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The Classroom - The Biology Lesson (Fgroupf/m) - repost

The Classroom – The Biology Lesson

Mrs. Reinfeld waited for her pupils to settle in before starting class. Today, it was going to be one she personally enjoyed, the live vivisection of a well-endowed human male. Yup, she was going to slice off his junk and cut open his purse so that the girls in her class could see that even men’s most precious possessions were nothing more than playtoys.

“Alicia, put that gum away! No, not under your seat. Oh, nice throw. Thank goodness for small favors you’re only two feet from the trash can. Now, let’s begin. Today’s biology topic is male genitalia. Something you’re all familiar with. Based on your writing assignments, most of you have at least one set of cock and balls to play with at home. Well today, we’re going to be looking under the hood at those bits and pieces that you each kick, hit, squeeze and step on. Get your books out, turn to Chapter 6 – The Male Animal.” There was a flurry of thunks and thuds as books were opened and pages flipped.

“As you can see, about half the male reproductive organs are external, the rest are internal. Since we don’t have the means to safely expose the internal organs, we’ll concentrate on the ones hanging outside. And besides, they’re the most fun to play with anyways. Sophia, go and get our specimen, please. He should be right outside the door.”

The svelte brown haired girl got up and exited the building. What she brought back in was a handsome twenty-something man with a ripped physique and wearing a white towel. He had the barest tuft of hair on his chin, and black, spiked hair. His body was totally smooth.

“Girls, this is Cain. He is the subject of today’s biology lesson. As you know, all businesses and corporations are run by women, and Cain here is the victim of a hostile takeover. A larger company bought out the one he worked for, and sold off all the unmarried male assets into either slavery or experimentation. Which is excellent for us, because we’re going to divvy up his male assets. Have a seat, Sophia.” The girl nodded and shuffled to her seat.

“But first, I thought we’d have some fun. Emily, you won last week’s spelling test by correctly spelling and defining ‘tergiversator’, so you get to give our male slave here some nut busting. We might as well get as much mileage out of them as we can. Cain, strip for us and get down on your knees.” Cain seemed nonplussed about the whole situation, and shrugged off his one source of modesty. As the towel fell to the floor, it revealed a beautiful set of cock and balls. He kneeled and let them swing between his muscular legs. He was a male, and he was used to presenting his manhood for women to bust.

Little Emily, a pert thing with curly brown hair, giggled and went to the front of the room. Normally one took off one’s shoes before busting a guy, so as to do less damage, but since he was going to lose his testicles anyway . . . She stood before him, confident as any female would and let her foot fly, straight into his nuts. The man’s body twitched, but held firm, staying still enough for her to jab her shoe straight into his goolies. The sexy, bulbous glands swayed and bounced with each kick, and all the other girls watched jealously as Emily got to brutalize them. The classroom was filled with the smacking noise of balls being busted. After about five minutes of solid punting, Emily tired, and she ended the session by giving his groin a running kick which knocked him sideways. He fell over and lay there, cupping his nuts protectively, his body twitching ever so slightly. Her teacher smiled approvingly.

“Well done, Emily. I’d sure hate to be a male in your household. So now, onto our lesson. Men are rutting beasts, full of vile and vicious lusts and filled with iniquitudes. However, we have yet to find a way to reproduce without them. So we all must suffer their existence. And their seed inside us. Now, I’m betting that most of you have not had the first-hand pleasure of semen, so to start things off, Cain here will produce some for us. Get off the floor, male, and show us what you’re made of.”

Cain managed to get up, and he sat on the edge of Mrs. Reinfeld’s desk. With one hand squeezed his own sack, and the other around his dick, the handsome male began to jack off. Spitting on his own dick, his hand stroked its length, and the organ grew; to a healthy 7.5 inches. It was thick and strong looking. The girls watched in fascination as this soon-to-be-emasculated male stroked himself, alternating fast with slow pulls on his dick. Mrs. Reinfled commented as he went along.

“Lubrication is important for males – saliva or silicone lubricants work best. However, in a pinch anything benign and biodegradable will do. Manual stimulation of the penis by its owner is called masturbation, and it is something every mother must curb in her sons and husband. Men have no right to enjoy themselves. They should be saving up for our enjoyment. As you can see, he is squeezing his own two balls. One of the side effects of a lifelong regime of testicle torture is that most males are unable to become sexually aroused without it. Cain, here, is no exception. Candice, why don’t you come up here and squeezed his glands so he can devote his efforts to ejaculating for us?”

