Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Balls (FFFFF/Mmm) - repost

Sunday Balls


Elisia sat around with her girlfriends and chatted about their various lifestyles, over tea. One thing they all agreed on was that men were too dominant and needed to be put in their place. Elisia just smiled slyly and when they all turned to her and asked why she looked so smug, she answered them.


“I live with my husband, my son, and by husband’s nephew. I have trained all of them to accept pain and humiliation for my pleasure. They know I am in charge, and willingly offer their manhood for my enjoyment.”


The other four women gasped. They couldn’t believe Elisia had achieved such a remarkable thing. Elisia leaned forward, and smiled.


“Why don’t you all come over this Sunday after church, and I’ll show you how a real woman runs her household.” All the women chuckled at this and nodded assent.


That Sunday, with all the women dressed in their Sunday finest, arrived en mass at Elisia’s house. Elisia’s husband, Ron, a handsome man with the look of a randy football player, and dressed in his Sunday finest, let them in. Elisia greeted them also.


“Tom, Josh, get down here,” yelled Elisia upstairs, to the boys who were playing on the computer. The two 18 year olds arrived; both dressed in suits, one handsome and brown-haired, the other striking with black hair and green eyes. Both had bodies whose “slim and trim” beauty could easily be discerned through their suits. All three men obviously were athletic and worked out frequently.


Elisia turned to her standing husband as the women sat on the living room sofa. “Ron, why don’t tell these ladies our philosophy of appropriate behavior.”


“Well,” answered Ron as he cleared his throat and started to speak in his southern accent “With due respect ladies, the Good Book is chock full of men killin’ and destroyin’ and rapin’ women and such. Men have done most of the evil in this world, and God knows it. The good Lord gave men penis’s so we could procreate, but he gave us ball’s so’s women could tell us what’s what. There’s nothing like a good swift kick to the nuts to get a man to listen, and I’m sure y’all know the pleasure it gives a women to bust our little fella’s. Me and my boys would love to give you all pleasure today in showing us our true place in God’s scheme, ain’t that right boys?” Ron looked over at his son and nephew, and nodded to them. Both of them nodded to the well-dressed ladies.

One of the women spoke up. “You mean you’d be willing, I mean you WANT us to kick you . . . . there?” as she pointed to Josh’s crotch,


Josh spoke up. “Oh, not just kick mamm. You can squeeze us, bite us, hit us. Why, anything you want. It’d be our pleasure, mamm,” said the brown haired boy with a genteel smile.


Elisia took control. “Tom, come here! Let Mrs. Williams here knee you. Stand in front of her.”


Tom, without any hesitation and in a completely demure and solemn way, walked over to the lady sitting on the end of the couch, turned around, spread his legs and waited. “Go on, mamm, you’ll enjoy it.” He awaited her attention like he was waiting to receive a football punt, hands on thighs and head down

Mrs. Williams stood up, aware that everyone was watching, and eyed the young, firm, male ass that was standing, legs spread, in slacks in front of her. Tom looked back at her as he registered her hesitation. “Mamm, if it would help, I could take them out for you to see. Dangling targets are sometimes easier to hit dead-on”.


Mrs. Williams hesitated, then appeared to make a decision. She stepped out of her pumps, grabbed Elisia’s son by the hips, from behind, and brought her knee up slowly between his legs to judge the distance and fit. “OK, why don’t you take them out,” she said with a slight tremor in her voice.


Tom, lifted his head, and commented back to her as he reached for his own crotch, “Mamm don’t be nervous or shy, this is a good thing your doin’. I like it. You should kick me as hard as you can.”


Everyone watched intently as Tom unzipped his fly, reached inside, and with some searching, got a hold of his own two balls, then pulled them out for all to see. They dangled, two delicate flesh-colored orbs, like two vulnerable walnuts, between his fully dressed legs. “There you go, miss, you should have no problems now.”


Mrs. Williams licked her lips, and said, “OK, Here goes!” and rammed her knee as forcefully as she could into his soft dangling balls. Tom let out a cough, and shook his head slightly, as if shaking off the blow, then said, “Good shot mamm. I earned it. Thank you.”


All the women cheered in a burst of applause, and Elisia smiled. “Hun,” she said to Ron and Josh, “You two “present”, and give the other girls a chance.” The other women got up, while Tom, legs still spread, watched his cousin and father unzip their own flies, pull out their nuts, and stand at-the-ready.


“Thelma, you go give my husband’s eggs a beating, and Louise you take young Josh there. Terry, why don’t you take turns with Samantha there on Tom. He won’t mind.”


