? Ace is going to fuck me all the time, and right in front of you. He’s going to give me the children your balls have never given me.” Then she looked up at her big, strong, new boyfriend, massaging his big muscles. “Ace, Mike has given permission for you do whatever you want with him. Personally, I think you should completely ruin him. I can’t say his manhood has been of much use to me lately, the sniveling worm. But who knows, maybe he’ll enjoy being ruined - his cock has been dripping all evening.”

Ace smiled and kissed her. “Happy to oblige, you hot little minx.”

Millie walked over to her husband and kicked him in the nuts, just for fun. Mike twitched. Then Millie said, “We’re going to go fuck now. I want you to go to the bedroom. But on your knees, like the dog you are. Now!”

Mike slowly got on all fours, and made for the bedroom. Millie and Ace followed behind him, taking kicks to the two testicles than swaying between his knees while he crawled. Mike really was like a dog. Pathetically subservient.

When they reached the bedroom, Millie commanded, “Mike, undress Ace. But with your teeth. Only your teeth.” Millie smirked as her husband struggled to first untie Ace’s shoes, then pull off his smelly socks, then unzip Ace’s fly, pull down his pants, and then delicately try and pull down Ace’s underwear, which naturally put Mike into intimate contact with Ace’s cock, which was already dripping in anticipation of nailing Mike’s wife. Mike could feel its pulsing next to his check and smell its pungent aroma. Ace took off his own shirt and flexed for Millie. He was so much bigger.

“Now,” said Millie, “I want you to lube up Ace’s cock with your own mouth. Suck it long and hard. I want it slick and shiny when he mounts me.” Millie undressed and lay down on the bed and began to finger herself, while she watched Mike humiliated himself.

Mike eyed his rival’s rigid member with loathing. He hated servicing his arch enemy, but he was also turned on by idea of sucking on the dick that would soon be inside his wife. Looking down at his own cock, and realizing that it would never again enter Millie he reluctantly sucked in Ace’s dick-head and tried to gently swallow his rival’s penis. Ace, however grabbed Mike’s head and made him choke on the damn thing. He didn’t want it to be pleasant for Mike. He forced Mikes’ head to piston up and down on his pole, never letting him breath or stop the sucking. Mike kept choking on the donkey sized cock.

“Oh, yeah, suck it you little pussy-boy. How does a real man taste? I’m going to destroy you, and you’re going to beg me to do it. Oh yeah, suck it. Suck it hard.” Ace’s balls slapped Mike’s chin with each thrust. When Ace felt thoroughly stimulated, he grabbed Mikes’ head and pushed him backwards.

“Spread your legs, maggot. Watch me step on those eggs of yours. Watch me turn your balls to mush. I’m gonna crush your dick too.” Ace ground Mike’s thick dick and fat bubbles into the carpet.

Ace smiled. “Millie, look how much your pussy-whipped husband is getting off on this.” Ace stomped down on Mikes whole packed, ramming it into the carpet. Mike’s eggs ballooned out from under his foot, like rubber balls, and he twisted his heel as if putting out a cigarette.

“Now, you little dick sucker, I’m going to fuck your wife, and you’re going to suck on my nuts while I do. Then, you’re going to suck my dick clean so I can go again. Got that? And you know what?,” he said, leaning down and said in a whisper “By the end of all this, I’m going to make sure you really are a pussy boy. Trust me.”

Mike glared at this evil usurper, but apparently par of him couldn’t wait – Mike’s cock was streaming cum, now. Ace hopped on the bed and began to fuck Millie like it was some kind of Olympic sport. He sucked her toes, sucked her tits, sucked her pink lips and tongue, and rammed his 11 inch dick into her as hard as he could. Mike growled to himself at the humiliation of it all, but dutifully climbed behind Ace and tried to suck in the man’s large nuts. It was difficult to do with them flopping around everywhere.

