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(MM/M) The Smoothing

 So, this is NOT my story. It's one that I found many years ago on the EuA and I really liked it. It's not completed and since I don't know who wrote it, I have no way of seeing if there is, somewhere, a completed version and if there's any sequels. Anywho I really liked the idea and thought I'd share it here. If somone knows the author, let me know. 



The Smoothing

I had often travelled through Southeast Asia in search of rare furniture
and collectables; I brought these back for resale in the States, often
making a handsome profit, as well as paying my travel expenses.

The market for Southeast Asian collectables was getting more and more
competitive; my clients began to demand items that were increasingly
difficult to procure; many of the items they asked for were illegal --
rare ancient coins and artifacts, items that are strictly prohibited for
export from Asian countries.

In desperation, I turned to a friend in the trade who I knew had
connections with the "Asian mafia". He directed me to Mr. Ling, whose vast
and powerful connections allowed him to procure just about any item, no
matter how rare or illegal. My friend helped me make arrangements to meet
Ling in Hong Kong to see if we could do business together.

I had high hopes for my meeting with Ling; my financial situation made
this a do-or-die trip. As we had arranged, I waited outside the Hotel
Intercontinental with a red umbrella at my side. After about thirty
minutes a black vintage Rolls Royce pulled up to me, and a voice behind
the small crack in the smoke-black window asked, "You Charlie?"

"Ya, that's me," I said as the back door opened to let me in. The chauffer
wasted no time getting the car up to speed, and I found myself sitting in
the back seet next to Chang, who spoke little English. Chang had porcelein
skin, a slender body and could have been anywhere between 15 and 40; I
could not tell in the dim light of the car; besides, he seemed strangely
androgynous. He often looked at me with curious glances, and as we started
to wind our way up a curvy hill towards Ling's estate, he asked, "you
smoothed yet?"

I had no idea what Chang meant, but before long I would know all to well
what he was referring to. We arrived at Ling's estate, and Ling led me
into a dark interior room, which was barren except for a few floor mats
and low, black table in the center. We sat down across from each other at
the table, and Ling began to talk, with a well-educated sounding British

Ling looked well-fed, about fourty years old, with his long black hair
pulled into a pony-tail at the back. "You see Charlie, we do business here
our own way, very different than in U.S. Here, you must prove your worth
to me by an act of submission. This involves an irreversible sacrifice, an
act of devotion that will earn my loyalty. In return, I can make you rich
beyond your imagination," said Ling.

"I'm here to do business," I said firmly. Then, trying to sound
matter-of-fact, I asked "Just what sort of sacrifice are you talking

"Well, the first step is called smoothing. This is a ceremonial operation
you will submit to; we will push your testicles into your abdomen,
completely remove your scrotum, and then sew you up. You will still retain
your manhood, but symbolically you will have submitted it to me. Only then
will I know you can be trusted," said Ling.

I knew I would have to pay a price for dealing with the "Asian mafia", but
I had no idea it would involve my balls. I thought about getting up and
leaving, but upon reflection, I realized that I would still have my nuts,
only they would be sewn up into my abdomen. I would appear castrated, but
not actually be; it this was all Ling demanded for untold riches in
return, I could be persuaded. After a moment, I asked Ling, "You mentioned
this was the first step... what is the next one?"

Ling answered slowly: "well, if our relationship turns out to be
rewarding, you may ask for the crushing."

"You mean, I will ASK you for this? What does this involve?" I said.

"Yes," said Ling, "most of my associates eventually ask for this, it is
required to continue doing business beyond the first year. You will allow
me to crush your testicles while they are inside your abdomen. Since they
are no longer hanging outside your body, and you will not have a scrotum,
I will crush your testicles with my fingers, pressing them deep inside of
you; I will press your nuts up against your pubic bone until they finally
burst. This is not as painful as it sounds; you will be given plenty of
alcohol to numb the pain."

He continued. "For some this only takes a few hours. If your nuts are
large, it may take longer to completely crush them. Just when the pain is
at it's worse, and I am pressing your nuts as hard as I can, you will feel
a 'pop' as your nut ruptures... then the pain will turn into a dull, warm,
throb as I crush the life out of your will get flatter and
flatter, and I will squeeze and press it until it is completely liquid;
then start crushing your remaining nut, which has just lost it's brother.
When I finish with your nuts, your abdomen will be filled with 'testicle
soup'; at this point, Chang will open the smooth spot that used to be your
scrotum, and the soupy remains of your nuts will drain into a bowl."

At this point, the smoothing proceedure sounded pretty darned tame to me,
and I figured I'd submit to this for the first year of business with Ling,
and then end the relationship before the "crushing". Ling said, "Well, how
about it?"

"Let's do it," I said, as Ling led me into an adjoining room, which was
all white, brightly lit, with a white bench in the middle. There were
various instruments on a tray next to the table; surgical gloves, cutting
tools, bandages, stitches, etc. "Are you ready for your smoothing?" asked
Ling. "Sure," I replied.

With that I was instructed to take off my pants and prepare for the
"ceremony". My nuts were hanging low in my large scrotum; i was instructed
to lay down on my stomach for an enema that would "make me sleepy." Chang
came in and started to pump the enema into me; my lower intestines felt
all warm as I started to get drowsy. I felt Chang turn me over onto my
back and strap my arms and legs to the table. Just as I drifted off to
sleep I felt Chang pushing my testicles up, trying to get them into my
abdomen. "These ones big, may take longer for operation," I heard him say
as the room faded to black.