Soon, the room was filled with squeals of laughter and glee, as well as “oophs” and grunts, as the women punted the three men in the gonads. Not only did the three males not resist, but they made every effort to make kicking and kneeing them in the groin easy and fun. This was especially amazing for Tom, as he was sandwiched between Terry (in front) and Samantha (behind). As one would kick, the other would steady the boy who was taller and larger than either, and the handsome boy was pushed forwards and backwards between them while they cracked his nuts.


“Oh God, I love the way his balls feel when I knee them,” “Elisia, I’m cracking your husband’s nuts,” “I wish I could knee my boy’s nuts like this” “Oh this is heaven!” were just a few of the things the finely dressed women exclaimed as they enthusiastically busted balls.


Finally after about ten minutes, all three men were slumped on the floor, holding their goobers between their own fingers. But Elisia told her friends this was only the beginning.


“I’ve trained them to take a LOT of ball punishment, and what you all did was just a warm-up. Isn’t that right, dear?” Ron, who was on the floor, one hand cradling his big balls, but showing no shame in having them exposed to strangers, nodded. “There’s a lot our balls can take, ladies, and me and my boys want nothing more than y’all to beat the sin out of ‘em. I’m sure you all’d feel better if were in our skivvies, though.”


“Yes dear,” replied Elisia, “Strip down.”


The five women watched as the three men, ignoring the pain of their tender nuts, stood up and took off their jackets, their shoes, buttoned shirts, belts and slacks - naked balls jiggling all the while as tantalizing targets. What was left were their socks (the boys in white socks, Ron in black), their white briefs, with balls in full visibility, and their undershirts.


“Now, Josh, tell the ladies what I did to you when I found you looking at porn on the internet,” said Elisia as she maneuvered her nephew to sit astride one of the couch’s armrests, and motioned her husband and son to do the same. Soon three pairs of testicles rested within easy reach of all the seated women.


“Well, first you made me stand still while you kick me so hard in the nuts I thought I was gonna die, and then you took ‘em out and squeezed them until I passed out from the pain. You did that to me, every night for a week, I think it was. Oh, and you woke me up every morning with a knee right in the nuts while I was in bed. Sure taught me a lesson, tell you what. I’ve never looked at porn since, I swear to that, to all you fine ladies.”


Thelma Livingston burst out, “Oh, I caught my Jeremy doing that one day. I wish I could have made him stop, like that. Elisia, you’re so lucky!”


“It’s not luck, Thelma, it’s parenting. Training. My man and boys are grateful for the discipline I give their nuts. Otherwise they’d be no better than rutting animals. Isn’t that right?”


With complete sincerity, the three agreed. While he was massaging and loosening up his balls for what was to come, Josh commented, “I’m grateful for my punishment, no foolin’, It’s made me a better man, and a better Christian. I hope when I find the right girl, she ain’t afraid to give my balls a go-at when I’m acting out’a turn or causing her grief. It just wouldn’t be the same without decent rackin’ everyday.”


“Now,” said Elisia, “Take a ball each and lets squeeze these boy’s gonads.” She, herself, took a place next to Louise and grasped one of her husband’s balls. His balls were bigger than either of the two boys, and were rounder too. They hung loosely on the sofa’s armrest, and he leaned back, as did the two boys, and steadied himself with his arms behind him, preparing for the squeezing to take place. Terry Gotecker and Samantha Williams teamed up on young Tom again, while Thelma had both Josh’s nuts all to herself. Elisia gave some instruction on how to squeeze properly.


“Now, I’ve found,” she said as she demonstrated on the nut she had in her own grasp, “that if you squeeze the ball meat with your lower fingers while also squeezing the tubes behind the ball with your thumb and finger, you can cause them the most pain. The ball itself and the tubes feel two different levels and kinds of pain. Think of it as the ‘best spread’.” The women giggled at the pseudo-sports reference.


The four other women tried to get the appropriate grasp, and Tom interrupted Terry’s effort. “Here mamm, I’ll show you,” and proceeded to position her fingers around his left nut so it was just right. “That’s it mamm, I’d be disappointed if you don’t do as well as Mrs. Williams, here,” winking at her and smiling, which made Terry blush pleasure and pride. She couldn’t believe this fine young man was only interested in her success in squashing his tender left nut


“Start slowly, so they don’t slip out of your grasp, and then increase the pressure.” Everyone did so, and the three men leaned backwards on their arms, but leaned into the pain the women were causing in their groins, their chests arching slightly. The women started to grunt with exertion as they squeezed harder and harder, even bringing their free hands into play, pressing twin thumbs deeply into male orbs, and all three men began to arch their backs and started groan, cry, and even laugh with discomfort. Fortunately the Scott family lived far from other neighbors, and Elisia egged her compatriots on, saying, “If they aren’t yelling, it isn’t working.” Some of the ladies couldn’t help giggling at the men’s plight – feeling a total stranger’s balls in their hands and squeezing the life out of their manhood was just so thrilling and amazing and unprecedented that they just couldn’t help it.


