Monday, November 15, 2010

(F/M) OUCH! Stop poking me!

So, as promised, a needle based story. Yes, it's an homage to Sadistic Aunt Sabrina, and I hope it does that work justice. Cheerio and pip-pip!



Ian stopped his car, and stared at the Japanese styled building in front of him. It was raining, and the splatters of water blurred his vision, be he could just make out the blue pagoda-like roof of the Deep Impact Acupuncture clinic in front of him. Ian took a deep breath. He hated going to any kind of medical practitioner. Ever. But his back pain was just becoming too much to handle. It was time to do something about it. He got out of the car and limped into the lobby.

The interior had a sumptuous, blue Asian styled theme, and the girl at the desk greeted him warmly. She had on a tight Shanghai style jacket, and it made her breasts stick out like bullets.

“Can I help you, sir?” she asked with a coy smile.

“Uhm, yes. Well. I have an appointment with Cindy, for some, uh, acupuncture.”

“Ah, yes,” she replied, knowingly. “Cindy. She’s almost through with her current client. I’ll take you to the treatment room. If you’ll just follow me.”

Cindy had been recommended to Ian by his friend Dave: “Yeah. You should go see Cindy for that back problem. *chuckle. She’ll make you forget all about it.” Dave seemed pretty spry, so Ian decided to go for it.

Ian followed her to a room in the far corner of the building. Immediately, Ian noticed how thick the walls were, and how muffled the sound was when he entered it, shuffling behind her. Then he noticed the treatment table. It was rather odd.

“Do all acupuncture tables have straps?” he asked in surprise.

The blond receptionist put in an innocent look. “Chinese medicine isn’t like western medicine, and it’s an ancient, mysterious art. We need all kinds of unusual techniques for treating conditions. Now, strip!”

Ian look both confused and embarrassed. “Can’t I just leave my shorts on?”

“I’m sorry, but Cindy will need access to . . . .all of you. Here’s a towel which you can wrap around yourself until she gets here.” The girl clearly wasn’t going to leave until she got a performance. Ian fumbled with his belt and shoes and shirt and jacket. When he got down to his underwear, he managed to take them off after he’d wrapped the towel around his waist. The girl pouted.

“Whatever.” She tossed her hair and went and closed the door, leaving Ian alone, mostly naked, and terrified.

Ian looked around nervously. He was surrounded by an odd mix of exquisite oriental art, like murals, scrolls and one big three-panel screen with a bizarre scene painted on it contrasting with the austere, clinical paraphernalia of medicine – white cotton, white gauze, the smell of isopropyl alcohol and other things. It was more than a little unnerving for someone who feared all forms of medicine.

After taking it all in, Ian sat down on the table, and took a closer look at the screen behind him. Instead of some pastoral or meditative scene being painted on it, the oriental divider showed men of all ages being tortured gruesomely, many of them in the groin. Ian winced and covered his own crotch instinctively. Some of the things being depicted were dreadful. Men’s testicles being punctured with the fangs of live snakes, men being hung by their cocks and balls until the organs were pulled off, demonic women biting off cocks and feeding them to each other, ‘What a horrible thing to have in a place like this,’ he thought.


Ian’s head whipped around.

The door flew open and in stepped the mostly lovely creature Ian had ever seen. Rippling red shoulder length hair, translucent emerald eyes, luscious breasts so big that even her white smock couldn’t restrain them, and a curvaceous body that just kept on going.

Cindy smirked at him while he took her in, head to toe.

“So, Mr. . . . McMillan,” she said looking down at his chart, “What can I do for you today?” Her emerald eyes pierced his, and Ian’s faced flushed with embarrassed excitement.

“Uhm, well. You see, Dave, I mean a friend of mine told me to come here. My back, I’m in quite a lot of pain. Maybe you could do something to me, I mean for me, I mean it. Uhm . . .“ Ian’s voice trailed off, and one of his hands snuck forward to cover up the growing bulge under his towel. Hopefully she hadn’t noticed.

“I see. Dave sent you? Hmmm,” said Cindy, looking him over like he was test animal. “Well, let me get some diagnostics on you, and then we’ll see where we stand.”

