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The Twins (ff/m) - repost

The Twins


Laura and Lisa were twins who had just reached the age where sex and men had become all important. They were also considered by their parents to be devious and untrustworthy, and consequently to require supervision whenever they went on long trips for business, which happened frequently.


For their most recent trip, Mr. And Mrs. Carter had been unable to get any of their relatives to stay at the house and provide responsible supervision for the twins, and consequently decided that Mr. Carter’s college chum’s son Chris (who had never met either of the girls) would be an acceptable live in sitter. Chris was 18 and was good looking in a sort of refined way, was well endowed with both a ample cock and big loose balls, with a smooth toned, lean body, and a had a devilish grin. Overall, he was responsible and very mature for his age.


At first, the twins teased him when he came over, letting him watch from the house as they swam in the pool, bikinis showing lots. That first night, they sneaked into the guest bedroom and rummaged through Chris's stuff while he was fixing dinner. They found an old notebook of his. Inside were doodlings of a guy’s lower half being racked in various ways. Drawn soccer balls landing on the nuts, men’s legs crashing into the groin, women’s knees landing solidly between them. Then they came across a small note that said, simply, “god I wished someone would kick my balls”. The two girls smiled at one another. This would be so simple.


After dinner, full of polite conversation, the two girls heard Chris start the shower, and unbeknownst to him, they had carved a hole in the shower wall and put a transparent mirror over it. Laura and Lisa crowded into the hall closet and took turns peeping through the rather large hole. They saw him undress down to his tight boxer-briefs, and marveled at the bulges they saw there. Then he turned away and they saw his tight ass, balls swinging beneath. In the steamy air, they saw his big pink, supple swingers come towards them, framed by strong, shapely polo players legs, and then they were almost paralyzed with excitement as they watched him soap up and lather his shlong, which although less important to them, was indeed impressive, its big pink bullet head so handsome and manly.


The next morning the girls asked him if he wanted to play a board or card game. He said "later tonight". So then they asked if he wanted to play soccer in the back. Chris grudgingly replied yes. The two girls were highly skilled, but pretended to be novices, and after they’d had a chance to scatter his attention by having him “show them” how to play, they co-coordinated their first attack. With Lisa in front of him and Laura behind, they got him to take an opened leg stance, then just as Lisa was about to kick the ball, Laura shouted “Oh my god what is that?” And as Chris looked away, Lisa punted the ball with expert skill straight into Chris’s unprotected nuts. Chris let out an “ooff” and the expression on his face was priceless, sort of a surprised grimace. Not surprised that he’d been kick, but surprised at the gut wrenching, almost breathless pain of his nuts being squashed by a soccer ball.


He fell over on his side, and the two girls immediately ran over to him and held him, comforting as sweetly and sexily as they could. Lisa even ran her hand down in-between his legs and helped to cup the balls that had just been mashed. She kissed his cheek too. Chris had always dreamed of having his nuts crushed, and now that it had happened, although he was in tremendous pain, he miraculously felt more alive, and more like a man than he ever had before. It was thrilling, and when Lisa’s hands cupped his nuts, he was strangely comforted. He didn’t tell them this, of course.


He managed to slowly get up and pretend like he was ok, but didn’t want to play soccer anymore today. The girls followed him inside. Later that day, Chris went out for groceries and the two searched out his notebook again. This time their “sitter” had left it out, perhaps on purpose? They thumbed through it, finding a new scribble. The picture showed Chris praying in ecstasy as a girl’s leg was crashing into his Speedo clad groin. The caption read “Thank god, at last” The girls prepared for phase two.


That night at dinner, the two girls constantly brought the conversation around to the subject of guy’s genitalia, saying they’d never really seen a naked man, before, and didn’t even know what was down there. Chris blushed a lot, but carefully outlined what a man had in between his legs. Some egg like things which were called balls, sitting in a loose pouch called a scrotum or ball sac. Then he told them of the penis which could be either very small or very large, depending on whether a guy was sexually excited or not, and it was kind of like a big tube with a head at the end. When asked what it was all for, Chris could only blush and said to wait for a science class to explain it. The girls had no intention of waiting that long.


Finally, after the dishes were done, Chris agreed to play a card game. The girls put on their coyest expression and asked that whoever won could ask the losers to do whatever they wanted, without question. Laura pretended to be neutral to the idea, and consequently Chris agreed, never dreaming what would happen. As it was, Laura won three straight games until she finally decided she would call on Chris.


“Chris take out one of your nuts for me to see” Said Laura


“What?” Chris said in surprise and shock.


“What do I have to do?” asked Lisa.


