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(FFM/M) Chapter 13 of Mind your P's and Q's (Romancing the Stones version)

So, here is my first additional chapter to Luigi's masterpiece. You can find his original here, and my redux of it (minus the ending) here. I hope to create more interim chapters as time goes buy. I have specific ideas, but also specific details that need to be sorted out.




The couple take a mourning run

One of the first things that Lisa did after they were married was set up a health regime for the sake of Dan’s cardiovascular health. This included an excellent diet (low in fat and carbs, high in fiber and nutrients), plenty of water throughout the day, and lots of exercise.

Usually the day began with a healthy breakfast followed by a shower and then a jog. Dan’s estate ran along a river which itself followed the edge of a state park where lots of joggers ran every morning. So, the couple would run across the estate, over a small bridge, and then run a several miles up and down the park.

In light of Lisa’s love of torturing “the twins”, Dan was obliged to wear a pair of nylon running shorts that were slit up each side but no briefs or jockstrap. This meant that his balls banged around the entire time they ran (causing a persistent, dull ache) AND made them visible from the side if he lifted his legs too much.

This was adequate torture of his balls for the first two weeks, but eventually Lisa wanted to up the ante a bit. What to do?

As it happens, Dan had one peculiar habit that Lisa had noticed but had not yet taken advantage of. Whenever Dan needed to interact with his feet – to tie or put on his shoes or socks, to examine his foot, to clip his toenails, etc., he never bent down to see them, nor did he ever sit and bring his feet up within reach. Instead he invariably put his foot on some high piece of furniture, like a bureau or chair, and did his business that way. This caused him to be in a straddling position, with his groin fully exposed from the side. ‘How convenient,’ thought Lisa.

When Lisa initially asked him about it, Dan sheepishly said that his mother had been a dancer, and he’d watched her do the same with her feet. “She was always so graceful, and I think I thought that’s how elegant people interacted with their feet. I guess it just stuck,” he said.

Lisa smiled at this and didn’t comment, but it gave her a wicked idea.

On the Monday of the third week, the couple set out as always, Dan already aching from the way his giant nuts bashed themselves against his thighs as he ran; but he was too used to the sensation to let it slow him down.

They ran along, passing other couples, until they reached a low wall. Lisa suggested they stop and have a breather. Dan was relieved and decided to retie his shoes as he often did whenever they rested. Up went his right leg onto the low stone wall and so with it went his shorts. He was in the same position that a hurdler might be when stretching before a competition. His back leg planted far behind him, his torso and face positioned over his foreleg. This left him vulnerable, off balance, and unable to protect himself.

Up went his shorts and out dropped his two big beautiful balls, naked and supple. ‘Perfect,’ thought Lisa. She lined up her foot up with his peaches, and then:


Dan froze in mid-tie. WHAM WHAM WHAM, came Lisa’s shoe up between his legs. He couldn’t move or else he’d topple over. He couldn’t block her feet for fear of his fingers being broken. So he just stood there, rooted to the spot while her foot came like a freight train to his exposed orbs.


Lisa was overjoyed. Bright, fresh morning ball busting – who wouldn’t love it? Her whole body tingled with excitement and vitality. Despite the sports bra, her breasts were swelling with arousal, and jiggling with her efforts. The balls were bouncing on the top of her foot like they were excited too. Only poor Dan seemed paralyzed by the activity.


Six more kicks, then she grabbed Dan before he could fall and guided him onto to his knees. Dan’s hands naturally rushed to nurse his nuts. Just as she crouched next to him, another couple ran past and stopped, politely asking if something was the matter. ‘Perfect timing,’ thought Lisa with satisfaction.

Lisa put on a sad, solemn look. “Oh thank you. Yes. My husband and I have just had the most terrible news.” Lisa sighed heavily. “His doctor has diagnosed him with,” Lisa paused, and an appropriately authentic sounding phrase popped into her head, “Orchid Fibrosis, and we’ve been trying to follow the doctor’s treatment plan.”

“Orchid Fibrosis? What’s that?” asked her partner. Although he was obviously “attached” to his running partner, he seemed entranced by Lisa’s rock hard nipples. Lisa smiled to herself. This would be easy.

“Oh. It’s very sad. We’ve been trying to have a baby for several years, now, but Dan’s testicles are full of . . . fibers of some sort. Anyway, the doctor said we need to kick them as much as possible to loosen the fibers.” Lisa sniffled a bit. “I wanted to have a child, so badly. The house seems so lonely and quiet.”

The woman seemed to be genuinely moved by this story, but also seemed a little leery of the direction the conversation was going. Still, she was compelled by politeness to ask: “That’s terrible. How . . . can we possibly help?”

“Well,” said Lisa, “I’m not very strong or experienced with medical treatments, and the doctor said we should ask our friends and neighbors to help. I wouldn’t mind it at all if you two would could take a few minutes and kick them,” cupping Dan’s crotch gently to indicate the target. Lisa looked sadly at her husband, who was still recovering from the kicks.

The couple looked at each other. “You want us to kick your husbands . . . balls?” they asked in unison.

“Oh, if you would. I so desperately want to conceive,” said Lisa mournfully. “Dan doesn’t mind, do you dear?” she simpered.

