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The Orphanage (F/groupm) - NEW

Sorry for the long delay for new content, but I've been super busy with other projects. So, here is something new for you - Little Orphan Anny goes male and with ballbusting to boot. Enjoy!
The Orphanage
She went by just one name, Victoria. She didn’t need any other names. And it was a name that struck fear in all her young charges, all the young men who lived at the orphanage that she ran. The tall blond vixen actually recruited unruly males from other orphanages and brought them home to break them, to crush their spirits and . . .  their balls.
The boys she found had to be at least 13 and had to have started puberty, and no older than 16 since they reached freedom at 18 and she needed at least two years to break them. She corrupted the local police with sexual favors, either with herself, or with one of her young men and no one in the neighborhood seemed to care about what went on in the orphanage – the boys who grew up there were quiet, orderly and respectful. They had no choice but to be well behaved, because boys who got out of line risked losing their manhood in all sorts of gruesome ways.
It was 6:00am on a rainy Tuesday and Jack and Aiden were scrubbing the top steps with brushes and soapy water. Both were wearing their uniforms – a smart looking plaid tie, skin tight white briefs which showed off their fat teenage packages, and ankle high white socks. They were scrubbing furiously. Each was in trouble for not finishing all their food yesterday at dinner, and the precious little food they were allowed each day was not to be wasted. They heard the “click click click” of Mistress Victoria’s heels coming up behind them and then stop, while she watched them perform their duties.
“I’d like to say these steps seem cleaner but in fact they simply look like wet stones. I want to see my shoes reflecting in them in one hour or . . . ,” she leaned down and reached into Aiden’s undies, and pulled out his left testicle, “ . . . or I take this little bit of man meat and roast it for dinner. I do so love fondue.” She squeezed the little organ hard enough to make the boy whimper and then a little harder than that to hear him gasp. Then she let it snap back into his groin as it sought safety with its brother.
“And you, Jack. You’ve been a naughty boy all week. Two masturbation attempts and a 'C' on your algebra test. Tsk Tsk.” WHAM went her pointy shoe right up Jacks’ crack. He fell face forward into the soap bucket and mumbled something in the water as he went to clutch his bruised nuts.
“I want to see more effort from both of you, or I’ll have to resort to more intimate forms of punishment. And we wouldn’t want that, now would we?” Victoria looked from boy to boy as they abased themselves before their Mistress.
Victoria smiled to herself and walked past them, up the stairs and into the dormitories. Most of the boys were not up yet and she had fun waking them. The door opened silently, and inside the partially dark room were her 23 boys, all sleeping in rows of beds. She moved to the first one gently slid off his blankets and WHAM rammed her first right into his sleepy nads. Then it was on to the next boy, WHAM two fat balls blasted. WHAM WHAM WHAM, down the lines of beds she whipped off covers and punched or slapped the poor boys nuts, making them go from deep sleep to deep agony in a few second’s time. One boy could be heard to dry heave in the corner.
“Everyone up for inspection. NOW!” Said Victoria in a voice loud enough and strong enough to put a drill sergeant to shame. The boys groggily got out of the warmth and comfort of their beds and stood, shivering, in a line. The purpose of inspection was to see if any of them had leaked nocturnal emissions during the night, and if so to receive punishment.
Victoria walked up and down the line grasping their packages and looking for semen stains. Although Victoria was a breathtaking beauty and had an aura of charged sexuality about her, they all knew better than to get an erection at her touch, less she decided to have it chopped off. For reals, chopped off. She sometimes wore the detached, gold dipped penises of former orphans around her neck, where it would rest between the huge globes of her breasts. And she had a variety of them, some small, others long, some short and fat. She’d dished out penectomies to a large number of teenage boys in her time as Mistress of the orphanage. And then of course there was her collection of testicle earrings. She had over 13 different sets of teenage testicles, dipped in either gold or silver, and she wore them every day. Today’s pair was one of the smaller sets, probably from a 13 or 14 year old. Poor unlucky bastard.