Ace paused in mid thrust, twisted around, and punched Mike in the temple. “Suck my nuts, you fucking faggot!!!” What could Mike do? He latched onto the flopping organs as well as he could. He felt them tighten in his mouth, and then watched as this man spurted semen into his wife. And Millie? Well, she was screaming in excitement.

“Fill me up with your babies. Plow my fertile valley. OH FUCK YES, YES. I’m going to CUM!!!” Mike was humiliated all the more since Millie had never once admitted to cumming when he fucked her. Now she was cumming on Ace’s first try. Mike began to believe that he actually was an inferior man.

The Ace and Millie were sweating and intertwined for a while, just enjoying the glow, while Mike had to continue his nut suckling until told to do otherwise. When Ace was ready to go again, he pulled his huge dick out of Millie, smashed his fist into Mike’s head again to make Mike release his nuts, and then made Mike suck off the love juices covering his pole.

“Do you like the taste of a real man’s semen? Huh? Your never gonna taste your wife again except from off of my dick. Get used to it, pussy-boy.”

This went on all night. Between fucking, both of them took turns squeezing and hitting Mike’s cock so he couldn’t cum, and Ace crammed his fist into Mike’s package as often as possible.

At about two in the morning, the two lovers rested and Ace laid down the law for Mike. “Here’s how it’s going to play, from now on, dickhead. You’re not going to work anymore. I’m going to take over the deed to this house. Besides, I make fifty times more than you do. You’re going to spend all day here, cleaning for us and doing what Millie tells you. You’re going to greet me when I come home, beg for me to kick your useless testes and I’m going to find as many ways to degrade you as possible.” Ace reached out to squeeze his slave’s balls as he said this.

“And,” added Millie, “You’re also going to wear a special device which will prevent you from masturbating, but will leave your balls free for us to abuse. The only real sexual satisfaction you’re ever going to get from now on is watching Ace pound my pussy.”

And so, it happened just as they said it would. A plastic tube connected to a leather ball splitter watch latched and locked on, so that Mike could get an erection but not actually touch his dick. His two balls hung free, and the new couple took every opportunity to hit, punch, squeeze or damage them. As his hormones built up, he naturally started having wet dreams, something he hadn’t had since he was a teenager. The first night he instinctively cried out in pleasure at the release, and then woke up, suddenly, to find both his wife and Ace looking at him from between his legs.

“This won’t do,” said Millie. “He’s not supposed to be able to pleasure himself. What should we do?”

“The only answer is to beat his balls to mush, each night, so he’ll be in too much pain to get an erection,” commented Ace.

“Good idea,” said Millie. “Let’s start now.”

While Mike’s cum was still cooling on his stomach, his wife and Ace began to kick his balls as hard as they could. Over and over. Mike turned green in the face, and wanted to puke. And it was a ritual they repeated..

Each night, after having to help them fuck, Mike was obliged to get on all fours and beg Millie and Ace to take away his desire to ejaculate. Mike’s dreams (when he could fall asleep) were weird and twisted. He’d see his wife and some other man, never the same one, fucking and then see himself hanging by his balls from a gibbet until they were ripped from his body. They were disturbing dreams, but his perpetually swollen balls prevented him from finding any pleasure in them. So . . . he suffered, without any hope for release.

He was also forced to cook their meals, wash their cloths, and serve them in every manner a slave would. Ace often had to take a piss in the middle of the night, but since the bathroom was way down at the end of the hall, he’d kick Mike to wake him up, and then force Mike to drink down his pee. “Take it all, bitch. Don’t spill a drop, or I’ll nail your balls to a two by four.”

On weekends that Ace had to be away for work, Ace would tie Mike’s scrotum up to a post in the backyard, like a dog, and then make him stay outside for the whole two days. And also like a dog, they only fed him scraps or disgusting leftovers. When Ace was around, Mike was forced to follow him around on his hands and knees and present his nuts for his new master whenever Ace wanted it. In fact, Millie told Mike he should actually entice Ace to hit his nuts, to make Ace want to punch the big fat orbs, to make Ace enjoy their nut slaves offering, which he actually kinda did. It was exciting to have his genitals at the mercy of someone who would gladly destroy them, and Mike had a perpetual hardon.

