Monday, June 3, 2013

Jill's Summer Continues (f/MMMMmm) - repost

Jill’s Summer Continues



That glorious day of ball crushing ended with Tony calling an army surgeon buddy over, who quickly and efficiently removed the squashed testicles of the three males who lay in various states of agony on the floor. Jill asked if she could keep the broken organs, and since it was the only preservative handy, the army medic dropped the testicles into a large jar of honey, which Jill immediately placed on the shelf above her bed. The surgeon then did a superb job of suturing up their scrotums (so well, in fact that once it healed, the incision line didn’t show all), giving them anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory shots and left the house without really asking any questions, what-so-ever.


One would think that after an event so traumatic, Tony, Josh and Paul would be bedridden for weeks, but amazingly in less than five days, her father was back at attention to be kicked in the groin, Josh was coming back over to be brought to his knees, and Paul returned daily to offer his ball to his little S&M mistress for punishment. In most respects, the summer progressed much as Jill had anticipated.


In the mornings, Jill required her father to stand at the side of her bed, hands cuffed together, legs slightly spread, waiting for her wake up so she could beat on his hanging piece of fruit. After saying, “Good morning, daddy” she would sometimes just slide a foot out from under the covers and squish around his ball with her toes or slide her head between his legs and let it dangle above her so she could squeeze and kneed it with her hands. While underneath it, she would also sometimes tell her father lower it into her mouth so she could suck on his goolie, causing Tony considerable discomfort.


Other times she would yank on it to see how far his voluminous sack would stretch or fondle it roughly while her father would whimper. But, since what she really enjoyed was seriously busting it, no matter how she started the session, it always escalated to full on kicking, punching or slapping his dangling orb, and always with as much force as she could muster.


Unbeknownst to Jill, the destruction of his prized left nut had instilled in Tony a strange sense of inevitability, of doom, and every morning, as he waited for his daughter to wake, he had no choice but to stand in his white socks and stare at his own mangled testicle floating around in the jar of honey, along with the balls of the two boys. Each day, he wondered how longer it would be until his other one was in there too, glazed in golden sweetness, smashed beyond repair, and he no longer able to sire children at all. He was forced to conclude that his manhood would soon be nothing but a perverted knickknack.


Already, in three different sessions, Tony had invited Jill to squeeze his nut as hard as she could while he masturbated into a plastic specimen cup. “Harder, harder,” he’d moan, “Squeeze out daddy’s cum.” And from these sessions came the thickest, ropiest semen ever to issue from his body. These samples Tony then sent away to a company to fertilize eggs with and plant them in surrogate mothers. It would only be a matter of time before the eggs took, and then his egg would be taken from him. He wasn’t even sure how long the remaining testicle would last. Jill was getting more and more brutal in her ball-busting, and usually by the time Tony would leave for work in the afternoons, his nut was so swollen that putting on his jeans was like squeezing it in a vice.


It appeared that Josh and Paul were similarly moved by their experience, but instead of dreading their time with Jill, they both seemed to really enjoy coming over almost every day, stripping down to their socks in the living room, and then finding Jill so she could bust their remaining balls. Neither seemed phased that she would undoubtedly be castrating them fully or had even thought about being sexless for the rest of their lives. On the contrary, both only looked forward to having another mind-bending orgasm when she popped the ones they had left.


During that wonderful summer, Jill invented many games to abuse their privates with, but her most consistent favorite she called “high priestess”. Jill would dress up in a grown-up woman’s cloak, put on some soft pink socks (to make her feel more feminine), and stand on the couch, holding the honey jar with their balls in it, while the two boys got down on their hands and knees below her, gazing at her in adoration. Jill would call upon her imaginary gods and holding up the jar, ask them to accept the sacrifice of these two boy’s manhood’s for their pleasure, and then lower the jar so that Paul and Josh would have to kiss it, and thank her for making them each only half a man. The two boys had to eye their own balls floating in honey while feeling a genuine gratitude for taking it from them.


Next the two young men would beg Jill to punish what remained of their maleness, telling her that only she deserved to hurt their balls and hurt them ‘where they lived’. She would naturally oblige them, first setting the testicle jar on the side table, then hopping down off the couch and standing behind them. They’d obligingly spread their legs so they were exposed, and then Jill would gleefully smack her socked foot into it.


When they were reduced cradling their respective nut in their hands and rocking back and forth moaning, she then would tell them that her gods demanded a sample of their semen (Tony had since explained to her what it was, what it was for, and how it could be extracted from a man). Both boys would then have to try and jack off (still while in gut wrenching nut-pain) and provide for their mistress a sample of their ball-juice. She found it fun to further torture them by squeezing or slapping their bollock while they did so.


Usually they’d just spurted their issue upon the carpet, but sometimes she’d have them ejaculate into cups, and humiliate them by making them drink it, or to really degrade them, by make them drink each others. After cumming, she’d order them to place their drained nut upon her god’s altar (coffee table). She would slip on a pair wicked stiletto heel shoes, climb up onto the table and then place the heel of her shoes on each ball, bearing down. This made the boy’s balls dimple and warp under the mercilessly sharp point. She never put on enough pressure to pop the delicate organs, of course, but more than enough to make them whimper and beg for mercy in high pitched voices. Unbeknownst to the two teens, she had already planned to save the final bursting of their balls until the end of August, when she planned to invite them for a sleep-over on a Friday night. She didn’t actually intend for them to get much sleep that night, though.


On many warm afternoons, Jill would bust the two boys in the backyard. Forced to be naked, they’d play any number of agonizing games, such as Jill’s version of hide-and-seek: testicle exposed but the rest of their bodies hidden. This way, when she found it, she could have her way with it.


Josh in one session decided to hide in the tool shed. He stood with his pink testicle trapped on the outside of the sliding door’s jam, while he stood naked just inside, surrounded by spider webs and holding the door tightly closed against his scrotum. In the sweltering heat he stood there in the dark, sweat dripping down his naked body, until he heard Jill laugh in delight as she caught sight of his ball. She naturally began to punch the pink orb. She punched and smacked it in a steady rhythm that caused the latch on the outside to fall into place. Now Josh was trapped inside and unable to protect himself or stop the ball-beating. Jill, being a child, didn’t notice this, and thought Josh hadn’t opened the door because he was having as much fun as she was.


As Josh started to lose consciousness from a combination of pain and suffocating heat, he and his ball slid down the doorjamb, and naturally Jill switched to kicking the delicate orb as it migrated towards the ground. Had she not heard Paul calling to come find him (he was getting bored), she might have destroyed Josh’s testicle right then and there, since he’d passed out. Tony found the teen later that evening, and helped walk him home, but Josh wasn’t upset, just glad that Jill had had fun.


Ball busting happened in the evening too. Some nights the boys would come over and all three men would strip to their tee-shirts and socks and the four of them would watch movies together. Jill would lay across all three of their laps, her heel digging into Paul’s nut or squishing it between her toes, her knee planted between Josh’s legs so she could grind his remaining ball into the couch, and one hand wrapped securely around her father’s testicle, kneading it and squeezing it for emotional comfort. Things got especially exciting when they watched a scary movie, as Jill would inevitably thrash around in fright and really rack their balls good. Ultimately, ball pain gave all three of them a sense of excitement and emotional fulfillment. In much the same way as guys who did extreme sports, or jumped out of planes. It was the thrilling prospect of overriding their natural instincts to protect their crotches plus the promise of gut-wrenching pain that kept them all going, and every opportunity to be hurt by Jill was eagerly seized.


As the summer wore on, Tony knew he’d need to expand Jill’s pool of available men to ball-bust if she was going to remain entertained, and he began to look for willing victims. Since he worked with an all-male crew in his construction job, he started there. One day, Tony was changing in the locker-room with Gary and Val (two co-workers0, and when he pulled off his underwear, Gary noticed that Tony only had one ball left.


“Hey, since when do you have only one nut?” asked Gary, a fiftyish, well built guy.


Tony smiled, and said simply. “Jill took my other one a month ago.” He held out his ball for them to see it was alone in its sack.


“Really? Wow, was it fun?” asked Val, stripping naked, and revealing his own tough, wiry body and his boyish cock and balls.


“Incredibly. I came like a racehorse when it exploded,” replied Tony.


“Hot damn!” exclaimed Gary, who was also naked. “Wish someone would pop Ol’ Bessy, here” He squeezed out his right nut so they could all look at it. It was huge. It easily approached the size of a small grapefruit. “I HATE this thing. All it does is cause me trouble. It won’t fit into my pants, I aches like a motherfucker every time it gets cold or gets dunked in hot water, and it keeps jamming into things. Last night, I got up to get a drink of water, and accidently walked right into the corner of the credenza. Fucking corner ended up right in Bessy, and it hurt like a motherfucker. Having this thing is a nightmare.”


Gary continued to squeeze his oversized orb and looked down at it in disgust. “I don’t suppose your daughter would be willing to crush it for me?” he said wistfully.


Tony’s smile turned wry. “I think she’d be happy to.”


Val snorted derisively. “I bet she can’t squish MINE. I’ve got balls of steel, man. I’ll let her kick them as much as she wants, and I’ll bet you she can’t even make a dent in ‘em.” Val hefted his sack, and squeezed it to prove his point. His balls were small, but they did indeed look tough.


“I’ve been kicked playing football, riding cupless in rodeos, six times in fights, and over seventeen times by my crazy ex-wife,” he continued. “None of them ever managed to crack these babies.” He slammed his own fist into his balls as demonstration, and they all watched the organs warp around his fist. Val hadn’t even flinched.