Eventually Josh toppled off his armrest, and Tom practically stopped breathing from holding his breath from the pain. Only Ron maintained his position, head back, moaning to himself as his wife and Louise tried to see who could capture the most amount of his ball-bag with their hand as they squeezed and twisted his helpless cahones.


Finally Elisia let go. “Now that they’ve been subdued, it’s time to lay them on their backs and give them the foot treatment.” Without any remorse, Elisia went around the room to each of her relations, pulled off their underwear (ignoring the pain that such activity caused) and shirts, and coaxed them on their backs, on the floor. Even in pain, the three men looked hot, their bodies smooth, tan, and muscular, with the boys being of slimmer build, while Ron had the broader beefiness of a football player.. Elisia then had three of the women stand between their open legs.


“Ladies, grasp their legs, and lift them toward their heads.” Three pairs of legs, two in white socks, one in black, raised in the air. The men, with all the willpower they could muster, pulled their hands away from their aching groins, and dutifully grasped their own legs behind their knees in an arm-lock. This left their genitals freely exposed and open for punishment. It was a grand sight to see three luscious ball sacs hanging loosely over their assholes. Three lambs waiting for their nuts to be slaughtered.


“Ladies you take off your shoes, and Tom, you tell them what I did to you when Julie’s mother told me she caught you fondling her daughter.”


Tom, who’s face was red from the position he was in, still managed to say to the assembled women as he looked at them through his own legs, “You had me straddle the coffee table, with my fellas behind me while I lay forward. You got up on it with your shoes off, and stepped on my nuts, one each under your heels, giving them a right-good crushing. I remember you really enjoyed rolling them around under your feet before I passed out from the pain, You told me you’d crush them for real if I ever took advantage of a another girl before marriage.”


“And have you?” asked Elisia with one eyebrow raised and a smile on her lips.


“No, mamm. My nuts belong to the woman I’ll marry, someday, so she can do the same to ‘em as you do. I’d hate for her to not have any to bust when she needs to put the fear of God in me.”


“Good boy. Now, ladies, take your toes and play around with their nuts first. Notice how enticing it is to feel them under your feet. Like you could just squish the life out of them, and step on the ‘till they ‘pop’.”


“Oh Elisia,” commented Terry as she rolled and squished Tom’s gonads with her toes while he moaned softly, “Your boy’s nuts feel so vulnerable underneath my toes. It would be like making wine by crushing their grapes, and I know I could do it. I mean men frighten me, but I know I could do this; I could really pop his nuts, right now! I’ve never felt so free and powerful.”


“You haven’t felt the half of it, dear. Imagine your own husband and son offering their testicles to you any time you wish, day or night, to do whatever you wish with their very livelihood, and them smiling because they enjoy making you happy. That’s power, that’s real satisfaction. Now stop playing with their goolies, and stomp on their manhood HARD!”


Pleasant southern women became vicious, cruel sadists as they gleefully aimed and then pounded their heels at the men’s nuts, trying to pop them, then alternate by singling out one nut and putting as much weight on it as possible. The men valiantly dug their faces into their knees, bit their tongues, and squeezed their arms around their legs trying not to loose control. Each of them felt their testicles being smashed by merciless heels and toes. They would even let out a yell when any of the women got the bright idea to punt the helpless balls that dangled before them.


Elisia called a brief halt to let herself and Samantha join in the fun. Samantha joined in with Terry as they truly attempted to flatten Tom’s testicles, and each pounding of a heel into his swelling balls brought a grunt of pain from him. One women began to shout questions at the boys, like “Aren’t you men the filthiest scum on the earth. You don’t deserve to have gonads. Here’s for every women ever raped. Tell me you want this.” and, amazingly, all three men managed to shout “Yes, mamm!”. Soon all the women were shouting obscenities at the men, and the men were crying, no screaming their “Yes, mamm’s” as their manhood’s were being pummeled into mush.


Finally the crazed frenzy of nut crushing stopped. The three men were huddled into balls, and the women were perspiring lightly from their exertion. The women began to clap each other and cheer, and celebrate. They had been liberated from their subservient role to all mankind by these three men who had graciously opened wide their legs for the torturing of their family jewels.


