Monday, June 24, 2013

Volley Balls (f/mmmmm) - repost

Volley Balls


The crowd was going wild.

          “Give me an ‘H’!”


Cindy shook her ass at the crowd.

          “Give me an ‘I’!”


Her pompoms shot into the air.

          “Give me a ‘G’!”


Cindy bent over and let her ample breasts jiggle at the crowds both in front of her and behind her, spreading her legs into a wide “V” so everyone got a good look.


“Give me an ‘H’! What’s that stand for?????? HIGH FIVE. WOOOOOOOOOO!” Up went one pompom and fancy knees-closed jump as she high fived an imaginary player.


The current game was almost over, and as usual, High Top’s volleyball team, the “High Five,” were exhibiting their usual suckage. The opposing team had scored 6 points with well-placed spikes, they had an unbeatable defense, with every block being turned into a set that was then blasted a hair’s breadth over the net to some part of the court where the H5’s just happened to not be. It was a disaster. And, as usual, Coach Broderick was not amused.


As he was gazing over at Cindy trying to convince the audience not to jeer at his players, he watched her do an incredible front kick. Her shapely leg did a perfect snap, stopping just inches from her nose, her panty clad crotch scissoring open to flash everyone in range. Suddenly, the coach had an idea. ‘I bet that leg could crack Brazil nuts. Hmmmm.’


After the game had finished, and Cindy was in the corner of the court stretching to cool down, Mr. Broderick walked over and started a conversation with her.


“Cindy, I’ve seen you a lot lately, shaking your caboose for the team. It’s a real inspiration. And, you do it very well.  You obviously take school pride seriously.”


Cindy’s blond pony tail twitched a bit as she did the splits and leaned over her own legs. “Yup, that’s right Coach.”


“And,” he continued, “I bet you’ve noticed our players are complete crap.”


“Yep, noticed that too.” Cindy was now so close to the floor that her D cup tits were ballooning out to the sides.


Coach cleared his throat. “I think I may have a plan to correct our volleyball team’s loosing streak. It seems to me we could make use of that powerhouse kick of yours to, uh, ‘motivate’ our team to do better. What do you say we give it a try?”


Now Cindy looked up. “What kind of motivation could I possibly provide?”


Coach tapped his nose theatrically. “First, let me ask you a question. Have you ever had self-defense training?”


Cindy went back to stretching. “Sure, my dad’s a cop. I’ve trained a bunch of times on dummies and stuff.”


“I see. And,” continued the Coach, “were you trained to kick a man in the balls to get away from him?”


“Hell yeah!” answered Cindy. “One good kick to the pubes and bye-bye rapist. I destroyed three dummies with my bare feet.”


Coach smiled. “Well, how would you feel about using some of that expertise on some of my less-than-enthusiastic team members. Strictly in private, of course. I mean, I wouldn’t want the PTA to hear about it. Or administration, either. But just you and that kick of yours to inspire a little . . . discipline . . . in my boys.“ His voice trailed off as he let the gist of his plan sink in.


Cindy looked up, and gazed at him with her crystal blue eyes. Slowly a sort of wicked and conspiratorial smile crept across her lips beautiful, baby-pink lips. “You mean you want me to splatter those guy’s balls so they’ll play better?” The smile got bigger. “Huh. Yeah. I guess I’d be down for that, as long as no one else found out about it.” Cindy worked herself into another position and kept stretching, her tight wool cardigan breathing as she breathed, her chest moving in and out, breasts straining at their confines. “Count me in,” she concluded.


“Good. Meet me in the locker room in fifteen minutes.”


“Whatever,” was the muffled reply.


Fifteen minutes later, the five boys came out of the shower, clad in only white towels to see Cindy, probably the sexiest girl in the whole school, smirking at them as she stood next to Coach Broderick, her arms folded. All five of them became immediately nervous, since girls were never allowed into the boy’s locker-room. Complete embarrassment was what each one was obviously experiencing.


“Boys, this is Miss Lane, and I’ve brought her in as a . . . consultant to help me manage our year-long loosing streak.” There was some quite muttering and shuffling as the teenagers looked at their own feet.


