Wednesday, January 6, 2016

(Ff/m) Becoming a Man - NEW!

So, I apologize for not getting this out sooner but the holidays found me out-of-sorts for a while. Hope it pleases!

Cheers and happy New Years to all,


Becoming a Man


Aiden, mostly naked and nearly eighteen, was in bed, snoring softly. It was a cold December morning and the frost creeped, with long white fingers, across his bedroom window. But his sleep was abruptly interrupted by his sixteen year-old sister Samantha (whom everyone called Sam), coming in, sweeping aside his cream colored down comforter and planting her knee right into his groin. Aiden awoke with a groan. Aiden had big, fat balls and Sam never missed with her knee when she racked him because they were such an easy target.


"Time to wake up, big Bro," she said gleefully. "Mom's waiting down stairs. It's your eighteenth birthday and we're going to pop your nuts today! You'll be a real man once we're through with you. Trained to completely submit yourself to women!"


The naked teenage boy curled up to protect his nads, his hands buried between his legs, but Sam wasn't gonna let him go back to sleep. She snaked her hand between his thighs, grasped his cahones and pulled him out of bed by them.


"OK, OK. I'm coming, I'm coming," said Aiden with a slight grimace. He actually didn't mind having his privates manhandled, and he loved being submissive to his gorgeous mother and his pert sister. He dutifully followed his younger sister down the hall, down the carpeted stairs, through the living room and finally ending up in the kitchen. His mother was at the table in nothing but a pink bra and some silk panties. Sam let go of her hold on his nuts and let the ballbag hang while she slipped out of her bathrobe to stand, nearly naked in a white tee-shirt and some white panties. Both women had waxed their hooches the night before, and they were ready for their nut-slave to give them some sexual relief before he became a gelding.


Handsome Aiden stood there, in nothing but a white, puka shell necklace and white ankle-high socks, and let Sam pull his arms behind him and slip on some handcuffs. Thusly secured Aiden kneeled before his sitting mother, and spread his knees. Sam was going to kick his balls from behind with her pink sock clad foot while Aiden gave his mother some deep pussy loving. Their mother, Tabitha, pulled Aiden's head into her cunt and forced him to start eating her out, while Sam stood behind her brother and began to wale on his cahones. WHAM WHAM WHAM. Each kick forced Aiden's whole face into his mother's moist snatch, and at times he could barely breath. His testicles were being brutalized as they often were, and over the years his tolerance for pain had increased. His mother's salty, slightly bitter flavor blossomed in his tongue, and Aiden began to suspect that both his mother and sister would have many orgasms, at his expense, of the next few hours. They were ready for it.


"Mmmm. There's a good boy," commented Tabitha. "You've certainly come a long way in your cunniliguist abilities, my son. Keep licking. Lick harder, and deeper. Mmmm. Excellent."


"Mom, I can't wait to crush the little turd's nuts! (WHAM). OUCH. That one hurt. Your stupid nuts are so hard, big brother. I think I'm gonna have to spear them with high heels. Otherwise your going to ruin my toes." Just for that she gave her brother an extra hard kick to his swaying sack. SPLAT, right in the nuts. Aiden mumbled a cry into his mother's pussy while she forced his face and nose further and further into her.


"I can't wait either. Mmmmm," said Tabitha. "Kick him harder, Sam. I'm getting close."


"OK." And kick his huevos harder she did. Her pink socked foot made its way with nut crushing force into his nuts. Punt after punt rammed home into his junk. Permanent damage wasn't a problem because they all knew Aiden would be a eunuch after today anyway, so what if his nuts began to leak? Harder and harder she kicked.


"Oh my god. That feels so good, Sam. Make the little punk spasm inside me. All most there, almost there and YES. SHIT that's good. Oh yeah!" Tabitha's whole body shuddered as the waves of pleasure ricocheted off her vagina and pulsed throughout her  whole body. Aiden, meanwhile was whimpering in the back of his throat while he lapped up his mother's juices. Tangy juices.


"Mom, now it's MY turn," said Sam impatiently.


