Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why do we like these things????

The $43 Million dollar question. Why do so many of us like ball busting, testicle torture, castration, and all the rest? Why do so many people, particularly men, have fetishes? Is there an explanation? Does anyone know what compels us to be so focused on one body part or aspect of sexuality?


There is an answer, although it does not have any specific predictive power. I can explain the phenomenon of a fetish, but I cannot predict who likes what or why some people don't have a fixation.

The answer?

Superstimuli - a derivative observational theory of behavioral biology. I was given this answer whilst sitting in a Biology class in college, circa 1995. When the professor explained the idea, a light bulb went off in my head. "Of course! That explains everything." And then went on to ignore everything else he said as I mulled the idea over in my head.

Essentially a superstimulus is a stimulus that so overexcites the subject that they will ignore all other related stimuli, even to their own detriment. Think of it a biological "sweet-spot".

I will give you the same fictional example he gave us:

The subject is a seal and object is their favorite prey, a squid. Now, when the research scientists try determine what specific set of things a squid has or does that attract the attention of a seal, they create a bunch of fake squid, and dangle them in front of the seal.

. . . (mmm, like a pair of big . . . oh, never mind) . . .

Some squid might move realistically, but be the wrong color or shape. Other's might have the right color, wrong shape, and similar but not identical movement. Some might smell like a squid, but be the wrong size, but move correctly, etc.

Dozens of permutations might be tried to determine which specific set of stimuli make a seal chase after the little cephalopod for dinner. Whilst trying all these variations, behavioral scientists discovered that if they put a bright red squid, which moved realistically, but was much larger than normal, the seal would chase the squid to the exclusion of all other squid - even to the point of starvation. This would be a superstimulus.

I know that when I read my first story of ball busting, early in 1994, I think it was Muscleman Ball Bash, on the NiftyAndrew Archive, I was fixated. I was on my roommate's computer (thankfully he was out at the time), and I read that darned thing about five times, cumming each time. I couldn't stop. The feeling was SO intense, like a secret part of me had been hit so precisely by a point of view, that I was utterly enthrall. Years later, I can liken it to the experience true alcoholics experience the first time they taste alchohol - they never forget it.

Since then, ordinary sexuality has always seemed rather tame and boring to me. Oh, I've engaged in it, but it just doesn't hit that sweet spot, the way my fantasies of hot ball busting do.

Anywho . . . what the superstimulus phenomenon shows is that, no, I'm not a freak, and neither are you. Like all things sexual, we're simply responding to our particular natures, given to us by our biology. It's not clear why some people have a soft spot in this respect, nor why some people like one thing, and someone else another thing. As I said, the theory has no predictive power. Still, I find it comforting to have a partial answer.

So . . . what do you all think about that? Does it make you feel any different about how you view your sexuality?

Next observational post: What are the psychological issues involved in BB/TT and castration . . .


  1. I agree with your statements. The desire is so overwhelming that it goes against the grain.

  2. Interesting note, if we Google Ballbusting we get almost 45 million hits.

    If we Google using a word for women which I will not use, we get a result of less then 2 million.

    Now move to Cock torture, we get 240 million results

    Ball torture comes in at 101 million while using a term for women’s anatomy (which I will not use) comes at my surprise at 101 million hits so 102 million more are interested in busting Balls then doing anything to women. The difference between ball busting and ball torture is the amount of pain inflicted. In ball torture, kicks are a lot harder, squeezing the nuts more intense and other forms are inflicted on a pair of balls such as needles being pushed deeply into each testicle.

    Results? A lot more men and women would rather bust balls then to do anything to a woman. I for one am a male who readily agrees that only males should be harmed in the fun and games.


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