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(FFFFFF/M) The Bursting - NEW!

I do so love historical BB/TT stories, so here's one for you. Enjoy!


The Bursting


Benedicia, the high priestess of Vesta looked down from her dais. Her silky black hair fell over one shoulder and she brushed it aside. The man in front of her, at the bottom of the stairs, was clothed in a simple white robe which hid his assets and his muscular body. He was flanked by two sisters of the order who were his guards and guides, and they introduced him to their mistress.


"This is Marcus, mistress. He has come to us so that he may sacrifice his manhood to the Goddess. He wishes to experience the ultimate ecstasy of the 'The Bursting'."


"I see," remarked Benedicia. "And what is it that he is offering? Let us see his sacrifice."


The blond priestess to his right undid his sash and disrobed him. His body was perfect, flawless. Smooth, muscular and hung. His flaccid member was seven inches and thick and lay over two enormous ovals, his testicles. They were massive too, and they hung there like two peaches - round, succulent and vulnerable.


"Very nice," said Benedicia as she got up and walked down the stairs. She stopped in front of Marcus. Slowly she raised her hands and ran them over his handsome face, down the neck, across his pecs, over his washboard abs, down the flat of his pelvis and came to cup his balls. They were beautiful and among the largest she'd ever seen on a human. There were animals that had larger, like cows and horses, but these were massive, and would be a fitting tribute to the Goddess.


She looked into his green eyes and searched them. "Do you realize what you are about to do?"


His voice was deep and husky, "I do, mistress. I want to experience the ultimate ejaculation in service to your order. I wish it with all my heart that the Goddess should have my balls." Benedicia rolled his nuts around in her hand, and they did not shrivel or retreat. This man meant what he said, and was obviously desirous of becoming a eunuch.


"Very well," she said. "First you will experience pleasure unlike any other, but you will be denied release. Then you shall be tortured and endure pain unlike like any other, but again denied release. And finally, you shall have your balls burst and when that happens you will cum like a chariot-horse and most likely die from the pain. I wish you well, young man." The beautiful priestess gave his ball sack a light slap and resumed sitting on her throne.


"Take him to the bed chamber," she said.


"Your will, mistress," said the blond priestess.


The still naked Marcus was guided to a whole different wing of the temple where a huge bed, fitted with silver satin sheets and feather pillows was laid out. On the bed was a barely clothed woman of stunning beauty. She had long curly black hair, perfectly smooth tan skin, and beautiful hazel eyes. Her breasts were large, firm and perfectly formed. Her snatch was shaved and pink. If there was ever a woman ready to please a man, it was she. Naturally Marcus let himself get erect and sexually excited. He was already naked and felt no shame in showing his arousal. This would be the fun part of the day.


He was pulled over to the bed by his escorts and Marcus noticed that the woman on the bed had a long length of cord in her hand. She spoke.


"Noble male, this is a length of wet leather cord. I will tie up your verpa and cōleī [penis and testicles] with it and as it dries it will shrink into a tight bind that will prevent you from releasing your pleasure. It will also hurt, although this is just a taste of the pain you will endure tonight." First she tied around his whole package, then one ball, then the other and then finally around his cock. When it was nice and tight she tied it off. His already massive cock now reached nine inches long, and its bulbous head was nice and purple. And his balls, well they had started to swell too. Nicely.


The woman spoke again. "I am Naticha and this is Callisto and Dulcea," she said, pointing to his two chaperones. "We are here to pleasure you." As Marcus stood in front of her, she sucked in his engorged shaft and began to give him expert head, while the priestess on ether side of him undressed and began to kiss and lick his whole body. They guided him to lay down. Naticha concentrated on his member, Callisto his lips and Dulcea his nipples.


Like any hot-blooded Roman man, Marcus was at ease with women worshiping his body, but these weren't just any women. These were holy priestesses. One cut below royalty, so it was an honor just to be in their presence. In addition to that, this whole exercise in sacrifice was about purging his bloodline of shame and ignominy for getting on the wrong side of the Senate and loosing their positions of power within the Empire. Of all his brothers, Marcus had been chosen to make the ultimate sacrifice to the Goddess and thus assure his family would reclaim their success through divine intercession. And he was glad to do it, for it was said that an hour with a Vesta priestess was like being in Elysian and that the final release when his balls were crushed would be a release unlike any other.


Callisto stopped kissing Marcus and left the bed to go drip her hand into a large amphora in the corner, full of olive oil. She took some and smeared and oiled up Marcus's whole body, including his cock and balls. Natisha stopped sucking him off to watch his member become slick and shiny with oil. She then took off her diaphanous toga to expose her breasts to him and mounted him. Her cunny quivered and she shivered a bit as his huge cock slid inside her. Marcus moaned, but that moan was soon muffled as Dulcea slipped out of her own gauzy toga and made Marcus suck on her nipples, pushing her plump pillows into his face and watching him worship her breasts.


Natisha began to slowly ride her young buck while the other two priestesses worshiped his body or let Marcus worship theirs. At one point Dulcea mounted Marcus's face so that he could eat her out. Which he did, with great enthusiasm. The women worked his body over, all of them slick with oil, and full of engorged body parts - erect nipples, flushed skin, and quivering genitals. This went on for at least an hour. Each woman took turns having his dick inside them, and each took turns letting his tongue lash their caves but no matter how hard he tried, Marcus just couldn't cum. It was like there was a vice around his man parts and he was unable to experience a release, despite the fact that he normally came within fifteen minutes of fucking a woman. When all four of them were finally exhausted, the women from their orgasms and Marcus from providing them, it was time to move on to the painful part of the sacrifice.


