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Demonstrations (Ffff/m) - repost

This is the story I wrote for people with a foot fetish. It's got some toe sucking, foot worship, etc. I think I secretly hoped Caligula would read it and send me a comment :D None so far, however.

Joanne, Reece and Clair were on their way to meet Mrs. Vonnegan for some post-highschool job advice, and were chatting away about their favorite subject – boys.
“Isn’t Jason Briggs hot? Boy, I’d love to do hurdles over his body,” giggled Reece.
“Bleh,” replied Joanne, the leader of the three, “He’s about as thick as the cafeteria’s tapioca. And just as gross.”
“You know what I heard?” said Clair with a sly grin on her face, “I heard his cousin tried to rape a fourth grader. The girl’s mother came home as he was trying to stick his dick in her, and the mother kicked him in the nuts so hard, that it ruptured one of them.”
“OMG, you’re kidding!” Reece put her hand over her mouth in astonishment.
“Heh,” grunted Joanne, as the three of them came up to the door of their role model’s house. “I bet some guys enjoy that kind of thing. Wouldn’t the first time a women’s gotten her own back. Won’t be the last.”
Joanne knocked on the door. In a moment, Mrs. Vonnegan appeared. She was a tall, shapely and athletic woman in her late 40’s with gray-streaked hair that was pulled up into a bun. She wore a designer skirt-suit and high heels. She also happened to be the administrator at the county Social Services, and simply oozed respectability.
“Hello, girls,” said Vivian with a warm smile. “Please come on in.” She led the three girls into the living room. “Make yourself at home, I won’t be a moment.”
While she was gone, the three girls continued their conversation.
“Well, that cousin only got what he deserved, in my opinion,” said Clair. “I heard that brainless cheerleader Buffy kneed one of the quarter backs in the nuts after a game. He was actually offering for her to kick a goal with the football for fun and she’s so stupid she thought he meant HIS balls.” The girls all laughed.
With a slight blush Reece said, “I kicked my uncle between the legs once. It wasn’t even totally an accident. I came home one day and didn’t know his plane had arrived early. He had been showering up in the bathroom, but I didn’t hear him with my earbuds on. I’d just got the new Maroon5 album on my Ipod. Anyway, I rounded the corner and there’s this tall muscular guy in the bathroom who I didn’t recognize cuz the towel was over his head. I was so surprised I kicked him straight in the nuts. They were just hanging there in the steam, and my Reeboks slammed into those two bouncing danglers. Dropped him like a stone!”
All the girls laughed. Talking about guy’s nuts was so exciting. As they sat down on the couch, they noticed Mrs. Vonnegan’s son, Derek, sitting like a lump on the Lazyboy. He was about 16, husky and muscular with black hair and dark eyes, and had a somewhat blank expression as he watched TV. The rumor at school was that he was homeschooled because he was too dumb to keep up with regular students. He didn’t even notice the girls as they sat on the couch.
They whispered to each other about this until their hostess came back into the room. “What’s all the whispering about, young ladies” asked Vivian cordially.
Joanne was feeling bold. “Oh, we’re just talking about nutting guys. We can’t imagine it’s as bad as they make it seems. Guy’s are just wimps.”
Vivian smiled knowingly. “Well, actually busting a guy’s balls is quite painful, and Derek here can confirm this. I slap his nuts all the time. In fact, I think he’d be quite happy to demonstrate men’s sensitivity between their legs. Derek?”
The thick but good looking boy slowly looked over, and grunted.
“Derek, get up and let the girls slap your balls.”
He scowled but got up anyway and reluctantly stood in front of them. The three girls all looked at each other, and then his crotch. He had on tight jeans, and they could see his package outlined clearly. He might not be bright, but he had plenty where it counted. Joanne shrugged ‘what the heck’ and swatted the fat bulge with the back of her hand. The other two girls followed suit, and they whacked the heck out of his mound for over a minute. It ended when he fell to the ground, hands covering his family jewels.
“See?” said Vivian. “There’s no better way to make a man crawl like the worm he is than by a good swift smack to the balls.”
“Well,” said Clair, “I’d still like to know what they are, and what they look like.”
“Oh, that’s easy. Here, I’ll demonstrate.” Vivian got up and stood over her prostrate son. She slapped his hands away from his nuts and undid his pants, pulled them down, and then off. He was wearing briefs. These she yanked off and left her son in only his shirt and white socks. “Scootch down here,” she said.
The girls crowded around her, excited to be this close to a compliant, naked  and vulnerable male.