Asian Castration, Part 2

Whatever Chang had pumped into me didn't keep me unconscious for long; I
felt extremely groggy and relaxed; I was aware of my surroundings, and
could hear every word that Chang and Ling exchanged as they proceeded with
my "smoothing" operation. I was completely paralyzed, except for my eyes,
which I kept near-closed, so that Chang and Ling would think I was asleep.

For a brief moment I began to panic; "What have I got myself into?" I
thought, realizing that I was half-way around the earth strapped to a
table, with two men I barely knew an hour ago performing a bizarre ritual
operation on my genitals. Maybe they were going to kill me--there was
nothing I could do to stop them, and nobody else in the world knew I was
here, let alone in Asia.

The "operating table" was hinged at the middle, and they had tilted half
of it , so my head and upper body were propped up at a 30 degree angle; my
arms were strapped by my side, and my legs were spread apart and strapped
to the end of the table. Through my squinted eyes I could see everything
Chang and Ling were doing as they prepared my for my "smoothing". Chang
was doing most of the work, as Ling directed and made occasional comments.

Ling began to pour a warm syrupy substance on me; it smelled vauguely of
eucalyptus, honey and cloves. Chang rubbed this substance all over my
cock; though the medicine Chang gave me had numbed and paralyzed me, I
still began to get aroused; I could see a smile develop on Chang's face as
he rubbed the potion all over my half-hard cock and large balls; he spend
a long time smoothing the gooey liquid around my scrotum, squeezing my nuts
as he did this. I could tell he was squeezing my nuts hard, but all I felt
was a faint pressure in my abdomen. At one point he clasped my large left
nut between his hands, with his fingers interlocked; he seemed to be
squeezing as hard as he could, -- I could see his face turning red, and I
could feel a stronger pressure in my abdomen, but no real pain. It was
almost like I was watching this happen to someone else-- only I knew the
cock and balls I were looking at were my own. Ling mentioned something
about the "first part" being done; I could see Chang preparing another
enema bottle of whatever substance given me earlier; they both left the

About twenty minutes passed; whatever they had rubbed into the skin of my
scrotum and penis and thighs was beginning to burn and tingle and the skin
was turning bright red -- the "aneasthesia" was obviously wearing off, as
it was almost becoming unbearable. Later I learned this was a substance
that made the skin very soft and pliable, in preparation for cutting.

Ling and Chang entered the room again, and despite the now almost
unbearable pain, I pretended I was asleep. My balls felt like they were
on fire; I could see my scrotum was swollen up to almost twice its normal

Ling instructed Chang to administer the second enema; this time I looked
forward to it, as I knew this would bring welcome relief from my burning,
itching nuts and cock. Chang applied the enema, and the warm liquid filled
my lower intestine; I felt began to relax again. At this point I was
almost looking forward to the operation, or at least to having it over

Ling handed Chang what appeared to be a very sharp piece of bamboo. Change
began to make an up-and-down motion with it into my scrotum in front of my
left nut; I could see he was slowly going deeper, pausing every once in a
while to wipe away blood with a white cotton cloth. Before long he had
formed a cut into my scrotum, about one inch long. When he was satisfied
with the cut, he applied a substance which completely stopped the
bleeding; I could see the surface of my left nut just below the freshly
sliced skin. Chang began to squeeze my scrotum around the left nut,
forcing it to begin emerging out of the hole he had just cut. "I see he's
ready to lay his first egg," said Ling with a smile.

Since my left nut was bigger than the hole, it only partly popped out;
Chang squeezed my scrotum harder and harder, trying to get it to pop out of
the scrotum completely. It was about one-fourth of the way out now,
emerging a little more each time Chang squeezed. I think Chang purposely
cut the hole too small, so he could enjoy the challenge of making me "lay
my first egg". With a loud grunt, Chang pushed as hard as he could, and I
could feel the "pop" as my nut emerged completely from my scrotum. It was
light-gray, smooth and shiny. Chang smiled as he began to make the
vertical cut in front of my right testicle; after a while, there was a
hole in front of this nut as well, only this one was smaller than the left
cut. Again, Chang began to squeeze as hard as he could to get me to "lay
my second egg". Before long, me right nut too began to emerge; with a
final hard squeeze, it too popped out, and lay completely outside my
ball sack. My scrotum appeared completely deflated, void of the precious
cargo it had held for so many years. My nuts dangled out in front of it,
for the first time ever out in the air, outside my body. Rather than
being horrified, I felt strangely liberated; it was exciting to see my
nuts, so long hidden from me in their dark secret cave, out in the open.
They lay on the table in front of me, exposed and vulnerable, and I didn't

Chang had one exposed nut in each hand; they were free from my ballsack,
so he could stretch them almost two inches away from my body. He was
pressing hard with his thumbs into each; if I were fully conscious, the
pain from this would surely be unbearable. "I think Charlie ready for
smoothing now," said Chang as Ling began to sketch an outline with his
finger around my deflated scrotum.


  1. Yes Nicholas, as we talked long time ago, this auther can't find web anymore....please finish this story, cut off Charlie's scrotum and after a year, he cameback and asked for crushing. Because no scrotum his big nuts no way to escape, bumping and banging here or there it is so painful and annoyed. I would love to read that your narattion detail of how Ling popped Charlie's big testicles.....really, please,

  2. Hi Crusher. Yeah, this storie's been around so long, and it's so good. I do wish it was finished and had a sequel. We already know what, ultimately, will happen to Charlie's balls because the story tells us what's going to happen, and because of that I don't know if it's worthwhile to write the second part. This story gives the whole plot away.

  3. God yes that was amazing. I do wish it was completed!


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