Thursday, October 29, 2015

(M/M) Anonymous Nutting - NEW

Not sure if I've ever posted this before or not. I might have on my old blog, but I'm not positive, so I'm labeling it as "new" even if it isn't. It's on the short side but I hope it's still satisfying.

Anonymous Nutting


Guy rang the bell. A moment’s pause and then a spotty boy came out of the backroom and walked to the front desk.

“Can I help you, sir?” he asked.

“Yes, my ‘brother’ has a room and I’d like to know what it is.”

“And you are?”

“Guy . . . Smith. My brother is Dave.”

The attendant looked at his registry and found it. “Room 102. Upstairs and on the right porch. Will you be needing a second bed for the night?”

“I don’t think so,” said Guy with a slight growl.

The boy was unphased. He saw this everyday. If he had a penny for every couple named Smith . . .

“Have a good evening, sir.”

“Thanks.” Guy walked out of the lobby and into the night without a backward glance. Up the stairs, along the hallway . . . 100, 101, 102. Then he paused as he always did. In what state would he find “Dave” in? Tied up on the bed? Strung from the ceiling? Showering in latex? Cuffed to the radiator? Each time they hooked up, the scenario was different, and that was the beauty of the thing. The key was taped under the doorknob and he opened it quickly and shut it behind him. The light was on. On the bed was Dave. His hands were cuffed to the headboard, his legs tied off in opposite directions and his left testicle, just the left one, was tied to the ceiling with a rope, stretched tight.

Guy pulled off his shirt, shrugged off his shoes and let his pants fall. His naked chest was smooth, his pecks huge, and his arms knotted with muscle. His dick was already hard and the cock and ball harness that bound it was tight. He was ready – he was the sadist and Dave the masochist, he the top and Dave the bottom - a perfect match.

Guy looked into Dave’s eyes and saw excitement mixed with fear. A long time ago they had agreed – if ever one of Dave’s balls was tied up completely separately from the other, it meant Dave was ready to give that ball to Guy. To let him utterly destroy it, if he wanted to. It meant he was ready for his anonymous master to half castrate him.

Guy pinched one of his own nipples. “So, tonight’s the night, eh?” David just sighed and closed eyes, nodding slightly.

“Good,” said Guy. “It’s about time.” He took the handkerchief that covered his head (soaked with the perspiration of a long day’s construction work) and straddled Dave’s chest.

“Open up, bitch!” Guy gagged his helpless victim, tying it tight enough to leave welts. Then he ran his hands down Dave’s body. Where Guy was tanned and rugged, Dave’s was smooth and white. Where Guy had the physic of a body builder, Dave had the physic of especially built swimmer. He was also somewhat taller than Guy, and Guy had always assumed this trick was some kind of corporate executive, exercising in swanky gyms when he wasn’t doing PowerPoint presentations. Not that it mattered – to Guy a willing victim was just that, and no more. Dave was just one of dozens of men he tortured monthly, and wouldn’t be the first man he’d nutted.

Guy straddled Dave’s abdomen, facing him, and then reached back. His right hand grasped Dave’s suspended left ball and began to squeeze it. Guy watched Dave’s face. The eyes stayed closed, but as the pressure increased they opened. Deep black eyes up and Guy watched as they betrayed the first hints of pain. More pressure on the ball. Wider eyes and a slight grunt. Guy began to torque the ball and with he free hand, he gently caressed Dave’s right ear, tracing a path around its outer curve, then down to his chin and then into the hollow of his neck. Guy licked his own finger and brought it back down to play ever so lightly on Dave’s right nipple all the while squeezing the testicle with fingers used daily to pulverize granite and quartz. Dave gave a prolonged grunt.

Guy suddenly let the nut go and began to knead Dave’s pecs with both hands, then licked Dave’s flaired nipples, flicking his tongue over them. He bit the right one. Not enough to break the skin, but enough to elicit a jolt. More tonguing, more biting. Then the other nipple. Both became red and hard. Guy traced his tongue down to Dave’s bellybutton. Guy could feel Dave’s rock hard dick pressed against his ass and his own dick was pressed against Dave’s lower stomach. With his mouth still swirling around Dave’s navel, Guy reached behind himself and sent his left fist into Dave’s free ball. Once. Twice, Three times. Washboard abs spasmed. Then he closed his fist around the thing and pulled it up and in the opposite direction of the left bollock. He squeezed it, rolling it around in his fingers like it was a cigar. Now his mouth was at Dave’s neck, kissing and licking. Then sucking under Dave’s right ear, giving him a hicky and pulling Dave’s nut with him to reach it. He squished the untied ball in his fist, cruelly, mercilessly.