Cindy then put her clipboard down. “Hold out your hand.” Ian did so with the freehand.

“No,” said Cindy, “The one you’re using to cover your erection.”

Ian blushed furiously, but did as she instructed.

Cindy felt Ian’s various pulses for over three minutes, clucking her tongue in dissatisfaction with what she felt.

“Now, open your mouth.” She peered down at Ian’s tongue.

“Hmmm. White coating in the back. Tsk Tsk.” Then she looked closely at his face, peering at his skin and the clarity of his eyes and irises, then she grasped his ears and gently rolled them between her fingers. “Oh my,” she said disapprovingly.

“WHAT?” exclaimed Ian in a panic, all thoughts of sex wiped from his mind. “Is that bad? Is there something wrong?”

Cindy shook her head. “I’m sorry, Mr. McMillan. You’re in terrible shape. I’m going to require many sessions of intense work to get your chi running again, let alone running smoothly. Your kidney chi is shot, your triple heater is dead-in-the-water, and your nervous system is running on empty. I’m afraid we’re going to have to use drastic measures.”

Ian’s face went from flushed to pallid in one heart-beat. “Oh my god! Please, do whatever you have to!” There was a look of terror in his eyes.

Cindy smiled soothingly. “There, there,” she said, patting his shoulder. “I’ll take care of you. Here, just sign this release form, and we can begin.”

Ian didn’t even look at the paper, he just scribbled his name on it, and looked at her expectantly.

“Go ahead and lie down. That’s right. Now, I’m going to take the towel off, and I’m going to tie you down.”

Ian gave her a bewildered look as she guided him on his back. “Tie me down? Why?”

“We’re going to be exploring points today, and indeed in every session, that are a bit . . . delicate. And I don’t want you flailing about. Why, you might hurt yourself.” Cindy gave a cute little pout at this..

“Now,” she said as she left the naked and tied-up Ian to go get some extremely long needles from the jar of fluid on the table. “You main problem is a lack of vitality in all your organs. The pain in your back is simply a by-product of your overall lack of chi. In short, you are virtually a walking corpse. So, I’m going to jump start your system with a special serious of points called huo li.”

“Oh,” said Ian with only mild interest. “Where are they located?”

“Why, your balls of course.”

“WHAT??” Ian’s eye’s bulged. “You’re going to stick THOSE things in my, my . . . “ Ian’s voice trailed off again. All he could do was look back and forth between the huge needles in her hands and his own family jewels.

“Your balls, Mr. McMillan. The genitals are both an exit point for life-vitality, as well the wellspring of life itself. Therefore, we’re going to work over your genitals, both your cock and your balls, until you’re fit to be let back into civilized society.” She looked at him gravely. “You do want to get well, don’t you Mr. McMillan?”

“Uh, uh, of course. I mean. Sure, do whatever you have to.” Ian gulped and then shut his eyes tightly, preparing for the worst.

“Now, Ian, we can’t have that. It’s important you watch me do this, otherwise you might jerk your hips suddenly and I might miss. We don’t want any . . . accidents, do we?” Cindy smirked again.

“No, no, of course not.” Ian opened his eyes and looked down at his own crotch. With his legs spread and tied down, he actually couldn’t move them so much as an inch.

“So, we’ll start with some easy points today, just to warm you up. They are the outer, shallow ao wan points and of course the yin jin points, in your penis. Shall we begin?” Before Ian could even respond, Cindy grasped one of Ian’s testicles and plunged a long needle into it. Ian drew in his breath sharply. The needle went right into the heart of his ball. And this was a shallow point???? Cindy kept the ball still while she inserted three more needles at various points of the ball’s curved surface, and then gently dropped it and took up the other ball.

“Ready?” she said to him with a mischievous smile. All Ian could do was groan a bit and feebly wobble his head.

Into his other ball went a total of five, very long, very sharp needles until his scrotum looked like a porcupine. It felt like someone was kicking him in the balls with an iron toed boot. A thin line of drool escaped his mouth and his vision became blurry. Ian was in shock. But more was to follow.