“Take his nut and squeeze it”


Chris was flabbergasted at what the two girls were suggesting, but his hands with virtually a will of their own unzipped his fly, reached through the folds of his front pouch, and pulled out one of his own testicles.


“Oooooo” the girls said in unison.


Lisa scootched over on her knees and shamelessly reached for the big nut and took it from Chris. Chris couldn’t believe that his own testicle was in plain sight of two strangers, one or both of whom seemed eager to play with his nuts.


Lisa was thrilled as she squeezed the gonad, noting that it resisted pressure and was kind slippery.


Laura said, “Oh wow it’s so big and it looks like a bird's egg. What does it feel like?”


Lisa rolled and twisted and squeezed the gonad as Chris moaned slightly; head back, eyes, closed. “It’s kind of slippery and rubbery and hard”


Laura “Ok. That’s enough, but I want the ball to remain visible”


Chris evidently had suppressed any shame he felt, because he dutifully left his right nut sit in full view for the next hand. Lisa periodically reached over and squeezed the ball, making Chris squirm slightly. Lisa won the next round, and as she put down the winning card, she looked deeply into Chris’s eyes where she saw a mixture of anxiety and anticipation.


“Lets see the other one. I want Laura to get a feel”


Chris cleared his throat. “Uhm I don’t think I should. This is rather unorthodox, I . . .”


“Rules are rules, I want a feel” Laura didn’t wait for permission and stabbed one hand into Chris’s fly while her other hand held his right ball steady.


“Ahhhh, careful. My nuts still hurt from this after noon.”


Both the girls suppressed a giggle, and Laura had pulled the precious orbs into view. She gleefully rolled the two jewels between her fingers, pulling then this way and that.


“Wow, these are like the most important things you have, aren’t they?” Laura said, looking into Chris’s eyes.


All the young man could do was open his mouth and give a tense little sigh.


“All right this is the last hand, then you two need to go to bed” Said Chris reluctantly pushing Laura hands away from his privates.


“Alright if you win, then we will go to bed with out question. But if we win, then we get to play truth or dare tomorrow?” Lisa said slyly.


“Uhm, ohhh, oh k. I guess.” Chris stuffed his scrotum back into his shorts, and played the last round. Naturally he didn’t win, and grudgingly agreed to play truth or dare the next day.


The next morning, while Chris ran errands, the two once again raided his notebook. Inside was one big picture of two testicles lying flat on a book with a shoe resting on them, a “crunch” sound, and the words “Dare? . . . I hope!”. Time for the third stage of their plan!


When Chris came back, he found Lisa crying, and Laura trying to console her.


“What’s wrong? Did something happen.” Chris asked conscientiously


Laura spoke up with the deepest, soulful sadness. “She can’t stop thinking about your nuts and how much they caused you pain the other day. She seems to think that if we crush them for you, you’ll be much happier.” Laura looked away with tragic ennui.


Chris almost choked on his gum.


Lisa added between her heartfelt sobs “They’re just the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, and I have a confession. I was taking some laundry into your room, and I saw your . . . your . . . your diary. I know you want them . . . them destroyed, and I, we only want to give you what you want . . .” she covered her eyes, filled with tears, but secretly peeped out over them just enough to see Chris look like a deer frozen in the headlights.


“I . . I . . You’d really do that for . . .me?” Chris said in a choked voice. “You’d really crush my nuts, just because I always wanted them to be? I . . .I . . ..ok” he said in the smallest, most resigned way. He dropped his bag of groceries as if he wasn’t even away he had it, and the jar of mayonnaise shattered loudly as it hit the floor. None of them even noticed.


Lisa jumped up with her tears vanished and a big grin. “Alright. Now lets see,” she said consulting with Laura “Lets get them nice and soft with some practice kicks and then we’ll each take a nut on the coffee table and pop them”


Laura clapped her hands with glee. “Oh wait, I’ve got an even better idea. Why don’t we kick and hit his goolies, then you pop one on the table, and I’ll smear the other with peanut butter and chew it till it pops. Mmmm peanut butter. Yum. Pea-nuts and man-nuts together for the first time, at last.”


With a whirlwind of effort, the twins dragged their tall teenage victim over to the couch and expertly undressed him, taking off his shirts, and pants and shoes, and stripping him down to his boxer-briefs in 20 seconds flat.


“Ok, now you hold him, sis, and I’ll get in the first kicks of the day. Wow, what a morning this will be” said Laura backing up. Lisa tied Chris’s shirt to make a blindfold and forced him to his knees, holding his arms in a bind from behind.

“Ok, go for it sis.”