In reality Millie wanted Mike’s nuts destroyed as quickly as possible, so she could devote her full attentions to Ace, and she started divorce proceedings within a month of Ace moving in. Never being able to say no to Millie, Mike grudgingly complied. On the day the divorce went through, Millie told Mike the three of them were going to celebrate, although she didn’t give him any details.

At around 6:00 when Ace arrived home, there was Mike, naked of course, legs spread so Ace could hurt him. After a few rounds of kicking and stomping the delicate organs, he let Mike drop in front of him.

“What surprise do you have for me tonight, master?” croaked Mike, his dick filling the plastic tube and his nuts starting to swell.

Ace smiled, and told him about the surprise. “Tonight, I’m going to get a bit of my own back from you, you shit head. I’m going to fuck you, in the ass, raw, until you bleed like a rape victim. I’m going to rape that ass of yours, pussy boy, and then I’m going to fuck your ex-wife all night long. But I’m going to pull out just before I cum, and I’m going to make you drink down all my spunk, and if you spill even a single drop, I’m pop one of your balls right then and there. Just take one of your fat orbs in my hand, and squeeze it into goo, so . . . you’d better swallow. Now, go fetch me a beer like a good doggy,” and Ace punctuated that with a brutal kick to his slave’s hanging balls as Mike crawled to the kitchen.

When Ace and Millie had had some personal time together, Ace shouted at Mike to lean over the kitchen table, and prepare to be raped. Millie lovingly sucked on her boyfriend’s cock to provide some natural lube, and then . . . Ace plunged it deep into Mike’s virgin ass. It was painful beyond belief. Mike could feel the tissues in his gut getting ripped and torn from the furious pounding Ace was giving him, and Millie clapped excitedly in as she watched and fingered herself.

Ace plowed on, despite the blood trickling down Mike’s ass. “Oh, yeah. Take it like a girl, you pussy-boy. I’m going rip you in two. Oh, shit, I’m gonna cum. Feel me spurt into your guts, you fairy faggot!” Ace bucked his hips wildly and pumped his nut-juice deep into Mike. Mike screamed at the pain and humiliation, but there was nothing he could do about it. In fact, if his own hands had been free, he would have pumped himself to completion. He hated liking the abuse, but just couldn’t stop himself.

After an ordeal like that, you’d expect them to let Mike rest, but no - once Ace had disengaged his cock from Mike’s ass, Millie gripped Mikes’ droopy sack and pulled him into the bedroom with it. There Mike had to relube Ace’s prick with his own mouth (tasting his own ass in the process) and take up his usually position of suckling on Ace’s huge bollocks while the stallion plowed his former wife.

That night, Mike was forced to swallow six heavy loads of cum, straight from Ace’s cock, and pretend to be grateful for it. It was horrible. He wanted to puke, each time. On the third load, he actually gagged, but Ace would have none of it. He punched Mike in the stomach, and then slammed his balled fist into Mike’s nuts. “You’re going to drink it all, piss-boy. And you’re going to thank me for giving you the opportunity to taste a real man’s cum.” Another fist to Mikes’ balls. Mike barely managed to whisper, “Thank you, master,” and swallowed the sperm still coating his throat.

When Ace and Millie were lying together, bathed in the afterglow of six fuck sessions, and Mike was on his back at the end of the bed, his legs spread willing so they could ram their feet into his pouch while they cuddled. Eventually, Millie spoke to him.

“Listen up. Slave. Ace and I have decided to get married, in a month, and we’re going to give each other your balls as a mutual wedding present. After the ceremony, where you’ll be Ace’s best man, we’ll come home, torture your testicles for a long while, and then squeezed them until they burst. Doesn’t that just turn you on? God, I’m wet just thinking about it.”