“Now we’ll have to work on your penis. Can’t be putting these in while it’s soft.” Cindy went over to put some latex gloves on and squirted her hands with medical grade lubricant and then walked back.

“Don’t worry, Mr. McMillan, you’ll enjoy this part.” She deftly grasped his semi-deflated cock and began to gently jack him. While she leaned over him, expertly handling his growing erection, all Ian could do was gaze longingly at her giant breasts that were dangling over his torso. How he wanted to touch them, even in his pain-ridden state, to put his lips to them, and suckle like a baby.

Cindy kept jacking him off until his penis was a good 8 inches long, and pulsing strongly in her hand. “That should do it, I think.” Then from the table she retrieved a weird sort of circular clamp. It looked like a cock ring except made of surgical steel and had a dial on it. Cindy slid it down the length of his cock and then clamped it around its base. Tighter and tighter she made it, until his dick was a deep shade of purple.

“Excellent. This will keep you hard no matter what I do to it.” Cindy went over and retrieved a small set of sterile bags, which when opened revealed a dozen very short, very thin needles.

“Now comes the fun part,” said Cindy happily, “at least for me.” She took the needles and began to plunge them into the crown of his cock, pushing the short needles into the head. They slid easily into the purple meat of his dick-head, and all he could do was watch in horror. All twelve needles made their way into his meaty helmet, and it soon looked like a perverse crown-of-thorns. Then Cindy took stock of what she’d done so far.

Cindy inspected her work critically, tweaking a needle here, pushing or pulling on a needle there. She muttered to herself a bit in Chinese, and then nodded to herself in approval.

“OK. Well, I think we’re all set. I’m going to leave these in for a while. I have other patients needing my attention. I’ll be back in, oh, about twenty minutes.”

Ian groaned in response. “You’re *cough, going to leave me here? But it hurts so much.”

“Can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs, Mr. McMillan, and your eggs could definitely could use some breaking. But we’ll get to that in later sessions. Don’t worry. I won’t forget about you.” Cindy smiled at his predicament, and left the room.

For twenty minutes, all Ian could do was writhe and moan. His cock-head was swollen to twice its normal size and was particularly painful where all the needles pierced his urethra. Below that, the needles in his balls were aching like hell, and only once before, when his niece Jill had kicked him in the nuts, had he ever had so much (or such enduring) pain in them.

When Cindy returned Ian was on the verge of begging her to remove all the needles, but she was oblivious to his pain and humming to herself happily.

“Well, I think we’ve had enough of that today.” With amazing dexterity and speed she removed all the needles and threw them away. But, she then opened two more sterile packets. Two medium needles popped out. Ian feared the worst.

“Now, In order to make sure your treatment doesn’t wear off until your next appointment, we’re going to keep a continuous stimulation of the ao wan points going.” She picked up his swollen right testicle, poked the needle right into it, and then taped the handle of the needle to the outside of his ball. She did the same with the other.

Ian looked at her groggily. “You mean, I’m going to keep those things in my nuts all week?”

“Oh yes,” said Cindy matter-of-factly. “I’d hate to see all your suffering go to waste. But it’s for the best, you know.” She undid his restraints, and as Ian struggled to sit, he noticed his back actually felt a lot better.

“Oh my god,” he said, temporarily forgetting what he’d just gone through. “I feel . . . great!”

Cindy smiled knowingly. “Of course. I wasn’t top of my class for nothing. See you next week, Mr. McMillan, and do not, I repeat, do not take these needles out. I’ll know if you’ve been messing with them.”

Ian gulped and nodded. He put on his cloths, being careful not to touch his scrotum, easing into his boxers and pants and left the treatment room. As he walked through the lobby the blond girl just smirked at him, watching him walk through the door almost bow-legged as he tried not to disturb his swinging sack.

“See you next week, Mr. McMillan.” All Ian did was wave behind himself.

Despite the fact that two sharp objects were embedded in his balls, Ian quickly forgot that they were even there. His back felt %150 better, and he was able to work through the day without pain. One week later, he was back in the sound-proof treatment room, waiting for Cindy to torture him.