“Well, why don’t you come over this Friday, and we’ll see if they live up to their reputation,” smirked Tony as he pulled his jeans over his own swollen berry and let the fabric put the squeeze on it. “If you do come, there are just two rules you have to follow: shave your nuts and crotch, and do whatever my little girl tells you to do. She’s the mistress of our house.”


Friday night, after dinner, Tony told Jill the exciting news – she was going to have two more sets of balls to inflict torture on, and one of which she was going to get to pop that very evening! Jill started jumping up and down with joy. In less than a half an hour she was so over-stimulated, that Tony (who was always naked in the house for Jill’s pleasure) had to lie down on the floor, spread wide, and convince Jill to kick him in the nut, just to distract her.


At eight o’clock, the doorbell rang. Jill let her father close his legs and curl up in a ball, and ran to open the door. Jill didn’t even wait for introductions or pleasantries. She just grabbed them buy by the hands and pulled them inside. She pulled them to the center of the living room and then said boldly, “I’m Jill, I want you take of your cloths, now! Let me see my new toys!”


Both men looked at each other, and then Gary chuckled. “It’s nice to meet you too, Jill.” Then he looked sideways at Val. “Well, you heard the lady, take those cloths off!”


Both men dutifully stripped down to their socks, and when Jill saw Ol’ Bessy fall out of Gary’s pants, she squealed in delight. Before she could reach out for it herself, Gary actually took her hand and wrapped it around his own, giant nut, and said in a genteel way, “Little lady, I would consider it a great honor if you popped this ball tonight. I’ve waited thirty years for someone to take it from me, and I don’t think I’ve wanted anything more, in my entire life. Do you think you could do me a huge favor and crush it beyond repair?”


Jill looked up at him with a serious face, and then after a few moments nodded gravely. Meanwhile, she popped the huge organ back and forth between her two hands. She couldn’t even reach all the way around it, it was that big!


“Thank you,” said Gary, with the sound of relief in his voice, and the hint of  tears in his eyes. “You’ve made me the happiest man in Chicago. Truly.” Jill smiled at him, happy to oblige.


Then Val interject. “Hey, what about mine! Come take a look at these,” cupping his nuts for her.


Gary’s big ball fall out of Jill’s little hands and she went to examine the other new set of toys. They were small, by her standards, but she liked the way they stayed separate in their pouch so that they each stood out distinctly. She plucked one each from his grasp, and gave them a firm squeeze.


“You’re welcome to kick my nuts into paste, but I’ll bet you a year’s supply of candy-bars that you can’t even make them mushy,” Val bragged.


“Really, a whole year of candy bars?” asked Jill excitedly.


“Yep. Pop my balls, and I’ll make you the happiest little girl in the whole state. But you’re going to have to work hard to crush these puppies.”


By this time, Tony had gotten up off the floor and came over to greet his guests. He shook their hands. “Well, shall we get down to business? Jill’s got to be in bed before ten. I’m taking her to a cattle ranch tomorrow.”


“Yeah!” squealed Jill. “Daddy says that the male cows have HUGE testicles hanging between their legs and the men there are going to let me play with them before they cut they get cut off. It’s that castrating thing they do to boys. I’m gonna bring home some to eat, too,” said Jill happily. She was already wondering what they were going to taste like.


”Well, if you wouldn’t mind, you can have my ball after we pop it. Val here used to rustle cattle and ride horseback a lot, didn’t you? And I’m sure he’d be willing to take it out for you.”


Val nodded. “I’ve cut more bulls and stallions than I can count. Yours isn’t much smaller than theirs”


Gary patted Jill on the head and winked at her. “Eat mine tomorrow too, and then you can compare the taste.”


“OK,” said Jill, jumping up and down with glee.


“Guys,” interrupted Tony, “let me show you what we do in this house.”


First he told them get down on their knees, spread them open to Jill. Both gladly obliged.


Then, as instructed, they both said, “Bust my balls, please,” and waited patiently for her to do so.


Jill decided to kick them from behind so they couldn’t anticipate the blows, and she teased them a bit first by just running her pink socked foot up the inside of their legs, and then just tapping their sacks. This made both of them shiver. When they were fully aroused from this, she laid into their groins. Hard kicks to their balls. With the arch, the toes, the heel. Everything she had.


Gary grunted at each impact, his bigger ball receiving most of the kicks, but Val didn’t even move. He just smirked, his eyes closed as Jill’s pink foot slammed into his hard little eggs over and over. However it was going to take more than that to get a response out of Val.


Jill stopped kicking and reached through their legs to yank on their sacks. She pulled and pulled and pulled, squeezed their eggs as she did so. She really did try to yank their balls off, but she just wasn’t that strong, so she circled to the front. True to male form, both guys had rock-hard dicks, and Jill was glad they were enjoying it too. She told them to sit down and spread their legs for her.


Then she retrieved two child-height wooden stools from her play-room, and placed them between their legs. Neither had to be told what to do. They willingly placed their own testicles onto the hard wooden surface so she could stand on them. They were both excited, and their cocks were dripping cum.


Jill did indeed step up onto their manhood’s, one at a time, and began bouncing, as if their nuts were a trampoline. She bounced around mashing their gonads into the hard wooden surface, but in both cases the men held her steady as she did. They certainly didn’t want her to hurt herself!


After a while of jumping, she took the stools away, and had all the men (naturally Tony didn’t want to be left out) get into her most favorite position - on their backs, legs pulled towards their heads and their arms hooked under their knees. Now she had three vulnerable sets of sacks hanging there, totally open to her.


She ran up between her father’s legs and kicked his nut as hard as she could. Then she got between Val’s legs and did knee drops down onto his hard pebbles. “Oh, yeah that was great. Oh yeah” he said, yelling.


Then she ran to Gary and kneeled in front of him. She grabbed his normal size nut (which was more sensitive) and squeezed it as hard as she could. Gary ululated in the back of his throat, but didn’t resist or try to stop her in any way. Jill’s little hands squeezed and squeezed just to watch Gary make funny faces. Nothing was more satisfying than to see these males completely at her mercy, and willingly let her make them sterile.


Next, she moved on to Ol’ Bessy. It was the largest testicle she’d ever seen up till now, and she gathered it in her hands. First she just squeezed it from behind, and rubbed it with her face. Even though Gary hadn’t made good use of it in years, it seemed so warm to her, so virile, so alive. Then she licked it all over with her little pink tongue and sucked on it a bit, hoping this would cause at least some pain. She even tried to bite into it, but it was just too big, and all she could do was leave a few dents. However, the more she mouthed the oversized organ, the more she couldn’t wait to actually eat it. It sure was gonna taste good!


Eventually she dropped it, and began to simply smack Gary between the legs with the flat of her hand. For some reason, boy’s always shuddered when she did this to them, and they usually made a weird keening noise in the backs of their throats. She found it immensely enjoyable, and she spent a while smacking Gary as hard as she could. Then she tried smacking Val in the nuts too but he only said, “Oh yeah, Oh yeah. Harder. Harder!!!” That was discouraging, so she soon moved onto her father.


She stood above him, waiting for his natural encouragement, waiting for him to make the experience pleasurable for her. Tony bounced his butt a bit, so that his swollen testicle bounced and quivered in its sack like jelly. He really did want to make it as inviting a target as possible. Finally, he looked at her from between his knees and said, “Go ahead and hurt me, sweetie. You know my nut is always yours,” Jill smiled happily, and grasping his socked feet for stability started pounding his ball into his pelvis.


Jill knew her father’s testicle so well. The way the curve of it fit so well in the arch of her foot when she stepped on it. The way its springy flesh kept bouncing back for more abuse. The way it rolled around and squished between her toes. It was like her best friend. It was her security blanked, and it was the center of her ball-busting universe. She simply couldn’t wait to take it from him.


Tony couldn’t wait for her to bust his berry, either. An agonizing ache throughout his whole abdomen his constant companion now, and it would be a relief to finally be castrated. But, he wouldn’t trade even a second of the bruising, the swelling or the aching if it meant that Jill was happy even for second. Tony gratefully accepted every punt of her pink foot.


Naturally, Gary and Val wanted in on the action too, and actually slapped their own balls to get her attention. So, she went back to kicking them, plus some punching, more slapping, and finally squeezing. She was like a kid in a candy shop. So many nuts to crush!


She tried especially hard to squeeze the sperm out of Val’s two walnuts, but try as she might, their solid centers just seemed implacable. So, she had an idea. Even if they were immune to regular pain, perhaps they would respond to the elements.


Jill had them all get up, and then she told her dad she wanted Val to straddle the arms of the two couches and to be secured. Shortly thereafter, Val was tied up, his naked testes were dangling between the two couches, swinging freely in air and waiting to be tortured.


While he was being positioned, Jill had gone and got some ice cubes, two cups, and the hottest water she could get from the tap. She assembled the liquids, and came back into the living room. She smiled at Val, while he wondered what was going to happen. Then she just walked up and dunked his nuts into the ice water. Val made a sharp intake of his breath. She held the cup there until she knew his nuts ached but were not yet numb, then she quickly switched to the near-boiling water in the other cup. Val yelped and then groaned loudly. The ache in his balls deepened.


Then, before he could get use to the heat, it was back to the stinging cold one. Back and forth she went, until he wasn’t saying “Harder” or “Oh yeah!” but rather “ Please stop, please stop, PLEASE!” Jill just smiled. She knew, from experience with her father, that Val now had an ache worse than any broken tooth, worse than any sports injury, and which extended deep into his abdomen. She was delighted. The water torture wouldn’t pop his balls, of course, but at least it was lots of fun!