“But,” protested Mike, “what will happen to me then? You won’t want me anymore, Millie or . .. or Ace,” he finished in an embarrassed whisper. Mike rarely spoke up when the three of them were together, but he had to this time. He’d no longer be a man if they did this to him.

Ace smiled at Mike, while he squished around the man’s left testicle with his toes. “Don’t worry, you’ll still be our little pussy-boy, Mike,” said Ace condescendingly. “And I’m going to make sure to fuck you all the time. You have a nice tight hole, and I think I’m starting to like buggery. Besides, better your ass gets fucked that my future wife’s.” Ace kissed Millie gently and licked the end of her nose. “Isn’t that right, sweetie?”

Millie giggled. “Yup. You can fuck Mike any ol’ time. Just make sure it’s painful. I want to see him wince every time he sits down or takes a shit. Especially since he won’t have any balls to bust anymore. Hey!” she said, with a bright idea. ”We should take away his ability to have pleasure, too!”

Ace looked thoughtfully at Mike’s big, fat cock. “Well, I’ve heard of people cutting off cock and eating it. How about we eat his sausage the morning after? As a special treat. I’ll make Eggs Benedict for you from his eggs and fresh sausage.”

Millie licked her lips. “Mmm. That sounds heavenly. Mike always complained that I didn’t give him enough head. Now he’ll watch me take in the whole thing.”

All that month, Mike got it especially hard. Ace and Millie made it quite clear they wanted to squeeze ever drop of suffering they could out of Mike’s manhood. Ace actually took the month off so he could be around the house all day and night. At any time during the day, Mike would be cleaning or cooking, and one or the other of them would take a swing or punch at his genitals. Millie was especially good at the open handed slaps, while Ace was fond of a solid punch or swift kick.

While the couple were cuddling together on the couch, watching a movie, Mike would be lying under their feet, legs completely spread, so that they could crush his balls under their heels, or stomp on them.

Mike was forced to watch his former wife have sex with Ace in the shower, and then towel them both dry, finishing with him offering his balls for punishment. Nights of endless sex, ball busting and torture were his lot. At night, as he lay sleeping at the end of the bed, he’d be simultaneously terrified at his looming nullification, but also titillated, wondering what it will feel like to have his eggs explode in their sack.

A week before the wedding, Millie’s lawyer showed up, and made Mike sign a document giving up all his legal rights to the couple and give legal permission for Millie and Ace to destroy his manhood. His cock and ball were weighed, measure, and diagramed. In fact, the copy of the document the lawyer made for Mike would be the only lasting proof that Mike had ever been a man, once his junk was taken from him.

The night before the wedding Ace invited a few of his buddy’s over for a fuck party. Mike was strung up from the ceiling, his face hooded, and his genitals hanging free. All the guys took turns fucking Millie (who loved being their whore), and while they were standing around, stroking themselves and waiting for a turn at her, they were encouraged to abuse Mikes privates. To twist and yank on his cock (fully erect, much to Mikes dismay), punch and squeeze his nads, and even strike other parts of his body, leaving him bruised and aching.

All the guys knew of the Ace’s history with Mike, and they were only too glad to punish this asshole who’d fucked Ace’s chance to marry Millie the first time. They hated Mike and boy, were they brutal. At the end of the party, the men let Mike down, and then they all took one turn to fuck him raw. No lube except what was already on their cocks. Just painful, gut wrenching anal rape. Everyone thought the party was a blast.

On the wedding day, the ceremony was done in a local park. It was beautiful. Everyone dressed in white, white flowers strewn everywhere, a white piano playing music, and the assembled had a lovely time. Ace and Millie cut the cake together, and there was dancing and revelry. For everyone except Mike. He was forced to follow them around, holding Millie’s train, and knowing that in a few hours, he’d have his balls crushed and his rigid dick cut off, as a grisly wedding gift.