This time, when she entered the room, she was wearing a breathtaking Shanghai dress of deep emerald to match her eyes and red hair. The hair was done up in a sexy knot at the back of her head, held in place with two mother-of-pearl chopsticks, and she had on some gorgeous dangling kanji earrings. The tight fabric of her outfit bulged around her chest, and Ian was pretty sure he could see her nipples through the exotic material. They were like stiff bumps, and just thinking about them made him giddy.

“Well, how are we feeling today, Mr. McMillan?” Cindy ran her eyes over his whole body, appraising him.

“Much better, thank you. I don’t know if it was the treatment, but I’ve been able to work pain-free.”

“Excellent. That’s the whole point of medicine. Now, today we’re going to start on the moxibustion and then we’ll do some more points. Take off your towel and spread those legs wide for me.”

This time, despite his fear of the unknown, Ian actually was a bit eager to let Cindy have access to his balls, although he had no idea what moxibustion was.

Cindy undid the tape and then removed the two needles impaling his bollocks. When she went to strap him down, he didn’t resist.

“So, what’s moxibustion?”

“Well, I use little mounds of dried mugwort, which I place over key acupuncture points to stimulate your chi and draw out cha, your bad energy.”

“I see,” said Ian, trying to sound worldly. “And how does it do that?”

“Why, I light them on fire, of course.”

“WHAT??? You’re going to light my balls on fire????” This was almost too much for Ian to think about.

“Well, only if we’re unlucky. I don’t think we’ll need measures that drastic. The mugwort will burn out before it burns you . . . too much. Now, let’s get started. But first . . .” Cindy took a fire-lighter and held it to his pubic hair. With one flick of the switch a flame shot from its end, lighting his whole crotch on fire.


“I really don’t like working with hairy crotches,” said Cindy, mostly to herself.

The hair burned off rather quickly, and just to clean up the area, Cindy doused a sterile pad with alcohol and wiped off the hair.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHH” screamed Ian as the stinging pain of the alcohol penetrated his pores.

“Hhmmm. I think I’ve done a good job with that. Now, onto the main event.”

Cindy took what looked like miniature green cow-pats and placed one each on top of each ovoid testicle. Then, as she had the last time, she stroked Ian’s penis until it was mad-hard, clamped its base, and then placed a third wafer of mugwort on its tip, over his piss-slit.

“Now, don’t move,” she warned and took the lighter, delicately lighting each little mound until it smoked. The room quickly smelled like a combination of burning tea and scorched pubic hair, and the smoke clouded his view of Cindy.

“Well, I’ll leave you and the mugwort alone for a while. Try not to move, otherwise it might burn excessively and leave permanent marks. And we wouldn’t want that, now would we?” Ian tried to return her smile, but it just came across as a sickly grimace.

For fifteen minutes the herbs burned into his scrotum and the tip of his dick, which seemed to take no notice of the pain and bounced around happily each time he coughed in agony. What he felt inside, though, was an odd tingling sensation mixed with deep pain. It felt like someone was pulling his testicles and his penis inside out. The sensation was both odd and unexpected, but miraculously it made the rest of him feel alive.

When Cindy came back, she didn’t even have to ask him, “That was amazing,” he croaked. Although his groin was in agony, the rest of him felt cleansed, as if all the detritus of his psyche has been drawn out of him.

“Of course. Why do you think Chinese medicine has been successful for three thousand years?” Cindy removed the ashen remains of the dried herbs and then got out some more needles.

“Hold still, this will probably hurt,” she said, and plunged them into each ball. This time, after inserting them, she twirled them in place, causing an ache deep within his nuts. It really made him want to barf, actually. ‘God, I think she must be rupturing the inside of my balls,’ he thought to himself.

Next came the needles to his cock, and this time she simply went up the underside of it, poking needles in every few centimeters so that they created a ridge right to the head. Even though they were short, these needles pierced right through to the urethra and he let out a cry each time a needle broke through to the canal.

Cindy looked down at her watch. “I think six minutes should do it. Don’t mind me; I’ll be over in the corner. I need to smoke.”

All Ian could do was watch, wracked with agony, while she went over to the corner and began to unbutton her blouse. The ebony peg clasps came off, one by one, and she took it off to reveal her breasts cupped in a tight push-up bra. Ian could see them both, clearly, in profile as he watched.