“Exactly!” exclaimed their Coach, his voice rising. “I’m tired of every team in the tri-state area kicking our lily-white asses in less than an hour. You lot are a bunch of panty waisted pussy’s who couldn’t spike a drink, let alone the god damn ball!!!”


“But Coach , we are in Oregon, and if you’d, you know, let us get ‘high’ before the game, it might help,” offered Jared jokingly. The guys all laughed nervously, but Cindy just looked disgusted, and Coache’s face turned purple.


“Shut it!” yelled Coach. “Our athletics teams have been a model of personal achievement for over two decades. Don’t even think about bringing drugs in. Do you think Miss Lane, here, would approve?” All Cindy did was scowl at them, her beautiful blond, braided hair twitching slight as she shook her head in disgust.


“Now,” he continued, calming slightly, “I’ve invited Miss Lane to give you all some inspirational motivation, which I think you’ll come to . . . appreciate. And when I mean appreciate, I mean learn to do anything to avoid.”


“First,” he said, “from now on, you will do whatever she says. Second, she will attend all our meetings and you will undress and dress in front of her as if she were one of us. And third, all your balls now belong to her!”


There was a small gasp, and Clay’s towel partially slipped, his flaccid cock and droopy balls flashing the Coach and Cindy. He scrambled to cover himself. Otherwise, no one said a word.


Finally Aiden, who had had a huge crush on Cindy all his life, and who was wondering what it meant to have his balls belong to her muttered, “What do you mean, Coach?”


“I mean, you brainless idiot, that those dangling things you cup in your hand each day as you jack off are now going to be in Miss Lane’s care to punish, punch and break in the hope that MAYBE, just maybe, I’ll see that trophy cup in my office sometime before I die.”


“You mmmmean,” stuttered Gary, “She, she’s gonna kkkkick us in the nuts?”


Coach walked up to them, seething with menace, and hovered an inch before the frightened boy’s face. “You got a problem with that, cream puff?”


“Nnn, no,” he stuttered in reply.


“And how about the rest of you cock-knockers? Got a problem with getting the shit kicked out of your ball sacks?”


All five of them moaned slightly, and a mumbled “no” was barely audible.


“Good!” Coach Broderick pivoted on one heel, and returned to stand by Cindy, who all this time had been enjoying the embarrassment of the team members, and kept smirking as they all kept unconsciously make sure the knots holding their towels on stayed tight.


“Now, first things first. Take your towels off. Let Miss Lane see you pathetic excuses for manhoods. Come on, don’t make me pull ‘em off.” Reluctantly, all the boys dropped their towels. Coach was secretly relieved to see they were all too nervous to be sexually excited at this point. However, he guessed that even if they did start sporting wood, Cindy’s brutal busting would cause sufficient deflation.


“Excellent. It’s my dinner time,” he said, looking down at his watch, “so I’m going to leave you in the capable hands of Miss Lane, here. I’ll see you all tomorrow. And,” he paused in the door frame, looking back, “I hope you will have learned something.” Coach left the room, and walked to his car, smiling to himself, and whistling a pleasant tune.


“Well,” said Cindy, “now that we’re alone together   . . .” She gracefully, slowly unbraided her hair, to let it fall loose to drape around her shoulders. Strands of purest gold framed her perfect face, spilling behind her, and floated down into her cleavage.


 “FIRST,” she said, forcefully, “I’m going to lay down some ground rules. I’m here to  . . . inspire you, and you are going to make me enjoy it. You will say ‘yes princess’ or ‘no princess’ when I ask you a question. You will thank me every time I bust your little balls, and you will on no accounts touch me. Am I understood?”


There was some hesitant nodding. Quicker than the speed of thought, Cindy’s leg lashed out and caught Derek square in the plums. “I said, AM I UNDERSTOOD!!?”

“Yes princess,” they all said in terror. Derek just groaned from his position on the floor.


“What was that? It didn’t sound like either a ‘thank you’ or a ‘yes princess’ to me.” Cindy kicked Derek right in the head, making him reach up to clutch it instead of his bruised balls, and then Cindy kicked open his legs and slammed her foot into them, grinding the toe of her shoe directly into his squishy nuts.


“What do you say??” she asked. She punted his gonads a third time, giving him time to appreciate the business end of her foot.