For once, none of the boys had semen stains, so no one was punished. But next there was the usual humiliation of the daily shower. They all stripped off their underwear and dropped them in the laundry hamper on their way to the shower room. Inside was a bank of 15 shower heads in a tiled room and the boys paired off to shower, while Victoria prowled about or watched from the dry middle of the room. Her boys were supposed to clean each other thoroughly and then shave each other’s bodies with small disposable razors. No hair on the chest, the arms, the legs, the ass or the groin. And if they did a bad job of shaving, there’d be hell to pay.
Showering took a half hour, then the shaving. When it was all done, they boys lined up for inspection. Victoria examined them all over, even look at their asses.
“Johnson, you’ve got some hair on your left arm and one pubic hair left. Richards, step forward.” The younger boy nodded and came to stand next to Johnson who he’d shaved.
“Richards I count 9 hairs left on Johnson. Spread your legs and count with me.” The boy spread his legs and his youthful balls hung in the hot moist air.
WHAM went Victoria’s knee into the 14 year old’s groin. “One” he coughed. SPLAT went a second knee. “Two” he said in a warbling voice. Three, four, five . . . . all the way up to nine hard kneedcaps to his nuts. The boy was drooling slightly and had a glazed look in his eyes. Johnson just stood there and let his shower-buddy get reamed for doing a bad job of shaving.
Then she turned to Johnson. “You get three knees to the nuts for not inspecting yourself afterwards. Spread your legs nice and wide.” Johnson put his head down in shame, and spread out his legs for his Mistress. SMACK SMACK SMACK. The 15 year old’s wet balls were brutalized by Victoria without mercy or pity. Then she fondled his nuts briefly, feeling for herniation or rupture. She did this often after any kind of punishment. She wanted to verify the impact she was making on these young men.
The inspection continued and three other sets of boys required disciplining, which Victoria dished out with a sort of great cruel joy. She loved the feeling of some young man’s testicles flattening under her knee. They felt like little soft balloons, each ready to pop if only enough pressure was applied. And the faces and noises the boys made were priceless. Big eyes, mouth in a big “O” and then grunts of pain and the occasional squeal like a pig.
“OK, my little piglets, dry off and get dressed. First session of school begins in 20 minutes. Eat your morning gruel and stay quiet.” The boys did just that. Their ages ranged from 13 to 17, and the older boys had seniority, so they got the best seats, the biggest portions of food, and so forth. Tight underwear, ties and white socks were put on, hot gruel was consumed, and then everyone quietly shuffled into the classroom. Today it was history, and Victoria began with a long lecture on the atrocities of the Nazi’s during WWII. With apparent relish, Victoria described Jewish men having their testicles pulled out of their sacks and exposed so that all kinds of tortures could be applied. Testicles squashed, frozen, burned, stretched, electrocuted and so forth. In the middle of the lecture, Victoria stopped and singled out one boy, about 16, named Johnny. Now Johnny was new to the orphanage, and hadn’t “gotten with the program” yet. He was whispering to the boy next to him, and not paying attention to their Mistress.
“Having an interesting conversation there, Johnny Smith? Perhaps you didn’t hear me when I said there is to be no talking while I’m teaching. You will be punished.” Johnny looked pained at this, but he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what punishment entailed. He looked sideways as the guy he’d been talking to, but the boy wouldn’t make eye contact. Victoria stood between them, towering in her height, made even taller by her high heeled boots.
“I think we need to show young Johnny here how things work at school. Edward, take out your left ball and put it on the desk.” With a shivering hand, the other boy gulped and reached inside his briefs and dragged out his fat left nut and put it flush with the top of his desk. Victoria smiled took the pointing stick she had in her hand which she’d been using while teaching and with one strong smash, whacked the fat ball with it. CRACK. Edward squealed and fell sideways onto the floor, crying and holding himself.