Elisia calmed the women down. “Now ladies, take a seat while the men recover. I want to tell you, I didn’t just invite you over here to inspire you to take control of your own men. No, I invited you over for a more personal reason. You see, I recently found out that all three of my dear ‘boys’ have betrayed me.” She looked over at the naked men on the floor and smiled.


“These three stinking pieces of offal attended a football game where three women were raped. I specifically told them not to go, and rather than watch the game on TV, they defied me and went anyway. I told Ron when I married him that if he was ever connected with that sort of incident, and did nothing to prevent it, I would castrate him. Today is that day, for all three.”


The women gasped. Elisia held up her hand. “I’m not going to fully castrate the boys, I’m merely going to crush one ball each, and . . . . . I want your help doing it. I will do my husband myself, and I would like two of you to volunteer to do my boys. The other’s will hold them down, one at a time, while we nut them.”

Elisia walked over to her husband, and pried his body apart, and broke the death grip he had on his huge southern balls. Then she kneeled and held his head. “Ronald, tell these lovely ladies what I said I’d do to you, and the boys, if you ever allowed harm to befall a woman.”


Ron gulped and opened his eyes, looking at the five female faces staring at him, as he lay naked before them, enormous balls glistening red between his legs. “My darlin’ wife, I promised you with all my heart that I would encourage you to do what you said you’d do – suck my nuts into your mouth and crush them until they could no longer produce seed. It . . . it’s true, I and the boys have . . . we’ve failed you. We’ve tried to be good, but the devil’s in our balls and we need your help. We don’t deserve to be men anymore. Please, I beg you Honey, pop our manhoods between your teeth and give us redemption.” Ron looked lovingly, and with pain, into Elisia’s eyes and guided his wife’s hands down to his exquisitely tender and bloated jewels, encouraging her fondle and squeeze them possessively, which she did.


“Sweetheart me and these fine ladies are only going to take half our boys’ manhoods’, otherwise they might forget the lesson latter on, and need more punishment, while I take ALL of yours. I’m going to suck in those big balls of yours, my love, and make goo out of your baby makers. Now, I’ll let you and the boys rest for a while, and then we’ll give you all the punishment you deserve.”

The ladies conversed amongst themselves for a while, deciding who was going to castrate whom, and which nut to pop. Samantha Williams felt that she should finish what she had started with Tom and take one of his testicles, while Thelma felt a closeness with Josh after having squeezed his manhood until he nearly fainted, and she enthusiastically agreed to masticate one of his. Each asked Elisia which ball, the right or left, they should pop, and Elisia had to think about it for a while, then told them a story.


“One time, when they were both 15 and I had just finished squeezing their nuts for not finishing their chores, I whimsically asked them which nut was their favorite. Josh felt his nuts and eventually said his left because he said it was larger and more manly. Tom didn’t even have to grope himself, he just looked at me and said ‘Whichever one you like best, mamma’, and so while he lay there patiently I felt the nuts I had just punished, rolling them around, feeling their heft and shape, squeezing their cords, seeing how far down I could pull them and finally decided I liked his left nut best because it fit in the palm of my hand just perfectly and was therefore the most fun to punish. So, I guess that means you’ll both be suckin’ in their lefties.”


Louise looked at Elisia. “Are you really going to pop both your husband’s nuts today. I mean then he won’t be a man at all.”


Elisia simply said, “Ron wouldn’t have it any other way. You watch, he’ll feed me his nuts himself, and thank me for castrating him. It’s the only way he’ll get to heaven as a true Christian, and he knows it. My men are real men because they do what’s proper, and they know this is right. It the right thing to do by me, those women who were raped, and to redeem all men. They’ll sacrifice to us their own balls willingly.”


After about a half-an-hour the three Scott males were again mobile. And when Elisia told the two boys what was to happen, both of them began to cry, not with tears of sadness, but of thankfulness that the women were going to help them atone in such an intimate way. They both sobbed at what they had been part of, in that sports arena, watching the helpless women get raped, and the two boys let the Elisia’s friends hold them while they cried. Elisia comforted her husband who was weeping about how much he wanted her to castrate him, and when their tears had been spent, with wide, innocent eyes, all three men sincerely gave permission, no . . . begged for the women present to take their nuts.


Elisia decided her own son, Tom, was to loose his left ball first. Tom simply nodded and limped over to Mrs. Williams, and smiling between his tears asked her how she would be most comfortable making him half a man.


“Well, I’m always most comfortable lying down, young man.”


