Saturday, October 8, 2016

Of Cannibals and Kings

So I wanted to broach a potentially sensitive subject with you, my audience. In real life I don't condone any of the things I write about, most especially violence of any type. In real life I'm a gentle person and a pacifist. I don't believe in hurting other people in any way shape or form. It's only in my prose that I become a dominatrix who enjoys seeing men fall to their knees in nut pain. So especially I'm sensitive to the idea of cannibalism being OK. It has appeared in several stories I've written or posted, and of course in real life I don't approve of it, but as a story element I find it very sexy. In fact I would say that my BB/TT fetish is as oral as it is manual. Which is to say that when I see a guy who's hot, I sometimes wish I could just swallow his balls whole and suck them down to partake of his manhood and life force directly. For me ballbusting is very oral.
So I wonder, does anyone else feel this way? Am I alone in my slightly cannibalistic tendencies? Enquiring minds want to know,


  1. You're not alone. Rocky Mountain Oysters is one of my favorite stories of yours.

  2. Hi Nicholas,
    I think eat testicles or penis is quite erotic and many people fantasizing, that is why many people said "I want to eat you." I guess that feeling is basic instinct. As you said real life they don't eat genitals or hurt others, but fantasizing a lot of Taboo things in their head. Your stories always made me hard and fulfill my fantasies, I really like to pop big balls in my barehands. Maybe I might cook and eat testicles...

    1. Thanx for the support, Mr. Crusher! ((HUGS))

  3. Totally agree. And I love Sunday balls. Where you described in detail her eating his testicles raw while still attached to him. Wish you continued to have more detail like that in your stories! (Like the tough white covering of the testicles, epididymis, soft orange insides of the seminiferous tubules). You're the best castration writer I've ever seen. Greetings from Thailand and the Netherlands. I would love to be in touch with you personally if possible ( how can I do that? )

    1. Welcome, Chao. I'm so glad you like Sunday balls. It's one of the most popular of my early stories. And I'm thrilled you like the ball-eating motif. If you wish to get ahold of me, you can email me at Although be warned, I don't necessarily write stories for individuals. In the past I've found that stuff I write specifically for a single person is often not popular, and I like to write what is popular. Anywho, thanx again.

  4. Fantasy should be free. Fantasy should not be subject to moral constraints....because that's the part of us
    I like violence story so much and I like the erotic too! by the way, your stories are wonderful! Like the sun in the sky, Shining on my soul...
    Do not carry the burden. When you feel you want to write...then do it...

  5. I just want to say, my english is real real bad, but I love your story, even I used the google translation!
    you should write more story, whether it is cruel or violent or blood or what, there must be a fan who was wondering what kind of fantasy you will have!
    I'm sorry my english, don't care about my grammar because I used the translation -.-~~~~

  6. and I once met a masochism, he is just a fantasy to be eaten, although it is out of the way, but I know he is always trying to vent his desire...I respect his mind, even everyone doesn't understand.
    I think of cruelty to animals people...they were exposed in my country...


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