“Ah. That’s better. Those Chinese shirts are so tight.” Then she sat down on a stool, took out a cigarette and one of those long 30’s cigarette holders and began to puff away, sexily. She looked like a sadistic pseudo-Chinese heroin from some 40’s movie. Slowly exhaling smoke from her mouth, sensual swirls of smoke caressing her ruby lips. Ian was hypnotized. Eventually, she put out the cigarette, and de-telescoped the holder until it fit neatly back into its case.

“Well, another session comes to an end, I’m afraid.” She still hadn’t put her shirt back on. Her breasts jiggled and looked almost edible. Out came all but two of the needles, on went her white clinical smock, and with a “See you next week,” Cindy exited the room, letting Ian gather himself to once again face a week of two needles embedded in his balls.

During the next session, after upping the number of needles in his cock and balls to over twenty a piece, Ian was beginning to believe in Rimbaud’s assertion that the only unbearable thing about life was that nothing was unbearable. His nuts felt like they were in vices, his dick felt like it had two weasels clamped to it by their teeth, each gnawing their way to China.

Now, instead of just twirling the needles when she stuck them in, she actually rotated then around inside his testicles, and it really did feel like she was liquidizing his balls from the inside.

Cindy soon employed a new method of removing the needles. She simple took a testicle between her fingers and squeezed until the needles popped out of their own accord.

“OH MY GOD,” cried Ian in agony. “What the hell is that orange stuff?” he sobbed.

“Oh, that’s just the inside of your nuts. Don’t worry, I doubt much more will come out. Not yet, anyways.” The needles she was holding were dripping the gooey spermatozoa all over her latex gloves.

“See you next time,” she said in a perky voice, after rinsing his manhood down the sink.

On the next visit, she upped the pain to a whole new level. Ian was laying there, his arms and torso tied up, but his legs free, and splayed open. His testicles to rested loosely and heavily on the table, while his swollen cock lay on his stomach, pulsing gently.

“Now, today were going to start adding in some acupressure to our treatment and I’m also going to add some herbs which I want you to take every day.” That didn’t sound so bad to Ian. How could pressure and some plants be any worse than what he’d already been through?

He noticed Cindy taking off her pumps, revealing soft pink cashmere socks covering petite, delicate little feet.

“You need to take off your shoes in order to do acupressure?” he asked innocently. At least it would be better than needles.

“Oh, well, testicles are pretty tough, so to make an impact, I’m going to press them with my feet.” Ian’s eyes got wide again.

“You’re going to do WHAT?”

Cindy took one of his ankles in each hand, and then balanced on one foot while her other one rammed between his legs, right into his balls. She slammed it as hard as she could, trying to stimulate the chi in his beleaguered nuts. She pulled his legs towards her more, and repeated the maneuver, her soft socks racing into his bouncing balls with the speed of a freight train. Over and over, she rammed her foot into his testes, and between each kick she smooshed his balls with her heel.

“I think they’re beginning to release their life-force!” she said jubilantly as she pounded the two puds as hard as she could. All Ian could do was mumble gibberish and wish he’d been born a eunuch. Then she did the unthinkable, she stood up on the table, got between his legs and then stepped right onto his balls, his bollocks squishing out under her pink socks. Now it was just his balls that were holding her up. His eyes nearly popped out of his head and he emitted a high, keening noise which Cindy found quite amusing.

After what seemed an eternity, Cindy stepped off his nuts and hopped down. Then she rolled around his balls to make sure they hadn’t popped (yet), and proceeded to do the needle thing again. Instead of just inserting them into his genitals, and twirling them, she pushed then until they broke through to the other side, so that his cock and balls were actually skewered, like kabobs, on needles. It was agony. Ian was in hell but Cindy was having a grand time.

When that session ended, she gave complicated instructions to Ian on how to extract the essence of the herbs from their dried form, and told him he had to make the tea every night and drink it. Ian did his best to listen.

“Will they have any side effects?” he said in a broken voice.