“Thank you princess!” squealed Derek, hoping she’d stop.


Cindy smiled sweetly at his quivering form and patted his head. “That’s a good boy. Now,” she said, standing up, “I think we need to focus on this team’s spirit and pride. Do you all want to win?”


“Yes princess,” replied everyone but Gary. He had a serious look on his face and was obviously about to offer an opinion.


“Well, I tttthink that we ssssshould try too . . . “ he began. WHAM, Cindy’s shoe caught him squarely in the left nut.


“OH MY GOD,” he yelled, and crumpled into a heap, convinced his left testicle had just exploded.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that,” said Cindy with a big smile on her face. She bent down, fished one of Gary’s ballsies from between his hands, and began squeezing as hard as she could. Cindy’s faces had a sweet, gentle cast to it as she asked, “What was that you were going to thank me for?” Cindy squeezed harder, Gary’s nut-meat squishing helplessly between her fingers.


“Tttthhhhaannk you ppppriinccesss,” he managed.


“I thought that’s what you said.” She gave the ball an extra vicious crush and then resumed her pacing up and down in front of them.


“A real team has ‘team spirit’. Everyone pulling together to be more than the sum of their parts. Everyone being on the same page, everyone making . . . “she said thoughtfully, as she paced in front of them.


Then she stopped and smirked,  “ . . .sacrifices. You lot suck donkey balls. I’m going to make you feel team spirit even if I have to break every one of your pathetic little testes in the process.” She stopped to give them her sweet, endearing smile.  Even in the dim light, her pure white teach sparkled in between her moist lips, glistening with pink lip-gloss.


“And, in order to do that, I’m going to push you to succeed. I’m going to toughen you up, and make you regret you ever decided to lose even a SINGLE game. Now, what’s our school cheer? Does anyone remember it?”


“I do,” said Aiden softly, raising his hand, hoping to get a right answer, but also thinking to get some attention from Cindy. He succeeded. Cindy did a perfect crouch, pivot and side step kick right into the groin that his raised hand had just left unprotected. The kick sent Aiden tumbling back in a heap as he tried to fall and curl up into a ball at the same time. “Thank you, princess” he squeaked.


“As I was saying, our school cheer is ‘We’re the highest, we’re the best, come and put us too the test! Right?”


“Yes princess” they all said, instinctively covering their crotches.


“And so, we’re going to spend the next 20 minutes practicing. While you’re achieving a higher state of ‘spirit-ual’ consciousness, I’m going to be doing one of two things. I’m either going to be pulverizing your family jewels or I’m going to be jacking you off. If you falter in your cheering even once during either, I’m going to give you double punishment. If any of you falter twice, I’m going to triple the punishment, and if any of you wimps fail me three times, I’m going to crush one of your balls into a squishy paste. I’ll splatter that thing all over the floor. When the janitor comes in tomorrow morning, he’s going to wonder what that tan goo is covering the locker doors, and it will be the inside of your nuts. See this?”


Cindy did her perfect scissor kick, her shapely right leg snapping up and right up to her own face. “This leg alone could pulverize your meager sex lives in one kick. It’s not like any of you are getting snatch anyways, and besides,” she paused to look at them, with a large, sweet smile and shrugging her shoulders, ”what do you each need two balls for, when one is good enough? Now,” she said, her smile turning cruel. “Does that sound all sound like a good plan to you?”


She got nothing put panic stricken looks from all five of them. She raised a hand to her delicate and perfectly shaped ear, “I must be going deaf . . . “


“Yes, princess.” It came out as almost a moan from all five. Whether it was the prospect of being half castrated or having the most popular, beautiful girl in the school touch their dicks, she wasn’t quite sure.


“Good. Now, I’ve never felt a man’s nuts squish between my toes before. The most I’ve ever enjoyed were neuticles on a mannequin, so I’m going to do this in my socks. This damned floor is too cold to go bare-foot.” Cindy bent over a bench, giving them all a generous eyeful of her cassavas as they jiggled slightly, and watched her remove her shoes. As her melons bulged over one knee, stretching the fabric of her too-small-sports-bra and cardigan, laces were untied, the tongues delicately loosened, and out slipped her feet, each wrapped in soft, pastel pink socks, complete with tiny matching pompoms at the back; perfect for cushioning a talented cheerleader like her from the unforgiving gym floor. She wiggled her toes in relief from the stricture of her cramped shoes.