Now that his balls were softened up, and prepped with pain, she smacked his little balls as hard as she could. Val was reduced to whimpering pile of jelly in a matter of minutes. However, Tony interrupted her play-time, recommending they start softening up Gary’s nut so it could be burst. She reluctantly left Val, still tied up, to focus on Ol’ Bessy. Tony got some twine and wrapped it around Gary’s scrotum. Then he wrapped it around Ol’ Bessy, and made the testicle stand out as it never had before. The big pinkish-red ball just pulsed there, waiting to be tenderized, and Jill said she wanted to soften it up first by using her knee on it.

Gary sank to his knees almost reverently, as if he were about to receive Holy Communion, and let Tony kneel behind him to pin his arms out of the way. Then, while his hard cock waved around, flinging droplets of cum everywhere, Jill brought her knee cap up into his bulbous testicle as hard as she could. She kneed him over and over. WHAM WHAM WHAM. She really did do her best to soften up his big egg, trying to drive her little thigh into, and through, its fertile flesh.


Tony could only marvel at has his daughter’s stamina. He watched her jam her leg between Gary’s spread ones for at least13 minutes – never slowing, doing her level best to make it mushy. Tony felt for sure that his little daughter would some day be a star athlete, or at the very least, a notorious ball crusher.

Jill reached down at regular intervals to check on the ball’s integrity. It was definitely getting soft. She backed up and took 16 running kicks to the swollen agate. She reached down to feel it again. Now it felt almost liquid, inside its tight skin. It was ripe and ready to explode.


“Daddy, I think it’s ready. It’s getting really soft in the center.” Jill clapped excitedly, “This will be so much fun!”


“Of course, sweetie,” replied Tony. “Let’s get him to the dinning room table.”


Gary, despite some disorientation from all the ball busting, seemed eager to lose the nut, too, and with Tony’s help lurched into the kitchen. Tony left him to set his sack on the table, and went to rouse Val so he could help with the proceedings. Together, Tony and Val lifted Jill onto the sturdy table, and then took their positions – Tony under the table to stabilize Gary’s legs, and Val to pin Gary’s arms behind him. Although Val had castrated many animals before, he’d never watched a guy get nutted, nor had he seen a testicle explode. He was nearly as excited as Jill to see Ol’ Bessy self-destruct.


Gary was groaning in pain, but still wanted everyone to know he was enjoying himself.


“Thank goodness I’m going to be rid of it,” he said, out loud. “I hope it makes a noise we can all hear, then I’ll know it’s finally gone.” Gary seemed a bit punch drunk, but otherwise cheerful about the situation. He looked down at the big testicle that was lying flat on the table. “Bye Bessy, Don’t let the door hit you in the butt. You’ll make this little girl far happier than you ever made me, and you’d better taste good, too damn-it-all!”


Everyone laughed at this, and Jill began her work by untying the ball so there was room in the scrotum for it to explode. She slipped off her pink socks so her feet would feel naked ball flesh, and she then assessed what she saw before her. Gary looked like he was having a spiritual experience, a mild grin on his lips. His dick was as stiff as a pole and had that glossy look about its head, being smeared with semen, and the guest honor, his huge kidney bean of a testicle was patiently waiting for her.  Jill looked into Gary’s eyes and smiled. He nodded his head, “Go for it, Jill,” he said, giving her a tremulous smile.


Jill decided to first kick that hard dick of his, and she stabilized herself by holding onto the top of Gary’s head. She took careful aim and punted him straight in the cock, causing it to bury itself in his stomach. Over and over she kicked his rigid pole, savoring the slapping sound it made and watched it start to bruise. It also started to leak more and more cum, and when the flow had increased to a steady dribble, she decided to move onto the main event.


She stepped up onto his ball with both feet, and bounced on her heels. First just light bounces, feeling the springy reproductive flesh support her weight, and then higher and higher until her heels started to leave the surface his gonad. They were coming down so hard on it that dents were forming in its fat center. Gary was moaning, but in sort giddy, ecstatic way. He also let out a pained chuckles whenever her heels penetrated especially deeply.


Jill kept ramping up her jumps until the dents in his ball were so deep it became unstable, and she nearly fell off.  Grabbing onto his huge cock saved her  (although it gave his penis a painful wrench and bruised its head), and she steadied herself, but Gary didn’t complain, he was just happy that she hadn’t gotten hurt, as was glad that his cock was there for her when she needed it.


Getting back to work, and knowing that the ball was close to popping, she took just one foot, and began to squish the ball like she was squishing a bug. She pivoted her foot back and forth hoping that would do the trick. The nut meat bowed and bent under her foot, but it didn’t give way.


In fact, it took one more stomp of her heel. Just one. She raised her foot, took careful aim at the gland’s dead-center, and slammed her heel into it The testicle exploded, and detonated inside its silky-soft pink pouch. The whole scrotum puffed up like a balloon filled with semen, and then deflated as the contents of his nut leaked out into the scrotum. Jill naturally continued to pound the remains, after pausing for everyone in the room had savored its destruction and registered the wet popping sound it had made. Gary started to shudder, and instead of his dick exploding with cum, it simply increased its volume of leaking until was a stead river, gushing and spreading out all over the table top.


Jill switched to hopping on the deflated contents with both feet, and it made such a wonderful squelching noise that she laughed out loud. It was like jumping on a pile of Jell-O, or a wad of that colored, gooey slime you could buy from toy dispensers at supermarkets. She could feel little bits of his sperm tubes still resisting her feet, and she jumped on those especially hard. These made further, but softer, bursting noises. Jill was immensely pleased.


After about five minutes of this, Gary passed out, and Jill stepped off. Tony let him sink to the ground and both he and Val groped Gary’s scrotum - Tony wanting to make sure his daughter had extracted every last ounce of pleasure from the testis, and Val to start planning his operation. The cords were intact, and there seemed to be remarkably little swelling, so Val got a bowl, a sharp knife, and a cigarette lighter.


While Tony and Jill watched, he placed the bowl under Gary’s sac and slit it open, letting Gary’s seed spill out. It filled the entire bowl, and looked like vanilla pudding. Val found the cord attaching it and with a flick of his wrist, separated the two. Then he cauterized the whole thing with the lighter. With some fine thread he sewed the scrotum back together, and slathered it all with Neosporin.


“All done. Nothing to it.” said Val. “He’ll be fine in a day or two.” Val ran some camphor under Gary’s nose to bring him back and they all heard him groan.


“How you feelin’?” asked Val.


Gary actually smiled, though his eyes were still closed, “Awesome. I feel free for the first time in my life. That thing was a menace to society. ‘The Ball That Ate Chicago’. Now it’s gonna be eaten.” He chuckled groggily, and so did everyone else.


Val helped his co-worker up and get dressed, while Tony cleaned up in the kitchen. Jill meanwhile was swirling Ol’ Bessy in its bowl, and was thinking about the upcoming feast she’d get tomorrow. Then she peeked through the door and noticed that Val was still naked, and while he was kneeling down to tie Gary’s shoes and not paying attention to his surroundings, Jill ran up behind him and gave him a solid kick to the balls. This one caught him off guard and he grunted.


“Open your legs to me,” demanded Jill. She knew the house rules. Whatever she wanted, Jill got.


Val stopped his tying and spread his knees wider, using one hand to keep his cock out of the way. Jill punted his danglers about twenty times, each time hoping to pop at least one. The adrenaline behind her kicks made Val groan loudly, but try as she might, she just couldn’t soften those balls of his.


Eventually she did give up, but not before reaching down under his crack and slapping the little things from behind. She noted satisfactorily that his tough frame twitched a lot at this, his taut abs rippling with each smack.


“Have a good night,” she said finally. “I need to go to bed now. Come back soon!” and with that, Jill skipped off to bed, while Tony saw his guests out to the car.


“You up for getting your other ball kicked by Jill,” asked Tony as they stood outside.


Gary grunted ascent. “I’m already over-the-hill. What do I need balls for? Tell her is she can pop my left one, I’ll get her a year’s supply of Oreos.” Gary grinned weakly, and Tony smiled back.


“Yeah,” said Val, “Let’s make it every Friday night. Sure a lot more fun than sitting at home drinking beer. Bye!”


As they drove off, Tony was pleased at Jill’s expanding harem. Now for the next member.


While Tony was tucking Jill into bed, she was gentle squeezing both his cock and his ball, and she said, “Daddy, I wish I had more nuts to play with. Will you get me some more?”


“I’m working on it, sweetie. Did you remember to brush your teeth?”


“Yes. And I used the washcloth on my face.”


“Did you get behind your ears?”


“I did.”


“Good,” said Tony. “You have a big day tomorrow. I want you at least as clean as those cows.”


“Daddy, how will I get to play with their balls? They’re so big, and I’m so small. They might hurt me.”


“Oh, don’t worry. They’ll be kept sill for you. There’s a gate that closes around their head, and their legs will be tied to posts. You can do anything you want to their balls. They’ll be hanging there, just for you.”


“Ok.” Jill turned her head and went to sleep, but for Tony, it generated an idea. Once his own nut was busted, Jill would be home alone, more often, and she’d need something to protect her. Time to get Jill a companion.


Six days later, on Friday, while Jill was at a friends’ house, Tony visited an ex-army buddy of his, Dr. Jameson. Jameson was one of those handsome, hearty types who could walk over a landmine and come out the other side unscathed. After the army, he went on to become a locally famous veterinary surgeon, running a hospital, a wildlife sanctuary and an animal shelter all at once.


