Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Family Affair (Ff/M) - repost

My first story. It set the tone for all my subsequent stories. It's part of a series of stories that feature "David" as a main character, based on a person in my real life.

A Family Affair



Jill walked into her home and found her father, Dave, a tall, handsome twenty-eight year-old man with blond hair and wire rimmed glasses, and her mother Sarah, sitting in the living room. Her father was wearing a slim shirt, some tight jeans and socks, and her mother was fully dressed.


“Jill, we have something we need to discuss with you,” said her mother in serious tones. Suddenly, Jill grew frightened that perhaps she was in trouble.


“No, it’s nothing about you, really. It’s been decided that we, I, need your help in solving a little problem” her father said with an equally serious face.


“You see Jill, you father and I have decided to not have any more children, and since I do not want any bastard doctors cutting into my body, we’ve agreed that you father should, shall we say, be sterilized. However, due to his religious convictions, your father won’t have his tubes tied. So, I want you to crush your father’s testicles so he can’t sire anymore children.” Jill’s mother seemed intent on forcing Jill to respond.


“Oh father, would you let me do that?” Jill had once seen her father’s great big balls, about the size of lemons each, and had wondered what it would be like to hold them, taste them, squeeze them, and even crush them. It was like a fantasy come true. Dave, looking at her with great affection said “I have waited a long time to let you touch them, now you get to make them yours. I want you to do with them as you will. Squeeze them, hit them, put them in your mouth, if they’ll fit, and chew them till they burst. Just get rid of them for me! Jill, you’re my only daughter, and I want you to destroy them any way you can imagine.”


Jill was astounded. It was all she could to stand still and not run and pull out her father’s gonads from within their protective pouch right then.


“But first, I promised your dad I give him the last, and best, blow job of his life, since he won’t be having any more of them!” Both her parents smiled at that. “And I want you to watch, so you’ll know what to do with a man when you have one of your own.”


Sarah beckoned her daughter close, and knelt down in front of Dave, taking great care to let Jill see what she was doing. Dave’s head leaned back and he closed his eyes, while Sarah slowly unzipped his fly. She reached into his pants, around the fly of his boxers, and found his big throbbing cock, and pulled it out for her daughter to see, carefully keeping his balls hidden from view.


Jill gasped at how big it was. The thing had a long shaft with a great big head and was much longer than even the length of her mother’s hand. Sarah gave the prong, easily seven inches in length, a few strokes, and then said, “Now the first thing is to lubricate the shaft with saliva, so just lick the shaft and head to get it slick.” Doing so, Jill watched her mother in fascination. Dave moaned a little as his wife licked and slightly drooled on his rigid tool, and Jill loved seeing her father so relaxed and sexy.


Sarah situated herself more securely between Dave’s long legs and then pulled the tip of his pulsing penis so that Jill could see it. “See this slit, this is where men’s cum erupts from. Cum is the tasty stuff that men’s balls produce to make babies, and we’re going to make sure his are churning from excitement before you destroy them.” All the while, Sarah was stroking Dave’s thick cock to keep it hard.


“Now one important thing to remember is that giving a blow job to a man has nothing to with blowing, or sucking for that matter. You want to make sure your teeth don’t touch the skin of the penis, and instead just go up and down on it, like a piston. Watch”


Jill’s mom expertly mouthed her husband’s shiny pink dick while David groaned softly. She moved up and down, sometimes slowly, other times quickly, just to tease him. Jill stuck her face in close and could smell the pungent mixture of her mother’s saliva and her father’s precum. Her father started to buck his hips slightly, grinding them upwards with each slippery stroke. Jill was fascinated with how she could see the outline of her father’s dick head as it slid past the cheeks and down her throat 


Making sure he didn’t shoot too soon, her mother stopped and stroked the pulsing cock. “Jill, I want you to taste this. Precum is sweeter than full ejaculate, and I want you to enjoy this”. Jill licked the clear white liquid that her mother had gathered from the penis tip.  “Wow, it’s sweet and musky, do all boys make this? Why don’t we?”