“That’s better,” she said brightly. “Ok. Now, I want you to all turn around and put your hands behind your backs.”


The boys shuffled around sullenly. They all heard some bags being unzipped. Then they each felt her tie their hands together tightly with what felt like terrycloth belts, and put a blindfold over their eyes. When she’d done them all in turn, she said, “O.K., now turn around and spread your legs.  C’mon, wide! I mean WIDE. Did you HEAR ME YOU NADLESS WONDERS??? I SAID WIDE!!!!!!!”


“Tsk, tsk. You just don’t listen, do you Clay!” Cindy quickly reached between the boy’s legs, grabbed his soft sack and yanked down as hard as she could. His abdomen headed towards the floor with it. Cindy let go of his wounded pride, stepped forward and then slammed her knee straight up into his groin, causing his balls to squish into her thigh-bone as both they and their owner made a sudden course correction. She did this twice more: pull down, knee up, yank down, splatter up, until he was whimpering pitifully, his thighs clenched around her knee, trying to not puke.


“Clay,” She said, stepping back after the last knee blast, “Spread your legs          W I D E.”


With tears running down his face, Clay obeyed like his life depended on it, and nearly toppled forwards.


“See boys, he can learn! You all can! Hurray!” Cindy did a jump out of pure habit.


“However, before we start our cheering practice, naturally . . . we need to warm up. So, let’s see how well I can do.” In the line were Jared, Clay, Aiden, Gary and Derek, and Cindy started with Jared. She got close to him, and gently grasped his soft penis and began to stroke it, rubbing her petite hand along it. Naturally, he began to respond to the gentle hand-job, and she also gently cupped the balls she knew she’d be busting all too soon. She watched his cock inflate with mild interest. ‘Hmm, he’s a 7 ½ incher at least,’ she mused.


Once he was relaxed and hard, she moved on to Clay. Clay had spiky dirty blond hair, a slender but muscular build, and had shaved off his pubes. Cindy gently kneaded his testicles. Then, she bent down to breathe on his dick and carefully lifted it to lick the underside, rolling her tongue around the head.


Then, she began to gently jack him. His cock blossomed into healthy wood in less the six heartbeats, and it stood there, pulsing proudly as she let it go and moved on.


With Aiden, she merely began to rub his chest with her hands and lightly flicked her delicate pink tongue over each nipple, letting her thigh squeeze up against his pole. It rose out of his red bush to stand at attention, thrumming against her thigh. He moaned slightly as she kissed his lips, knowing he couldn’t see her do it. Aiden’s heart let out a silent moan, too. It was too much to contemplate that Cindy was this close, and yet still no nearer to being his girl. Her pleasuring was agony. Then, suddenly, she was gone.


Gary all this time had been wondering what was happening in the silence, and so was surprised to hear Cindy’s sultry voice in his ear. “See, I know what men respond to: mouths on their dicks and pain in their balls. Let’s see you stutter at this.”


Cindy slid her way down his chest, letting her pillowy breasts follow every curve of his fairly muscular chest, and upon reaching his equipment, sucked in his uncut dick like she was trying to swallow an ice-pop whole. She sucked and tongued his swelling member so much that the poor boy almost fainted as the blood rushed from one pole to the other.


His moaning became louder as his dick expanded in her mouth. Practiced in the art of cock-sucking (one of the perks of being on a first-name basis with the entire football team), she let it slide almost all the way down the back of her throat. ‘Mmm,’ she thought to herself, ‘He must be 9 inches, at least.’ Then she sighed, ‘It’s always the shy ones.’


Cindy lingered to service him until she was sure she could taste pre-cum dripping down the back of her throat, and then was gone, leaving Gary to whimper again. Now, of course, it was Derek’s turn.