“Guess what,” he whispered into Dave’s ear. “I’m not going to punish your leftie., tonight. Just pop it. When it’s time.” He stood up and survey the scene – nipples raw, hickey on the neck, flushed skin. Good so far. Guy stood up and positioned himself between Dave’s splayed legs. Time to kick some nuts. Or nut, rather.

Mushing around the right nut a bit with his toes, just to gauge the distance, and then a light punt to it, resulting in a jolt from Dave. Now a stronger kick, then stronger. Guy worked his way up to a healthy slam and repeated the maneuver until it was a steady rhythm, each one eliciting a reflexive spasm from his victim. Certainly not strong enough to damage the organ, just enough to make it miserable for Dave. Guy watched his victim with erotic dispassion, his own cock leaking a pearl or two of cum, his own nuts swelling with anticipation. Guy contemplated his next move. The right ball was swelling. Good. He jumped off the bed and went to Dave’s gym bag. Inside was some Tiger Balm. Back on the bed he knelt and began to rub some on Dave’s cock, stroking it in, squeezing it in. Naturally, Dave began to writhe. It was like his dick had been dipping into napalm.

Guy stopped rubbing the burning cream into Dave’s cock and instead began to choke the cock, as if he were trying to strangle it. With both hands, just underneath its head. The head swelled and turned a nasty shade of purple. Guy was determined to leave a bruise. He squeezed the rock hard dick, grunting with effort and then finally let it go. He bent down and sucked in Dave’s dick head and tongued out the little dribbles of precum. He released it. The organ dropped back onto Dave’s stomach with a “thwack”. Guy got off the bed, and this time he brought back a toothbrush.

Holding Dave’s dick with one hand he gently teased open its piss-slit with the handle end of the brush. The slit widened. Blooming open, Guy started to push the handle into Dave’s urethra, further and further. Guy mused ‘This must hurt like a motherfuck’. He pushed the damned thing all the way until only the bristles were sticking out of the end of Dave’s 8 inch cock. It looked comical. Like some novelty butt plug which could be used for dental hygiene as well stuffing bungs. To make sure he was driving home the pain, he grasped the brush head and rotated it, waggling it about. Dave screamed inside his gag. Guy stroked himself. This was good. Now to plug something else. Back to Dave’s bag. He returned with Dave’s water bottle. It was four inches across and eight inches long. ‘This should make an impression,’ thought Guy.

Some Tiger Balm used as lube, and Guy first used his fingers to loosen Dave’s hole. Then he pushed the bottle in, cap first. Oh, it must be painful. Ass’s weren’t meant to accommodate such wide objects. Hard objects, too. The bottle was completely full. The hole unwilling dilated as he pushed it in. A quarter of the way. Halfway. Dave’s eyes grew along with it. Almost all the way in, but not totally. It might be hard to get back out again and who, after all, wanted to pay for proctological surgery?

Satisfied with that, Guy moved back to the right testicle, now swollen and kinda lumpy. What to do with it? The left testicle remained untouched and would remain so until it was destroyed. He put his face close to the right teste. He licked it gently, letting it loll about. He lapped, this way and that. The more he licked, the more Dave twitched. The little thing must be sensitive. Excellent. Guy sucked it fully into his mouth and clamped it tightly with his lips, pushing the nut to the roof of his mouth with his tongue. He held it there, making Dave’s ab muscles tense. Then he tugged and sucked on the ball. Hard. There was explosive nostril exhalation from Dave. Now he pulled the ball bag surrounding the nut as far as he could, whilst boring the tip of his tongue into the underside of it. Ouch! Guy kept this up for about five minutes.

When he spit the nut out it looked bruised, and the bag was all red and inflamed, but he wasn’t done with it. Guy arranged himself and began to beat the bollock with his fist. Nothing light or delicate, but full on hammer-fists to the ball. SMACK SMACK SMACK. He pounded the fat pud as hard as he could. The walls began to shake. Well, nothing out of the normal for a seedy hotel . . .

On and on he pounded poor Dave’s ball until tears seeped out from clenched eyes, and a gurgling ululation from out of the bandanna gag. OK. Enough of that. Pain always needed to be balanced with pleasure, and Guy breathed on Dave’s pulsating dick, and licked the shaft. The Tiger Balm was minty. He took out the toothbrush with a SLURP and swirled his tongue around the bruised head and sucked the whole thing in, sucking on it as hard as he had the ball. He swallowed its entire length, stopped there, with his nose in Dave’s bush, and pulsed his throat to massage the member. Then, he backed off from the root of the penis and began to piston on the thing. He could feel Dave writhe in tortured pleasure.

