Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Of course sir. Would you prefer the vice? Or the knife?"

So, I've been meaning for a long time to discuss what I consider to be the two main avenues of revenge on the organs we call testicles. The first is cutting, the second busting. Most of the stories I've seen fall into one or both categories, and I'd like to open up a discussion about the two avenues.

Personally, and as anyone knows who reads my stories, I prefer busting, above all. I like the intensity, the drama, the tension filled build-up to the main event - popping one or more testicles.

However, as I explored in Experiments II, cutting can be sexy too, as long as it's done with care. What I found in writing the end scene was - if I turned the cutting part into explicit torture, instead of just lopping things off and making it quick, it simply became a more terminal form of testicle torture, ala BandyMandy's The Torturers Apprentice series

And for me, this brings the issue I have with cutting stories - they're usally too short and move to the punch-line too quickly. Most of them are . . . . hospital, threat of castration, local anethstesia (where's the fun in that), snip, and done. Erm. But where's my story? Where's the build-up where the buster is enjoying the pain their inflicting, and the bustee savoring the last precious minutes of his manhood?

However, most of the EuA stories are, in fact, cutting stories, and most of them are perforce short. So, if anyone out there is a fan of the pure cutting oevre, please let me know what psychological sweet spots it hits, and what the cutting vs busting themes do or don't do for you.


  1. Well, you know that I personally like busting better than cutting but I think I have a theory as to why cutting can be interesting to folks. I think that it's a fetish related in part to other medical fetishes, as well as other amputation fetishes. The amputation enthusiast likes the idea of nullifying that appendage, making it useless and/ or non-existent. It's really not about pain or torture, it's about irreversible loss. A lot of amputation stories are also very medically themed, with very medical procedures. So for me, the cutting genre is really just the nullification of the sex organs instead of another limb. You'll note many of them also include the re-assignment of the urethra to make the nullo pee like a woman. So there's also a lot of sex-reassignment fetish involved I think. At least, that's my theory.

  2. Sugical addiction. Hmmm. So, then why are the scenes not filled with lots of other losses. Like limbs being hacked off, and blood and gore. The image that brings up reminds me of Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, from the movie Hellboy. (One of the best creepy-cool villains ever.)

    One of the things that supports your theory is that these stories are usually based on a lack of pain, anethesia is almost always used, and it's more a soft experience, sometimes even oozing compassion and gentleness, which is one of the hallmarks of actual medicine. Change without pain.

    I suppose it also, as you said, can be an extension of just general body modification, and gender switching. Certainly an awful lot of the stories end up in the realm of feminization and gender reassignment. Which would mean that the method of getting to that point is less important than the end result; our genre is the exact opposite, it's the road to castration that's important, the aftermath irrelevant.

    This end-as-everything could be a reason why the stories are so short. Snip, and now the real story, living as a transexual individual.


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