Cindy knelt in front of him to put her face right in front of his junk, but didn’t immediately touch it. Instead she buried her face in the left side of his crotch, inhaling his scent and letting her soft cheek brush up against his naughty bits. She gently exhaled and rubbed her nose lightly against his pubes, making him shiver. And while her two hands gently slid up his inner thigh, causing him to shudder, she shifted her face to the right side of his crotch, and let her other cheek stimulate things while her nose dived into his cleavage. Needless to say, his whole body responded, and as she took his hardening dick in her right hand, she let her mouth come up under his swollen, dangling balls and sucked them in, gently, rolled them around in her mouth. While all this was happening, she found herself becoming horny, and with her free left hand, she pinched one nipple and then slid a hand down to rub her crotch, pressing hard over her clit.


Reluctant to end her own pleasure, she ended Derek’s session by standing up, balancing on one foot, and then letting her supple pink sock rub the underside of his cock and balls, gently lifting his nuts with her foot, and then letting it drop again. Up, and down. Lift and drop. It was amazingly sexy to watch his testicles roll across the top of her toes, stop in between the cleavage, each separate and distinct, and then tumble down the side, to swing free between his legs.


And now, the moment of truth. “So, now that were all motivated and, mmm, engaged,” (Cindy had slipped one hand underneath her tights to finger herself) “We’re now going to give it our all. Right?”


“Yes, princess!” they said with enthusiasm.


“So, do it. Together!”


All the boys began to recite their lines with as much enthusiasm as they could muster. “We’re the highest, we’re the best, come and put us too the test!”




“We’re the highest, we’re the best, come and put us too the test!”


Cindy walked up to Jared. She crouched down, took aim (with the hand that wasn’t inside her and smeared with her own juices), and began flicking just his larger left ball. Just flicking it, nothing else. Naturally his chanting faltered. “What was that, Jared?” she said, softly


“We’re the highest . . . “ he tried to go on, but Cindy kept flicking his testicle over and over, and his whole body tried to curl up to protect it.


“Stop!” The chanting stopped. “You losers just don’t get it. I can cheer better than you in my sleep. Jared here can’t even make it through a little ball flicking. Let me show you what failure means. Jared,” she asked, “would you like to sing soprano?” And with that, she punted him so hard in his nuts that his feet actually left the ground. The other boys heard a screech, followed by a sound reminiscent of a dying animal, followed by a dreadful crash.


“Excellent. I’m sure that made an impression.” Cindy chuckled at her own joke, and then looked down at her fuzzy pink socks to make sure she hadn’t ripped them.  Then she continued.


“Let’s try this again. START!” she barked.


Leaving Jared to his own devices, she moved to red-headed Aiden. As he yelled his lines, voice stressed with both anticipation and desire, she licked the tip of his dick and then sucked in just the head of his penis. His voice warbled. She sucked deeper. His voice cracked. She ran her tongue under the shaft while she swallowed it. It wasn’t long before he faltered altogether.


“Uh, oh,” she said, looking up. “I think someone needs to find their team spirit,” and sucked in his right ball. She put it between her teeth and began to squeeze down on it with her capped molars. Aiden resumed his chanting in a frantic, high-pitched voice, hoping she wouldn’t split his nut in half. His voice got higher and higher, and soon it was absolutely shrill.


Right when she felt he was going to fall over, she spit his ball out, and said, “Lets keep it up boys.” For her own amusement, and knowing they couldn’t see her, she stripped off her cardigan and bra so her breasts could hang free, and as she stepped back to watch them try and show their school pride, she pleasured herself, letting both hands kneed her swollen baby-feeders. They were slippery with sweat, and she made the most of it, twirling her fingers around her areolas, and sliding her hands to cup and then squeeze the slick, perfectly shaped mounds.


‘Hmm,’ she thought as she watched Jared successfully stand up straight and resume his cheering, ‘I wonder who I should torture next . . .?’ Aiden’s knees were quivering, but he’d managed to get back into the spirit of things. ‘I know,’ she concluded. Big dicked Gary should receive her attentions.


She walked up to him as he bellowed the cheer, and stopped just close enough to let her stiff nipples graze his skin. She said quietly into his right ear, “I’m naked, in front of you Gary. If you were more of a man, you might actually be able to get inside me. Would you like to prove yourself to me, Gary?”


Gary started to stutter, severely, over his lines. “I’ll let you suck on one of my breasts if you prove your manhood to me. Spread your legs willingly so I can knee your nuts, and I might let you lick my left tit.”