Tom replied in his soft southern way, “Well then, mamm, you lay down, and I’ll get on my hands and knees and drop that testicle right into your mouth. You won’t have to lift a finger. I promise you will enjoy this as my left nut is the bigger one, and you’ll have plenty there to chew on. It also hangs lower so you’ll be able to get a better hold on it.”


Samantha couldn’t help shivering with some deep feeling as she looked at this young man who was more concerned for her well being than the fate of his own left testicle. She vowed she would never forget this day.


The women got a blanket and pillow from the hall, and made Samantha comfortable on the floor. Then, after naked Ron and Josh had hugged Tom to give him courage and support, Tom knelt down over Samantha’s body, placing one knee on either side of her head. He looked down.


“Are you comfortable, Mrs. Williams?”


She nodded, her gazed fixed on the two dangling objects that were several inches away from her mouth.


“I want you to know I want you to do this, and I want you to make it as painful and slow as possible. Please suck on my nut as hard as you can first, then slowly grind it into goo until it pops.” Tom said this with the biggest smile he could muster.


“I promise,” Said Samantha and opened her mouth. Tom leaned forward and put his arms on the floor, and then all the other’s knelt beside him and supported his body, while he gradually spread his legs to drop his testicles into the awaiting mouth. Mrs. Williams watched as the dangling orbs dropped towards her and aimed at sucking in the large left one. When it entered her mouth, she actually sighed, and felt the amazing wonderfulness that was this boy’s nut.


It was warm, and smooth, and large enough suck on and play with in her mouth. She closed her eyes and savored rolling it around with her tongue and moving it from cheek to cheek. She experimented with trying to swallow it and trying to bring it as far into her gullet as possible. This provoked some mild squirming from Tom, but the attendants clamped down. To her surprise Tom spoke. “Mamm, suck it, suck it hard. Make me feel it.”


She needed no more encouragement and began to suck on his ball as hard as she could, using her tongue to put further pressure on it like she had with her thumbs, earlier. She also used her incisors to grind into the cords still attaching the ball to his body, and she maneuvered the ball this way and that while she sucked to create yet more agony. All Tom could do was moan.


While she made every effort to suck on, and suck in, as much of his left goolie as possible (which incidentally brought her face right up against his crotch), Samantha vaguely heard Elisia order her husband, who was supporting Tom’s head, to stuff his own balls in Tom’s mouth. “You’re balls are going to be worthless soon anyway, and I want his mouth filled with something when the nut explodes.”


Samantha’s sucking became more and more urgent, and as she reached a complete and totally death grip on Toms testicle, she heard him shout, “Ahhhhh! Do it! Do it! I can’t stand any more. Crush me!”


Samantha released the suction on the ball and felt it float free again in her mouth. Then she began the process of crushing his gonad. At first she found that the ball was unwilling to stay under one set of molars. It would pop out from between her teeth, and each time, Tom’s body would twitch violently, making it hard to re-position it. Finally she managed to wedge the ball between her tongue and the left cheek and she started to crush the testicle. Tom started crying, and everyone could hear Tom moaning softly into his father’s crotch while he unconsciously mauled his own father’s balls. Ron dutifully kept his son’s head pressed against himself.


Samantha savored the stages the ball went through as it went flatter and flatter and then, in one glorious moment, the testicle, Tom’s left ball, his nut, his best friend, “popped” in her mouth. It was like a small explosion, like a tasty treat that gives a surprise burst before being ready to be consumed. All the others knew it had happened when Tom gave an odd sounding yelp, and let his father’s goolies slide out of his mouth. After that it was a cinch for Samantha to turn the flattened nut into goo. Tom at this point was completely limp, and Samantha, being a good Christian, dutifully chewed forty times, to make sure it was completely mushy.


When it was over, for Tom, Samantha let his squashed manhood slide out of her mouth, and everyone rolled him over on his back. Samantha, as one final gesture leaned over the unconscious boy and kissed his forehead, saying, “Thank you, dear boy.”


Elisia asked with a huge grin on her face, “Did you like it?”


All the other women chimed in, “What was it like” “We thought we heard him make a noise when it popped.” What did it feel like when it popped”. Samantha described the whole experience in breathless detail, and repeatedly thanked Elisia for letting her experience “nutting” a man.


When the women had wrung out all the details they could from Samantha, Elisia indicated to Josh that it was his turn, and Thelma was already licking her lips in anticipation. Josh had been sitting on the sofa, kneading his balls and dutifully stretching them so that they would hang low for Thelma to swallow. He made a gesture of presenting his nuts to Thelma, and simply said, “How do you like ‘em, mamm?”