“Oh, well, they’re designed to stimulate both the genitals and the prostate. So, your balls will probably ache, you will have a constant erection, and you may leak a lot of semen. However, you are NOT to masturbate. I’m also going to leave in two of the needles in your balls, and I do NOT want them disturbed. Have a good week,” she said and left the room.

Good? That week was hell for Ian. He couldn’t jack off, yet his dick was always rock-hard, and he had to tie a gauze sponge around his dick-head to keep the leaking cum under control. The herbs made him unbelievably horny and the two needles in his balls made them ache. His two eggs seemed to be moving and squirming in their sack like they were alive, like they were trying to escape. His dick never softened, and trying to sleep was impossible. He began to wish, more and more, that his cock and balls would be just removed entirely.

In the evenings, he’d just come home, stand in front of the bathroom mirror, and gaze at his rigid dick, bobbing happily on its own, a thick line of precum dripping from it, and his two testicles, now triple the size the were a few months ago. His genitals were in a world of their own, and they were taking him along for the ride.

Thursday arrived all too soon. Once again, he was naked, tied up, and his sadistic acupuncturist was examining his manhood.

“Excellent. I see the herbs are doing their work.” She gave his engorged penis a tight squeeze, and watched a ribbon of semen geyser out. “Your life vitality is flowing strongly now. But, I think we have some more work to do before it releases fully into your body.”

Ian had no idea what this meant, and could only wish it wasn’t more torture.

“So, I think we’ll do some needlework, followed by some more acupressure.”

Cindy slipped 13 needles into his purple penis, making sure to skewer his purple helmet, and all down its side. Then she popped about a dozen short needles right into his balls, twirling them as usually. Then, she took just one, very long, very thick needle, one for each ball, and slowly slid it into the front of the nut, making sure she pushed it all the way to his epididymis. When she did the first one, the level of pain was off the scale. Ian actually screamed.

“Good! I’ve hit the mark,” said Cindy happily. Next, she took that needle and waggled it as hard as she could. This began to destroy the delicate tubes attached to his testicle, from the inside!!! Ian writhed as never before. It was god-awful. This was repeated on his other nut.

She left him there for thirty minutes, moaning in abject agony, with both his nuts impaled and damaged. When she returned, he barely noticed her taking them out. But he snapped back to awareness when she started to squeeze his balls.

Cindy was pressing her thumbs into the already damaged balls, stimulating the deepest levels of the meridians located in his male glands. Because they were now full of holes, and as his balls had been frappee’d, their insides once again leaked out, cover her latex gloves. She was squeezing out his ability to reproduce, not caring one iota about his pain or humiliation. He was helpless, and he was actually paying this woman to destroy his balls.

That session ended with him crawling to his car, driving home and collapsing into bed, cradling his nuts. The pain made him puke three times. But, miraculously, two days later he felt absolutely fantastic. It was as if ten years had been taking off his age. Despite the groin-pain, he felt alive and frisky. Everyone at work asked him why he was so perky and up. All Ian could do was smile shyly and mumble something about “Chinese medicine”.

The final session came quickly.. This time, however, Cindy simply sat down and talked to him.

“So, your overall vitality has improved dramatically, and I think the liver, triple-heater and kidney meridians are coming along nicely. But, you have a choice to make. If we stop now, you will very likely deteriorate to where you were when we started. So, you can either continue these sessions indefinitely or . . . we can apply a permanent solution.”

Ian gulped. He didn’t like the sound of this.

“What do you mean, ‘permanent’” he asked.

“I’ve liberated most of the vitality your genitals have to offer, but that energy won’t stay in the rest of your body as long as they still function. You will constantly feel the need to release yourself, and squander the liquid life inside you. Only by forcing that essence into your body, will it stay there. Do you understand?”

“You mean . . . . you mean . . . Oh my god. Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Yes. I’m going to pop your balls, and give you lifelong youth.” Cindy smiled sweetly. “But I’m going to destroy their insides first, naturally. I’ll completely release all that vital energy.”

Ian’s eye’s bulged. “But, but , but. Noooooooooooo! Please!” He made a poignant appeal.

“Are you saying you don’t want eternal good health? To be as fit at eighty as you are today? Are these,” Cindy cupped his balls and squeezed them firmly, ”really more important than your well-being. Even dogs do better with them removed. Do you think they miss them?”