The three women got off the bed and two new women entered the room.


"This is Flavia and Jessamine. They will execute the next part of your experience." The two women guided Marcus with his face and dick red from over-use out the door and through some hallways to another room. Inside were shackles. They attached them to Marcus's wrists and ankles and then Flavia turned a winch which lifted Marcus off the ground and suspended him, buck naked, in mid air. His bound up cock and balls swayed between his stretched out legs. Marcus expected them to immediately begin to torture him. But instead they brought out pots of henna oil and brushes and began to paint his naked body. It took another hour but eventually his whole, smooth beautifully muscular body was painted with swirls and mystic red markings of Vesta. Throughout the painting his dick stayed hard from the cord wrapped around it, and they even painted it.


When the painting was finished a small group of women came in, several of which had instruments and they began to play a lively Roman religious tune. Flavia and Jessamine attached metal anklets to their feet and began to dance, Flavia in front of Marcus and Jessamine behind. The women danced and then at crucial points began to kick, slap or punch Marcus's bound up balls. TINKLE TINKLE. The anklets rattled each time their respective feet made contact with Marcus's goods. As the music got louder and more intense, so did the ballbusting. WHAM WHAM WHAM, TINKLE TINKLE TINKLE. Marcus's balls began to swell and turn an angry red, and he started to grunt loudly with each punt, but no matter what the women kept dancing. The music and torture became relentless. Balls were kicked, smashed, slapped and even briefly squeezed. Were he not in such pain, Marcus would probably have admired the women busting him. They were both beautiful and wrapped in the same gauzy, see-through togas that the other women had been in. Flavia and Jessamine twirled, swooped, spun, and thrust themselves into a religious frenzy. The music increased in tempo and Marcus's grunts turned into screams. This whole thing went on for what seemed like forever. Marcus's balls had tripled in size now and looked like angry bull-balls. They were HUGE. And each additional kick made them swell. Finally, the music rose to a crescendo and the kicking and hitting become one long sustained ballbusting session with Marcus nearly losing his mind from the pain. Then everything stopped, the two dancing priestesses panting from their exertion.


Marcus meanwhile just hung there, like a limp doll, his head lolling and his eyes rolling back. He was lost to the world, and the women around him noticed. One brought a pitcher of water and a cup and poured some so Marcus might revive a little. Another priestess helped him eat some honeyed biscuits and the sugar plus the pure clean water gave Marcus a much needed boost of energy. He did revive a bit and they let him hang there for a while and come back to normal consciousness. Then, they lowered him and took off the manacles. With the support of Flavia and Jessamine he was half dragged, half carried to the altar room and he was placed before it. The altar itself was about knee high, which meant that as he was placed before it, his cock and balls rested naturally upon its stone surface. One priestess had a knife and she cut the cord binding them so that his worked-over nuts hung loose and his massive erection was free to slap against his stomach. Flavia spoke.


"This is where we crush your cōleī in honor of our goddess. This is Petra and she will stand upon your cōleī until they burst. Now drink this, it will allow you to release at the culmination of the ceremony." Marcus drank from the goblet she offered and whatever was in it was sweet and rather acidic. And it left a funny taste in the back of his throat. Jessamine tied his hands behind his back and left him there, ready to be sacrificed.


Then a group of priestess came in and began singing, while Petra stood on the altar and danced with lit candles in her hands. She began to chant in the ancient temple language of which Marcus could only understand a little: "dear goddess . . . . take these organs . . . the organs of life . . . give this man . . . everlasting purity  . . . from now on . . ." and on and on it went once again the chanting increased in intensity until the whole room filled with the sounds of frenzied devotion and Petra's gyrations on the alter became extreme. And then out of the blue she stomped her foot down on his lolling left testicle. Once, twice, thrice until it burst with a loud pop. And then three stomps, nor more, no less, on his right nut popping it as well. Marcus's body shuddered with a strange and powerful pleasure and his huge cock spurted white man-milk all over Petra's feet which then began to dance on the mushy remains of his manhood. SMOOSH SMOOSH SMOOSH. The women chanted, Marcus's barely hung on to consciousness, and Petra pummeled his ballbag. Then before he could even collapse Petra pulled a dagger from her sash and cut off his junk, letting Marcus fall over into the waiting arms of an army of priestesses. One of them applied a glowing brand to his wound to cauterize it And Petra lifted his spent organs to heaven and then threw him into the fire where they popped and crackled in the heat. As the smell of smoking manhood drifted through the room, Marcus had one last thought before he fainted, 'Dear Vesta give my family good fortune and expatiate our shame. Amen.'.


  1. Nice one, got me hard as fuck

    1. A good man is hard to find. And a hard man is good to find.

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. WOW! That was awesome :D
    Sexy, hot, and full of fascinating world building and character. Bravo!

    1. I know you like dancing, and I thought that aspect of the story might appeal to you, Mr. Knave.

  3. Hey Nicholas, sorry be late, I just got back home. Great historic fantasy of ball destruction story, I love it. I'm fascinated that perfect sexy man gave his precious balls and manhood to priestesses so hot. Wish I can pop some big balls like that ;-)

    1. Thanx crusher. I sure if you keep looking you will, someday, find a guy who's willing to let you pop his nuts. And when you do, I demand VIDOE PROOF otherwise it never happened! :P

  4. Yet another great story! It's like a mini-Christmas every time I open up your blog and there's a new story. I hope it never stops. I love a willing male and a female who is excited to do it.

    1. Well, thank you so much! I'm glad my site is able to satisfy your hunger for good stories.

      Merry Christmas!


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