“Oh, it’s like I’m ordering Rocky Mountain Oysters, and then the waiter’s say’s I’ll get to eat his. And he’ll be serving them!” Thelma’s enthusiasm showed.


“Mamm, you’re doing my family and me a favor. Tell me what to do.” Josh said this with a ghost of smile, and continued to hold his damaged and tender nuts out for her.


“Well, I’ve always fantasized about going down on a man while he’s standing. Harold only does ‘it’ in bed, with the lights off. Do you think . . . do you think you could stand while I, you know, de-man you?” Thelma’s hands were clasped together in hopefulness.


Ron spoke up, “Son of my brother, I can hold you up while you offer up your nut to her. I’ll be your pillar. Your flesh is my flesh, your balls are my balls, I won’t fail you.”


Josh looked over at his uncle, with new tears in his eyes, and said softly, “OK.” With obvious discomfort, Josh stood up, as did Ron, and they met in the middle of the room, amongst all the women who had taken seats of the floor. Josh turned around, and let Ron give him a bear-hug grip from behind, and beneath Josh’s arms. Josh then stood on top of Ron’s feet, white ankle length socks superimposed upon rumpled black ones. Two men’s bodies, locked together in support and love made all the women sigh, and when Ron dutifully spread his legs for Thelma, Josh had no choice to follow suite. Ron quietly whispered into his nephew’s ear, “Be brave. Be a man.”


Thelma was standing in front of them, and then turned to Elisia. “I know Josh has already been kicked, and stuff, but I was wondering if I could do a little more. I want to feel really confident when I go home to my boys.”


Elisia smiled, “Go a head. I’m finding it hard to resist kicking him myself. If you do it right, you should be able to get both of them at the same time. Bet’s, girls, on how many times she can make them BOTH grunt?”


The women laughed and actually bet 20’s on each one getting in the gonads at the same time. Thelma turned back to the men, and as Josh closed his eyes and Ron tighten his hold, she backed up and proceeded to plant a perfect kick straight up between their legs and managed to hit both dangling sets of jewels dead-on. She watched as Josh’s goolies bounced on the top of her shin, part, then fall back down. Both men let out and “oof” and rocked slightly back and forth. The women began to cheer her on. She kicked them again in the balls, then again, and again, each time savoring both the feel of their soft balls on her legs, and the look on their faces as their berries were smashed and crushed. Thelma felt an animalistic lust within her, which was quite different from her usually demure and sociable self. She really laid into their groins, imagining she was actually turning their “nuts” into butter.


Finally when Ron almost dropped Josh because he felt like his own nuts had been splattered all over his pelvis, Thelma stopped and everyone cheered her. After bowing with great aplomb she got up close and kneeled in front of her victim’s nuts. To further torture Josh she began to kneed and stretch his balls, which were by this time enormous from the swelling. They were shiny, red, and very very warm to the touch. They looked like big tennis balls stuffed into a “man pouch”, or two enormous eggs, waiting to be cracked open. She squeezed and stretched them, and pulled each one down to the bottom of the sack and flicked it as hard as she could with her middle finger. Josh was by this time making all sorts of odd mewling noises, and wriggling all over the place. Ron was doing all he could do to keep the young man pressed tightly against his own aching nuts and naked body. All the women were breathless with excitement and watched intently.


Finally Thelma decided to go for the touchdown. She looked up at Josh’s agony-rich and vulnerable form, his washboard stomach rippling, and his pecs flexing, and said out-loud, “Tell me you want me to eat your nut. Tell me out loud you want me to turn your nut into nutbutter. Make me want to do this to you. Tell me! Now! SAY IT!”


Ron was whispering further encouragement into Josh’s ear, “Make her proud, boy, Make her want to pop you. Tell her you want it. Tell her you want it with all your heart.” The women starting chanting “pop, pop, pop, pop” in the background. Finally Josh let go, and cried out “CRUSH MY NUT! PLEASE! BUST MY LITTLE BALL! TAKE MY MANHOOD! TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT! IT’S YOURS!”


Thelma attacked his nut like a rabid dog, biting into its springy flesh, splitting the bloated left testicle first in half, then into smaller pieces, squishing it around with her tongue and all the while squeezing the hell out of his right nut with her hand. Josh was making an almost inhuman keening noise as he let his pelvis thrust this way and that from the furry of her nut-mastication. She used her vice-like grip on his right ball to pull his sac this way and that as she mauled his hapless walnut until it had cracked completely, Then, like a burdizzo, she crushed his spermatic cords with her incisors, and finally slowing down to savor his ruined manhood as she sucked on it’s mushy remains.