"OK, OK. You can have a turn. Here let's have him stand, you can lie on the table Sam." They hauled the teenager, now nearly a man, to his feet while Sam removed her panties and lay on the table, her leg's spread. The two women forced Aiden's head to start servicing his younger sister, while Tabitha knelt between them, and began to punch and squeeze Aiden's fat jewels. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT when her fist into his manhood. While not as strong as a boxer or as deadly as a martial artist, Tabitha was never-the-less a good puncher, and she worked his two agates over whilst her son gave her daughter some top notch servicing. To Aiden, his sister tasted distinctly different than their mother. His sister had a smoother taste, less bitter and more acidic, and it made his taste buds sing heavenly praises to god's gift to man - women. By this time, Aiden was already rock hard. He LOVED giving pleasure to women, even if those women happened to be close relatives.


"Look dear," said Tabitha, "Your brother is getting aroused at servicing you. Maybe we should do something about that." Retrieving her cigarette from the ash tray, she held its tip to Aiden's cock-head, which began to sizzle from the heat.


"Mmmnnnth!" cried Aiden into his sister's pussy. That cigarette burn really hurt. The whole kitchen now smelled of sex and roasted penis. It was a heady combination. Tabitha took her lighter and held it underneath his ball bag until the pubic hair caught fire and lit his whole crotch up. What little hair he had disappeared in a flash of sizzling red flame and Aiden cried out again, a sort of muffled groan.


Meanwhile Sam was having the time of her life. Her older brother had an athletic tongue (as well as an athletic body) and exquisite control and stamina. He could do the whirlwind technique but to perfection, and the lightning bolts, the quickening, a precursor for her to orgasm, was starting in her groin. Just a few more minutes of his agony, and she'd have her first explosion of the day.


Tabitha had gone back to hitting and then squeezing the life out of his twin testicles. She pressed her thumb into them until her fingers turned white. The two glands were starting to swell from all the abuse and his scrotum was now an angry red. But nothing unusual for him. He'd received far worse in the past from the two women in his life, he was used to it.


Finally Sam did have her orgasm, a burst of physical pleasure engulfed her, just as her mother did a squeeze, pull and twist of Aiden's nuts to make him open wide and shriek inside of his sister. The muffled sound only made the two women hotter as they got of on his suffering, his pain, and his humiliation. Sam's body twitched and convulsed with pleasure. No boyfriend she would ever had was better at servicing her than her own brother. And what made it all the hotter was that she'd make sure he kept doing it to her long after he lost his nuts, despite the fact that he would no longer gain his own pleasure from it.


"Oh God, big brother. That was AWESOME." said Sam between deep breaths.


"You came? Good!" said Tabitha, "I think it's now time we string up the reject and softened up his balls for the big event."



"Sounds good," replied Sam. The two women affixed the boy to the door jam with some cuffs and fixtures that they'd had installed just for this purpose and then went upstairs to put on some high heeled shoes, as much to protect their toes as it was to keep warm. Clack clack clack as they came back down to stand in front of their boy. Aiden was extremely trim, handsome, sexy and muscled and they savored the sight before them - a pale, hairless, ripped male body just waiting to be worked over, his face all covered with sticky girl-cum. To start things about, Sam got close to him, letting her hot breath sear the side of his face, teasing him with the proximity of her breasts to his chest and then WHAM a solid knee right into his hanging testicles. SPLAT, another knee, Sam's bony kneecap threatened to rupture his nuts right then and there, but Tabitha had other ideas.


"Here," she said, backing up, "Let's take turns pasting his eggs."


Sam also backed up.


"I'll start," said Tabitha. She took aim and jammed the toe of her red Jimmy Choos straight into his nut sack. The hard toe split the sack and compressed the two delicate organs against his pubic bone. Oh, god it hurt, thought Aiden to himself. Then Sam lined up her black Michael Kors boots and WHAM, a straight kick to his cahones. Aiden's eggs were going to crack soon if they kept this up. WHAM SPLAT CRUNCH. Aiden's poor testicles were receiving an unceasing stream of percussive body parts to his groin, and there was nothing he could do about it. First the pain, then the humiliation.


"Do you like that, pussy-boy?" taunted his sister.


"No one would ever have sex with you anyway. It's better that your mother and sister take your manhood while it's still of some use," said his mother, her face one of determined cruelty


And all poor Aiden could do was groan. Loudly. The two women went at his nuts for almost an hour, taking small breaks to rest and rehydrate. They alternated kicks with knees and in one case a heel directly to his balls. Aiden cried out at this. The wicked six inch heel almost speared his little morsel of man-flesh right then and there. Only the fact that there was no hard surface behind him saved the ball from utter ruin.