Vivian gave them an overview of his cock and nads, and squeezed and pinched them to demonstrate certain characteristics. Derek didn’t seem very happy about the situation but let them poke and prod his privates regardless. Mrs. Vonnegan then told them that the most important use of genitals was to keep men in line.
“Here, let me show you how well Derek is trained. Stand up!” Vivian’s voice had the tone of a drill sergeant. Derek slowly obeyed. His naked balls and semi-erect dick hung between his thick, muscular legs. “Spread them,” she barked. The boy complied. Vivian stood a ways from him, slipped out of her high heels, and punted her son in the balls. Derek let out an “oof” but stood his ground. His mother kicked him in the groin again, this time harder. He groaned and sank to his knees, nursing himself.
“See,” said Vivian. “It puts a male in his proper place, which is at our feet and begging for mercy. Go ahead, girls, you give it a try. Derek, stop being a baby and let these nice girls crush your nuts.” The boy glared at her for a moment, but then slowly rose to standing and spread his legs for them. The Reece and Clair giggled, but Joanne, being the bold one, eagerly kicked him hard between the legs, letting her foot fly up and jam itself right into his big left ball. Derek’s clenched jaw pulsed at the pain, and he glowered at her but said nothing. Next Clair took aim and launched a kick to his privates. Her foot snapped forward and caused his whole sack to sway violently.
Reece didn’t want to kick them, she wanted to punch the little organs, and she asked his mother permission to do so. Vivian was delighted, and said of course she could. Reece smiled at the dower boy and then balled up her fist and punched his stones with all her might. Derek let out a yell and once again sank to his knees. Reece giggled at his plight, and went and stood behind the other girls.
“We heard that you can pop a boy’s nuts if you kick them hard enough,” said Joanne.
“Well, I suppose that’s true,” replied Vivian thoughtfully, looking down at her son. “Castration is a time honored tradition used to pacify otherwise aggressive and violent men. I have to admit I’ve thought about having my little fudge-pot here snipped. I know a vet who would be only too happy to curb his ‘habits’.” Derek’s mother seemed to be working something out in her head, and after a while seemed to arrive at a conclusion.
“Tell you what, girls. Come over tomorrow night and I’ll show you what it’s like to have a well-trained male.”
The girls all squealed with excitement. Derek grumbled a bit but didn’t actually say anything in protest.
“Now, now, girls. Don’t get over excited. Be sure to not tell anyone about this, it will be, as it were, our little secret. Come over after dinner, about seven.”
“OK,” said the girls in unison.
“Derek, see our guests to the door.” The partially naked boy lurched to an upright postion and with one hand cupping his nuts opened the door for them.
“See you and your balls later,” said Joanne as she left. Clair patted his low hangers and Reece caressed his erection and giggled as she passed by him.
It was a sure thing that at 7:00 o’clock the next evening, all three girls were waiting at the Vonnegan’s front door, all eager to torture their first male. Their sacrificial bull let them in, wearing nothing but socks. He still had that neaderthallic blank expression on his face but his body was ripped and smooth. The girls all got an eyefull of him as they passed and took their places on the couch. Vivian was already sitting on the recliner.
“Well, hello there girls. Ready to have some fun?”
They all nodded excitedly.
“First let’s have some refreshments. Derek, go get the drinks for these fine ladies.”
The teen shuffled off to the kitchen and then came back with a tray. On it were three tall glasses of lemonade.
“Girls let Derek serve you the drinks, and show him your appreciation where it counts.” Joanne smirked at this. Derek lowered the tray so she could take her glass, and with her free hand she swatted his dangling nads. The boy twitched.
“Say ‘thank you’ Derek,” commented his mother.
“Thank you,” he grumbled. Joanne’s return smile was clearly patronizing.
Next it was Reece. She reached out and squeezed just his left testicle while taking the proffered drink. Derek’s brow creased. “Thanks,” he grunted.
Finally Clair took her drink and then rammed her fist into his gonads. Derek grimaced but kept the tray steady. He mumbled something indistinct that might have been ‘thanks a lot’.
“Derek,” ordered his mom. “Put that thing away and go get the massage lotion.” The boy shuffled to the bedroom.
“Derek is going to treat all of you to a foot massage. I’ve already had mine for the day, and I figured you could use some relief from a hard day of school.” The girls giggled at the thought of a boy touching their feet.
Derek came back with some Bath&Body peppermint lotion and kneeled in front of Joanne. He started to reach for her left shoe when Vivian suddenly stood up and kicked his balls from behind. SMACK. Straight into and through his balls, squishing them against his pelvis.