Thelma continued to squeeze his right and savor his popped left until at last her lust was abated. She let go, pulled back from his moist crotch and looked up. Ron said, “Good job, boy, she did you right, “and poor Josh just whispered “Thank you mamm,” and fell from his uncles’ arms and into Thelma’s, totally out cold. They all laid him out next to his brother, and no one minded the women not selected to burst a ball taking the opportunity to grope the mushy remains of the two boys’ testicles, as well as the ones still whole. After all, they wouldn’t feel anything more until they woke up later.


And now, finally it was Ron’s turn. He was sitting on his knees on the floor, leg’s splayed, with both hands cupping his swollen balls. His eyes were open, and they were full of some unfathomable emotion that only a man who is about to loose his nuts to his wife’s molars could understand. His chest and back and crotch were covered with sweaty sheen, and his abdominal muscles were rippling with pain.


“Elisia, my love,” He croaked as he looked up at his wife. “I give you ma soul, ma heart, ma body, and ma jewels. They are the most precious thing I own, and they are yours to take. But . . . “ Ron paused, gulped and closed his eyes.


“Yes?” answered Elisia impatiently.


“I have a surprise for y’all. I’ve been saving it for Elisia since the day we bought this house. It’s something I made for just . . . just such an occasion.” Everyone watched as Ron tried to pull his own bloated nuts down into their sac so that they weren’t so tight against his body. “I made a ball press for ma nuts. It’s hidden in the wood box in the garage. It’ll fit my fella’s even now, and it’s got several ways to torture my boy’s while you torture them.” Ron paused for breath.


“I know you want to bust my balls yourself,” he continued, “but if y’all’d like to torture my nuts before they’re popped by Elisia’s mouth, then I want you to go get it.”


The women clapped their hands with glee.


“Oh can we?” asked the women.


Elisia just looked at her almost broken husband, then slowly smiled. “You are truly a man to think of our pleasure before your own. I know you can’t wait to fee me your nuts, but to let us have fun with them first, and to do it with an “instrument of repentance” made by your own two hands? That’s truly inspiring, Ronald. I’ll go get the press.”


While she was gone, Ron let the women take turns pull on his nuts, stretching them towards the floor and loosening his scrotum, while he whimpered into their blouses. Elisia walked in with the ball press, and they passed it around between them, examining it. It was made of very heavy, thick oblong Plexiglas. The two outer surfaces were smooth, but the inner surfaces were studded with interlocking, rounded, cone-like plastic spikes – long enough to dig into the nutmeat but dull enough not to break through the skin. The inner surface was contoured into the shape of two mirror image eggs, and there were bolts and screws in several places for tightening the vice. Finally, small parallel holes had been drilled through the plastic to allow insertion of needles, electrodes or whatever else could puncture a testicle.


While Elisia sat behind her husband to hold him, the other women roughly grabbed Ron by the balls, split his sac down the center from the top, and placed one testicle going in each direction within the press. Then they squeezed the plates together, while one of them re-bolted the plates back together.


Now the fun part: the four women each took a screw, and on counts of “three”, would tighten them, letting the plastic cones dig into his ball-flesh like slow-motion tenderizers. Ron growled, gasped, and trashed limply from the pain, but still let his wife hold him firmly in place, her arms locking his behind his back. Everyone could see his big bloated nuts through the clear plastic, and they were turning a dimpled white as the pressure flattened them. Sadistically they made the plates move closer and closer together, and they relished the helpless look on Ron’s face. When they couldn’t press the plates together any more (his balls look like two huge flattened bull testicles), Louise took out her hat pins, placed her wide brimmed, southern hat on the sofa, and handed one each to the women.


“Ladies, make him kiss each one before you puncture his gonads,” said Elisia as she watched with enjoyment. She also took the opportunity to reach down over Ron’s body and hit the trapped testicles with her right fist.


Louise went first and held the four-inch long needle to Ron’s lips. Through the haze of his punishment, he reached out with his lips and slid them along its length. Then said, “Thank you, mamm.” Louise delicately took the pin, aimed it through a hole, and while the other’s watched, pushed the needle into his testicle. Ron let out a long, sustained groan. Louise used one hand to lift his whole package up so they could watch the needle come out the other side of his left ball. The others did the same, and each time Ron managed a weak “thanks”. They finished the experiment with flicking the embedded needles to watch Ron thrash and twitch when they did so. They all made him lick the hatpins after they’d pulled them out, and made him taste his own sperm.