Cake was eaten, presents opened, and finally the newlyweds came home, Mike in tow. They sipped Champaign and necked while Mike had to strip and make the arrangements for their honeymoon. He had to set up everything for his own emasculation. Millie wanted to push needles into his nuts, Ace wanted to put them in a vice, Millie wanted to pound them with a meat tenderized, Ace wanted to pound his cock and balls to mush with a lead pipe. It was all going to be such fun for the couple and such torment for Mike.

When they were ready, Mike presented himself to them, his cock and balls tied up with a white silk ribbon. He was scared shitless, but also excited as hell. What was going to happen to him now? What would all the abuse feel like. Would he miss his manhood? Why did it have to be Ace? His mind awhirl, Mike presented his two eggs and sausage to the couple.

“I . . . I offer you my cock and balls to destroy. They are my wedding gift to you both. I hope I enjoy your abuse of them.” Mike gulped.

“Why, what a lovely thing to offer. We’re doing you such a favor by taking them. No more ball pain, for one thing. And no more restless nights wanting to wank. You should be thanking us!” Millie looked at him like he was some animal to be pitied.

Mike growled to himself, but after glancing at Ace (who smirked) said “Thank you for castrating me. I couldn’t wish for more.” Then he added, “Will I be allowed to cum one last time?”

Ace looked at him and cruel smile played on his lips. “Of course not. We want your cock to be rock hard so it will be easier to chop off. No. You’re only going to get pain tonight, while we get all the pleasure. Now, kiss our feet, dumb fuck, like the animal you are, and then spread those pretty legs of yours.”

As instructed, Mike kissed both of their feet, turned around, and got on all fours with his knees spread so they could get in some preliminary kicking before they tortured his nads.

The night was a lustful frenzy of cock and ball torture. Millie and Ace first tied Mike to a chair and pushed unsterilized needles into his balls, rotating and twirling them this way and that to destroy the insides of his nuts. Then they took hammers and smashed the testicles against the chair. They tied up the base of his cock with twine, then tied it to the chair so that it was flush with its surface and smashed it too, causing huge bruises to form on his wiener.

Then he was dragged to the couch, and while Millie got some pliers to squish his balls with, Ace fucked Mike in the ass as hard as he could. Mike almost passed out from the pain. When Ace had warmed himself up, he threw Mike to the floor, and they both stepped on his nads, causing Mike to scrabble at their feet, planted firmly in his crotch.

“We’ve decided to give ourselves a treat, Mike. Instead of crushing your balls in our hands, you’re going to feed us your balls so we can crush them in our mouth. At the same time! It will be like feeding each other wedding cake, so go and shave the hair of your wedding presents and then meet us in the bedroom”

Mike left the room trembling and shaking, holding his precious balls in his hands. This was going to hurt a lot more than mere squeezing.

When his sack was free of hair, and smooth as a silk purse, he found his ex-wife and Ace lying on the bed in an unusual way. She was lying in one direction, and Ace was lying in the exact opposite, the tops of their heads touching. Aces’ legs were hanging off the end of the bed, Millie’s up against the headboard. It was obvious what Mike was supposed to do.

“Go over to the boudoir and get the key to your chastity device. Take it off,” ordered Millie.

Mike did so. For the first time in months his dick was free. But he obviously wasn’t going to be allowed to do anything pleasurable with it.

Mike straddled the couple’s heads, and let his goolies dangle over them. “OK,” he said, “I guess I get to say goodbye to my balls.”

“Fuck yeah, and it’s about time, you shithead,” said Ace, who was looking hungrily up at Mike’s nuts. “You’re about to have the most painful experience a guy can have, and I can’t wait to tell my buddies you offered them to us willingly. You really are a pussy. Now feed us your fucking balls!”

Mike breathed deep, steeled himself and then stretched out his larger left nut to Ace and squeezed out his right to Millie. They both sucked in their respective glands and began to chew on them immediately. The also reached above themselves to hold each other’s hands while they nutted poor Mike.