“Derek, what do we do before touching a woman’s foot?”
Derek had a pained look on his face. When an answer wasn’t forthcoming, the toe of Vivian’s high heel shoe connected again with his dangling goods. A warbling sound issued from the boy.
A third kick finally elicited an answer, “We ask permission,” he said in a surly voice.
She kicked him a fourth time.
“We ask permission nicely. Continue.” Vivian sat down and crossed her legs, one pump dangling from her foot. “I’m sorry girls, but my son is a bit . . . slow. However, I’d like to think he’s been well trained.”
“That’s alright Mrs. Vonnegan. Most boys seem to be slow. And thick.”
“May I please massage your feet?” asked Derek, looking up at the beautiful Joanne.
“Alright, but be gentle. If I startle I might kick something you’d rather I not . . .” she said ominously.
Derek gently unlaced her shoe and set it aside. Then he began to massage her foot while still in its sock. Her sock was a soft, fuzzy white affair with an elastic rim. His hands were warm and gentle, kneading her sore foot, rubbing it softly and sliding his hand along its sole. Joanne sighed contentedly. He was indeed well trained in this. After a few minutes of this he gently peeled off her soft sock and brought her naked foot up to his mouth. He gently kissed and licked each of her pink-painted toes, darting his tongue in between each and even sucked on some of them. Joanne was wriggling in pleasure. It felt so bizarre and enjoyable at the same time. Derek kept sucking and licking until Joanne couldn’t take it anymore. She pulled her foot away from him and then rammed it into his nuts. Derek coughed and took the hint. He squeezed out some lotion and began to massage it in. When the foot was fully rejuvenated, he moved on to her other one, repeating the ritual, and she kicked him again to stop the sucking.
While this was going on, Vivian was discussing with the girls their options for getting into colleges. She’d gone to an Ivy League institution and she gave them lots of hints and tips on how to maximize their suitability to the admissions committee. When Derek had finished with Joanne he thanked her. She responded with kicking both newly softened feet into his nuts. Not once but three times. SMACK SMACK SMACK. “You’re welcome,” she said. He just frowned and coughed some more.
Moving onto Clair, she had cotton, lilac colored socks. Derek brought one foot at a time down and into his crotch so that he could massage it while she got to press her foot into his nuts. The combination of his gentle hands plus his rolly-polly balls was just fantastic, and he let her press her foot into his nuts pretty firmly, to the point where his face started to flush as they oozed out on either side. Eventually he took off her sock and she let him suck and lick her toes.
“Lick my sole, worm,” she said.
Derek complied, running his moist tongue along her salty sole and inhaling her dirty foot smell. Clair’s toes had been painted with sparkles and soon Derek’s lips had glitter on them. She giggled. When he finished the lotioning stage, she rubbed her now slippery feet on his balls and hardening cock, making them slick and sexy.
By the time he got to Reece, his hardon was raging and before he did anything he let Reece kick it, just as hard has his balls. The organ seemed to like the punishment because a pearly drop of semen swelled at its tip. Reece had been wearing hightops, and athletic socks so her feet had a pungent, sweaty smell, and he had to spend considerable time cleaning them before he could apply the lotion. Reece seemed pleased with his skill at massage. When he finished she took one hand to grasp his dick and the other to clutch his nuts, and she squeezed both as hard as she could until his erection deflated. It was so rude to be aroused in front of women.
“Derek, go clean up.” The boy got up off his knees and shambled off to the bathroom. The conversation moved on to careers and post graduate work. Reece wanted to become an accountant, Clair expressed interesting in pursuing graphic design, and Joanne thought it would be fun to learn architecture. Vivian made it clear that if they worked hard there should be no limit to their potential. “Do well in school, develop professional relationships to secure internships and really work social situations to get contacts. That’s the key to getting good clients.”
They ended the evening with Derek (with a little encouragement from his mother) kneeling, legs spread, and reluctantly asking the girls to kick his balls “into his throat”.
“Gladly,” said Joanne as she really pasted his nuts, followed by Clair and then Reece.
A week later they were over again. This time they played a game of tennis in the back yard. Vivien had tied up her son, naked, over a barrel. When either team scored, they went over and blasted Derek’s balls as much as they felt like. When Clair and Mrs. Vonnegan won twice, they all decided to practice hitting balls into his balls, to improve their aim. WHAM. Tennis balls to his tender testicles. Many of them hit his buttcheeks or his back. Or even his legs. But the ones that scored direct hits made him scream in pain. Thankfully all the neighbors knew that Derek had odd periods of vocalized pain, so no one came out to see what was going on. This was followed by the humbled boy giving the three girls manicures and pedicures while they watched TV. After servicing their feet, of course. The girls had become quite fond of him gently sucking on their toes. He had to thank at the end while they punched his balls in appreciation.