Cindy watched with amusement as she saw the boy struggle with all the conflicting instructions and desires. In the end, he spread his legs as far as they would go, still stuttering out the chant, and seemed to resign himself to her brutality.


“Good boy,” she whispered. WHAM. Her knee drove itself deep into his groin. It smashed his balls, bruised the hell out of his enormous dick, and practically knocked the wind out of him. WHAM, WHAM, WHAM. Three more deep ball-cracking lifts to his groin. His stuttering had turned into a moaning mumble.


“For shame, Gary. You can’t lead a cheer by mumbling your lines. Perhaps you need some more encouragement.” Cindy grabbed his now swollen balls, and not only squeezed them, but tried to press her thumbs deep into their centers. ‘Hmmm. I wonder if you can burst them doing this?’ she mused to herself.


Gary dropped to his knees, and fell over. He was in no state to continue.


“Too bad, Mr. Lame-ass. But you did try. Here, open your mouth. I’ll let you taste me.” Cindy inserted two fingers into her snatch, and let them slide around inside. Then slowly inserted them into his gaping mouth. Gary moaned and sucked on the glistening fingers, realized he was savoring the cunt-sap of the hottest girl in the school.


“Right, we’ll keep going,” said Cindy, standing up. Now her leotards were getting in the way of her enjoyment, and she stripped them off. Her panties, too. Really, with them all blindfolded, what did she need to have on except her luxuriant socks and their cute little pompoms?


Clay was next, obviously, so she moved in front of him. He smelled her perfume before he could even sense her presence, and flinched back instinctively, but she just circled around to stand first behind him, and then pressed herself against him from behind. She matched him from the back, her legs spread like his, her pussy pressing up against his ass crack. She raised his bound wrists so that were crossing his back, and then pinned them there with her cloud-soft breasts.


Reaching around him with her left arm, Cindy grasping his throbbing member, and reached around with her right arm to hover over his hanging balls. And she began.           A simple pumping of his cock, and staccato smack to his balls in time with his chanting. Pleasure, and pain. One coming in a smooth rhythm, the other coming in gut wrenching shock-waves. No relenting, no remorse, no mercy, to the rhythm of their unified heart beats, his aching cock, her beautiful breasts and his doomed balls, all pulsing in sync. BUT, his attention never waivered from reciting his cheer, and Cindy was rather impressed. But just to make sure. A step back from him, and SPLAT. The signature siscor kick straight up through the back of his legs, and right into the end-zone. Testicles were flattened against unyielding pelvic bones, and his cock immediately bruised from the power of her sexy, pink kick. He went down.


“Hmm, “ she said to all of them. “That just leaves Derek as the only one to test. Keep going. If he fails like the rest of you have, well, we’ll have some serious decisions to make.”


A moment of silent observation. ‘What do to, what to do’ Cindy pondered. She had to make sure he would that would fail utterly. His big fat balls would be particularly orgasmic to bust. But how to get him to fail? While he stood, shaking slightly, and reciting the school cheer at high speed, she circled him, letting him know she was close. Then she stopped to whisper in his ear from behind.


“Do you know that I’ve ruptured three pairs of fake nuts on test dummies? They exploded just like little water balloons. It would be such a treat to feel a pair of real ones pop.” She reached between his spread legs and gathered his balls in her hand and then squeezed. He squeaked a bit and then began reciting the chant even faster. Cindy began to not only squeeze his danglers, but also began to knead them between her fingers.


It didn’t take much imagination to sense how much pain it was causing in him. And it took no imagination on Cindy’s part to visualize a ‘squishy end’ to them. With her free hand she began to masturbate herself, never having had the chance to manhandle a pair of ripe balls before tonight. The more she squished, the more her hand pistoned between her own legs, silky and slick with moisture.


As expected, Derek began to falter and then completely lost the rhythm of his own cheer. His balls hurt so much that he dropped to his knees and just began to groan. Standing up, Cindy slammed her foot up, and into, his soft sack. Derek fell on his side.


“STOP,” she ordered. She gave them time to get over their agony and stand up again.