Mike started making a whining, whimpering sound, like a dog being kicked in the nuts repeatedly, and his strong body began to twitch and shudder. Soon he was crying, and begging them to end it. If he wasn’t keeping himself upright on the bed with both hands, he might have been able to jerk off one last time, but instead his miserably engorged penis just leaked its cum in steady rivulets.

The couple chewed on the tough testes, amazed at how difficult it was to pop them. But after a while grinding away at his berries with their molars, Mike gave a huge shudder and warbling cry of abject despair - they had simultaneously popped his nuts. They had popped like caviar in their mouths. Man caviar, and they chewed his manly balls until nothing was left but gel. Squishy, spermy, clammy gel. Mike fell over, screaming and clutching at his ruined, mushy sack. Ace and Millie got up and kissed each other deeply, tasting Mike’s sperm cells on their lips.

Then, before he could lose his erection, Ace dragged Mike over to the bureau. Millie pulled out a meat cleaver, and while Mike’s dick was still pulsing and hard, Millie chopped off his cock in one great “WHACK”. Ace had a lighter handy and cauterized first the root of the penis (so it would remain erect) and then Mike’s stump. Millie ran and put the penis in the fridge for tomorrow’s special breakfast.

Now, all there was to do was to make sweet love on the bed, while Mike lay twitching and moaning on the floor. After several hours of sex, Millie and Ace lay together on the bed.

“I think I’m going to miss busting this fuck’s balls. To bad,” mused Ace.

“Oh, well I have a cousin who’s always been a prick to me, and he’s such a wimp, I could easily get him to surrender his low-hangers to us. I’ll call him tomorrow.”

“Sweet. And I can’t wait to rent out pussy boy, here, to all the guy’s I know who want a little bit o‘ass now and then. Mebbe he’ll get AIDS and we’ll be rid of him.”

“Mmmm,” said Millie, kissing Ace gently. “You always say the most romantic things.”

Monday, August 2, 2010

(FFM/M) Chapter 13 of Mind your P's and Q's (Romancing the Stones version)

So, here is my first additional chapter to Luigi's masterpiece. You can find his original here, and my redux of it (minus the ending) here. I hope to create more interim chapters as time goes buy. I have specific ideas, but also specific details that need to be sorted out.




The couple take a mourning run

One of the first things that Lisa did after they were married was set up a health regime for the sake of Dan’s cardiovascular health. This included an excellent diet (low in fat and carbs, high in fiber and nutrients), plenty of water throughout the day, and lots of exercise.

Usually the day began with a healthy breakfast followed by a shower and then a jog. Dan’s estate ran along a river which itself followed the edge of a state park where lots of joggers ran every morning. So, the couple would run across the estate, over a small bridge, and then run a several miles up and down the park.

In light of Lisa’s love of torturing “the twins”, Dan was obliged to wear a pair of nylon running shorts that were slit up each side but no briefs or jockstrap. This meant that his balls banged around the entire time they ran (causing a persistent, dull ache) AND made them visible from the side if he lifted his legs too much.

This was adequate torture of his balls for the first two weeks, but eventually Lisa wanted to up the ante a bit. What to do?

As it happens, Dan had one peculiar habit that Lisa had noticed but had not yet taken advantage of. Whenever Dan needed to interact with his feet – to tie or put on his shoes or socks, to examine his foot, to clip his toenails, etc., he never bent down to see them, nor did he ever sit and bring his feet up within reach. Instead he invariably put his foot on some high piece of furniture, like a bureau or chair, and did his business that way. This caused him to be in a straddling position, with his groin fully exposed from the side. ‘How convenient,’ thought Lisa.

When Lisa initially asked him about it, Dan sheepishly said that his mother had been a dancer, and he’d watched her do the same with her feet. “She was always so graceful, and I think I thought that’s how elegant people interacted with their feet. I guess it just stuck,” he said.