The following week, Vivian showed them how having men as slaves made housework much easier and more enjoyable. Derek was dressed just in his socks, but Vivian made him scrub the floor on his hands and knees while the girls kicked him from behind. He then cleaned the bathroom with a string tied around his sack which the girls got to pull whenever they wanted to. “You missed a spot,” YANK, “That toilet doesn’t look clean to me,” YANK “That mirror doesn’t look streak free to me,” YANK. By the time he finished the bathroom his scrotum was an angry shade of red.
Vivian told him to get the vacuum cleaner out and Derek almost threw a fit. The girls shortly found out why. Vivian wrapped a thong around his nuts and attached it to a 20lb weight which wobbled between his legs while he tried to vacuum the rug. All the women in the room kept making him move and vacuum faster and faster so that his nuts were being pulled in, down and from side to side. Derek was almost crying as the weight threatened to tear his nuts out by their roots. The evening ended by all the women kicking their victim from the behind as he ironed cloths. Vivian threatened to melt his nuts with the iron if he didn’t stand still and let them. Derek just gritted his teeth and sullenly complied.           
On the next night they were there, Clair divulged that cheerleader tryouts were coming up and that the girls need to practice their kicks and jumps. They all went outside with Derek’s hands tied behind his back and a blindfold. Vivian said she would judge their moves. Each girl stood in front of the helpless boy and did scissor kicks into his testicles, knee lifts to his groin, and splits in front of him where they punched the  eggs hanging in front of them when they reached the ground. Reece seemed to have the best moves and Mrs. Vonnegan dubbed her the winner. Her reward? To punch Derek’s cock and balls until he passed out. It took twenty punches before he was on the ground, hand’s between his legs. Reece grabbed his ankles, spread his legs and while Clair and Joanne held his hands out of the way, she stopped his nutsack until he, eventually stopped yelling and passed out. His scrotum had ballooned to the size of a softball, and his dick was all red and bruised.
These evenings stretched though their entire fall, and Derek came to loath Thursday nights, but as usual he never articulated any counter argument to their abuse of him. It appeared he wasn’t able to formulate any kind of verbal defense.
In late October, Vivian planned a special night. She told the girls to come over in a costume. A sexy costume. As usual, Derek answered the door, and he was dressed as a roman slave, with a collar on him and a fat leather posing pouch over his privates. He let them in, as quiet and taciturn as ever. Vivian was in a nurse’s outfit, tight fitting, with a sleek white knee length skirt, low cut white blouse, and a cute little red-cross hat. Her ample cleavage was spilling out, like it would for any nurse in a young boy’s wet dream.
“Tonight I’m going to show you an important life skill – how to extract your orgasm from an inept male who doesn’t know a vulva from a Volvo. Men simply don’t know how your plumbing works. All they know is how to get themselves off, so tonight I’m going to show you how to make them pleasure you instead of themselves. Derek, on the floor!” As usual, the dimwitted lump tried to see a way out of following his mother’s command but, as usual, couldn’t, so he slowly lay on his back on the carpet.
“Ok. I’ll show you what to do.” Vivian slipped off her skirt and straddled her son’s head. Her shaved pink pussy was inches from his face, and Derek made a face like he was being presented with a dead codfish. Vivian didn’t care. With her right hand she grabbed the back of his head, fist full of his hair, and commanded. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue!” Derek slowly complied. Then with her left hand, she reached back and punched his pouch. Then she forced her son’s head into her snatch and he dutifully plunged he tongue far into hit. She repeatedly punched his balls to make him service her and would occasionally let him come back up for air. It wasn’t long before her purse began to tingle and after a particularly hard punch to his nuts, an orgasm exploded in her whole body, making her tremble and shake. It was fantastic.
“Whew. Mmm. So, that’s how it’s done, girls. OK. So who want’s to try it first?”
Surprisingly it was shy Clair. She was dressed as a French maid, and she slipped her panties off. Once she was over Derek’s head, she looked down. His lips were all red and his face was covered with dribbles of woman cum. He looked unhappy about it all, but that didn’t stop him from licking the moisture off his lips. Clair looked up at Mrs. Vonnegan. “I don’t know if I can do this.”