“You see Johnny, that’s how we roll here. So let’s see that left nut of yours and I’ll give it a smart whack.” The boy was watching Edward thrash about on the floor and was tempted to just run out of the room, but then he thought to himself, “Where else would I go? Who would take me in? I’m an orphan.” So with a grim look on his face he reached into his own toolbox and pulled out a single nut and put it on the desk. Victoria smiled her sweetly cruel smile, and then CRACK brought it down to mash his nut into the laminated wood. Pain shot through Johnny’s stomach and it made him want to retch his guts out. It hurt so bad. But he remained in his seat, holding his breath in pain and holding himself, hoping his nut hadn’t been busted.
“Johnny, I’d like to see you in my office after class during the break.” All the boys looked at the newbie with pity, but didn’t say anything. Class went on without interruption. An hour later he found himself in front of Victoria’s office door. He knocked softly. “Come” said the voice.
Johnny opened the door and found himself in a room that looked part medieval dungeon, part trophy room, and part office. The room was painted black and there were chains and manacles on the wall. There were also glass cases filled with electroplated genitals in gold or silver. And in one corner was a seatless chair with straps and clamps. Behind her desk was a bank of file cabinets.
“Have a seat, young Mr. Smith. Yes, that one.” The boy slowly moved towards the only seat in the room, the one that looked like it was created for torturing someone. “And take off your underwear.” The boy was quickly “tackle out”.
“Since you’re new I need to take a DNA sample and I also want to see how strong your balls are. So I’m going to strap you down and extract your semen. Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy that part. The squeezing on your balls may be more uncomfortable. If one or more of your nuts rupture I’ll extract them both immediately. If they stand up to the pressure then there’s some chance you’ll be able to keep them until close to your 18th birthday. Now sit back and relax.”
Johnny let himself be strapped down, and then all of a sudden the smell of orange blossoms filled the room, and suddenly Johnny realized how hot his Mistress was. His young erection bloomed. Victory knelt between his legs and began to suck on it. It was healthy 7 incher but Victoria could take it all down with ease. The heat and moisture of her mouth on his member was intoxicating, as was the scent that wafted off her body. Her fingers wrapped themselves around his juvenile jewels and began to squeeze them. Her fingers were inhumanly strong and Johnny felt his testicles compress to half their size, but despite the pain in his nuts, his youthful hormones brought his orgasm to a head in just a few minutes. He’d never been sucked off before and his hot sperm gushed out of the tip of his dick and down the greedy gullet of the evil Mistress of the Orphanage. The ropes and straps prevented much movement, but Johnny writhed and moaned in a mixture of orgasmic bliss and testicular torture.
Victoria continued squeezing but couldn’t rupture the organs, so eventually she let them go and the boy sagged in the chair, his bloated red balls hanging in air and his shrinking dick flopping about. Victoria unstrapped him.
“Well,” said Victoria with small wipe to her mouth, “you’ve got a lot of spunk for a young man. Your DNA is acceptable but unexceptional. I’ll only need a few extractions once or twice a year. Put on your underwear back on and go on to the gymnasium with the other boys. Find Phillip and send him in to see me.”
Johnny wobbled out of her office and with only a vague notion of where the gym was or who Phillip was, and made his way there. All the other boys in their skimpy attire were using the gym equipment or running or doing sit-ups or push-ups. Even though they never went outside, all the boys were fit, and even quite ripped in some specimens. Physical exercise for at least two hours a day was mandatory - Victoria liked to see handsome bodies in her youthful charges.
Johnny asked someone who Phillip was, and after being pointed out, made his way over to the free weights to spot for him.
“Hi, I’m Johnny Smith. I’m the new guy.”
“Oof. Nice to meet you, I’m Phillip.” The muscled boy pumped the weights above him. “You just get sampled by the Mistress?”
“Yeah. It was horribly pleasurable.”
“Yup. Mmmf. She’ll do that to you a couple times a year. None of us can figure out why.”
“Does she really remove a guy’s junk if she wants to?”
“Oh yeah. Check this out.” Phillip set the bar on the rests and pulled his underwear down. He had a headless dick and only one testicle. “The Mistress cut off my dickhead when I got caught masturbating one too many times. I haven’t cum since, and she crushed my left testicle after failing three literature tests in a row. She called me into her office and without any preamble told me to get naked and place my ball on the edge of the desk. She climbed on top of it and crushed my ball flat under her boot. I passed out.”