Sliding her hand over the wet tool, Sarah smiled. “It’s men’s balls that make it, and I’m glad we don’t, since it keeps us from having such vulnerable organs. Watch now, I’m going to make him cum”


Licking the shaft and head to re-wet it Sarah swallowed her husband’s fat cock for, perhaps, the last time, and plunged back and forth on it with abandon. David’s strong hands clutched the armrests and loud gasp escaped his lips as he passionately bucked his cum into his wife’s warm mouth. Jill had never seen her father so sexy and pliable. His head was arched back, eyes closed and tight muscled chest heaving – oblivious to all else. Finally, he stopped moving and slumped into the chair, sighing deeply.


“Fuck, that was great, honey.”


“Yeah, but from now on you’ll be going down me.” Sarah wiped her mouth and fondled the now soft dick, its big crimson head now resting on Dave’s jeans.

“O.K. honey, let’s let her see them, feel them for the first time.” Sarah stood up. David opened his eyes and nodded. With his wife’s help, jeans slid over his pelvis and down his legs. Dave pulled off his shirt, revealing a muscled but lithe chest with a small trail of hair disappearing into blue plaid boxers. Dave could see his daughter anxious to get at his jewels, and said “Go ahead, reach inside and pull them out.’


With a wicked grin, Jill reached her hand inside his underwear and felt around until she found his big nuts, hanging low in his boxers. She yanked them into view and swooned in ecstasy as the large, meaty ovals heaved into sight. The thin, translucent ball sac had a reddish tinge and each ball was larger than her hand.


They were vulnerable and so succulent looking. She grabbed one each with her hands and examined them, squeezing them, rolling them, and reveling in the power she had over them. She singled out his larger left ball and leaned close.

She pressed both thumbs into the big plum and watched his head lift back with his mouth wide open, gasping for breath.


“Squeeze it harder, honey, I want to see your father cry.” Jill really leaned into it, crushing her father’s big left testicle with her small hands, and gradually her father started to slump in the chair and made an “ungh” sound in his throat.


Still, it was obvious she wasn’t strong enough to fully crush it. Instead, she started to pull from behind the ball and almost pulled her father out of the seat. Then she hit his big ball with her left fist, and laughed at the smacking sound it made – as well as the little cries they elicited from her strong father. Finally, when the tensing of David’s wiry, tight abs became too much, she let the testicle drop into his lap. “Mom, I can’t hurt them enough, this way. I want to kick them, with Dad on his knees, on the floor”.


“O.K., hon., but first, let’s give him the shots. Do you want to see me stick a big needle right into his balls?”


Jill’s eyes widened with excitement as she continued to toy with her father’s big testicles, pulling them this way and that.


David opened his eyes, placed his fingers over his daughters, and made her squeeze his gonads even harder. In a voice tense with pain and passion, the tall muscled blond said “I’ve had our family doctor make up a cocktail of endorphin enhancers, antibiotics, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatory agents. That way I’ll actually enjoy the nut-pain, and you can stick things in my balls and I won’t get septic. Plus, they’ll hang low in my sac, and if your mom cooks my balls afterwards, they’ll be nice and juicy!” Jill wondered at that last statement, and briefly imagined what her father’s nuts must taste like.


Sarah returned from the kitchen with a large syringe filled with clear liquid. David wrenched his nuts out of his daughter’s hands and held the plums up for them to be injected. Jill had other ideas, though. “Daddy, you’ve got to get naked, and I want to stick the long sharp needle in myself. Stand up!”


Dave reluctantly stood up, and lowered his boxers until it was just him in his white socks; large balls hanging between his legs, and smooth tan skin glistening with sweat. Impulsively, Jill who was kneeling in front of him lunged up and wrapped her mouth around one ball, she was so eager to almost eat them. She could smell her father’s spicy crotch scent and the testicle took up her whole mouth, but she bit down on it any way, sucking simultaneously. David cried out and fell back into the chair, but let her continue to maul his right nut. The nut almost burst in her mouth, but she just couldn’t get her teeth around the center of the ball, so she let it go finally. David was slumped over, eyes shut, with tears running down his cheeks.


Sarah was thrilled. She pulled off her husband’s glasses. “O.K., hon, what do you want to do?”


Jill told her mother what she wanted, and together they dragged David over to the arm of the couch. Sarah leaned her husband over the arm, face first, so that that his scrotum could be pulled out behind him, to hang on the arm rest, behind his butt. Then, she held him firmly.


