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(Ff/M) I Get A Bite With A Little Help From My Friends by Millie

So here is the next story in Sophie's adventures with her mother. Enjoy!


I Get A Bite With A Little Help From My Friends by Millie

Six weeks after she had taken the place of her father in her mother's bed young Sophie decided it was time to get her mother to help her castrate another man.

Late one evening young Sophie sat on her mother’s knee and slipped her hands into her mother’s blouse and played with her breasts. At first her mother tried to stop her but gave in to her young daughter's dominant and aggressive advances.

Sophie kissed her mother passionately on her lips and then slid her right hand down into her mother’s skirt and started to play with her pussy. Sophie’s mother sighed with pleasure as her daughter touched her pussy more expertly than her later husband had.

As Sophie caressed her mother she whispered into her ear, “Mother darling, I want to do something very important for me.”

Sophie’s mother replied, “Of course darling I would do anything for you. You know I love you very much, just ask me and I do it.”

Sophie laughed eagerly and said, “I want you to help me trap a man so that I can have some fun with him.”

Sophie’s mother looked shocked and snapped, “But you’re too young to have sex with a man!”

Sophie carried on caressing her mother’s pussy and purred, “I know that I’m ready to have sex with a man, any way I hate men, they make me sick. No. I want you to help me trap him so that I can torture him like I did to daddy.”

Sophie’s mother started to feel excited at the thought of being cruel to a man but panicked and told Sophie that she was refusing to help her sadistic plans.

“Mom, if you refuse I’ll tell the police that you murdered daddy after you ripped his thing off.”

Sophie’s mother vainly begged Sophie not to make her help torture a man but Sophie had made her mind up.

Giving in Sophie’s mother placed her head passively onto Sophie’s left shoulder and kissed her daughter lovingly on her neck as she said, “Darling I will do anything you tell me to. I will do anything and you can do anything you want with me, you must punish me if I fail you my darling.”

Sophie felt a powerful surge of excitement flood through her body, as her mother became her slave. Staring into her mother's eyes Sophie enjoyed her newfound dominance over her mother and smiled sadistically as she played with her mother’s pussy.

As she continued to stimulate her mother’s clitoris she warned her that failure to obey orders promptly would result in her humiliated and beaten by Sophie.

Sophie stared hard into her mother’s eyes and purred sexily, “If you disobey me I will beat you up and make you black and blue. But if you obey me I will let you kiss me all over.”

Sophie was delighted by the way her mother became very excited and turned on by her dominating her. She savoured the lovely feeling of her mother’s pussy becoming wet and wide open and her breathing becoming slow and deep.

Sophie told her mother just what she wanted her to do that night and laughed with delight when her mother readily agreed. Later that night Sophie and her mother went to a local singles bar and her mother went inside and waited by the bar. Sophie sneaked up to a window that gave her a good view of the bar and looked for a victim. After 15 minutes Sophie’s mother came out and asked if Sophie had seen a man she wanted as a victim. Sophie then told her mother that she had seen a man with in bright red shirt that she wanted her mother to entice back to their home. Sophie then sent her mother back to get him to approach her.

Sophie sat looking excitedly through the window as she watched her mother get herself in a position to attract his attention and waited for him to approach her. It didn’t take long for him to see her sitting alone by the bar and for him to make a move.

Walking up her he said, “Hello babe, what’s your name?”

“My name is Nicky. What’s your name?” answered Sophie’s mother.

“I’m called Roger. Fancy a drink Nicky?”

Nicky told him that she did and after a few drinks asked him to come to go home with her. He didn’t need a second invitation and readily accepted.

As they walked out of the bar Nicky said, “Oh, I’ve got to pick up my daughter. She will be waiting outside for me. You don’t mind do you?”

Roger said that he didn’t and secretly got excited when Nicky described Sophie to him. Walking out of the bar Nicky called over to her daughter to join them. Getting into the car Sophie noticed that Roger was trying to look up her short skirt so she let him have a flash of her knickers as she sat in the back of the car. He kept on looking back from the front passenger seat to get a glimpse of her panties. He even tried to touch her knee as her mother Nicky drove the car home.

When they arrived home Nicky asked Roger to take a seat whilst she went for a beer for him. Sophie sat next to him and gave his balls a squeeze while her mother was getting the beers. Sophie got a bit bolder as the evening went on and while her mother was getting some more beers she asked Roger is she could hit him. He smiled with excitement as he admitted to her that he liked being punched by sexy schoolgirls and wanted her to punch him in his face and kick him in his balls. Sophie pretended to watch out for her mother and punched him hard in his face. He thanked her for hitting him as her mother came back with some cans of beer. Sophie got to punch him every time her mother left the room.