Vivian smiled. “Here, we’ll help you. I’ll take his head, Joanne, you punch his nuts.” They arranged themselves. Vivian made her son stick out his tongue and then she gentle lifted his head until it entered Clair’s young pussy.
“OH!” she exclaimed as the warm tongue entered her. It was such a surprising sensation. Her cavity was very tight, and Derek found it difficult to do much with his tongue, but Vivian forced her son to try, and the pounding of his eggs helped motivate him. Soon Clair got used to this new experience and began to enjoy it. She started riding his face, up and down, up and down, and she started to feel a fluttering in her lower stomach. It was like a bird ruffling its feathers. Then the bird spread its wings began to fly. The avian launched itself and its wings spread over her body. Her toes curled and her snatch spasmed, releasing her first flood of juice. Moments later the rapture of orgasm overwhelmed her. She could hear Joanne punching nuts and she could feel Derek grunting her groin, but all she could feel was bliss. It left her breathless and she was unsteady on her feet for a while after.
Joanne was up next, and she took charge of Derek like she was born to ride him. She slammed his face into her cunt and instead of punching his gonads, snaked her free hand into his pouch and isolated just his right ball. Then she squeezed it. And boy did she squeeze it. His tender ball was her stress toy, and she squeezed the hell out of it. She didn’t even notice it distort in her hand, so focused on her own pleasure was she. Over and over she mashed his face and tongue into her pert little cunt. She reached orgasm faster than either women before her, and she yelled out loud as fire consumed her. And after she came, she continued to ride his face like a cowgirl, humping his face until another pulse ripped through her. She was sweating by the time it was over. Her sexy Minimouse-turned-dominatrix outfit was plastered to her skin.
And it was finally Reece’s’ turn. She sat facing his crotch, and simply planted her box on his face. She ripped off his pouch so his equipment was free and she began to stroke his cock and squeeze his nuts at the same time while the dense boy underneath her began to service her labia. His dick rose to attention and she felt his speed increase as she brought him both pleasure and pain, in increasing amounts. When he seemed ready to blow his load she stopped pumping his cock and squeezed both testicles as hard as she could whilst simultaneously smothering him with her cunt. His whole body shuddered as he was denied both orgasm and oxygen. This brought Reece to her own explosion of pleasure and she continued to deny him until he just passed out. Reece got up and they all looked down at the supine boy.
“Well girls, that’s how it’s done. The only woman who can guarantee an orgasm is the one who’s willing to take charge and rip out of a man. And it’s fun to punish them along the way. So, let’s have some Halloween candy!”
The next two months flew by and the girls started to abuse Derek in all kinds of inventive ways. Every Thursday night found them over at the Vonnegan’s, kicking him, humiliating him, making him expose his most treasured possessions to potentially permanent damage. The thick witted boy’s responses never really changed, as if he was unable to really adapt to the situation, and it was sometimes like getting a stubborn Donkey to do his job and carry shit. This analogy gave Joanne an idea and they all strung up the boy from the ceiling, legs tied to the walls, and used his hanging nuts as a piñata. They used a plastic bat and each had a turn to slam it into his ballsack, making it swing back and forth. All Derek did was make gurgling noised in the back of his throat and foam at the mouth. Blasting his rocks with a bat and their fists was rockin’ fun!
Thanksgiving whizzed by and Christmas snuck up on them. Vivien invited the girls to come over on Christmas day, with the promise of a special treat. Not surprisingly, all the girls guessed where this story was going. At the house was Vivien, Derek of course, and a rather stout woman named Beth, who turned out to be an über militant, man hating feminist veterinarian. She’d brought her field surgery kit, and had volunteered to castrate their boneheaded victim. Derek didn’t seem too happy about the situation but never the less stood there, his cock and balls inside a wrapped box with a big bow around it. Clair commented on this.
“Isn’t it lovely? I got the idea from that SNL skit, ‘dick in a box’. I made him wrap it himself.” Vivian beamed. “As usual he did a terrible job, so I kicked the box as hard as I could and made him redo it. Several times. You should see how swollen his nuts are.”
They all gathered around the boy and Reece got to unwrap the box. His cock and balls were kind of red, but no worse than any other day, and they were all eager to humiliate him.
“Joanne, take off your shoes and socks. Derek kiss her feet and spread your legs.” Vivian motioned for Reece to step behind him. “Derek!” she said sharply. He knew what he had to do.
While down there, he said in a dull voice, “Kick my balls, please.”