Tony drove up the shelter, and there was blond, blue eyed Jim waiting for him, as solid, handsome and sturdy as ever. They shook hands and then Tony described what he was looking for.


“So, you want a big dog, un-neutered who’s good with children? I see. What is he going to be doing?” asked Jim as they toured the facility.


“I want him to protect my daughter, and to provide company, and . . . to let her play with his balls.” Tony, for the first time, was a little nervous about bringing up the subject.


Jim, surprisingly, was unphased by this. After being in the Marines, nothing surprised him. “OK. So, it has to be good with children, and trainable. How do you plan to train and discipline it?”


“Well, Jill’s rather fond of going for the balls, so I thought maybe we could train it to actually enjoy getting kicked there.” Tony was still nervous.


Jim stopped and rubbed his square jaw with one hand, thinking. Then he said, “Actually, that’s not as difficult as it sounds, and I have just the dog. I think I should have an active hand in its training, though. What we need to do is get the dog to see ball pain as normal, and the only way to do that is to let him see a human receiving it. Tell you what, I’ll come over and your daughter can beat my balls while the dog watches. Then he’ll know what to expect.”


Tony relaxed, and was mildly amazed at his own good fortune. Who knew so many men were into getting nutted? Jim led him to a kennel in a far corner of the shelter, and introduced him to Sasha, a mixed Akita and Basenji with a smooth coat and beautiful white and orange coloration. The dog put its two front paws on the chain fence, and climbed up halfway to smell the newcomer. This let Sasha show off his two big pink balls hanging down between his legs. His balls were so hairless and pink that they looked almost human. They were big, too. The dog had an inquisitive but innocent expression, and was obviously good natured.


“Perfect,” said Tony, as he let the dog smell his hand.


“Yeah, he’s a well-trained dog, and we were going to turn him in to a Seeing Eye dog, but I think this is a better use. I’ll bring him over tomorrow, and we can begin the training.”


“You sure about getting your nuts busted?” asked Tony. “My daughter’s pretty experienced at it. She might do some damage to you. She’s actually popped a few.”


“Hmm, that’s interesting,” commented Jim, and paused a second to think about it.

“Naw, it’s all good. My wife say’s I’m too horny all the time anyways, and she always seems to have a headache. I’m tired of not getting off, and she’s tired of me trying to mount her while she’s asleep.” He waved his hand dismissively. “You’re daughter can do what she wants with me.”


Tony grinned. ‘Better and better,’ he thought to himself.


“Ok,” said Tony. “Well I’ll see you tomorrow at noon. Be sure to shave your sack, I don’t like Jill playing with hairy balls, and she’s a take-charge kind of girl, so don’t be surprised.”


Jim laughed. “No worries. Do you remember sergeant Bilks? I never told anyone, but one time I forgot to make my bed. He took me in his office, ordered me to strip, and then kneed me in the nuts about fifty times. Man it hurt so bad, and I think he got off on it, so getting from a girl couldn’t possibly be worse than that.” They both laughed. They began to reminisce about their army days, and each shared several stories about getting racked or hit in the nuts. By the end, they were in hysterics.


“This one time, Billy was doing pushups while I was holding his feet, and one foot slipped right into my balls! I dropped him, and he fell on HIS nuts. It was great.”


“That’s nothing,” countered Tony, “Sid, that stocky football player, was cleaning his rifle, and as I walked passed it, he rammed the butt right into my jewels. I went down like a ton of bricks! Then the guy behind me, not noticing I’d fallen, walked right into me and booted my balls a second time. Ah man, it was horrible.”


“Ha!” exclaimed Jim, “I can top that. A bunch of us were taking a shower, and someone thought it would be fun to sack-tap all of us while we were naked. Then Jerry decided it would be fun to seriously hurt that half Asian guy, can’t remember his name. You know, the one we all hated. Anyways, we all ganged up on him, and held his legs open while Jerry hit him in the balls, oh, about fifty times. Jerry pasted those little Asian balls like he was trying to make peanut butter outta them, and the guy actually started begging Jerry to just pop them so the pain would stop. It was brilliant.” They both laughed. “I don’t think he ever came again,” added Jim with a chuckle.


“Ah. Good times,” said Tony wistfully, as they continued to chat until late evening. Then, Tony drove home.


The next morning, after he’d waited in his socks for Jill to play with his ball, he told her about the new dog, and vet friend who was going to train it for her. While she lay under him and punched his nut, she asked for more information.


“I want you *oof to be safe, sweetie. We’re going to *oof train the dog to let you play with and bust his balls, and he’s going to keep guard, so I won’t have to *oof worry about your safety.”


Jill started pulling on his egg. “And what about the man?”


Tony tried to keep his balance, his socks slipping on the floor slightly. “He’s an army friend *ungh. He’s happy to let you hurt him, and that’s how we’re *groan going to train the dog. See, another pair of nuts for you.”


“Yippeeee!” yelled Jill. She stood up on her bed, bounced around on it for a few moments, and then took a running kick to her dad’s last testicle. This knocked him backwards, and he fell on his bound hands. Jill jumped off the bed, and landed right in his groin with her feet, squishing his trapped nut. Not for the first time, Tony silently wished she’d just pop him and get it over with, but out loud he said, “Do you want me to spread them wider for you, sweetie?”


Jill said, “Yes!”, and they spent another hour of ball busting fun before Jill undid his handcuffs and went to take a bath.


At noon, Jim and the dog arrived. As soon as Jill opened the door, Sasha rushed forwards and began to lick his new mistress’s hand. It was love at first sight. Jill squealed and began to pet the handsome dog all over. Naturally she went to look under him to see what kind of equipment he had, and she loved how big and unfurry his balls where. Sasha, it turned out, was a natural at ball submission, and immediately sat down to let Jill play with his balls. He seemed to like it


“Well, miss Jill, you seemed to have discovered the new friend I’ve brought you. I’m Jim Jameson, and I’m going to help you train him. I understand you’ve become quite a ball-busting expert.” Jim was already taking off his cloths. It wasn’t that he’d been told to, but the atmosphere in the house, combined with the fact that Tony was mostly naked, just made it seem right. He unzipped his leather jacket, unbuttoned his dress shirt, undid his belt, shrugged off his shoes, and finally pulled down his cotton boxers. Now he was a match for Tony, except that his white socks looked newer and he was far more muscular and ripped than her father. He obviously worked out all the time.


“Now,” he said, “I’m going to get down on all fours like the dog, and I want you to tell the dog to ‘watch’. He already knows what that means, and he’ll try to learn whatever you show him. He’s a bright lad.” Tony patted the dog’s head, and then got down on all fours and spread his back legs slightly, making room for his own droopy balls to swing heavily.


Jill stopped petting the dog, and took off her own shoes, revealing baby blue socks that matched her blue-flower dress. Then she told the dog to “Sit” and then


“Watch”. Sasha cocked his head at his new owner, and then looked at her expectantly.


“Ok. Now,” said Jim, “I want you to clearly and distinctly say ‘Submit’ and then bring your foot as hard up into my testicles as you can.” He put his head down, waiting for her. Jill smiled at having another man to submit to her, and when she did say “Submit” it was meant for Jim even more than it was for the dog. Jill kicked the new man as hard between the legs as she could.


“Good, again,” said Jim after grunting


“Submit!” A second kick, her toes squishing his fat orbs deep into his perineum.


Jim coughed. “Again.” Jill obliged.


This went on for some time, while both Sasha and Tony watched. The dog seemed intrigued, rather than scared, and Jim seemed turned on by the kicks, because he’d taken one hand off the floor to stroke his dick. It was already dripping.


“OK.” Huffed Jim, who rose to his knees, “I think that’s enough of that position. Sasha, come!” Jim motioned for the dog to come over, and Jim offered the dog his own nuts to examine. That way, Sasha it could see the state they were in, then said, “Submit, Sasha.” The smart dog looked at him for a moment, and then turned around and spread his back legs to Jim.


“Good boy!” he exclaimed to the dog, patting it again. “Now, sit!”


The dog turned around, and went back to watching.


“OK, Jill. Now I’m gonna lay on my back, and you say ‘Spread’ clearly and distinctly. Go ahead and kick and stomp my nuts like you’re trying to turn them to mush.”


“I can really destroy your balls too?” asked Jill with innocent wistfulness.


“Oh, I think so. This is really quite fun, and I’ve always wanted to see how much my balls can take.” He laid down on his back, and motioned for Jill to stand at his feet. He started stroking his dick and let Jill follow his instructions.


“Spread!” she said loudly. Jim obediently spread his legs as wide as they could go. His ball sack dropped between his legs, and Jill confidently stepped up to it. She kicked those two roly-poly orbs for all she was worth, interjecting “Spread” before each one. His years in the Marines had made Jim both tough and kinky, and he seemed to be getting off pretending to be Jill’s ball-busting pet. Jill noticed this too as her victim accepted her foot over and over, and kept stroking himself.


Finally he groaned for her to stop. Jill took the lead and called Sasha over. “Come!” She said commandingly. She took the dog over so he could reexamine Jim’s swollen baby-makers and then told the dog to “Spread!”. The dog’s tongue lolled with a smile, and then obligingly dropped to his back and spread his legs so she had access to his huge pink balls. Jill experimented with a light punt to them, and the dog, instead of yelping or barking or even jumping up let out a soft, crooning noise. He obviously liked pleasing Jill. She punted him again. He enjoyed it and panted happily. ‘This is going to work’ thought Tony.