Jill had never seen nuts look like this, from behind and flat against a surface. They looked less rounded and had a sharp point at the bottom, where she could feel cords attach. She took the syringe, and with a big smile, plunged it deep into one lolling testicle. David’s body stiffened and he moaned, but she still squirted half the stuff directly into his nut. Then, she pulled it out, and more slowly this time to savor the sharp need piercing the plump ball flesh, slid it into the remaining ball. She noticed how there was slight resistance at first, but then less as it traveled into the heart of his big nut. The plunger pushed the rest of the liquid into his ball, and then for fun, Jill pulled back on the plunger to see for herself the white liquid she had tasted. Nothing happed, though, and Jill angrily stabbed the needle the rest of the way through his fat nut, impaling it on the sofa. Sarah shouted with enthusiasm, while keeping David from falling. “Take it out hon, and let’s have some fun”.


Removing the needle, they slapped David back to full consciousness, and had him get on all fours, so that his balls hung at a perfect level for Jill to kick. Telling his daughter in a half dazed whisper, “I want you to kick my balls as hard as you can, sweetie, it may take a while to get them tenderized enough for you to crush” With that David made a showing of widening his legs for easy access from behind, hung his head down and closed his eyes. Sarah jerked his head up and held it between her hands, “I want to see it in your face each time she scrambles your eggs, big boy.”


Jill first went up and fondled her father’s gonads, hanging even lower now that they’d relaxed from the drugs, like so much ripe fruit, and pondered how wonderful it was that she had complete control over her father.


Then, she backed up and took her first kick at her father’s goolies. She felt her shoe connect with them and watched the scrotum bounce with the impact. Although his body lifted with the impact, it wasn’t doing enough damage, so she went and put on her soccer cleats. Then, while her mother watched, she kicked her father between the legs, over and over. With each kick, her father let out a cry and his face screwed up in both pain and pleasure. Jill could almost see her mother kicking with her, as she yelled “harder, harder Jill” with each slam of her daughter’s foot. Jill at one point felt the toe of her shoe compress a ball against his pelvis, and she wondered what it must be like for men to be so vulnerable all the time. She eventually stopped to pull them out, and noticed they were getting larger and red, but still looked whole.


“Mom, flip him over, they’re moving out of the way too easily.” Sarah eagerly grabbed her husband, whose butt was still in the air, but whose head had fallen to the floor, and wrenched his muscular shoulders to flip him over. Although his head lolled to the side, David didn’t resist as his daughter pushed his knees up to showcase his voluminous nuts hanging down over his crack, and even widened them for her benefit. Clearly he was anticipating the destruction of his manhood.

Jill kneeled between his legs and played with his semi-erect cock, noticing as she pushed her thigh, or squeezed her forearm against his sac, her father oozed cum out the tip of his dick. It was like a faucet and his swollen balls were the handles. ‘I’m going to mash the bigger one first, then bite it. The other I’ll play with some more,’ she thought.


“Hold him, mom”, and with that, Jill separated out the larger left nut and stretched it up almost to his belly button. Then with great precision, Jill brought her kneecap to rest on the ball and slowly transferred her weight onto the doomed ball. She could feel it sink into his lower abdomen, and as more and more weight rested on his testicle, David let out a long cough. Semen was squirting from his cock, and Sarah urged her daughter to squeeze out every last drop of his child making ability.


Head thrashing from side to side, David could feel his testicle being crushed under his daughter’s knee, and he briefly opened his eyes to see her leaning into the job, with obvious enjoyment. It was the most excruciatingly, erotic and painful experience of his life, and he even began pushing his nut into her knee with his pelvis. He wanted her to burst his jewel so badly. Suddenly it did, with a moist pop, and her father bucked his crushed nut into her knee hoping to make the intense pain and pleasure last as long as possible.


Jill felt the testicle give under knee and after forcing her father’s pelvis to the floor, checked his formerly bloated jewel. The once proud nut was partially flattened with one end still looking firm.


“Damn, I didn’t get it all” Jill slid off her father and squeezed what remained of his left nut out with her hand. Rubbing her face against it, she marveled at how warm and alive it was. She licked and mouthed the testicle, tasting her fathers sweat – fresh from pain and excitement, and she could hear her father moaning to himself “crush me Jill, crush me”.