Reece smiled. “Ok.” She rammed her foot in his big hanging balls while Derek sucked on the toes in front of him, licking between then and breathed in her pungent odor. But he could hardly concentrate on the job because his fat nuts hurt like hell and he vaguely was aware that he’d be losing them soon.
He was forced to service all the women present and beg them for his nuts to be punished. They all loved making the teenage boy grovel, and Beth was especially eager to take another male out of the breeding pool.
Vivien decided that everyone could have a turn doing whatever they wanted to her poor son and his doomed danglers. Joanne had him rest his testicles on the coffee table and she stood on it and rolled them around and stepped on them, almost causing them to burst but letting them pop out from under her foot at the last minute. Beth had him stand, with legs spread, while Clair held his arms behind him, and then  kicked the lad in the nuts, full force. Soon he was crying and begging her to stop, but she didn’t. She just laid waste to his groin, as only a femi-Nazi can do.
Next was Reece who tied a rope around his nuts, made a loop at the other end, and then put her foot in the loop. While he stood there, she put more and more of her weight onto the rope, pulling his testes towards his feet and stretching his sack far past its normal limit. When his nuts were supporting her full weight they could all actually hear the tearing sound inside his lower stomach as his tubes were pulled out by their roots. Derek’s moaning was constant now.
Vivian went next, and she bent Derek over and just starting kneeing his damaged testicles, shouting things at him like: “You never clean your room, you dirty pig,” or “Leave the toilet seat up, will you? You little bastard!”. This went on for some time until Derek was crying, “I’m sorry mommy, I’m sorry.”
“Tell me how much you want to be punished!” she yelled as her knee plastered his balls. SPLAT SPLAT
“Yes mommy, yes mommy!” was the high-pitched reply.
And last it was Clair’s turn. While he was still bent over, she simply grasped his whole sack with both hands and started squeezing his jewels until Derek looked like he was going to be sick.
Vivian decided that Derek deserved to have some pleasure before he was snipped, so after letting him rest they humiliated him by making him get aroused (which was difficult considering how much pain he was in) and then cumming onto a sugar cookie which he then had to eat. Not once, but three times. The look on his face as he put the cum iced cooking in his mouth was priceless. Despite the damage to his genitals the boy had stamina, and probably could have done it once or twice more, but the girls managed to eat all the other cookies while they watched. So it was on to the final stage.
Vivian held up two wrapped gifts and said that inside were expensive prizes and that they were going to take turns kicking Derek’s nuts until they popped. Each burst testicle would earn the lucky winner a gift.
So, after tying Derek up like a trussed turkey, and making sure he had to stand still, legs splayed, they all lined up, and each one of them did their best to crush one or both of his testicles. WHAM WHAM WHAM. It was a festival of testicle torture, and they continued like this for a good ten minute until Derek’s larger left testicle exploded on impact. They all heard it. Like a piece of ripe fruit detonating in a paper bag. It was amazing. And they all congratulated Joanne for accomplishing it. Then the game continued. His right nut was the new target, but naturally his busted one got as much of the impact as the right, and the mangled testicle further ruptured, causing Derek an agony no woman could ever identify with.
Ten minutes later Clair was able to aim well enough, and past the cushioning effect of the gooey left ball, to hit his smaller right nut dead on. The thing went SQUICK and Derek’s manhood was no more. Beth walked up and felt around in his sack. Yup, it was soft, spongy, squishy and thoroughly pulped. It was all too ready to be removed.
They untied Derek, lowered him onto the coffee table, and then without any anesthetic, Beth set about removing his bloated bag. To keep the partially aware boy from screaming, the girls took turns sitting on his face and getting off as his mumbling mouth stimulated their vaginas. In just a few minutes Beth had removed his gonads, pouch and all, and sealed up the wound. Derek was now guaranteed to become docile and chaste, and they all agreed it was for the best. After all, what did he have to offer a women? He was as dumb as toast.
Beth admired her work and then held up the gooshy sperm sack and then handed it to Vivian. “Merry Christmas, Viv.”
“Awww. Thanks. I’ll cherish it always.” She dropped the organs in a jar of preservative and put it in her room.
“Well, I think you girls had best be getting home to spend time with your families. I hope you enjoyed yourselves.”
“Oh we did, really we did,” gushed Reece.
“It’s too bad he’s nutted, though,” said Joanne. “What will we do next Christmas?”
Vivian pointed to his big, half flaccid cock. “I think we all know the answer to that!”
They all laughed.
“Well, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night,” quoted Beth.
Clair smiled. “And God bless us, every one,”

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