Jim had watched this, and congratulated Jill. “You’ve done an excellent job. Now, just be clear with your orders at all times, and reward him with pleasure and treats each time he does the right thing.”


“And now that the training’s over, would you like practice your commands on me? I could use some more discipline. At least until I nut,” he said, smirking. Jim cupped his balls for Jill, offering them up for more torture. Jill smiled back.


“OK!” she said happily. Of course she would hurt him some more!


“Sit!” she ordered. Jim sat up, and his balls dropped to the carpet. Jill walked up and smooshed them under her heel. Jim kept jacking himself.


“Present!” Jim put his legs underneath him, and with a flexibility that was at odds with his football-player body, leaned backwards over his own legs and spread his knees. As his dick arched above them, his balls hung a ways off the floor, and Jill liked what she saw. She backed up a ways, took her aim, and then ran straight between his legs and nailed his nuts with her shin. The hard bone squished the organs into his pelvic bone. She stepped back and repeated the maneuver four, five, six times. Jim’s hand was a blur on his dick.


“Get on all fours!” Jim obliged, and soon was looking at Jill through his legs. He was ready for it. Jill took off her soft blue socks, so she could feel his raw eggs under her toes. Then she walked up to him.


“Do you deserve to be punished?” she demanded.

Jim groaned. “Yes, punish me. I’ve been bad. Make me hurt, bust my balls, Jill.”


Tony was watching this all in amusement.


“Do bad boy’s deserve to have balls?”


“No, take my balls from me,” he replied in a moan, following her lead in the heat of the moment.


“Who owns your balls?” said Jill as she reached from behind and grabbed them.


“You do (*gurggle). Take them. They’re yours”


Jill pressed her thumbs harder into them, making him groan even louder. “Tell me I can do anything I want with them!” She barked.


It came out as a gut-deep moan from his lips, “You’re in charge of my balls now. Pop them for me!”


Jill increased her squeezing until the ripe ball-flesh was oozing out from her fingers. His testicles were ballooning in her grip and she could feel into the very heart of his nuts. Were she a little bit stronger, she probably could have popped them right then and there, but she wasn’t and all she could do was torture him. She gathered up more of scrotum so she could pinch the tubes behind the balls, and as the  urgency of his cries and the frequency of his jacking reached a climax, he gave a cry that sounded like a animal in ecstatic pain -  Jim’s cum spurted out, spraying the carpet. Out it gushed, one sticky stream after another, but Jill didn’t relent her squeezing. She was determined to punish him good!


Jim’s face fell to the floor, and he just started to moan softly. The part of him that wasn’t in afterglow-pain wondered how such a little girl’s hands could feel like vices.


Jill dropped his balls. Then she kicked them. Once. He grunted. She slapped the dangling things. He let out an “oof”. Then, seeing that he was done, she just shoved his big bubble butt with both hands. He fell completely forward.


Jill clapped excitedly. “Did I do good?” she asked both of them.


Jim mumbled. “Oh yeah. That was great.”


Tony smiled at his daughter. “I think Jim will make a great pet for you. Why don’t we let him get dressed and we can have dinner?”


So, Jill had added two more sacks to her lineup of punching bags.


Tony’s final addition to the list was a new baby-sitter for Jill. It had to be someone as caring and giving as himself, protective, compliant, willing to offer up his livelihood to Jill, and finally someone who would put Jill’s needs before his own. A tall order, but so far Tony had only experienced success.


The answer came when Tony was at the gym. It was his only real hobby, after ball busting. When he wasn’t at home with Jill or on a construction site, he was pumping iron, swimming, playing racket ball or running laps. A set of balls is only as good as the body that frames them, after all.


While he was changing, he noticed a quiet, handsome guy with brown hair, soft green eyes, and a gentle demeanor changing over in the corner. Tony had seen him before, and knew that he worked with the physically handicapped, was currently single and didn’t mind painful sex – gyms were actually a close knit group and everyone knew the gossip of everyone else. What else was there to talk about on the treadmills?


It was also rumored he’d either lost his wife, his kids or both to some tragic accident, and Tony felt that he might just fit the bill. Tony made sure he went to the same fitness block as the young guy, and eventually struck up a conversation. His name was Keith and he lived very close to Tony. An hour later, Tony left with Keith as at least an acquaintance. Tony timed his next visit to the gym to coincide with Keith’s, and it was only a few weeks before they were close friends. Eventually the subject of Jill came up naturally.


“Yeah, I lost my daughter in a fire. The preschool she was at burned down. She was the only one who died. Five years ago.”


“I’m so sorry. I have a little girl too, Jill. She’s a handful, but sweet.” replied Tony.


“What does she look like?” Keith’s clear green eyes looked pained.


Tony got out a picture from his back pocket.


“God damn. She’s the spitting image of my daughter. What’s she like?”


Tony smiled and launched into a subdued version of Jill’s activities.


Keith nodded. “Cindy liked to play rough, too. We’d wrestle, play hoops, play dodge ball, soccer, baseball. I can’t tell you how many times I got hit in the balls. Geeze.” He chuckled sadly. “It’s been so long.”


“Well. If it’s nut-checks you’re looking for, why don’t you come on over and visit. Jill would love to play rough with you, and it would probably do you good to spend time with children again. Come on. Give it a try.”


“I . . I . . “ Keith sighed. “Ok. Tell me when.”


“How about this Thursday. I’ll tell Jill. She’ll be thrilled.”


“Alright. See you then.”


Jill was thrilled, and when Tony told her something about her new potential baby-sitter, she was moved. She was determined to make Keith feel better. When he showed up, Jill answered the door as she always did. There stood Keith, looking a bit shy and awkward.


Jill looked at him too, and then gently held out her hand to lead him inside.


“You must be Jill. My name is Keith. I, uh, came over to see if you wanted to play.” Keith took her hand, and followed the little blond into the living room. She pulled on his hand until he was forced to sink to his knees. But, she didn’t kick him or hit him. Instead she gave him a fierce hug and kissed his cheek. Keith’s eyes swelled up with tears.


“Thank you,” he stammered.


“You’ll feel better.” Said Jill, confidently. “I promise. You’ll be my special friend.” Jill then took him by the hand, and showed him around the house. She introduced him to Sasha who licked Keith’s hand enthusiastically and seemed thoroughly pleased to see him.


“Where’s your father?” asked Keith. “I don’t see him here.”


“Oh, he said we should have some alone time together. I think he’s at the gym.”


“Oh. Ok.” Said Keith, wondering what they were going to do.


“How about we go outside and play?” asked Jill.


“Oh, All right,” Keith perked up at this.


“I think we should play soccer, but I don’t have very good aim. Sometimes the ball hurts people if I miss.” Jill looked worried and concerned for him.


“Oh,” chuckled Keith. “My little Cindy used to peg me in the face or the stomach or the nuts all the time. You’ll be OK.”


Jill smiled too. “Ok. Let’s go play.”


Soon they were having a grand time, tossing the football around, kicking it back and forth, and Jill did indeed slam the ball into his stomach and his groin, but Keith just laughed. He was so thrilled to have a little playmate again.


Then they switched to some baseball. Jill wasn’t a very good shot, and Keith wasn’t the best catcher, so at one point she drove the ball right into his groin as he was squatting to catch it.


While he was on the ground holding himself, Jill went over and gently pried his hands away from him and softly rubbed his crotch. Keith actually sighed and relaxed, letting this darling little girl sooth his throbbing, aching manhood.


As it was getting dark they shot some hoops with the basketball, and there was no doubt in either of their minds that this should happen again.


When they finally went inside, and Jill thanked him, Keith promised to come over again so they could play. He even teased her, “And you can peg me in the nuts again,” smiling broadly. Jill giggled.


Keith left in the best mood he’d had in years, and on Monday, he came over again. Tony was again absent, and they played outside, and then afterwards played some board games. This went on for two weeks, until their relationship broke through to a new level.


They had just finished playing Clue, and Jill asked him if he’d like to watch a movie with her. He agreed and they watched Police Academy, which was one of Jill’s favorite movies because it had so many nut-shots in it. Jill was sitting on his lap when a particularly good scene came up, and when it did, Keith laughed. “That’s what you do to me all the time. Do you like seeing that?”


Instead of replying, Jill simply turned and gently cupped his cheek with her hand, looking into his eyes. She looked deeply into them for a few minutes, showing how much she cared, and finally asked. “Can I  . . . see them? Your balls I mean?”


Keith didn’t answer for a long moment, and then he nodded silently, the movie now completely forgotten


Still looking into his eyes, Jill slid down his legs, and undid his shoes. She then gently undid the button holding his pants together and slowly unzipped his fly. Her gaze never waiver from him, and as she tried to pull of his pants Keith found himself helping her. Something in him had broken loose, and he couldn’t get his pants off fast enough. Together they pulled off his tight speedos, and now Jill knelt between his legs while he sat on the couch. Gently she reached out to cup his gonads and softly rolled them around in their gossamer-thin sack. They were nicely sized, as was his dick, and he began to shudder as chills coursed through her body. He didn’t resist at all. He let Jill do whatever she wanted.


Jill, however, just gently played with his equipment until he was fully aroused, and then just suddenly stopped and helped him get his cloths back on. She kissed his cheek and hopped back onto his lap to finish watching the movie. She was now sitting on his rock-hard dick, and it remained hard throughout the rest of the movie, pulsing against Jill through his pants.