“Wow. That’s intense,” said Johnny.
“Yeah, and what’s worse is no one gets out of this place a whole man. I’m almost eighteen, and I have a feeling I’ll lose the rest of my junk soon enough.”
“Actually, she wanted me to send you in to see her right away.”
“Shit. OK. Here, take some of these lighter weights and use them. Pumping iron is one of the few pleasures we get here.” Phillip pulled up his briefs and left the gym. He stopped outside the office and knocked gently. “Come,” was the response.
Phillip opened the door and walked to stop in front of her desk, as he’d done dozens of times before.  
“Well, Phillip, I expect you know why you’re here.”
“I’m about to turn 18 Mistress.”
“Exactly, and it’s time to make you a more perfect person, which is what every parent wants for their children. I’m going to make you pure, Phillip. I’m going to take away temptation and distraction and who wouldn’t want that?” Victoria’s voice became deep and sultry. “You want that don’t you Phillip. Don’t you?”
Six years of living under her boots ensured that he answer in the positive. “Of course, Mistress. I want to please you in any way I can.”
“There’s a good boy. Come over to the wall.” She pointed to the wall with the chains and manacles. Phillip took his underwear off and let himself be shackled. Knowing this was the closest he’d get to sex for the rest of his life, Phillip let himself get hard at his Mistress’s touch. He let himself drink in her perfect body, her perfect face, her sexy clothing, her sexy boots, her sexy everything. And there was that ever present smell of orange blossoms, which he had always assumed was her preferred fragrance. The smell saturated the room, and his headless dick rose to attention. A full eight inches. His one ball dangled freely between his legs.
Mistress stroked his headless member a few times with one hand, admiring its length and then produced with the other hand a docking device, like those used to cut off dog’s tails. She slipped onto his rigid cock and down to its base. With her super strength she squeezed the device and the two blades sheared through cock-flesh like butter, snipping off his prick in one fell swoop. It fell into the Mistress’s free hand and she walked over to her trophy case, setting it down to be dipped in gold later. All Phillip could do was moan. He was cockless now, and would never know the warmth of a woman’s pussy, never again know the pleasure of masturbation, never know the love of a woman’s mouth. It was the ultimate humiliation.
Then the Mistress positioned herself between his legs and began to ram her knee into his remaining nut and she didn’t plan to stop until she’d pulverized the organ. WHAM WHAM WHAM super knee thrusts into his dangling onion. Being shackled like he was Phillip had no choice but to let this psycho-woman ruin him completely. The lone ball began to swell up, and the sound in the room was a heady SMACK SMACK SMACK as boney knee-cap met juicy ball-flesh. Soon it sounded like someone was hitting a ripe melon. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. Tears splashed down Phillip’s face as his manhood was pulverized. The ball was the size of a large lemon and starting to get soft. Mistress stopped her thigh to crotch uplifts and stepped back. She was wearing her black high heeled boots, the ones with the sharp, pointed toe. She took aim. BOOM. Or rather, that’s the way it felt to Phillip as her booted toe buried itself inside his ball. The poor doomed organ was reaching the bursting point. It wouldn’t take many more toe-shots to make it explode. The fat ball swelled and swelled, each kick bringing it closer and closer until with one tremendous kick, the ball exploded in its sack. A violent sound filled the room as the testicle detonated, filling Phillip’s scrotum with mushy goo. But Victoria wasn’t satisfied, or rather her orgasm hadn’t finished, so instead of letting the boy rest, she went back to kneeing him in the groin, squishing the pulped remains of his ball until long after he’d passed out. Finally, she came, and sank to her knees, enjoying the warm waves of pleasure that washed over her. This was undoubtedly the best part of her job.
Finally getting up, she whispered into his ear, even knowing he was unconscious. “Well, you finally get an ‘A’ in something Phillip. Your real parents would be so proud.” Victoria groped his mushy ball bag, and then went to get her medical knives. It was time to do a little surgery before he woke up. Yes, this part of her job was her favorite.