Finally, after a good forty-five minutes of kicking, they let the boy hang there, drooling on himself, while they took a much needed break. Both of them had had multiple orgasms just from kicking their boy between the legs.


"What should we do next?" asked Sam.


"I know," replied Tabitha. She ran into the garage and found some sounds. Long, fat metal sounds. She returned with them. "Let's stick these in his cock and see if we can't make him cum. The cum will get trapped inside and he'll be in absolute agony."


"Awesome," said Sam. She took a few of the stainless steel rods, and with one hand stroking his fat eighteen year old cock, started to force a sound down into his urethra. One in, all the way. Then another, and then another. Then it was Tabitha's turn. She started stroking Aiden's dick and pushing her sounds in. One at a time, until not another one would go in. Then she spit on her hands to make them slick and really worked to jack Aiden off while Sam took one ball in each hand and squeezed the life out of his nuts.


In less than three minutes Aiden was shouting "SHIT SHIT SHIT" and his body tried to expel cum up the blocked pathway. Two of the sounds actually popped out of his body, surprising and impressing his tormentors, but the rest staid in, and all Aiden could do was whimper as his prostate swelled with unanticipated volume.


"Let's do that again!" exclaimed Sam.


"Why not? Maybe we can make his prostate EXPLODE. Wouldn't that be cool? We could ruin him on the inside as well as the outside."


"OK. But this time I get to squeeze his balls," said Tabitha.



Sam started to jack her brother off to make him hard again, and his poor burned cock head was going from light purple to dark purple with the effort to get aroused again.


Tabitha lightly punched Aiden's ball sack a few times, just to wake the boy up, and then grasped his whole scrotum with one hand and started to grate his rocks together. While she did that, Sam expertly massaged, jacked and thumbed Aiden's cock, its piss-slit foaming white with unreleased sperm.


"Come on, Aiden. Give mommy another juicy orgasm," said Tabitha as she cruelly squeezed his rocks. In his delirious state, Aiden wasn't sure if she meant him or her, but he was too preoccupied with the pain in his stomach and balls to inquire.


Faster and faster his sister jacked, harder and harder his mother squeezed, until after about six minutes felt the characteristic tingling in his toes and his whole body shuddered in another orgasm. This time two more sounds popped out, and the tip of his dick fizzed as semen tried desperately to escape its moist home. But it was not to be, and Aiden's poor prostate enlarged further making him ached like hell, in the pit of his bowels. The two females let Aiden hang. In misery.


"Now that he's had his fun, we can have ours. Sam, go get the stools." Sam nodded to her mom and went out back to get the three stools. One for each of them. They were bar stools with hard metal seats, and would be perfect for popping testicles on.


"Oh, and lets put on our newest shoes!" said Sam. "I'm gonna wear my Blahnicks for spearing and popping his egg."


Tabitha considered for a moment. "I think I'll just use my old Louboutin's. You know the silver ones. They're comfortable AND sexy. I need comfort if I'm going to cum when I pop this little dork's balls."


"Sounds great mom!" Sam went out to get the stools, and Tabitha let Aiden out of his constraints. He fell to the floor and started to wretch quietly while holding himself. If only women knew what agony ball-pain was. Mebbe they'd be more sympathetic to the "stronger" sex.


Aiden seemed like he wanted to get away from the situation, and with one hand nursing his nuts, the other was trying to pull himself to safety, but Tabitha would have non of that and reached over to grab his sack with her left hand.


"You're not going anywhere, Mister. It's time for you to grow up and be a real man. We're gonna make you a chaste eunuch so you can please us better." She pulled him to his feet by his testicles, and marched him into the kitchen again. Sam had brought in the stools and then run upstairs to get their second pair of shoes. She brought them down and both women slipped into their preferred stiletto's. Both women looked so sexy to Aiden, in nothing but frilly lace lingerie and vicious high heels. Tabitha re-cuffed his hands together behind his back and then made sure his ball sack and its two helpless nuts were resting on the hard metal surface of the seat.


The two women put Aiden on the middle stool and then got up on their own. They had already decided which nut they were going to rupture, Sam would get his rightie, Tabitha his leftie (since it was bigger and therefore should go the breadwinner). Sam started to finger herself while Tabitha had the gold plated dildo of her first husband who had presented her his coated cock on their third anniversary. One woman with sticky fingers fingering herself, the other pistoning a detached dick inside of her. Both ready to come for the fourth time that day.