The whole event moved Keith deeply, and the next couple of times he came over, after Jill hugged him, she would unzip his fly, pull his pants half –down and just gently fondle him, sometimes rubbing her soft cheek against his dangling objects. Conversely, their sports playing became more intense. Jill seemed to really like it when she pegged Keith between the legs, and one day he just asked her outright, “Do you like it when I get hit there, Jill? Do you like nailing my nuts?”

Jill smiled. “I get to hit lots of guys there. My daddy lets me hit him between the legs all the time.” She went up and touched his cheek. “They’re the most beautiful things in the world to me.” She boldly reached down into the running shorts he was wearing and gently squeezed his two balls. “These are yours, and I like that they made Cindy for you.”


“Cindy misses you,” continued Jill, gently brushing the side his face. “I know that she wants you to be happy.”


All Keith could do is look into her eyes, and tears again began to form. “Would, would you like to have them?” he stuttered. Tears started streaming down his cheeks.


“Yes,” said Jill simply.


“Ok”, he said, he was now almost crying. “They’re all yours.” He wiped he nose on his shirt. “Cindy would have wanted it that way. My balls are yours, Jill.” Somehow, Keith knew he was handing his manhood over to someone who might rupture them beyond repair, but he didn’t care. Jill was now his little girl as much as she was Tony’s and he was ready to do anything to make her happy. And, to make himself happy as well. This had been the best three weeks of his life.

Jill kissed his other cheek, and hugged him tight.  Then she said, “You should be naked when you come over and play, from now on, so I can seem them all the time.” She squeezed his balls firmly, now that they belonged to her, and then said, “Stand up.”


“Ok.” Keith sniffed loudly. He stood up. Jill gently pulled down his shorts, and then his Speedos, getting them off and over his shoes and socks. Then, she kissed each of his balls and the tip of his dick, her soft little lips sending tingles up his spine. Finally she hugged his torso fiercely, squeezing herself against his groin. She looked up. “I love you, Keith. I love you and your balls.” Keith just held her too him.


From then on Keith was unreservedly hers, and surprisingly unabashed at playing outside and walking around inside in someone else’s house with nothing on but his tennis shoes and some socks, and play time changed to Jill’s versions of sports.


Soccer was now a game where Keith stood still while Jill punted the ball into his naked nuts while he kept his hands on his head and out of the way. Baseball involved Keith bending over, with his back to her, and letting his balls hang down low in their sack while Jill hit the ball as hard as she could through his legs to splatter them. Basketball became a contest to see how many shots Keith could either make or miss while Jill either hit or squeezed his balls, and when he missed, she got to suck his balls as hard as she could, usually making him fall to his knees in abject, vulnerable pain. Meanwhile, his testicles had begun to swell and stretch from Jill’s attention’s, and looked bigger and bigger each time he came over.


At one point, Jill passed along a key to him, and said he could come over any time he wanted. At the gym, Tony and Keith discussed the whole reality of ball busting, and Keith was immensely moved at how many guys were in love with little Jill. He accepted the house hold rules gladly, wanting any chance to spend time with her, and when Tony talked about the testicles she’d already burst and ball crushing in general, Keith just shook his head and gave a melancholy smile. “My balls mean nothing to me, now. I lost everything in that fire, and now with Jill, I’ve got it all back. She can have all of me, whatever that means and whatever the cost. I’m your daughter’s, to do with me she as she will.”


 Tony smiled at his own endless good fortune, and just accepted his daughter’s ability to make everyone fall in love with her.


Jill’s life was now filled with people to play with, to watch over her and to make her happy. She had Keith to baby-sit her all the time. She had Val and Gary to testicle torture every Friday night. Jim was available most weekends for ball busting, and finally there was her father and Sasha, who made them available for nut-games 24/7. But Jill was getting bored, and decided that, as it was the end of August, it was time to nut Josh and Paul.


On a warm Friday evening, Tony set up a big domed tent in the back yard, and called the two boys to come over. The arrived, stripped as usual, and sat down. Tony told that Jill was taking a bath and getting ready for the sleep-over. As they were about to lose their balls, Tony felt they should have something special and got them each a beer. He sat down, and they all talked and reminisced about ball busting, and how much the loved it.


“Remember that time she squeezed mine between the door hinge? God that was intense. I would have passed out of the door hadn’t kept me up,” said Paul, laughing.


“Yeah. Or how about the time she took us both into the bathroom, had us straddle the tub-ledge and then made us drop right onto our nuts. Man that hurt,” commented Josh enthusiastically.


“I think that best, though,” said Paul, “Was when she had us get up on the highest parallel bar, you know, that metal one, with our nut between us and the bar, and then she hung on our legs, and we were pulled down onto our own nut. Man, I thought my jewel was gonna pop right then and there. I could feel it squishing on that bar. I never knew I weighed enough to bust my own balls.” Josh laughed too.


“Fuck yeah. She hung on my legs forEVER. You know, she feels a lot heaver when your ball is being crushed on metal. I’m pretty sure my ball warped permanently from damn bar. Thank god it didn’t burst though, before she was ready for it.” Both boys agreed at that.


On the whole, Paul and Josh agreed that their experience had been great. Jill had made them all so happy, and added such spice to their lives. And tonight, they were willingly going to give everything they had left to her.


When Jill was spruced up, Tony said good night to them, and added that everything had been prepared. Jill and the boys went out to the tent, and ducked inside. There they found sleeping bags, lots of pillows, food, a deck of cards, sodas, ropes and handcuffs for tying up the boys (if needed), clamps and vices for torturing their nuts, as well as a home-made electric shocking device (hooked up to a car battery), and finally lots of board games for them to play. Jill was excited beyond words.


They sat down and started to play. The first thing they played was a modified form of poker. It was simplified for Jill’s sake, but the important part was when one of the boys said, “Hit me!”, so that Jill could hit them, right in their naked testicles. Jill won all the hands (or they just let her), and whichever boy had the worst hand gladly got on his knees and spread them. Jill obligingly kicked between them.


“Oh yeahh!” they said, or “FUCK YEAH!” “or HIT ME!!!” “Or god DAMN that’s sweet”. Since they were about to lose their last ball, they’d stopped caring how much noise they made or about controlling their reactions. It was time to just rip loose and let Jill give them her best.


Next they played Chutes and Ladders. Whenever the boys had to move down a chute to a lower number, she’d slap their nuts as hard as she could that many times. When she when down a chute, she instead got to pick any number that was higher than either of their current positions, and then actually kick their balls that number of times.


After that, they settled down into a long game of Monopoly. Jill was naturally the banker. All withdrawals by Josh and Paul required equity in their nuts. They had to punch or squeeze their own bollocks until Jill was satisfied. No pain, no dough. And not only did she fine them money when they passed through her property, but they had to stand up and count out rock crushing kicks to their goolies for each house that she had on the square. Even though it was only midnight, the boys were aching, sweating, and leaking precum like crazy, but Jill seemed to have endless stamina, and the night continued.


Next they played a game of Disney Trivial Pursuits, and this time, instead of hurting them, Jill humiliated them. She knew all the answers of course, she loved Disney, but being guys, Josh and Paul missed most of the questions. Whoever got a question wrong had to suck the other guy’s dick, swallowing his precum, and then suckle on his balls. Even though it was kind of gross to them, they loved degrading themselves for her. And they realized that this was the last sex they’d probably ever get to have, so what-the-hell. Just to up the anti, Jill started making them beg the other boy if he could suck his cock and gush how much he loved the taste of it.


The last board game they played Operation. Tony, being the handy man and electrician extraordinary, had created a new cavity, the balls area, with two tiny orbs to take out. Jill hooked up the car battery to the boy’s single nuts, and whenever they couldn’t take out the appropriate organ and it buzzed, Jill shocked their balls. And whenever SHE got the “balls” card, she turned on the electrocution for as long as she felt like it, not even bothering to extract the organs. The boys were shrieking, and their lone testicles were squirming in their sacks, as if trying to escape from the horrible current.


Next Jill switched to a simple game of Animal, Vegetable and Mineral. She had the boys lay down, and put each testicle in a vice. She thought of the item, and then they had to guess what it was. Each incorrect guess brought a turn of the screw. On the very first round, the boys were sweating and moaning in a matter of minutes. Their nut flesh was squeezed out from the sides of the vice, and the insides of their balls were being tenderized. This, of course, was exactly what Jill wanted. Balls needed to be softened before they were popped, it was just common sense.


Both managed to get the answer right in the first round, and they played a number of sessions, before Jill began to get sleepy. But, before things wound down, they played one more game, and this was a cruel, made-up one.


Basically Jill would make up a tongue twister, and while she sucked in their testicles and squeezed it between her teeth, they had to say the rhyme 20-times-fast. If they messed up at all, they had to start over. After four rhymes, their testicles were starting to liquidize inside, and they were moaning their limericks as Jill sucked on their nut.


But, as children are want to do, Jill suddenly became really tired, and made the two boys crawl into the sleeping bags with her, turn off the lights, and let her go to sleep. She lay across both their bodies, weighing them down, and putting the bony parts of her weight directly on their groins. Jill drifting off to sleep, squeezing their manhood’s as she did so. The fact that she was laying on top of them, plus their pain, meant they couldn’t jack off to relieve the pressure in their nuts. Instead, both boys were in forced to lay there in torturous agony and exquisite ecstasy.


Jill had never actually intended to pop their balls that night. Instead, she would do it in the morning. With her dad, she’d found it caused more pain to him when he was half asleep, early in the morning. Not only would these boys be more vulnerable, but they’d have blue balls from not cumming. It would be perfect.