  1. Like the idea of older woman busting balls.

  2. Me too. That's why I wrote it. I'd say Victoria looks a young 30. A buxom woman rather than a thin young thing.

  3. Agreed! I like the idea of an older woman busting balls, especially of younger males. What I also likes in your stories are the submissive males. Thanks for the many free stories you've written!

  4. I like submissive males too. They keep coming back for more punishment. That don't want it, but they . . . . just can't say "no". A fine attribute in anyone who's got two vulnerable balls swinging between their legs.

  5. Great job as usual Nicholas. I was really excited to see that you posted another story when I checked on your blog and having read your story I think it was worth the wait.

    I really enjoy the submissive male theme where the guys are athletic, younger (<35 yrs old) and very willing to subject themselves to the sadistic testicular torture of a dominant woman. I also like the scenarios involving dominant older women (35-45yr range)teaching or encouraging younger girls how to bust balls, which is why I really would like to see another chapter of "Target Practice."

    In this story, I really liked the sadism and sexual control that Victoria had over the boys. I would have preferred to have the testicular torture last a little longer and been a little more creative but I am not complaining by any means. I am not opposed to testicular ruptures being the ultimate result in a story but I prefer a more long and drawn out abuse sequence that culminates in the rupture. I dis enjoy the continued post rupture knees and abuse by Victoria, which really highlights her sadistic nature.

    Thank you very much as usual for all of your great contributions to your crazy fans like me! I do appreciate that you take time out of your busy schedule to share your twisted tales of ball busting abuse with the rest of us.

    Have a great day.

  6. Hey Nicholas

    I apologize for lurking in the shadows a bit and not commenting on your stories directly but I will definitely make sure to do so in the future. Your generosity in sharing these stories is more than enough incentive for me and everyone else to acknowledge your consideration.

    Anyway, I thought that you did a great job as usual with this story. I will hedge my subsequent feedback with the fact that these are just my opinions and preferences, which are by no means reflect any consensus among your fans.I thought that the age of the boys was kind of young as I would have preferred guys that were 18yr and older (maybe a cap at 40 years old). With your orphanage concept the age of the guys was only logical and I really enjoyed the power parity between Victoria and the boys. I also did not like the penectomy that was written and I also thought the damage occurred way too fast. I prefer a long sequence of abuse that ultimately results in permanent damage or no permanent damage at all (meaning that more abuse can be saved for later!). I did enjoy the dominance of older woman busting younger guys (especially guys with large shaved balls!).

    Thank you again for another story. I will anxiously await your next story but I will respect your time and artistic process and not request more stories sooner!

  7. Well, thank you both, Alan and Erica, and welcome Erica to the community (as a non lurker). Yes, I didn't draw out the torture too much because I imagined that Victoria was, above all, efficient, and being an alien (I trust you have all read the V-Victoria series), she moves at her own pace, which is a rapid one. I imagined that she had another class to teach soon, and had a limited amount of time to do each thing in her schedule. That's right, she schedules emasculations into her diary just as she would a meeting or anything else. That's sort of how the story flowed in my head.

    I am working on the final installment of Target Practice, I'm about a page into it, but before I finish that I want to do a new m/m story for my gay fans. Gotta try and please everybody!

    Anywho, cheerio and pip pip,


  8. Another fantastic aspect of your story is the way balls pop. I've never been turned on by stories that take a realistic perspective with blood and death. Yours tends to take on a more "fantasy" perspective.

  9. Well, to the be honest, I think actually busting a testicle would be pretty bland. I think it would make little or no sound, and it would simply quietly split its seams and slowly leak out its contents. And I'm not a fan of blood. So my ball popping scenes are entirely fictitious. But hey, it's the trope of our genre so . . .

  10. good story, thnx! I am a little bit more into the women busting older guys/men, not the boys. Hoping also for more from the olympics series!

  11. I think a testicle is just meat that produces sperm and meat all the way through. Meaning popping them would be impossible. Shredding, cutting, pulverising etc would be it I think but hey... Also I'm not sure anyone is sexy enough to get all the police to cooperate especially an ageing woman. And I think that after all this time most would consider her an STD ridden hag that's best silenced or imprisoned. Really I think they'd just brush her eventually and forget and make everyone forget about her and someone better take over... Also I doubt everyone in the police is that easily bribed... Just my opinion

  12. Actually there is video of a lamb testical being stepped on and it pop like sound and all anywAys the story was amazing

    1. Links and photos or it never happened!


      Here ya go. Just incase you never saw it :p

  13. I love this story! It's brilliant how torturous she is in her sexy heels and boots! ;)

  14. Dude why 13 and 14 year olds though?, that’s wayy too young and and creepy.


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