Ian’s mind was whirling. But as he looked at her, so beautiful, and alluring, and dangerous, and then looked at her luscious knockers, and that look on her face, his instincts told him that this was the most obvious (and natural) conclusion to their time together. He slumped in his restraints. He was beaten. There was no option to surrender his manhood to this . . . devilish and sexy woman.

“Of course,” he croaked. “Go ahead.” If he hadn’t already been tied down, he would have simply opened his legs for her, giving her access to the testicles she so obviously wanted to destroy. His nuts were almost non-functional anyways. Might at least let her enjoy them.

A small, ironic smile passed over Cindy’s lips. “Excellent. You’ve made the right choice. So, we’ll go through a full routine, and then I will administer boà liè, the most powerful procedure a man can experience.” Cindy was standing and collecting her materials.

Ian croaked. “What does boà liè mean?” He was shivering, and really didn’t want to know, but the words just came out of him anyway.

Cindy looked at him and said. “Why Mr., McMillan, it means ‘to burst’ of course.” She smiled sweetly at him, and returned to her preparations.

First, she jacked him off until he was hard, put on the cock clamp to keep him that way, then went in with longitudinal needles, piercing his dick head, and then running them down the full length of his penis, inside it. That was excruciating. Then in went the needles which pierced his dick sideways, most of which poked all the way through. His dick was going to be useless after this, but as Cindy said, “What are you going to need it for anyways?”

Then came the needles to the nuts. But there was a twist. Literally. She first tied up each testicle separately, and then torqued each nut several times so that they were all twisted up, partially strangling the bulbous glands. Then, instead of small thin needles, came needles of agonizing thickness – each one about the diameter of #2 pencil lead. And . . . she didn’t just insert them, she pushed in one at time and made wide rotations, trying to completely destroy the inside of his balls. It was like getting slammed in the balls by a lead pipe. It was horrible. ‘Round and ‘round she twirled them, making sure every inner part of his balls were turned into liquid sperm. And then, without missing a beat, she inserted the same type of needles into his twisted and bunched epididymi, and that was literal torture. No Vietcong war hostage ever had to endure worse. She was tearing and shredding the tubes that connected his nuts to the rest of his body. He screamed and screamed, for the entire time she was doing this.

Leaving the needles inside, she then did some moxibustion work, lighting his nuts on fire again, even as they bulged with liquidized sperm juice, and then left him there, in complete agony, unable to move, unable to help himself for a whole hour. A whole hour of abject pain.

She walked in finally, closed the door behind her, and put on some latex gloves. “Are we ready Mr. McMillan? Are you enjoying yourself yet?”

Ian just whimpered. He couldn’t wait for his nuts to be destroyed now, the pain he was in was unbearable.

Cindy leaned over him and checked his eyes, then his tongue and then his ears for signs of chi stimulation. As she did so, her gigantic breasts pressed into his chest, and then his face, almost smothering him. What a time to experience bliss – in the middle of such torture.

“Good. You’re ready.” She pulled up a stool, positioned herself between his legs, and first started to just squeeze the base of his punctured cock. As she did so, the pressure began to push out both sets of needles. The ones running the length of his cock began to pop out of his pink mushroom head, and the horizontal ones began to fall on the floor. Up and up she squeezed, traveling the length and girth of his prick. Soon, all the needles were gone but his pecker (as hard as ever), pulsed excitedly at the inevitable doom of his balls., still dribbling cum. Some deep, unknown part of Ian found the whole loss of his manhood exciting. Who would have guessed?

And then, she moved on to the main event. She began by squeezing the remaining tubes behind his twisted nuts. She was making sure his reproductive power was completely ruined. Ian was whining like a dog, like one just kicked in the bollocks. The more she squeezed, the more he whined and whimpered. The needles there popped out left and right, littering the bed and floor.

Now for the nuts themselves. “Ready, Mr. McMillan? I’m so excited that I get to ruin you today. It’s always such a thrill to castrate a man. It would seem that you’re enjoying this too,” she said, slapping his rigid penis playfully. “Are you?” she grasped his balls and squeezed them whole, so that the needles stuck in them pierced even deeper.