Dawn came, bright and cold, and Jill awoke. She was still lying across their muscular, sexy teenage bodies, and they’d obviously passed out from the heady mixture of pain and fatigue. She quietly pulled back the covers and got up to stand between them. Jill was insulated from the cold - she had her warm pajamas and fluffy pink socks to keep her warm, but the boys were not. They shivered in their sleep.


Before her lay two willing, helpless, handsome young men, and she was going to nut them. She was going to scramble their eggs, and then actually eat them for breakfast. In the last month, she’d developed a taste for testicles, and she couldn’t wait to have the glands fried up with some eggs. She patiently waited for each one of them to spread their legs a little bit more, unconsciously in their sleep. Then, she stepped between Josh’s legs.


WHAM. Josh curled up into a ball, and moaned loudly. Then between Paul’s younger legs.


WHAM. Paul woke up with a start and clutched her foot while she squished his testicle underneath it.


Jill turned demanding. “Get on all fours”. She kicked them again, so they’d get a move-on.


“Beg me to kick you, you bad boys!!”


Josh groaned again, and after rubbing his cock vigorously to wake himself up and gather some enthusiasm, said in a husky voice, “You’re my mistress, Jill. Kick me between the ball until I beg you to take it from me.”


Paul was on all fours giggling in a giddy, anticipatory way. “Jill I want you to kick me so hard they can hear me in China. Look,” he said as he gazed at his already erect cock. “I’ve never leaked cum this early in the morning, before! This is so cool.”


SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. Jill busted Josh, softening the ball so it was crushable.


SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. Paul’s one testicle flattened under her foot.


This went on until she was satisfied that they’d pop easily. She pulled off her fuzzy socks, and got ready to do the deed. Now was the moment.


“Lay on your backs!” Both of them did so.


“Spread them RIGHT NOW!”


They spread their legs so wide that Josh’s right leg overlapped and intertwined with Paul’s left leg. Next Jill place small wooden pedestal-cups which Tony had created for this exact occasion, under each ball. The cups had slight indentations so the testicles wouldn’t roll off, but would provide a hard enough surface to pop them on.



“Now,” she said, “I want you to hold each other’s hands.”

“Why?” asked the boys.


She kicked them each in the balls for their insolence. “Because it’s cute,” she said, smiling and twirling in place.


Reluctantly, they did so.


“Can we jack off while you pop them?” asked Paul groggily. His youthful penis was pulsing on its own - eager to please Jill, but to also release its pent up juice from last night. Josh’s bigger penis was doing the same.


“NO! You’re gonna use the other hand to stabilize the cups.” Both boys grumbled, but complied. After all, she was the one in charge of their balls, not them. They were just here to give her pleasure.


“OK. Paul, you got to go first last time, so I’m going to pop Josh’s first,” she said as she position herself between Josh’s legs. She put her bare flesh against his naked, swollen testicle, and let it rest there, lightly.


“Say you want me to pop it, Josh.” Jill waited, letting him feel her foot on his ball.


“Say it. Make me want to crush your little nut.” Jill waited while Josh mustered the strength to reply.


“Oh god,” he groaned, his head arched back. “I’ve waited for this for months now, Jill. My ball feels like road-kill. I’ve let you kick it, squeeze it, hit it, hang by it, and I’ve loved you for every minute of it. Even when I threw up or felt like passing out, you owned my nut. I’ve had the sweetest and deepest ache that a man can ever have, and it’s made me hard for three months straight. My nut’s been waiting for it.  So, go ahead.” His head thrashed some more and another moan escaped his lips.  “Splatter my ball all over the tent, Jill. Don’t make me wait, anymore. Do it. DO IT!” He now really was begging her to pulverize his remaining manhood. The look of need and anticipation of losing his last nut was all the encouragement Jill needed.


“OK.” she said, smiling, and began to twist her foot on his testicle. She was going to pop it, for sure. Harder and harder the pressure bore down on his ball. She could feel it start to leek out and split at the seams. There was a soft squishing noise, and the beleaguered ball spontaneously leaked its contents out, spreading under her foot. She kept twisting the ruptured nut until she could feel the very heart of his ball give way. It made another squishing sound, and Josh’s body spasmed over and over. The pinkish cum dribbling out of his dick started making rivulets down his cock, and it was obviously coming from deep with the ball that she’d just ruined. It was the last of his ability to make babies, and Jill was determined to take it away totally. With one hand she reached down and jacked the spurting member, while squishing his last ball even harder. All that would she was going to leave of his manhood would be jelly.


Josh looked like he was having an epileptic seizure, and kept spasming in time with the spurts of cum, but there was no stopping Jill. She just kept squished out every last drop of sperm.


Five minutes later, Josh was shivering, exhausted and in incredible agony. The sperm gushing from his dick-slit lessened to a stream, and then a dribble and finally the last small doses that spurted out were an even mixture of blood and jizz. Josh gave one last gurgling sound in the back of his throat and then passed out.


Meanwhile Paul, who was kneading his own nut and slapping it lightly, was immensely turned on, watching his ball busting buddy get neutered, and was eagerly anticipating his own nutting. He was next. Whoopee!


As she stepped between his legs, Paul reached out and gently took her right foot. He lifted it up to his lips, and lovingly kissed her toes, the arch of her foot, licked the underside of it and nuzzled his face against it. This was the foot she was planning to emasculate him with, and he wanted her to know how much he adored it, and her. Jill watched happily as he did this. Naturally she agreed that her foot was worthy of worship, and wiggled the toes just to tease him.

Instead of letting go of the foot, he placed it reverently on his own testicle, and he started talking. He didn’t have to be told to submit, he wanted to submit.


“Jill, I know I’ll never be able to make babies or jack off again. Hell, I probably won’t even have an erection again, but I can’t think of any better way of saying ‘I love you’ than to give my last ball to you. I actually sort of wish I had a third one for you to pop. But I don’t so all I can say is . . . . . . . . go ahead. It’s yours.”


Jill was about to place her foot on his ball like she had with Josh, but Paul suddenly spoke again, “Wait, don’t!” Jill stopped, in surprise. Was he suddenly afraid to be castrated? How odd.


“Jill, I know you could just step on my ball until it pops or stomp it ‘til it gives, and this little cup thingy would be dead handy for that, but wouldn’t you rather have my ball in your mouth when it explodes? I mean, you’ve never had that happen before, right? Imagine this nut,” which he cupped for her, his offering, his manhood, “being testicle-paste in your mouth. Wouldn’t you like to chew on it to feel it explode? You’re going to be eating it for breakfast anyways, and I really want to feel it in your mouth when it bursts. Please Jill, take my ball by eating it. Could you do that? For me  . . . .Please?”


Jill cocked her head to the side, looking at Paul, her foot hovering just an inch above his ball. A mischievous smile spread across her face.


“OK. Stand up so I can kick it first.”


Paul gratefully stood up. He put his hands behind his head and spread those muscular teenage legs for her. His dick was stiff-as-a-board, his lone testicle was bloated, shiny and red, and Paul was aching for her to obliterate it.


“No, turn around. I don’t want you to see me.” Paul smiled to himself, he knew she did this to prevent him from reflexively protect his nut. Around he turned.


WHAM. Her pretty little foot squashed the testicle almost flat. SPLAT, again she drove her toes into his plum. WHACK WHACK WHACK. Jill delivered kicks to Paul that would down an ordinary man, but thanks to three months of conditioning, his ball merely softened up.


Eventually he sank to his knees, and couldn’t take any more kicks.


Jill roughly pulled his hands behind him, away from his groin, and tied them together, then she pushed him on his side and then his back, and tied his feet to the tent ribs. Now he couldn’t go anywhere, nor could he shield himself from her.

She got down in between his split legs and roughly handled his ball for a while. She popped it this way, and that. She squeezed it, feeling its insides squish around. He felt it too, and could see his ball meat warp and distort, unable to spring back into shape. It was now like a bean-bag filled with gel. He was holding his breath, hoping and waiting, for the moment she would suck it into her mouth.

‘Clearly my ball’s useless for anything but popping anyways,’ he thought to himself ‘I’ve probably been sterile for months, now.’


Clearly the only one who was going to get any enjoyment out of it now was Jill.

“Please pop it in your mouth, Jill. Please,” groaned Paul, out loud.


“OK.” Jill placed the huge gonad in her mouth sucked it in. It filled her entire mouth, and holding his scrotum still, began to chew on it. While she did this she also rammed her fist into his rock-hard dick. Like Josh, it began to leak more and more cum.


Her cute little molars bit down on the testicle, pushing its tight sheath to the limits of their capacity. The dam was about to burst, the ball was about to go. Inside his head, Paul was imagining that Jill was actually eating his nut, and he was nearly raving with excitement and pain, The most beautiful girl in the world was about to ingest his manhood, raw, in a heated moment of sexual frenzy. And as he felt it go, there was one pristine moment, where his heart ached as much as his ball. One supreme moment of emotional bliss where everything he could ever have imagined came true. They both knew his testicle was about to rupture. And then  . . . it did.


Jill felt the ball squeeze out between her teeth explode into her mouth, puffing out her cheeks and filling her entire mouth with spermy goo. Paul screamed and screamed and screamed. He didn’t want too, it just happened that way. Jill chewed on the remains and then swallowed the whole thing. ‘Raw testicle was much more interesting than cooked,’ she thought, even though it wasn’t nearly as big or filling as the ones she’d eaten a while back.