Aiden looked up from his position on the stool. They were already putting lots of pressure on their chosen testicle, and he knew he only had seconds to retain his manhood, but he loved his mother and sister, so much, he just couldn't deny them anything.


"Make us pop your ghoolies, Aiden. Tell us how much you want this." Murmured Tabitha as she diddled herself. The testicle beneath her shoe was beginning to balloon out the sides. She smiled with pleasure at the doomed little organ.


"Yeah, you little ass-rat. Tell us how much you want us to spear and pop your precious ballsies." Sam was totally ready to burst his manhood and have a last, great orgasm at his expense.


"Urghhhh," said Aiden. "Oh, god, please don't. Please don't not my nuts. Please mom, sis, NO. Please don't. Fuck Fuck FUCK."


Aiden's babbling turned into a scream as first the left then the right ball imploded with stunning force, and each woman could feel their heels break through the tough outsides of their chosen ball. The heels penetrated them with a satisfying "CRUNCH" and poor little Aiden's nuts were nothing more than olives on a swizzle stick. Speared all the way through and now utterly useless. But it wasn't the end of his torture. Lost in their respective orgasms, the two ladies began to methodically pulp his nuts by stomping with their heels over and over and over again, until there was nothing left of his balls but a spermy mess. Little bits of orange goo all over their stilettos.


Aiden collapsed into unconsciousness.


"So he's a true man, now, hey maw?" said Sam.


"Of course he is. When he wakes up, he'll be our meek little servant boy. Ready to give us head at a moments notice, and no more pitiful masturbation or sex for him." Tabitha ran her hand over his sweaty brow. "It's always tough for a mother when her son grows up." Then Tabitha looked at her daughter. "Now all we have to do is something about that nasty dick of his."


  1. Happy New Year Nicholas ;-)
    It was great ball popping story, I like after his balls popped they smashed all ball meat to paste woof HOT.

    1. Tell me, Crusher, was the story I posted in October, Anonymous Nutting, was that a repeat or new? I couldn't remember. I did notice no one commented upon it, which makes me think it was a repost.

    2. I think the story is repost, somewhere I had read. sorry I didn't comment sooner, I was on my trip and after my sister and her husband visit here in SF for Christmas then we had Japanese new year, I was so busy. But I had great ball busting sex hehehe. Your stories always give me new idea of crushing big balls Thanks again.

  2. Happy New Year^^
    a truly amazing story :D absolutely fantastic I really love it!!!
    one question at Aidan's second orgasm have Tabitha and Sam not planned to switch position?

    "OK. But this time I get to squeeze his balls," said Tabitha."

    but his mom jerked him again and his sister squeezes the balls:

    "Faster and faster his mom jacked"

    "Aiden expertly massaged, jacked and thumbed his cock"

    Aiden is still tied up right?

    I'm sorry if I misunderstood something
    my English is not so good...

    Many greetings from Germany

    1. Thank you ani for the heads-up. You're right, I lost the conceptual thread, there, and made a bungle of the whole thing. But it's fixed now. Just some switching of some names.


    2. ps. Hello to all my wonderful fans in Germany! You guys are usually third in my site stats for hits, after America and Canada.

  3. Oh my god!! Pure bliss amazing!!!!!

    1. Glad that it pleases you, Mr. Bigballs. I do my best.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Uhm, Well, mebbe you should start your own blog. Then people could enjoy your stories and your various celebrities. I don't write about celebrities because there aren't any that come to mind that inspire me to write about ballbusting. But I'm sure to someone like you there are lots of people in the lime light that would do very nicely. So, share your wealth and imagination with others and start you own BB blog.

  5. love the part with the dick blocked and prostate getting big could u make a whole story with that as a theme like hot girls going around and ruining men bye blocking dick till prostates explode

    1. For me, that was just a plot device to further torment Aiden. I write about BB and TT and prostate torture is a little off the beaten path. I would never write a whole story about it.

  6. would u make a story with a girl who has telekinesis and can compress and crush a guys nuts with just her mind read a old story like that and still a fav of mine

    1. Hmm. Well I'm not sure how a story like that would be interesting. What I write about is the sexual and physical enjoyment that a buster/torturer experiences when they brutalize a guy's nuts. Physical contact is a big deal in the genre. I think a most of my fans wouldn't respond well to s simple nut popping without any real busting.

  7. can I email u the story I love with telekinesis and maybe u could make something like it its form number2 old busting site

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


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