“O.K.” Jill stuffed what remained of the ball into her mouth and chewed down on it. At first the ball slipped out from between her molars, but persistence paid off. With each bite her father twitched violently and her mother held him down. “Enjoy the taste dear, it’s not every man who’ll let you eat his nuts.”


Soon the testicle was nothing but a mushy bag of ruined manhood, and Jill let the mess slide out of her mouth, so she could concentrate on the other, still whole, ball. This one she would really torture.


Fetching a ruler from her backpack, she grabbed the right ball as tightly as she could and started hitting it. With each smack, David’s torso arched and Jill kept up the rhythm until the big gonad was glowing red-hot. Stripping her shoe of its laces, she wrapped it around the ball’s base. Once immobilized, she reached for her sharp protractor to stab the ball with. “No honey, go get mommy’s sewing kit and the ice pick, from the bar.”


“O.K. mom” Jill gave her dad’s ball a vicious smack and left to get the items.


With only the rounded surface of the testicle exposed, Jill opened up the kit and extracting a sharp needle and then slowly pushed it in. Oh, what a lovely sound, like a small pop or crunch, as it broke through the ball’s tough exterior. Several more needles went in, half way., then she thought, ‘O what the heck’, and pushed them all the way into the ball, the sharp ends hitting the epididymis on its back side. Sarah stuffed David's musky boxers into his open mouth to stop his scream.


Jill then resumed hitting the ball with her hand and squeezing the needles around in his helpless nut. She loved seeing her father, who usually towered over everyone, helpless as a baby all because his family jewels were in her innocent hands.


“Now use the ice-pick, hon”


Picking up the deadly steel pick, she decided to first skewer the ball lengthwise, from top to bottom. Holding the nut tightly she aimed carefully and then, “squish”, the steel pick went right through. David went limp. But the fun wasn’t over. Widening the hole around the ice pick, Jill stretched the sac skin and with some effort popped the whole ball out of its nest. “Look mom, dad’s nut on a stick.” She stretched it out to see the white vas deferens, which ran from the ball into his body, and twisted the ball this way and that. Wanting to see the inside she yanked out the ice pick and squeezed really hard. The coiled tubes inside the ball squeezed out like a fine paste, and soon there was no shape left to the ball.


“Tenderize it a little more, then we’ll have some dinner. I believe we already have scrambled eggs prepared”


Jill kicked the big white nut and mushy sac some more, and Sarah chopped off her husband’s mashed fruit to prepared their next meal. Dave lay supine on the floor, his manhood removed, and his family satisfied in a way they had never been before. Jill thought his balls tasted just right, with a little salt and pepper.



  1. This story made me very surprized, when I read first time, I was really shocked. Very different aprorch that father gave his precious family jewels to daughter. I never thought someone willing to give his manhood, especially that way, crushing testicles. I'm really enjoyed to read and fantasized about what is like popping man's big balls in my hands.
    Thanks again Nicholas,
    Cheers, BBcrusher.

  2. Glad you liked it, Mr. Crusher. It's no more shocking than The Classroom: The Bursting Lesson, where another father gives up his balls to his daughter and her fellow students, just so they can then go and bust their own father's and brother's and cousin's balls. Same idea. Seems like a logical way of inducting young girls into a ballbusting sorority were such a thing to exist.

  3. Yap, I read all your stories several times and always fascinated.
    Taking away guy's manhood is hot too, but willing to give his testicles and honor to receive a set of nice balls also made me very hard woof.

  4. I can feel the exquisit pain right now and would love to have a daughter or young lady do such things to me. I like the ice pick part but would want them to leave my balls somewhat intact so they could enjoy doing me over and over untill I became a simpering fool.

  5. Someone once wrote a story based on the idea that a guy get's a genie to make his balls automatically re-heal and reform after being destroyed, and so he gets to have this nuts crushed every day, over and over again. I thought it was a very sexy premise.

  6. ^^ Balls re-heal and do it over and over? Now that would be a wild story. If only!

  7. It was a story from the EuA but I can't for the life of me remember its title. Otherwise I'd share it. It was a great, if somewhat brutal, story.


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