Jill swallowed and Paul bucked his hips wildly. Jill then began to chew on his spermatic cords. More convulsions and whining from Paul. It wasn’t too long before he fainted, and Jill got up. She brushed herself off, put her cute little pink socks back on, and skipped into the house, so her father could remove Josh’s nut sack and serve it up for her to eat. ‘I think I’ll spread it on some toast,’ she decided.


And so, Paul and Josh lost their places in Jill’s entourage. But, they still loved her so deeply that they recruited their own replacements. A thin redhead named Alex was more than willing to take Paul’s place, and he started coming over to get nutted, while Josh found a beefy football player, from his own high school, who desperately wanted to have his balls condition so he’d be tougher in games.


Now, all that was left was her father.


It was the end of the summer, Jill was due to go back to school in a week, and she and Keith were outside playing. Tonight the game was peek-a-ball. Keith had put on some jockey shorts that were about five sizes too small and they played dodge ball. Whenever a testicle popped out from his white pouch from jumping around, Keith had to stand still, and Jill would get a free toss directly into his nut. If both balls popped out, she got to run up and either punch them or kick them, whichever she preferred. Then Keith would stuff them back inside, and they’d continue.


“Oh, there’s one,” said Jill, pointing. Keith’s left testicle had indeed slipped from its restraints.


“Cool!” Keith spread his legs and let her slam the pink rubber ball right into it. The hit from the ball caused the other nut to pop out. Now Jill got to kick or hit them both!


“Go for it!” said Keith, with enthusiasm. He spread his legs wider.


Jill aimed and punched his separated testicles several times. They jiggled and bounced, and Keith just smiled broadly as she did so. ‘Who knew my little eggs could be such a great toy?’ he thought.


Sasha, who was playing with them also, saw the ball punching going on, and not wanted to be left out of the game, lay on his back and spread them open for Jill.  She took the opportunity to reach down and squeeze the dog’s bollocks as hard as she could. They felt just right in her hand, and the dog crooned as she pressed hard against them.


In the distance, Keith and Jill both heard the phone ring, and Tony, who was in the house, answered it.


A while later he came out. He had a big, but slightly sad smile. “Jill, guess what?”


“What, daddy?” as she paused, ready to throw the ball at Keith’s exposed right testis.


Tony looked at them both for a few seconds, letting the surprise build, and then said, “You’re about to have a baby brother!!!” He grinned.


Jill stood there for a moment and then her eyes grew wide. She was so happy that she’d been moved to tears. Now her father was going to give up his last nut to her, and when her brother was old enough, he could give her his too.


Jill ran to her father and they hugged for a few moments. Then, Keith started clapping, while Sasha, sensing that something good had happened started barking.


“I think this calls for a celebration?” said Keith. Tony agreed that they should celebrate, and what better way than to have Jill hurt them some more?


Keith and Tony got on their hands and feet, their legs spread, and Sasha followed suit. Jill happily ran between the three males as they let her kick their privates. It was a happy night. They ended the evening by watching Alice In Wonderland together, and whenever Alice changed size, or the white rabbit appeared, Jill got to hit any set of testicles in range. She got in one really good hit to Keith’s nuts the first time the White Rabbit said, “I’m late, I’m late, I’m late for an important date!” Keith actually fell off the couch and started laughing and dry heaving all at the same time, which merged into a sort of throaty cough. When he’d caught his breath, he just looked up at Jill with a pained smile and said, “Man, that was intense. Thanks Jill!”


As Tony tucked Jill into bed, that night, he asked her how she wanted to ruin his nut and destroy his sex life forever. Jill thought about it for a while. She finally told him it would be a surprise, and all he’d have to do is set up some equipment. Tony agreed and said she should castrate him tomorrow. Jill smiled and nodded happily.


Then he added, “Do you want daddy to pleasure himself before you burst it, or should I be aching?”


“Oh, you mean you can make it hurt even more?”


“Of course. I can stay up all night jacking off, but I won’t cum, and then when you do pop it, I’ll be that much happier to see it go.”


Jill agreed instantly, and that night, Tony lay on his bed, stroking to lesbian porn but always stopping just before release. By daybreak he was both exhausted and horny, with a case of blue-ball(s) almost unheard of. He couldn’t WAIT for her to pop it for him.


Bright and early, before Jill awoke, Tony went to the barber shop and got a buzz cut. Then he came back home and shaved his head smooth. He also shaved every other part of his body. It seemed sacrilegious to have Jill burst his ball with anything but an immaculately clean body.


One might expect that every hour leading up to the main even would be filled with testicle torture, but in fact the two of them just spent a quite day, enjoying each other’s company. They showered together, and Jill got to explore all of her father’s smooth body, squeezing things, pinching things, pulling on his water-softened scrotum, and watching him stroke a bit for her. They watched TV, ate lunch, read some books. Throughout it all, Jill would be squeezing or playing with the doomed ball.


Sometime after noon, Tony suggested they take a nap, and the two of them lay down on Tony’s bed, side by side, naked, with Jill wrapped in her father’s strong arms, his newly soft and smooth skin touching hers.


“Daddy, will you still love me when I’ve burst your ball?”


“Of course,” he added sleepily. “You’re my little girl. You can do anything you want to me. Always.” They rested for a long while, and the only ball busting that day was when Jill woke up from the nap -  just a few, well aimed slaps to his soft, vulnerable ball to wake him up, which it did. They ate dinner and watched another movie.


Six o’clock arrived, and Tony said they’d better do it.


“Are you excited to castrate me?” asked Tony with a smile


“Yes, Daddy. I’m going to splatter it all over the walls!”


Then Jill told him what he had to do. Tony was to set up a vice, mounted on a block, in his bedroom, and he was to place the vice between his legs and clamp it behind his ball. Then he was to lay there, and wait patiently for her.


When the vice and Tony were in place, Tony’s ball was completely stationary and exposed for torture. He reasoned that she could step on it, hit it, drop something heavy on it, or smash it with something. He hope it would be the last one, since that might be quicker. He waited and waited, and then heard something being lugged down the stairs. Thump, Thump, Thump. Then he heard Jill dragging something into his bedroom. She finally came around the corner, dragging something. It was his old set of golf clubs. She set it down, and huffed and puffed. They were heavy for little girl like her. Tony asked if she was OK.


“I’m OK, Daddy. I just wanted to bring down the whole set to find one your ball couldn’t stand up to.”

“Of course.” It was pretty obvious what she was going to do, and Tony felt relieved. A quick end to his manhood would be delightful.


As Jill decided which iron to destroy his nut with, she asked her father some questions.


“Will I get to hit my new brother’s ball?”


“Of course, but not until he’s old enough to cum.”


“How long is that?” She was testing the size of the heads to see which one had the most weight and surface area.


“Oh, about thirteen years.”


Jill turned and pulled a sad face.


“Don’t worry, sweetie, I know there are lots of boys out there who would drop their pants for you in a second. I promise you, you won’t be bored.”


Jill was mollified, and went back to examining the bag. “When will he come to us, and what’s his name going to be?


“Well, I was thinking of calling him Tony Jr. That way you could think of all our happy times together whenever he was around, and he’ll be coming in about nine months.”


“Why that long?” Jill extracted the four-iron. It was just perfect.


“That’s how long it takes for babies to grow.”


“Oh, OK. Well.” Jill got between his spread legs and raised the club up over her head. She smile happily. “Say good by to your big nut, Daddy.”


Tony was perversely reminded of Kathy Bates in Misery. But then he immediately realized, no, this wasn’t a psycho about to hit him with a sledgehammer, this was his daughter, who loved him, and who was about to release him from the burdens of sexuality. He was actually proud of her.


Tony smirked, remembering Paul’s first nutting. “Goodbye, big nut!” he said, waving down at his forlorn ball. Tony wasn’t afraid; he was willing and eager for this to happen. It was the logical and inevitable ending to this summer’s activities, and what a small sacrifice a nut was, for someone as wonderful as Jill.


Then he looked up at the head of the golf club. Tony realized he’d never seen the potential of it for doing such damage to man. Then again, testicles were a very delicate part of the body, and only someone as clever and inventive as Jill would see its potential. The cold steel gleamed in the morning light.


Jill was watching her father’s face, and when his eyes met hers, she began her downward stroke, as that was what she’d been waiting for. In the split second before it connected with his trapped ball, Tony thought with irony that if Jill were only a little older and more experienced she’d yell “FOUR”. The rock hard iron head connected with his baby maker, and the whole thing exploded with one big SPLAT.


Tony’s testicle did indeed splatter all over the room, landing on the bed, the chair, the armoire, the ceiling, all four walls, Jill, himself. Testicle cream was everywhere. Tony didn’t even make a sound. The enormity of the situation was too much for him to process. It literally took his breath away. All he could do was look down at the scrotal crater where his ball used to be. Then he passed out with a gurgling sigh.


Jill was delighted. She dipped her finger into the molten sperm that was on his stomach, and licked. “Oh daddy,” she said to him, not realized he was out cold. “You taste so good!”


*   *  *


A week later the recovered Tony was showing around a Mexican cleaning crew who were going to clean up his room. The fellow he was talking to was a young, light skinned, muscular guy. Naturally the cleaner asked what all the yellow stuff was on the walls.


“Oh, well, my daughter likes to pop testicles. That’s my baby-batter you’re looking at.”


The young guy’s face turned first to astonishment and then interested.


“I’ve always wanted to get nutted by a girl. Mexican girls are too timid for that sort of thing. Tell you what,” he said leaning in to whisper conspiratorially, “I’ll do this job for free if you get her to kick me in the cahones.”


Tony smiled, and took him by the shoulder. “Tell me, do you shave your nuts?”

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