"Are you??" She pressed the needles in even further.

“YES,” he yelped.

“Excellent.” She grasped each ball by the root and began to squeeze upward. Just as before, the needles began to pop out. Harder and harder she pressed, soon as hard as she could, and as the last needle fell on the floor, his once proud nuts, the bulbous glands intended to create life, exploded in their sack. It was a very wet, moist “POP”. His swollen nuts, bulging with goo burst like fist-sized water balloons. Tan juice streamed down her fingers and onto the clinic bed.

Ian gave one loud yell, tried to sit up, and then fell back, and as a wave of nausea swept over him, so too did a blast of energy, like being electrocuted. It was the most pleasurable and terrible thing he’d ever felt. His eyes rolled into the back of his head, and just before he passed out, he heard Cindy get up to move onto her next patient.

She paused and looked down on him. “Don’t forget to pay your bill on time. Last month’s was a day over due. Have a nice weekend!” and closed the door behind her.

Then . . .everything went black.

* * *

Several months later, Ian was jogging along a corridor at work, feeling fit, fine and energetic when Phillip came towards him. The guy looked haggard and worn out.

“What’s going on with you?” solicited Ian.

“I’ve got aches and pains all over. It’s annoying the shit out of me. I can’t sleep, I barely eat. I’m gonna be in the hospital if this keeps up.”

“Heh.” Said Ian.

“’Heh’? What does that mean?” said Phillip with a frown.

“Oh, it’s just I know of an answer to your problems, that’s all. The secret to perfect health.”

Phillip’s eyebrow arched. ”Really? Tell me!”

“Here, let me give you her card.” Ian handed over one of Cindy’s business cards.

“Chinese medicine? That will really clear my funk?”

“Oh yes,” Ian looked down at Phillip’s crotch and noticed his extremely ample packagee. “Yeah, I can guarantee you, Cindy will make you forget all about your pain.”

“Wow, I can’t wait. Gee, thanks.”

“No problem.” As Ian walked he couldn’t help but grin to himself. ‘Cindy’s gonna love playing with those,’ he thought.


  1. YEAH!! I'm so glad you finished it!
    WOW! Definitely an homage to Sadistic Aunt Sabrina but totally brilliant in its own right.
    Man, tough love eh?

  2. Mr. Knave . . . the only kind of love that's worthwhile is the one that leaves scars.

    I regret that I couldn't find more room in the plot for fuzzy pink socks for you but I'll do my best for whatever f/m story I write next.

    As always, thanx for the support Monsieur,


  3. HAHA! You don't need to add socks to every one of your stories just to please me sir :)
    The thought is appreciated however, I won't lie. <3 <3 <3

  4. Heh. I'll have to create a femmefatal character for you: SocksGalore. She'll be swept off her feet by Prong, James Prong. Shaken, but not splooged.

    *cue groaning at bad puns.

  5. HAHAHA!!!! I love it! You know I enjoy awful puns. The more painful the better. I mean, I am a masochist here man, remember? ;)

  6. You like bad puns? I'm so sorry. Does your mother know about this? Are you seeking professional help?

    ps. I've changed my mind. Her name will be Fuzzygalore. It sounds more raunchy.

    pps. go to for a bunch of really funny vids, making fun of Mary Kate Olsen. "Driving" and "Presentation" are some of the best. "Naked" is good too, but hey, it's a naked guy, what can I say.

  7. ppps. I've actually had a lot of acupuncture/Chinese medicine, as well as lived with someone who did that plus homeopathy. And all of the story is rather accurate (aside from it being used on the genitals, of course). It's extreme AND educational :D

  8. Great story. Why not have 3 or 4 ladies assisting her? They could prep his cock and balls, apply the restraints, hand her instruments get vital signs all the while they enjoyed a naked male getting his cock and balls busted Maybe each one could learn to insert the needles into his prick and nuts.

    I always love it when only the people with a cock and balls are the ones getting hurt. That is why we have them, to let the ladies have fun torturing our cocks and balls.

    Where do I find Cindy? She can stick some needles in my cock and balls too.


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