Lisa smiled at this and didn’t comment, but it gave her a wicked idea.

On the Monday of the third week, the couple set out as always, Dan already aching from the way his giant nuts bashed themselves against his thighs as he ran; but he was too used to the sensation to let it slow him down.

They ran along, passing other couples, until they reached a low wall. Lisa suggested they stop and have a breather. Dan was relieved and decided to retie his shoes as he often did whenever they rested. Up went his right leg onto the low stone wall and so with it went his shorts. He was in the same position that a hurdler might be when stretching before a competition. His back leg planted far behind him, his torso and face positioned over his foreleg. This left him vulnerable, off balance, and unable to protect himself.

Up went his shorts and out dropped his two big beautiful balls, naked and supple. ‘Perfect,’ thought Lisa. She lined up her foot up with his peaches, and then:


Dan froze in mid-tie. WHAM WHAM WHAM, came Lisa’s shoe up between his legs. He couldn’t move or else he’d topple over. He couldn’t block her feet for fear of his fingers being broken. So he just stood there, rooted to the spot while her foot came like a freight train to his exposed orbs.


Lisa was overjoyed. Bright, fresh morning ball busting – who wouldn’t love it? Her whole body tingled with excitement and vitality. Despite the sports bra, her breasts were swelling with arousal, and jiggling with her efforts. The balls were bouncing on the top of her foot like they were excited too. Only poor Dan seemed paralyzed by the activity.


Six more kicks, then she grabbed Dan before he could fall and guided him onto to his knees. Dan’s hands naturally rushed to nurse his nuts. Just as she crouched next to him, another couple ran past and stopped, politely asking if something was the matter. ‘Perfect timing,’ thought Lisa with satisfaction.

Lisa put on a sad, solemn look. “Oh thank you. Yes. My husband and I have just had the most terrible news.” Lisa sighed heavily. “His doctor has diagnosed him with,” Lisa paused, and an appropriately authentic sounding phrase popped into her head, “Orchid Fibrosis, and we’ve been trying to follow the doctor’s treatment plan.”

“Orchid Fibrosis? What’s that?” asked her partner. Although he was obviously “attached” to his running partner, he seemed entranced by Lisa’s rock hard nipples. Lisa smiled to herself. This would be easy.

“Oh. It’s very sad. We’ve been trying to have a baby for several years, now, but Dan’s testicles are full of . . . fibers of some sort. Anyway, the doctor said we need to kick them as much as possible to loosen the fibers.” Lisa sniffled a bit. “I wanted to have a child, so badly. The house seems so lonely and quiet.”

The woman seemed to be genuinely moved by this story, but also seemed a little leery of the direction the conversation was going. Still, she was compelled by politeness to ask: “That’s terrible. How . . . can we possibly help?”

“Well,” said Lisa, “I’m not very strong or experienced with medical treatments, and the doctor said we should ask our friends and neighbors to help. I wouldn’t mind it at all if you two would could take a few minutes and kick them,” cupping Dan’s crotch gently to indicate the target. Lisa looked sadly at her husband, who was still recovering from the kicks.

The couple looked at each other. “You want us to kick your husbands . . . balls?” they asked in unison.

“Oh, if you would. I so desperately want to conceive,” said Lisa mournfully. “Dan doesn’t mind, do you dear?” she simpered.

Dan only wanted Lisa to be happy. What else could he do but spread his groin for these two strangers? He opened his eyes, let his hands drop from his crotch, and put a reassuring smile on his face. Thinking about how much he loved Lisa, he said a sincere voice, “No of course not. I only want to give my wife a family and I’d appreciate any help to . . . soften my balls. Take your time with them.” He then spread his knees and hiked up his shorts. The twins were split in twain by the crotch-seam of his shorts, and they dropped into view, each in their own portion of scrotum.

The coupled marveled at their size. “Yes, well, they’re obviously unusual,” commented the woman, who was getting a little excited despite herself.