The penis began to leak precum, a sticky sweet taste in back of Guy’s throat, and he stopped sucking just short of an explosion. It wouldn’t do to end the party yet. Guy grasped Dave’s sack and yanked, cutting short the ejaculation.

While Dave was groaning from the almostgasm, Guy went back to work on the nipples, sucking and biting and pulling on them. Meanwhile he rubbed Dave’s body with his two strong hands. “Having fun, ‘bro’?” said Guy into Dave’s ear. “Want some more? Man, I could hurt you all night long.”

Dave squeezed his eyes shut but he nodded. He loved the pain too.

“But I’m not going to,” said Guy curtly. “I’ve got a family to get home to. Let’s skip to the good part - time to take your ball.” Guy untied Dave’s right ankle and bent the leg upwards. Keeping it there, he pulled out the water bottle from Dave’s butt. The orifice was perfectly primed for Guy’s rock-hard prick. He guided it in and felt the slippery snug warmness of Dave’s hole. It was bliss, as any top knows. Guy’s right hand enclosed the sacrificial ball and began to squeeze.

“I’m going to fuck you and squeezed your nut. When I cum, I’ll burst it. Whether you get off or not is up to you.” With his left hand keeping Dave’s leg out of the way, and his right hand pressing itself into Dave’s left ball, Guy started to pump. He reached a healthy speed fairly quickly and the bed shook hard, thumping the wall behind it.

Dave could feel his big marble in a vice-like grip and could tell how close his tormentor was to coming by growing pain. He felt Guy’s exceptionally fat penis filling his ass and that hurt almost as much as the testicle crushing. He knew he was giving up an irreplaceable part of himself tonight, but he’d wanted this for so long, and he new “Guy”, no matter what his real name was, would do it like no other.

Guy rode Dave like a stallion, alternating slowing thrusts with vicious bouts of gut-ripping pounding. Now Guy was the one making noises. Open throated groans of ecstasy. The warm, moist heat of Dave’s hole was heaven, and he knew he was being cruel by not using any lube. So what? Guy’s hand began to tighten around the nut, its meat was beginning to warp, to balloon out from between his fingers. From prior experience he knew he’d need a lot of pressure to rupture the ball, and pressed his thumb in as deep as it would go.

Guy rode his pony faster, and faster. The bed was threatening to fall apart, Dave was keening into his gag, and the big fat left ball was nearing its end. Dave’s body was tense with pain, Guy’s mind was focused on careful timing, and as he felt his wad begin to boil up from his balls, he squeezed Dave’s left testicle as hard as he could, knuckles white with pressure. Dave’s eyes were like saucers and dilated black, and both dicks in the room were swelling like balloons. In one titanic moment, the cocks erupted cum, Guy’s into Dave’s gut, and Dave’s onto his own chest and in that moment there was the humble sound of Dave’s nut popping. Just a gentle “pop”, like someone stepping on an exceptionally juicy plum. Guy kept pumping, and he kept up the pressure on the ruined gland.

He pumped and pumped ‘til his seed was spent and his body was covered with a light sheen. In his right hand the remains of Dave’s ball squished around, and Guy watched with satisfaction as Dave thrashed weakly. This was the best part – inflicting untold agony on another guy. Sexual agony.

Eventually his softened member pulled itself out of Dave’s hole and he let Dave’s right leg drop. Then he massaged Dave’s jizz all over the guy’s stomach and pecs, trying to sooth his agony, kneading Dave’s sheet-white and clammy skin.

“Mmm. That was great. Your nut lasted twice as long as the last guy’s. And he didn’t even cum. You’re a racehorse, you big stud. I can’t wait till I get to take the other one.” Dave just whimpered.

Guy got up and put on his clothing, his own cock and balls still harnessed. He left Dave tied up there, on the bed, one testicle ruptured, the other bruised and swollen. But just before he left, Guy leaned over to whisper in Dave’s ear, “Text me again some time. I’ll be back in this area again next month.” Dave’s eyes just rolled around in their sockets. Guy chuckled softly. Well, time to drive home and take the wife and kids out for pizza. Guy shut the motel door behind him and didn’t look back.


  1. wow super hot, nice ideas, cool and hot written, please more, can't wait for next meeting, and what guy does with other guys, super cool when he say he must home pizza with family, wow , please more

    1. Hmmm. Well to be perfectly honest Michael this story is a one-off and I had no ideas for further episodes. Unlike In the Marines and Aboard where I do have ideas for future sequels.
      Anywho, glad you enjoyed it.




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