Laura gave a running kick and launched her shoed foot straight between his legs. She felt the top of her foot crunch his gonads right into his pelvis and watched his whole body shudder. “Ooo,” said Lisa, “you must have really gotten them!”


Laura didn’t even bother backing up for the second kick, she just balanced with on hand on his head, and beaned him with her foot right in the beans, as hard as she could. Chris made a coughing sound that issued from down deep in his stomach.


Laura got in a few more kicks, and then viciously squeezed his traumatized berries, popping them this way and that between her fingers. They could both see them swelling in their pouch, through the thin material of his underwear. They looked like big, misshapen walnuts now. Finally Chris all but collapsed.

“My turn,” said Lisa.


Laura managed to pull of his boxer-briefs and forced his hands to lie beneath his back, then sat on his chest. Lisa grabbed his ankles, stood up, and forced open his legs. She saw his helpless pink jewels, his eggs waiting to be crushed by her foot, like an invitation to the dinner of a lifetime. She had taken off her shoes, and could feel his balls under her foot as she smashed them, rolled them around, or squashed them with her toes. It was heaven. Well for her, at least. Chris was just wailing, drooling and muttering gibberish as his head thrashed weakly from side to side. Eventually, when she hand managed to get his left nut trapped between her foot and his pelvic bone and pressed really hard (like she was pressing grapes for wine) he passed out and went totally limp. She continued to bust his balls, kicking them like she was launching a ball over a wall, and watching the loose goobers bounce forward and back with each volley. It was kickball that only women could appreciate.


“Well, its time to tie him up” they said to each other. They had prepared a clever mechanism. It was a plastic chair with no legs, which would keep him upright on the coffee table, but to which he could be strapped and restrained – just in case he decided to save and protect his precious gonads at the last minute. Laura got out the peanut butter, and licked her lips in anticipation.


Finally he was strapped in, groggily letting himself be positioned. Lisa looked lovingly at him “Now I’m only giving you what you want. I’m the genii, granting you your wish. Tell me, can I really pop your nut? Do you want me to”?


Chris half roused to see her and her sister’s beautiful faces and could only feel wonder, ‘They’re doing this for me, what a selfless act’ he groggily thought, and said out loud through a haze of pain “Go on crush them, make me a fuckin’ eunuch. Hurt me, please” his voice was slurred but understandable.


This was all Lisa wanted to hear. She climbed up on the coffee table and slowly placed her bare sole on one of his jewels. She savored the moment as she felt the ball under her foot. It was warm and alive, well for the moment, and it fit nicely in the arch of her foot. Then she slowly increased the pressure. Chris felt his nutmeat being forced into the hard glass surface and it was as if his whole life depended on the wholeness of his left nut. The pain was so profound that he couldn’t breath and yet his emotional joy was boundless, as he knew he was being released from the power his balls held over him. Lisa toyed with him for a while and bounced up and down the on the doomed nut, just to make Chris gasp.


Finally his felt his own nut pop and squish and splat all at once and all he could see was a blurry image of Lisa’s happy face standing over him. She ground her foot into his mushy testicular remains and knew she’d just half ruined a man. How delightful.


“Now its my turn, I’ve never gone down on a man before” shouted Laura with excitement. She opened the peanut butter jar and taking a big handful, squeezed it into his ball bag, relishing how mushy his former left nut was. Then getting close, she purposefully squeezed out his right nut, and rested her chest on the table, buried her face in his crotch, the gonad in her mouth. Mmmm, it was peanut butter heaven. She sucked as hard as she could on the remaining ball and tortured it in her mouth. She jabbed her tongue into it, she would roll it between one side of teeth and squirt it over between the others. She cruelly bit down on the cord behind is nut with her incisors and tried to crush them, without breaking the skin of course, and then she tried to swallow it whole, massaging it brutally with her throat muscles. Chris who was only barely conscious, felt disconnected from his last nut, and wished the whole thing would be over soon. It was doomed anyway.


Finally she came up for air. “I’m gonna pop it now, sis” She smeared the gooey, wet ball with more peanut butter and went in for the kill. She positioned it between one set of molars and prevented it escape with her tongue. She began chewing the plump ball into goo. Chris screamed, as he knew his last gonad was doomed and his body bucked at the pain. Soon, with some effort, his nut popped and the teenage boy was left with a sac full of spermy goo, which the sisters repeatedly squeezed, flattened and punched until they had tired of the game.


“Hey sis, lets see if we can get the Jenkin’s boy to watch us next time. I hear he’s got a great big pair of swingers on him. Mmm ‘Jenkin’s Nuts’, sounds like a treat I could REALLY sink my teeth into” said Lisa as they straightened up the room.


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