Dan only wanted Lisa to be happy. What else could he do but spread his groin for these two strangers? He opened his eyes, let his hands drop from his crotch, and put a reassuring smile on his face. Thinking about how much he loved Lisa, he said a sincere voice, “No of course not. I only want to give my wife a family and I’d appreciate any help to . . . soften my balls. Take your time with them.” He then spread his knees and hiked up his shorts. The twins were split in twain by the crotch-seam of his shorts, and they dropped into view, each in their own portion of scrotum.

The coupled marveled at their size. “Yes, well, they’re obviously unusual,” commented the woman, who was getting a little excited despite herself.

“I think we ought to help them Stefanie. They deserve to be parents,” commented the man, with forced gravitas. He actually looked all too eager to help.

“Well, if you’re sure . . .” said Stefanie, with hesitation in her voice.

“Don’t worry about my balls,” said Dan. “The fibers make them . . .” Dan looked at Lisa. “Extra tough.” Lisa smiled sweetly at him. To make his targets even more inviting, Dan pulled his shorts up as far as possible. The two nuts bulged. ‘Fuck, now I’ve got a wedgie too,’ thought Dan.

Stefanie nodded and backed up a bit to take aim.

WHACK, came the sexy foot of the hot redhead into his nuts. Then a hesitant pause.

“It’s ok,” coughed Dan as he partially bent over. “Don’t stop.”

WHACK, WHACK WHACK. Stephanie was starting to pant a little. This was exciting! “I hope this helps more than it hurts,” she said as she launched another volley. WHACK WHACK WHACK. She was starting to get moist between the legs. WHACK WHACK WHACK. This was too much! She stopped suddenly, and indicated that it was Johns’ turn, while she struggled to control her incoming orgasm.

John grinned. Between the sexy blond in the sports bra, and his girlfriend’s jiggling tits, plus the opportunity to rack this schmuck in the nuts, he was already sporting wood, and he didn’t care who noticed.

“Sure thing. You ready buddy?” John didn’t wait for an answer. He pumped his foot into Dan’s balls as hard as he could. THUMP “oof” THUMP “oof” THUMP “ahh” THUMP THUMP. Five sturdy kicks between the guy’s spread knees. The knees didn’t close, so John continued kicking.

THUMP THUMP THUMP. Dan was used to his wife’s kicks, but these were worse. Much worse. “You’ll be makin’ champion kids yet,” said John to no one in particular. THUMP THUMP THUMP.


It wasn’t everyday he got to kick another guy’s junk. ‘Might as well seize the opportunity,’ thought John. THUMP THUMP THUMP. It was all Dan could do to hold his legs open for the punishment. Meanwhile, Lisa was getting off big-time by the abuse of her husband’s baby-makers. Her underwear was now drenched with sweat and juices.

Finally John stopped to assess the results of his work. He noticed Dan’s balls were bruised and swollen, and had gone from pinkish to an angry red. John felt satisfied with the results.

Lisa smiled coyly up at John, and puffed her chest out with gratitude. John most definitely noticed that too.

“Oh, thank you so very much,” Lisa gushed, “both of you. Dan, shake their hands so there’s no hard . . . “ Lisa’s gaze traveled from John’s eyes down to the dick tenting his shorts, “ . . .feelings,” she ended. John replied with a quick ogle of her tight body.

“Of course,” said John, thrusting a hand out to Dan. “Glad to help a citizen in need.” Dan mustered his will not collapse into a pile of whimpering jelly at this guy’s feet, and issued his own hand. “Thanks, I needed that *cough.”

“Well,” said Stephanie from behind her boyfriend. “I hope that helps you two, and, er . . . good luck with the baby.” The couple turned around and trotted off, John a little more reluctantly than his partner.

“Gosh,” said Lisa as she hoisted Dan to his feet. “I love our morning runs, don’t you . . . ‘dear’.” A moan escaping from the pit of his stomach was Dan’s only reply. Lisa giggled. “Maybe we’ll run into them again,” she said thoughtfully.

And so they did. Frequently. And it became a pleasant routine for many of the couples who jogged on that trail to help ‘Lisa and her husband’ to have children. Dan quickly got over any shyness about it and just let his balls hang on display, open to passersby to hit or squeeze or kick whenever they wanted. He even started to get aroused by the punishment, and Lisa felt this was an excellent sign that the cardio-workout was doing its job. ‘After all,’ she reasoned, ‘if you can jog with a hard-on and swollen nuts, you must be pretty fit,’


  1. Whoa! I do love the continuing adventures of these two. I love how his completely gives up control of his manhood for her pleasure and she abuses that to the extreme. The mix of m/m and f/m in this one is interesting, a little bit of fun for everyone. You've done a bunch of great stuff recently, keep up the outstanding work!!! :)


  2. Great work! Very hot! The interaction between John and Dan is great... Thank you!

  3. Nicholas,
    Another fine story, very hot and sexy woof!
    Thank you.


  4. Thanx BB! Glad you liked it. As I said, I have ideas for more chapters, but it's difficult to write in the same voice as Luigi, so I have to be careful and only do it when I'm inspired.


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