“This crew is utterly hopeless,” she said, finally. “In order to make my point, I’m going to have to resort to drastic measures. Since all of you failed my test, I’m going to make one of you volunteer a testicle to be pasted into mush. Making sacrifices is a core part of any team, and I assume that at least one of you must have the balls to volunteer one. Well???”


Cindy’s hands were now on her naked hips, scanning her pathetic trainees. To her surprise, it was Aiden who offered his ball to her. “I will, princess,” he said in a soft voice.


While Cindy had been working her terrorizing mojo on the boys and sexing up herself, somehow Aiden had known that she was naked and enjoying the proceedings. Perhaps it was the sound of her masturbation or perhaps it was the tangy smell of her gash. Either way, he knew what she’d been doing, and now, the only thing he wanted was to give her something to remember him by. Something special. Somehow, giving up his manhood to the only girl he’d ever had a crush on, since 6th grade in fact, seemed as bold statement of fidelity as he could make.


Aiden stepped forward out of the line. Feeling his way forwards and sideways to a nearby bench, he lowered himself until his crotch was almost level with it. Then, swinging his hips a bit, he flopped his big balls so that they were in a perfect position to be smashed to a pulp. Standing straight out of his red bush was his erection, pulsing slightly with anticipation of the event, its tip glistening with pre-cum. Then, he just waited, willing Cindy to appreciate the sacrifice he was about to make.


“Well, well, well,” said Cindy, smiling ironically. “So, little Aiden is the only man among you. You were always shadowing me on the playground, weren’t you? Does this mean you actually want me to crush that big egg of yours? Hmmm. Perhaps I should have Couch Broderick promote you to team captain. And Aiden, if you make me enjoy crushing your berry, I promise not to tell the whole school you’re now a one-nut-wonder.”


Cindy walked over to the bench, stood up on it, and then moved to stand over the ruddy red-headed boy, his close cropped hair standing at odd angles, moist with perspiration. She gently caressed his head, and even though he was sightless, Aiden lifted his head to look at where she was. He could smell the honey dripping between her legs, and he almost cried at the intensity of the situation – her about to emasculate him, and him wishing he could see her do it.


Cindy held his blind-folded face in her hands, and rubbed her soft pink sock over the whole of his scrotum, feeling his balls pop around underneath it. “What do we care about most, my little volleyball player?” The words came out with cruel tenderness.


Aiden moaned. “Winning, princess.” The voluptuous cheerleader placed her right foot over his larger left ball. There it rested, lightly.


“And how are we going to win?” Cindy put light pressure on the nugget, warming him to the coming pain.


“Team spirit, princess.” The pressure already took Aiden’s breath away. He was beginning to regret his decision. Who knew that such a small amount of pressure, from such a small, innocent looking foot, could create such agony?



“And how much to you want to suffer for the rest of your team?” Cindy began to place some formidable weight on his left testicle. She could feel it warp.


‘Hmmm, it feels bigger than I thought it would,’, she thought to herself, and she decided to dig her heel into the nutmeat and roll it around, cruelly.


“Ahhhh, unnnnggh. ,” warbled Aiden. “Anything to make us win, princess” he cried in desperation.


“And how much are willing to suffer for me?“ as she emphasized the word “me”, Cindy put all of her weight on the gland until there was a very soft squelching noise, and the testicle began to burst at its seams and squish out between her toes.


“Aaaaannnnyyyththhhiiinnggggg,” screamed Aiden. It was mortal agony unlike anything he’d ever felt in his whole life.


Cindy began to moan in pleasure. Her snatch was completely puffy and the feeling of his testicle mushing under the foot was enough to put her over the edge into parxocisms of pleasure. It radiate outwards from her pussy, echoing all over her body. Every grind of his exploded ball sparked an orgasm.  Her nipples were harder than pebbles, and her whole body glistened with dew. No cunt-sucking, by any football player, could compare to the experience of taking half of this boy’s teenage manhood.


While Aiden’s head had fallen forward on her standing legs, he wrestled with both nausea and unconsciousness, and his nose hovered just inches from her snatch. Cindy grabbed his head with both hands, and plunged his big Celtic nose deep into her crotch and humped his face. As her heel continued to flattened and smear the remains of his ball around on the bench, she turned the redhead’s handsome face into a living dildo. Aiden nearly suffocated as she jammed it into her crevasse over and over.. It was heaven for her and hell for him.