“I think we ought to help them Stefanie. They deserve to be parents,” commented the man, with forced gravitas. He actually looked all too eager to help.

“Well, if you’re sure . . .” said Stefanie, with hesitation in her voice.

“Don’t worry about my balls,” said Dan. “The fibers make them . . .” Dan looked at Lisa. “Extra tough.” Lisa smiled sweetly at him. To make his targets even more inviting, Dan pulled his shorts up as far as possible. The two nuts bulged. ‘Fuck, now I’ve got a wedgie too,’ thought Dan.

Stefanie nodded and backed up a bit to take aim.

WHACK, came the sexy foot of the hot redhead into his nuts. Then a hesitant pause.

“It’s ok,” coughed Dan as he partially bent over. “Don’t stop.”

WHACK, WHACK WHACK. Stephanie was starting to pant a little. This was exciting! “I hope this helps more than it hurts,” she said as she launched another volley. WHACK WHACK WHACK. She was starting to get moist between the legs. WHACK WHACK WHACK. This was too much! She stopped suddenly, and indicated that it was Johns’ turn, while she struggled to control her incoming orgasm.

John grinned. Between the sexy blond in the sports bra, and his girlfriend’s jiggling tits, plus the opportunity to rack this schmuck in the nuts, he was already sporting wood, and he didn’t care who noticed.

“Sure thing. You ready buddy?” John didn’t wait for an answer. He pumped his foot into Dan’s balls as hard as he could. THUMP “oof” THUMP “oof” THUMP “ahh” THUMP THUMP. Five sturdy kicks between the guy’s spread knees. The knees didn’t close, so John continued kicking.

THUMP THUMP THUMP. Dan was used to his wife’s kicks, but these were worse. Much worse. “You’ll be makin’ champion kids yet,” said John to no one in particular. THUMP THUMP THUMP.


It wasn’t everyday he got to kick another guy’s junk. ‘Might as well seize the opportunity,’ thought John. THUMP THUMP THUMP. It was all Dan could do to hold his legs open for the punishment. Meanwhile, Lisa was getting off big-time by the abuse of her husband’s baby-makers. Her underwear was now drenched with sweat and juices.

Finally John stopped to assess the results of his work. He noticed Dan’s balls were bruised and swollen, and had gone from pinkish to an angry red. John felt satisfied with the results.

Lisa smiled coyly up at John, and puffed her chest out with gratitude. John most definitely noticed that too.

“Oh, thank you so very much,” Lisa gushed, “both of you. Dan, shake their hands so there’s no hard . . . “ Lisa’s gaze traveled from John’s eyes down to the dick tenting his shorts, “ . . .feelings,” she ended. John replied with a quick ogle of her tight body.

“Of course,” said John, thrusting a hand out to Dan. “Glad to help a citizen in need.” Dan mustered his will not collapse into a pile of whimpering jelly at this guy’s feet, and issued his own hand. “Thanks, I needed that *cough.”

“Well,” said Stephanie from behind her boyfriend. “I hope that helps you two, and, er . . . good luck with the baby.” The couple turned around and trotted off, John a little more reluctantly than his partner.

“Gosh,” said Lisa as she hoisted Dan to his feet. “I love our morning runs, don’t you . . . ‘dear’.” A moan escaping from the pit of his stomach was Dan’s only reply. Lisa giggled. “Maybe we’ll run into them again,” she said thoughtfully.

And so they did. Frequently. And it became a pleasant routine for many of the couples who jogged on that trail to help ‘Lisa and her husband’ to have children. Dan quickly got over any shyness about it and just let his balls hang on display, open to passersby to hit or squeeze or kick whenever they wanted. He even started to get aroused by the punishment, and Lisa felt this was an excellent sign that the cardio-workout was doing its job. ‘After all,’ she reasoned, ‘if you can jog with a hard-on and swollen nuts, you must be pretty fit,’

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