Then Elisia said, “OK, it’s time girls. Set those puppies free, my mouth is aching to crush his hushpuppies.” Elisia pushed her husband forward, off of her, and got up. Ron lay on top of his own legs, head on the floor and not being able to resist, she rammed her foot between the crack of his butt, nailing his dangling gonads that hung beneath. Ron groaned again.


“Now,” said Elisia to her nearly comatose husband, “You must do what no other man has ever done, and show us you’re sincerely humbled. I want you to place this clamp behind your own balls,” she held up a bar-clamp “and tighten it. Then take this razor blade, cut open your nut-pouch, squeeze out your raw gonads and then feed them, yourself, into my mouth.”


With near super-human strength and bravery, Ron slowly lifted his muscular, athletic torso up from the floor, both hands cradling his most precious baby-makers. Tears were streaming down his face. “I love you, ma little honeysuckle, and I’ll do this for all the other men who’ve hurt women. May the Lord work through you when you crush my ‘boys’ and make ‘em part of you.”


Elisia handed him the clamp. Reluctant to stop protecting his nuts, he summoned all the strength he had developed during years of footballs and sports and took the clamp from her hands. Somehow he managed to get it around his enormous gonads, and began to clamp the root of his scrotum. Encouraged by his own angry yells of determination, he kept tightening until he could go no further, and then proceeded to dry heave. The women all caressed and patted him in concerned encouragement.


Elisia put the razor in his clenched hand, then went and sat on the Lazy-e-boy and pushed it back so she was prone. Out loud she said, “Ronald cut open that ball-sac and walk over to me with them hanging out. Girls, help him.”


The four women watched as Elisia’s husband dutifully took the razor, his broad fingers grasping it as firmly as he could., and then gasped as he did, indeed make a slice into each ball which he had squeezed down to the end of his pouch with his other hand. He cried profusely as he literally squeezed his ‘boy’s’ out of their lifelong home with his left hand, and into view they popped, two enormous gray-white testicles, hanging from delicate white tubes. They lolled there between his legs like exotic fruit.


Thanks to the clamp there was no blood to be seen, and Ron dropped the razor. With the women supporting him, he lurched to his feet, testicles swinging free, and weaved an unsteady path to the recliner. Somehow he spread his legs wide enough to get around each side of the chair, and finally came to rest on Elisia’s chest, his exposed balls resting on her fully clothed breasts.


“Isn’t it amazing how such a big, strong man such as you can be brought so low? You know what to do, my love,” said Elisia with a grim smile.


With trembling hands Ron took hold of his raw huevos and said, “I love you with all my heart, and I thank God you have the strength to purify ma soul. You’re a true wife and a true Christian. I offer you these to eat, ma love Make me whole.”


“Well, if you insist,” Elisia replied, waiting with mouth wide open as her husband slowly fed her his own reproductive organs, the essence of who he was. His own biologically granted, baby-making orbs were fed one-at-a-time into in his beloved’s mouth, and she began to chew and eat them like they were raw oysters. He tried to scream but one of the women had taken off Tom’s left sock and had stuffed it in Ron’s open mouth. It sounded like he was screaming, “Take me, take me,” but no one could be sure.


Elisia first sucked on his raw testicles, then began chewing on their spongy flesh, one on either side of her mouth. The testicles burst open in her mouth and she enjoyed swallowing their creamy centers. Finally she sucked on what was left of his epididymi, and tasted the last vestiges of his sperm and semen. Then she bit these off too.


When she was done, she pushed the unconscious Ron off her and proceeded to suture him up (being a former triage nurse, this was easy to do). Then, while the other women watched, she slit open her boys’ sacs and squeezed out their mushy left testicles, saying, “Why let them pad the right ones when I punish these two in the future?” They all laughed.


“What did they taste like, Elisia?” asked Thelma eagerly.


“Mmmm, they were meaty, and chewy, but creamy on the inside, and tasted like the sweetest, smoothest man-seed you could ever have,” Elisia said dreamily.


With two scrambled men-eggs in a bowl, Elisia ended the morning by saying, “Well ladies, it’s not too late to have brunch. How about I whip us up some omelet’s with these?”


Terry replied, “I’ve heard of Denver Omelet’s before, but ‘Scott’ Omelet’s are a new one!” All the women laughed. It had been a fine morning. For everyone!



  1. Some stories have the males not completely accepting it but not denying it either which is always wonderful. This story is fantastic because the males are actually helping them. I also love the imagery of the healthy muscular bodies.

  2. mmmm. Me too. hot sexy guys getting their nuts busted, bitten, kicked, hit, and they all the while helping things along. Sunday Balls is one of my most popular early stories.
    Thanx for commenting!


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