When she finally let him slide to the floor, a heap of teenage jelly, completely unconscious, Cindy licked the last of her own juice from her fingers, then went to redress. The rest of the boys were struggling to make their blindfolds fall off. First to see what remained of their teammate, and second to get a sneak peak at the sexiest cheerleader in the whole county.


Alas, by the time they did, she was fully clothed, sitting languidly on a bench, and looking at them with that smirk she did so well. She watched with amusement as they banged and contorted in attempt to be free themselves of their restraints.


“I want you all to stop struggling. Please. I’ll let you out in a moment.”


“What we have witnessed here,” she continued, “is the kind of willing sacrifice that you must all make, both in spirit and if need be, in real life, for the sake of the team.”


“Play like you’ve never played before and win at least five games in a row, other wise I’ll continue to bust your balls into mush.”


She walked over to big-dicked, big-balled Garry. “If we lose two games in a row, do you know what I’m going to do to you, Mr. Speech Impediment?


“Nnnoo prinnccess.”


“I’m going to kick one of your balls completely out of its sack, and then all your teammates are going to practice their spikes and set-ups on it until it’s a gooey splat on the court. Just imagine, your little pink nut being tossed around and hit over the net, to finally winding up as a little splotch on the floor. Your manhood, nothing but a sticky patch that freshmen will slip on.” Cindy’s smiling face was right in front of his, and she teasingly licked the end of his nose, and caressed his cock and balls for a second or two.


Then she pivoted. “So,”


WHAM, Jared fell.


“that,” WHAM, Clay fell.


“is,” WHAM Gary collapsed in a heap once more.


“ . . . the end of our session,” said Cindy, brightly.


She stopped in front of Derek, who sensed that he was next, and, with a sigh, obligingly spread his legs extra wide for her and even swung his junk a bit, determined to show he was willing to make sacrifices for his team also.


“Why, you must be from the south, Derek, to show a lady such genteel deference.”


SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT – skin on skin kicks to his already soft and swollen baby-makers. He fell to his knees and starting puking like crazy.


“Well,” said Cindy happily. “I think we’ve all done very well, today, and I can’t wait to see what improvements you make in the next practice session. See you all tomorrow.” She blew a kiss to the broken Aiden, who was now conscious again, and whimpering and drooling on the floor. Aiden’s scrotum was as fire-engine red and as large as a grapefruit.


“Hope you all learned something,“ said Cindy, smiling as she untied their hands, and then walked to the door. She gave them all a cutsie little wave. 


“Bye-bye,” she giggled, and left the team to sort out their own problems.


‘Ah,’ she thought to herself, as she walked to the parking lot. ‘I think I’d make a really good athletics trainer. I’m such a good motivator. All male clientele, of course. So easy to control. Hmm, or maybe just for women who need to learn how to control men. I’ll ask my dad about it when I get home.’ Cindy whistled a pleasant tune as she started her car, and drove home.


  1. Sonehow I seem to have missed this story when it was originally posted... I'm so glad I didn't miss it again - it's great! Thank you very much! You are a gifted writer and I enjoy those of your stories the most that feature funny and/or bizarre setups... The idea of a coach hiring a cheerleader to bust his team's balls is just brilliant! :-))

  2. Glad it pleased! It's another one I wrote for Knave, though I think he liked The Sock Shop better. I find it fascinating how BB weaves itself together with lots of other fetishes. It makes for more interesting stories.

  3. Loved this story, the way she teased them n got herself off was awesom.... could u write a series on it?? Would love to hear Aiden gets to fuck her or even she falls for him after da fact...... n u know she wangs garys fat cock.....but she can pop both his nuts for all I care lol ohh n I Loved da facesitting mmmmmm...... all in all a great resd, wish it went on forever!!!

    1. Glad it entertained you. So many stories I've written could be made into series' but this was just a one-off story for Knave. Although, to be fair, she does have 9 testicles to go through, should she want to destroy them all, so, it could be a long series.

  4. Replies
    1. Well one should never say never, but . . . I think it unlikely. This was a one-off story for Knave.


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