To his surprise Sophie stood and put on a slow record and told Roger to watch her and walked up to her mother Nicky and put her arms round her and told her to dance with her. Roger watched with eager smile as Sophie’s face rubbed against her mother’s breasts and her hands kneaded her mother’s back and then moved down to her bottom and groped her mother’s buttock’s as she and her mother dirty danced. Sophie forced her right leg between her mother’s and she ground her pubic mound against her mother’s. Sophie kissed her mother on her mouth as they danced.

Roger was clapping and shouting encouragement to Sophie saying that she and her mother looked hot together. Little did he know that Sophie was only getting herself and her mother in the right mood for what they were about to do to him. As they danced in front of him they kissed and touched each other and moved slowly towards him and as they got in arms length of Roger they pounced on him like wild animals. Nicky watched in awe as her daughter gave Roger a very hard kick in his balls making him fall winded to the ground.

Nicky then pulled out a long piece of rope from under the chair that Roger had been sitting on and they both tied him spread-eagled on the floor. Sophie then ordered her mother Nicky to take off Roger’s clothes and then take her own off. Nicky happily obeyed her daughter and knelt passively naked at Sophie’s feet looking up at her wonderful dominant daughter with pride and delighted submission. Sophie then told her mother to make Roger look at her and play with his cock whilst he looked at her.

Sophie then knelt down in front of Roger and panted as she stated into his eyes with a sadistic smile on he face, “My Mommy is going to rub your cock and whilst she does it I want you to watch me dance. If you get hard I will get my mother to bite off your cock but if you're good we will kiss your cock and let you fuck mommy all night long. As a treat you will be able to kiss me.”

Roger panicked a bit as the thought of what Sophie had said made him feel a stirring in his cock and he felt an erection starting to grow. Nicky took his big cock into her hands and told him to watch Sophie. Sophie felt excited as she started to dance in front of Roger to a slow record and as the music played she showed her thighs to him and then pulled her skirt higher and higher showing her panties to him. She then stood still and pulled her panties to one side and showed him her bald young pussy and rocked her hips seductively back and forth.

To her delight his cock started stiffen slightly in her mother’s hands as she started to strip her blouse off and pull down her skirt and panties as she dance sexily to the music. As the music came to an end Sophie finished her dance standing naked in a seductive pose. The sight of her young small bud like breasts and tender pussy gave Roger a huge hard on and her mother a wet and open pussy. Young Sophie stood over him in triumph as she looked down at him with smile of victory on her face as she laughed with sadistic glee at him.

“MMMMmmmmmmmmm you lose Roger,” laughed Sophie as she smiled at her mother and said “You know what to do next don’t you mommy.”

Nicky just looked up at her daughter and nodded. Taking a hammer from it’s hiding place Nicky took a nail and placed on to Roger’s right ball and looked at her daughter. Sophie smiled and said, “When I nod my head I want you to nail his balls to the floor.”

Nicky laughed and blushed with desire as she told Sophie that she would do anything she was told to. Sophie looked deeply into his eyes and waited as her mother prepared to nail his balls to the floor. When she had got her hammer and nails ready Nicky looked at her daughter Sophie and waited for a nod of her daughter’s sexy head. Young Sophie knew how to tease and be cruel and waited for a moment and then slowly nodded her head. Both Nicky and her daughter thought their pussies would explode with excitement as Nicky slowly lifted up her hammer and hit down onto each nail in turn nailing both his balls onto the floor.

As he recovered from the pain and shock Sophie ran her fingers over his balls and then took his cock and wanked it expertly making it hard again. When it was hard she took her mother’s mouth and guided Roger’s cock into to her mother’s open mouth and told her to suck it for a while and then when wait until Sophie told her to bite right through it biting it clean off.

Nicky swooned with sexual excitement as she enjoyed her daughter’s cruel domination of her and their victim. Sucking on his cock Nicky waited for her daughter to give her the word. Sophie knelt next to her mother and started to caress both of their pussies and as they all drew close to orgasm. As his cock started to throb in Nicky’s mouth and spurt pre-cum Sophie gave the word “Now, do it now as he comes in your mouth. Let him cum and bite his cock off.”

Waiting for moment Nicky felt him cumming in her mouth and his sperm filled her mouth she started to place her teeth onto his cock shaft and bite down hard. Rocking her head from side to side she sawed through his cock. Biting through his cock whilst her daughter masturbated them made her giddy with excitement. She loved every moment of what she was doing to Roger and started to orgasm as her teeth bite through his cock. As she felt his cock come free and fall into her mouth she had the strongest orgasms of her life. The sight of her mother bite through his cock made Sophie have an orgasm.

Standing over castrated Roger Nicky let her daughter push her to the floor and make love to her in front of their broken emasculated victim. “Oohhhhh baby Sophie I love you, you’re a better lover than your daddy ever was.”


  1. WOW!! That's a good one! Lucky Sophie didn't have a brother! ;)

    1. lol. Yeah, I don't think him or his balls would last long in a household like that.


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