Candice was a quiet redhead with pale white skin. She tiptoed up to the front and took one great testicle in each hand, then she squeezed. Cain threw his head back and moaned, but his hand jacked the length of his cock all the faster. His toes began to curl, and his back arch. Between the pleasure of his fist and the pressure in his nuts, he was about to burst. Mrs. Reinfeld appeared beside them with a small plate of glass and held it under his cock. The tip of it suddenly fountained with ribbons of a sticky white substance and it splattered the glass, the teacher and the student. Candice gave the eggs in her hand an extra vicious squeeze under the assumption that the pressure would press out an extra amount of the potent liquid.  

“Stand away, Candice. Girls, notice how his testicles have retracted, and how the penis has enlarged to a considerable degree. It will soon begin to deflate. The substance that just shot out of his penis is called semen, and it is full of the male reproductive cells called sperm.” The pedagogue flipped on the overhead viewer and the attached microscope. She put the glass plate under the light and suddenly the whole class could see tiny little sperm cells shooting around, their whip-like tails propelling them forward.

“These cells are the smallest in the human body, and when they are inside a woman, they travel up her uterus to merge with her eggs, called ovum. With a successful fusion, you have the beginnings of life, a fetus, which grows in the womb until it emerges 9 months later as a baby. Candice sit down, girl.” Candice returned to her desk, wiping the oozing sperm off her hands with a mixture of interest and faint disgust. Cain now sat there, relaxed from his orgasm, and gently played with himself while the girls scribbled down notes about sperm and semen.

“Semen, by its nature, is alkaline and this is to combat the natural acidity of vagina. Upon ejaculation into the vagina, the semen coagulates, and the sperm begin their two day journey up into the fallopian tubes. As this is the last batch of semen Cain, here, will ever produce, I’d like to humiliate him further and show you the power of the spermicide, nonoxynol-9.” She took a dropper and a bottle, and let a single drop of it fall on the glass plate. Instantly all the little squiggling sperm on the plate went still.

“Theoretically we could have kept this sample and donated it to some woman in need of children and Cain here could remain a legitimate man for the rest of his life, but instead I’ve just killed the viability of all his sperm. Now he’ll never know the pride of being a father to girls like you. Well, enough of that. Let’s get onto the main event.” The tall teacher tossed his dead semen into the trashcan and walked across the room to a double doored closet and wheeled out a large, modified gyno-chair and also a video camera on a tripod. She brought them to the front of the classroom.

“Get in, worm,” she said to Cain with a mild frown.

Slowly, but without question, the man climbed into the chair and let his arms and legs be strapped down. Mrs. Reinfeld positioned the video camera so that it pointed at his crotch, and then plugged it into the overhead projector. Now a live picture of his genitals lit up the front wall. Then she pulled out a hypo-spray and a laser scalpel from her desk. Both looked like they’d seen a lot of action.

“Some teachers when they do this lesson give local anesthetic to the male, but I like them to feel every cut and incision. Torturing men is a personal passion of mine. So I’m going to give him a simple mixture of muscle relaxants, sedatives, and an erectile stimulant. We’ll need him pliable, helpless and hard for this vivisection to be successful.” She injected the concoction into his arm. Then, she took a piece of duct tape and put it over his mouth. Now she could work and not worrying about hearing him scream. To test the theory, she balled up her fist and slammed it into his package. All she heard was a muffled grunt. Perfect. She pulled on some latex gloves and sat down in front of the drugged male.

“Turn to page 58 and look at the diagram. You’ll see the scrotum opened to reveal the testicles, the epididymis, the cremaster muscles and the vas deferens.” The teacher was stroking Cain’s cock back to hardness with one hand, and was firing up the laser scalpel with the other.  “These are structures you’ll all see when I slit open his scrotum.” She pulled down the skin of his ballbag and slit the bottom open, horizontally, then with her free hand she squeezed. Cain’s two naked testicles popped into view. They were big and white. She let them hang while she hitched up the scrotum and cut it off around the base of his prick. Then she handed the skin-bag to the first girl in the row closest to her.

“Pass that around so everyone can have a look.” The soft, silky wrinkled pink flesh pouch was handed from girl to girl. Key anatomical qualities were identified and noted on paper. Then everyone watched the projected video feed on the front wall.

Mrs. Reinfeld cupped the two naked glands. “These are the testicles, his raw oysters. Here are the tubes in the back of them, called the epididymus where immature sperm collects, leading to the vas deferens which carries the sperm into the body and past the various other organs that collectively create semen. Before we cut open his balls so you can see what’s inside, let’s have some fun, shall we?” The sadistic teacher took one testicle in each hand and began to squeeze her thumbs into them. There was an explosive exhalation through Cain’s nose. He was helpless to stop her but he sure felt it, deep in his stomach, like a car had just run over his balls. She squeezed and squeezed until both her knuckles and his nuts where bone white, then she let them drop. They hung between his legs, longer than normal now that his scrotum was no longer there to rein them in.

She turned. “Sabrina, come here.”

The blond girl in a frilly dress went to the front.

“Take a glove from the pile on my desk. That’s good. Now pick up that little cauterizer there, yes that’s the one. It’s a tool used by medical women to cauterize small areas. Press the button. You see how the tip glows red? Now pick up one of his balls, the left one. Put the tip of the cauterizer to the surface of his testicle.” All the girls watched in fascination as one of their number took the glowing red probe and pressed it against his naked testicle. The man groaned deep in his throat as the tip sizzled his gland. She held it there letting the tip fry a small point on his ball.

“Good, now try it on the tubes at the back of the ball.”

Sabrina aimed higher and touched the tip to the tangle of tubes. Cain let out a wordless cry of agony which startled the whole class. Clearly those little coils were sensitive. The blond girl smiled at her friends in the third row, this was fun!

“Well done. Have a seat. Mika, you’re up. Put on some gloves.”

A little Asian girl skipped to the front and put on the elfin sized latex gloves.

“See that over to your right? Stupid girl, your other right. Yes, get that.” It was a long needle attached to a square box.

 “This, girls, is a portable electrocution device. Most of your mother’s probably has one, for sex play with your fathers, and you can find them at any Family Discipline store. Since most of you will be using one at some point in your adult lives, I thought we could see the effects it has on a male’s balls when they’re exposed.” Mrs. Reinfeld lifted up Cain’s right testicle so the camera could focus on it.

“Ok, Mika, take it in your hand, good, and with your other hand plunge the needle into the outer curve of his nut.” There was a crisp “pop” as the short, fat needle broke through the tough outer layer of the testicle. “Good, now let go of the ball and press the button.”

There was a buzzing noise as the device pushed electrons into his ball and the young man’s whole body jolted. Raw electricity was coursing through just one nut and it was agony. Despite the muscle relaxants, there was definite tension running throughout his entire body. Their teacher was watching his eyelids flutter and his eyeballs roll about in their sockets.

“Do you all see the amount of pain it’s causing him? And best of all, it leaves only a small entry wound. After all, who wants a man with a scarred scrotum?” Cain’s chest was heaving and he was sweating. “Dial up the voltage.” Mika flicked her thumb on the red button, it jumped up to the highest setting. Electricity arced into the helpless ball impaled by the needle. Why not make the most out of his nuts since they were doomed anyways? Mika’s young body was coursing with its own electricity - the thrill of humiliating a male. She grinned evilly as the device in her hand zapped his nut. The organ began to puff up and swell as the moisture inside it turned to steam.

“Ok. That’s enough. We don’t want it to explode. I don’t want a mess. Sit down. Wow. That’s one hot potato,” she said, handling the organ gingerly and then letting it drop, to hang with its brother. “While we let that one cool, let’s open up his other shall we?” Judy (Mrs. Reinfeld) picked up the laser scalpel again and activated it. A short crimson beam issued from it, ready to slice and dice Cain’s genitals.

“So now the real fun. Cutting open a man’s testicle is horribly painful for him but survivable. After I cut his open, I’m going to squeeze out the contents into this little metal pan, along with the ball itself, and then you can pass it around. Feel free to poke and play with it. This is all being done solely for your benefit and enjoyment, remember.” She looked up at Cain and smiled at him. He saw what she was going to do, and couldn’t even lift a finger to stop her. Those big black, limpid eyes of his showed fear and disbelief. They followed her hand as it hovered over his testicle and then sliced it down the middle. The naked white testicle split open to reveal a soft tan inside. Judy flipped off the scalpel and grasped the huge walnut so she could squeeze out his sperm-paste. Cain let out a wail which even his tape gag couldn’t muffle completely.

“So, as you can see, the testicle is full of what appears to be a tan colored paste, but is, in fact, an uncountable number of tiny tubes in which sperm cells grow.” She squeezed the organ until her hands were covered with his nut. “If you ever happen to get a sample of sperm, it will look white, but if you put it against the background of something that is actually white, like a piece of paper, it will instead look tan. This is because sperm cells, themselves, have an orange hue.”

The sperm-paste was now in the dish, and with a deft swipe of the scalpel, the nut and its cord followed. Mrs. Reinfeld passed the dish to her students, and it got passed around. Some girls took a great interest in it, one going even so far as to stick her fingers in the tan goo, and all of them poked and prodded at the tangle of tubes that was its epididyms. On girl playfully picked it up by the vas deferens and held it to her ear, pretending it was a dangling piece of jewelry. This got a lot of laughs.

“Ok. Who wants to come up here and open up his remaining nut?”

One girl with short brown hair raised her hand.

“Vicky? Alright, come on up. Aren’t you named after your mother, Victoria? Yes, I hear she sucks the life out of any man she meets. OK, put on the gloves. That’s right, now take the scalpel. Turn it on. Hold his nut from the back and, good!” There was an inhuman sound issuing from Cain’s throat. This little girl had just sliced open is remaining testicle and was now squeezing the life out of it. Vicky giggled as she did so. All the girls were impressed and amazed at what great play toys men’s balls were, and some secretly decided to go home and make their own dissections of the males in their households. Most of them tied up their males anyways, so they’d watch, helplessly, as their sisters or daughters played with their raw testicles and then split the nuts open, to play with the goo inside.

Vicky flicked her wrist and Cain’s last nut was cut from his body, to be passed around like his other one.

“Yes, good job. Ok. Now on to the penis: a sperm injection device that is kept rigid by spongy tissue which fills with blood during sexual arousal. More blood goes in than goes out, and so it gets nice and hard, like this one.” She stroked the purple member gently, letting him have a few seconds of pleasure before she removed it.

“This male is unmodified, which is to say, has not been circumcised. As you can see, this fleshy skin at the tip can move to cover the glans or penis head, and we’re going to remove it first.” She grasped the loose skin around the head and pulled it, and with a quick slice, chopped off his foreskin. She put that on another plate and it was passed around.

“The glans, or penis head, is the most sensitive part of the penis, and the foreskin covers the glans so as to keep it from accidental stimulation. However, since no respectable girl likes the way an uncircumcised penis looks, nor likes having to deal with their son’s hygiene problems, I suggest you all have your son’s ‘cut’ at birth. The government recommends it, and I do to. It’s a surprise to me that this male was unmodified.” Judy looked into Cain’s eyes, which pleaded to her for mercy. All they got back was avid cruelty. His head shook: ‘Please no, Please no,’ and her head nodded: ‘Oh yes, Oh yes’.

With one hand grasping his dick so that it stood straight up she used her other hand, the hand with the laser scalpel, to began carving into it, in a ring just behind its helmet. She made a complete circle, and the dick head dropped off. She caught it, just before it hit the metal exam table between his legs. Then she held it up. It was a perfect specimen, and it looked good enough to eat.

“Ok, girls. Pass this around. It’s considered good luck to kiss it – it means you’ll give birth to more girls than boys, although I personally don’t put much store in superstitions. Here, Kate, pass it back, will you?” The girl took the bulbous object, looked at it briefly, and then pressed it to her lips. She could taste a slightly sweet, sticky saltiness from the still warm object. The remnant’s of Cain’s last jizz. All the girls had a kiss and some even tongued its slit, seeing how far they could get in.

“Now, who wants to cut off the rest of his dick so I can show you its various parts? Brittany, you’ve aced every exam so far, why don’t you give it a go?”

“Ok,” mumbled the shy but sexy little blond. She walked up to where the male and her teacher were and took two exam gloves from the little pile. Then she sidled up to her teacher.

“I’ll hold it still, and you take the scalpel. Turn it on, keep it level. See how alive his penis is? How it throbs slightly? Isn’t it fascinating? Ok, now cut it off!” The little girl’s hand sliced off the very last of Cain’s manhood, and as it detached, her teacher set it down on the exam table. Cain’s groin was now just a mass of cauterized tissue, and the man had passed out from the ordeal. Well, no worries, the school nurse would take care of it, and he’d be sent off to work in the mines anyway, like all the other eunuchs.

 With Brittany helping, Mrs. Reinfeld showed them how easily the skin of the headless penis now slipped off, and then she separated its three spongy bodies surrounding the urethra. And that was the end of the class. Just as she was taking off her gloves and turning off the overhead projector, the bell rang, and the girls eager scooped up their belongings. It was lunch time! Most of Cain’s manhood had been thrown into a trashcan, and the man himself was wheeled out on a gurney, covered by a white blanket.

‘Another vivisection, come and gone,’ thought Judy, wistfully. As she was cleaning up, she found Cain’s dickhead on one of the desks, and she picked it up. ‘Hmm. This is so nice, I think I’ll add it to my collection. I always like getting a little “head” from my men.’




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